Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Willy B and Child

The late Willy B. and his child at the Atlanta Zoo

Evolution For The Hell Of It

To realize where we are headed;  to realize our true purpose in life, click below:

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Thanks to the creative whiz Joe Jenkins, Sr.

Jeannette Phillips Petty (1925-2004).  Jeannette was the widow of my mother's brother Leonard Francis Petty (1925 - 2001).  Jeannette was born in Detroit, she met Leonard when he was in the Navy.
They lived in Chattanooga, Marietta, Smyrna, and the last part of their lives in Powder Springs, Gal
They had four children, three daughters and a son.
I remember when they first moved to Marietta they lived in the Marietta Place.  Daddy used to like to call her and play jokes on her.  I remember one time he called and told her he was with Southern Bell Telephone Company, and he was about to clean her telephone lines, would she please put a sack over the ear part and let him know when she did and he would turn on the blower.
In a few minutes she going to pick the phone receiver back up and tell the Southern Bell employee the sack was on,  only to hear daddy bursting a gut laughing. 
When I heard she had a stroke and not well I visited her in the nursing home.  I found her sitting alone in a wheelchair.  She could not speak, probably because of the stroke, but seemed glad to see me.    I took this picture.

Not long after that she died.

Monday, May 30, 2016


Remember those who sacrificed their lives for your Freedoms.

click on image for dramatics 

Sunday, May 29, 2016

Charles and Paul

This is Anna's uncles, her mother Marie's  two brothers, the youngest is Charles Jones Foster (1925-2012) and  saluting Paul Everett Foster, Jr (1922-1995).

In school Paul worked part time as a projector operator at the Strand Theater in Marietta.  He joined the Marines and fought in the Pacific.  After the war he reenlisted in the Air Force.  After that tour he joined the Marietta Post Office where he retired.  He married Barbara Shea, no  children.

Charles also worked for the Strand Theater while he was in school.  He was in charge of getting the weekly programs printed and delivered.  During WWII he enlisted in the Army, went to Pilots school and flew supplies in Europe during the war.  Afterwards, he continued being a pilot for TWA until he retired.  He married Florence Rogers and they moved to Kansas City.  After he retired they moved back to Marietta.  After Florence died he married Jane Johnson. 

Charles an Florence had three daughters.

SUNDAY FUNNIES!! TRUMP magazine's lampoons National Georgraphic

TRUMP Magazine lasted two issues.  It was a satire magazine published by PLAYBOY Magazine in the 50s.  It had no connections what-so-ever with Donald Trump.  It was edited by MAD's ex-editor Harvey Kurtzman and this article was illustrated by one of MAD's original artist Will Elder.

This story takes on NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC.

Be sure to click on each image to know what is going on.

Saturday, May 28, 2016

Tuba Skinny's Shaye Cohn

James is a Certified Reader of Chicken-Fat

James Caudell.  Of my average of about 300 to 500 readers a day James is the only one that I know reads Chicken-fat daily.  At times he calls for details on something in Chicken-fat or might even disagree with me on something.

He and just a handful of others read it word for word every day.  I think most of the people that go to chicken-fat  googled a word that led them there, saw there was nothing to it, and moved on.

James has been ill off and on lately.

Hang in there James, Chicken-fat needs you.

Friday, May 27, 2016

Sorry About That

Jane Whitlock, Small World

Jane Whitlock, c 2015.  Jane and I worked together at the Cobb County's 2000 Census.  We were part of the office help.  She kept some of us out out of mischief, including our boss.

Since our six month job together we have ran into her and her husband several times. We probably did before then, but didn't know we did.

About a year or two ago I went to the Cobb County Landmarks Society to hear a Kennesaw University history professor  Dr. Thomas Scott speak on his book Cobb County, Georgia, and the Origins of the Suburban South: A Twentieth Century History speak, which is about the history of Cobb County and ran into Jane again.  I learned something I did not know:  She is the mother-in-law of Dr. Thomas Scott.  Small world.

The book Cobb County, Georgia, and the Origins of the Suburban South: A Twentieth Century History is an excellent book and we bought several of them and gave them as gifts.

A year or two before the we on the annual Christmas time Marietta Pilgrimage, a tour of  five or six Marietta Homes the volunteer shuttle bus driver between long distances introduced  herself as Thomas Scott's wife.  I did not know Jane at the time or I could have said, "I know your mama!"

Thursday, May 26, 2016

Tuba Skinny: Fingering With Your Fingers

Throwback Thursday

Frances and I as free range kids in the Clay Homes.   The Clay Homes was a low-income project.  Look what I found in someone's garbage can? Wait!  I'm joking!

High at the High

The High Museum up near the top floor looking down to the main floor.  On the left you can see the slanted spiral walkway leading down.  As you walk down you see the art displayed. I bet they copied that from the Guggenheim Museum in New York, they have the same system.  The tables on the first floor are for guests when a light jazz concert is given.

What should we call this picture?  "High at the High Museum"?

I bet that is an over-used quip.

Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Taste Test

I was talking to my son Adam, who has become something of a food expert, about red wine.

I told him I heard that a sip of red wine before retiring for the evening would help keep diabetes away and also help in other bodily functions such as the heart in tuned.

I told him I have been taking a sip of red wine at bed time for a few months now and suddenly the novelty wore off and I quit doing it, leaving about a half bottle  corked for some time now.  I wondered how it would taste.

Adam said it might be on the border of turning to vinegar.  It might have an acidic test.
I told him that the upcoming evening, I would taste it and therefore, test the taste.

But I forgot that night.

But the next night, which was last night, I sipped about an ounce and happy to report that it tastes like it suppose to, like red wine.

I feel like I just did a report for America's Test Kitchen on NPR.

Uncle Fester in the Postal Line

I had some business with the post office yesterday.  Afterwards, leaving I left the room with the counter clerks through the outer room that has the PO Boxes and a computer-postal clerk that can sell stamps, weigh your packages and mail them (using your credit card of course).  There is always two or three people in line at the computer-Postal Clerk.  Yesterday was no exception. 

There was scantily clad lady weighing her packages, bending over, and lifting other packages up to deal with the computer.  It looked like she might have had five to fifteen minutes of work to do.  The old man behind her, with his eyes glued on her,  appeared to have not minded at all for the wait.

Then he looked my way as I walked out the door and gave me a wicked smile.  He reminded me of Charles Addams' Uncle Fester. He made my day.

Dan Cox Retirement Party May 27, 2015

Dan Cox.  Dan was a Marietta City Counsel Person, then he founded and headed the Marietta Museum of History.  His last day at the museum will be Friday, May the 27th.

Also on Friday, his last day, he will be getting a proper send-off by the City of Marietta.  They are showing their appreciation for Dan at the Marietta City Hall at 10:30 a.m.

Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Jackie Thinking

click on image to make it bigger to see it better

A Bell Reunion in the parking lot of the American Legion Jackie Gaskin's old jalopy which he does not own anymore.  In the front seat I think that is the late Jerry McGee in the white shirt.  In the back seat is the jalopy's owner Jackie Gaskin.

I think it is a good picture of Jackie because you can tell he is thinking.  You can almost see the little cogs and wheels in his brain spinning and turning.  Jackie is always thinking.  He also always planing and plotting; maybe conniving is a better word.  

Monday, May 23, 2016

The Metamorphosis of LBJ

This past weekend we watched the special ALL THE WAY, which was about Lyndon B. Johnson just after he inherited the Presidency from assassinated John F. Kennedy.
Just before Kennedy was assassinated he got the ball rolling on a progressive Civil Rights Bill.  Was the new president, conservative right-winger, Lyndon Baines Johnson expected to pick up the ball and push it through to become law?
Lyndon did.  He ruthlessly took on his cronies in a ruthless fight and won.  And I think the world is a better place because he did.
Of course, many of his old peers became his enemies.  People doubted if the Democrat Party would nominated to run for a term of his own.  But he was.
The special showed him at the Democratic Convention accepting the nomination.
NOW!  This is where I come in:
I can tell you the date he was nominated, August 27, 1964.  I was in the huge crowd outside the Convention Hall in Atlantic City.
I had to Google LBJ to know the specific date.  What I looked for was LBJ's birth day.  It is August 27th.   After he was nominated he and Lady Bird came to a balcony overlooking the hoards of people on the Boardwalk and waved at us.  And they shot ooo and aaahhh fireworks over the waters and the fireworks spelled out HAPPY BIRTHDAY LBJ and we all song "Happy Birthday" to him.

Then they left the balcony and someone shut the doors and several fights broke out in the crowds, there were several groups of protesters with their own axes to grind. 

Elijah W. Petty and His Two Lizzie Pettys

Elijah W. Petty (1858-1927).  Elijah is first cousin, twice removed, to me and my Petty first cousins.  He is the son of William D. Petty (1834-1917) and Jane "Lizzie" Harris Petty(1841-1899).  William is brother to our great grandfather Daniel Webster Petty (1843-1913).
Brothers William and Daniel Petty were born in North Carolina, spent their formative years and married in Fannin County, Georgia.  They both fought for the CSA in the Civil War. 
Years after the war they both moved on the other side of Fort Mountain, in Murray County, Georgia.
Back to Elijah W. Petty:  Elijah secondly married Annie E. (1872-1927). and they had one daughter, Lee Petty .  He first married Eliza Jane "Lizzie" Lackey (1858-1899).  They apparently had one son: Edward Harlan Petty.

Interesting Elijah's first wife was nicknamed "Lizzie" and his mother was also  nicknamed "Lizzie".  There were two Lizzie Pettys in the hills of Murray County, Georgia.  


Sunday, May 22, 2016

Tim Burton Character Wandering Around

Late this afternoon I took my bike up to the Noonday Creek Trail near Woodstock and road a couple of miles.  On the trail I saw various people doing various exercises: walking, running, biking, walking in groups and so on.  I measured the trail today from the woof park parking lot to Hwy 92 it is 1.01 miles, just in case if you are interested.

On one long stretch of pavement I saw only person way ahead  walking towards me.  As he got closer I saw he was a very tall and very skinny old man.  Closer I saw he had a beard.  Closer I saw he was covered with tattoos.  His arms, neck, and forehead were covered with so many tattoos his skin looked blue-purple.

I turned around when the trail reached Highway 92.  I forgot about the tall skinny old tattooed man until up ahead I saw a huge stick figure on the side of the trail in some grass doing jumping jacks.

What a scene!  He looked like a typical Tim Burton animated character.  If only he had a top hat on he would fit the bill. He kept doing long and high jumping jacks.  He jumped jacked back on the pavement.   He looked like a extended stick man jumping.

Now, he was in my way.  I rung my Pee-Wee Herman bike ringer and hollered, "ON YOUR LEFT!"

He did not move to get out of my way.

I cut through the grass on the left side as I passed him, I said, "COMING THROUGH!"  And looked over at him.  He made no sign of responding to my warning.  His eyes were glazed.

And he had on earphones, of course he couldn't hear me.

There is no other explanation,  he was straight off Tim Burton's draft table. 

How I Got My 2nd Volvo pv544

Above is a Volvo PV544 which was around in the 1950s and 60s.  My first PV544was black, but not nearly as shiny.
Sabrina and Rocky bought a new Volvo this weekend. 
I like Volvos.  I went through two.  In high school, a friend's mother had a white PV544 Volvo and I was impressed with it.
I bought a black Volvo and it got me around fine in New Jersey when I was in the Navy.   Someday I will write a post about my first Volvo.
But today, I want to write on how I got my second Volvo PV544.  It is almost something for the history books.
I worked in a central office/warehouse for Sinclair Refining Company*.  Our job was to keep Sinclair Service Stations stocked in products.  The stations were franchised all but two company owned stations, one at Executive Park on North Druid Hills Road and the other one on Peachtree and 14th Streets.
The station at Peachtree and 14th was deep in the center of the hippy hangouts in the 1960s.  The manager there was a guy with the first name Barry.  Barry spoke with clearly with a northern accent.  He was sharp and was always on top of things.  Barry owned my future PV544 Volvo, which was gray.
When Barry needed anything he called me.  You cannot talk to someone almost everyday and not chat some, so we got to know each other.
On April 4, 1968, Martin Luther King, Jr. was assassinated in Memphis, Tennessee. 
About a day later it was all over the news that the FBI and other law agencies were on the lookout for a certain type of car and color in connection with the MLK's assassination.  It was many years ago, but it seems like it was a white Mustang they were on the lookout for.  They had the tag number and broadcasted a telephone to call if you should see the car.
Then Barry called.  Barry said the car being looked for is getting gas in his station. He said he needed the telephone number to call.  We scrambled around the office and somehow found it and I gave it to him.
I was the last person that we know of that talked to Barry.  Barry disappeared right after that phone call and has not been heard of since, as far as I know.
After he was missing a year he was declared dead and his wife sold his belongings. 
I bought the gray PV544 Volvo.   

*Sinclair has since been bought out by BP.

Jack Barfield American Legion Fixture

Jack Barfield.  Jack and I have known each  other since we both played Little League on the Southern Discount team. 
I could barely hear him chatting way out in his Right Field position from where I was sitting on the bench.  Romeo Hudgins and Pepper Martin were our coaches.   

As a kid he lived on South Avenue.  That was part of my paper route.

Then as we enter old age it seems that every time I have been to the Horace Orr American Legion  Jack was there.  It was like he was a permanent fixture.

I have heard of people putting their cats out for the night.  I wonder if the Legion puts Jack out for the night?


THE SPIRIT  was created by Will Eisner, and each cartoon strip carried his name.  Actually, he did very few strips after it became in demand,.  He had an assembly line cartoonist sweat shop, so to speak, to produce the stirrips.

click on each image to enlarge to make it understandable.

Saturday, May 21, 2016

Benjamin R. Hunter, 10 Months and 3 Days Old

Bluebird Cafe, the Songwriters Hangout

This is the Bluebird Cafe' in Nashville.

About ten or so years ago Anna went to Memphis on business and I tagged along.  On the way there we spent a night in Nashville with the purpose of getting into the Bluebird Cafe.   

We found the Bluebird in a typical block-long shopping center, just another store front.   I think it was in the housing district of Vanderbilt students.

It was not very big and somewhat crowded, but enjoyable hearing music being strummed and created along with comments and jostling.

No pretentious, no biggie. 

Friday, May 20, 2016

Upgrade to Windows 10 a Step Backwards

For weeks Microsoft has been saying they were going to upload Windows 10 to my system.  They did not ask me if I wanted it or not, I was getting it.
I was concerned because I knew updating  something never has had a good outcome with me.  Either the update broke my system, or misplaced everything that I had to relearn everything, or whatever.  I know every update I have been through was counterproductive relearning and fixing.
I got a notice they would upload the upgrade last Friday at 9am. 
I wrote a post on my blog and my facebook page with my concerns.  Several people wrote said theirs were updated too and it was a pain in the ass.  It took them a while to fix everything the update messed up.
However, other people said it was no problem at all and some even liked Windows 10 better.
I cannot see why they want to fix something that is not broken.  I was very happy with my present set-up.
I considered cutting off my computer for a few days but didn't.
Friday morning at 9am came and nothing happened.  And the next day nothing happened, or the next!
Hotdog!  I thought somehow the computer electrodes somehow misplaced my name.  I know that happens a lot with me and humans, suddenly I become invisible, so maybe the same happens with the electronic world, overlooking me.... I have been overlooked before!  There was hope!
Then Wednesday morning when I sat with a cup of coffee and the computer there was Windows 10.
Surprisingly, everything that I had was still there and nothing was added to confuse me.  I still had Word and Ex-Cell, my genealogy programs, the sites I go to regularly was still available, the system still had my passwords so I didn't have to scrounge around looking for them. 
There were only two problems:  My printer was not connected by radio waves to its four or five gadgets and my Virtual Pool Shark software game would not work.  With only about 5 minutes of adjusting we got the printer/scanner back working but we still cannot get the Pool game to play, which I enjoyed at least one time each day.
So, I can do the exact things I could before Windows 10 joined us except play pool.
I think that is a step backwards.

Tuba Skinny, Swanbi

Jack and Joy Lewis Royal

click on above to enlarge

Joy Lewis and Jack Royal.  Jack and Joy are long time friends.   Back in high school Joy lived on Victory Drive, one door down from James Caudell.  Jack lived here and there.  I first knew him in the Clay Homes, then, on East Dixie Avenue (coincidentally, the same house my parents lived in when they first got married), and Smyrna.  Then after they were married, someplace down the line they settled in Paulding County, Georgia.

This picture was taken January 30, 2016, at the Strand Theater in Marietta, when we were there to see and hear a tribute concert to Jack's  late brother Billy Joe Royal.

Thursday, May 19, 2016

Chicken-fat's view on MONEY MONSTER

The above is the projector room in a multiplex theater.  Those two consoles via computers control 14 movies at once.  No manpower needed.

Today we saw the movie MONEY MONSTER directed by Jodie Foster starring George Clooney, Julia Roberts, Caitriona Balfe*, and others.

Caitriona Balfe* is the starlet of the TV cable series *OUTLANDER (a time traveler in Scotland's history).

MONEY MONSTER is about a TV news/business analysis star (George Clooney) who tells the latest daily business news in his own charming way of singing, dancing, blowing horns, and surprised popup visuals.  He is an ego maniac and full of himself... actually, the two are just about the same.
The plot opens in the studio as Clooney gives his ra-ma-tazz dog and pony financial show.  A stranger suddenly comes on the scene with a gun in his hand.  He makes Clooney put on a suicide bomb jacket and he holds the detonator. 
The guy, a $14/hour truck driver just lost his inheritance because he put it all in an investment company.  The company invested by programmed trading... it was untouched by human hands.  The computer analyzes what is going up and down and automatically buys low and sells high.  But it took something like an 8 million dip and a lot of people lost their investments.  He wanted answers.  He centered on Clooney because he recommended the stock. 
 The  company blamed it on a "glitch" in the program.   But was it?

Nobody can define the word "glitch" 

Or does "glitch" mean a human being covering up something?

Go see for yourself and see.

It is a good movie.  No doubt it was made by Hollywood formulas but it keeps you on edge as you watch it, it is entertaining, and it hints how crooked Wall Street investors can be and how helpless we are.

Suddenly I found myself  in a Facebook- group of teenagers.  Pre-driving age teenagers. 
I think I was drafted into it when I "liked" a nephew's Boy Scout project.
The group, apparently communicate  by speed messaging.  Very often I hear a "bing!" on my ipad or iphone and I rush to it and it and it is  just a bunch of drama queens making their statements and ultimatums.  Yesterday, for no apparent reason one told a friend of hers to LEAVE ME ALONE!
And in the next spree of statements the same  were going over their homework assignments. 
A few minutes ago I heard my i-gizmo bing and I rushed to see if there was an emergency. 

I told Anna, "Oh no!  Mona quit the group!"

Hunter Brothers and Their Wives 1977

click on picture to make it bigger

While we are on the subject of Hunter Reunions, here are the Hunter Brothers, the backbone of the Hunter Reunions when they were in their prime.  This one is dated August 7, 1977. The missing siblings are Herbert, Bee, and W.C.  W.C. was in the Veterans Hospital in Millegeville.  Herbert and Bee had passed on.

Of course as almost always, they are lined up in age order when posing for a picture.
 Left to right:

Bus and Zelma, Ed and Janie, Jack and Ruby, Doug and Lola Jean, Stanley and Sarah, and Dick and Jeanette. 

Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Prairie Home Companion, MOM

The PRAIRIE HOME COMPANION is drawing to a close.   We will miss it.

A Hunter Reunion, Union County, Ga, Scene

Left to Right:  Dora Hunter Spiva's caregiver; Frank Hunter; the late Dora Hunter Spiva (about 103 in this picture); and me.

Frank Hunter is down to earth friendly person.  I just want to say that, because in this picture it appears that he is glaring at me scowling.  Oh me, what did I say or do this time?

Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Time Is Flexible

Not long ago we were in Buy, Buy, Baby, which as you can tell by the name of it, it is a store for babies.  It is owned by Bed, Bath, and Beyond.

Being grandparents we were checking out high chairs for our house when our grandson Benjamin visits us.

There are many to choose from and many things to consider.  We were trying out various models, trying to figure out how they snap things on and off, and how to fold it, and things like that.

A young lady overheard us and recommended what she has.  We thanked her and followed her suggestion.  While she was talking to us she mentioned she had to be at a baby shower in (she looked at her watch) in 17 minutes.  We thanked her again and she rushed off.  I was hoping she would make it on time.

About 5 minutes later When we left the aisle we were on and rounded the corner there was the young lady that had to rush off to the shower.   By their body language, they were friends that know each other.  Now she had about 12 minutes to make it.

We shopped around some more and  15 minutes later we saw her nearer the row of cashiers talking to another lady, and seemed in no hurry at all.  Even if she left now, and it was next door she would be 3 minutes late.

I suggested to Anna that I might walk by her and act surprised to see her and point to my watch.   Anna said absolutely not.

Then I thought of walking up to her and apologize for making her late to the baby shower...maybe that will remind her of her destination.

But I didn't. 

I  keep forgetting that to be late is fashionable. 

Legends Howard and Johnny

Howard Simpson and Johnny Sinclair in 2010 at our high school class 50th Reunion.  They both played well on the same winning Marietta High School Football team in 1960.
Recently someone who was probably in grammar school in 1960 told me in minute details of a close game with a rival team, Roswell, I think, and the spectators' brawl aferwards.

Howard and Johnny was mentioned a bunch of times.
I politely nodded and tried to look like I was interested.  But I knew I would forget the details within ten minutes.

I'm glad I wasn't tested on it.

Monday, May 16, 2016

The Smoking Goodtime Jazz Club, New Orleans

The Smoking Time Jazz Club Band almost looks like another great New Orleans Street Band:  TUBA SKINNY.  They are all good and plentiful.  Have plenty of money for their cigar boxes or upside down hats when you go to New Orleans.

What could go Wrong?

I may not be here for an indefinite period of time.  The other day I received an e-notice on line that Monday (today) my Windows 7 will be upgraded to Windows 10.

I had no choice in the matter.  It did not have any type of option or cancellation choice.    When it starts we will be at the Vet's office to get Willow's stitches removed.

What could go wrong?

Everything (based on my history with upgrades).

Retirees' Breakfast

My retired co-workers Herman Wrigley and Tony Brown.  *

*That is my coffee on the right.  Either I am taking the picture or I am invisible.

We had breakfast one morning at the Cracker Barrel. 
We agreed that we should do this often. That was at least eight years ago. 

It was a onetime thing, as far as I know.

Karma or Wake Up Call?

In the Spring of 1975 I had a wreck.  In Mapleton I was going under a green light when a pickup truck going under the red light of the same mechanism t-boned me.  It totaled my car, glass in my hair, and a 10 day headache.  I lived.
The other driver died.  He went through the windshield.  It is believed that and blacked out while driving.  He was on his way to get some medicine for his condition.

Now, 39 years later, also in the spring:
We were driving down Sandtown Road in Marietta from Powder Springs Road to Austell Road.  I always have liked driving on different roads in Marietta to keep updated on the ever-changing changes of our hometown.  I have not been on Sandtown Road in a while.

I was probably going over the speed limit when right in my face was a redlight that I did not remember.   I was running it.  At the same moment a dark van was crossing in my path, I'm sure going under a greenlight.  I was inches from t-boning it. 

As I pressed the brakes as hard I could my first thought was "What goes around comes around."
Or it was Karma pay-back time.
I missed him with no more than one inch wiggle room.
The only thing I suffered was a painful right foot, evidently I pressed down on the brake pedal with all my strength which my foot wasn't used to.

Maybe all that pay-back-time and Karma is hogwash, but it was a wake-up call to drive more carefully.

Sunday, May 15, 2016

Odella "Della" Wright

Odella "Della" Wright (aft 1876 -   ?   ).  She is the daughter of Isaac Wright (1834-1920) and  Loveuia Adeline St. John (1835-1895).  All three, among many others in the Wright Family are buried in Enon Cemetery, in Woodstock.

The Wrights are on Anna's father's mother of the family.

Isaac and Loveuia  are Anna's great great grandparents.

Della never married and died in her early 20s with cancer.

Saturday, May 14, 2016

SUNDAY FUNNIES!! Skip Williamson's Snappy Sammy Smoot

Cartoonist Skip Williamson at Atlanta's Dragoncon, 
(picture by me)

Tuba Skinny: Louisiana Music Factor


In the April/May 2016 issue of AARP Magazine in an article about the stars of the current MAD Magazine.  They are not the ones who created it, but the ones that kept it alive though the past fourty to fifty years, after the creators either got fired or died. 

I think all the live men mentioned are at least 60 years old and one, Al Jaffee, is 95, and still producing.  No wonder this is in the AARP Magazine. 

It is an interesting and article by Margaret Guroff.  I just don't think the original writer/editor, Harvey Kurtzman,  for the first 28 issues, got the proper credit.

click on image to make it readable.

Rolland and Heath

Rolland Stokes and Heath Armfield at a Bell Reunion.  Heath lives in the north Georgia Mountains.  I'm sure it took some adjusting, but after all these years I think he feels like a certified mountain man, I can see that by the way he spits the snuff goo out of the side of his mouth (just joking!).