Monday, November 30, 2009

1956 OLYMPIAN - Cover

Here we go again!

Here is the first thing you see when you pick up the 1956 Marietta High School yearbook THE 1956 OLYMPIAN.

Please pardon the couple of stamps stuck to it. I have to work at not being sloppy. Those stamps have been on that book for many years, so it is impossible to get them off.

More pages will follow, hopefully, daily.

Odd Mammary Out

Yesterday with a flat shovel I shoveled a dead opossum road-kill off the edge of our driveway.

The shoveling reminded me that I recently read in UNCLE JOHN’S TRIUMPHANT 20TH ANNIVERSARY BATHROOM READER book that female opossums have an average of 13 nipples.

I think usually mammal bodies run symmetrical; if you have an eye on one side of your face there will be another one on the other side in the same place, and the same goes for ears, limbs, and so on. And what you have only one of goes in the center, that way it keeps everything symmetrical.

So how would an average opossum have 13 nipples? I think I have it figured out.
It might go something like this: Say you count the teats on one possum and it has 14 and then count the teats on another one and it has 12. How do you find the average? First you get the total of what ever you are counting, then divide the number of things that have them. In this case, you added 12 and 14 and should find the sum is 26. Then you take the number of possums, which is 2, and divide it into the total. Lets see…that will be 26 divided by 2 = 13.

Am I a mathematical genius of what?

Sunday, November 29, 2009

SUNDAY FUNNIES - Vintage Stuff

Immigrants by Milt Gross
click to enlarge.


Charles Curtis (1860-1936)

While Thanksgiving is still lingering (in the refrigerator) here is another thought on the subject: Remember the stories of the first Thanksgiving?

The Pilgrims came over on the Mayflower to be able to worship their own way and for a better life for their families. They were some of the first immigrants. They still come today trying to make a better life for their families.

They had a hard time living in the on the edge of wilderness, killing wild game and eating whatever they could scrounge up. They were on the brink of starvation and then the neighboring Indians came to their settlement with food which helped them survive. That was something to be Thankful for.

That was a happy story wasn’t it? It ended on a happy note. Wait! That wasn’t the ending.

In time the white man decided it was OK to take the Indians’ land because, after all, they were heathens and of course Christians deserved more than heathens and savages.

Speaking of Indians, the original care-takers of America, only one has been elected to the executive branch. Charles Curtis (1860 – 1936) was the only Native American descendants, Vice President (1929-1933). Now we are in our 44th Presidential term. I don’t have the number, but I would think there had been close to that number of vice presidents terms. That is saying that about 1/88th of our executive branch, since the beginning were descended from Native American Indians.; in other words one.

And also the same can be said about Afro-Americans. Well, not really. Obama is one half black. So, only 1/176th of the elected Executive Branch has been black.
The rest have been white.

We think our shit don’t stink don’t we?

1955 Olympian - Ads - Finished!

This concludes the 1955 Marietta High School year book, THE OLYMPIAN. Stay tuned for the 1956 THE OLYMPIAN which will come at you in bits and pieces just like the 1955 OLYMPIAN did. Give me a day or two.

If you attended Marietta High School in 1955 and for some reason do not have the year book for that year, you can go back on this blob and copy them to your own computer and keep there or transfer it to a CD. Do it however you want... if you want.

Friday, November 27, 2009

Black or Green Friday?

Today, the Friday after Thanksgiving, has been named Black Friday because in many cases it is the day hoards of people go Christmas shopping and because of all the shopping frenzies it is the first day a lot of the merchants' books come in the black. Up until this day they have been operating in the red.

With the urgency of Christmas shopping in the minds of the public the merchants do what they can to entice shoppers to visit their stores instead of their competitors. Some open their doors at midnight and give prizes for the first 100 or 200 shoppers and some open their doors at 4:30. They all have some things on sale but I would think others are marked up to offset the sales ones they are losing money on. When they do all this, I think the greed factor is added to the recipe. Every merchant wants it all and all the customers want to beat their fellow shoppers to the best deals. I think I remember a couple of retail stores where people were bodily harmed during Black Friday... last year in the news one lady was crushed to death by the opening door stampede.

Maybe we should call today Black & Blue or Green Friday.....or Greed Day.

1955 Olympian - Ads

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Pre-Thanksgiving Warm-Up At Brandi's

Today, while in the area with my mother-in-law, we dropped by Brandi’s World Famous Hotdogs for lunch.

We were there at 1:00. There was not a parking place available. I drove around the block three times and finally lucked out… I caught someone backing out.
We went in and it was cramped standing room only. Finally we got a table. I think there were some people before us waiting… but all is fair in love, war, and getting a table in a crowded eatery.

The tables are small square tables that sit four. We asked an elderly feeble looking couple standing would they like to share our table. Sure!
Come to find out, we had a lot to talk about. They live in our area from Smyrna 20 or so years ago. Before that they lived in Atlanta.
They told us they are having Thanksgiving tomorrow at one of the Williamson Brothers of Williamson Brothers Barbecue farm near Canton. They said their son-in-law was a Williamson Brother, but he is not part of the barbecue restaurant, he owns a fabric store.

Then a lightbulb in my head turned on. I said, didn’t their son-in-law own a catfish restaurant between Clay Street and East Dixie Avenue in an old house? Yep, he is the one.

And didn’t their son-in-law own a race car parked behind the restaurant? Yep.
The restaurant was in an old house at Sycamore and Garrison Drives. As a child the that same house was empty and scary looking. We thought it was haunted and played in it. There is a posting someplace on this blog about that.

We discussed Brandi’s spicy chili as culinary art. I told them a friend of mine told me his brother believes the chili is better on Monday morning because it had all weekend to simmer in itself. Someone else told me it is better on Friday, because they kept piling it on itself…each time soaking up more fumes. Somebody else told me he believed Brandi used lots and lots of pepper to simmer with the chili.

The man we were sitting with said he always requests that the chili is strained. That gets rid of the runny burning stuff he said. That makes sense.
I noticed today there was a cute little girl about 5 or 6 that is sort of a roving hostess. She had on a black Brandi Tee-Shirt and would circulate among the tables asking did anybody need anything and I noticed several people gave her their empty cups to fill up over at the Coke dispenser. She did a good job. If she is Brandi Jr. I remember when she was born… her picture, much younger, was on the cash register.

Good meal. I made a promise I would not order onion rings…. And I didn't I’m proud of me.

The Art of the Power of Suggestion

In Cobb County the current news is that an Anesthetist has been arrested for taking advantage of female patients who was under his medical spell.

He was sort of a private contractor anesthetist who freelanced. In a Marietta dentist office a patient discovered a hidden camera’s lens. She called 911.

The police arrived and discovered more and more. They found his videos of him doing lewd things to patients and just keep finding incriminating stuff against the guy. One is with a young teenager. They now have evidence of about 100 sexual assaults that the patients were unaware of.
That reminded me of a similar news item that happened in Florida in the 80s. Then, at work, I was telling a co-worker about the lady in Florida in a dental office, having been put asleep for her dental work, woke up and discovered the dentist’s penis in her mouth.
At the end of the news item, that I was telling my co-worker about I said, “Imagine if that happened to you.”

By the shock look on his face, he just did.

He didn’t speak to me for a few days.

1955 Olympian - Ads

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

We Used To Be Teenagers

We all used to be teenagers. Everybody in the world used to be teenagers, are teenagers, or will be teenagers...if they hang around.

We used to be teenagers that knew each other then and now, in many instances we are getting to know each other again... others of us have maintained their relationships then. Once a week the Good Old Boys and Girls (GOBAGs) gather and paid homage to each other and remind each other of the good times when we were without cares or worry when our main concern was getting away with things.

I didn't recognized the below man when he walked up. He started shaking hands introducing himself. I edge close to listen in. I finally heard his name: David Clackum. David Clackum!!! As a boy I knew David Clackum very well. He lived next door to my grandmother, aunt, and cousin. We were in the same class from about the 5th or 6th grade through the 8th grade. We had a good meeting bringing up old things and people we both knew. I used to have the paper route for The Atlanta Journal the same place he delivered The Marietta Journal. Things like this is why I love to go to the GOBAG.

It looks like Melvin Denard, Paul Roper, and Marvin Young are laughing at (not with) the photographer again. Notice Paul's knee is wrapped up. Just six days ago he had knee replacement surgery. If he keeps that laughing up he might have a bandage over the other kneecap the next meeting.

Monty Calhoun and Mayor Bill Dunaway chat. Jackie Gaskin looks like he has something to say too.
It was a good meeting. I think about 30 attended. Monty cooked hotdogs with a near-Brandi World Famous Hotdog chili. The food was sinus running spicy as usual. Delicious!

Zippidy and Me

Georgian Gary Duda (pronounced “Doo-Dah”) legally changed his first name to Zippidy. Now, lets see…. Mr. Duda is now officially Zippidy Duda, which would sound like “Zippidy Doo-Dah

I am considering changing my first name to Mr. Blue Bird and my last name to Sitting On My Shoulder. Then I will find out what Georgia city Mr. Duda lives in, visit him and we can walk around the town and introduce ourselves. He would say, “Zippidy DooDah!” and I would say, “Mr. Bluebird Sitting On My Shoulder!”

Zippidy and I need a third member of our team with the first name My Oh My and the last name What a Wonderful Day!

We would be a team! I always wanted to be part of something.

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Monday, November 23, 2009

You Can’t Beat Aged Meat Wraps!

Yesterday morning on the CBS Sunday Morning News Show it was mentioned that Napoleon invaded Egypt and controlled the country of Pyramids for a time. It is no secret that some of the French military personnel ate mummies.

This probably wasn't that long after the French Revolution, so who knows how their minds ticked.

Being that they were Frenchmen, I think they probably complemented the dry meat with melted cheese. I wonder if Julia Childs knew about this?


1955 Olympian - Ads