Tuesday, January 31, 2023

Tempting is the Word

Firsr of all, I would like to tell you of a book I read by Vance Packard named HIDDEN PERSUADERS back in the 1950s. It is about ad-men who know more about you than you know yourself. They have figured out which asise in a supermarket you are most likely by what. They know what eye level temps females and so on. At Kroger's today in one aisle I went in about midways stood a frail little lady looking helplessly up at the top shelf. I figured right that something was on that top shelf she wanted. I asked her could I help her get something down. "Yes" she said, "That sack of Werthers." The size bag she wanted was in back of the shelf. I stood on my tiptoes and could barely reach the top of the sack. with my finger tips I tilted the sack over thus making it stick on more an inch or two more so I could reach it and rake it towards me. Opps! I raked two Werthers sacks instead of one to me. I handed her one and was about to put the second one on the next shelf down. She said she wanted that one too. OK. The elderly love Weathers. My late mother-in-law loved them, and many times while at her house I took I would help myself to a couple of her Werthers and acquired a taste for them too. I'm in my mid 70's. I qualify! Recently I heard a comedian make a crack about the elderly and their Werthers Candy. So, why would Krogers put their Werthers Candy merchandise on the unreachable top shelf?

Monday, January 30, 2023

Depot w Hound

This is Marietta Visitorf's Center. It used to be a train depot. They touched it up by having an old depot wagon there, and I wonder how much they pay that dog to wander aound looking for a shade?

Saturday, January 28, 2023

Monitor Radio Back In The Day

We were working in the house this afternoon and I found it hard to find an interesting radio station. Finally we played a Tuba Skinny CD that Anna gave me for Christmas. I was thinking years ago when NBC's Monitor was on the radio all weekend, every weekend. It had a some news, some interviews, a wide variety of music, and last but not least doses of BOB AND RAY all through the weekend. Monitor would be ideal to have in the background as you work on a project.... half way listening to and not intrusive enough to take away your focus. But it is gone forever, darn it. (This part was later added) About 1966 our annual Navy Reserve Training we went to Norfolk, Virgina. On the weekend I went to Harrisbut, Pa, to meet up with ex-Navy friends Dick Day and Donald Lash. I got there about a day before Don, so I sat with Dick during his one-man radio show and Monitor show. Monitor was broadcast nationally but transmitted on local NBC station. Dick and I talked between Monitor's excerpts. I wondered if Dick had pressed the wrong buttons and people were llistening to us from coast to coast. Nah, no such luck darn it.

Friday, January 27, 2023

Tax Season and the Mail.

Today, aster the mail carrier put mail in our mailbox I started walking up the driveway to retrieve it. Before I took a few steps the carrier put his vehicle in reverse and backed up and put another piece of mail in our mailbox and then sped off to our neighbors’ mailbox. That reminded of the time about a year or so ago I received my neighbor’s water bill. Mistakes do happen. So, I decided to deliver his water mill myself by just putting it in his mailbox. I opened his mailbox and it was almost full. It looked as if he had not picked up his mail in weeks. I hand delivered the bill. He looked surprised. I wondered if other people did that, not check their mail as often as I do? Walking back, I notice the people that live directly across the street their mailbox did not have a door on it, and theirs too was almost full. People can handle their mail anyway they choose, it’s theirs. But, because they do what they do, makes we wonder if some of our mail are in their piles? Since it is getting close to tax season I am getting concerned.

Me, Invisible Again

Me, an unintentional shadow selfie in Downtown Marietta.

Thursday, January 26, 2023

The Killing of Rev John Henry Lance

This is Rev John Henry Lance. The Reverend's parents are Samuel Riley Lance (1814-1895) and Rebecca Hunter (1812-1898).Rebecca is the daughter of John and Polly Edwards Hunter, our ancestor. Which of course means John Hunter was John Henry Lance's grandfather. Samuel Riley Lance: A friend of his (Samuel R. Lance), whoes name has long since been forgotten, was to have a duel with a fellow from Union County, and as fate would have it he became sick, not being able to fill the appointed date. Dueling custom has it that if you are sick you have the right to name a replacement, so Samuel Lance, being noted as a fighting man, was chosen to fight in his stead. He came to Union County by request, to uphold the honor of a friend, fought the duel and won, leaving his adversary, against whom he had no malice, lying motionless up the ground. He came to Union County in the Spring of 1839. He returned to Buncombe County and told his brothers and moved his family one year later. - From BLOOD MOUNTAIN COVENANT, A SON'S REVENGE pp7-8, by Charles E. Hill Back to Rev John Henry Lance. He grew up as his peers did, fighting, drinking, and gambling. He got involved in the Methodist religion and became a minister. He preached about the evils of drinking and moonshine, which his old friends were offended. One Sunday morning on his way to church by a creek he had to cross were his old peers hanging around. They got into a heated argument and fight. The bottom line one of his old friends took out a big knife and sliced his neck, which almost decapitated Reverend Henry. Rev John Henry Lance's grave in Old Salem Cemetery. Incidentally John Hunter is buried here also in an unmarked grave. John donated the land for the cemetery. There is a book named BLOOD MOUNTAIN COVENANT, A SON'S REVENGE by Charles E. Hill, which tells of the details and the "payback" of the Lance family.

Wednesday, January 25, 2023

Health Report

Health report. I am much better after getting a whole night of sleep. My right chest has a slight soreness, like muscle soreness, but all in all I feel much better. We have just about decided to revisit our the surgeons' office we went to before and make an appointment to go ahead and see about getting the gallbladder removed. But first, I am thinking about visiting a witch doctor on the Amazon River in South America that I saw on TV. He just waves a chicken head, sprinkle magic powders, say a few magic words and then reaches his hand through your skin, yank out your gallbladder leaving no pain, scars, or blood to clean up. Then pay him a couple of dollars and that's all there is to it.

Tuesday, January 24, 2023

Chief Justice John Marshall

his day in history, January 20, 1801, John Marshall was appointed U.S. Supreme Court Chief Justice. John Marshall had a sister named Hannah Elizabeth Marshall . Hannah married Zachariah Petty. They are my ancestors. So, John Marshall, Supreme Court Justice is an in-law of mine. How do you think I got my job at the Post Office?

Monday, January 23, 2023

Charles Roscoe Collins' Bust

This is a bust statue of Charles Roscoe Collins (1907-2000) in the Union County History Museum which was the old courthouse in Blairsville, Ga. Roscoe and I are both descended from John Hunter, pioneer of Union County. When I went to the Hunter Reunion in Union County every year I would talk to Roscoe, he always came alone, I was always surprised he remembered my name and that I was Marietta - every year, he had a sharp mind. I am always surprised when someone remembers my name after an hour or two lapses, but a whole year...wow! I remember he and a Union County Congressman relative who also attended the reunions were the only two who wore ties or in Roscoe's case, a bowtie and a button cap - that is like Sunday Casual Roscoe was a pioneer educator and founder of several things, such as the Air Civil Patrol in that county. I have read several essays he had written about John Hunter's children. The one that comes to mind is john's son Andrew's trips to Augusta to sell the whiskey his father had made. Augusta was the closest market. His trail was the name of a certain highway, which was no wider than a cow path. He is my 3rd cousin, once removed. I'll take a claim to fame anyway I can get it.

Sunday, January 22, 2023


If you remember the TV quiz show WHAT'S MY LINE? It mightg help you in this story. Story by editor Harvey Kurtzman and art by Georgian Jack Davis.

Saturday, January 21, 2023

School Bus Route

I was going through some photos I took in the summer of 2014 of the reenactment of the Battle of Kennesaw Mountain and came across this picture: a platoon of Johnny Rebs standing near-attention when a yellow school bus rode by. Imagine that there was a time-warp and the group of Rebs are real and also the school bus is real. Either the men or the bus just went through a cosmic cloud and ended up in another time. How will they explain this to their boss? I relate, I am always finding myself in situations not easily explained.

Friday, January 20, 2023

New Lunar Year

This is the beginning of a new Lunar Year. This year it is the YEAR OF THE WABBIT!

Petty Visit Marietta

The color picture was taken about 1980 in my parents' front yard. The two ladies in front are Viola (Osmo's daughter) and Opal Petty. The next one back is my mother, Janie Petty Hunter. In the back are Stanley Petty* (son of Irvin Petty)** and Viola's husband. *Stanley Petty on this trip to Marietta got to witness the Petty women have a few squabbles; and verbal assauts. When he was leaving someone asked him when will he come for a visit again. He, in a polite way, said "Never". The black and white picture is of Stanley and Osmo when they went to work in Detroit many years ago. **Irvin is the brother to the immediate Petty's father William Elijah Joseph Petty.

Thursday, January 19, 2023

Sheinelle Waved and I waved back

I think one of THE TODAY SHOW’s hostesses, Sheinelle Jones, has a fresh positive smile that just makes you want to smile back The other morning I was walking through the den and THE TODAY SHOW was on. As I looked at the screen two or three women were sitting talking. As I made walking noises Sheinelle looked up, as if she heard my footsteps, broke into a big smile and waved. I don’t know what they were talking about that caused her to wave, but she did. And by instinct, I waved back, reflexive.

Wednesday, January 18, 2023

What? Me a Swabby?

I told of getting my orders and traveling tickets to the USS J.K. TAUSSIG at NAS Lakehurst, NJ.. The plane was either Delta or Eastern Airlines. The only person I remember on board was an Arabic looking character in a suit that looked very hyper and nervous, but international. In today’s world probably have a U.S. Marshall would be watching his every move. At the Philadelphia Airport outside were taxis and limos. One limo looked reasonable (old and dirty) so I asked the driver how much. I forgot how much he said, but it was more than I had a couple of dollars. Which I told him. He came down on his price to $8 to the Philadelphia Bus Station. Which I took. If I only knew what I found out about a year later: I was on duty one night and a person called at the Philadelphia Airport saying he had orders but no transportation authorization to get into town to take the bus. I was immediately dispatched with a Naval sedan to pick him up. I remember it was pouring down rain. Also, the person I picked up was from Marietta and a distant cousin. Small world. Back to my own trip: I was very entertained looking out at the New Jersey countryside. I was under the impression that everything north of Washington DC was slums and crowded buildings. Not so, I was seeing farms, pastures, little model Main Street USA villages, each one picturesque. The bus pulled in front of a high chain fence, a gate and a two storied house with the sign WELCOME TO NAS LAKEHURSRT, NEW JERSEY. I have arrived. Visible beyond the fence about a quarter of a mile was the largest hangar I have even seen. It was built to house blimps. I did not know it at the time but the German’s famous Hinderburg airship exploded at its front door in 1939. At that time it was only about 24 years before. I carried my duffle bag inside the double level white house. Inside the first room was a long counter. Behind the counter was a chief petty officer, a man in his blues, and an officer. The smiling chief greeted me. The guy in the blues studied me with his arms folded. The young officer did not bother to look up from the newspaper he had on his desk. I handed the chief my orders. He did a double take and reread them. Then he stepped over to the officer and pointed to a specific line on my orders. One of the men, I forgot which one, said, “USS J.K. TAUSSIG?” “We are 13 miles from the nearest ocean, we don’t have any ships here – the is a Naval Air Station.” I wanted to say, “That’s not my problem.” But instead tried looking surprised. I’m not good at looking surprised. My hypertension is always snoozing. I said, “Now, what?” This was on a Friday night. The chief said they would call and get it straightened out. After a call or two they found out the offices that would take care of orders and mistakes would be closed over the weekend, to call back Monday. I’m glad no invasions were planned for that weekend. They said I could stay in the base’s main barracks for the weekend and they gave me a temporarily chow hall pass. By this time it was late. I was getting tired. The other guy in the room was the duty driver. He drove me to the Main Barracks. It was past 10pm, all the lights were out except the Exit sign above the doorway. In the almost pitch blackness I don’t know how I picked out a vacant bunk or “rack” as they were often called, but I found one. I undressed down to my skivvies and immediately went to sleep. Not more than one hour later I had a bad dream. I didn’t know it was a dream, I thought if real life was. I dreamed I was in the barracks in Charleston and outside bombs were exploding all around the building and low flying fighter jets were rat-a-tat-tat sailors running. I jumped up horrified. I ran for the red light Exit sign and ran out in the passageway (Navy talk). Two young men in civilian clothes looked at me shocked. They did not know at this very moment we were being attacked by the Russians! I ran up to hem and warned them. They looked at me puzzled. I was standing in my underwear, probably hyperventilating trying to explain it to them. They saw the problem, the problem was I had a bad dream. They politely calmed me down and told me I was having a bad dream. I woke up. Oops! Then I had the task of finding my rack in a big room full of racks. Somehow I did. I think I systematically counted the number of double bunks from the Exit door or something similar. In the morning I went to the chow hall for breakfast. About four tables over was the same two men that interrupted my dream were eating breakfast looking at every move I was making and whispering to themselves. I was on display. We became friends and I even rode with them to North Carolina the upcoming October on a leg of my journey back to Georgia to pick up my car. One was from North Carolina and the other from the Bronx. If the information about my little bad dream fell into the wrong hands could result in a medical discharge. On Monday morning, I became under the Personnel office until they could get my assignment straighten out. To earn my keep my job was to scrub the administration’s hallway floors, opps! I mean the passageway decks. And they assigned my sleeping to be on the top floor of the house at the gate that I first checked in at. It was also the office and sleeping quarters of SPs and Security. I had my own private bedroom for a over two weeks until my orders were straightened out.

Tuesday, January 17, 2023

Food Fight!

In the news I read that the seniors at Ola High School in McDonough, Georgia, had a food fight, I suppose in the lunch room. That is where we had ours. I only saw two food fights through my years in school. The first one was in second grade at Waterman Street School. I don't remember what led up to the food fight but I do remember the finale': Mickey Wilbur pounced on me with a little tap of honey and rubbed it in my hair - We were not having fun doing it, it was serious business. Our teacher Mrs. Kinnebeck was horrified. So was I. The honey was hard to wash out of my hair. Whatever I did to deserve that, I bet I didn't do that again. Our next food fight was in the Marietta High School lunchroom. It was started by Jimmy Pat Presley, of course, and ended as quickly as it started. We only threw rolls and beans at each other. The lunch line wrapped around two walls in the room, the friends in line closest to us jumped out of line, first making sure their places would be saved, picked up some strayed rolls and started throwing too. As social functions society articles tops off the last sentence: "A good time was had by all." But, guess what? We were not arrested. It was all in fun and was forgotten before the day was out, by everyone but apparently me. Nine of the students of the Ola High School in McDonough were arrested and were thrown in jail. I wonder what they were charged with? Inciting a riot? assault with a not so deadly weapon? Acts of terrorism? Whatever it was, what if the judge decided to make an example of them and throws the book at them? Can you imagine locked up, when asked by their fellow jail mates what they were in for and they tell them for throwing food and all the murderers, rapists, and the rest crack up giggling? I watched enough Law and Order shows on TV to know the detectives will always come and visit when a similar crime is done . A detective might visit a previous food-fight offender that has settled down, retired, and enjoying his grandchildren and asked him where was he at lunch time on a certain day the previous week at a high school miles away.

Monday, January 16, 2023

Martin Luther King Today, Coretta & Me

Reprinted from an earlier post:
This is Rodin's statue THE SHADE. It was donated to the High Museum by the French government in memory of the 122 Atlanta Art Patrons and plane crew killed on Air France Flight 007 that crashed when it attempted to leave Paris's airport. When I took this picture a couple years ago it was in front of the High Museum near the sidewalk on Peachtree Street. I think it is still there. It was inside the building, outside the concert auditorium. Once about 1973, when it was inside we went to a concert. Don Lash, a visiting Navy friend was with us. We were early of course, and I had a chance to study the statue I noticed moment in peripheral vision, fairly close. I turned to look and was awed that was Coretta Scott King.. I couldn't keep my eyes off her. We stood there looking. She at the statue and I at her. She was so close I could have shake her hand; even goose her. She was a very graceful lady. I didn't speak to her because I didn't know what to say... I knew from experience what I would have said would sound too eager to impress her and come out awkward or say something wrongly put. When she gracefully glided away I kicked myself for not speaking. About a fifteen years later I got to know her niece Debbie, (Coretta's brother's daughter) a co-worker at the Post Office. It wasn't hard to talk to her at all, she was very much down to earth and witty. Happy Martin Luther King Day!

Cobb County Courthouse the Day After Leo Frank was Lynched

Aug. 17, 1915 | A crowd gathers in front of the Marietta Courthouse - Marietta, Georgia the morning after the lynching of Leo Fran.

Sunday, January 15, 2023

Saturday, January 14, 2023

Foster, 1919 Proofs

1919 - Proofs. Anna's grandparents, her mother's parents Paul Everett Foster (1895-1936) and Myrtle Irene Jones (1895-1991). They are dated 1919. They were married May 21, 1919. The pictures, I'm sure the pictures had something to do with that, either before or after. Be sure and click on the picture to see the images better.

Friday, January 13, 2023


Gorilla Study, Visa Versa

As you may have guessed I am going through a lot of pictures I never got around to do anything with These pictures I took at the Grant Park Zoo in Atlanta many years ago. I used to love to go to the Primate Center and study the primates. It is very relaxing. And I think this one also finds it very relaxing to study us. He is not Willy B.

Thursday, January 12, 2023

Men Silently Roaring in Machines (back drop)

In the early 1800s I think most portrait studios had a stage set for young men to show their love for cars.
Paul Everett Foser Sr. (Anna's Grandfather)
Will Tyson (my great uncle)
Jones Cousins in Alpharett, Ga. (Anna's mother's mother's cousins)

Wednesday, January 11, 2023

Being Invisible Good Moment

In the Witcher Street Medical Building we were in the parking deck elevator when my ex cardiologist stepped in. He said something pleasant and concentrated on punching buttons on his smart phone until the floor he requested came, then the doors opened and he stepped out. I said to Anna, "Did you recognize the guy who just stepped out of here?" "Yes!" The doctor was the one on duty when I had my heart attack in 2004. He had me taken to Piedmont Hospital in Atlanta and he put in several stents. Several months later he went back in and replaced a stent that collapsed. Then Wellstar Kennestone was not authorized to do heart operations. But now they are. Before the year was out he wanted to open heart surgery on me. He led me to believe I wouldn't have long to live if he did not operate. He wanted to open up my chest like a suitcase and start pulling and cutting things. I told him I wanted to get a second opinion. I think he felt insulted. I know he was a little huffy over me getting a second opinion. He said he didn't have to prove anything to anyone. Well, the second opinion said I did not need open heart surgery, and look! That was almost 10 years ago. We changed doctors and haven't seen him since until today. Luckily, being invisible he didn't notice us, so there were no unpleasant verbal confrontations. Haw Haw Haw!

Tuesday, January 10, 2023

Andrew Jackson Got His Way

I always learn something new when I watch JEOPARDY. The other day I learned that Andrew Jackson (1767-1845) had dueled over 100 times. I read someplace that a lot of his duels were defending his wife's name. She married "Old Hickory" when she was married to someone else, some people had a little fun with that, but not for long. The thing is, in Tennessee, his home state, it was against the law to duel. But who was going to call him on that, a U.S. congressman, Senator, and President who had never lost a duel? Not me!

Monday, January 09, 2023

Post 8 Years Ago

I don't get out often. I hit the floor running this morning. I had places to go and things to do. Before I could do anything I had to go to our safety deposit box and get some documents. When the teller unlocked one of the locks with his key I had to stand on my tip toes to reach the key hole to unlock the other lock. I jokingly told him the locks are not meant us little folk. He glared at me. I decided he was one sour grape and tried a little more of my wit on him during the next couple of minutes and each time got a stare or a glare. I should have bear hugged him where he couldn't move and tickled under his arms, I bet that would get him giggling. My next stop was the Georgia Driver License place to renew my license. It is due to expire on my birthday. I had all the documents I needed, thanks to the giggling (Not!) teller. I even brought one document I didn't need, my military DD 214 to prove I was in the service.. What Me, a Vet? It is important for me to get a Veteran's License for two reasons (1) they are free (2) they are proof you are a Veteran in case some barbecue joint is feeling patriotic and wants to let all Veterans eat free for a certain time period. The only problem was the test. The requirement is that if you are over 64 you must take an see eye test every time you renew. The lady told me to look into the thing to the left of me and she told me to read the 3rd line. I couldn't even read the first line, it was just 3 or 4 blurred lines. Shit! I took off my glasses and it was no better, probably worse, but then the 3rd time I looked at the 3rd line it was perfect - I read off all the letters. I don't know if she was pulling my chain or what. My third visit was to the library. A couple weeks ago I received a notice that my library card had expired. The last time it expired my driver's license was not enough, because it was a PO Box. I had to go back home and find a document with my mailing address and my physical address on it. Property tax notifications are always good for that. This time I had no problem. I had the nice lady giggling over my witty remarks. I remember one of them was I told I just left renewing my driver's license and had to take an eye test. I told her they should do that too, like "How do you know you are issuing a library card to someone who can read?" I told her I brought all the documents in like my passport, drivers' license, property tax, check book with duel addresses and all because the last time I renewed the librarian demanded it. She lady said, "I don't see, why, it is right here on your driving license." I said, "Yeah, but it is just my PO Box, it doesn't prove I live in Cobb County. She said, "Oh!" And looked like she wasn't sure, since she has already sent it all through, if she should demand more proof of what. She didn't. She laughed and told me to have a nice day. The next stop was the drive thru fast food window. A Mercedes was ahead of me. I don't know what they said to each other, but you can tell the driver and the lady behind the squawk box had words at each other. And when he drove up to the window they had some more words. I couldn't see the driver but I could tell by her body language and hateful looks they were not kidding around with each other. Then he handed her a credit card and she looked like that was the last straw. She had a scowl on her face as she left the window to ring it up the card. Oh no! I was going to pay by credit card too! When my time came she handed my food and I gave her the credit card, she smiled, rung it up and gave me the receipt. I said, "Thank you Ma'm." And she smiled big and said, "You are WALCOM Sir!" in I don't know what accent. A little honey can go a long way.

Sunday, January 08, 2023


Remember BRINGING UP FATHER in the newspaper funnies? I doo to, barely. Story by Harvey Kurtzman and art by Will Elder and B. Krigstein (the gloomy art)

Saturday, January 07, 2023

Politics, All For You

I read recently that Marjorie Taylor Greene once said about the January 6th uprising that if she was there, it would have got done. Last night watching the vote after vote expected to see shooed MCarthy shooed in as Speaker of the House and after the umpteenth time Kevin lost then they had taken a vote to go home and return Monday, and several Republicans wanted to slug it out with Rep Matt Gaetz, who during row call he said “Present”. He did not vote for Kevin McCarthy as he was expected to do, he was the last holdout. We were sitting in front to the TV watching play by play. We watched them having to hold back a representative from Alabama to keep him tearing into Gaetz. In the crowd I saw Marjarie Taylor Greene making her way towards Getz. She got in the row behind Matt Gaetz and evidently hollered out his name. Matt Gaetz turned around to see Marjorie wanting to speak to him. They spoke, both smiling. Then Gaetz pulled out his phone and looked at what it had to say. He smiled and turned around and smile at Greene. She left, apparently, she did her job. Shortly after that the Go Home, Come Back Monday order cancelled and a new Row Call, Kevin McCarthy was elected speaker of the House. And Marjarie Taylor Green apparently got the job done. I wonder what message was on the cell phone?

Postal Carrier Dressed up for Halloween and Christmas

Anna showed me a picture of her beautician today. She was all Halloweened-up. That reminded me of carrier Mary Beth at work. She liked to dress up her and her mail truck up for special occasions. At one time from one of her marriages she was an in-law when she was married to a Kuykendall. One time at Christmas time she put lights and Christmas decorations all over her mail truck and management made her take them off. Then, when Halloween rolled around she dressed like a prostitute with a split up her postal uniform skirt and she was heavily made up. I think they sent her home with a suspension and she never returned.

Friday, January 06, 2023

The Wright Family of Woodstock

About 1892. This is Anna's father's mother's Wright family. Anna's grandmother, Lessie Mae Wright is the baby sitting in the lap of the lady with the blousy sleeves, who is Louisa "Louise" Kuykdendall Wright, sitting next to her husband (her left) Henry Gabe Wright. Henry's parents are sitting in the top right corner. They are Loveuia Adeline Saint John Wright and Isaac Wright.

Thursday, January 05, 2023

Hunter Twins Oscar & Arthur

HUNTER COUSINS: This is an interesting email I received this morning via Ancestry.com. Indeed we are related. This person's grandfather and our grandfather Frank Paris Hunter are brothers. I replied and told him/her so. Australia? The picture, I think Arthur Hunter is on the right and his twin brother Oscar is on the left. The email: Hello, my Grandfather, William Arthur Hunter, was a farmer, originally from the Woodstock Georgia area, later moving to Central Florida. I have lived in Australia for the past 25 years but still return to the States on a regular basis. Any possible connections here? Sincerely, Leslie Todd

Wednesday, January 04, 2023

Manatees Might Be Starving

There is an interesting article in the latest NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC Magazine about Manatees. At Crystal River in Florda the Cleawater Aquarium has determined that Manatees are starving in the waterways of Crystal River. They say an adult manatee weighs several hundred pounds need to eat about 100 pounds to survive. And with donations, underwater edible plants the food averages out 50 or so pounds a day. As the director said, “the Manatee are our canary in the coal mine.”. Mine workers used to have a live canary in a cage in the coal mine and when it dropped over dead they knew there were too much loose case to continue. As far as scientists know manatees are one of two species that have no natural enemies. No other animal wants to eat them. So, they could die off, not by being eaten but starvation. You know they are mammals? The other mammal that has no know natural enemies is a big creature, about the same size and built as a manatee. They live on sea sides, deserted beaches, and so on. They have big sloppy noses, or beaks. I did not catch the name. It might just be another breed of the manatee.

Tuesday, January 03, 2023

Ladies and Seaside Heights, New Jersey

Last night on JEOPARDY one of the contestants was a lawyer lady from Seaside Heights, New Jersey. Seaside Heights, New Jersey? Seaside Heights, New Jersey, was our playground about two years when I was stationed nearby. The ladies in the picture are New York City school teachers. They went in together and bought a seaside cabin at Seaside Heights. When we met them Don told them we were Naval Helicopter Pilots. They believed it. Then, along came two real Naval Helicopters Pilots from our squadron. When the ladies introduced us as Naval Helicopters pilots to real Naval Helicopter Pilots a glint of humor and a smirk came across their faces, but they went along with our plot. I’m surprised they did not have us kicked out of the Navy for impersonating Naval Officers. About the time we were hanging out with the school teachers our Squadron had a banquet, sort of, and we invited the teachers. Left to right: Dick Day (Dick became a NBC news radio announcer, Dick’s wife Nancy, School Teacher, Sam Kasuke, Don Lash, School teacher, School teacher, and me. After the banquet we took them back to their seaside cabin. They excused themselves, saying they had to freshen up, and they would be right back. This is true: We waited about 4 hours in the living room, and finally got the hint and went back to the barracks and never went bavk. The other ladies picture are Nuns frolicking at Seaside Heights, in the Winter time. It was a windy day and I had my camera on-ready in case he sea wind blew up their black gowns .