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Varner Reunion Pictures by Clarence Horton

Horaces Armfield & the Mrs and Tony Hipps

At the Varner Reunion, Clarence Horton, a friend, was mingling and taking pictures like me. He told me I could use any of his pictures as I see fit. As I see fit? OK! The first thing to do as I see fit is to take full credit for these excellent pictures! I took these pictures! Me and only me! No, I am just jesting. These are the excellent pictures taken by Clarence Horton, that I lifted off Facebook. Plagiarism isn’t dead.

Thank you for sharing your great pictures Clarence.

I stabbed at the names.  Some I knew and some I had to read enlarge the name tags and some was unreadable.  Sorry.

I will try to get my pictures posted on this blog tomorrow.

Center Ken Chaney

3- Pat McPherson, Melvyn & Ray Denard

Emmett Burton

Mrs & Mrs Fred Williams

Jack Gaskin & Charlene P Benson

Christine & Joe Jenkins

Rick & Kitty Kendrick, Marvin Young, & David Cain

Lee Broadhust & Neal Lawrence

Mickey Griffin, left

Center Monty Calhoun

Kay & Monty Calhoun and Stanely Bishop

Right - Dan Northcutt

Parks Groover

Janet & Pat McPherson

Rupert Raines

Peggy & Stanley Bishop

Tommy & Pat Townsend

John Mosely, Parks Groover, & James Kirk

Friday afternoon we went to a lecture at the Marietta Aviation Museum, a branch of the Marietta Museum of History (MMH) next door to the Lockheed-Dobbins complex.   The lecture was held aboard a non-operational C-141 aircraft.
I didn’t read the details of the invitation, just the bottom line telling the date and time.  Having no idea what to expect, I thought it would be something about airplanes.   I was right.  White plastic stackable chairs were lined up in rows.  Up front behind the pilots’ cabin sat a podium, a screen, and a computer for a slide show.  Of course we were early so we sat up front.  While waiting, several men were talking about different planes they flew – being pilots or crewmen for just the kind of plane we were sitting in or other planes that are on exhibit there. 
Ms Amy Reed, curator of the museum, introduced the speaker, Mr. Narayan Sangupta.  Having written several books on previous wars, his focus was on AMERICAN EAGLES – US MILITARY AVIATION OF WORLD WAR I.  We were all amazed by his extensive knowledge of names, facts, and statistics without referring to any notes.  The slide show of the aerial war zones, planes, and groups of pilots gave his lecture a visual complement.  We gained a good deal more knowledge of aviation in WWI.
Mr. Sangupta pointed out one difference in today’s modern war times and WWI -  the rich do not do much fighting.  The blunt of the war is handled by the working class, but in World War I that was not the case.  The ivy-league college boys jumped in to experience aviation first-hand.  Aerial airplane dog fights were praised like a sporting competition.  Quentin Roosevelt, US President Theodore Roosevelt’s son was killed in WWI combat, and is the only son of an acting President killed in combat to date.
His lecture reminded me of one of EC’s most fascinating comic books, ACES HIGH, which is mostly about WWI aerial fights – those magnificent early flying machines. During his question and answer period at the end, I thought about raising my hand and asking if he’d ever heard of ACEs HIGH comic books, but thought that just might bring down the dignity of the lecture a notch or too – not from my standpoint, but from others who might not appreciate the art and story-telling that goes into comic books. He spoke highly of Eddie Rickenbacker on several occasions which brought to mind how my Uncle Jack Hunter pulled Eddie Rickenbacker out of the Pacific waters – but this lecture wasn’t about me bragging on my family.

Good presentation, MMH and Mr. Sangupta! Thanks!

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Varner Reunion 2012

It was good to see old friends of long ago.   I saw at least four, maye more people, I haven't seen in over a half of a century - and afer I refocused, they haven't changed at all.  I'm still working on the still pictures.


When EC Comicbook Publishers were forced to give up on their horror comics because of senator hearings pressure and parental pressure it left them with only MAD comicbook.  They came out with a “New Direction” comics, different and more adult-targeted.  Above is a reprint of the first story of the first issue of ACES HIGH and also an inside the cover introduction.  The artist over the cover and the story is George Evans.

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Larry Miller

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Rocky & Sabrina

I Want to be a Couch Potato SO BAD!

The old man caught me three times lately on a couch. He caught me twice in the living room and once in the den. While they were asleep I found the joys of couch relaxing. I want to be a couch potato so bad! Please pray for me.


3 More Days Until the Varner Reunion

Jolynne Jackson O'Reilly & Joel Jackson, siblings

Tony Brownee & Robbie Williams

Not to put any pressure on you or anything, but you are about to run out of time.  You need to get your ass in gear, but I'm not pressuring you or anything.  You can go to the below for details:

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Varner Reunion of 2010 Video

4 More Days to the Varner's Reunion

Marvin Young. Porky Holiday, & Tony Brownlee

Joe Williamson & Revonda Brackett Foster

It is getting close.  You can go to the below website and order on line or buy your tickets at the door:

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Varner Reunion in 2011

5 More Days Until The Varner Reunion

Carolyn & Paul Roper, sibings

Carolyn Roper & Alan Ford, fiancee's (at the time)

April the 28th, at 5pm, at the Horace Orr American Legion on Gresham Ave., Marietta, Georgia.  For more information go to: