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Our Ancestor John T. Huey

 John T. Huey and Drucilla Wilson were the parents of Nancy Elizabeth Huey Tyson, who was the mother of Minnie Tyson Hunter.. John T. Huey was a wealthy landowner and for that he was exempted from fighting in the Civil War, however he went anyway, for a fee he was a substitute.

John T. Huey [157], son of James Buchannan Huey [159] and Druscilla [160], was born on 19 Aug 1826 in , , SC, died in Feb 1891 in , Cherokee Co, GA at age 64, and was buried in Bascomb United Methodist Church, Cherokee Co., GA.
General Notes: Probably born near Abbleville, S.C.
Noted events in his life were:
• He served in the military on 12 Jun 1862. Enlisted Confed., as substitute for John B. TIPPINS, Confederacy, Co., B., 43rd Regiment, Reg Vol., Infrant Army of Tn.
• He served in the military in Apr 1863 in Vicksburg, , MS. Court marshalled
• He served in the military in Jul 1863 in Vicksburg, , MS. Federal captured his unit, signed an Oath of Allegiance to U.S.A.
• He served in the military in Oct 1863 in Vicksburg, , MS. Back with Confederacy
• He served in the military from 10 Dec 1863 to 13 Jan 1864 in Vicksburg, , MS. AWOL
• Donation: 1883, , Cherokee Co, GA. Donated 2.75 acres to Bascomb Meth Church cemetery.
John married Drucilla Wilson [158] [MRIN: 91].
Children from this marriage were:
35 i. Nancy Elizabeth Huey [95]
ii. John Huey [5209] was born in 1861 and died on an unknown date.
iii. Greenberry Huey [5211] was born on 19 Apr 1863 in , Cherokee Co, GA, died on 9 Aug 1939 in , Cherokee Co, GA at age 76, and was buried in Bascomb United Methodist Church, Cherokee Co., GA.
iv. Monroe Huey [5213] was born after 1863 and died on an unknown date.
v. Josey Huey [5214] was born after 1863 and died on an unknown date.
vi. Minta Huey [5216] was born after 1860 and died on an unknown date.
vii. Thomas Huey [5218] was born in Sep 1871 in , Cherokee Co, GA, died in Jun 1941 at age 69, and was buried in Bascomb United Methodist Church, Cherokee Co., GA.
71. Drucilla Wilson [158] was born on 14 Sep 1825 in , , SC, died on 27 Jul 1905 in , Cherokee Co, GA at age 79, and was buried in Bascomb United Methodist Church, Cherokee Co., GA.
Photo of Drucilla Wilson Huey:

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Friday, September 29, 2023

Meeting Strangers

Posed on Facebook 9 years ago. 

Someone once asked me did I ever meet a stranger. Today we rode down the coast to Apalachicola and ate at the Seafood Grill with a subname of Husband Daycare - leave your husband at our bar all day. Of course we had to eat outside. We sat next to another couple, about the same age, and their dog was about the same age as Willow. The wife asked us where we are from. Anna said Atlanta. The wife said they are too. I said actually Marietta. The wife said they are too, East Marietta. Us too we said. Exactly where in East Marietta I asked. They told the street and by my last postal job I knew the carrier route number and it was off Shalowford and Johnson Ferry Roads. I thought they would. Know about GC BBQ. They said they never heard of it. What? How could that be? I felt I lost them they added they go to BBQ Number 1, owned by Sam Huff. Aha! Back on track! Then we discussed other restaurants and places. It reminded of the time on our cruise I was talking to a lady and her daughter. They lived in South Georgia, but they used to own a Duncan Doughnut Shop in Marietta and our son Adam worked for them. Small World.

Thursday, September 28, 2023

The Gulch and The Atlanta Terminal

 Posted 5 years ago

he Gulch. On the news today The Gulch was mentioned. It looks like it might be hot piece of property in downtown. The Mayor wants to do something with it, others say it will be money wasted.
Looking at the aerial view on TV The Gulch looks like it might be my old stomping grounds when I worked at the Atlanta Post Office. Behind the Atlanta Terminal Station were the valve-ducks bridges. Underneath the valve-ducks bridges were the beginnings of what would become Underground Atlanta and blocks and blocks of property that hasn’t seen daylight in years.
I paid to park there. I think I paid $5 to a man named Thurmond who was some type of security man for the area.
I worked different hours on different days. I was a relief timekeeper. Sometimes I reported at midnight, sometimes, a 4pm and one day at 8am. One day after 4:30pm walking in the dark, under the valve-ducks a man materialized and asked for some change “for something to eat”. He said he just got out of prison that same day. I told him I didn’t have any money, which was true for this very reason.
He grabbed my arm and put a blade to my throat. He wanted my wallet. I gave it to him. He verified what I told him. He handed my wallet back and then put his arms around my neck and started singing “Jesus Loves You>” It wasn’t exactly inspirational.
I guess he felt sorry for me, he let me go.
Later, in that area, they bulldozed the beautiful Atlanta Terminal and for almost a year it gave postal employees a great place at night to go back and smoke mj on their lunch breaks.
Then the Richard Russell Federal Building was built.
And I suppose behind the Richard B. Russell Federal Building is a mudhole called the Gulch.

Wednesday, September 27, 2023

 c1915. Left to right: Azech Spence, Luther Chambers, and Paul E. Foster (1895-1936).

Paul E. Foster is Anna's grandfather (her mother's father)
When I first saw this picture my first thought was "See no evil, Hear no evil, Speak no evil".
My Second thought: "Why the top hat? Is Luther Chambers a magician? Luther the Magnificent?"

Tuesday, September 26, 2023

Goose a Moose


GOOSE A MOOSE! During our 14 Day stay in Alaska, the travel guides had two messages to tell us, it was repeated to us many several times:
1. If you see a black bear don't run, just stay away from it and go about doing what you were doing. They don't want to be near humans as much as we don't want to be near them. It is a mutual respect, so to speak.
2. Don't get near moose. They are offended that you are in their territory, they will do their best to do you in. Especially female moose, they are territorial. Seriously, don't go near one, period.
So, we were sitting, waiting at a bus stop in Denali National Park, in front of the Rangers' Visitors' Center when Anna looked up and saw a statue of a moose, standing there, that we haven't noticed before. It blinked and took a step towards us.
A female moose! The most dangerous!
We scattered. Except me. I credit this picture to stupidity instead of bravery.
I should have known, I am invisible to most living beings. The moose strolled right by me like I wasn't there. I think I was close enough to pull her ear as a joke. But wisely, I did not.

Monday, September 25, 2023

Coloring Books for Convicts!

 ust after I got out of the Navy in 1965 I went to work for the Atlanta New Agency. The Atlanta News Agency distributed magazines and books to stores with a magazine rack in North Georgia. The had about a dozen route men and I was one of them.

One time management had 10,000 coloring books loaded in each route man's van. They told us to assign them to any of the customers. The knew most of them would be returned but the good part they would be not in their possession during the official inventory that they would have to pay taxes on.
The Atlanta Federal Penitentiary was on my route, and one of my customer. That day I loaded 10,000 coloring books on the receiving dock and the man signed for them. Whew! I did my job.
For the next week or two I expected to see the 10,000 coloring books in boxes on the dock for credit. I never did. They kept them.

Sunday, September 24, 2023

Nature Kind of Things


We spent a few hours sitting on our deck today appreciating the outdoors:  cool breeze, humming birds, other birds, loud mufflers, screaming roaring car engines, and then a little red fox came trotting down the street in no hurry.. 

Then a squirrel ran by, which caught the fox by surprise.  It turned itself around and chased the squirrel.  The squirrel jumped a fence and evidently the fox doesn’t climb fences.  It turned around and continued its journey, with no hard feelins.

It just doesn’t  get more outdoorsy than that.


 Click on to enlarge

Bob Bettis's Sons

 This is the front of a picture of Bob Bettis's sons. There is a road named after Bob Bettis, leading off Piedmont Road northeast of Marietta. Bob's wife Ida Lavonia Prance is/was my father-in-law's father's sister.

Saturday, September 23, 2023

Bluebird Cafe, Nashville, Tennessee

 The famous Blue Bird Cafe in Nashville. Surprisingly the Blue Bird Cafe is just hole-in-the-wall size at a out of the way shopping center strip. Well, it was out of the way for us anyway, but something we wanted to see. We were on our way to Memphis and stayed overnight in this musical town to see the Blue Bird. We heard several song-writers, singers in a casual informal atmosphere..... we ordered something small and stayed couple of hours and heard some nice music. No big names, that I know of, was there that night. I bet the Blue Bird owners hate customers like us....ones who want to take up their space for hours by spending a couple of dollars when the good paying customers are lined at the door and waiting.

Friday, September 22, 2023

1 in 25 Buried Alive

Every day I read a bit from an UNCLE JOHN’S BATHROOM READER while sitting on the John,  of course.  Some of the interesting facts are things to ponder over, like today:

Coffins of the 16th Century, at least  1 in 25 of those opened had scratch marks on the inside. 

(Art by Jack Davis from the cover of an EC Horror comic book)

Drive-Thru True Story

 True story: I dropped by a fast food drive-thru place and ordered a "senior coffee" as I often do. I paid at the first window and proceeded to the second window. The kid at the second window handed me a cup of ice cream. I said, "Whoa! I ordered coffee!" He took the ice cream back and put it on the counter and got the coffee. He just picked up the wrong cup. He said, "Sorry!" and I said, "No problem." as he handed me a plastic ice cream spoon.

Thursday, September 21, 2023

Barbra Shea Foster (1922-1998) as a Teenager

 Throwback Thursday: Barbara Shea Foster (1922-1998). I like this picture of Barbara sitting on the front fender of a car. She is sitting on the right fender, or left to the viewer. Sitting on fenders of cars socializing was an enjoyment that is now a thing of the past.

Barbara is the daughter of Daniel Eugene and Anna Mae McCall Shea. She was born in Pawtucket, Rhode Island. Sometime when she was still under her parents roof they moved to Marietta.
Barbara married Paul Everett Foster, Jr(1922-1995), 4 June, 1948. Paul is Anna's mother Marie's brother.

Wednesday, September 20, 2023

Parrot, Pirate AAarrggg!, whatever


AARRGGGG!  We just missed “Talk Like A Parrot Day.”  Wait!    That was “Talk Like a Pirate Day.”  Never mind. 

I took this picture at a Natural roaming park south of Atlanta,  many years ago.

The Big Rock on Petty Property, Murray County, Ga

 I remember my mother telling us about when she was in her early teen years her family lived on a farm in Murray county, Georgia, near Cohutta and Varnell. On their farm was a huge boulder that was a good backdrop for pictures.

If I remember correctly before the big rock was where it was in the pictures, in that spot there was an opening of a cave. In the first room of the cave was Indian lore and a footprint on the ceiling. She said her brothers went further back and by flashlight or whatever, saw a huge body of water.
Then, their father, sold rights to the Georgia Department of Transportation to dynamite the area for stones to crush to use for the Cleveland Highway that ran near their home.
During the dynamiting the huge rock or boulder covered the entrance of the cave.
I’m reading the book MURRAY COUNTY HERITAGE compiled by the Murray County Historical Committee.
I just came across this on page 2:
“In 1934 a large cave was discovered and was thought to contain lost Indian treasures. Professor J.R. Stull was told of the cave by an aged Cherokee in Utah followed markings on tree to the spot where some “stone images” were found.”
I wonder if this cave on my grandparents’ farm is the same as Prof. J.R Stull heard about.
Pictures: (1)Opal and Janie courting (2) ?, Janie, and Osmo; (3) Sarah, Roy, & Leonard; (4) Sarah and Grandma Petty (Frances Viola Ridley Petty)

Tuesday, September 19, 2023

Bluegrass Tuesday Hangout on the Square - was - is?


In downtown Marietta on Tuesday evenings in front of the Australian Bakery bluegrass artists and bluegrass artists wanna-be’s would gather and jam… Some would be popular names in that genre.  There were not many seats available, so some sat in their cars and some brought their own folding chairs.

We hope it is still going on.  Because of things we got to do and health and natural fear of evening traffic we haven’t been in a few years.

It was enjoyable.   I hope the tradition continues.


 MY DOG SKIPper #2.

This my second dog named Skipper. Skipper #1 got ran over and killed on Atlanta Steet, near Hick’s Grocery.
The muscular Tarzan look alike with Skipper is me. Where I went Skipper went, unless he had romance on his mind or a place he wasn’t allowed, like the movie theater, school, etc... Back then there was no leash law.
He was something of a Super Dog. Almost every time we rode off to town in the car, he would chase us. The only time I heard my daddy cuss is when he looked in the rearview mirror downtown and see Skipper running behind us. We lived out near the 4-lane, almost 2 miles away.
Each time we would pull over, open the trunk, and Skipper jumped in. One time we routinely did that and forgot about him until about 3 or 4 days and we missed him it occurred to us he might be in the trunk of the car. We ran out to car and slowly opened it afraid of what we might see. Out jumped Skipper, he did a quick shake like he was all wet and wanted to be petted.
Another time around the corner on Glover Street there was a place we called “The Hollow”. We thought it was haunted. It was a clearing adjacent to the woods. At night it was always pitched black because of moon shadows. We used to dare each other to go up in hollow in the dark. One time I took the dare. When I got in the darkness I saw a pair of green eyes rushing towards me. I kept my eyes on the green eyes coming towards me and tripped. The green eyes landed on me and started licking my face. It was Skipper!
Because Skipper coming and goings as he pleased my parents had a chain-linked fence put up in our back yard to keep Skipper grounded, so to speak. After the chain-link fence was installed, Skipper jumped over it with no problem
Skipper was a lady’s man, or dog. There were several young puppies in the neighborhood from time to time that had Skipper’s markings and same white and black markings.

Monday, September 18, 2023

The Good, Bad, & Ugly. Blood spilled during Civil War in Marietta & Atlanta


Here is one of my snaps of 10+ pictures of the Burning of Atlanta Cyclorama.  On this particular picture, with fire and all hell breaking loose, in the far-way horizon you can see the humps of  Big and Little Kennesaw Mountains in nearby Marietta.

What is in this picture happened, probably happened  July 22, 1864.

Kennesaw Mountains have already did all that. About a month before, June 21st.

Incidentally, I think some of the Kennesaw Mountain soldiers lagged behind for whatever reason.  My great grand father William A. Trammell/Hunter was short in the knee by the Yankees on July the 19th, when the war at that time was around Peachtree Creek in Atlanta.

About the same time William was drinking water from a spring someplace on Kennesaw Mountain three hometown buddies.  The same moment he felt the pain of his knee being shot he saw one of his friends take a bullet between the eyes.  The 3rd friend took off running.  William fell down and the Northern soldiers ran by him in pursuit of his friend, which went uncaught.  His name was Posey C. Wild.

Burning of Atlanta, 1864, The Cyclorama


The Atlanta Cyclorama Depiction of the Burning of Atlanta.  It is a huge painting/fixtures of the Battle of Atlanta.  I took these pictures in 2001 when it was at Atlanta’s Grants Park.  Several years ago it was moved to the Atlanta History Center on West Paces Ferry Road.

Proof I am Invisible!

 As we know fast food restaurants are in the news now. My heart goes out for the people who work there and support a family. The teenagers who work there are a different story.

Thinking of the McDonald teenage employees reminded me of this:
Several years ago one mid day I walked into our local McDonald's. Two counter teenage clerks were standing at the counter talking to one another, both ready for any customers that would come up to the counter, or that is what I thought. I walked up to the counter directly across from them. I expected they would sense my movement out of their peripheral vision and one of them would turn, smile and ask how could they help me.
They didn't. They didn't know I was there.
Did I tell you that many times I am invisible? I can go anyplace for service and be unnoticed. That day was no exception.
Not a customer is the restaurant but me, and I was the width of the counter away from two girls and they both didn't see me.
They were talking about their sex lives with their boyfriends.
Just when they were about to get to the juicy part, I cleared my throat.
Both of them looked up in horror.
Before I could request whatever I was ordering they both ran to the back.
I think one of them came back and nervously took my order, but it has been so long ago, I forgot.

Sunday, September 17, 2023

SUNDAY FUNNIES!!! From MAD # 20. cowboy!

 The real Cowboy vs the Movie Cowboy, a comparison. 

Story by Harvey Kurtzman, art by Jack Davis.

Click on each page to enlarge it so it will be readable.

Saturday, September 16, 2023

Lee Sinatra


Years ago I worked about 3 years in an office at Sinclair Refining Warehouse in Atlanta.  In the office were about 10 co-workers.  The man at the desk behind me was an old little skinny grouchy man named Lee.  Lee kept up with incoming money.   He was always on his adding machine.  That was before compouters. And he also manned the Coke machine.  I think the Coke machine was his own property.  He kept it loaded and he counted the money he got out of it.  He was high strung and nervous.  He reminded me of Barney Fife. 

Lee was married and talked about his wife and grandkids.

A co-woeker, John, and I went in halfens on an apartment just a couple miles away.  I was single then.

Lee mentioned to me more than once of his girlfiend.  A high strung old man having a lover?  I had my doubts.

Ater John and I moved into the apartment Lee asked one Friday would we be home that night, he would like to bring his girlfriend  over and see it.  Sure.

That night Lee kept to his word.  He and his mistress visited us.  Lee was a completely different person, he was casual, laid back, charming and witty.  He reminded me of the personality of Frank Sinatra.  His lover, I’m sure, was a “paid” arrangement that he squeezed in about quarterly or so.

But such a flip-flop in his personality, WOW!

Country Boy Amazed At Atlanta's Tall Buildings

 At times over a few years ago we went to various doctors in Atlanta.  Here are some pictures I snapped from various waiting rooms' windows:

Navy Friend Sam

 This is my Navy friend Sam and his friend who flew all the way from Minnesota to see him. I took this picture at Sea Side Heights, New Jersey Beach in dead of winter in 1964. The Beach was deserted.

She also got a room at a famous hotel in NYC city that overlooked Central Park. I cannot think of the name of it now, how famous is that? I think the name of it was The Plaza.
Sam was the Squadron’s legal yeoman. He kept everybody’s spirits lifted. Once my Volvo needed brakes bad and I couldn’t afford to have them fixed so Sam borrowed my car and took it and either fixed them himself or had them fix, he would not tell me.
We visited him twice in Minneapolis within a few years after we were out of the Navy and he and his friend visited me once when I lived in Atlanta. And he visited me after I married on returning from his trip overseas. In fact, I have a big picture of elephants he called a “Rub Picture” he gave me. The image was rubbed on paper from a carving in India.
He also took us to an off-Broadway play, in Greenwich Village, I think, titled THE FANTASTICKS. I have seen the play locally several times since then. It is so good and the music so bouncy it would be hard for any of the players make a mistake.
Speaking of plays, all through our Navy time he was working on a play too, that he named WALK NAKED DOWN THE AISLE. I have not heard if it ever was completed or not. Another Naval friend, Don Lash, was working on a play to. His was HATTIE’S HOUSE OF LOVE. I haven’t heard anymore about that one either.

Friday, September 15, 2023

Book Report on MARVEL YEAR BY YEAR by Thoms DeFalco


Book Report on MARVEL YEAR BY YEAR HISTORY by Tom DeFalco.

I thought it was good.  It starts out when Marin Goodman created the comic publishing company TIMELY PRESS in 1939.  Somehow Stan Lee was in on it near the start.  I don’t remember reading it in the book but I think I read elsewhere Stan was Martin’s nephew.

It appears that for the first thee or more decades Stan Lee did most the writing and Jack Kirby and Steve Ditko did the illustrating.

Each chapter starts off with the main front page headlines for the year, with I thought was interesting, which told the reader what was on their minds on any time period.  Many names I knew from my MAD frame of mind such as Harvey Kurtzman, Wally Wood, Al Jaffee, Marie Severin, her brother John, and Sergio Arafgones.

Also of interest is Mark Bagley, who does SPIDERMAN for MARVEL.  I am no expert on the arty action of superheroes but I think he is very good.

I enjoyed the book, finding it very informative of the comicbook world.  The only gripe I have is that I read it on Kendal, which the illustrations were in black & white.  I think the colors of action heroes would make it much better.

 Art bv Mark Bagley: