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Glover Park, Marietta, Ga 2010.

 Glover Park, downtown Marietta about 13 years ago:

Memory Workout

I think I am losing my memory, one memory blog at a time. I have been told to give yourself a good memory workout. Write down your memory of a trip, episode of your life, so on. To try to recollect everything is brain brain pushups. Here goes: After I was released of two years active duty in the Navy I was assigned a Naval Reserve unit at NAS ATLANTA. We met once and month and two weeks a year our squadron went on active duty. The first year we went to Norfolk, Virginia. The second year, about 1967, we went to Yuma, Arizona. This post is mostly about that trip. We went to a Marine Air Base. When I stepped off the plane I was hit by a blast of dry heat that I never experienced before. In the Eastern United States the air is humid, that we are used to it. But in the desert, it is a total change of environment. The barracks were more like dormitories., two a room. And you share bathroom facilities with one two other men living on the flipside. At New Jersey, we had 4 men to partitioned cube and shared the bathroom, or head, I should say, with about 100 men. I thought Marines was known for roughing it? My job was to walk through a little desert, about equal to a quarter of mile to pick up the mail and bring it back, sort if, and deliver it. I enjoyed my desert walk every day and never once saw a snake. There was an EM Club which I went to several times. I don’t remember anything memorable about the club except worms in the tequila bottles. One evening some of us paid a Marine to take us across the border about 20 miles away to Saint Louise, Mexico. I was warned the merchants of that town had a custom that “if you touch something, you buy it.” So, I walked around with my hands more or less locked. My immediate Supervisor was Chief Sprung. Chief Sprung lived in North Carolina when he wasn’t at Reserve Training. I liked to avoid him because he talked too much and expect interactive responses. I avoided him when I could. While walking on the base I ran into someone that was stationed in New Jersey. With me. His last name was Lambert and he was from North Carolina. I did not know it at the time but my great grandfather and his uncle Van Trammell was accused of killing a Lambert when having a heated political argument. The two Lamberts may have been kin. Possibly, a small world. We had one full opened weekend there. We heard that a Naval Helicopter was to go to Las Angeles on Friday and could possibly get a ride but we would have to find our own way back to the base Monday morning. About 5 or 6 of us took advantage of the free ride. The Naval helicopter took us to a Naval Air Station in Anaheim, California. There we were on our own. I chose to hitchhike to Los Angeles, which was not far away, so I got out on the highway and stuck my thumb out. I would never do that today. While I had my thumb out I realized the Naval Air Station was across the street from DISNEYLAND. I could hear rides causing people oooing and aahhing and loud music. I could see one ride clearly, it looked like a mountain with opened box cars with people going into caves, and around bends, and all. I think it was called THE MATTERHORN. I finally got a ride to downtown L.A. I hit a few bars and the USO, strolled around looking for attractions I have heard about. I also got a room in a big hotel for two days. I think the first thing I did after I checked in was pick up a bunch of brochures on local attractions and in the lobby and sat down in front of a big window and watched the pedestrians walk by. I was enjoying it until I saw on the sidewalk Chief Sprung walked by. He glanced in the window and kept on walking. I did not move afraid the chief would see me. Then apparently, about 20 feet later he realized he saw me and turned around and then there he stood looking at me. He smiled when he knew his eyes were not playing tricks on him. He smiled and waved and started for the door. Chief Sprung sprung into the lobby and he talked me into letting him share the room with him I just rented. He said he would reimburse me his half. Which I think he probably did. The chief needed to use the phone in the room to hunt down a friend he was in the Navy with many years ago. He found his old friend. The old friend wanted to see him again, so he told us to stand on the corner of the streets our hotel was on and he could pick us up, which he did. He drove us to his house, in Hollywood Hills, I think. His friend was an engineer for Disney land. Apparently, It paid well. They had a lot to talk about, like “Who was that guy that…blab la?” or “What ever happened to…blab la.” The wife, who was a nice and kind looking lady, and I were excluded from the conversation because it just was not about us. She offered to show me the house, which she did. A couple of times on her guided tour we sat down and talked. She was knowledgeable on a lot of subjects. We walked out the back door onto a patio. And again, sat and talked. Then we walked over the back yard. We got very close to the wired fence. On the other side of the fence two huge dogs came galloping up. They wanted to know more about me. The wife told me they were Steve McQueen’s dogs. I asked something like, “Steve McQueen’s is your neighbor?” She said “Yes.” In a non braggart’s way. I said, as I always say, “My claim to fame!” She laughed. Chief Sprung and his friend’s wife got us to the bus station on time and we spent a few hours appreciating the rocky mountain landscape between .L.A. and Yuma, Arizona. In the middle of the next week when one of the squadron’s pilots went out on training one did not come back. Apparently, something went wrong. The next day a local dome buggy squadron, as a search party, went looking for hm and the plane. I overheard s couple of elderly chiefs who were talking about heaving a ball riding done buggies around the scary rocky mountain terrain. As far as I know the plain or body was not found. Surely they have by now. When we were loading stuff on the plain to return back to NAS ATLANTA one of the drivers of the drivers a the trams was a first class mechanic. I recognized him, from my old Squadron in New Jersey. His last name is Moody. We recognized each other. He told me he had just got orders for Vietnam. What I did not know at the time is that I am descended from the Moody Family. The guy might have been a distant cousin. Again, small world.


I posted this on Facebook about a year ago: This morning we were driving on a long lonely stretch of Barrett Parkway, aka East Westr Connector. Then Anna said, Where did all the dump trucks come from?” I looked up and sure enough, in front of us, in the back of us, and on both sides of us were big noisy dump trucks. The beds of each truck all appeared to be empty, yet they seemed to be on the same mission. Finally, I figured it out: We found ourselves in the middle of a Bruce Willis movie!

Tangled Web?

This is a memory I have kept under my hat, so to speak, for about 70 years. I was in Boy Scout Troop 132 which was sponsored by Saint Joseph’s Catholic Church here in Marietta. We met in different places, I remember when I first joined me met in the office building of the Clay Homes. After that we me in the basement of the County Extension Building behind the Court House. Next, and the last place I remember meeting of the public building of the Marietta Place Homes on Fairground Street. The public building was in the center of the small brick apartments rows, next to a baseball field, which the Pony League played their games at. The building me met at had a basketball court, which could be converted to a banquet hall. I have always been early for things. I don’t know why, I still do. I usually arrive about one hour before. On a scout meeting evening, I arrived in the Marietta Place big building , early, as usual. Also early was a boy I was in school with, I don’t remember his first name and his father. I think his father wanted to sit in on a meeting. I knew about his father already, probably his son told me about him. His father was a professional illustrator. His son told me he was known for his TIME Magazine covers. The doors to the building were locked. The scout leaders had not arrived yet. That happens sometimes when you are early. We stood around, near the door talking. The grown man added to the conversation. Back then, I was proud of my quick wit. I don’t remember what wise-ass crack I said, but the illustrator slapped me. It was nothing offensive, or, I thought so. I was speechless. I was stunned. A grown person, other than my parents earlier on, had hit me. I think I left, offended.. What I thought about a lot in the next days was should I tell my parents? I decided not to. My mother I know would get even and my father probably could not ignore it because he was Chief of Police of Cobb County. Of course, the illustrator would deny it, so if might end up being a tangled web.

Sunday, July 30, 2023


Tim Hollis lives in Alabama.  As a child he went to SIX FLAGS OVER GEORGIA, here in Cobb County, and evidently has visited most of the tourist attractions all over Geogia since.  I think a lot of it was told in “tung in cheek” fashion, with a bit of a snicker.  He told of a lot of tourist attractions in Cobb County at one time, but interest kind of lost interest, like STORYLAND on Hwy 41 on River Hill.  He told of a lot of sites glorified the Civil War, mostly closer to the Atlanta area.  Stucky’s and B. Lloyds roadside tourist stores on highways that out of state travelers  would likely travel on to get to Florida.  Some roadside stores sold baby monkeys and alligators. 

He told of Lookout Mountain and Rock City insinuating Rock City “anit what it used to be.”

The North Georgia Mountains still has its charm.  Although he had a picture of the Old Sautee Store in he Sautee Valley.  We have stopped there many times.  One the lady owner in 1967 gave us a weddin gift when we stopped by.  She also owned a similar store in Vinings.   The picture Mr. Hollis used for the Old Sautee Store was not a picture of the Old Sautee Store.

He also had Golf in Augusa, Georgia’s short coast and the islands.

He had a section on motels and hotels and some about motel and hotel ownerships.  The Green Book was not mentioned.

The book is about the size of Arcadia Publishing books.  It was interesting.

On the back page page it tells that Tim Hollis has written 34  books.

Edith Gertrude Jones Wood

Edith Gertrude Jones Wood (1898-1986), Anna's great aunt, her mother's mother's sister.

Red Neck Car Wasj

This morning on-line we were informed it would rain at a certain time. We thought both vehicles were yellowish green it would be a good time for a redneck carwash. I moved both truck and car out in the open. The rain came down fierce and hard. YES! After the rain stopped I went out to move them back in. Little things that remind me of tiny little helicopters that trees pollinate were plaster all over the cars. The little things plastered themselves onto the wetness of the cars. Damn! Now they need a blow-dry.

Foster family portrait, c1904

This is the Charles Brooks Family. Anna's mother's father's side of the family. They lived in the Roswell/Milton/Alparetta, Georgia area. Left to Rght, first row: Charles Brooks Foster (1856-1928), Anna's great grandfather), Paul Everett Foster (1895-1936) Anna's grandfather, and Ardella Catherine Vinson Foster (1857-1933) Anna's great grandmother. 2nd Row: William Luther Foster (1879-1941), Lena May Foster (1877-1939) and Edgar Bell Foster (1884-1932).


 Pardon me if this is a repeat, I confuse easily.

Story by editor Harvey Kurtzman; Art by Will Elder

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Parks Groover Visited Me at Boot Camp With a Swig of Whiskey


Parks Groover and Jackie Gaskin, about 2006, at my first Bell Reunion. As I type this I just it me that I think Parks and Jakie lived next door to each other on Roswell Street, near the Coke Company. Parks owned part of Maietta Lights, after it was Sears, and before it was Glover Park Brewing. Jackie owned a big chunk of land the giant sport complex near Adairsville. .
True Story: I joined the Naval Reserves in 1962. We had a two week book camp at NAS ATLANTA in Marietta in December, 1962. One night in the barracks while I was sleeping the watchguard woke me up by shining a light in my face. “You Ed Hunter?”
“An officer in the head wants to talk to you. I think you have a death in the family.”
I hopped up and went to the head (s.k.a. bathroom) and there stood Parks Groover, with sunglasses on, a dark blue raincoat and officer silver bars on his shoulders. He made sure the guard had left and reached into his raincoat and handed me a bottle of booze. He said, “I figure you might need this Rock.” Which I turned it up and had a nice swig.
Parks was in the Air Force, at one time a surveyor near Australia and another time stationed in Orlando. I don’t recall if this was during or after is Air Force time.

This week I found out Parks had died recently.
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A Greek Cardinal?

A Greek Cardinal? I admit I don’t know much about ancient Greek plays. But I think I read or heard that they were civilized enough not to have an actor “play-die” on stage. I wonder if the Cardinal bird picked up the same tradition. Our little electronic camera takes pictures of birds at the bird feeder is like a stage. The birds push each other around, squawk at, jump at, and so on. And we watch, just like an audience. Today a bright red male Cardinal bird landed in the camera lens view and made some strange sounds and he look roughed-up. He flew out of view and replaced him was a female dull red Cardinal. She also made strange chirping nose. She left and was quickly replaced by two female Cardinas, roughed up too. Then suddenly an large angry female Cardinal jumped on center and threatened the two, they left. The big angry one was not rouged up. She stood there and fussed. It appears like a soap opera and a Greek play, something was going on off-stage out of site.

Marietta, Downtown Square, West South portion

Doorbell: DING DONG!

DONG! Anna said, “That is the doorbell!” We are not used to people calling on us unannounced. I was not sure it was the doorbell or not. I forgot how it sounds. I opened the door and three young ladies were standing there with their Bible and pamphlets. They were Mormons; LDS. I don’t intend to change my ways but I am not rude. They have a mission and I need their church’s help now and then. The Mormons go to great expense with helping one with genealogy. I used to visit their research facilities a lot. They, not hem, but others in their church have helped me a lot before I had a program, methods, and so on. I told the three young ladies how their church has helped me. They seemed please to hear that. I gave them a good example: I knew my great grandfather was adopted so his real surname was not Hunter. He was in the Civil Warf and fought here in Marietta, the Battle of Kennesaw Mountain.. He was wounded, shot in the knee. He recuperated in a private residence in nearby Woodstock. After the war, back home in Franklin, North Carolina, he and his uncle Van Trammell got in a political argument about the Civil War with a guy named Lambert. The argument got physical and Lambert lost his life. William and Van fled and was wanted for murder. William went to Texas and he thought about the Woodstock family that cared for him when he recuperated and how nice they and their neighbors were. So he and his young family moved to Woodstock, Ga. He changed his surname to Hunter. After much research I discovered William’s real surname is Hunter. His mother, Rebecca Trammell sued the Franklin’s town constable for bastardy. She won. The person sue sued was Jason Henderson Hunter. Se when William was on the run, he reverted to his real name which he never used before. The three LDS women did not know what to say to that. I think they rightfully figured they were wasting their time with me and asked did we know anybody that might want some spiritual guidance. I can’t say that I do.

GOBAG Meeting May 24, 2011

 This video was made on May 24, 2011, in Marietta, Ga., at the American Legion.  It is a GOBAG weekly meeting.  Two friends there have since moved on:  Arnold Guest and David Cain.

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Hunter 2nd cousin oribit posted 5 years old


Posted on Facebook 5 years ago:

Hunter first cousins – Our second cousin: Leroy Burton Poor (1925-2018) has died on July the 19th. Our grandfather Frank Paris Hunter and his grandmother Arminta Jane Hunter Poor are siblings.

Mayes Ward Obituary:
Leroy Burton Poor, Kennesaw, passed away peacefully on July 19, 2018. Visitation will be held from 1:00 – 2:00 pm, at Mayes Ward Dobbins Funeral Home, Marietta, on Sunday, July 22. The service will follow in the Chapel with the Rev. Phillip Young officiating. Interment will be immediately after at Cheatham Hill Memorial Park in Marietta.
Leroy was born on March 28, 1925, in his parents’ home on Mill Street in Woodstock, Georgia, the fourth of five boys born to Albert and Ruby Lee Poor. Leroy grew up loving the outdoors, fishing, hunting and exploring with a keen sense of adventure and curiosity. In 1942, at the age of seventeen, Leroy convinced his father to sign for him to follow two of his older brothers, Albert Jr. and James by joining the United States Navy to defend his country. Never one to talk much about his wartime experiences, questioning from his sons and grandchildren revealed both peaceful and harrowing times as a Sailor. On June 8, 1944, Leroy’s first ship, The USS Rich, sank off the coast of Normandy after making contact with three German mines. Leroy was the only one of his 7-man gun crew to survive the explosion and sinking of his ship. After recovering, Leroy was assigned to the USS Lacerta where he served in the Pacific Theater experiencing several major actions including the Invasion of Okinawa. After the war in 1946, Leroy married the love of his life, Annette Hicks, who he had known as a child but with whom he reconnected after the war. Leroy and Annette were happily married for over 70 years before her passing. They raised four boys and spent their retirement years pulling travel trailers all over the country. Leroy was retired from Lockheed after 32 years as a Tool and Die Maker.
He was predeceased by his parents, Albert Sr. and Ruby Lee, his step mother, Ethel Brannen Poor, his brothers, Albert Jr., Lewis and James, his wife Annette and his daughter-in-law, Wonda.
Surviving are his brother, Col. (Ret.) William T. Poor, his sons, Terry (Cynthia), Albert, Danny (Sue) and Charles Poor. Additional survivors are 7 grandchildren and 14 loving great grandchildren
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Hill Hill

This morning on our walk I listened to Gladys Knight and the Pips. It brought back memories of the Atlanta Post Office. The operations manager at night had a secretary named Katherine Hill. Katherine was married to one of the three Pips of Gladys Knight's Pips. In time Katherine divorced the Pip and Married a supervisor named Gilbert Hill. We kidded her saying the only reason she went after him so she would not have to change her last name - too much paper work. What did we call her new husband, Gilbert Hill? Gilbert Hill Hill of course.

Henry G Wright and Louisa Kuykendall

Henry Gable Wright (1836 - 1936) married Louisa "Lula" Kuykendall (1868-1923) 13 January 1900. Henry was the son of Isaac and Loveuia Adeline Saint John Wright and Lula was the daughter of James Ephriah and Frances Eliza "Fannie" Tyson. Henry and Lula had 5 children, which included Anna's grandmother, Lessie Wright (married J.O. Prance). They are buried in Enon Cemetery in Woodstock, Cherokee County, Georgia.

Edgar Bell Foster & Family

This is Anna's great uncle, on her mother's father's side, Edgar Bell Foster (1884 - 1932), his wife Sophie Lackie (1886-1965), and their son Charles Loy Foster (1909-1964). Edgar and Sophie married 26 Jul 1908 and are buried the Ebenezer Methodist Church, in Crabapple, Georgia. The second picture is Charles Loy Foster, again, after he got old enough to drive.

Thursday, July 27, 2023

Junebugs Doing Their Job


Brother Will For 15 or so yeas I worked in the Time Keepers Office of the Atlanta Post Office. For a year or two I had no definite reporting time, or it was floating a reporting time. I mostly relieved other time keeper clerks on their off days. That is where I got to know Brother Will. I had to twice a week go an Atlanta Post Office outpost off Chattahoochee Avenue, The Parcel Pos Annex. It operated 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, so it had to have a timekeeper there he whole time. Brother Will worked from midnight to 8:30 AM, and twice a week I was there to take over when he got off. Brother Wil was laid back and never got upset, and seemed to have a not of running jokes with a lot of people on the workroom floor. Here are a few amusing facts about Brother Will. He was the father of 9 daughters. I remember when his 9th daughter was born he did not make it to the hospital for the because he was involved in a poker game.. Brother Will played a lot of poker on his off time.. One morning when I came to work the time keepers office smelled like farts, lot of farts. He chuckled and said, “You just caught me cooking eggs!. His wife was also a potal employee. She was late a lot. She was due in at 3:30pm, if I remember correctly. I wrote her up for being late a lots and most of the time it did did not bother her. But one time I remember she scolded me, saying I did not give her enough time.. Brother Will had a part time job with his own show on radio station WAOK. For a short time he was calling in sick a lots. One supervisor thought he would trap him so he recorded the time on his WAOK radio show he gave the weather and news, which was up to the minute. – which was the time he was out sick. I don’t know how he got out of that, but he was a very calm smooth talker. Once we were told of a new procedure we timekeepers would have to do. Most of the time keepers fussed and carried on. Brother Will said, “Just something to, it won’t kill us.” I think that sentence changed my whole outlook about working and cause me to respect Brother Will more.

Clover by me


The word I learned yesterday is DEMOCRATIZATION. It is the process that something new is introduced. First only the elite can afford the new item, such as when cars were invented. Then Henry Ford came along and invented the assembly line... then cars were massed produced and everybody almost everybody can afford one. Many items crept into our lives like that and suddenly it became a way of life and changed our life style... some examples: Telephone, electricity, lights, car, record player, radio, tape players, CD players, smart phones, videos recording devices, computers, Cable TV, VCR, DVR, TiVo, and there are much more to come that we have not even thought up yet. But wait! The above were examples of the word DEMOCRIZATION. What is the word when these gadgets are replaced and phased out? Such as the record player and VCR? UNDEMOCRATIZATION? DE-DEMOCRATIZATION? DEMOCRATIZATIONLESS?

Helo Ride Over Marietta

 Linda, my buddy, Facebook friend, and ex-coworker told me she recently took a helicopter ride because it was on her bucket list.  

I couldn't help from jumping up and said ME TOO!

Although, being in a helicopter squadron I have rode in helicopter rides a couple times.  But the rides was not over Marietta!  However, my Uncle Herbert Hunter did give me a ride over Marietta in a small craft plane.  I don't remember that much.  And then there was the time a guy gave us a ride over Marietta from an airfield at Lower Roswell and Johnson Ferry Roads where Parkaire Mall now stands, for cash and he told us not to tell anybody.

So, here we go again.

Wednesday, July 26, 2023

First one to back down is a chicken!


NAS LAKEHURST NJ, Sunset and a “Horse” Helicopter. Beautiful sunset. Interesting one night at the E.M. Club a future friend of mine and me got tipsy and decided we were slip in a Horse Helicopter and take it for a “joy flight”. How hard could it be? I think neither one of us had any intention of trying to fly that thing. We were just playing a form of chicken, to see who would back down first. I think I did.

Another Aunt Jeannette's Birthday Party

 Thinking of Aunt Jeanette's 97th Birthday Party this weekend reminded of one about 6 years ago.  Look!  Again I took pictures:


This is Ida Mae Julian (1876- ? ). She is the daughter of John George Julian and Elizabeth Glorenia Hunter Julian. Elizabeth is the daughter of my great great grandfather Jason Henderson Hunter and Elizabeth Sherrill. According to family stories, Elizabeth's brother John Andrew Hunter disapproved of their marriage because John Julian was Jewish. I don't know the how or any other details but John and Elizabeth Hunter Julian met an untimely death. Ida Mae and her sister Margaret was orphaned. Their uncle, John Andrew Hunter adopted them and raised them in a strict Baptist household. It was also handed down that he controlled their parents' money, Julians owned a big ranch in Idaho. One determined researcher, Sherrill found a descendent of Ida Mae. She and her husband ran into the male descendent at a Dentists' Convention. Small world. I am going through the notes Sherrill gave me and came up with this so far: She found Ida Mae Julian on a 1900 Census living in Memphis, Shelby County, Tennessee, in a boardinghouse owned by Widowed Margaret Wessburg. Margaret Wessbug was Mrs. Margaret Hunter Wessbug. She was sisters with Ida Mae's mother Elizaabeth. Margaret's husband died in Memphis before 1896. Next door to the boardinghouse was Thomas Jones and his wife. Thomas was a Memphis policeman. On the 1910 Census, Ida Mae and Margaret was living in Oregon. Also they have a 6 year old David Jones., no relationship filled in. On the 1920 Census they are in Santa Cruz, California. David is still with them, 16 years old and now his last name as been changed to Julienne. It seemed David's father, so they said, was a man of mystery, no one knew him, they just knew his name: Rozelle Julienne. It was a quick marriage, married and then he left never to return. David's full name was David Hunter Julienne. Sherrill hinted something is fishy. I wonder that too. The last name Julienne is too similar to his mother's last name of Julian. It is like history repeating itself. Ida Mae's grandfather, Jason Henderson Hunter, who is my great-great grandfather was the town constable of Franklin, North Carolina, when he knocked up my great great grandmother Rebecca Trammell. Anyway, David Hunter Julienne married Alice Johanne Emile Schougaard. She was born in Copenhagen. Their son is Charles "Chuck" Hunter Julienne (1933-1910) who Sherrill and her husband happened to run into a dentists' convention, talked about genealogy and discovered they were researching the same family. Small world.


Throwback Thursday. Yesterday at the dog park we talked about some areas East Cobb that has changed drastically. Joe L Jenkins Sr brought up where Shallowford and Sandy Plains Roads crossed. I said, "The old Gordy Property! The Old Gordy Property was owned by the Gordy family that owns the Varsity. Years ago, the Marietta Journal reported that the Gordy family was looking for a place in Cobb County to build a new Varsity. It immediately came up that maybe they will use their own property. East Cobb panicked. The Varsity on North Avenue in Atlanta is known for keeping late hours. Carhops by the droves driving around East Cobb late at night? Gasp! A new Varsity was built in Cobb County, but not where people was afraid it would be. It was built just outside the Town Center Shopping Mall complex, and no carhops. The Gordy property ended up being a shopping center, Aquatic Center, an upscale yuppie subdivision, and a vocational School. So everybody was happy. About 1978 before it was developed I noticed a dirt driveway leading from Shallowford Road down into a pine thicket into the Gordy Property. Out of curiosity with my camera I drove down the rugged dirt driveway and this here are pictures.

All For the Team

I’m confused about Teams. I saw a sign on a business office door calling themselves an office rental team. I see more and more business trams touting. I thought the word teams were reserve for things like softball teams or other sporting groups competing. Also, I suppose being on a team elevates your ego being part of something bigger and better. Like you never heard of a checker player call himself or herself a team. And where does a mule Team fit in?

Tuesday, July 25, 2023

Jeannette's 97th Birthday. Lotsa Hunters in Cobb County

 This past Saturday my aunt Jeannette had a birthday party that her kids gave her.  She turned 97.  She is the last one of that generation     She was mother to a dozen kids.  All 12 grew up. Three had died since.

  Most of those 12 children multiplied, and their children's children did the same.

The party was held in a daughter's yard.  There was more Hunters there, young and old than you could shake a stick at, mostly Cobb County residents.

I missed plenty of pictures by not being quick enough, but here is what I got:

Ppssst!  If the picture are too small try clicking on each picture as you come to them, one at a time.