Thursday, September 30, 2021


THE FANTASTICKS was  Fantastic!  Now that Broadway shows are opening back up it remind me of he only roadway show we have seen, KONG.  Which was another version of king kong with live rocking music.

It also reminded me of the off-Broadway play, THE FANTASTICKS.  This was about 1964 or 1965 when I was stationed nearby in Lakehurst, NJ.  My friend Sam has seen it before, maybe more than once.  The play of held in the basement of a building I in the Village.  The room wasn’t all that big, maybe the size of a regular classroom.   It was “standing room only”  and we can vouch for that statement. 

The play was simple enough.  It was about two families living next door.  One family had a son courting age and of course the other son had a daughter courting age.  The story was mostly about the two fathers interacting about their children dating and falling in love, naturally.  That I simple enough.  Then there is whole flow strange characters, that make the story more interesting.

But the jest of the story is that there is no props.  The props are in care of the prop man.  If they need a fence to talk over the prop man runs over between them an holds out a walking cane or an umbrella..  If fall leaves are called for he gracefully dances around with a sack of colored leaves to throw.

A number of popular songs came from this play.  Just typing it I am min-humming “Soon it is going to rain, I can feel it.”

Which if rain is called for the prop man with take care of that with a water bobble and fan.  For wind he huffs and puffs.

We have seen the play two or three times, at Kennesaw College I think.  It is always different, people adding their special interpretation and so on.

According to Wikipedia th story is Harry Schmidt and the music by Tom Jones (Tom Jones?)

Wednesday, September 29, 2021

My Grandson and I, two Rocks.


Cascade Falls


This is recycled from my facebook post a year ago.

On WABE public radio today when I turned it on Cascade Falls off Sand Town Road in Atlanta was being discussed. I only caught some of it. My ears perked up when I realized they were talking about a little known Civil War site. It isn't well known because it is not in the history books according to the speaker. He said it is not in the history books because the winner s get to write the history books. He was saying at Cascade Falls the Confederates lured a whole company into the Cascade Falls area and it is shaped like a horseshoe. So, the Rebs got the Yanks in the area which was a trap and decimated them - so said the guy being interviewed, which I take it he was a historian. Also mentioned it got its name because there is a waterfall that falls down some rocks, cascade style. The radio people stopped and asked several people that visited the falls - they said it was the best kept secret. I suppose it WAS - not now. Thanks WABE! Did you know Atlanta had a waterfall?
i Googled Cascade Falls of Atlanta and it is located near Cascade and Campbellton Roads.
No photo description available.

Tuesday, September 28, 2021

Proof There Is Gravity


I have some good news!  I will vouch that Sir Isaac Newton was right.   There is Gravity!  Some skeptics wanted proof.  I have a sour red spot on top of my head this morning, which is proof..

This morning I got up early and started my daily routine, and that is not to turn on the lights in the bedroom and feel by touch and memory down the hall  to the bathroom.  This morning at one point I lost the wall and fell.  And fell hard.  It felt like I fell 50 feet and WHAM!  How I landed on my head I don’t know.  I am only 5 ft 7, so it is not like I could do cartwheels or something on the way down.

No Bones were broken.

Not that it matters I fell last week too.  I wonder if I could sleep with my bicycle helmet on?

Monday, September 27, 2021

Bolton Road, Atlanta, Ga. 50 years ago


On TV I just heard a local traffic report of a wreck on Bolton Road in Atlanta. It brought back memories. I knew Bolton Road well. I worked for Sinclair Refining Company and their building was one block off Bolton.
Do you know there is an elaborate ghostly pet cemetery on Hollywood Road, near Bolton Road? Also do you know there was a Dairy Queen on Bolton Road. My memory also reminds me Mr. Coffee, an elderly Sinclair co-employee lived on Bolton Road. Mr. Coffee was old then so well…

There was also a Sinclair Service Station on Bolton Road and that is what I am building up to which occurred in 1967, just a couple of months before I married Anna.

There was a Burger King on nearby Marietta Blvd. One day I was sitting in my little red Triumph eating my Whopper and a dump truck backed up, did not see me and the bottom of his load landed on my hood and when he started forwarded his truck bed bottom caught something on my car and drug me and my little red toy sideways across the parking lor. I tooted my little shrill horn until the driver realized he was about to kill me and stopped. Afterwards the company the guy worked for agreed to pay all damages to my little sports car.

Which they did (we thought). After I thought all were fixed and I signed papers saying so, my transmission started acting up. It was 4 in the floor. Sometimes it would clamp up on a gear when shifting. Sometimes, when parked, it was hard to wiggle it out of reverse.

Then one day on Bolton Road at a red light, when the light change I could not get the thing in first to take off. I forgot how I did it but somehow I got it to the Sinclair Station. The owner said he could fix it, for me to make myself comfortable and he would have it fixed in no time. He was drunk as a coot. What choice did I have.

I had a seat in his show room and I heard him in the bay singing, banging, cursing, banging, and hollering “Mother Fucker”! a few times. Then told his helper, “I see the problem, go in there, get one of the coat hangers and bring to me. The helper did as he was told and drunk did something with the coat hanger and the car was fixed. He didn’t charge me much as I remember.

I’ll have to ride down Bolton Road and see how it has changed, its about 53 years since the Triumph incident.


Sunday, September 26, 2021


 THE MAD READER is also the name of first MAD paperback of a collection of some of their stories.

The artist of this is Bail Wolvetron (1909-1978).  Basil won a LI'L ABNER contest to draw the ugliest woman, he won in 1946 and she was named Lena the Hyena, and she still pops up now and then today.  Basel also had several comics he drew regularly POWER HOUSE PEPPE and a BUCK ROGERS type of comicbook.  Also, I he was an illustrator for the LIGHTHOUSE Magazine (Jehovah Witnesses).  

He was an excellent artist. 

click on page to make images bigger.

Lena the Hyena

Saturday, September 25, 2021

Who Ate the Free Fried Chicken at the Pep Rallies?


Trump still claims it is a fact he won the Presidential Election.  His only proof is the huge number of enthused fans at his pep rallies. 

But did these enthused people actually vote?

It reminds me of when Gene Talmadge was not reelected the Governor of Georgia.  His only proof was his statement that went something like this: a lot of people ate a lot of free fried chicken at his pep rallies.

Friday, September 24, 2021

John an Drucilla Wilson Huey


John T. Huey and Drucilla Wilson were the parents of Nancy Elizabeth Huey Tyson, who was the mother of Minnie Tyson Hunter.. John T. Huey was a wealthy landowner and for that he was exempted from fighting in the Civil War, however he went anyway, for a fee he was a substitute.
John T. Huey [157], son of James Buchannan Huey [159] and Druscilla [160], was born on 19 Aug 1826 in , , SC, died in Feb 1891 in , Cherokee Co, GA at age 64, and was buried in Bascomb United Methodist Church, Cherokee Co., GA.
General Notes: Probably born near Abbleville, S.C.
Noted events in his life were:
• He served in the military on 12 Jun 1862. Enlisted Confed., as substitute for John B. TIPPINS, Confederacy, Co., B., 43rd Regiment, Reg Vol., Infrant Army of Tn.
• He served in the military in Apr 1863 in Vicksburg, , MS. Court marshalled
• He served in the military in Jul 1863 in Vicksburg, , MS. Federal captured his unit, signed an Oath of Allegiance to U.S.A.
• He served in the military in Oct 1863 in Vicksburg, , MS. Back with Confederacy
• He served in the military from 10 Dec 1863 to 13 Jan 1864 in Vicksburg, , MS. AWOL
• Donation: 1883, , Cherokee Co, GA. Donated 2.75 acres to Bascomb Meth Church cemetery.
John married Drucilla Wilson [158] [MRIN: 91].
Children from this marriage were:
35 i. Nancy Elizabeth Huey [95]
ii. John Huey [5209] was born in 1861 and died on an unknown date.
iii. Greenberry Huey [5211] was born on 19 Apr 1863 in , Cherokee Co, GA, died on 9 Aug 1939 in , Cherokee Co, GA at age 76, and was buried in Bascomb United Methodist Church, Cherokee Co., GA.
iv. Monroe Huey [5213] was born after 1863 and died on an unknown date.
v. Josey Huey [5214] was born after 1863 and died on an unknown date.
vi. Minta Huey [5216] was born after 1860 and died on an unknown date.
vii. Thomas Huey [5218] was born in Sep 1871 in , Cherokee Co, GA, died in Jun 1941 at age 69, and was buried in Bascomb United Methodist Church, Cherokee Co., GA.
71. Drucilla Wilson [158] was born on 14 Sep 1825 in , , SC, died on 27 Jul 1905 in , Cherokee Co, GA at age 79, and was buried in Bascomb United Methodist Church, Cherokee Co., GA.
Johnny Hunter, Jeanne Hunter and 1 other

Thursday, September 23, 2021

Job Tyson


Job Tyson is Eugene Hargraves Tyson's father. Job got into hot water by paying a prank on the Revolutionary War and got caught, which is punishable by death, but he even got a worse punishment: What appeared to be forgiven, or pardoned by British General Cornwallis. Then his peers thought he and Cornwallis were buddies.
Job Tyson [100], son of John Tyson [104] and Bethany Hines [105], was born before 1760 in , Pitt Co, NC and died in 1803 in Hancock Or Oglethorpe, GA.
General Notes: Branded a Tory? Frederick TYSON (brother) signed a petition for Job TYSON, classified as Tory.
North Carolina Colonial Records, Vol 16, pages 580-81 shows the following:
Petition from Pitt Co., NC, Martainborough, 1 Apr 1782. For pardon for Mr. Job TYSON (who broke his parole from Lord Cornwallis and went to South Carolina). Signed by numerous citizens including Aaron TISON, Frederick TISON, Cornelius TISON, William TISON, Jonathan TISON, and many others.
Leonardo Andrea File, page 6, #32:
A petition signed 1st day of April 1782 re Job TYSON, now a resident in the State of South Carolina and who desired to return to his home in Pitt Co., NC.
"Job TYSON as a very young man had taken a brave part in the Revolution with the American forces, etc., etc. When Charleston was captured, Job TYSON took a parole from Lord Cornwallis and because of that, he was now classified as a Tory"
The petition was to allow Job TYSON to visit his family in Pitt Co., NC and to take from his name the stigma of being a Tory.
"Land Deed Genealogy of Hancock County, Georgia", compiled by Helen & Tim
Marsh. Greenville, SC: Southern Historical Press, Inc. c1997. page 253.
Page 159: 21st January 1800. Nicholas Huse and Ana Huse of Washington County to John Grigg of Hancock County for the sum of eight hundred dollars for a tract of land in Hancock County on a branch of Fort Creek, containing two hundred acres and adjoining William Grigg's line and along Arrington (illigible) line and by Job Tyson's line to Epps Brown's line and by Cain's
land. Signed by Nicholas Hughes and Anne Huse. Wit: Wm. Grigg and Seth
Kennedy. Reg: 2nd May 1801.
Hancock Co., Ga. Deed Book E (1798-1802)
1790 Census, Page #: 147
Pitt Co. NC
Ages in household: 01-03-02-00-00 (rethink )
NC Colonial Records
"Petition from Pitt County.
To His Excellency Thos. Burke, Exqr., Governor of the State of North Carolina, and the Honourable Gentlemen of the Council:
The Petition of the Inhabitants of Pitt County Humbly Sheweth: That Mr. Job Tyson having taken a Parole from Lord Cornwallis as he was passing through this State and hath not acted an Inimical part against it, so far as to take up Arms, but he being young and apprehensive, that his conduct was sufficient to bring him to severe punishment, left this State and went into South Carolina so that he being ignorant of the Several Proclamations offered to Delinquents could not Avail himself thereof.
And as the sd. Job Tyson had before taken an active part in Defence of this State and freely Turned out as a Volunteer in Defence of this State when the British first Reduced Charlestown and a person intirely young, and we doubting not but if he Should be received again as a Citizen but that he will become a useful member of Society. We, the Subscribers, do hereby recommend & Humbly Petition to your Excellency & Honour to Pardon him, not Doubting in the least but that his Conduct hereafter will prove Sufficient to merit the approbation of all good Citizens."
Martinborough, April 1st, 1782.
John Hardee, J. P., Jonathan, Aaron, Wm., Frederick Tison
James May, George Sugg 47 names in all
New entry April 15th, 1782
"Permitted Job Tison to repair to any Continental Officer to enlist for twelve months or otherwise to furnish a substitute.
Major McCauley will be so good as to send a messenger for the County Commissioner unless he can be assured that he will be in very early in the morning.
If the Major can appoint a discreet man to borrow some provisions for the troops I will take care that the Commissary General shall replace it in kind received of an equal quantity." End for that day.
Source: Land Deed Genealogy of Hancock County, Ga. by Van Schaick 1997
Georgia Tax Digests, 1789-1799
TISON, JOB HA/ra (County/district) 1794 (Year) 033 (Page)
Job Tyson info (con't)
Source: Some Ga. Co. Records Vol 4 by Lucas Page 296
Pages 123-125. Will of Willis Whatley dated 1 May 1799 land on Green Brier Creek in Greene Co.
Wit: Job Tison, Zerob. Williamson, Sarah (+) Basor
Source: Some Ga. Co. Records Vol 4 by Lucas Page 327
"Pages 163-167. JOB TISON, dec'd. Inventory dated 29 Dec. 1803. Negroes named: Lucy $250, Rachel $400, Aggey $400, Edey $325, Philip $450, Wil-----$450, Isaac $450, Joel $450 Ne---$300, Dinah $250, Aaron $225, M-----$200, Fi------$75, Br-----$150, Mary $150. Several counterpins, bolsters, curtains, quilts, nice furniture and dishes, dictionary, Church Bible, books, farm equipment and animals. Book Accounts: Bryant Butler, Henderson Collier, Thos. Carrell, Joel McClendon, William Thornton. Total not given, but over $6201.60. s/D Henderson, Andrew -----, Zorl -----,appraisers. Sworn before Jno. Crowder, JP 30 Jan. 1804. Note that vouchers showing money paid out registered on page 261."
Source: Some Ga. Co. Records Vol one, Lucas Page 103
(note page 102 has Epps Brown's name as Admnrs of Lundy Huff. Brown was a land owner near Job's land)
'DELITHA TYSON, Admnx. of JOB TYSON dec'd and JOHN HERBIRT and MILLER ABERCROMBIE Security bond for $12000 dated 10 Dec. 1803."
Source: Some Ga. Co. Records Vol 4 Lucas page 670
"Index to Headright & Bounty Grants of Georgia"
JOB TYSON, grantee Hancock (location of grant) EEEEE (Grant Book)
462 (page) 37 ½ acres granted 1803 (year of grant)
Source: Some Ga. Co. Records Vol One Lucas Page 253
"Hancock County Georgia Deed Books 1794 - 1802"
"Page 159: 21st January 1800. Nicholas Huse and Ana Huse of Washington County to John Grigg of Hancock County for the sum of eight hundred dollars for a tract of land in Hancock County on a branch of Fort Creek containing two hundred acres and adjoining william Grigg's line and along arrington (illegible) line and by Job Tyson's line to Epps Brown's line and by Cain's land. Signed by Nicholas Hughes and Anne Huse. Wit: Wm. Grigg and Seth Kennedy. Reg: 2nd May 1801."
from Ga. Archives:
a 10x14" sheet
#462 ...State of Ga by ....John Milledge (gov) etc. give and grant to
Job Tison
37 1/4 acres in Hancock
NorthWest by Job Tisons land; South East by D. Hamiltons land; North East by
John Cowders (Crowders) land; and South West by Hargraves's land"
dated signed by the Governor Nov 16, 1803....Registered 16 day of Nov 1803
"in the year of our LORD...and in the twentyeighth year of American
Job married Delitha Stanton [101] [MRIN: 54].
Children from this marriage were:
i. Delitha Winston Tyson [5051] was born before 1778 and died about 1865 in Augusta, Richmond Co, GA.
ii. Elizabeth Tyson [5052] was born about 1780 and died on an unknown date.
iii. Kinshian Tyson [5053] was born about 1783 and died on an unknown date.
iv. John Jones Tyson [5055] was born about 1788 and died on an unknown date.
136 v. Eugene Hargraves Job Tyson [98]
273. Delitha Stanton [101], daughter of James Stanton [122] and Elizabeth Thweatt [123], was born before 1770 and died before 1803.
General Notes: I need to insert this someplace: When I first started researching the TYSON family, I had information that Delitha's maiden name was HAMBY.
The first child of Job and Delitha was named Delitha Winston Tyson; thus, indicating Delitha's marriage to Winston occurred prior to her marriage to Job Tyson. The fact that her former husband's surname was combined in the child's name might indicate Delitha was carrying the child when James Winston died or that the child was adopted after the second marriage took place
-Stanley Tyson
"DELITHA TYSON, Admnx. of JOB TYSON< dec'd and JOHN HERBIRT and MILLER ABERCROMBIE Security bond for $12,000 dated 10 Dec. 1803"`
Source: Hancock Co., Ga. records, page 193, "Some Ga County Record, vo1. Being some of the Legal Records of Columbia, Hancock, Jefferson, and Warren Counties, Ga." compiled by The Rev. Silas Emmett Lucas, Jr. Southern Historical Press, c1977.
1805 - Delitha TYSON drew land in Wilkinson Co., Ga. - Judy Tyson Raymond (1999).
This person had folks on Fort Creek also.
Bombshell - Delitha remarried!
- Judith Tyson Raymond, 1999
Hancock County Georgia
Court of Ordinary Minutes
1799 - 1817
Compiled by:
J. Kenneth Brantley
Published by:
The Brantley Association of America
Page 104
At a court of ordinary that was began and held in and for the county of
Hancock on Wednesday the 6th of July 1803. Present their honors: John
Coulter, John W. Devereux, Brice Gaither, William Rabun. {Justices}
Page 110
Delitha Tyson applies for letter of administration on the estate of Job Tyson
dec'd Ordered that citation be published accordingly.
Page 114
On Saturday 10th day of December 1803. the court met agreeably to
adjournment. Present their honors: Brice Gaither, Jno. Wm. Devereux Wm.
Rabun {Esquires}
Page 115
Ordered that letters of administration be granted to Mrs.Delitha Tyson on the
estate of Job Tyson dec'd; Whereupon it is ordered that Duke Hamilton,
Anderson Comer, Zerobabel Williamson & John Crowder or any three of them be
and they are hereby appointed to appraise on oath the personal estate of Job
Tyson dec'd. {"rec'd $5" listed in Margin}
Page 151
At a court of ordinary held on Friday the 8th day of February, 1805. Present
their honors:
William Rabun, Stephen Evans, John Crowder {Esquires}
Page 155
Mrs. Deletha Tyson returned an account of vouchers for money paid of the
estate of Job Tyson dec'd to the amount of four hundred & thirty four dollars
& ninety three cents - also said administratrix returned an account of sales
of said estate to the amount of eight hundred and ninety eight dollars thirty
one and a quarter cents.
Page 222
At a court of ordinary held on Monday the first day of December 1806----
Present their honours: William Rabun, Stephen Evans, Richard A Blount, John
Crowder {Esquires}
Page 226
Whereas, Deletha Tyson, administratrix of the estate of Job Tyson, dec'd,
hath applied for leave to sell a tract of land containing three hundred acres
more or less, lying on the waters of Fort Creek, for the benefit of the heirs
and creditors of the said deceased and whereas the said Delitha hath lately
intermarried with John Herbirt-Ordered that the said John Herbirt do sell the
same agreeably to said application and advertisement.
Page 260
Monday 6th July 1807, The Court met agreeably to adjournment-present their
honours William Rabun, Stephen Evans, Richard A. Blount, Boling Hall, John
Crowder {Esq's.}
Page 261
John Herbirt in right of his wife administratrix of the estate of Job Tyson
dec'd returne'd an account of the sale of three hundred acres of land, for
three thousand and twenty five dollars.
- transcribed by Judith Tyson Raymond (1999)
Delitha married Job Tyson [100] [MRIN: 54].
Delitha next married John Harbirt [102] [MRIN: 55].
Delitha next married James Winston [103] [MRIN: 56].