Friday, June 14, 2024

Checking out the new hospital in town

 vNote: The opening cartoon by Georgia’s own late Jack Davis is from MAD’s first issue as a magazine, #24. 1 thru issue #23 were comic books.

On Facebook I saw something about wrestling back in the day and it reminded me:
This time I went with Daddy. He did not go inside the main room. He liked to hang around the snack counter and talk to old friends he knew all his life. Being chief of police he wore his uniform, which was extra security, not to mention probably free admission.
A professional wrestler was billed to wrestle with a bear that night. There were to be two or three events. The bear was to be in the last event.
I ran into a friend and we played on the highest bleachers.
I found that almost in almost every bout you have a Mr. Clean Cut vs Mr. Meanie. So the winner is pretty much predictable unless one of opponents is a bear. Then who knows? I was anxious to find out.
A little girl about my age was sitting with her parents not far away. I did what any 9 or 10 year boy would do, make a spectacle of myself. My friend and I played all over the bleachers and did many death defying tricks for the girl’s amusement.
Then in leaping from one high perch to another I made a miscalculation and fell.
I broke my arm.
My arm looked all twisted. I put my jacket over my arm so Daddy might not notice and hunted him down. As I expected he was leaning against the concession counter talking to another policeman. I walked up to him and told him I wanted to go home.
Daddy said, “And miss the bear?”
Being the experienced policeman he was, he said, “Why do you have your arm covered?” He lifted my jacket and saw my broken arm.
He first drove by the house, only a couple blocks away and went into the house to tell Mama he was taking me to the hospital.
The gave me gas and I woke up with a cast on my arm.
Kenestone Hospital was new. They haven’t quiet figure out where to put preteens. They put me in the toddler ward.

Thursday, June 13, 2024

Sign says "Cotton 10 Cents a pound."

 James M. Prance. This is my great-great grandfather-in-law, on the Square to sell his cotton, cir 1920.

Wednesday, June 12, 2024

Buddies in Front of NYC Plaza

 This is the Plaza Hotel in New York City, almost next to Central Park. Here are my Navy friends Dick Hiatt, Don Lash, and Ray Schultz.

The pose at the fountain I directed my friends to do, I think I saw the Monkees do a similar poise several years later on their weekly TV show. Do I get an inspiration fee? Is it too late? Hey! We did it first!

Monday, June 10, 2024

William LeRoy Petty


My mother's brother and my uncle Roy Petty.  When in the Navy I, with buddies, visited him in Carmel, NY, a lot.  He was a paratrooper on D-Day and director of Clearpool Boys Camp, which was for NYC innercity boys in the summer.  He even stood up for Ed Sullivan annually.

I think he was generally known as "Bill" but us kin-folks, he was Roy to us.

Marietta & Kennesaw Mountain, b&w, looking down


Saturday, June 08, 2024

Nellie Mae Rowe


About 1968, give or take a year or two, commuting, I sometimes went thru Vinings coming home from work.  Along that same time a friend’s first cousin, who was about our age, was killed in her car, when hit by a train there.

That may be why I went through Vinings those times, to check out the accident scene.  Her name is Sandy. 

On one side of the tracks was an old house which had some unusual decorations:  little plastic dolls, notes, cards, empty cigarette packages, and anything one might throw out waiting on a train to pass.


I was amused.  I pulled over to take some pictures to share with Navy friends I communicated with.  When I did, I was soon joined by the owner, Mrs. Nellie Mae Rowe.  She was happy that I appreciated her stuff and  showed me around. She pointe out that she used bubble gum  to adhere the little objects.

She also invited me inside.  She had a room dedicated to Marin Luther King, a kind of a shrine.


She was an artist too.  She had some canvas art.  Very folk artsie.  She was a very gentle and complex lady.


I don’t remember if she told me her name then or not.  I was pleased when years later  we came across a special section the High Museum that had  her work.  Her name is Nellie Mae Rowe, born on the 4th of July in Fayette County, Ga and died 1982 in Cobb County.


Unfortunately, her home was swallowed by big modernoffice buildings.  Make way for progress, as they say.


I wrote about Nellie Mae this weekend because the Marietta Daily Journal, this weekend Edition, has an article about her.


The pictures by and  of her I lifted all the Internet.

Check out this link:


Roger's Ferry

Posted on Facebook 10 years ago:


This is Rogers Ferry crossing over the Chattahoochee River, about 1890. They are probably coming from Atlanta's side to the Roswell side. On board with his two mules and wagon is William Cinatra "Buck" Jones (1850 - 1930).
Buck, a farmer, was a resident of the Cumming-Alpharetta (Milton), Georgia, area. He was married to Sarah Ann Elizabeth "Sallie" Brown (1848 - 1920). They were/are Anna's great great grandparents, on her mother's mother side.

Friday, June 07, 2024


This morning on my walk I saw the neighbor’s son, about 18/19 roar off on a motorcycle with no shirt or helmet on.  Tch tch.

In a matter or a minute or two he roared back.

Then he was about even with their driveway.  I, like a deck hand motioning in a jet plane on an aircraft carrier, waved him in.

He pulled up beside me and said good morning.  I asked him what kind of motorcycle was that and he told me and I forgot.  I never heard of that name, whatever it was.

Then I told him I once (1975)  had a motorcycle Honda CL350 and somebody stole it.  I told him the long story.

Then he asked me where the choke was.  I told him I had no idea.  He asked me how would he know if it is working or not.  I told him I think you can tell by he sound of the engine.

Do I know everything or what?

Aunt Annie - jilted?

 This is Aunt Annie Tyson (1893-1979). She is our grandmother Minnie Tyson Hunter's sister. She married Thomas Orlando Crowder. They had two children, Evelyn and Horace. They lived in the Fair Oaks area of Marietta.

In this picture Annie looks to about 12 or 13. By her expression she looks as though her boyfriend might have just jilted her.

Thursday, June 06, 2024

Mama's Birthday Today

 Ethel America "Janie" Petty was born June 6, 1918, in Gillette, Wyoming. Eighteen years later she married and her last name changed to Hunter.

One time I Googled Gillette to see what they are known for. They were the Women's Mud Wrestling Capital.
She died in 1996. She lived 77 years.

D Day Blood Relatives


Stanley Hunter, my father's brother, and Roy Petty, my mother's brother, my two uncles that wree part of the Normandy Invasion on D-Day.

Cuz-in-law Zell

 Hunter first cousins: Our 3r cousin, once removed, Shirley Ann Carver Miller's husband Zell Miller, former Young Harris College professor, former state represenative, former Govenor of Georgia, and former U.S. senator died this morning.

Shirley Ann Carver is a member of the Ray family, the same as our great grandmother Emaline Ray Hunter.

Wednesday, June 05, 2024

Tuesday, June 04, 2024

J.B. Strone, ugly reminder

 During my adult life I have taken thousands of pictures. Many, probably most, went unshared. Well, I am going to try to remember to share some or at least one daily. Some are good, some are not so good, and some you might think are terrible.

I attempted to do this before, and the novelty wore off quickly. Here we go again!
Racist J.B. Stoner speaking. Larry McDonald sitting.

Monday, June 03, 2024

Squirrel Nut Zippers Reincarnated


Our son Adam told us he and his mate Savvy went to a concert to hear SQUIRREL NUT ZIPPERS Saturday night.  Squirrel Nut Zippers.  Wow!  I remember them.  I forgot them, but with Adam mentioning their name made me light up. Maybe my eye sparkled.  Their music was/ is very jazzy and fast faced.  I thought of the Roaring 20s with all the male musicians wearing zoot suits and the ladies wearing flimsy dresses.

I am almost 83.  If the band members are the original band members they are probably in their late 80s or even 90s.  WOW!  Again.

Out of curiosity I went to Pandora and searched.  Yep, they are listed, but they are listed by song.  I clicked on one and first you have to watch a commercial before you listen to their music.  I drummed my fingers on that.  I am very frugal.  So, is a minute or so worth my time?  Finally, I said, “You only live once, what the heck!”

And watched the commercial and listened to their music. 

Wow!  Just as fast and jivy as I remembered.

However I googled them and they look a generation or two younger then me.

I think they replaced themselves!

Another Invisible Man Tale

 The Invisible Man goes to Krogers.

The other day Krogers’ Pharmacy automatic calling service called and said my prescription was ready for pickup.
This morning was the first day we were shopping at Krogers since the call. I dropped by the pharmacy to pick up the medicine.
I stood at the window and they recognized me and the doctor told her assistant something and she looked through a bunch of prescriptions and brought me an envelope. She said, “Here’s your eyedrops Mr. Harper.”
I said, “Hunter!”
She laughed and said something, “Sure Mr. Harper!”
I signed for the eye drops and paid with my credit card and mumbled something like I haven’t been to my eye doctor in over a year, how come did send me eyedrops?
She said something like, “Check with him Mr. Harper.”
I said, "Hunter!"
She laughed again.
Walking away I looked at the eyedrop bottle. It was made out to someone named Hunter Harper.
I went back and told them this was for someone with the last name Harper. His first name is Hunter, the same as my last name.
The druggist said it was her fault. She recognized me having the name Hunter, so she got me and Hunter Harper’s names confused. She credited my credit card. She went on to say each time her helper said ‘Mr. Haper’ and I corrected her by saying ‘Hunter’ they thought it was just my way of saying call me by my first name.
I said, “I never met Hunter Harper, but I bet he is good looking!”
Not missing a beat the druggist replied, “Very!”
I asked why did their automatic calling service call and said I had a prescription to pick up. They looked around and couldn’t find anything, so had no idea.

Sunday, June 02, 2024

Charles Milford Hunter

 Posted on Facebook 8 years ago:

This is my 3rd cousin, once removed, Charles Milford Hunter. Charley is the son of William Jess and Sadie Ray Collins Hunter. In this picture he is standing on his porch in the Choestoe District of Union County, Georgia, on property he was born on, and so was his father Jess.
Once at a Hunter Reunion in Blairsville when I first met Charlie we were making the world smaller, he found out he live in Marietta and he said he was stationed at Marietta at Dobbins Air Force Base. He said the bank kept confusing him with another Charlie Hunter in Marietta who owned a laundry. I don't remember how we zeroed in on his Air Force friend "Smokey" Stover who also is from Marietta and still lived there until he died recently. Smokey was at the time my in-laws handyman. Small world.
The old John Hunter Cabin which I have shown pictures of many times on facebook and my blog was sitting on property sold to someone who arranged for it to be demolished. It was the oldest standing dwelling in Union County. Charley stepped up and purchased it and paid to have each board and rock and bricks removed, numbered, and cataloged to later reassemble at a history museum that was being planned for the Choestoe District at an old school house. I haven't heard anything of that lately.
Charley used to call me two or three times a week.
A few years ago we were in Union County and in the back country, looking for old cemeteries we rode by the street I remember Charley lived on, Hunter Circle. We pulled onto the graveled street. There was only one house on it. It had to be Charley's house.
He came to the door. We woke him up, he was taking a nap. He invited us in and we sat down and talked a while about the area, his immediate family and so on.
After a while I felt he was just putting up with us so I told him we had to go.
He saw us out to the front porch and as I was taking this picture, he said, "I hate to ask you this, but who are you?"
Charley will be 91 this coming October.

Saturday, June 01, 2024


 Story by Editor Harvey Kurtzman; Art by Jack Davis

James & Mary Prance Eating Watermelon

 1925 - James Marion Prance (1857-1935) and Mary Jane Pannel Prance (1853-1927) eating watermelon out by the well | The Prance Farm - Canton Rd., Noonday Creek District, Cobb County.