Monday, May 31, 2021

Marietta National Cemetery


Profound Thoughts


This picture was taken of me sitting by the top of a waterfall in North Georgia, about 1967, smoking a cigarette. Everybody knew back then when you took a long healthy draw of a cigarette, you could see things deeper and see the meaning of life.
I remember what I was thinking as I inhaled. I was wondering if I peed into the waterfall, would my urine flow into the Savannah River and eventually into the Atlantic Ocean or would it flow into the Chattahoochee and go into the Gulf of Mexico?
Or into a drinking supply and into someone’s coffee?
Questions, questions! And no answers.
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Sunday, May 30, 2021


 Tomorrow is Memorial Day.  It is a Memorial to all our nation's Heroes.  Which brings up this MAD comicbook bit illustrated by Jack Davis and grafted out by editor Harvey Kurtzman.

Saturday, May 29, 2021

Charles & Paul Foster


Charles and Paul Foster. This is Anna's uncles, her mother Marie's two brothers, the youngest is Charles Jones Foster (1925-2012) and saluting Paul Everett Foster, Jr (1922-1995).
In school Paul worked part time as a projector operator at the Strand Theater in Marietta. He joined the Marines and fought in the Pacific. After the war he reenlisted in the Air Force. After that tour he joined the Marietta Post Office where he retired. He married Barbara Shea, no children.
Charles also worked for the Strand Theater while he was in school. He was in charge of getting the weekly programs printed and delivered. During WWII he enlisted in the Army, went to Pilots school and flew supplies in Europe during the war. Afterwards, he continued being a pilot for TWA until he retired. He married Florence Rogers and they moved to Kansas City. After he retired they moved back to Marietta. After Florence died he married Jane Johnson.
Charles an Florence had three daughters.
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Friday, May 28, 2021

Reading Bill Schelly About Harvey Kurtzman

The other day I dug into links to various podcasts.    I was looking for Harvey Kurtzman, who I suppose he is best known for being the first editor of MAD Comic book.  I am a big fan of the late Harvey Kurtzman.

I found several Kurtzman podcasts and listened to one. 

Most of the podcasts I have listened to they talk too fast.  I think they increase the more words per second which makes me not understand most of he words and I am always behind and have a hard tune keeping up.

The Kurtzman podcast I listened to that day his biographer  was Bill Schelly.  I was very impressed with his vast Kurtzman information. 

I thought “Who is this Bill Schelly guy?”  So, I googled him.  He knew a lot about comic books and their creators.  However, he died in 2019.

Then I googled him and his image of his Kurtzman biography book was shown.  I recognized that book!  I have it!  But I don’t remember reading it.  I dug through my books and found it.  It over 600 pages.  With my aging short attention span, no wonder I did not read it.

It looks very interesting with a lot of insight about Harvey Kurtzman so decided to give it another try.  It would be a waste of money if I don’t.  Since it is so big and I have a short memory I would have a job of retaining it all, I decided to put the names in a genealogy program, listing his family, relatives, associates, and so on. 

So far I read about 150 pages. It is very good.


Thursday, May 27, 2021

Auraria, Ga


WELCOME TO AURARIA, GEORGIA! Population 0 or 1: One of the things on my bucket list was to go to Auraria, Georgia, and take some pictures. I heard it was ghost town now. It is a ghost neighborhood, it doesn't have enough dwelling to even be a ghost subdivision. There are three houses, one is sort of big and decayed which symbolized the thriving gold mining rush that was here about 1830. This is where gold was discovered in Georgia, and the famous saying, "Thar's Gold in them thar hills!" originated. For years gold was mined, hydra-stripping the hills and mountains. Up until the gold was discovered it was all Indian land, the Cherokee and Creek Nation. They had a contract or a treatyto that fact. Then, some crooked Indians leaders and Georgia Political leaders voided the treaty. The Indians carried it to the Supreme Court and was ruled in their favor. But President Andrew Jackson ignored their decision and had the Indians forcefully removed to reservations out west, mostly in Oklahoma. President Andrew Jackson said Chief Justice John Marshall could enforce their decision if he could.
This little ghost neighborhood was the start of it all: Gold in them thar Hills and The Trail of Tears.
The old white house with all the junk is an interesting place. I poked around and took some pictures. When I got fairly close to the house I could hear someone singing old type songs, like "She'll Be Coming Around The Mountain When She Comes" The music was not coming from a radio, but from someone's throat. I heard on our visit to Dahlonega that the Pickers visited that house recently. It sure would have been easy pickings, all that junk out in the yard. I think someone must live there and he doesn't like visitors.


Wednesday, May 26, 2021

Warren & Bynon Prance c1919


These two brothers are Warren Clyde Prance (1915-1945) and Bynon Mayes Prance (1914- ? ). Clyde and Bynon are the sons of Homer Jackson and Cora Louise Smith Prance. Bynon and Clyde are first cousins to Anna's father Henry Paul Prance.
Warren and Clylde were both born in Americus, Sumter County, Georgia.
Bynon married Henrietta McDonald in Savannah and they had three children.…
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