Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Daniel Trammell (1745 - 1814)

My great g-g-g grandfather William Trammell (1752 - 1843) had 5 siblings and 6 half-siblings. 

One of his half siblings was Daniel Trammell  (1745-1814).  He was born in Virginia, and died in Clarke County (near Athens), Georgia.  He was married twice.  First to Mrs Sarah Brownfield, which they had  6 children and secondly, he was married to Fanny Boyd and they had 3 children.

Notes for Daniel Trammell:

He first married Mrs. Sarah BROWNFIELD, widow of John BROWNFIELD, who was killed by Indians. 

In 1808, Sarah died and Daniel was the administrator of the BROWNFIELD Estate.  

Children of John and Sarah BROWNFIELD did not like this situation:  Daniel TRAMMELL, their stepfather, had control of the money their real father had accumulated. Daniel married Fanny BOYD, 24 November 1809.  About the same time the BROWNFIELD children were suing Daniel for the estate.  As the years passed the feeling between their stepfather and them grew hotter.  

On 21 November 1814, Sarah's son Benjamin THURMOND "murdered" Daniel.  The trial lasted ten days.  Ben was sentenced to be hanged 25 March 1815.  He escaped.  The authorities issued a three hundred-dollar reward for his capture.  He was recaptured and resentenced "to be hung or hanged by the neck at or near a gallows to be erected at or near Watkinsville, the county seat of Clarke County, Georgia, 14 April 1815."

Monday, December 30, 2013

Rest In Peace

Fifteen people* below died in 2013 that I had feelings for or I had feelings for the person/people that did have feelling for them.   Their leaving makes  life in this world emptier.    And at our age I think 2014 will have more than 15.

Bobby Pegg,   In-law
Christine Haley Milford Brown cousin's mother.
Dee York,  Noonday Church friend.
Donna Mullinax, high school friend
Gloria Crain Spence Edwards, cousin
Jackie Turner,  life long friend
Janice Houston Dilbeck, a step relative
Louise Smith,  family friend
McPherson, David Leo ,  cousin In-law's brother
Mike Wester,  high school friend
Roxie West,  lifetime friend's mother
Ruby Thorton, Family  friend
Ruth Prance,  Anna's aunt
Sam Carsley,, life time friend
Tim Hunt,  fairly new friend.

*There are probably more than 15, some  I just don't know  about the others  yet.

Saturday, December 28, 2013


Click on each image to enlarge to make it readable.

 Illustrated and written by editor Harvey Kurtzman

Tom and Mary Jo, Sugar Time

In this picture, my mother's brother Tom Petty (1908-1979) is getting a little sugar from his wife Mary Jo Johns (1913 - 2000)., in front of the Christmas Tree.

Tom was from Murray County, Georgia, northwest of Chatsworth and Mary Jo was from Calhoun, Georgia.
They had no children.

Tom had an interesting trip in his formative years:  When a adolescent he moved with his family to Gillespie, Wyoming, where my mother was born.  At that time there were seven kids.  They lived there a couple of years but found out they couldn't make a living homesteading, so went back east.  Their mother and the younger kids returned east by train.  Their father and the two older boys, Tom and Wallace carried their wagon and livestock across land, seeing a good part of the yet to mature United States.  They got to sleep under the stars at night.  Talk about quality time!

Friday, December 27, 2013

The Twin Towers and King Kong & the Atlanta Twin Towers

Although my mind is receiving little short twitches of pain every time I move I think I am going to write something on the blog, to earn my pay, so to speak.  My fellow blogger and facebook friend Judy Kenju said to put something on it every day, even if it is the grocery list.

Anna said she is going to the grocery store do I have anything to add to the list.   "No", I said.

Now what?

Sort of, in the back of my mind I have been thinking about the Twin Towers that were in New York until September 11, 2001.   And that reminded me of in the King Kong movie that Kong climbed the Twin Towers.

So, I Gloogled King Kong and The Twin Towers and got this above movie poster.

I hadn't counted on this, but I got this one of King Kong saving the Twin Towers.

And while I had "King"  and "Twin Towers" on my mind, I  Googled King and Queen Towers in Atlanta.

Maybe I should have used the grocery list.

Thursday, December 26, 2013

Called In Sick After a Holiday Again!

He did it again.  This is becoming a pattern.  Our chief editor and publisher called in sick after a holiday again!  To quote him, "Due to circumstances beyond my control, I will be sick, maybe for days!"


Wednesday, December 25, 2013

My CHRISTMAS in the %&@*&! ER

I'M BACK HOME!    We are back from the ER,  now,  I am wearing a catheter again.   We had to postpone our family Christmas dinner  that was to be held here today..   Before I get into nauseating details let me tell you a true incident that just happened:  Anna ring fell and hit the floor and almost rolled over the furnace grid that leads to the basement .  If it had rolled just another inch or two it might had ended up the furnace.  I said, "Today must be our lucky day!" 

When Anna made the announcement on facebook so many of you were concerned,  thank you, I am touched, more ways than one.  What happen all day yesterday I had a hard time urinating.  I could only dribble and drop, very little at a time.  Since my prostate operation this situation of having a hard time urinating has increasingly grown worse.  Yesterday, I went from  about 6 or 8 pm until 4 am without peeing at all.  I only got  about one hour's sleep.   Well, at 4am I hadn't urinated yet so I woke Anna and we called the urologist office and the PA on duty told me to go to the ER.  Which we did.  They immediately gave me a catheter to relieve the pressure.  The ER's urologist and the on-duty urologist of the group I go to, looked at it.  By running exploratory catheters down my pee-pee my urologist group's on duty doctor    determined  the healing of the prostate operation caused some big scars.  Big enough to block the path of the urine flow.  Now, they will, in steps, at their office, ream it out, so to speak.

All the people  that got involved in this, doctors, PAs, and nurses they were all very friendly and treated me like kin or a friend rather than a patient with a number.

My urologist group's doctor, when he first enter and lifted my hospital gown to see what he was dealing with said something to the effect that, "Here, Modesty  goes out the window."  Which was very true, two female nurses , two mail nurses, and two doctors looked over my private parts and I think most had reason to get their hands on my stuff  - with rubber gloves on of course.  I thought about making a wise-crack saying they need a fisheye mirror like convenience stores have so the people walking down the hallway would not miss the show.   But I didn't.

Tuesday, December 24, 2013

PANIC's Christmas Story

Be sure to click on each image to be able to read them.  This is from the 50s.  PANIC comic was a sister to MAD comicbook, both published by EC Comics and both had nearly the same artists (in this case Will Elder) and always on the edge of being censored.  In fact the comic that carried this story was banned in Boston and a number of other places.  I think the story was written by Al Feldstein.

Monday, December 23, 2013

Saturday, December 21, 2013


From MAD Comicbook #7.   If you read the post yesterday on this blog you will know of the Sherlock Holmes book review on it.
Click each image to enlarge.

Written by editor Harvey Kurtzman and illustrated by Will Elder

Book Report: A STUDY IN SCARLET, BOOK I, Sherlock Holmes' Birth

Sherlock Holmes portrayed in MAD comicbook by artist Will Elder

A STUDY IN SCARLET by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle
The first Sherlock Holmes Story

In school I read a few of Sherlock Holmes short stories; probably because I had to.  I vaguely remember one about a red headed man and another one concerning a peachpit.  However, they both might be in the same story for all I know.

With ebooks,, on line, countless of classics are offered either free or very cheaply, and some things I have been meaning to read I have taking advantage of some of the on-line ebook deals.

I just finished reading A STUDY IN SCARLET, BOOK I, by Sir  Arthur Conan Doyle.   If you haven't read a Sherlock Holmes book but would like to know what  all the fuss is about, to have a little basics, I suggest this book.  It introduces the eccentric Sherlock Holmes and his close friend Dr. John H.  Watson and you learn how they met and how they became close friends.  It also gives a little biography on Dr. Watson,  and why he was in London.

One thing about Holmes, he is full of himself, and sort of brags how his deductible powers figured everything out each time he arrives at a conclusion or solves a crime.  He walks you through that, which makes you want to use deductable powers also.

Which reminds me back when we were in  high school my late friend Sam Carsley was reading Sherlock Holmes and would try to train his deductable skills.  I remember one time he showed me  a picture in PLAYBOY Magazine of a nude girl.  He asked me did I think she just took her clothes off or was about to put them on.  I studied the picture and had no idea but had an enjoyable study of  the picture.  He said she just took them off - although her blouse and skirt was neatly folded, her stockings were in two wads.

See how fun deductible reasoning can be?

Back to the book.  About halfway through it Sherlock Holmes suddenly grabs a cabby* and say, "Here is the murderer!!  With no explanation and apparently the story was over.  Another story started on the next page about the wild west and the Mormons in America.  Which was written  by somebody who seemed to know all about the west and Utah and other western states.  I'm not sure Sir Arthur Conan Doyle had even been out west, but apparently was  a good researcher.  What really surprised me was the way he made the Latter Day Saints - he portrayed them as an evil religion with its leader with dictator traits, Brigham Young.
Near the end of the Western part, Holmes and Watson appear and tie in all the loose strings about the cabby being arrested, he brought us to date.

I think it was a good book that forces you to utilize your brain, which is a good tihing.

*Back then Cabby did not drive a Taxi Cab.  They had a horse and buggy.

By the way, Tomorrow's post will be MAD comicbook's lampoon of Sherlock Holmes.

Friday, December 20, 2013

Happy Birthday XWORD PUZZLES!

If you have been on Google today you know today is  Crossword Puzzles' 100th Birthday

1 across 5 Letter word meaning Happy:  HAPPY
2 across 8 Letter word meaning Birthday:  BIRTHDAY.

If it gets more complicated than the one I just designed above, I can't do it.  But my friend Paul Roper does one daily.  However, he keeps it a secret that he has been working on the same one since he started.  Just joking.   He has my admiration.


On our walk the other a week or so ago, about 6:20, still dark, we were four streets away when  I heard some kind of metallic heap pull into the street from the corner behind me...  the light behind me was not as bright as you would expect headlights to be so I turned around.  It was a truck with only one headlight.   The truck chugged slowly behind me making a skipping sound, I think it was not running on all cylinders.  It pulled up beside me and slowed down.  A man stuck his head out of the window and politely asked me the name of the street down at the corner that he pointed to.  I said, "Vandiver Drive."

"That is what I am looking for!  Thank you sir!"  I got a better look at him.  He looked like a freewheeling kind of person, sort of like Jeff Bridges in THE BIG LEBOWSKI or CRAZY HEART.

Then he said, "That is a pretty dog, what kind is it?"

"Thank you.  Heinz."

"Where did you get it?"

"Humane Society."

"God Bless you!"  Let me show you a picture of my dog".  He told me to come closer, and he began to unbutton his shirt.

"Oh shit, what now?"  I asked myself. 

As he was unbuttoning his shirt  he said this dog had saved his life four times.

"Four times?"  I said.

About then he showed me a picture of his dog.  It was something like German Sheppard tattooed on his chest, above his heart.

Then he went on to say he was in a bomb rescue squad in the Army in someplace like Pakistan and he and that dog was a team.  I don't remember the exact country, I was still in shock of a man pulling up and showing me his chest.

He bided me a good morning and drove his groaning sputtering bashed up white truck away.  As he turned on Vandiver Drive the truck made a loud painful shrill noise.

For a brief moment just a few minutes before I was wondering if I would be the one letting out a loud painful shrill noise.   

I looked up Dog Tattoos on Google and his tattoo looked something like the above.

Thursday, December 19, 2013

Stalking Governor Roy Barnes

At the Marietta Museum of History, last night, December 18, 2013.
Governor Barnes was Governor of Georgia, born and corn-fed in Cobb County and lives in Marietta.

click below:

A Night At The Museum and Food

Christmas Party at the Marietta Museum of History, that is.

Click on each image to see it better.

The above two pictures were the actual furniture in Henry Cole's room.

The above is contrary to what FOX claims.

Above Jan Gault and Gov. Roy Barnes

Above right Marietta's Georgia National Guard, which had my father and most of his brothers.

Gov Roy Barnes and Dan Cox