Saturday, March 31, 2018


I had to run to Krogers for a few items.  When I first walked into the outer part, where they line the shopping carts up, I picked a small one.  I wasn’t buying much, but wanted to use it more for balance, like a walker.

Before I pushed the cart into the flow of people walking in I stood with both hands on the handle waiting on two ladies to walk by.  The oldest of the two women looked at me and then looked at the cart, smiled and kindly said, “No thank you, I don’t think we need a cart today.”

That sort of teed me off.  I wanted to ask the woman, “Just what did my body language do to make you think I wanted you to have this cart?”

But I felt better when I thought at least she didn’t say “thank you!” And take cart.

Eric England, Hero

Do you remember my blog on December 15th, 2017, about Eric England, sniper hero?

Eric is undergoing serious surgery today.   Wish him a quick recovery.  If it were not for people of Eric's caliber you might not have the freedoms you  enjoy  today.

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Friday, March 30, 2018

Elijah Petty's (1803-1881) House

Attention Petty Cousins:  This is Elijah Petty’s House (1803-1881) in Fannin County, Georgia.  I just received these pictures today via Ancestry.Com.  

If you are my first cousin, Elijah is our great great grandfather.  If your parent is my Petty first cousin he is your Great, great, great grandfather.  

I wonder if our DNA are in flowers in what used to be outhouse area?

My New (sort of) Blog

For my new attempt of a photo blog, check this out:

Thursday, March 29, 2018

Maybe The Prince

This past August we went on a 21 Day Alaskan cruise and overland.   The cruise company was named Princess. We had a great time.  I don’t think a day goes by that we don’t get a Princess email telling us their latest bargain offer.  And on top of that, we get bulk rate postal mail with the word PRINCESS in big print once or twice a week delivering a bargain announement.

For the sake of my image with our mail person I wish they would change their name to THE NORWEGIAN or maybe even LUMBER JACK Lines.

Spanky gets a Whupping

Throwback Thursday: The Hunt House

Throwback Thursday.  This is the Hunt House.  Or was the Hunt House.  The house burned down years ago. The Hunt House was on Butler Street.  But even that has changed, the same land is now on Atlanta Street.  The city has plowed through Powers Barber Shop and paved it which physically extended Atlanta Street.

In the Civil War this house served as a hospital.  When Mary Phagan was murdered her grandfather lived in it.  About 15 or so years after Mary Phagan’s grandparents lived there Anna’s mother Marie lived there as a child.  Then, in the 1940s on up for a while the Hunt family of Hunt Ice Cream lived there.  Then, we used to play touch football on the side lawn. (don’t ask how good of a player I was).

Now, poof!  It is gone!

Wednesday, March 28, 2018


The other day from UNCLE JOHN’S BATHROOM READER I learned a new word:  Misomaniac, one who hates everything. 
I immediately thought of this hateful bitter old man I see from time to time in the neighborhood walking his dog.  His dog is an Airedale and whines and begs to interact with Willow.  The misomaniac scolds his dog, or if he sees us coming, they will change their walking direction.  I got the idea he hates everything and doesn’t do small talk, he just rather be left alone.

This morning I saw an elderly lady walking the Airedale.  I asked her was her husband OK.  She was very friendly and told me her husband is recovering from a motorcycle accident.
Motorcycle accident?

That old fart, I thought, would be the least likely to ride a motorcycle.

She went on to say they both have motorcycles and he had his wreck just one block from their house.

Everybody has their own story.  Some just prefer not to talk about it.

Tuesday, March 27, 2018

Swing For a Good Cause

If this is too small to read, either click on it to enlarge it or squint.

"Not Me!"

Remember when Presidents took the responsibility of their position?

Sunday, March 25, 2018

Jack Hunter's 65th Birthday, March 2018

True Story:  Yesterday we were invited to celebrate my cousin Jack’s 65th birthday at Presbyterian Village, a retirement community
We turned off the EastWest Connector and we were in the Village.  Signs saying something like information pointed for us to turn right.  We followed the signs and ended up in the parking lot of a big complex of a couple of buildings or maybe an L shaped building.  We went in the most likely looking door for information and the person told us to go back to the beginning, where we first entered at the East-West Connector and go straight instead of turning right, and it is the first building on the right.
We drover back to the entrance at the East-West Connector and followed directions and went straight.  We rode by a beautiful landscaped green golf course, around a curve and a there was the big building or buildings, the first thing on the right. 

It was the same building we ran in and asked directions minutes before.  We went into the other door to Jack’s party.  


Second Issue of MAD.
Story  by  Harvey   Kurtztman; Art by Wally Wood

click on each page to  read better  

Friday, March 23, 2018

Claim to Fame

Hunter first cousins:  Our 3r cousin, once removed, Shirley Ann Carver Miller's husband Zell Miller, former Young Harris  College professor, former state Representative, former Governor of Georgia, and former U.S. senator died this morning.

Shirley Ann Carver is a member of the Ray family, the same as our great grandmother Emaline Ray Hunter.

Town Hall Meeting

There is a fairly big shopping center close to us.  The name of it is Sprayberry Crossing, because it is cati-cornered  from Sprayberry  Highschool.   It was nice    but not now.

It has only a  few still-operating stores and a few store-front churches.  The paint is peeling and flaking.  The parking lot is full of potholes. But the worse park is the bowling alley.  The bowling alley is a free standing building riddled tracks of  teenagers having illegal fun, dope, homeless, and you-name it.

The ownership is complicated.  It is owned in seven or eight parcels.  A group of people own some different combinations of the parcels.

A family cemetery is on the property, which they also own.

The general public nearby who live nearby and are aware of the shopping center’s deterioration wants someone to buy the shopping center and give it a face-lift.  The owners are willing to sell, if the residents of the cemetery are moved.

I learned all this from the town hall meeting Anna and I attended Wednesday night.

I mean I knew the shopping center’s condition and rumors of the bowling alley but I did not know about the complexities of the ownership.  I have walked and biked in the shopping center several times.  It is a nice place to exercise in solitude.

 The meeting was organized Joe Glancy, a concerned citizen.  He has talked to the owners and the owners representatives.  He insinuated that they could care less about our concerns.  They want to make the biggest profit possible and they can demand more if there were no dead bodies in a family cemetery
At the meeting were our state representatives, two county commissioners, a lawyer from the county’s legal department said, she could legally give them legal advice.  A country property department head, that seemed to know what he was talking about and wordy too.

A couple of things were repeated several times during the meeting;  They are the property owners, and there are property rights; and there are state laws with regulations of moving bodies that they must abide by.

Several people have been working trying to get the deads’ nearest of kin to sign to give them permission to move their loved ones bodies to Sandy Plains Baptist Church, who has agreed to take them.  It was reported that there was only one hold out.  That was our latest update, however, two, maybe three or four people in the theater said they had loved ones there and nobody contacted them.
This is by now a mute point, but according to my GRAVES AND CEMETERY IN COBB COUNTY book the Mayes Family Cemetery had 73 residents when the census was taken in 1984.   That was 34 years ago I bet there are over a hundred residents are there now.  I read in the obituaries that there was a burial there a couple of weeks ago.

During the question and answer period was person with the air of a rebel rouser suggested we all pool our money of all that were there and buy the shopping center.  Somebody estimated there were about 2000 people crammed in.  In the seat in front of me a lady got on her smart phone’s calculator and put it to work and if each of us shelled out either $17,500 or $1750 we could buy Sprayberry Crossing on the spot and do what we wanted with it.  I apologize for not looking more closely over her shoulder to see if was $17500 or $1750, both are the same to me, as far as money I have to invest on the spot without thinking  it through.

Someone else suggested to end them by “death by 1000 papercuts” by suing them as many times as it takes in small claims court, each time a complaint against them is filed will cost them to pay about $1000 for a lawyer’s fee each time.

Some Sprayberry High School students outside made up posters making a general generic statements, like CHANGE! and I saw some conflicting statements.  It is like as you enter you could pick your cause and shake a poster around.  I suppose all that had posters paid for them and some enterprising students got some spending money.  I don’t know how much, if any, was charged for the posters because we got there early to get a good seat, before their posters were ready.  Darn!

Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Mime Your Own Business

The other day in downtown Marietta at a street corner   waiting on the light to change at a pedestrian walk across the street we overheard an interesting conversation between a man and woman, both covered with tattoos.
It went something like this:
“We will have to guarantee the waitress ten bucks per hour.”
“Does that include her tips?”
“Good question.  Also, the mime said he needs a flat $100.  I said that seems high and he insisted.”
At this point I wanted to ask them how did the mime say he had to have a flat$100?  Did he hold out the palm of his hand and scratch it with his other hand’s fingers?
When you questioned the $100 did he play an invisible violin and wipe invisible tears from his eyes?

Crooked Who?

Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Medical Study

CBS’s Sunday Morning News Show last Sunday a man gave his opinion on meditation.  He did not think too much of it.  He said there is no medical evidence that shows meditation helps you or harms you.  But surprisingly watching TV does help.

If you lose yourself or engrossed in a TV story you lower your heart rate.  He said just don’t channel surf, that has the opposite effect.

I also heard that looking at a woman’s cleverage lowers a man’s heart rate, or does it also have the opposite effect?