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Who Do You Think I Am? Wow! Part 66

WILLIAM2 RIDLEY (WILLIAM1) was born 1783 in , Burke, NC, and died Unknown in , White, Tn. He married (1) ANN MARY SMITH 06 Jul 1802 in , Rutherford, NC. She was born Abt. 1783, and died Unknown. He married (2) MARGARET MAXWELL1 25 Dec 1818 in , Wayne, Ky. She was born Bef. 1800, and died Unknown.

Said to have settled in White County, Tennessee.

"We beleive that after William, II, died, Margaret indentured his sons Alex, Charles, and Elisha.
- Charlotte Ridley Traylor.

Children of WILLIAM RIDLEY and ANN SMITH are:
i. WILLIAM3 RIDLEY1, b. 1803, , , NC; d. Unknown.
ii. WARREN RIDLEY, b. 1804, , , NC; d. Unknown.
8. iii. ALES PRICE RIDLEY, b. 1806, , , NC; d. 13 Apr 1886, Bridgeport, Jackson Co, Al.
9. iv. CHARLES MARTIN RIDLEY, b. 04 Feb 1807, , , NC; d. 19 Feb 1879, , Heard, Ga.
10. v. ASA ELISHA RIDLEY, b. 18 Jul 1809, , , Ky; d. 15 Mar 1882, Stevenson, Jackson, Al.
vi. JANE RIDLEY1, b. 14 May 1812, , , NC; d. 21 Apr 1886; m. THOMAS PARTEN; b. Abt. 1812; d. Unknown.

Burial: , Jackson, Al

vii. JAMES3 RIDLEY1, b. 27 May 1818, , Bledsoe, Tn; d. Unknown; m. MISS SHUMATE; b. Abt. 1818; d. Unknown.

Bottom line:

Apparently, William's 2nd wife, after his death, sold her step-sons like slaves.


This is the first sentence in a news story on AJC.com this morning:

State officials are investigating Georgia's agricultural labor shortages following complaints that the state's new immigration law is scaring away migrant farm workers.

In the same sentence it tells the problem of the labor shortage and the reason why (Georgia's new immigration law) and the State officials are still wondering why.


Up Yours, Phil!

The above is the new Cobb County Courthouse behind the county buildings on East Park Square. It doesn’t look very tall in this picture but it is.

To give you a better perspective of the height of the new Cobb County Courthouse the below is a side view.

This picture was taken from the Red Cross parking lot that used to be Waterman Street Grammar School

The foreground in the picture was the Clay Homes. The Clay Homes was a housing project for low income families. The Clay Homes was bulldozed away to make way for Meeting Park, an upscale plan to draw businesses to downtown. So far there haven’t been many takers.

I forgot how many stories the new courthouse has. What is so ironic the largest property owner family (collectively) of downtown Marietta wants rights to build a ten story building.

The family member most vocal, has whined and maneuvered for years to sidestep the city ordinances of builidings maximum height to get to build a highrise and the County just up and did it.

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Who Do You Think I Am? Wow! Part 65

My earliest known Ridley ancestor:

WILLIAM1 RIDLEY was born 1739 in , , , England, and died Abt. 1825 in ,Burke , N. C.. He married JANE PURSLEY in , Burke, NC, daughter of JAMES PURSLEY and JANE MCMAHAN. She was born Abt. 1750 in , , , Ireland, and died Unknown.

Before the Revolutionary War he lived in or near Boston, Ma..
William said that he had volunteered and enlisted in the summer of 1778 from the "Area of Dan River in North Carolina" and had served with Capt Micajah Lewis, 4th Battalion, NC, and fought the battles of Stono, Rocky Mount, and Kings Mountain. He was discharged by Major John Armstrong on 10 Aug 1779 in South Carolina. Pension payments were canceled 5 Mar 1825, presumably at the time of William's death.
After his discharge, William resided in Tyron County, NC, where he met Jane PURSLEY, his future wife.
- Charlotte Ridley Traylor
Lincoln County, NC, Deed Feb 2, 1780, John Wells of Lincoln County to James Wilson of same' WITNESS: William Ridley... land on Crowder's Creek (Note - now in present day Gaston County).
Lincoln County, NC, Deed Book 1, page 434, No. 977, Jul 2 1791, John Sloan of SC to McCagley Smith of Rutherford Co., land on Big Hickory Creek. WITNESS: William Ridely.

Fact 6: 25 Sep 1823, Applied for pension from Burke Co., NC, @ age 84
Fact 7: 11 Nov 1823, Pension started $95 annual
Military service: Enlisted on Dans River, NC
Occupation: School teacher & shoe repair& Tailor
Residence: Revolutionary War: fought at Kings Mtn, NC

Sunday, May 29, 2011

National Cemetery on Memorial Day in Marietta

Saturday when we heard the Boy Scouts placed flags at each grave/marker at the National Cemetary we had to see go see them for ourselves. I knew it would be a sight to see. Click on each picture to see how grand the formation of the graves are placed.

Who Do You Think I Am? Wow! Part 64

Hubert Patey is the earliest known of my Petty ancestors. Evidently he had such a reputation that his children changed their surname to Petty. For a court to declare that Hubert Patey "as a violent man who cannot conform to Man's Law" (me with a tear in my eye beating my torso surface covering my heart).

HUBERT1 PATEY was born Bef. 1650, and died Bef. 1687. He married (1) REBECCA. She was born Bef. 1662, and died Unknown. He married (2) FAITH UNKNOWN. She was born Bef. 1670, and died Aft. 1700.

Hubert Petty (Patey) arrived in America as an indentured servant of William Turner and family in June 1650, in Maryland. He claimed his freedom from the Turners in a court case in 1654, and moved to Norfolk Co., Va., where he was working as an overseer in 1660. By 1666 he and his wife Rebecca were purchasing land in Lancaster Co., Virginia from Abraham Bush on Morratico Creek. This was the land later given to Thomas and Katherine Petty.
Hubert PATEY is found in many times in the Lancaster County, Virginia, Order Books 1656 to 1681. He apparently was a very colorful type of character. He appeared in court several times for public drunkeness and assault. He broke out of prison and is described as a violent man who cannot conform to Man's Law.
-Tom Young, Petty Genealogy Forum, June 21, 1999

Patient Book 6, pg 105 Virginia: Hubert Petty 73 acs. Lancaster Co, on a gr of Moratatica Cr, adj. land to Jno. Mott. by Co. Corbyn; 25 Mar 1672, 394, (Marginal note "Not granted lying on the North side of Rappa. River).
-Barb McGee, Petty Forum, Aug 22, 1999

This Day in History

On May the 29th 1849 Lincoln said "You can fool some of the people all of the time, & some of the people some of the time, but you can't fool all of the people all of the time"

And that is proven correct daily in both major political parties.


Art by George Evans. The story was probably written by Harvey Kurtzman.

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Who Do You Think I Am? Wow! Part 63

Thomas PETTY and Catherine, his wife, one of the daughters of John GARTON deceased, complaining against Robert POST and Anna his wife, administrators of John HUGHES, Executor of John GARTON, in a plea that they render unto the plaintiffs the sum of seventeen hundred and fifty-two pounds of tobacco showing that John GARTON, late of this county, deceased, in his late will and testament dated the 17th of June 1698 gave and bequeathed unto his wife and five children, Richard, John, Mathew, Catherine, and Ruth, one half of all his estate equally to be divided among them, which estate being appraised amounted to 17,504 pounds of tobacco, the one-half which is 8,752, and Richard, one of his children being dead, the said of 8,752 pounds of tobacco being equally divided between the widow and four children - equal part amounting to: 1,782 fifths pounds of tobacco for which said plaintiffs brought suit and demand judgement with costs".

7 May 1702 - Thomas and Katherine won their suit. Robert POST was ordered to pay 3000 lbs in tobacco.

13 Oct 1702 - Thomas and Katherine sold the land in Lancaster County which Thomas had received from the will of Hubert PATEY, which was 65 acres on Morraticoe Creek, bordering the property of Abraham BUSH (Lancaster Co., DB 7, p 360).
Hubert Petty (also spelled Patey, Patty, Paty) was unequivicably the father of Thomas Petty of Lancaster County, Virginia, who in turn was the husband of Catherine Garton. The tradition of Thomas Petty being the son of Thomas Petty and Rachel Wilson is an error that perpetuated from a publication in the 1940's. Proofs of Hubert Petty are as follows:
1. March 6, 1700/01 : Thomas and Katherine Petty, appeared in court in Richmond County, Virginia with Martha Garton, Katherine's mother, to settle the estate of John Garton, Katherine's father. (Richmond Co. Court Orders, Vol. 3, pp. 85, 168).
2. Oct. 13, 1701 : Thomas Petty and his wife Katherine sold land in Lancaster County, on Morratico Creek, which was land bequeathed to him by the will of his father Hubert Petty. (Lancaster Co. Va. Deedbook 7, pg. 36).
3. Nov. 2, 1699 : Thomas Petty, in Richmond Co., Va., sued Dennis and Jane Cameron, "the executors of Walter Welch, decd., who was the executor of Hubert Patty" for Thomas's inheritance that he had not received. On April 3, 1700: Thomas Petty and his wife "Kat." won their case in county court, and recieved "4 cows, and their increase since he came of age." (Richmond Co., VA Order Book 3, pg. 24).
4. Spring, 1687: Hubert Petty / Patey of Lancaster County, Virginia, died leaving a will naming his wife Faith, and his minor son Thomas. Hubert assigned all of his land and property to Thomas and placed his executor Walter Welch as Thomas's guardian until he came of legal age.

The tradition of Thomas Petty son of Thomas Petty and Rachel Wilson is based solely on the will of Thomas Pettit of Essex Co., Virginia, who in 1720, named his wife Rachel and children including son Thomas. The name Pettit has been used interchangably with Petty by researchers, but doesn't appear that way in records. Young Thomas Pettit was bequeathed land in Stafford County, Va., which isn't in line with the records of Thomas Petty of Lancaster and Richmond Cos. Virginia.

5 Apr 1722 - Thomas and Katherine PETTY and Ruth Garton BOYD sued Hanna PORT for their portion of the Estate of John GARTON, which they didn't receive twenty years earlier (Richmond Co., CB9, p 48).

2 Oct 1728 - Ruth BOYD and Thomas PETTY gave bond for the administration of the Estate of David BOYD, dec'd. Two and a half years later, 2 Mar 1731/32, Thomas asked the court to release him from his role as an administrator. He was replaced by his son-in-law Thomas SIMS (Richmond Co., CB10).

4 Nov 1732 - Thomas and Katherine, and John and Rebecca PETTY sold all their properties on Bare Branch of Rappahannock Creek to William JORDAN (Richmond Co. DB 8, p 622-624).

5 Aug 1734 - Thomas PETTY appeared in court to make a claim for taking up a runaway servant named William WALLER. The servant left the home of George HENAGE in Stafford County, Va. (Richmond Co., OB 10, p198).
- James W. Petty, Petty Family Genealogy Forum September 10, 1998

A Square Evening

Pre Concert Pictures, downtown Marietta. Click on each picture to make it bigger and understandable.

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Who Do You Think I Am? Wow! Part 62

REBECCA3 PETTY (THOMAS2, HUBERT1 PATEY)7 was born Abt. 1701 in , , Va, and died Bef. 1784 in , Culpeper, Va. She married THOMAS SIMMS8 1725 in , , Va. He was born Abt. 1700, and died Unknown.

During the Rev. War, several of her negro slaves were taken captive by Tories. She went to the British camp and demanded to see Gen. Gornwallis. When the sentinel refused to let her pass, she laid a whip to her horse and sprang past then rode up to the Gen's tent and demanded her property. The Gen.asked her to point it out, which she did, and sent an armed escort home with her saying such a brave woman should be rewarded.
-Petty Papers Vol 6 #1 pg 18-24; Vol 7 #2 pg 3; Vol 9 #1 pg 24, Vol 11 #1 pg 43, Vol 2#1 pg 5,6

2 Oct 1728 - Ruth BOYD and Thomas PETTY gave bond for the administration of the Estate of David BOYD, dec'd. Two and a half years later, 2 Mar 1731/32, Thomas asked the court to release him from his role as an administrator. He was replaced by his son-in-law Thomas SIMS (Richmond Co., CB10).

Old South is Old South

We’ve been going to The Old South BBQ Restaurant in Smyrna since it opened in 1968, just after we were married. We ate at Old South when they were still in the learning curves and liked it. It became memorable to us on January 1st, 1969 when we called around looking for black-eyed peas, ham-hocks, and greens, the traditional Southern New Year’s feast. We ate at Old South that day and became regulars for several years until moving to East Cobb.

On the back of their menu they claim to be the oldest restaurant in Smyrna. They also say if you thought other-wise, you were probably thinking of the restaurant that was on Pat Mell Road before it moved to Concord Road. It states technically Pat Mell has a Marietta address, so the other restaurant didn’t become part of Smyrna until moving to Concord Road. Howard’s is the restaurant they were talking about. I remember it as good place to eat too – you couldn’t beat their corn-beef and pastrami sandwiches. We still go to Old South a couple times a year.
Through the early years I remember any time we were there it was not unusual for two or three kids in the neighborhood to come running in, stumbling over each other to get a coke and chase each other out. It is a family-owned restaurant for sure. You can tell that from the moment you walk in. The Llewallyn family founded Old South with the next generation running things now. Someplace on the menu a female Llewallyn is given credit for all the photos of customers all over the walls, another note gives a male Llewallyn credit for building the booths. The building is a modified old house on Windy Hill Rd with one bathrooms made into two. That’s not why you go to Old South. They have good food.

The menu also claims an interesting note that one of their employees lost over 100 pounds – can you guess which one? That must have been hard with all the good food.
When we took our seats, we were greeted by one of the Llewallyn daughters by saying she had to first give us a big hug. She is full of positive warmth. I read in The Wall Street Journal that a study was made finding if a waitress makes body contact with the person paying the bill, the tip goes up. If it is an opposite gender body contact, the tip goes up even more. Old South patrons are from all walks of life - businessmen, Smyrna Policemen, firemen, ambulance drivers, funeral home directors, military men from nearby Dobbins and retired folk like us. She knew a lot of the people that came in and occasionally asked, “Do you want the usual?” She knew the man sitting alone next to us, sharing the latest antics of her grandson and ending with, “I love him so much!”

We each ordered a salad with chopped BBQ pork using their sauce instead of dressing. Anna had the sweet and regular and I had sweet and spicy, both served warm from the pot. When she brought our bill I told her about having New Years black-eyed peas and greens in 1969. Her first comment was “bless Momma’s heart.” They didn’t have black-eye peas this past year, and she has been having a bad year. The Old South still lives at Old South BBQ in Smyrna. Bless their hearts!!

This Day in History, May 27th

I learn something new every day. I also forget something old every day to make room.

Today I learned that the CSS CHATTAHOOCHEE exploaded on the Chattahoochee River in Georgia on this day. Here is what Wikipedia said about it:

CSS Chattahoochee was a twin-screw steam gunboat built at Saffold, Georgia, entered service in February 1863 for the Confederate States and was named after the river it was built on.

Chattahoochee was plagued by machinery failures, one of which, a boiler explosion which killed 18, occurred on May 27, 1863 as she prepared to sail from her anchorage at Blountstown, Florida, to attempt retaking the Confederate schooner CSS Fashion, captured by the Union. On June 10, 1864 she was moved to Columbus, Georgia, for repairs and installation of engines and a new boiler.
While she was undergoing repairs at Columbus, 11 of her officers and 50 crewmen tried unsuccessfully to capture Adela blockading Apalachicola, Florida. USS Somerset drove off the raiders, capturing much of their equipment.
When the Confederates abandoned the Apalachicola River in December 1864, the Chattahoochee was moved up the Chattahoochee River, and then scuttled near Columbus as Union troops approached the city. The remains of the Chattahoochee were found in the river within the boundaries of Fort Benning in 1963, and raised and placed at the National Civil War Naval Museum in Columbus

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Who Do I Think I Am? Wow! Part 61

JOHN5 PETTY (THOMAS4, JOHN3, THOMAS2, HUBERT1 PATEY) was born Abt. 1756 in , Chatham Co, NC, and died 1837 in , Chatham, NC. He married (1) MARTHA SANDERS. She was born Abt. 1756, and died Aft. 1838 in , Chatham, NC. He married (2) MARY.

Notes for JOHN PETTY:
John served in the Revolutionary War from Pittsboro District, N.C. He served under Captains Clark and Gholston. He was at the Battle of Cane Creek, N.C. and Lindley's Mill in 1781.
He was married twice, perhaps three times.
- Judi Moore - PETTY Forum, Internet

ABNER5 PETTY (ZACHARIAH4, JOHN3, THOMAS2, HUBERT1 PATEY) was born 22 Jan 1770 in , Culpepper, Va, and died 12 Feb 1863 in Salem, Roanoke Co, Va. He married (1) MARY SMITH 11 Jun 1805 in , Botetout Co, Va, daughter of ABSOLUM SMITH. He married (2) ELIZABETH 03 Dec 1810 in , Botetourt, Va. She was born Abt. 1774, and died Unknown.

Burial: , Roanoke Co, Va
Military service: War of 181226

Notes for ELIZABETH:
Elizabeth was widow of James Leargin.


Above is a Google Earth satellite photo of Marietta Museum of History, Aviation Section, probably taken over a year ago. I think there are more planes there now.

At several Marietta Museum of History lectures, CEO Dan Cox has given reports of the progress of the Aviation section. They have gained a bunch of planes and have been promised more.

Mr Cox said the museum does not own any of the planes, they are on loan from the various agencies.

Mr Cox said the museum does not own any of the planes, they are on loan from the various agencies.

Earlier today I was in the area and decided to drive up close to the fence, get out, and take some pictures of the present aviation inventory. Just as I started clicking I heard a car behind me. I turned around. A man in civilian clothes sitting in a red convertible was looking at me.

“Sir, you are not allowed to take pictures in this facility!”

I said something like, “This is part of the Marietta Museum.”

“Sir, you are not allowed to take pictures in this facility!”

Well, it is on the property of Dobbins AFB and Lockheed. And besides, I didn’t know if I was trying to reason with a machine or an asshole.

The South: Sitting in the Shade & Bullshitting

Tuesday evening the Good Old Boys and Girl (aka GOBAG) met in the shade behind the American Legion. Our cook and organizer, Monty Calhoun, cooked a pizza on a portable wood burning oven. Monty used as toppings jalapenos, ground sausage or beef, bits of onions, and cheese. MAN!!! It was the best tasting pizza since my first one. I’m surprised some of the big pizza delivery companies have not taken that recipe and ran with it.

Speaking of Monty he reminded us how lucky we are: We were in the shade; we were enjoying the constant breeze coming up a small hill; and we had a great view of Kennesaw Mountain. What more could one want?

Sandy said she had two or three gigs a week at different towns in the North Georgia Mountains teaching dancing. I reminded her that I was her first student, she taught me how to twist. Shouldn't I get somekind of inspirational fee or something?

We talked a lot about nothing. Here, just click below and watch the video:


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The Traveling Fare and the Root House

Tuesday a week ago we ate at Traveling Fare. Today in the Marietta Daily Journal was announced that they are getting out of the lunch trade and use all their time and space for making pot pies.

Paul Lubertazzi said several years ago he would serve about 40 customers a day. Now, only about 16 customers a day come in.

I mention in the below blog, which I never got around to publish, that he when we were there he knew everybody by name when they came in. Now, I can see why. People don’t know what they are missing.

Below is the post I wrote about the eatery last week.
The other day Anna and I had lunch downtown Marietta at Travelling Fare. We had what they are known for, Paul’s pies. I had a roast beef pie and Anna had a seafood chowder pie. Both of them were good, however, rich and hardy. Don’t go there with a calorie counter.

We have eaten there before, about five years ago. I remember the room was bigger or was it smaller? I remember then his wife helped Paul and a little girl was over at a side table with a color book and crayons.

Now, I noticed a crayon illustration on the wall. Yep, it is a family type restaurant.

Paul was manning the kitchen, by himself I think. He had a good view of the front door and spoke to just about everybody by name that came in.

One of the people that came in that he spoke to by name was my first cousin, once removed, in-law, Robert Meaders and his daughter, my first cousin, twice removed, Hunter Meaders. At the top is photo of Hunter bopping to music at the Thursday Brownbag Lunch Concert series. I think the photographer did a great job recording Hunter expressing her dancing movement. Robert said he won an award for the picture.

They were both had bad colds or something congestive.

Afterwards we went to the Root House to order the book Marietta, the Gem City of Georgia: A Celebration of Its Homes–A Portrait of Its People by Doug Frey. Doug owns the Trammell House, who I am distantly related to its original owner, Leander Newton Trammell.

While there, talking the two ladies I mentioned my mother lived in this house (Root House) when it was Lemon Street. She and her sister came to Marietta from Cohutta, Georgia, to work in the hosiery mill. One of the ladies found that interesting and wanted to know her name and her sister’s name. They are trying to compile a list of who all lived in the Root House through the years.

She also wanted to know which room they rented and was it upstairs or downstairs. I didn’t know. I told them they also lived in a house on Washington Avenue, across from the Confederate Cemetery but she just looked at me blankly. She was only interested in the Root House inhabitants.

Who Do I Think I Am? Wow! Part 60

ISHAM PETTY, b. 1787, , , Tn; d. 23 Oct 1854, , Hunt, Tx; m. ABIGAIL HALE, 16 Jul 1816; b. 1793, , Hickman, Tn; d. Aft. 1870.

Military service: War of 1812 - Tenn. Militia, drafted @ Reynoldsburg
Residence: 30 Apr 1855, Age 68, Resident of Grayson Co., Tx22

Residence: 24 Oct 1870, Age 77, Fannin Co., Tx22

Trickum Road

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Lookie Here, OMs!

Whitlock Inn c1885

If you know this blog, Chicken-fat, you probably know I have put the pages the Marietta High School yearbook THE OLYMPIAN, publishing a few pages at a time. I went through six years from the first page of the 1955 OLYMPIAN to the last page of the 1960 OLYMPIAN. Don’t ask why I had six years of yearbooks for a five year school.
That ongoing local yearbook thing attracted many OMs (Old Mariettans). But the well has ran dry and some of the OMs are bored and are wandering away.
WAIT! I have more! No more yearbook pages but a more sly way to lure you to this page. As often as I think of it I will try to put up a picture of: Historic Marietta picture; landmarks of Marietta; live and ticking OMs that are still around.

Stick around

Who Do I Think I Am? Wow! Part 59

JOEL6 PETTY was born Abt. 1780 in , , Tn, and died 1819 in , , Tn.

Notes for JOEL PETTY:
He is said to have twelve sons, six moved to Texas, the rest stayed in Tennessee. Also had two daughters, names unknown.
-LOUDER & LOWDER & LOUDDER by Ernestine Loudder Bowden pg 73

Joel was bitten by a dog he was doctoring, the dog was rabid and Joel died of rabies. He had himself chained to a tree and had food bought out to him.
- Donny L. Hamilton

Bob Dylan (Robert A Zimmerman) Turns 70 Today!

Like a Rolling Stone Blowing in the Wind on Maggie's Farm but its all right Ma, I'm only dying1

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Who Do I Think I Am? Wow! Part 58

William Eli Petty (1764-1834).

The family lived in Surry County, NC, then they moved to Wilkes County, NC. Then they moved to Madison County, Al, in 1817. He applied for a war pension (Revolutionary War) in Madison County in 1832.
- PETTY Forem, submitted by Edward L. Adams, Jr.
- Internet

William married Lucretia "Lucy" Wright (1765-1842), 25 January 1843.

Lucretial's father's will states that he was a descendant of Anne Washington, daughter of Col. John Washington, the immigrant, and Major Francis Wright of Westmoreland County, Va. Anne was the sister of Lawrence Washington who married Mildred Warner, daughter of Col. Augustine Warner of Gloucester Co., Speaker of the House of Burgesses, and a member of the King's Council. Lawrence and Mildred's son Augustine (b. 1694) was the father of George Washington.
- Sandra Atkinson, Internet Petty Forum, 2/14/1998

This is another claim to fame. I can take this prinout to any restaruant and get a free dinner (providing I have a coupon and the first meal was eqal of more vallue, of course).

This Day in History, May 23rd

1785 Benjamin Franklin announces his invention of bifocals.

Ben had to invent the bifocals to be able to read the prepared statement that he invented bifocals.


Sunday, May 22, 2011

The End of the World Is Not Rapture

Wait! If I understand correctly it was not the end of the world that was to happen yesterday (according to some) but the Rapture.

And if I understand Rapture correctly it is when Jesus returns and goes back to Heaven with his sinless believers. Then, left here on earth will be us sinners for so many more months, I forgot how many, but I think it is predicted to be less than a year, THEN the world will end. Again, that is according to the current predictions.

On the news some announcers said the end of the world didn’t happen yesterday. Well, as I said, according to the predictors it wasn’t suppose to.

Others said Rapture did not occur.

How do they know Rapture didn’t occur? Maybe very few qualified and they are so quiet and humble they haven’t been missed yet.


This is from EC's CRIME comic book. The story is DOG FOOD, illustrated by Reed Crandall.

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Where Did Everybody Go?

I checked my blog’s counter to see how many hits it has had so far today and it is about 200 less than usual this time on a Saturday. Really! The last time I was short that many was the day of the Prince William’s and Kate’s wedding.

Where did everybody go this time? I don’t think the royal family has any kind of crowd getter planned this weekend.

It is a beautiful day so that might explain some of the absentees but not all of them. I can’t think of anything else going on this day, the 21st of May. Where did they all go?

Friday, May 20, 2011

What If Everybody Gets Left Behind?

Above: Doomsday predictor Harold Camping, an 89 year old retired engineer who said tomorrow is the day; not Doomsday but Rapture Day. He said tomorrow Jesus will return and take all his true beleivers to Heaven.

It might happen. I am not one to say. And again, it might not happen, If it does happen it will be days, maybe years, before they figure out if just the good ones disappeared on May 21st, 2011.

I was thinking the other day of a lot of rapture plots in run-of-the mill- sitcoms with canned laughter, like an ego inflated boss is telling his employee the value of having high morals like him and as he talks he is looking out his corner office window and he turns around when his underling doesn't reply and sees only an empty suit.

Wait! I got more! But it is probably best I keep them to myself.

Who Do I Think I Am? Wow! Part 58

Stephen Petty (1812- ? ).
Stephen killed his brother-in-law, William High.
Petty Papers, Katherine Reynolds, Vol 1, pg 114

Stephen's siser was Mildred Petty (1808- ? ). Mildred married William High.

Mildred was a highly refined Christian woman. The family did not approve of her marriage, evidently he was not ready to settle down, family had to help financially. Because of bad feelings (her brother killed her husband) she never associated with the Petty's and she did not claim her share of her father's estate.
-Petty Papers, Irene Petty Watt using information from letter from Mrs. Gladys Linton of Princeton, Ky.

William died during the Civil War. He was killed by his wife's brother, Stephen Petty.
Petty Papers, Katherine Reynolds, Vol 1, pg 114

This Date in History, May the 20th...

1874 Levi Strauss marketed blue jeans with copper rivets, price $13.50 doz. What did people do for tight-ass jeans before then?

1926 Thomas Edison said Americans prefer silent movies over talkies. Now I know how the CON Edison company got its name.