Monday, June 30, 2014

Comp Day!

This is my comp day.  I put out two posts yesterday when normally I only put our one.   So, I am a day ahead right?  I don't get paid overtime you know!

Sunday, June 29, 2014

I Am No Mathew Brady

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Saturday I went to Kennesaw Mountain to witness the 150 Year Sesquicentennial observances *  of the Battle of Kennesaw Mountain.  Most of the Hunters of this area are descended from William A. Hunter, who fought in that Battle and was wounded in the knee there.

*I am uncomfortable using the word "celebrate" in this case, because it was a battle where many people were killed.

First I went  out to the big open field in the front facing the highway of because of a company of soldiers and white military tents.

On the walk out was a exhibit how a field hospital would be set up.  A man explained all about amputations and the survival rate of each type of amputation.  Like you are likely to live 90% to 99% if your hand is amputated.  Maybe 85% to 90% if you are amputated at the elbow.   The worse is being amputated at the hip.... less than a 10% survival rate. 

Look Men!  A long yella  horseless stagecoach!

Ya want to take a picture of me with my pipe I made myself?

Reenactors really put their hearts into it.  They seem to take the responsibilities of real military men who primary job was the safety of citizens.   They also knew the history of their antique replica guns and the history of whatever role the are acting.

Then I walked by the trail leading up the mountain.  I asked myself, "Why not?" 

Right then, if I thought of it, I could list a bunch of reasons, "Why not".  For one, I haven't  went up the mountain by foot in over 15 years.  Another reason, I am in my 70s.  I could go on, if I had thought of it.

A period dress woman outside view of the camera was talking about buying some type of antique for their camp at a garage sale that was  just right for their camp.  

Up the trail.
The trail has a lot of protruding roots and rocks, which serve as Nature's steps.

Looking down where we been

Parking lot within sight.

A lot of people were walking up the trial.   And also coming down the trail.  What I did not know at the time, walking on the paved road that day was prohibited.  That was why there were so many people.

Over halfway I had to stop and rest and pant.   I saw my 90 plus retired school teacher, Clara Howell,  and her son coming down the mountain, just as hyper as the night before when we saw her looking at the CSS HUNLEY.
There two women walking near me that one was coaching the other one.  And the  one coaching was using for an inspiration - she said, see that old man, if he can do it, so can you!  The other woman just whined how tired she was.  She used me as an inspiration again, pointing out that I was at least 70.  I overheard that and said, "70?  I'm younger than that!  I bet I am younger than you!"  She was speechless.  I told her I was just joking and I would be 73 in two weeks, but that was, of course, if I could make it to the parking lot near the top.

The parking lot had a refreshment trailer selling cold Cokes and water.  I bought a bottle of water for $2.  I told the lady who sold it to me she was robbing me, but I said, it was going to a good cause.  The profits were going to the Parks.  Also there was a long row of Cobb County Policemen on their motorcycles.  Their mission was keep pedestrians off the paved road that went up the mountain.

Blackjack Mountain

Cobb County Motorcycle Cops

Above the parking lot a group of Civil War reenactors  were demonstrating   how to shoot a cannon.    As I walked by they said everybody needed to stand back, because of loud noise to their ears and some firing power may get them.  I walked almost a tenth of a mile up and there was a lady trembling with her hands covering her ears.  She looked like she was scared shitless what the cannon might do.

I heard the boom.  Later on the way down, I saw the same lady that had her hands to her ears sitting on the same rock.  I said, "Now,that wasn't so bad was it?"

"Because I am way up here." she said.  At least 20 people were only about 25 feet away and they seemed OK too, but if she felt safer there and can argue she survived it, who am I to doubt that.

Kennestone-Wellstar Hospital Complex

Up at the very tip top of the mountain, the scenery looking north and east is spectacular. 

At the top, down a slope you can look down on a trail.  I looked down and saw a group of men, joined in a circle by holding hands, looking down and their leader saying a prayer in a foreign language.    My first thought was Terrorists praying before a mission!   But my second thought, was they just didn't look like terrorist in my opinion... of were young and silly and playing chase - I saw them earlier.  Whoever heard of a silly terrorist?  They take life too seriously.

I was still pouring sweat so I decided to take the shuttle down.
At the bottom of the mountain, as the shuttle bus was stopping I saw Robert Meaders walk in front of the bus and started up the trail.  I hopped off the bus and ran up the trail up the hill looking for him.  He and his wife Haley Hunter Meaders and their two children Trey and Hunter Meaders.  They were watchingwere watching some ladies in costumed doing domestic things around a campfire.  Robert suggested I take a shuttle  to the 24 Gun demonstration on Gilbert Road**.  Which I did.  

**I think Gilbert Road used to be a road mostly with very few homes and little traffic.  It was called The Rabbit Farm on Saturday nights.

When I first aimed my camera at the two above men the man on the left looked for a place to put his cigar.  I asked him to leave it in, it would look more rough and ready.  He obliged. 

This reenactor is from east Tennessee.  He knew his Civil War History.  He also he has a Confederate uniform and a Yankee uniform.  When he arrives at something like this he never knows what side he will play, what ever side has the least number of men.

a contrast

It was a very interesting demonstration on firing on command and doing things like stuff your miniballs and gun powder in and military marching.  Good show!

A very interesting day.


We are early many times.  In fact, sometimes we are first.  It is like we can't help ourselves.  This SPIRIT story by Will Eisner reminded me this like us.

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Saturday, June 28, 2014

Friday Night Marietta June 27, 2014

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Above:  Marietta Mayor Steve "Thunder" Tumlin

Above:  C.SS. H.L. HUNLEY Submarine, built and sunk in Charleston Bay, this is an exact size replica

Clara Howell, retired High School Science Teacher

Ruins of Hunter Barber Shop

Civil War researcher and Author Brad Quinliln

Why Church Street is named Church Street

Left: Former Marietta Bill Dunaway ; Right Councilman Phillip Goldstein, standing

This lady is from Illinois, she goes where the Civil War Recreators go.  She serves as a 3rd party explaining things, like a docent. 

First Confederate Flag

Gary Qualls