Tuesday, November 30, 2010


Not long ago, maybe a month, one Saturday afternoon, we more or less were hanging out in downtown Marietta Glover Park when I heard someone holler my name, “Eddie!”

I looked in the direction of the voice and there was only an old man with a white shaggy beard I didn't recognize. I looked beyond him and there were no one but a couple of teenage girls in evening gowns.

A lot of girls were there that Saturday, with photographers and parent photographers, posing. I think they were posing in their high school prom garb with the big tier water fountain in the background.

Maybe the old white bearded man was calling someone behind me that that sounded like my name, I turned around. More clusters of teenage girls in their evening finery…. Maybe one’s name is Betty and I just thought he said Eddie.

This time he was closer, he said it again. It was plainly “Eddie”. I double-focused on the old dishevel bearded man and saw it wasn’t a shaggy white beard at all, it was a neatly trimmed white beard. And the old man was David Hunter, my first cousin, about eight years younger than me.

We greeted each other. It is always nice to run into David. David told us he was growing a beard because he would be playing Santa Claus at events in December.
David is a community minded person and occasionally I see his picture in the paper doing something for the community.

Last week his picture was in the Marietta Daily Journal playing Santa Claus for a group of kids. Some were sitting in his lap.

It reminded me of when David was the age of those children that were around him in the picture.

My Daddy loved to play Santa on the phone to all his nieces and nephews. He called his nieces and nephews one at a time and give a big hearty “Ho Ho Ho” and tell them he was Santa and probably scared them shitless and asked them have they been good and what they wanted for Christmas and things about their school grades. He did a good job. He loved to interact with kids like that. His Ho HO Ho was an enthused Ho Ho Ho, not like the Ho Ho Ho of the bored Santa in Jean ShepArd's CHRISTMAS STORY.

Another thing Daddy did was get his nieces and nephews in his lap and tell them mind bending stories. He made them up as he went along. The story would always be an adventure story starring two little kids that just so happened to have the same names of the two kids sitting on his knees. They would get lost in the woods and have would death one defying close call after another – from hanging on to a log going down a river towards a very high waterfall to being chase by a bear - but they were always saved in the nick of time.

I used to love to sit nearby and listen to story and watch the spell-bound kids engrossed in what they were hearing.

One time, I think it was David and his brother Johnny, were sitting on Daddy’s lap, and David was So drawn into the impossible to get out alive plot he let out a cry and hit Daddy square in the face.

I don’t remember if the story continued or not, I was too busy on the floor rolling in laughter.

1959 OLYMPIAN - Seniors, next 2 pages

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Overheard at a Fast Food Franchised

Manager angrily (to a kid walking from the back): What are y'all doing back there?

Kid: Having a group hug.

Same Old Story, Different Props

This past Thursday we had Thanksgiving here with our immediate family. Yesterday, Saturday, we had our extended family over for Thanksgiving, Phase II, of 20 people.

By Saturday everybody is up to here in turkey (look at me – I am holding my hand flat even with my neck). We decided to get a spiral-cut ham and old fashion Original recipe KFC.

Friday night we called KFC and placed the order. We wanted a certain number of breasts; a certain number of thighs; and certain number of drumsticks, which added up to 20 pieces. We wanted to pick it up at 11:00am Saturday.

The manager said no problem. He mentioned he also had another customer who placed a big order would be picking up their order at the same time.

I smelled a mix-up in the orders in the works.

The next morning, I arrived at KFC at 11:58am and went in. A lady was at the counter being waited on. She was shelling out money to the lady at the cash register. Behind the cashier was 2 or 3 KFC buckets and 2 or 3 KFC boxes. Over to the side, about three feet away was two KFC buckets. The two is probably my order I thought.

The cashier asked if she needed paper plates and plastic ware. The customer said, “No, I work at Hobby Lobby.”

The cashier gave the customer ahead of me change and their transaction was over. She hollered a name of a young man to help the lady carry it all to her car.

The young man brought up a cart on wheels and loaded the buckets and boxes onto it.

The cashier asked me could she help me. I told her my name and I was to pick-up 20 pieces of chicken, Original. She smiled and said yes, she had my order ready. Then she started adding it up on the cash register.

While she was focusing on her cash register the young man loading the chicken onto the cart with wheels saw the two buckets of chicken and asked, “Do these go too?”

“Yes, everything goes”. She said, still focusing on the cash register.

Alarm bells went off in my head. I thought she should have looked. But, who am I do tell the lady proud of her efficiently, how to do her job?

The young man put the two buckets on the cart and followed the customer out the door.

I paid the cashier. She gave me the correct change and pivoted around to hand me my order she had very efficiently had packed beforehand. It wasn’t there. She said, “Where is the two buckets?? I put them right there myself!!!” She was upset.

I pointed out the door and said, “Out there. He asked do these go too and you said, ‘yes everything’”.

She shot out the door in almost one leap. They had to put all the buckets back onto the cart and roll it back into the store and go through each one to get the right buckets.

She apologized. I told her that was OK, it happens to me all the time.


Above is a behind the scenes article about getting THE SPIRIT comic out and laying off the other artists and hiring Wally Wood might not have such a good idea after all.

The story is plainly illustrated by Wallace Wood. It is in THE SPIRIT comicbook no.87. which is one of several comics that features THE SPIRIT's trip to the moon.

Friday, November 26, 2010

Lassiter High Band in the Thanksgiving Parade

Thanksgiving day we had the TV on the MACY’S THANKSGIVING PARADE while we were preparing our holiday meal.

I heard Marietta’s Lassiter High School Band being announced. I have good memories of Lassiter High School Band. It was like seeing an old friend on TV.

I’m sure there is not one face associated with the band now that was there then, but their spirit is still a force. They still look powerful because I noticed they still have the big impressive tractor-trailer with their logo on it to haul their equipment in when they go somewhere. Also they have sharp uniforms and they know how to make good music.

Our oldest son Rocky was in the Sprayberry High School Band. The high school bands of this area had competition meets often. You gotta love them trophies! I got used to seeing the Lassiter Band Teacher and some of his star players. The band teachers knew how to put on a good show. The Sprayberry Band was also considered a good band with its share of trophies. Rocky got to march in the Rose Bowl one year. That was almost 20 years ago.

On TV in the Thanksgiving Parade the Lassiter Band members looked just as sharp as they did then. They hopped to, snapped to, and made their rigid training look like the award was “fun”.

As the crow flies Lassiter High School is probably just slightly over a mile from our home. In the mornings when I am on my daily walk, around 6:15, lately, through the woods I have been hearing Lassiter Band practicing. Anna said she heard them in the late evening practicing also.

There was a goal behind all their hard work: to razzle-dazzle the parade’s onlookers.

I think it may have worked.

1959 OLYMPIAN - Seniors, 2nd part

Wednesday, November 24, 2010


Take a moment out of this busy day of food preparations and last minute house cleaning and sit down and take a break.

And, while you are just sitting there use your time wisely, watch some MARX BROTHERS:

After The MARX BROTHERS were made they threw away the pattern.

1959 OLYMPIAN - Seniors - 1st

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Reality Pacman

We went to Costco and everyplace you looked they were handing out free samples of hot steaming food. It is time to buy food for Thanksgiving and the free sample corps were offering morsels of delicious food so you would be tempted to buy more. As I walked down the aisle trying out samples I felt like Pacman.

“Take some home today” the sample-workers would say enticing.

“Only one percent fat”.

“With this coupon you can save money on these goodies! – try one!”

“Try this spread – it is made of real lobster!”

“This is marinated chicken,”

“Real beef!”

“Take some home!”

Down at the other end of the long freezer was a lady handing out little baked breaded triangles with spinach in between. It looked good. She had a tray full of samples. As I got closer a lady pushing a shopping cart with kids following. Suddenly all the hands from the shopping cart were reaching for samples. One of left! Hah! I almost reached the sample lady when suddenly a hand snaked in from her other side and grabbed the last sample.


She said she would have another batch ready in about five minutes. I wheeled up to the pharmacy area, looped around and browsed at merchandised, making sure to be back in five minutes. My timing was just right - she pulled another tray of steaming hot samples out of her Dutch oven.


1959 OLYMPI;AN - Classes - intro

Monday, November 22, 2010

What Were You Doing This Date In History?

What were you doing on this date 47 years ago? I think everybody that was six years or older on November the 22nd 1963 will remember what they were doing the day John F. Kennedy was assassinated.

I had arrived at HU-4 Squadron Enlisted Men’s Barracks in Lakehurst, New Jersey, after driving all night, bringing my car from Georgia. I was exhausted and fell on my rack (bed) and was sound asleep when suddenly the barracks filled up with people talking. Kennedy had been shot. The squadron’s CO gave the rest of the day off.

That was what I did that dreadful date. Just think, there are probably a select few, when asked what they were doing that date they will continue to tell probably the same lie they have been telling for the past 46 years. In reality they were near the grassy knoll and book depository in Dallas changing history.

Also, on this date in 1940 Terry Gilliam was born in Minneapolis. Terry's name is not that much of a household name but he was/is the creative force behind MONTY PYTHON'S FLYING CIRCUS. He was also assistant to Harvey Kurtzman when he was the editor of HELP! Magazine.

Also born on this date in 1888 was Tarzan of the Apes, according to Edgar Rice Burroughs.

1959 OLYMPIAN - Golf and Tennis

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Enon Cemetery in Woodstockl, Ga Tour

Yesterday I took a guided tour of Enon Cemetery in Woodstock. I thought it would be interesting and I was right. Anna and I both have a number of relatives buried there.

The docent was Cherokee Tribune columnist Juanita Hughes. Mrs. Hughes did an excellent job. She has a southern accent and southern charm to boot. I think she was on pins and needles, it was her first tour. She spoke with enthusiasm and apparently well-researched the cemetery.

She had some interesting stories about some of the residents, some sad and some academia.

Her daughter handed out hand-outs showing a drawling of Enon Church built on the edge of the back of the cemetery property, or the way the roads went in 1871, the front of the cemetery.

Juanita mentioned she moved to Woodstock in 1965. In was sort of an introduction to a little amusing story. In 1965 there was only one subdivision in town. The native Woodstockons did not refer to the new subdivision by its real name but just by “the subdivision” and others would know exactly where they were referring to. It also gets back to my theory that you just about have to be on the outside looking in or new in an area to fully appreciate the locals and their systems.

I think she is a volunteer at the Woodstock History Museum which used to be Dean’s Drug Store. She said she has access to the medical records kept in the store. I’ll like to drop by and see if I can find out any more about William and Emaline Ray Hunter, and their children.

I read or heard the cemetery tourists were limited to about 15 people. I didn’t count them but I think they were nearer to 25. Three of my relatives came, father, mother, and son of the Poor family. The father and son are descended from Arminda Hunter Poor. She was married to Lewis Poor and their graves are at the end of the video. Arminda is the daughter of my great grandfather William A. Trammell/Hunter.

A Chicken-fat reader was there also. Not only is he a Chicken-fat reader, he had, I feel, developed into a friend. I don’t dare call him a chicken-fat groupie or fan. He reads Chicken-fat because of the local tainting I do.
Also, I heard one young lady mentioned her last name is Peed. I jumped right in the middle of her conversation (I hate me when I do that) and asked her if she is any related to an ex-coworker of mine with the same last name. Yep, that is her uncle. Small world. OK, go back to your conversation.

A couple things to look for in the video: Just to make it a little more interesting: There are two markers in the same clip that their names kind of relate or complement each other. And the other is a marker bordered by what looks to be holly berries. What is the first name on the marker?


VENGEFUL SIOUX! was illustrated by Jack Davis and probably written by FRONTLINE COMBAT editor Harvey Kurtzman, giving it a typical EC/O'Henry type ending.

Saturday, November 20, 2010

My Hometown in Lights

Tonight we watched on DVD the movie "THE KILLERS" which was a romantic comedy with a lot of killings.

In it we were surprised to see shot after shot of downtown Marietta. All around the Square and downtown were scene of Marietta. I think the movie gave the illusion it was taking place, well someplace other than Marietta.

My Tyson Genealogy, part 33

225. NOVELLA ANN9 HOGAN (MARY JANE8 TYSON, AARON7, AARON6, CORNELIUS5, THOMAS4, MATHIAS3, JOHN2, UNKNOWN1) was born 04 Oct 1869 in , Orange, NC, and died 16 Sep 1950 in Orange Methodist Church, Chapel Hill, Orange Co, NC. She married WILLIAM THOMAS HOGAN 23 Dec 1886 in , Orange, NC. He was born 02 Dec 1856, and died 03 May 1922.

Burial: Orange Methodist Church, Chapel Hill, Orange Co, NC

iii. PEARL HALFORD HOGAN, b. Aft. 1886; d. Unknown; m. LUKE R. MAY.
iv. EVA GALES HOGAN, b. 11 Oct 1888, , Orange, NC; d. 25 Mar 1974, Durham, Durham, NC; m. CLYDE L. CATES; b. 26 Dec 1890; d. 22 Jul 1959.

Burial: Orange Methodist Church, Chapel Hill, Orange Co, NC

More About CLYDE L. CATES:
Burial: Orange Methodist Church, Chapel Hill, Orange Co, NC

v. WILLIAM CLYDE HOGAN, b. 28 Oct 1905, , Orange, NC; d. 1980; m. ETHEL ISADORE LITTLE.

Burial: Orange Methodist Church, Chapel Hill, Orange Co, NC

226. CARRIE MAE9 HOGAN (MARY JANE8 TYSON, AARON7, AARON6, CORNELIUS5, THOMAS4, MATHIAS3, JOHN2, UNKNOWN1) was born 11 Aug 1875 in , Orange, NC, and died 30 Apr 1949. She married WILLIAM B. THOMPSON 11 Oct 1895 in , , NC. He was born 09 Nov 1870, and died 19 Aug 1946.

Burial: Chapel Hill Public Cemetery, Chapel Hill, Orange Co., NC

Burial: Chapel Hill Public Cemetery, Chapel Hill, Orange Co., NC

i. THOMAS TYSON10 THOMPSON, b. 16 May 1897, Chapel Hill, Orange Co., NC; d. 24 Oct 1970, Durham, Durham, NC; m. (1) CLEO SIMPSON; m. (2) MINNIE WIGGS.
ii. MARY WARREN THOMPSON, b. Aft. 1897; d. Unknown.
iii. RUTH B. THOMPSON, b. 10 Aug 1910, , Orange, NC; d. 12 Jun 1953.

Burial: Chapel Hill Public Cemetery, Chapel Hill, Orange Co., NC

227. MARY EMMA9 TYSON (HENRY CLAY8, AARON7, AARON6, CORNELIUS5, THOMAS4, MATHIAS3, JOHN2, UNKNOWN1) was born 18 Feb 1866 in , Randolph, NC, and died 30 Apr 1953 in Burlington, Alamance, NC. She married ROBERT FRANKLIN "BOB" WADDELL 14 Mar 1889 in Burlington, Alamance, NC. He was born 20 Jan 1860 in Burlington, Alamance, NC, and died 09 Apr 1945 in Burlington, Alamance, NC.

Burial: Providence Church, Graham, Alamance, NC

Burial: Providence Church, Graham, Alamance, NC

Children of MARY TYSON and ROBERT WADDELL are:
i. MINNIE LEE10 WADDELL, b. 29 Dec 1889, Browers Mill, Randolph, NC; d. 20 Feb 1959; m. ROB GILMORE.
ii. JOHN TYSON WADDELL, b. 20 Feb 1892, , Randolph, NC; d. 1892.
iii. BEULAH KATHLEEN WADDELL, b. Oct 1893, Browers Mill, Randolph, NC; d. Unknown; m. UNKNOWN BLACK.
iv. LUCY ELMA WADDELL, b. 1898, , Randolph, NC; d. 22 Sep 1997.
v. OLLIVE WADDELL, b. 16 Nov 1900, , Randolph, NC; d. 02 Nov 1991; m. UNKNOWN TATE.

Burial: Pine Hill Cemetery, Burlington, Alamanace Co., NC

vi. ROBERT HENRY WADDELL, b. 1903, , Randolph, NC; d. 1989; m. DORIS.

228. ARCHIBALD BRYANT "ARCHIE"9 TYSON (HENRY CLAY8, AARON7, AARON6, CORNELIUS5, THOMAS4, MATHIAS3, JOHN2, UNKNOWN1) was born 14 May 1868 in Browers Mill, Randolph, NC79, and died 29 Jan 1952 in Benton, , Tx. He married ETHEL ANN COBB 16 Aug 1912 in Stockdale, , Tx. She died 08 Aug 1955 in Benton, , Tx.

Occupation: Teacher, principal, school system superintendent

Occupation: Teacher

Marriage Notes for ARCHIBALD TYSON and ETHEL COBB:
They spent finally settled in Denton, Texas.

i. HOWARD BRUCE10 TYSON, b. 04 Oct 1913, Berclair, , Tx.
ii. KENNETH MANNING TYSON, b. 16 Sep 1915, Berclair, , Tx.

Military service: Army - WWII

iii. KATHERINE MCKENZIE TYSON, b. 16 Sep 1915, Berclair, , Tx.
iv. ARCHIBALD BRYANT TYSON, JR, b. 15 Aug 1919, Iowa Park, , Iowa.
v. EARL TYSON, b. Abt. 1920.

More About EARL TYSON:
Military service: Army - WWII

229. JOHN AARON9 TYSON (BENJAMIN CORNELIUS FRANKLIN8, AARON7, AARON6, CORNELIUS5, THOMAS4, MATHIAS3, JOHN2, UNKNOWN1) was born 01 Mar 1880 in Cheraw, Chesterfield, SC, and died 28 Dec 1962 in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, Ok. He married MARY LEE HAYES. She was born 27 Mar 1886 in Glensford, , Ky, and died 12 Mar 1959 in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, Ok.

Burial: Bethany Cemetery, Oklahoma Co., Ok

Burial: Bethany Cemetery, Oklahoma Co., Ok

Children of JOHN TYSON and MARY HAYES are:
i. MARY EULA10 TYSON, b. Aft. 1906; m. JOHN TEMPLE STINCHCOMB; b. 06 Dec 1907, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, Ok; d. 30 May 1963, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, Ok.

Burial: Resurrection Memorial, Oklahoma City, Ok

ii. EUNICE ANN TYSON, b. Aft. 1906.
iii. FLORENCE IVIE TYSON, b. Aft. 1906.
v. JOHN AARON TYSON, b. Aft. 1906.
vi. NEWBY CLAUDE TYSON, b. Aft. 1906; m. MARIE.
vii. JAMES FRANKLIN TYSON, b. Aft. 1906.
viii. PATRICIA FERN TYSON, b. Aft. 1906.
ix. THOMAS CARL TYSON, b. Aft. 1906.
x. MONA JEAN TYSON, b. Aft. 1906.
xi. MILDRED ELLEN TYSON, b. 23 Jun 1920, Anadarko, Caddo, Ok; d. 21 Aug 1968.
xii. MYRTLE VIRGINIA TYSON, b. 30 May 1922, Anadarko, Caddo, Ok; d. 09 Aug 1987, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, Ok.

230. SAMUEL P.9 TYSON (LEMUEL8, SAMUEL7, JEHU6, JOHN5, THOMAS4, MATHIAS3, JOHN2, UNKNOWN1) was born 31 Jan 1851 in Ansonville, Anson Co., NC, and died 10 Feb 1925 in Ansonville, Anson Co., NC. He married EDNA "EDNEY" TEAL. She was born 25 Mar 1853, and died 15 May 1902 in Ansonville, Anson Co., NC.

344. i. BENJAMIN FRANKLIN10 TYSON, b. 11 Jan 1887, Ansonville, Anson Co., NC; d. 12 Jul 1944, Ansonville, Anson Co., NC.

231. JANE ELIZABETH J.9 SMITH (ELIZABETH8 TYSON, SAMUEL7, JEHU6, JOHN5, THOMAS4, MATHIAS3, JOHN2, UNKNOWN1) was born 30 Jul 1846 in , Anson Co, NC, and died 24 Jul 1907 in Maysfield, Milam Co, Tx. She married MARTIN VAN B. TYSON80 06 Dec 1899 in Maysfield, Milam Co, Tx, son of NOAH TYSON and MARY MORRIS. He was born 27 Jun 1840 in , Henry Co, Tn, and died 25 Feb 1914 in Maysfield, Milam Co, Tx.

Children of JANE SMITH and MARTIN TYSON are:
345. i. CONWAY WOODSON10 TYSON, b. 10 Nov 1878, Maysfield, Milam Co, Tx; d. 06 Nov 1930, Cameron, Milam Co, Tx.
346. ii. RANDOLPH ROY TYSON, b. 03 Feb 1877, Maysfield, Milam Co, Tx; d. 12 Jul 1940, Maysfield, Milam Co, Tx.

232. JOHN MARSHALL9 TYSON (JAMES ROBERT8, URIAH7, JEHU6, JOHN5, THOMAS4, MATHIAS3, JOHN2, UNKNOWN1) was born 19 Jan 1845 in , MC, Tn, and died 21 Nov 1914 in Atkins, Pope Co, Ar. He married ELIZABETH C. BOYD, daughter of SAMUEL BOYD and EUNICE CLELAND. She was born 21 Aug 1849 in , LC, SC, and died 14 Mar 1921 in Atkins, Pope Co, Ar.

Children of JOHN TYSON and ELIZABETH BOYD are:
347. i. JOHN ARDIS10 TYSON, b. 19 Dec 1883, Atkins, Pope Co, Ar; d. 18 Oct 1962, Little Rock, , Ar.
348. ii. ORA ALICE TYSON, b. 22 Jul 1878, , Pope Co, Ar; d. 06 Oct 1968, , Pitt Co, Ar.

233. JAMES A.9 TYSON (URIAH8, URIAH7, JEHU6, JOHN5, THOMAS4, MATHIAS3, JOHN2, UNKNOWN1) was born 17 Mar 1850 in , Ouachita Co, Ar, and died 19 Oct 1888 in Buena Vista, Ouachita Co, Ar. He married SUSAN JOSEPHINE SMITH 1872 in , Ouachita Co, Ar, daughter of HENRY SMITH and SARAH HODGE. She was born 22 Nov 1856 in , Ouachita Co, Ar, and died 30 Mar 1925 in Washington, Hempstead Co, Ar.

Children of JAMES TYSON and SUSAN SMITH are:
349. i. SAMUEL TILLMAN10 TYSON, b. 27 Nov 1876, , Ouachita Co, Ar; d. 20 Sep 1951, Camden, , Ouachita Co, Ar.
350. ii. WILLIAM JAMES TYSON, b. 14 Nov 1874, , Quachita Co, Ar; d. 26 Jul 1938, , Quachita Co, Ar.
351. iii. SARAH MIRANDA TYSON, b. 22 Jan 1873, , Quachita Co, Ar; d. 12 Aug 1934, , Quachita Co, Ar.
352. iv. JOHN JEWELL TYSON, b. 29 Feb 1884, Buena vista, Ouchita Co, Ar; d. 13 Oct 1934, Little Rock, Pulaski Co, Ar.

234. WILLIAM HARVEY9 TYSON (URIAH8, URIAH7, JEHU6, JOHN5, THOMAS4, MATHIAS3, JOHN2, UNKNOWN1)81 was born 17 Mar 1850 in , Quachita Co, Ar, and died 08 Jul 1916 in , Quachita Co, Ar. He married ELLA E. GOODWIN81, daughter of HARDY GOODWIN and RETTA HUEY. She was born 17 Oct 1855 in , Union Co, Ar, and died 15 May 1946 in Corpus Christi, Nueces Co, Tx.

353. i. HARVEY JEWELL10 TYSON, b. Jul 1886, , Quachita Co, Ar; d. 04 May 1941, Little Rock, Pulaski Co, Ar.

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Friday, November 19, 2010

A Night In The Haunted History Museum

We went to the Marietta Museum of History last night to hear Ron Ransom speak. He is known as a wood carver and writer of instructing books on carving. He was also known at one time as the artist who put out a newspaper comic strip of thumb prints. His thumb prints had little tails which made them look like mice, and balloons coming from them like Mickey Mouse, but Ron’s were more profound and thought provocative.

Ron Ransom gave a very good lecture or talk and he illustrated his talk with invisible slides that he clicked a remote from an invisible slide projector, which brought down the house in laughter. They way he delivered his wit reminded me a lot of George Gobel.

I did not video him giving his lecture because I am a “Monkey see, monkey do” kind of guy and I was the only monkey in the room.

Of course we were early; this time an hour and a half early. The museum was closed but was told we could walk around and look at things which we did. They have a huge doll collection and also a huge gun collection from all the wars. They have a lot of other stuff too.

On the video the pictures of pictures were mostly taken in the lecture room before anyone came. Most are portraits of the Marietta’s first elite and city father’s. The first two pictures are of Marietta’s own Alice Birney, founder of the PTA. Also of course when you think of Marietta’s city’s fathers you think of the Glover and Clay families. They are there too.

I think the painting of the Civil War Battle is depicting the Battle of Kennesaw Mountain, which is a big part of the town’s history because Kennesaw Mountain is only about a mile north of town. But the mountain is not a twin peak mountain

The Marietta Museum of History is in the Kennesaw House. If you believe in ghosts then you will probably believe that when a group came with some kind of electronic instruments that detected spirits they counted over 2000 ghosts in the building. The building was a hotel during the Civil War. It overlooks the railroad tracks.

Which reminds me, before the lecture, a train came through and all things loose in the room we were in shook and rattled. After thinking about it, that has been going on for at least 150 years. It seems that some of the nuts and bolts would have shaken themselves free by now. Watch out! The building is bound to collapse any minute now!

During the Civil War, April 1862, James Andrews and his Andrews Raiders came to Marietta and stayed overnight in the Kennesaw House. According to Walt Disney’s GREAT LOCOMOTIVE CHASE the Andrews group pretended they were strangers to one another. They stayed a night and then in the morning all loaded onto the train pulled by The GENERAL and went to the next stop in Big Shanty (Kennesaw). At the stop in Big Shanty crew and travelers got off and went into the Lacy Hotel for breakfast. Then Andrews Raiders stole the General, thus inspired several future movies.

Back at the Kennesaw House in the Marietta History Museum, the same room James Andrews, stayed in, the room has been duplicated with a mannequin of James Anderws looking out the window onto the depot area. The rascal!

See the next to the last scene of the video for that moment in history frozen.

And the last scene is in the men’s restroom. Study it, and it speaks for itself.

Here is a Ron Ransom original carving we purchased several years ago. It is a Christmas ordainment. Santa is holding Marietta’s famous BIG CHICKEN.

1959 OLYMPIAN Baseball

Thursday, November 18, 2010


Yesterday we went to CVS to buy a certain item that was advertised on sale, limited 3 per customer.

Anna bought 3 and I bought 3. The cashier, with a German accent, could not believe what we were trying to pull off.

She said in so many words we were disobeying the rules. Well, we were each a customer. Limit 3 to a customer - yep! That is exactly what we were doing.

She compared our cash register tickets and said the cards we swiped and more or less said, “Ahah! You have the same swipe-card identification number!” She looked smug. She had us dead to rights. I was wondering if she was going to call 911.

A German accent can sound so strict. It is an accent that you are either right or wrong. It is a “You will respect authority!” kind of accent.

She said she was going to let us go this time. Then, as a topper, she gave us a frosty “HAVE A NICE DAY!” as we left.

I told Anna we should go to Eddie’s Trick Shop that sells stage makeup & masks and buy two false handle-bar mustaches, put them on and go back to CVS and attempt to buy six more of the on-sale item and watch the lady do a hissy-fit.

1959 OLYMPIAN Boys Basketball Team

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

What Will They Think of Next?

This is a LI’L ABNER newspaper cartoon strip, by Al Capp, published in 1941, the year I was born.

Notice that Li’l Abner and his parents are confused over the “tellyphone”, a new gadget that talks.

When I see my sons with their ipods, blackberries, and whatever else new in the world of electronic gadgetry I know exactly how the Yokum family feel.

What will they think of next?” Has probably been the most rhetorical question since the invention of peanutbutter

1959 Olympian - Girls Basketball Team