Monday, February 28, 2022

Adeline Bagley, One of the Roswell Women Mill Workers, Civil War

You head of the Roswell Mill Women? To make a long story short when in 1864 when Sherman took over the Atlanta area his men discovered a mill in Roswell on the banks of the Chattahoochee River that made things for the Confederacy like CSA uniforms and so on. Sherman had the women arrested as prisoners of war and sent them north to work in mills there. Of the women was one of Anna’s relatives Adeline Bagley. Wife of Pvt J. Buice. Adeline returned to her homeland many years later to find her husband had remarried. War is Hell. She is buried in Sherril Baptist Church near Cummings, Georgia.

Sunday, February 27, 2022

Me in my Wild Toupee Blowing in the Wind Days

SUNDAY FUNNIES!! MAD'S #12, Mark Trail lampoonef

Of course we all know the newspaper comic strip Mark Trail was by Ed Dodd. What you might not know, Jack Davis, the artist who illustrtate this story worked by Ed Dodd when he was going to UGA. So did my late first cousin Elizabeth Hunter Stewart when she was going to UGA. She had some framed originals by Dodd. Ed Dodd's studio was someplace near Athens, Ga. Sory by editor Harvey Kurtzman.

Saturday, February 26, 2022

Well, Shoot!

Today we went to Corazon Mexicano Cantina for lunch. The food was good and it was not very crowded. While eating our waitress asked us was that our car just outside the door. We said it was and gave the man standing next to her the nod. He stepped forward and told us a horror story of that make of car. It was about a fuel line or hydraulic line leaking onto the engine causing thousands of dollars in repair if the leaking stuff ruins the engine. He was a little man, who I think, felt obligated to do the right thing. He didn’t give us his name but had a mission: Spread the word what happened to him. He even gave us a copy of a printout about a paragraph long that told the details. He said 60,000 miles is the magic number. I think he said we need to carry it in to the dealer to see if we have that problem with our car. He said it is in warranty for 60,000 miles. He might have warned us too late. Something similar happened to us with thar car a almost a year ago. It cost us about 1000 dollars. Well, shoot!

Emma Viola Hunter Abercrombie (1896-1992)

Emma Viola Hunter (1896-1992), my and my Hunter first cousin's first cousin, once removed. Emma was the daughter of John Rafas Hunter (1870-1940) (our grandpa Frank Paris Hunter's brother) and Lilly Belle Hill Hunter (1875-1973). Emma grew up in the Woodstock, Georgia, area, and married Andrew Joseph Abercrombie (1891-1924) and they moved to Birmingham, Alabama, for Andrew to work in a still mill. Emma lived 96 years and Andrew lived only 33 years. They had four children, two daughters and two sons. Emma and Joseph are buried at Bascomb Methodist Church, near Woodstock.

Friday, February 25, 2022

Larry Holcomb, Frances, and Me c1950 on Manget St

Frances Hunter, me, and Larry Holcomb. Home on the Range, the home and range being at 809 Manget Street.

Troy Street, Chicago

On Chicago PD a couple weeks ago while looking over a Chicago map doing police work Troy Street was pronounced. Hey! I know Troy Street! My Navy buddy Don lived on Troy Street in Chicago. I visited two or three times there. He lived with his siblings and his parents. His father worked on the railroads. He and a competing crew were have bb guns fights across the railroad yards, from train car to train car. He got his eye put out by a bb shot, all in clean fun, of course. I had a Triumph on one of my Chicago trips. Don’s brother Mike, a Chicago Cop gave me an official Chicago Parking ticket for being double parked on Troy Street, all in clean fun, of course. Don’s mother’s name was Helen. Helen and her next door neighbor once tried to kill each other with their gardening tools. All in clean fun, of course.

Thursday, February 24, 2022

Me in the New York Times


The first day of the Senator Runn-Off Election we drove down to the courthouse and deposited our ballots in the absentee/mail ballot box.

Before I so gallantry drop our ballots into the big box a young lady with a camera told me she was from the New York Times and would I mind if she photographed me putting our ballots into box.  Being something of a ham, I said of course. not. 

I was going to ask her how I should do it but she probably could sensed I was about to ask that question and told me “to just act normal, just be yourself.”

And I did, minus the giggling and sticking my finger up my nose (just joking).

She did not ask my name and I was about to tell her, but I decided to be a man of mystery, like Zorro.


I told my son Rocky what had happened and asked him to be on the lookout for my picture in the NY TIMES.   That was at least a month ago, so I thought I must have been broke the camera and there will be no picture.

But I my image was in the New York Times yesterday.  Lookie!  Rocky sent us the link.

Anna said, “You couldn’t look worse.”

And I said, “Yes I could.”


While I am bragging about me in the NEW YORK TIMES I should say it was not the first time I was in the their paper.  In September 2016 they did an article on the opening of Chumley’s Restaurant in Greenwich Village.  The reporter doing his research found that I had written in my blog several articles about the period of time in the mid 1960s that we used to meet at Chumley’s there and the quaintness of it the atmosphere and  writers who used to go there and drink, and us trying to figure out who’s who.  The  NYT writer called me and we talked.  I was out of my league.  But he did manage to get a couple of quotes out of me.

How many other blog editors you know were quoted by the NYTs?

Waterman St School 3rd Grade Class c1949

Waterman Street School, Mrs Jesse McCollum's 3rd grade class. All Left to Right: 1st Row: Marvin Grant, Eddie Hunter, ? , Tony Partain, ?, ? , Walker Gaines, and Archie Richardson. 2nd Row: Robert Martin, ?, Frankie Holder, Van Calloway, ? , Sam Carsley, Larry Southern, and Jerry Flowers. 3rd Row: ? , ? . Jo Ann Mitchell, Pat Rainwater, ?, ? , Betty Edwards, and Janice Benson 4tn Row: ? , ? , ? , Alice Tibbits, Donna Le Vann, Janice Belmore, Elizabeth Hawthorne, and Gresham Howren. Back: Mrs.Jesse McCollum with her hands on Donna LeVann's shoulders. If you recognize any with a question mark in or any mistakes in the names there please let me know.

Wednesday, February 23, 2022

Skeleton with Inspiring Messages

On Piedmont Road in Marietta, close to here the is a back yard of a fairly new house with a back fence. Hop the fence and you are on Piedmont Road, a very high traffic road. Whoever lives in this house decided to put a worthwhile message out for the motorists and walkers. For weeks now, I said to myself “Someday I am going to pull over and take a picture of the tall skeleton with a message. The skeleton looks about 8 or feet tall. Sometimes it has a companion, a skeleton horse. When I got closer I could see the other side of the fence. There were a lot of things thrown at the skeleton like hats, scarfs and other stuff. I suppose people was trying to ring the skull with the hats and scarfs. Humans are human.

Kong on Broadway

e went to see the KING KONG musical on Broadway. I thought the lady that played a singing dancing Faye Wray did an excellent job. I thought I would do the gentlemanly thing thing and brought her a dozen red roses. I, with roses in hand knocked on her door. The door flung opened and knocked me down. A huge hairy hand with opposable thumbs popped out and grabbed the roses and slam the door.
When I think of seeing King Kong looking at you through a high window, I think of William Gaines, publisher of EC Comicbooks. He was a big King Kong fan and see how he decorated his office window? The picture speaks for itself.

Tuesday, February 22, 2022

George Washington, In-Law

George Washington might have been born on this date. Again, maybe not. He was born February 22, 1732, which is OS February 11, 1732. If I have this straight, he was born according to the calendar then on 11th, however that was the old calendar. After the new calendar dates was set into place days before the date it was shifted 11 days. Do you get it? Good for you! Now, explain it to me. Speaking of George Washington, for those who know me will not be surprised that George is a relative. Actually, an in-law. My Petty family is related to George's wife Martha Dandridge Custis.

Monday, February 21, 2022

Drugstore Delivering & Jimmy Pat

The other day I heard a commercial for a certain pharmacy. They vaguely said they could deliver your prescribed (for an additional price). It reminded me of the drugstores in Marietta like Atherton’s, Dunaway’s, Hodges, Jones, Williams’s, and more that delivered. And not only would they deliver prescriptions but also whatever your heart desired from the soda fountain. When we lived on Manget Street in south Marietta one time Atherton came to the door with some over the counter medicine the man said we ordered. We didn’t. As he was backing out Dunaway’s deliverer was waiting, and more came. They tried to deliver Ex-Lax, banana splits, Sundaes, milk shakes, cherry Cokes, French Fries, and more. And then Victory Cab Company came to pick up somebody at our address. Then two or three move taxi came. My mother was having a fit. Somebody was playing a joke. Then my mischievous friend Jimmy Pat called. He happily said to my mother when she answered the phone, “Hi Mrs. Hunter, this is Jimmy Pat. What’s new?” My mother did not use fowl language much, but with Jimmy Pat this time, it was an exception. She more or less said, “Jimmy Pat you know damn well “what’s new”!” And I think he probably sat and held the phone to his ear and giggle as she chewed him out. Jimmy played a lot of practical jokes that I am surprised somebody didn’t shoot him. He died as a young man stooping over picking up his miniature dog. Heart attack.

Saturday, February 19, 2022

Greetings in the Apple Store

Sitting in the Apple Store for hours yesterday it did not take long to realize the ones in the red shirts that had the Apple logo on them are the help, or they probably prefer to be called "Part of the Team". Watching them talk positive and interact I think they get positive group pep talks. From time to time I noticed as some passed each other they would give each other a High Five. It was almost like a salute. I always thought "High Fives" are pretentious or superficial. I wondered if instead they gave each other a whack on the ass it would be just as effective?

Friday, February 18, 2022

Foster Family, c 1904

Anna's mother Marie's father's side of the family. The picture was taken about 1904. Left to Right, first row: The father of the family Charles Brooks Foster (1856-1928); Anna's grandfather Paul Everett Foster (1895-1936); and The mother of the family Ardella Catherine Vincent Foster (1857-1933). Second row: Edgar Bell Foster (1884-1932); Lena Mae Foster (1877-1939); and Claudius Linton Foster (1888-1965). They lived in the Roswell, Alpharetta, Milton, Georgia, area.

Thursday, February 17, 2022

Fosters Children Funerals

Back in the early part of the 20th Century it was not unusual to photograph the dead. Here are two pictures of Anna's mother Marie, her two brothers Paul and Charles with a brother that didn't make it, and in one picture is their father Paul Everett Foster, Sr. They had three brothers to die the day they were born: James 1927, John 1928, and Charles Wilson Foster 1930. Their sister Eloise was not born yet (1932). She lived.

Wednesday, February 16, 2022

PJ O'Rourke (1947-Feb 22, 2022) Died Yesterday

Conservative satirist and humorist P.J. O’Rouke died yesterday at the age of 74. Ever since NATIONAL LAMPOON started as a magazine I kept running into his work. He always creative interesting reads. He put a lot of thought in everything he wrote, sometimes with tongue in cheek, I think.

Atlanta Train Terminal, Whished away with time

The Atlanta Train Terminal. It was a grand old beautiful building of its time wasn't it? It was on Spring and Mitchell Streets, across Spring Street from where I worked at the Postal Service at the Federal Annex. I think they bulldozed it away in the late 1970s to make way for the Richard B. Russell Federal Building, a non-descript building with no character or artful look like the Atlanta Terminal had. Behind it at the tracks, underneath the bridges and viaducts was an area that never saw daylight is where I parked my car. A guy named Thumond charged $5 a month. It was the cheapest parking in Atlanta. Also, an area you don't hang around. You park and run! The area was on the edge of what would become Underground Atlanta. Then, when I parked there it was an area for the homeless and criminally insane, I found out. It was cluttered with beer wind bottles and occasionally a pile of human shit. Once I got out of my car and a heavy elderly man approached me and asked if I had some money to spare. I said no, but he wanted to talk so I paused to hear what he had to say. Bad idea. He grabbed me and wrapped a strong arm around my neck and with his other hand touched a knife blade to my throat. He told me he had just escaped from prison that very day and he needed money, now how much money did I really have. I gave him my wallet, he looked at it and said something like, "Shit! I got more money than you, you should be holding me up!" Then he sung me a rendition of a religious song... we still had a hold around my neck. He sung me another religious song - both songs were about Jesus and how much he loved us. The second song, I think he was in the habit, when singing it to spread his arms wide apart to really belt it out, to get the point across, I suppose, which he did, which released me, and I ran off like a wild rabbit. He was too old and drunk to chase me. I did not park there again. Moral: Never trust anyone that holds a knife to your throat and sings to you about Jesus.

Tuesday, February 15, 2022

Lash & Fuzzy

Here is something that may or may not have more about it than shown outwardly: 1 Lash Larue and FuzZy Saint John were in many western movies together. Lash being the all American hero with a whip and Fuzzy Saint Johns was the comic relief. 2 In the 1950s Lash Larue was arrested while passing through Marietta, Georgia, for drunk driving. 3 Near that time, Fuzzy St. Johns paid a visit to Mariettra and had a meeting with the elite of the law in an office above the Big Apple on Roswell Street in Marieta. I don’t know if Fuzzy was there to help out his old side-kick Lash Larue or not, but it does look coincidental. 4 Lash must have like the area he decided to stay. He became to spokes person of a furniture barn south of Atlanta, he was in local furniture TV commercials some.

Fuzzy St Johns meet the Marietta Police

Marietta Police Officer, on the right, Emmett Burton (1888-1962) and partner escorting film celebrity “Gabby Hayes” (or Fuzzy Jones/St. James... TBD) in Marietta - 1956. 2nd photo is the Marietta Police at the Old Marietta Police Station. Emmett’s wife was Dorothy Tritt... Country Singer Travis Tritt’s Aunt. Thx to Chris Lecroy..!

Monday, February 14, 2022

Heart Valentine from the back cover of HUMBUG Magazine

Valentine's Heart, before and after the Stent

Speaking of Hearts and Valentine's Day, this is my heart before and after Valentine's Day. The Day after Valentine's Dat I went out running in the morning and had a heart attack. Piedmont Hospital in Atlanta had to put in stents. I blame the greasy Onion Loaf from our Valentine dinner the night before.

Valentines' Story?

This is a Valentines Story, sort of: The next town north of where our Navy base was in Lakehurst, New Jersey, is Lakewood. It had a theater we went to and a bookstore, and several bars. It was less than ten miles away. Off the main street, down a couple of blocks was a bad neighborhood. It looked like it may have been a high crime area. There on one side of the street was a bar we named BAR X. BAR X was a seedy looking bar, that all the patrons looked like they were up to no good. Across the street from BAR X was another seedy looking Bar, which we named BAR Z. If we were just visiting it in today's time, we would probably name it BAR XXX. The place had a few prostitutes hanging out and at the door was a big black woman that always seemed to be at the entrance who always tried to impress new comers with her song she made up "Play with my Box and I'll suck your Cock!" I don't know how she did it, but Box and Cock rhymed. Another bar in the Lakewood area we found interesting was a few miles south of town. It was a rural bar that mostly farmers hung out at. Video juke boxes were just becoming popular in bars, they were cheap entertainment. One evening I drove into Lakewood by myself to go to a movie. My friends had duty. After the movie on the way back to the base I stopped by the rural bar to have a drink. The joint was crowded. The only seat available was at the bar by a woman that was sitting by a man, who I found out soon enough the man was her husband. She whined to me that her husband would not dance with her. He was a chicken farmer and believed in working all the time. It was their 25th anniversary and he was not going "get out there and make of fool out myself" he said. I jokingly said, "Aww come on! Twenty five years, celebrate! dance with her!" He never smiled. He turned around and looked me up and down and said, "You dance with her Butter Ball!" I laugh jokingly. He said, "I mean it, you want to see her dance you dance with her now!" I nervously laughed again. He said, "Now Butter Ball!! I mean it!" I said, "Let me go to the head first..." And walked towards the John. And pass the MEN sign and walked right out the door, hopped into my PV544 Volvo and hauled ass.

Shaye Cohn, Band Leader of Tuba Skinny

Sunday, February 13, 2022

Lecture by Dr. Thomas Scott at the Marietta History Center (new name)

We attended a lecture by Dr. Thomas Scott at the Marietta History Center (new changed name) on mostly how to handle interviewees on your pursuit of history. The essential basic message, I think, is to be fair and kind. Everybody has their own story and their version of it. You don’t want to misquote someone that might come back on you negatively. I would think the Gold Rule would work. Speaking of interviewing, it reminded me of a time when I interview a 90 plus year old great uncle. I didn’t realize it until I was well in the interview that he remembered nothing of the past except the quirks and eccentricities of his mule. He told some times the mule would get mad at him and refused o pull the blow and so on. He finally sold the mule but missed her, so he would sometimes drop by and visit her on rainy days.


At one time 3-D was new. 3-D was new. Here is MAD editor Harvey Kurtzman and artist Wallace Wood doing their take on this new thing, or getting on the bandwagon.

Saturday, February 12, 2022

Bonnie & Abe

This is a picture of my younger sister Bonnie posing with President Lincoln at the 1965 NY World's Fair. In Today's Trivia On-Line- Page a Day Calendar it told me it was Lincoln's Birthday today also this: In an odd coincidence, it was Edwin Booth, the brother of John Wilkes Booth, Abraham Lincoln's assassin. Robert was on a train platform in New Jersey when a crowd of passengers knocked him into the path of a train. Edwin Booth reached out his hand and pulled Lincoln back to safety. Robert recognized Edwin, as he was a well-known actor. It wasn't until a few months later that John Wilkes Booth shot and killed Abraham Lincoln.

Wm Luther and 2nd wife Addie Dryman Foster

Anna's great uncle William Luther Foster (1879-1941) and his second wife Addie Dryman (1879-1963). His first wife (not pictured) was Lillie Mae Cook (1884-1904). Lille Mae is buried at Midway Methodist Church between Alpharetta and Cumming. He went by Luther. Luther is Anna's mother's father's brother.

Friday, February 11, 2022

It is not suppose to work Like That!

Yesterday at Walmart I bought 3 suet blocks, each about three or four times thicker than a coaster. I bought one each: Berry suet; Woodpecker suet, and Nut suet. The prices went up, like every thing else. Last year I was paying slight over a dollar pe suet block and yesterday I paid almost $1.75 each. Robbery! I put the berry suit in a little cage-box near two bird feeders. I put the woodpecker suet in a littler wood thing that has an exposed side which makes it easy for Woodpeckers to get to. Speaking of Woodpecker suet what do you think it is made of? Woodpeckers prefer insects that had made their home in trees. So, I think the woodpecker suet was made from deceased insects. Should woodpecker suet manufactures have a statement on the side of the package saying their bugs were killed humanly. After I finished hanging the suet I looked out a back window that overlooks my suets and saw a woodpecker pecking the berry suet. Damn! It is not suppose to work like that!

Paul Prance and his Grandsons

Both 1989: 1st picture is Adam and his shiner; you know, black eye. 2nd picture Adam & Rocky Hunter behind their grandpa Paul Prance.

Thursday, February 10, 2022

Darling and Lena Foster Moon

Here is a picture of Darling Johnson Moon (1855-1955) and his wife Lena May Foster (1877-1939). Lena is Anna's mother Marie Foster's first cousin. They married 28 December 1909. Lena Foster is/was Anna's great aunt. Darling and Lena owned and ran a neighborhood grocery store where on Roswell Street before Johnson Tire Service was there (I don't know what is there now). Yes, Darling is his first name. Darling is from the same area east of Marietta as the William R. Johnson family, Darling is probably related to the Wm R. Moon Family.

Wednesday, February 09, 2022

Hog Shed or Hog's Head?

One of my ancestral surnames I am researching is Hogshead. Mary “Polly” Hogshead (1800-aft 1857}, a Cherokee Native American, was married to Jacob “Jake” Trammell. She drowned in the Little Tennessee River, in Franklin, Macon County, NC., while tending her fish traps. Her parents were Walter Hogshead, Jr. and Rebecca Ashworth. I have wondered if you pronounce the surname as “Hog’s Head” or “Hog Shed”? This morning on THE TODAY SHOW Sally Hogshead (pronounced “Hog’s Head” gave a review, sort of, of yesterday’s commercials on the Super Bowl. Mystery solved!

Tuesday, February 08, 2022

2nd Grade Class at Waterman Street School, Marietta, Ga

1948, Waterman Street School, Mrs. Killenbeck's 2nd Grade Class: 1st Row: Gresham Howren, Elizabeth , ? , Robert Martin, ?, Eddie Hunter , Janice Benson, Walker Gaines, Pat Rainwater (maybe), ?, ?, and ?. 2nd Row: Sam Carsley, Elizabeth Hawthorne, ____ Belmont, ?, Jerry Flowers, ?, ?, Alice Tibbits, JoAnn Somebody maybe, Marvin Grant, and Archie Richardson 3rd Row: ?, ?, Tony Hester, Frankie Holder, ?, ?, ?, ?, and Mrs. Killenbeck. In about 1990 I carpooled for a few years with George. George lived about 3 blocks from Mrs Killenbeck. He said on a clear night he could easily hear her manictical laugh.

Monday, February 07, 2022

Creative Bookkeeping?

In the waiting room: A man came into the waiting room with a service dog. An office staff member said “Oohh, a Service Dog!” and petted it. The man pulled the leash and yanked the dog back and said, “It’s a Service Dog! You don’t pet Service Dogs.” The office staff asked his name. She said, “Hi Spirit!” I wondered if she was going to be scolded again for addressing the dog by its name. The dog wagged it’s tail. Spirit looked like it wanted to say, “I sure could use some good petting.” Also, a woman leaving from the inner office after seeing the doctor stopped by the counter to make her next appointment. The lady behind the counter said she would have to make it on two separate days. “Why” “Because they won’t pay for consultation and procedure the same day.” “They did last time.” The lady behind the desk said, “No, they were 7 days apart.” Creative bookkeeping? College they should offer a course of study on this.

Sunday, February 06, 2022

The Eye of the Flying Tiger

This s the Year of the Year of the Tiger, according to Chinese beliefs. I was just toying with the this is the Year of the Tiger when I thought of the Flying Tigers in WWII. I always thought of the independent flying force THE BLACKHAWKS in the comicbooks. They were eccentric and comical bunch until they were needed to whip some asses at some International crisis then they get orderly and systematically. I thought of the Flying Tigers were like that. Heroes of the sky. One of my distant Tyson relatives Orlando W. Wood was a Flying Tiger pilot. We and my Hunter first cousins are descended from Eugene F. Tyson. In my quick mini Google research I saw that the Flying Tigers caused havoc in China.

SUNDAY FUNNIES!! HUMBUG Magazine's Twenty Win

The is from the late HUMBUG Magazine from the 50's. Story by MAD's creator and ex-editor Harvey Kurtzman and illustrated by MAD's ex-atist Will Elder. TV Trivia is again one of the new rages on TV. and here we go hopping on the Bandwagon again.