Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Calling In Sick, Again

Hello!  You won't believe this but again I have a medical  issue, therefore, this blog post might be delayed a day or so,... or more.

Keep checking back, y'hear?

Monday, October 28, 2013

Mahala Trammell

Mahala Trammell [4801], daughter of Jacob B. "Jake" Trammell [61] and Mary "Polly" Hogshead [62], was born in 1820 and died on an unknown date.

General Notes: Her nephew (Thomas J. TRAMMELL), in a written statement applying for Indian privileges, said Mahala could talk the Indian language.

Noted events in her life were:

•  She was involved in a court case on 18 Mar 1847 in , Macon Co, NC.1 Mahala sued Andrew COLVARD for bastardy.  Andrew Colvard comes into court and confesses judgement for all costs and files bond with the court.

Mahala married Archebald Bateman [4802] [MRIN: 1711] on 12 Nov 1846 in , Macon Co, NC.2 Archebald was born about 1809 in , , , Ireland and died on an unknown date. They had two children: Leander and Jacob V..

Marriage Notes: In the Macon County, North Carolina, Marriages book 1829-1939 compiled by James Wooley page 8 lists Archibald Bateman marrying Mahota Lambert Nov. 12, 1846.

Leander Bateman [6004] was born about 1851 and died on an unknown date.

General Notes: He left home and didn't return, probably killed.

Leander married Nancy Lasaphine "Lassie" Davis [5988]3 [MRIN: 2228], daughter of William M. Davis [4892] and Naomi Ray [4891], on 26 Dec 1872 in , Macon Co, NC.2 Nancy was born on 5 Dec 1857, died on 12 Aug 1931 at age 73, and was buried in Aquone Baptist Cem., Macon, NC. They had three children: Harve L., Noami "Oma," and Martha.

Harve L. Bateman [6095] was born on 23 Oct 1882, died on 25 Dec 1909 at age 27, and was buried in Aquone Baptist Cem., Macon, NC.4 The cause of his death was train accident.

Noami "Oma" Bateman [6096] was born after 1883 and died on an unknown date.

Noami married W. N. "Bud" Hicks [6099] [MRIN: 2267]. W. was born on 27 May 1865,5 died on 15 Feb 19435 at age 77, and was buried in Aquone Baptist Cem., Macon, NC.5

Martha Bateman [6097] was born about 1875 and died on an unknown date in , , Tx.

Martha married Robert Price [6100] [MRIN: 2268] on 27 Apr 1890 in , Macon Co, NC.6 Robert was born about 1860 and died on an unknown date.

Jacob V. Bateman [6110] was born in 1848.

Jacob married Celia Evans [6111] [MRIN: 2272] on 2 Apr 1871 in , Macon Co, NC.7  They had one son: John.

John Bateman [6109] was born before 1875 and died before 1903.

John married Thedisia F. "Docie" Yonce [6102]8 [MRIN: 2271], daughter of David A. Yonce [6006] and Albie M. Davis [5990], on 26 Nov 1899 in , Macon Co, NC.2 Thedisia was born on 8 Dec 1878,3 died on 3 Sep 1961 at age 82, and was buried in Aquone Baptist Cem., Macon, NC.

Mahala next married Lambert [4803] [MRIN: 1712].  Interesting, Van Trammell was accused of murdering a Lambert over a heated argument about the Civil War.  Is this Lambert related to the murdered Lambert?  I bet it is. 

Mahala had a relationship with Andrew Colvard [4804] [MRIN: 1713]. Marriage status: unmarried.

Source Citations

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Sunday, October 27, 2013


As always, click on image to make it readable and understandable.

MAD's sister comic PANIC (both published by EC Comics) gives comicbook ads a twirl.  I don't know who wrote the story but the art work was done by Joe Orlando who died within a year or so.

Saturday, October 26, 2013


Driving by COME AND GET IT RESTAURANT we noticed a barbecue smoker parked by the street.  I think on another ride by a second smoker was in place.  Maybe I imagined the second one.

COME AND GET IT is owned by Nick.  Nick is a grandson of the owner of Fat Boy's (Home of the Foot Long Hotdog) in Smyrna.   I'm sure as a child Nick was at his parents' and grandparents knees' watching the  hustle-bustle and urgency of the restaurant business and somehow it got into his blood - how could it not?

We have eaten at COME AND GET IT (CAGI) a number of times, each time trying something different.   As in any restaurant, some things were good and some were not so impressive.

Nick  is a likable fellow  who wants to be a friend. a boisterous way,   to every customer who walks in the door.  He also knows how to get the most out of his employees which I suspect plenty of them are his relatives.

Interesting, a lady server that works there we have noticed also working at two other restaurant fairly recently.  Within weeks ago we have seen her working at Martin's and The Olive Garden.  I noticed at all three restaurants she takes her job seriously. 

As with any Greek restaurant they try to please as many tastes as possible.  So, now it is delicious barbecue cooked on a slow cooker smoker.

Before we tried their bbq we asked people how did they like CAGI barbecue and they said it was delicious.  We agree!  I think it gives the top bbq grill masters of Cobb County a run for their status.

Friday, October 25, 2013

Happy National Chuck the Powefulr Killer Day

True, today is NATIONAL CHUCKY THE POWERFUL KILLER DAY.   With today's shooting and killing trends is anybody surprised?

Because it is one week from Halloween, Chucky the Powerful Killer day might be Halloween's kick-off.

Thursday, October 24, 2013

The Dancing Butter Ball

Willow's groomer told me this morning that her sister is now blind and she finally listened to some of her advice and acted.  That was to get a seeing-eye dog to help her.

She went on to say that her sister and her husband live on a farm in Ohio.  He is always working on the farm and just doesn't want to take time away from working on the farm  to give her a helping hand so the seeing-eye dog is working out fine.

That reminded of another farming couple in New Jersey.  At one of the many neighborhood bars between where I was stationed, NAS Lakehurst, New Jersey, and Lakewood, New Jersey, one time  returning from the movie theater in Lakewood I dropped in a "Dew-Drop-Inn" kind of joint.  Back in the mid 60s the bars and lounges had video juke boxes,  I sat at the bar and ordered a beer.  Next to me was a middle-aged lady quietly weeping.  I looked at her and might have asked her was she OK.  She told me it was her and her husband's 25th weddding anniversary.  He was a chicken farmer and would not dance with her.  He resented having to take the time off from the farm to take out to celebrate.  He sat beside her, looking straight ahead, listening to ever word we said, and occasionally glanced at the person talking.  Finally, I leaned over to him, and saying in a joking manner to "Come on, dance with your pretty wife."

He turned around and glared at me and said, "You dance with her Butterball!"

I laughed like he pulled a good one, and said, "Oh no, I'm not the dancing type.... ha ha!"

He stood up to show me his enormous  size, pushed his ball cap back to get a better glare on me, and said, "Dance Butter Ball!  Dance!"

I looked at my watch and said I had to run.

I hit the parking lot running. 

My lesson for that day was not to meddle in other people's business. 

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Alleys in Downtown Marietta

Probably most alleys have their own story.  The ones in downtown Marietta are no exception..

Here is a fancy decorated alley, between what was Theater of the Square and Dupre's.  I think it was an intermission lobby for smokers.

This alley is actually a street a rock's throw from the train depot and the prime hotel during the Civil War.  

In this alley a policeman chased a man into it, knowing it was a dead in.  The man being pursued turned around with a gun and aimed at the cop and pulled the trigger.  It only clicked.  It wasn't time for my father to go.

Outside dining.

This alley, bordered a movie theater at one time.  Once, after a movie, a man, apparently watching the movie alone, stepped outside and put a gun to his head and killed himself.  It must have been some movie!

Root Street is an alley too.  As you can see, it is an upscale alley, no one- eye cats chasing huge rats or anything like that.

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

The House of Magicians and Comedians

Earlier today by the buffet line at John Boys' All You Can Eat Country Cooking restaurant an elderly man showed a lady his plate piled with food and said, "I am a magician, I will make all this disappear!"

Edna Garrett White

This is a distant relative of mine, Edna Garrett White.  We are both descended  from  Joseph Garrett  (1822 - 1900) and Nancy Elizabeth Mashburn (1823 - 1921).  They both died in Fannin County, Georgia.

Edna and her husband, lived in a very pretty white house on Frances Avenue in Marietta.   One day I spent the day with them going through old documents and photographs.  She is  one of the most hyper-super organized person I have met.   On my visit she praised me for taking the research initiative and turned around and in the same breath criticize her poor husband for just wanting to sit on  him rump.   

She and he probably died over 30 years ago.  

Sadly, after I visited her a couple of times and she took me on a private tour of a general's house she had the keys to, I went almost a year without contact with her, and when I checked on her apparently her and her husband no longer lived on Frances Avenue.  I don't know if they moved or died.  I couldn't find her in the obituaries.

I have found a lot of information about a lot of my relatives who have passed on, but this time I let a pair of live ones slip throuhg my fingers.

Monday, October 21, 2013

Sprayberry Highschool's Yearbook ECHO On-Line

My friend and  ex-fellow postal worker Skip Are  has a couple of very good and interesting websites.

One is a collection of Sprayberry High school yearbooks THE ECHO, page by page, student by student.  Of course at first you have all the ECHO annuals in front of you.   First, once you are at the sight select Enter, then you will see a menu on the left.  Select ECHO. Then you pick one of the years you attended, click and look at it, page by page and see old school mates, forever young, just like yourself. 

It took Skip many hours of detail work to do all this.  I know, I did something similar with Marietta High School's THE OLYMPIAN, but not nearly as many.

The reason I am sharing this with you is that I don't think every one who went to Sprayberry is aware of this site.

the address of the site is:


Sunday, October 20, 2013


Here we are facing the 2013 World Series. 

Over the next week or more the trend will be a big interest  on this year's World Series.  Any mention of on any item with the World Series name will be hot.  That is the way trends go.  So, in keeping up with current events, or hopping on the Band Wagon early, here is a generic cartoonist's  view of the World Series, being watch on TV.

The cartoon is by Blechman and was originally in HUMBUG #4 in 1957.

NOTE:  The other day a friend of mine told me he could not read my blog comics because they were too small.  I told him to put his courser on the image and click it.  It will make it bigger and readable.  Now, try it:

Saturday, October 19, 2013

Pre Zombie Walk

Above is a 5 minute video to show what you missed today.  Below are some still pictures of the same.  As you can see, if you made the wrong move you could have been eaten alive.

This has become an annual thing.  Today was for a good cause; food for the needy.  People were invited to donate cans of food.

I think the walk and the "best" contest was to start at 5pm.  We were an hour early.  And left before the official ceremonies began.   

Cuties are they?

The Zombies At Glover Park

This afternoon and evening at Glover Park in Marietta will be a Zombie fest, sort of.  People come and dress like zombies or Zombies come as you are.  The admission is a can of food, food for humans consumption that is, no pickled fingers or anything like that.

The above video is a Zombie video I made in October 2011.  It is timeless, so go ahead and watch it.

This falls under my "Getting More Mileage" category. 

Friday, October 18, 2013

O.M. Davis McCollum Did a SHOW AND TELL

Last night we went to a talk at the Marietta Museum of History given by Davis McCollum.  Davis is the creator of the OLD MARIETTA (O.M.) site on Facebook.  It is all about the history of Marietta and other places in Cobb County.  He showed examples and more examples of his vast collection of old pictures of structures, businesses, and people.  It is a paradise for Marietta trivia nuts.

He said a lot of people go to the O.M. site and just look at one picture after another.  He explained that you can get much more out of it if you click on Photos and when photos come up click on Albums and from there on handle it like an index (I think).  That way, you have a method in your madness, as they say.

Davis  also weaved  his genealogy research of 40,000 + names on Ancestry.com and findagrave.com into how he researches and files his vast amount of information.

It was a good informative  lecture.

Skip Are, friend
Skip was a co-postal worker in our time.  He has taken on the giant task of putting pages from the Sprayberry High School yearbooks on Facebook.

Thursday, October 17, 2013

Sitting On My Yin Playing With My Yang

Yesterday my dentist told me his theory on Yin and Yang.  He said if he gained weight and did not want to, somebody who wanted to lose weight just lost the weight that he gained.  He said he believes for every negative action there is a negative reaction.  I agree.  He said something about it is a energy thing.  I thought it could be.  He said in so many words that is what makes the world go around.  He might have a point - and somehow he threw in Einstein's theory that energy cannot be creative or destroyed.

I don't think the Yin/Yang business means for every poor person there is a rich man or visa versa.   Because  there are a whole lot less rich people than they are poor people.    

Run and duck, the YIN/YANG is off balance!

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Memories Again

We were coming home from dinner the other night and as we past a little shopping center I was studying the names of the stores.  We were looking for a live music venue we read about some time ago.  We are not sure if we saw it or not, but we did see a dog grooming shop I heard about  almost 30 years ago.  It still had the same name.

About 1983 or 84 I transferred to the Marietta Post Office.  One of the first people I got to know was a guy named Robert.  Robert had a full gray beard and liked to dress western.    He always wore cowboy boots and western shirts. His co-workers called him "Cowboy".  I wondered why.

Robert, aka Cowboy, told me he had just won a dog grooming business in a poker game.  And told me what shopping center it was in.  He said he was going to let it run itself, the same groomer would stay there, he didn't know a thing about dog grooming and did not want to know.

The grooming  business also reminded me of a romance he had with a young lady who came to work at the Marietta Post Office the same time I did.  The lady was married.  I met her husband at a party one time and found him very timid, out of place,  and shy.  She told her mother of her problems with her husband and she suggested to her daughter she find her a part time lover.  One night, her mother came to our work area and the daughter introduced her mother to her potential lover.  Her mother met him and approved of him.   It was no secret, the young lady was never lost for words for what to talk about.

We worked at Station A Post Office on Gresham Road.   Just down the road at the corner of Roswell Road was a Hardee's Restaurant.   We worked through the night and at 7am we took our lunch break and all went to Hardee's most mornings. 

I always somehow miss serious action.  I was not at Hardee's one morning, for what reason I forgot.  About 7:15am one morning at Hardee Robert and his girlfriend were sitting in Hardees eating their breakfasts and about that time Robert looked up and saw a gun aimed right at his face.  He finally got to meet his girlfriend's husband face to face.  The gun fired.

Robert ducked and the bullet hit the lady friend in the cheek.  It went in one side and exited the other side.  The husband went to prison over that incident and she and Robert married, built a very nice house near Cartersville, Georgia, and the last time I talked to her she said they were very happy. 

Of course, unfortunately,  the story did not end happy for every one.

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Brothers Charles and Paul Foster

The little boy saluting is Paul Everett Foster, Jr.  (1922-1995).  The younger boy is his brother Charles Jones Foster (1925-2012).  They are/were Anna's uncles.  They both were born and grew up in Marietta.  They both worked at the Strand Theater when they were teenagers.  Paul ran the projector and Charles did odds and ends jobs like distribute the weekly movie program guilds.

Charles loved airplanes.   Charles rode his bike to Atlanta to watch airplanes take off and land.

They both worked at the Marietta Post Office.  They both went into the service.  Paul was a Marine in the Pacific during WW II.  Charles was taught how to fly  airplanes in the Army and he flew supplies in during the war. 

After the war Paul returned to the Marietta Post Office.  He was a window clerk and wore his uniform professionally, just like he did in the Marines.  Many people thought he was the postmaster.  Several people have asked me "How long was Paul Postmaster?"  He was also an active leader in the Elks Club.

After the war Charles became a pilot for TWA.  He and his family settled in Kansas City.  After he retired they moved back to Marietta.

Charles was very health conscious and tried to avoid food that was not healthy.  I think Paul enjoyed life too much to be picky over what he ate.  Once at either a Christmas or Thanksgiving dinner I overheard  Charles talking Paul  and his wife Barbara to share their cemetery plot with him and his wife Florence.  Apparently they came to an agreement because that is where all four of them are buried.  The ironic part,  at that same dinner Charles was trying to convince Paul to not drink whole milk, it had too much fat in it .  Paul died  the following January, at the  most 6 weeks from their discussion.

Sunday, October 13, 2013


This is ripped from MAD comicbook #20.  The title is self-explanatory.  The story is by Editor Harvey Kurtzman and the art is by Wally Wood. 

Saturday, October 12, 2013

Tuba Skinny AT THE MILL or Shake a Leg

Naw, "Shake a Leg" is not part of the title, but look:

Alex Can't Say "Y'all" Convincing

I  like to give credit where credit is due.  Alex Trebek  is a master of languages.  I have heard him roll off his tongue French,  Spanish, Cantonese, Japanese, and I don't know what else - and they all seemed to have the right accents and pronunciations - or at least they sound right to me..

  And I am impress with his  knowledge nightly on JEOPARDY.  He knows much about  a lot.  I watched someone get something wrong on JEOPARDY and he would say, "No, you must be thinking of so and so (similar name) who died 128 years before.  He is crammed  with trivia knowledge like that.

And I noticed he has a hard time being humble about his intellect.  While Goggling Alex I came across several negative posts, such as ALEX IS A POMPOUS JERK.; ALEX IS A JERK;  ALEX IS A SNOB;  ALEX IS A DICK; and so on.

I can forgive him for that, that is just a fault of human nature, the fault of people who know a lot - they are a bit snobbish about it.

But what I cannot forgive him for is the way he does such a terrible job when he tries to put on a southern accent.  It is terrible attempt and unforgivable.   It is real upsetting to hear him quote something out of a Tennessee Williams' play or something else southern fried - he just can't.

Friday, October 11, 2013

Word Association

This old postcard of hauling oil to Arizona mines  reminds me of 20 Mule Products and Boraxo, which reminds me of Death Valley, which reminds me of Ronald Regan.  Which reminds me of BEDTIME FOR BONZO. 

Thursday, October 10, 2013

Allen Moody (1820 1872)

It is always nice and relaxing to read someone else's mail;  You  get to pry into the lives of other people without actually being involved..  Just ask a former Postal employee.    That is also why it is so nice to be a family reseacher.

Allen Moody (1820 - 1872)  

Allen Moody [5173], son of Allen Moody [141] and Nancy Murphy [142], was born on 29 Oct 1820 in Pendleton Dist, Pickens Co, SC, died on 23 Feb 1872 in Tunnel Hill, Whitfield Co, GA at age 51, and was buried in West Hill Cem., Dalton, Whitfield Co, GA.

General Notes: A letter written to William Moody from M.J. Moody:

New Orleans, La, Nov 16 1903
Dear Uncle,
     I have been a long time find out your post office and when I was at home in Dalton a few days a just learned that ya was still alive and got you mail at Jockey and nowI will write you a letter so I am proud to have the chance as writing you again.  How I learned that your post office was Jockey your son Alfred is at work for a R.R. co at contracting co. near Rockmart, Ga., and my brother William's son Bedney is at work for the same company near Rockmart and the boys found out each other and through Bedney I found out your post office and I want to come out and see you next summer when I come home and I want you to write me as often as you can for I am always pleased to hear from you and I hope everything will be so I can come and see you next summer.  I am still on the Railroad.  I am a conductor on a passenger train run from New Orleans to Vicksburg, Miss.  Have a good job an am doing well.  Have a very good start.  My wife and children live in Dalton, Ga., and my oldest girl is most grown and the second one is a good large girl.  I have 4 girls.  The 2 oldest have a very good education and play the piano.  I want to give them a fine shcooling and if nothing happens to me I will give them all a good education.  Now uncle write to me soon as you get this and I will write you often.  You can send my letters to Dalton, Ga., and my wife will forward them to me as she always know just where I am.  Uncle I will close for this time hoping that you and all the family are well and getting along alright.
     I remain as such, Your Nephew,

                M. J. Moody
               #1416 Peniston Street
                 New Orleans, La

Noted events in his life were:

•  He served in the military. Mexican War (applied for a pension)

Allen married Elizabeth J. Nichols [5174] [MRIN: 1877] on 21 Mar 1848. Elizabeth was born on 1 Mar 1824 in Greenville, , SC, died on 22 Feb 1901 in Tunnel Hill, Whitfield Co, GA at age 76, and was buried in West Hill Cem., Dalton, Whitfield Co, GA. They had eight children: Ora, Mary Bell, John Allen, Chloe Jane, William Christopher, Henry Bedney, Minnie, and Monroe Jackson.

Wednesday, October 09, 2013

Marietta's James Wilder

James Wilder - He is one of the many people who parade through my life that I found amazing.  He owned WBIE Radio Station, which was a walk up to the second floor, on the first block of Atlanta Street.  He was an indebt reporter of local news and was a hands on operating owner of the radio station he owned.

He drove a two-two baby blue and white Ford, something like a 1956 model.  It had emergency lights on it which helped him get through traffic to a fresh accident.  I was told he made a lot of money being the first photographer on hand at automobile wrecks, not for the news for his radio station but to sell the photographs to insurance companies involved.

At times he would work endless on his prerecorded radio program and lie down on the floor of his office, take a brief nap, then, get up and back at it.  I have heard Jim giving the time and the whole show was recorded days ago.  I guess he had a system or a formula  by the rolling digits on the tape recorder that he could translate into minute and seconds, and if the tape started playing the exact moment it was suppose to, then the time of the day could be accurately said.

WBIE played country and western.  It also played lived Rock-a-Billy.  True,  Billy Joe Royal and his band performed live for a short time on a week day (after school.  I forgot the exact time of their show, I think it was something like 5:00 pm, I think it was either a 15 or 30 minute show.  Which, I was fortunately enough to attend several of the live shows.

At the time we lived on Richard Street in Marietta.  Jim and his family lived on the street behind us on Toliver Street.  It was not a pretentious house at all.  It was  a house that could have very well be the farmhouse of a poor family.  The type of house with big rooms with high ceiling - like a 4 room house.

When he died in the 70s his station was worth millions.  His son was a musician with the Atlanta Symphony Orchestra.  I don't know, but I doubt if country and western music was his son's forte'.