Thursday, May 02, 2024

Was Gordy (Varsity) Property

 The Old Gordy Property was owned by the Gordy family that owns the Varsity. Years ago, the Marietta Journal reported that the Gordy family was looking for a place in Cobb County to build a new Varsity. It immediately came up that maybe they will use their own property. East Cobb panicked. The Varsity on North Avenue in Atlanta is known for keeping late hours. Carhops by the droves driving around East Cobb late at night? Gasp!

A new Varsity was built in Cobb County, but not where people was afraid it would be. It was built just outside the Town Center Shopping Mall complex, and no carhops.
The Gordy property ended up being a shopping center, Aquatic Center, an upscale yuppie subdivision, and a vocational School.
So everybody was happy.
About 1978 before it was developed I noticed a dirt driveway leading from Shallowford Road down into a pine thicket into the Gordy Property. Out of curiosity with my camera I drove down the rugged dirt driveway and this here are pictures.

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