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Proper Sendoff

We attended a funeral of a neighbor the other day. It was a graveside service. After the preacher ended and the funeral home staff completed folding up the flag the widow appeared to be laughing and crying at the same time. There was no doubt that she was having an emotional turmoil. She from her front row chair turned around and to rest of us and the “The boss is dead!, the boss is dead!” Other than that she sailed right though it during this drastic change of her life.

The Baptist preacher was a slim fellow with nice hair and mustache. I would estimate he was in his late 40s to mid 50s. Before the ceremony began people were standing around making small talk. I overheard him talking about the A&P on the Square and who worked there. He also talked about the Big Star around the corner and who worked there, and who was always out front, he called them by name.

I refocused on him. He was talking about things that I barely remember; things that I saw when I was 4 or 5 years old. He was talking about things that people a generation older than me were exposed to. . He got around to Steele’s Store and the owner Pete, his wife Ruby. I interrupted him and said Pete’s daughter Helen died a couple of weeks ago. He said he was sorry to hear that, and went on his reminiscing.

A few minutes later he came up to me and said he was introduced to my wife but didn’t have the pleasure of meeting me. He held out his hand, we shook, and we introduced ourselves to each other.

He said by what I said I probably remember a lot of the old Mariettans, like the McWhirters, Steeles….. I stopped and told him all about the Steele. I don’t recall the McWhirters he mentioned.

As I was telling him about the Steeles and each family member I could tell his complete focus was not on me. His eyes were darting off elsewhere. He already cased me out and knew I had nothing to offer him. Almost in the middle of one of my sentences he patted me on the back and told me it was nice to meet me and off he went to shake hands with someone else that may be more worthy of his attention.

I thought his service was good. He said a one thing to poke fun of the deceased gently. It was a vague reference to how independent and stubborn he was. It was just enough to break the ice. His preaching had sort of a non-denominational message: If you are unhappy, then you need to change things to be happy and life is short.

He also led us in a song or two. He sung very well.
Later that day, back home I decided to Google the preacher. He seemed like a character and probably didn’t let the grass grow under his feet…. In other words, I bet he was always up to something – and surely left a wake or tracks.

WHAM! I was right.

There were several blog posts from different people telling about the energetic preacher. Several years ago he was hired as interim pastor of the First Baptist Church in Marietta, which is probably the largest church in Marietta, and cleaned house. The bad part was that it didn’t need cleaning. He fired people, took over the different departments’ finances – all departments, money-wise was in the black until he got a hold of their books and money and then they found themselves in the red. He openly publicly criticized people and caused a lot of enemies.

Groups of the people went to the deacons and other church leaders to tell of the havoc he was causing. They sort of politely ignored what they were being told. No leader wants it pointed out that he or they made the wrong decision in hiring a person. I know of other churches that had the same problem.

In 2008 he was finally fired. He got a job at the Presbyterian Church across the street. It wasn’t long before they got wind of his history with the First Baptist and was let go there also.

But he knows how to preach a good funeral and sing.


This story is from MAD Comicbook #14. It was written by editor Harvey Kurtzman and illustrated by Russ Heath. It is the only contribution Russ Heath had in the MAD comicbook series. Although he had more in MAD after it promoted itself to a magazine format. Also, if the incidentals in this story do not make sense to you, you need to do a little homework. Go out and buy a few issues of PLASTIC MAN, then, come back and read it again when you know more about the subject.

Saturday, February 26, 2011

My Worlds of Reality vs Fantasy - Confusing

Below, Friend Jackie & his vehicle in my real world.

1960 OLYMPIAN - Chapel

As far as I can tell, the name Chapel at Marietta High School did not mean it was a place of worship, but a place where you needed a stage.

Friday, February 25, 2011

Mindset on Politics - a One Act Play

Before the election last November a friend told me he would vote for Roy Barnes for governor if Barnes was a Republican. Well, he has the right to vote as he sees fit. And I have the right to do the same. I much prefer to vote for the person, not the party. I feel I have more freedom of choice that way.

News Item:
"The state's new insurance commissioner seeks legislation to keep insurance commissioners from doing what John Oxendine did: Granting themselves insurance licenses without taking mandatory tests.

Ralph Hudgens, who succeeded Oxendine as insurance commissioner, wrote the new legislation after The Atlanta Journal-Constitution reported Sunday that Oxendine issued himself several insurance agent and adjuster licenses the day before his term ended. Oxendine used an agency regulation that enabled him to waive the mandatory tests other Georgians must pass to get the licenses

Hudgens is expected to be introducing in the state House a bill that would prevent insurance commissioners from bypassing testing requirements and simply granting themselves licenses
." –, about Feb 20, 2011

With the above in mind, here is a one person one act play:

Say John Oxendine granted himself a state insurance license just before leaving office without taking the required test? That is just like a Democrat, misusing his authority to give himself special treatment!

Er – what? Say Oxendine is a Republican?

Well, if he is a Republican it just means we don’t know the whole story. If he did give himself an insurance license you know he did it for a good reason! I still have trust in him and would vote for him again!

1960 OLYMPIAN - The Student Council

The headline said they were self-governing. I wonder what would happen if they voted for a student smoking lounge or have "Naked Fridays"? No, I don't wonder what would happen, I know what would happen: The self-governing student council members would be replaced instantly.

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Quote I Just Read On Facebook:

Yes, dear lady, I am drunk. And you are homely.

Tomorrow I will be sober but you will still be homely.

I think that was a Winston Churchill quote.

Last Tuesday GOBAG - Sun and Song

Today is Thursday, but our meeting was Tuesday. “So, how come the video is not available until now?”, you may ask. Well, as I said before, there is a two to three, sometimes four day delay for certain people at youtube to look at it to make sure it is not infringing on any copyright, offensive, or obscene.

It used not take so long, but it does now. Maybe they are backed up or something. Who knows?

The meeting was nice and sunny so like seals looking for a rock to sun themselves on, we found a picnic table out of the shade.

Monty was a multi-tasker. He was having the upper part of the American Legion painted and he also cooked. He cooked hotdogs, chili, and coleslaw.

He asked me to be the first to taste the chili and coleslaw to see what I thought. Because sometimes on my blog I mention going to different eateries he figures I have a good taster.

By the way, the chili and coleslaw were delicious. He puts much thought into how he prepares his food to get the most tasty taste out of it all.

And I was the official taster! Man! I felt complemented! And I get to taste everything first too! Just like the official royal taster for Kings!!! Wait! Then it occurred to me why they had Royal Tasters for kings. Hmmmm.

The talk was nice and the Happy Birthday song we sung Sandy was meant to be nice, the good intention was there and so was the gusto, the only thing missing was a tune.

Sandy doesn’t get to come down from her home in the mountains on Tuesday evenings as often as she did last year. She is a dancing instructor on Tuesday nights. I wonder if she is a fun-loving gentle dance instructor or a strict dance instructor? I wonder if she carries a little whip to show she means business?

1960 OLYLMPIAN, Pitch Fork Staff

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

More Snow in Downtown Marietta

I promised you there would be more snow on this blog didn't I? Have I ever told you a lie or let you down? Wait! Don't answer that! One more installment.

1960 OLYMPIAN, Clubs - Intro

Monday, February 21, 2011

What Snow?

It hasn't been too many weeks ago that Marietta got hit with a winter blast. I overheard one lady complain, "That is why we moved from Ohio, to get away from this!"

These downtown Marietta pictures have been forwarded around, and richocheting around us locals for over a month now. I emailed to the first address on forwarding strand to ask permission to put them on my blog. I did not get a response. I am assuming a no translated to, "I don't care." Which of course means, "Go ahead!"

They are beautiful pictures and these are only about a third of them. I hope to put the other 2/3s, one third at a time, out, unless the person who is responsible for the pictures comes forward and tells me "No!"

And thanks to Skip Hudson for guiding me how to change the pictures to JPG format.