Thursday, March 31, 2016

The Marietta Cole Family

This is Nicolas Cole.  I met him at a Cobb Landmarks meeting a couple years ago.  At the time I did not catch his first name, I  must have been  studying his horsd'voeuvre   more than I was trying to retain his first name.  I first in error called him Steve Cole I was quickly corrected.

I was what might be called dumbstruck over Nick Cole's heritage.   His progenitor , Henry Cole., was certainly a history maker of Marietta and more which extended a wider range than the Marietta City Limits.

Henry Cole owned a hotel about where Schillings' Restaurant is today.  It was no secret before and during the Civil War he was a pro-Union.  And I believe I think that there was evidence that he was a Union Spy.  He may have got himself into hot water because of his activities.

I feel the most humane action he did was to donate his own land for burial of the dead Union Solders.  And it still continues today.  The name is now The Marietta National Cemetery.

Henry Cole, his family and some  members of the Fletcher family (owners of the Fletcher House aka Kennesaw House have their own small plot about where some cemetery paved drives cross almost in the center of the cemetery, near the top of the hill.

Long before the Civil War Native Americans  were required  to leave their weapons  at the Cole House before entering the city limits of Marietta.: early weapon control.

When Nick Cole and I introduced ourselves and I realized he was the living descendant of legendary Henry Cole I felt I was looking at live history talking, breathing, and munching. 

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I was unsure of Nick's first name.  Before I ran a similar article as above I emailed my friend Davis McCollum and asked him Cole's first name.  Davis is a Mariettan historian and knows everybody.  He told me had to think and he'll get back with me.  Shortly, he replied, "Steve".  I used the first name of Steve.  

Mary Ansley Southerland quickly informed me his name was not Steve, it is Nick.

Davis McCollum said "My bad!"  And I told him to think nothing of it, I am badder.

Other people, like Debbie Varner and Vickie Turner Hunt wanted to know more about the Cole House on the corner of Cole Street and the North Marietta Parkway (formerly Page Street) which Davis answered the questions.

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Then, less than 30 minutes later I was sitting at the dog park telling John Burgan the episode of the name mix-up.  And he said the Coles had a huge fallen tree in front of their house and John wanted that tree to make some furniture, which Nick agreed to, with the stipulation that John make some things for him, like an end table, and a few of his friends.  He said it was a prime rare type of cedar.  It was Western Cedar.  There are only 5 of these trees in either the East or Georgia, I forgot which.  That type of tree is more plentiful on the northwest coast.

I remember that downed huge tree in the Cole House's front yard.

Again, it is a small world.

John said he has his business card, which he showed me.  Nick is a photographer in Dallas. 

And his first name is Nicolas. 

Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Charles Brooks Foster Family

This is the Charles Brooks Family.  Anna's mother's father's side of the family.  They lived in the Roswell/Milton/Alparetta, Georgia area.

Left to Rght, first row:  Charles Brooks Foster (1856-1928), Anna's great grandfather), Paul Everett Foster (1895-1936)  Anna's grandfather, and Ardella  Catherine Vinson Foster (1857-1933) Anna's great grandmother.

2nd Row:  William Luther Foster (1879-1941), Lena  May Foster (1877-1939) and Edgar Bell Foster (1884-1932).

Today is National Manatee Day

It looks like the two above sea cows are giving each other the" High 5" because they know it is National Manatee Day.

Today is National Manatee Day.  Did I tell you the time I walked up and down the river front in Jacksonville, Florida, and paying close attention to under the bridges and did not see even  one? 

I just did.

Tuesday, March 29, 2016

I'm Sort of a Hero, Sort of

On the way home this evening we dropped by a restaurant for dinner.    You pour your own soft drink.   We sat near the  drink dispenser.  I saw a guy working the machine.  He poured himself a drink and next was a cute young lady pouring herself a drink.  After she walked off I noticed a plastid sack with Barnes and Noble logo on it.  It was a coffee table book size.  I picked it up and was going to go to where she was sitting and give it to her.  She wasn't there.  I saw her across the parking lot getting into her car.  I rushed out of the building and  and hollering at the lady, "YOU FORGOT YOUR PACKAGE!"

She said it wasn't hers, but thanked me for being so kind.
So, the package had to belong to the guy before the cutesy lady pouring a drink.  I saw him eating alone.  I walked up to his table and asked him was this package his.  He said it was and thanked me and thank me.

Even if it did not belong to Little Miss Cutesy, I'm still a hero.

Rerun Nellie Mae Rowe at the High

I visited Nelllie Mae one time years ago.  She lived by the railroad tracks in Vinnings, Ga.  Her eccentric yard and house was a beacon to me.  When I drove up she was hanging out clothes.  She showed me around proud of her three that she had decorated with junk people threw out their car windows and another tree with little figures she has molded and hung in the tree.  She had a very "Happy Feet" positive way about her.  Also, one of her rooms was a MLK shrine and there was also a JFK shine... I forgot if they were in the same room or had their separate rooms.

Monday, March 28, 2016

Got the Bull by the Horns!

The above picture is Rocky Hunter taken about 38 years ago. 

The below video is Rocky's son Benjamin "playing" the same piano with Rocky's help, yesterday, on Easter Day.

Sunday, March 27, 2016

Dressing Up On Easter Day

My uncle Robert Ray "Bus" Hunter (1906-2005).  It appears that Bus is dressed in his finest, which traditionally people used to do on Easter Day.  I don't know if this picture was taken on Easter Day or not.  

I remember when I was less than ten years old one Easter we, as a family, sat in the car on the Square in Marietta, timed to be there when church let out.  It was enjoyable watching people come to the Square dressed in their best to get an after church ice cream at one of the Square's five drugstores (Jones, Hodges, Williams, Athertons, and Reynold's and Ferra).  It was an impromptu Easter Parade.

Speaking of Easter Parades, when  in the Navy, stationed in New Jersey, on Easter Sunday, about 1964, a bunch of us went to Atlantic City's Boardwalk.  It was the mother of Easter Parades.  With the exception of us,  people were dressed up, gaudy but nice. 

SUNDAY FUNNIES!! Basil Wolverton's Funnies

One thing about my Sunday Funnies, they are off the main stream path.  That may be good and it may be bad.  Today our marcher to a different drummer is Basil Wolverton (1909 - 1978).  Although has created many science fiction and g-rated comics I think for those who have read early MAD comicbooks will recall his grotesque  art (above).  By the way, the above won a contest Al Capp, creator of LI'L ABNER ran, looking for the cartoon ugliest female in the world in the 1940s.  She was named Lena the Hyena.
It is hard to believe that Basil Wolverton was a Jehovah's Witness and illustrated for their magazine THE WATCHTOWER.

Today's SUNDAY FUNNIES is Basil's light side.

click on image in order to make everything larger and readable to make more sense.


Saturday, March 26, 2016

Tuba Skinny, CLIMAX RAG

I know what are thinking by the title.  Get your mind out of the gutter!

Job Up In Smoke

In high school I think I always had a job.  I was mostly a sack boy at the Big Apple and Kirks Supermarkets.  But I was  from time to time a laborer at the Minute Care Wash.  The car wash did not pay much, $5 for a  eight or nine hours on Saturday and Sunday, a half day for $3.  On Saturday, at the car wash they also bought us lunch which was a small  Krystal or White Castle - like burger and a drink .

I was getting more sociable and needed  more money.
I always admired the pin-boys at the Larry Bell Park Bowling Alley.  They would sat out of the way of flying bowling balls and wooden pins and when a set was knocked down then you hopped up and arrange the pins and send the bowling ball back.  They looked so smooth and authoritarian  when they jumped into action.  And not only that it paid well..  It paid more than wiping down cars or carry out groceries. 

Of course bowling pin boys is another job lost to automation.

I went to the bowling alley which was in the basement of the Larry Bell Auditorium and asked the manager for a job.  It is a vague remembrance, but I think Orville Curruth  who was a pin-boy put in a good word for me.  It pays to have connections.

The manager, I forgot his name, looked me over and asked me to  help him clear off some brush on some land  off Macland or  Villa Rica Road Road he just bought.  He said he would pay me well.  He also  enlisted a few of my friends:  Like brothers Billy Joe and Jack Royal, I, and Jimmy McEntyre.

We all met on the land the day we were told to.  There were already  brush and limbs scattered all over.  Our first assignment was to drag all the sawed limbs and brush and put them in one big pile. Which we did efficiently. 

Then the bowling alley manger/property owner brought a 5 gallon can of gasoline and doused over the edges of the pile and some splashed more towards the center.

Then he lit it.


 A giant flash of fire shot up high.

Our boss started running, he was smoking  and on fire.  I think it was Jimmy McEntyre that knocked him down and rolled him.

That was before cell phones and 911, and far from any house we knew of.   We put him in a car and drove him to Kennestone Hospital. 

That was the last time I saw the man.  I don't know what happened to him.

Rerun Antique Show, Downtown Marietta

Friday, March 25, 2016

Now You See Me! Now You Don't!

This is a daughter & father picture.  The daughter is my first cousin Cheryl and her father Wallace Charles Petty (1910-2007).  Charles  is my mother's brother.  They were  attending another brother's Leonard Francis Petty and his wife Jeannette Phillips Petty's 50th  Wedding Anniversary in 1995. 

When Wallace was about ten years old the family lived in Gillettte, Wyoming as homesteaders.  They almost starved and decided to go back east where it was easier to grow things.  His wife Viola Frances Ridley Petty and the girls and the younger boys took the train back.  Wallace, his father, and his older brother Tom went back east, to Virginia, via a wagon and sleeping under the stars at night.  Talk about quality time!

Note:  I was in the picture too, taking the picture  as a reflection in the mirror behind them but through  the magic of Chris Bishop and  Photo Shop POOF!  I'm invisible again, as usual.

Thursday, March 24, 2016

Me the Mime, Willow's Spokes Person

This morning I carried Willow to the groomers.  The groomers are a young  Asian husband and wife team..  This is the 3rd time with them.  When we walked in I noticed the front door to the outside was held wide opened   with  a weight of some kind.

As I was signing her in I told them Willow was a runner.  They looked at each puzzled.

I went on to say that if she sees an opening she will shoot right through it to freedom.  To prove my point, I pretended  like I was Willow seeing the opened door, then a big smile; then I shot out my arm towards the door and then made my arm do galloping motions.  

I think they understood and hurriedly got her through the gate, behind the counter and clicked the gate locked and smile.

I think I would make a good mime.  I might buy me a black and white horizontally striped t-shirt, a black beret, and black leotards, and white powder for my face and practice pulling an invisible rope,  playing an air-guitar, and running into an invisible wall.  After I get that down-pat I will go down to Glover Park  put a upturned hat or a cigar box in front of me and do my debut.   

Wednesday, March 23, 2016

GOBAG rerun, Jan 19, 2010

I don't keep up with what I posted when.  It is too much work and gets me confused.  Therefore, you may or may not have seen this video recently.

Cousin Charley

This is my 3rd cousin, once removed, Charles Milford Hunter.  Charley is the son of  William Jess and Sadie Ray Collins Hunter.  In this picture he is standing on his porch in the Choestoe District of Union County, Georgia, on property he was born on, and so was his father Jess.
Once at a Hunter Reunion in Blairsville when I first met Charlie we were making the world smaller, he found out  he live in Marietta and he said he was stationed at Marietta at Dobbins Air Force Base.  He said the bank kept confusing him with another Charlie Hunter in Marietta who owned a laundry.  I don't remember how we zeroed in on his Air Force friend "Smokey" Stover who also  is from Marietta and still lived there until he died recently.  Smokey was at the time my in-laws handyman.  Small world.
The old John Hunter Cabin which I have shown pictures of many times on facebook and my blog  was sitting on property sold to someone who arranged for it to be demolished.  It was the oldest standing dwelling in Union County.  Charley stepped up and purchased it and paid to have each board and rock and bricks removed, numbered, and cataloged to later reassemble  at a history museum that was being planned for the Choestoe District at an old school house.  I haven't heard anything of that lately.
Charley used to call me two or three times a week. 
A few years ago we were in Union County and in the back country, looking for old cemeteries we rode by the street I remember Charley lived on, Hunter Circle.  We pulled onto the graveled street.  There was only one house on it.  It had to be Charley's house. 
He came to the door.  We woke him up, he was taking a nap.  He invited us in and we sat down and talked a while about the area, his immediate family and so on.
After a while I felt he was just putting up with us so I told him we had to go.
He saw us out to the front porch and as I was taking this picture, he said,  "I hate to ask you this, but who are you?"

Charley will be 91 this coming October.

Happy National Puppy Day!

Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Wanted: A Hunchback Bell Ringer

Another fine job completed.  Actually this picture was taken two days ago when it was only partially finished.  Since that picture was taken I went back and put a filler in the wood crack, sanded, and  today gave it a second coat of paint.  Now I am looking for a purple shroud to drape on it.   

Just joking about the purple shroud.

Monday, March 21, 2016

Larry and the Big Poo Poo Cushion Adventure

This is Larry Bradford.  He is one the funniest quick witted people I have ever met.  He has done some insane things, but haven't we all?  His wild things seem more memorable. 
Once he and I got kicked out of the Strand Theater for life but his mother went to the see the manager on our behalf and they settled for a good scolding.  I forgot what we did at the Strand that day.  So, that is one of his antics that is not so memorable - if it can't be remembered then it is not memorable is it?

But here is one I do remember.:

My aunt Opel Petty worked at a printing company in downtown Atlanta.  Next door to the printing company was novelty company.  She once bought me fake cigarettes there and another time she bought me a poo-poo, or a Whoopie  cushion.

I carried it to school and during phys ed  Larry and I played with it., blowing it up and squeezing it to make loud farting sounds.

Coach Lundy took it away from us.

Later in the day   Larry and I were called to Mr. Cox's office.  Mr. Cox was the assistant principal.  He had us stand in front of him and suddenly he pulled out the poo-poo cushion from behind him, it was inflated.  He suddenly squeezed it and it made the loud farting noise.  We broke out laughing.

Lloyd Cox looked furious.  "What is so funny about  that?"  He asked.

I said, "I don't know but it is!" 

He glared at us and told us to stay in his office the remaining two periods of the day.  And he walked out of his office.
When the last bell sounded for us to return to our home room before leaving for the day Lloyd Cox still wasn't back.

We  were leaving and Bradford said wait.  He went over to Lloyd's desk and opened all the drawers until he found the poo-poo cushion.  He blew it up and placed it into Lloyd's chair and left laughing.

Nothing was ever said.

Larry now donates his time to a needy cause on Tuesdays., there he is a volunteer to help the homeless.

Sunday, March 20, 2016


I suppose LI'L ABNER and creator Al Capp need no introduction.  

Click on page to enlarge in order to read the balloons so it will all make some kind of sense.

Saturday, March 19, 2016

Clayton Parham, Tribute to brother Perry

Hot Jazz from Tuba Skinny

This Day In History

On this Date in History March 19, 1928 "Amos & Andy" debuts on radio (NBC Blue Network-WMAQ Chicago)

Amos & Andy started off as a radio show.  It was about a community of  Afro-Americans  acted out by Caucasians.  Who would know, they were on radio, right?

When TV rolled in AMOS & ANDY was in such demand they became a weekly sitcom.  However,  Afro-Americans played Afro-Americans.

Because of stereotype racial undertones AMOS & ANDY has been banned for years.   I know it is according  who reads this if it is debatable or not.  This is not a  sound-off board, I am just telling the history.

Have you seen many episodes of AMOS & ANDY?   Have you notice Marietta, Georgia,  is mentioned often?

The actor who played George "Kingfish" Stevens is from Marietta.  And so is Leander Niles Trammell.  Niles Trammell is the NBC Executive who signed up the AMOS & ANDY radio series.

Leander Niles later became president of NBC,  and was president when they went to TV or Color.
Leander Niles Trammell (1894-1973) is also from Marietta.  He is mine and my Hunter first cousins 3rd cousin, twice removed.

His grandfather is Leander Newton Trammell, who the Trammell House and Trammell Street got its name.  I think Niles lived just down the street a few doors.

Friday, March 18, 2016

Larry Garrett is Dead

Paul Roper called me and told me Larry Garrett had died a couple of days ago.  Larry and I  carpooled when we both worked on Chattahoochee Avenue in Atlanta.  I hated to hear he had died.

In high school I was friends with Larry his late brother Roger.  I think they went their separate ways.

About a week out of the Navy either Larry White or Monty Calhoun and I went to a bar on either Juniper Street or Piedmont  Avenue in Atlanta and by chance Larry Garrett walked in for a drink.  It was a nice come-as-you-are reunion.  That was the last time I saw him.

Larry could read my mind like a book.  Another person in our carpool was "Red".  Red irritated me at times. and Larry could sense when and always caught my eye and smirked.   One time while driving home Red had said something that irritated me and about  a moment later on the radio was "THUNDER ROAD" sung by James Mitchum.  The music put me in a different frame of mind, like I was riding the music like a wild bronco.  After the song was finished I glanced at Larry and he was wide-eyed with a big smile on his face.

Larry had a quiet nature about him, yet made some very deep observances about people.

Over the years I thought of him from time to time and wondered what even happened to him.  I think I heard he was living in Florida.  He was, Panama City.

From what I heard years earlier he was living life on the edge taking chances  and things.

I felt  happy for Larry.  Paul told me he died in his sleep, taking a nap on his couch and he has a son in college.  He had a heart attack.  Not happy he had died but happy he had settled down and had a family.


Thursday, March 17, 2016

Benjamin: Happy St Patrick's Day

No Green Beer this year for this Laddie!

Throwback Thursday: Smiley "Frog" Burnette and Us

This was at the Strand Theater in Downtown Marietta, and I bet it was on a Saturday morning.

Eddie Hunter, aka Me

David Green

Mike Dilbeck

Wednesday, March 16, 2016

The Bob Bettis Sprouting Family

Left to right:  Ida Lavonia Prance Bettis  (1878-1958,  Isaac Landrum Bettis (1898-1975), and Robert Phillip "Bob" Bettis (1868-1961).  Ida is Anna's father Paul Prance's father's sister.  Their farm was  what is today Bob Bettis Road.  They are buried at Sandy Plains Baptist Church Cemetery, Sandy Plains Road, Marietta.  .

A Visit to Gibb's Garden

Gibbs Gardens was very impressive  pretty but also very crowded.  When we bought our tickets in the Visitors' Center we also had to pay for tram ride tickets, if you wanted to ride the tram.  The cashier forgot to the tram tickets so we had to almost have hand to hand combat with our tram driver until we showed him the total on our credit card charge and he saw we paid for it.  

My only complaint is there were too many people.    If you got off the tram at points you just about had to bully and fight for a seat to get back on.  At each stop there are already people waiting to catch the next tram.  If you are passive and not aggressive enough you might have to walk to your next destination.

This is Oglethorpe Mountain, which  is the highest mountain in Pickens County.  What about those apples?

The above is some kind of Japanese structure that if you go through you will have good health or lucky, or wealth, or whatever.  

I think going under the Japanese structure might give you the luck to come into a hand full of pennies, However, you are not  to take any pennies out, they are for charity, but you can put more money in - and you can't get away with grabbing a handful, too many people near.

This is a little abandoned half-full of milk baby bottle just sitting in the middle of the walk.  I wonder what the story is.

There are a lot of interconnecting pools of water all  over the Japanese Gardens, but I just couldn't get  the right composition I wanted.  My bad.

There are flowers all over the place.  They are all pretty.  But I think if you seen one or two flower closeups you have seen them all.  Sentimental old coot aren't I?