Saturday, January 31, 2015

Donna Lawrence Will be Missed

We went to a funeral  yesterday of Donna Lawrence, daughter of my lifelong  friend Neal Lawrence.  When  I say "lifelong" I mean, really lifelong.  He and his family lived in the other unit of the duplex I was born in on Atlanta Street.
The first thing that struck me that something was different was it appeared that most close family and friends were not dressed up, they were wearing UGA Dawg jerseys, shirts, or anything else with the big G.

I never met Donna but it would have been a privilege if I had.  But I don't think I could have kept up with her.  She lived life in the fast lane.  She loved live and loved to party.
Her niece gave a very funny recap eulogy of Donna's life.  She had one exciting adventure after another, which included a head on motorcycle accident years ago, which if I understood correctly, her mother Jane was in too.   She was a ball of energy.  And a apparently a DAWG fan.

The memorial service was truly a celebration of her life.

I know she will be missed.  I miss her and didn't even get to meet her.

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

In The Boondocks

About 1959 a group of us teenagers went to Panama City Beach, Florida.  I was surprised my parents allowed me to go.  I think I only started off with $30.  It was a tradition every year to go to Florida, leave the night of the seniors graduation ceremony.  This was my first time.   We went in Billy Joe Royal's black 1950 Ford.  Yes, Billy Joe Royal was soon-to-be famous rock and roll rockabilly singer.  Also Billy Joe's brother Jack, his friend Charlie, Tommy Hadaway, Harry Whitten, and me.
We left about midnight and drove all night.  I remember waking up and it was early daylight.  Everybody else was asleep  We were driving down a newly cut dirt road with no houses ,no  telephone poles, or anything.  Obviously Harry was lost.
I think we arrived on the strip at Panama City Beach about noon.  Between six of us I had the most money.    We looked for the cheapest room available.  Across the street was  the Key of Rest Motel, a rundown dumpy  little motel with not many units.   It was something like $5 or $6 a day.  Since I was the one with the money I signed us in.  The owner, a suspicious-eye salty middle aged lady asked how many were staying.  Billy Joe, which was in the office with me said "Two"
"What about the others?"
I forgot what he replied, but probably saying they already had rooms.
The room was small and shared a bath room with another room, which was not occupied.
We brought our stuff in and went out to the beach to meet up with friends already.  I was delighted that the sand was so white and the Gulf was so blue and calm and you could open your eyes under water and they didn't burn all that much.
I was also delighted that we could openly buy beer without the store clerks questioning us.  We found a cheap beer, Spearman Straight 8 I think was the name of it.
On the beach was a sun-tan lotion tent.  You pay a fee and to into the tent and get sprayed.  I did not go in but thought it was interesting. 
Next to  the suntan lotion tent  was a sign saying:  COLORED MAIDS IN BATHIN SUITS ARE NOT PERMITTED ON BEACH.   It made me feel bad.  What right did anybody have to deprive a group of people of their right on public tax-paid property.  It seemed far from the SEPARATE BUT EQUAL ruling to me.  There was nothing equal about it.
We swam and sunned.  Then we returned to our room, and sat around on the floor and talked,  drank beer, and remembering funny incidences and so on.  We left the room with  a lot of empty beer bottles and cans scattered about. 
We went out and ate something cheap and came back.  The room was all cleaned up and the empty beer containers were neatly in order.
We had a good time on the beach and that night at "The Hangout", and opened -air pavilion where teenagers hung out and danced to rock & roll music.
When we returned to the room we realized we were all blistered.  We were painfully sore.  The adjoining room was still empty so half of us slept  there.

In the middle of the night she opened the owner showed the other room to a newlywed couple.  She opened the door and flicked on the lights exposing 3 or 4 lobster looking teen boys who had nothing all but their jockey underwear. 
Everybody screamed.
She kicked us out immediately.  I asked for our money back.  She gave me a hateful laugh that meant, "Like Hell!"
When we left she wisely demanded to search our suitcases.  In some of our suitcases she found three or four of her towels.
We finished the night sleeping or talking in the car, now in a public parking lot for the beach.  I think the biggest topic of conversation was "What now?  we don't have a room or money."
In Florida $30 can slip out of your hand  very easily.  Another thing I forgot to mention, at the beginning of the trip I lent Billy Joe Royal $5.  He promised me he would not rest until he paid me back.  That was 56 years ago.  Poor guy hadn't had a peaceful night of rest in 56 years.
My memory is hazy but Billy Joe and Jack wanted to look an old friend that moved there a year before.  We found him, not where he lived but where he worked.  He was working so he couldn't talk to us long.
Somehow we took up a collection among our friends who were not broke, enough to buy us gas to get to Billy Joe and Jack's uncle and aunt in Valdosta, Georgia.    I remember on our trip back we got lost in Tallahassee, Florida, in the middle of darkness.

We stayed with Billy Joe's and Jack's relatives in Valdosta and Tipton, Georgia, for almost three weeks. 
They were not rich people but boarded us anyway.  Although they did request for us to use the same bathtub water.  Six baths with the same water.
They  took us to a dance at the American Legion in Sylvester, Georgia, and a couple of dances in a furniture warehouse in Valdosta.  Interesting, his uncle played the guitar in a band at the furniture warehouse.  During our whole three week stay in south Georgia Billy Joe had music on his mind 24 hours a day.  He sung, imitated popular songs, played their piano and guitar... it seemed like all the time.

Billy Joe started playing the guitar in his uncle's band in the warehouse concerts.  I think that was the first time he played in front of an audience. 

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Donna Lawrence (1960 - 1915)

Donna Lawrence, the daughter of our lifetime friend Neal Lawrence and his wife Jane,  died last Saturday.  Donna was 54.

Visitation is Friday at noon and the service is at 2pm.  Both are at Marietta Funeral Home,  915 Piedmont Road,  Marietta, Georgia.

Instead of flowers  they prefer you donate to the Cobb County Human Society.

It just doesn't seem right for a son or daughter to die before their parents, but  what is right and what happens are two different things. 

Our thoughts are with Neal and Jane.

Monday, January 26, 2015

The 4 Way Lunch in Cartersville

You know, I think it would be very hard to take a bad picture of the 3 Way in Cartersville.  You would have to know how to take a bad picture.  Therefore, only a good photographer could take a bad picture of the 4 Way.

Friday, January 23, 2015


If you, for religious beliefs, refuse to be treated for a contagious disease that is your right.  And people might even applaud you for standing  up for your rights.  But when you go out and circulate and mingle with crowds of people, as in Disneyworld, the applauding stops.

Thursday, January 22, 2015

4 Generations of Hunters, or Trammells

4 Generations of Hunters
From left to right.  My great grandfather William A. Hunter (1842 - 1928).  William was born in Macon County, North Carolina, and died in Cherokee County, Georgia.  He fought in the Civil War and was shot in the knee during the Battle of Kennesaw Mountain in 1864.  He recuperated in a private home near Woodstock, Georgia.  After he tried being in a cowboy in Texas, he returned to Woodstock, Georgia, with his family to live.  He knew he had friends there.  He grew up with the name William A. Trammell, married with that name and fought in the Civil War with that name, but because he was involved in a murder he changed his name to William A. Hunter - but that is a long story.

Harold Herbert Hunter (1901-1976).  My uncle, and grandson of William A. Hunter.  Herbert was born in Cherokee County, Georgia, and died in Marietta, Cobb County, Georgia.  He owned Hunter's Barber Shop and one time an airfield on Austell and Hurt Roads in Cobb County.  He loved to fish.  

Harold Ray Hunter (1923 - 1991).  Ray  being held by his father Herbert,  is my first cousin.  Ray was in WWII.  He settled in New Jersey where he worked or a utility company.  He retired in Marietta.

Frank Paris Hunter (1879-1950).  My grandfather, Herbert's father, and son of William A. Hunter.  Frank was born in Paris, Texas, grew up  Cherokee County, Georgia, and spent most his adult years in Marietta, Georgia, as a machinist.  He worked for Glover Machinery.  We lived with him his last couple of years and got to know him well.   He taught me to ride a bike.   He once saved my life when my pajamas caught on fire in front of the fireplace.

The is a good example how historical events are just a jump and a leap in the past.  In the picture, all but William was alive in my lifetime. 

William, my great grandfather fought in the Civil War.

William's great grandfather, also named William Trammell, fought in the Revolutionary War.

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

What Face Are You Wearing?

Arnold Parish on right at a Bell Reunion.  Click to enlarge

We carried my mother-in-law to John Boys, Home Cooking Buffet the other day.   John Boys is a magnet for natives of Marietta.  Usually I see someone I know.

I saw a man come in that I thought I recognized.  He looked just like an old high school friend of mine.  Actually if it was who I thought it was, he was a few years ahead of me in school, more my sister's age.  He was with another man.

I studied him as he went through the line picking out his food.  He looked  almost just like a the certain person I remember.  But there was something about his facial expression that was different.

He glanced at me a couple of times staring at him.  Finally he said, "Hi Eddie!"   It was him!  Then he was smiling and he looked just as I remember him.

I  said something like, "I thought that was you!"   It occurred to me that I forgot his name.   It started with A.  It was A something.

To reflect that I did remember him I asked him was he still a volunteer at the hospital.  He said  he gave it up for a while.
I was still wondering what his name is... it starts with an A.   His family lived just  a few buildings from us in the Clay Homes back in the 1940s.  During the Varner and Bell Reunions I got to know him better.   

My curiosity got  the best of me.  I walked over and said something like, "I'm having a senior moment, I forgot your name, I know it starts with an A....". 

He shook my hand and said, "Arnold, Arnold Parrish."

Am I good or what?

Then he introduced me to his neighbor that he was having lunch with.

I think the reason he looked differently in the face is that he wears many hats , or faces, like we all do.  We have a parent face, a face for friends, an OM friend face,  and a face for business, and a face for neighbors.   He walked in wearing his neighbor face, but when he saw me he changed into his OM friend face.

Piano Red, "Digging the Boogie", 1951

I have been listening to a Piano Red CD while exercising the past few days.  It brought back memories.

Piano Red was a personality of WAOK Radio, which was broadcast in Atlanta.   Piano Red and WAOK was one of those things you had to listen to without your parents knowing about it.

Piano Red rolled those piano keys and talked about his love life and fictional characters he toyed with. in a romantically way.

After we were married  one night we were barhopping in Underground Atlanta I saw Piano Red in person banging on a piano in a lounge.   A living legend.

Piano Red real name was William "Willie" Lee Perryman.  He lived from 1911 to 1985.  He had several musical careers,  He died of cancer.  As you might have guessed, he was an albino.  

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Best Eats In and Around Marietta

The Marietta Daily Journal's weekend  magazine COBB LIFE recently had an article about THE BEST IN COBB.... pointing out the best (in their opinion)  restaurants   and best this and the best that. 

Then, on the radio (WRAS 88.5), I heard Celeste Headlee, SECOND THOUGHT SHOW,  asked for listeners to tell what their favorite restaurants in Atlanta and Metro Atlanta are.

Jumping on the bandwagon, here are our favorite restaurants in and around Marietta:


Brandi's World Famous Hotdogs.   On Church Street Extension.   Brandi bought it from Betty, then it was Betty's World Famous Hotdogs.  The menu: hotdogs, hamburgers, french fries, and onion rings.  And maybe imported fried pies.  You can get chili and coleslaw added to your hotdogs and burgers.  Brandi's is  known for her spicy chili which she got the secret ingredients from Betty (part of the takeover deal).  Brandi always appears to be relaxed and laid back and more interested in the people she serves more than production.   It is a non-pretentious  joint that the parking lot if full most of the time.  In high school the old service station shape building by the railroad tracks was Marble Inn Barbecue.  Their menu was even more simple than Brandi's... you either want Sloppy Joe's BBQ or you don't, and if don't why are you here?  Brandi also has a food truck that shows up at events like car racing events, etc.  Brandi also owns her second hotdog place on Tennessee Street in Cartersville.


The Red Eyed Mule.   The Red-Eyed Mule is just up the street from Brandi's.  The restaurant is ran by co-owner Sabre  (that may be spelled wrong).  Marietta food expert Alton Brown said they make the best hamburger in Marietta, and he might be right.  Sabre appears to know everybody and everybody knows her.   They do creative breakfasts and lunches.     Their breakfasts and burgers are delicious.  The fired egg and hamburger sandwich I had one time still brings up pleasant memories.

John Boys County Cooking Buffet.  It is owned by a Korean family.  The cook very southern style cooking, the type of food that attracts people that lived in the country and yearn for the kind of cooking they used to eat.  The John Boys cooks has it down pat.  A lot of people eat there every day.


GC BBQ is on the sign outside, which stands for Grand Champion  Barbecue.  They have a Roswell, Georgia, address, but is only about 500 feet from where Marietta addresses end.   They are in the Publix Shopping Center at Johnson Ferry and Shallowford Roads. They have great barbecue.   The chefs aren't your run-of-the-mill back yard smoking type of barbecue - I think it is a three person partnership and they are graduates from culinary schools, at least one abroad.  But most importantly, they trained under the expert  local pit-master Sam Huff.    Cecile, above, is  the wife of one of the owner.  She has an accent.   But she still has the Southern Hospitality down pat.  She seems to be in control of the counter service.   I wrote a blog post about them once and she really appreciated it.  Every time we visit she spends some time with us and always asks whatever was pending from our last visit.  Once she asked did we finish remodeling our bathroom.  That was 9 or 10 months before.  She calls me by my name too, being invisible, that means a lot.  They were picked the the best barbecue in Metro Atlanta.  Their meat is delicious and costly.  It is worth it.

Righteous Que is a family ran BBQ place.  The owner is religious and donates a lot of his profits to families  struggling with a certain disease, I forgot which.   The meat is as good as GC BBQ and it is no wonder, the owner at one time worked for Sam Huff also.  They are at the Publix Shopping Center at East Piedmont and Roswell Roads.

BBQ #1, or of course, Barbecue Number One.  Is owned by Sam Huff, the local barbecue expert.  Sam was a lawyer.  When I was on the grand jury in the 70s he was an assistant DA under Buddy Darden, and I think he might have been a judge too later in his law career.  He cooks well, and he trains others well to be his competitor.  BBQ #1 is on Lower Roswell Road, just a shopping center past Johnson Ferry Road.

David Poe's Barbecue.  David Poe's BBQ was named BBQ #2 when he was partners with Sam Huff, which explains why his barbecue is very tasty.   David does a lot of community work, or "giving back" as they say.  David Poe's Barbecue is on Whitlock Avenue.  I have never been there at lunch that I didn't see a law officer eating there.  Cops know where the good food places are.

Gabriel's.  Gabriel  and Paula Dean are cousins.  She used to own a quality bakery and I suppose one thing led to another and  now she just bought the Old Mill Restaurant in Acworth.  For several years now she has owned and operated a restaurant/bakery and I think will continue  to do so.  The restaurant has a big staff with  fine southern cooking, and the baking department is as high quality as ever.  And, as costly as ever.   Like House of Lu, it is a place for OAMs, Old Affluent  Mariettans, such as mayors, congressmen, local politicians', and Yuppies to be seen.   Gabriel's is located on Whitlock Avenue in the shopping center at Burnt Hickory Road.

The Chicken and the Egg.  It is fine dining.  We have eaten here several times for birthdays and maybe a few other times and we have only been disappointed once.  That is when we were seated behind a pillar which caused our waiter to keep overlooking us (what else is new?).

Henry's  Of Louisiana is on Main Street in Acworth.   When  I think of Chef Henry He reminds me of a  "Raging Cajin"   He is very active in keeping the people in his restaurant entertained.  I love his Cajun  menu items.   We have been there for birthday parties and lastly at brunch with a friends Joe and Christine Jenkins to see other friends' daughter Melanie Denard singing the blues.   Nice.

Marietta Pizza.  Marietta Pizza is on the southwest corner of the Square in Downtown Marietta.  Before Marietta Pizza, years ago, it was Atherton's Drug Store where I used to frequent as a teenager, hanging out.  On Halloween night, Halloween night, 1963 there was an explosion in the basement, as leaking gas main, killing and injuring a number of people.  I never had a Marietta Pizza pizza.  We go fairly often have their Company Salad with grilled chicken.  It is good and wholesome - and their honey-mustard salad dressing - Man!  I'm not sure it is a requirement for the serving staff to have tattoos or not.   And, there is a floating balloon shaper artist... he or she will make little figures for you or your child.  Another plus about Marietta Pizza our dog Willow can dine with us if we dine outside at one of their sidewalk tables.

Oyster King.  Oyster King is located in on Cobb Parkway (or "The 4-Lane" as us older natives say) between Kennesaw and Acworth.  It is ran by a Korean family.  Everybody that has eaten there, us included, say they  have the best jumbo shrimp or prawns  in Cobb County.

Trackside Grill.  Main street Kennesaw, with the railroad tracks behind it.  It is a nice upscale dining experience.    We have been there several times.

The Varsity.   I was trying to keep from talking about franchised or chain restaurants - but I have to throw the Varsity, which has developed into a chain over the years.  The food is the same.  If you like hotdogs you will like the Varsity.  The people behind the counter  normally shout at you "What-da-ya-what-da-ya-have?"  with a sense of urgency but take your time and get it right, it may appear they are not listening, but they are.

Louise's.  Is at the base of Kennesaw Mountain at the corner of Kennesaw Avenue and   the Old 41 Highway.  .  On TV news, etc.  The restaurant used to be named Bill's and Louise'  but Bill died.  Now, Louise had died and I think I read that their daughter runs it now.    I remember they lived on a hill behind the restaurant and used to have a mailbox high up on a pole and a sign saying "For Airmail".   And other corny stuff inside.  Their specialty is southern cooking breakfasts .

Cazadores Mexican Restaurant.  Sandy Plains Road.  We love their Chicken Soup.  Every time we have a cold we head for Caadores for their chicken soup.

Greek to Us.  On Church Street extension, just down the street from Brandi's.  Very good and filling gyros.  Yum!

The Lunch Basket.  The Lunch Basket is on the Cherokee Street near Cherry Street.  I don't think anybody in any lunch counter operation makes chicken salad sandwiches as good as  these ladies.  They have all kinds of sandwiches but the only other kind I have tried is their corn-beef sandwich.  It was good too.  There are three or four ladies, sometimes their operation reminds me of a church booth at the fair and sometimes not.  They opened a Lunch Basket #2 near Sessions and Rose Lane.  We ate there not long ago on a day we were going to doctor and they are doing well too, they have more room, more elbow room, so to speak for the diners.  I think both places the bulk of their business is the professional medical people in and near Wellstar Hospital.

Crooked Tree Restaurant.    Is on the 4 Lane (aka North Cobb Parkway).  They have breakfast and lunch  and close up for the day about 3pm.  We have been there for breakfast, brunch, and lunch several times.  The food is good and the waitresses remembers seeing  you and something about you, like to Anna, "How's your mom?"

Swallow in the Hollow BBQ.  Green Street in Roswell.  They have good barbecue and sometimes, weekends I think, they have entertainment, it reminded me of The Bluebird Cafe in Nashville, although the Swallow is in an old house and Bluebird is in a storefront in a shopping center.

Guston's.  There are two Guston's Bar and Grill.  One in Kennesaw and the one we frequent is in Woodstock.  They come out with weekly  specials.   I think they always have a spicy dish on special.  The food is good, and only once or twice did we complain.... I remember the baked potato episode.

Marietta Diner Group:
Marietta Diner
The Marietta Fish Market
Cherokee Cattle Company
Pasta Bella

  The Marietta Diner is owned by Greek family that owns several other restaurants in the family:  Cherokee Cattle Company, Pasta Bella, and The Marietta Fish Market.  They are all good with reasonable prices.  I tend to gravitate to The Marietta Fish Market whenever I have a say.

I deleted about 5 or 6 because they might have been good but seemed like yuppie magnets and/or they lacked character or eccentricity.  I am sure there are some I overlooked.  And they will return to my memory as soon as I publish this.

Sunday, January 18, 2015

Confessions of a Gas Pump Line Jumper

Yesterday we went to Costco.  The regular gas was $1.89, the cheapest I have seen in years, maybe a generation or more.  I couldn't resist such a bargain.

I think Costco has 3 or 4 pumping island and each island had 4 pumps, 2 on each side.

I got into a line with two cars filling up.   I was the 3rd car in line.  Then the at the first pump, near the waiting line left, apparently with a tank of bargain gas.  The next car rolled up and took the empty place. 

OK, so far so good.

Then the car in front moved out.

The car immediately in front of me was next.  I was thinking she should go around the car filling up and pull up and start pumping.
The car didn't move.  She wanted the smooth drive into the empty slot without going around, and backing up into the place.

I waited.  She waited.  She had no intention of going around to get the next available place.
In order to keep things moving I took it on myself to do what she should have done but had no intention of doing.

When I parked my vehicle I noticed the lady at the pump behind me was talking to the attendant.

I was getting ready  to insert my credit card into the pump electronics part and the attendant approached me.

"Sir did you jump ahead in line?"


"Are you sure?"

"Yes, I gave the lady in front of me, the one still waiting a chance to drive here and she didn't, so I came."

In the middle of my sentence he walked away.

I  finished pumped my gas muttering  "Three dumb ass-holes!" (to myself) the whole time.


Here is Wallace Wood's creation Bucky.  Wallace Wood is a charter member of MAD comic book and MAD Magazine, but this isn't MAD.

Click each image to enlarge so you can see what the heck is going on.

Saturday, January 17, 2015

All's Well That Ends Well

Yesterday Comcast fixed it so that we can get On Demand at my mother-in-law's house.

The doctor said my mother-in-law is capable of living alone again.

We got to eat at one of our favorite restaurants, Oyster King.

We slept in our own bed.

Willow slept on our own couch - which was great for her but not great for us.

I found my fitbit that I received for Christmas - it has been lost for about two weeks.

Who could ask for anything more?

Friday, January 16, 2015

New Is Better, Right?

Such a beautiful Building.   I guess it had to be replaced because new is better.  Right?

Thursday, January 15, 2015

To Whom It May Concern:

If you look down on the working class it is best  not to show it when dealing with individuals of that class.   You may be dealing with a raving firecracker nut and not know it.

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

This Day In History, "Tutti Frutti" Jan 14th

On this date, in 1956, Little Richard recorded "Tutti Frutti!"

Also on this date in 1864 General Sherman started his troops marching south to whip some ass and leave a smoking wake.

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Three Pleasant Women

click to enlarge

This is a pleasant  picture.  I took it at my parents 50th Wedding Anniversary in 1987.  The three ladies, left to right:  The late Zelma Ogle Hunter, the late Sarah Frasure Hunter, and Sarah's sister Lois Frasure White.

This falls under my "picture recycle to get your money's worth"  category.  

Monday, January 12, 2015

Physical Life After Death

What happens to life after death?  

We pretty much know there are no motor abilities left  in the dead material body.  Nothing  but inactive body parts.  The lungs don't work, the hands don't work, nothing works, including the sexual parts.  The spirit left every thing behind.

So what would a ball-less spirit do with  virgins?

I have another  question, if the wife of the late terrorist Amedy Coulbaly ,  Hayat Boumeddiene loses her life in a shootout after they find her, will she get 12 male virgins?

Sunday, January 11, 2015


The Funnies from MAD #24:   (only one page)

click to enlarge to read the balloons to know what is going on and what is so funny.

Saturday, January 10, 2015

Washington Squar

"Bury me in my shades in Washington Square"  sung Shel Silverstein   These two pictures were taken between 1963-1965.  Shel Silversein was still alive and well then, and so were we.

Friday, January 09, 2015

Red Flags

Yesterday on a local TV news they had a story about red flags at a certain crosswalk in Athens, Georgia.  A number of pedestrians have been hit by by cars there.  For whatever reason drivers do not see the people walking there.  

An official came up with an idea of red flags.  In the report there was a bucket holding red flags on light weight staffs.  I think the plan is for the pedestrian pick up a red flag and walk across the street and hopefully be well visualized.  Then, on the other side, deposit the red flag into a bucket with other red flags, and the flags can be reused back and forth.

If it works, I might get me a red flag and carry it around with me constantly.  Maybe getting overlooked, ignored,  or being invisible will be a thing of the past.

Thursday, January 08, 2015



Which she does a fine job playing the piano standing up.  Who can think of one standing playing the piano and not think of Jerry Lee Lewis?  Shaye also played the cornet in this number.

Wednesday, January 07, 2015

Walker Gave me a Brick

My life-long friend Walker Gaines,  his wife Darlene, and my thumb (upper left hand (literally) corner).
 I started the first grade at Waterman Street School with Walker.  He lived across the street from school.  And we were classmates on through grammar school.  We ended up with different peers in high school but remained friends.

A year or so ago I met Walker for lunch at the Varsity for lunch.  He had a present for me.  A brick from our old school, waterman Street School.

In the picture Walker is showing us around the Camp Ground Methodist Museum, which is in the old Campground School.  My mother-in-law went to as a child.  Walker and his family have been members of the Methodist Church  there their entire lives.  Walker owns one of the cabins there.

Tuesday, January 06, 2015

Monday, January 05, 2015

No Two Beards are Alilke

Me, 1974

On NPR this mid-morning was a discussion about beards.  A  beard historian and expert was there and they had people calling in.  Some women think they are sexy and some women think they are repulsive.   So, I suppose it is a matter of personal choice for a male to not to grow a beard, and  for a female to choose to either like it or not.

The beard historian and expert said no two beards are alike.  He might have something there.

I thought of my own beard, when I had one.   It never stayed the same.  First it was dark brown, then the sideburns of the beard turned a dark red, and my chin hair became solid white.  Then overall gray with a tinge of redness here and there.

I didn't exactly look wise, adventurous ,  and successful like Commander Whitehead.

Sunday, January 04, 2015

Blue Ridge Mountains Views

A few years ago we spent a week at a cabin in the Blue Ridge Mountains, someplace between Ellijay and the city of Blue Ridge.

We were high up on a mountain.   Driving it to it, I had my doubts if our vehicle could make such a steep incline without flipping over backwards.  It was a scary feeling for a flatlanders like us.

We were so high up on the mountain the Blue Ridge  "Tiered" look provided us a spectacular.  It made me want to beat my chest (or at least flap my arms) and shout, "I'm the King of the World!" 

I  took plenty of pictures from the deck.   Here are some, Lookie:

click on each picture to make them look better.

Saturday, January 03, 2015

We Are Back!

Well, I am back, but this blog  will be still be irregular for a while.   Some things backed up which will cause me to be irregular.  No, I am not talking about my bowel movement.
For instance, there will be no Sunday Funnies tomorrow.  but there might be a Monday Funnies, or a Friday Funnies, who knows?

But I least, good or bad, Chicken-fat com, will rear its ugly head more often!   ..... I hope.