Saturday, June 30, 2018

This Day of History, June 30, 1938

On this Day in History, June 30, 1938, SUPERMAN first appeared in DC Action Comics Series, issue #1.

And Superman was was the wisest, smartest, strongest, and best morality until Trump came along. 

Thursday, June 28, 2018


Today we watched two Redbox movies.  Rent one and get one free will hook us every time.  We got GOODBYE CHRISTOPER ROBIN and RED SPARROW staring Jennifer Lawrence (naked).

GOODBYE CHRISTOPHER ROBIN was about the inspirations of creating the WINNIE THE POOH stories.  It was the relationship between a boy and his parents.   It was very good and we cried more than once through it.

RED SPARROW is a Russian/America free-for-all; Spy Vs Spy; bloody; torture; four-letter words tossed wildly around; shoot’em ups; and raw sex kind of movie.

Sometimes when we see two movies in the same span, later we will ger the two confused… like did this happened in the first movie or the second.  At least I don’t think we will have that problem with these two movies.

Rain, Rain, You Know

True Story:  Scene:  The Post Office lobby.  Three people (man with a rain cap on, a middle age woman with reeking perfume, and me looking at a the rain downpour with force just outside the glass door.
The woman got right in my face and said. “My windows are down!”
Me, who likes to help solve problems when presented to me, looked around and saw a rack of flatten Posta Priority Mail boxes.  I suggested she put a flatten box over her head.
She said they cost money.  It said $13.95 on the rack.  I corrected her and said it costs $13.95 to mail the box full of stuff.
She took one.
A lady walked out of the window-clerk area and said, “Oh no!  rain!”
The lady reeking with perfume said “Take a box”
She new lady said, “Is that legal?”
The perfumed lady, pointed out me, “He said it.”
She grabbed a flat box.  So did I.
The perfumed lady asked the man with a hat was he getting one, he said he would just wait.  He already had a rain hat on.  A cautious soul.
Minutes later when I was driving away the perfumed lady almost hit me running on foot.  She opened the box and stuck her head in it like putting her head in a tunnel and was running blindly in the rain.
Moving traffic prevented me from jumping out to help.  She was headed to her car.  I hope she got those windows rolled up.

Smrt Pills

A friend told me that she heard that President Trump said the reason he was so smart is that he took smart pills.

If that is true, that Trump takes Smart Pills I think the pharmacy company that makes his smart pills should beg him to please not tell the name of the pills.

Throwback Thursday, Adam in the Chair c1982

Wednesday, June 27, 2018

MAD and the 2nd

Happy International Workers' Day!

Today is INTERNATIONAL WORKERS DAY.  Look around you of all the man-made things:  cars, houses, cell-phones, medicine, fences, clothes, shoes, and the list goes on and on.  Most these things probably came from an assembly line of some kind where workers  do the grunt work.  With automation the manual jobs probably that some easier, but they are still at the mercy of the owner or the stock holders, who generally look down on workers because they are he biggest operating cost.

What is confusing to me are workers, as a whole, generally vote for the kind of people that are more interested in getting their rich buddies richer than giving the workers who live from payday to payday a break.

Tuesday, June 26, 2018

On a Sunday Afternoon

Above family photo, Rocky, Sabrina, and Benjamin

Above Photos:  Photo Bombs by Benjamin

Below Sabrina taking a photo of Benjamin and Rocky on piano.
In mirror Eddie taking a selfie and Adam doing something electronic

Monday, June 25, 2018

Bullies Are Becoming Bullees

On-Lines Headlines:

President Trump on Monday lashed out at Rep. Maxine Waters after the California Democrat urged protesters to publicly confront members of his administration over its controversial policies.

White House Press Secretary Sarah Sanders was asked to leave a Virginia restaurant (Red Hen) on Friday because of her connection to Donald Trump.

Florida AG Pam Bondi says she won't be bullied after being confronted at Mr. Rogers movie.  She is a Trump supporter.

If this is a new trend,  it is not very nice.   It is just plain rude.  
Remember, every American can support, like or dislike anybody they want without any consequences.  

And remember, people who support bullies probably have that bullieness instinct  in them too.  To bully a natural bully  might have consequences. 

Harley-Davidson On The Move

I just read that Harley-Davidson Company is planning on moving to Europe to keep their motorcycles affordable:  the new high tariff rates on the stuff that make Harleys.   An all-American Company symbol... Tch tch.

Sunday, June 24, 2018

Taylor Phillips, Brave Player and Co-worker

Today in the Marietta Journal’s COBB LIFE Magazine the last section are photos of people that attended the VININGS BANK barbecue for its customers. 

One of the pictures was an old postal co-worker Taylor Philips.    Taylor was identified as saying he played for the Milwaukee Braves when they won he Series in 1957.

That is him!  I have not seen Taylor since about 1981.  He transferred to the Power Springs Post Office and I transferred to the Marietta Post Office about then.

Taylor, the late Chuck Watson, probably the late Dilworth, and I worked on the midnight shift in the time keeper’s office, a.k.a. PSDS office at the Post Office, in the Federal Annex on Spring and Forsyth Streets. In the center of Atlanta.

Taylor did not talk much about his time with the Braves, except that he had to go the Braves Spring Training every year to pitch to batters (it was in his retirement contract).

I think what stands out in my memory of my time with Taylor Phillips was the time he gave me a piece of furniture, I forgot what, he and his wife was throwing away.  I went to their home in Hiram and took it off their hands. 

Also  that we had a working plot to get some of Howard Hughes money by writing him a very touching letter.  We planned, but we were all talk.


My comic book hero Harvey Kurtzman was always trying new avenues of the illustrated story, he just didn't do MAD comicbook, he was very innovative and had to keep on doing things differently.  Oddball wasn't he?

Saturday, June 23, 2018

New Park in Cobb County

Today we went to a "Preview" of a new park.  strangely, the preview is just several days after a town-hall meeting on whether the county afford the parks they already have.  Sure it can, just raise the taxes.  The park does not have a name yet, or rules ether.  They have to work all that our.

The above house is was the Strother house from different views.

The little lake in the park, from my point of view, looks like you can walk around it.

This house belonged to James Marian Prance, Anna's great grandfather.  It is also in the park.

Friday, June 22, 2018

Delivering a Message

I saw tonight on the news that President Trump  had gathered up all that  he could find of survivors of people killed by illegal aliens.  It was a big crowd of survivors.  If it was only for one death it would have been one too many.

It was an inspiring visual, showing just how deadly some people can be.

I hope Trump's message inspired someone with the means to gather up all the survivors and parents of school students and other mass shooting.  Maybe it will put a stop to it.  Again, one death is one too many.

Thursday, June 21, 2018

Ben's Crash and My Throwback Thursday

Throwback Thursday.   Yesterday my grandson Benjamin fell.  He hit the hard floor and had to get medical help (as you can tell, I don’t know the details).

According to the bandage, he now has stitches in his forehead area.  His Mom Sabrina said he was a champ during his medical treatment.


It reminded of the time when I was about a year older then Benjamin having a similar injury to my forehead, that came with stitches that they had to hold me down to sew.

I have seen cartoons at the Strand Theater of MIGHTY MOUSE and was impressed with his strength, the ability to fly, but most of all the cape.

We lived in the Clay Homes.  My sister Frances and I shared a bedroom with twin beds  I tied a towel around my neck with it hanging down my back, just like Mighty Mouse’s cape and leaped from bed to bed, like I was flying just like Mighty Mouse.

On one leap WHAM!!!  I missed the bed.   I hit my forehead, just above the eyebrow on a table or dresser.  It was a big gash and I was rushed to the Old Hospital on Cherokee Street.  We did not have a car, but we were only about five blocks away.  I don’t remember if we walked or called a cab or called a relative with a car.

The next day I visited Mrs. Cannon, who lived upstairs in the next group of our apartments.  Mrs. Cannon was a nice old lady who lived with her daughter and son-in-law.  Then, when I visited her I just turned the door nob and walked on into their apartment.

That day she asked, “What happened to your head Eddie?”  (she probably already knew).

I said, “I ran into a door”.  (I was ashamed to admit I was playing I was MIGHTY MOUSE.

I may have been the first to use “I ran into a door.” Lie.

Wednesday, June 20, 2018

Trump Spaced Out

Psychopath Professions

 CEOs,  lawyers,  and working in the media are the three most psychopath-heavy professions.

The above fact from UNCLE JOHN’S BATHROOM READER does not surprise me.

I heard of CEOs behind one way glass window watching employees expressions when they are told they are to be laid off and apparently loving every minute of it.  

Some leaders we have!  tch tch

Monday, June 18, 2018

Same Book Different Cover

Reprint from my Facebook chirping:

Eddie Hunter The first book had 18 photos by Eddie Hunter (me)! I don't know if they are in the 2nd book or not. The name didn't change.

LikeShow more reactions
Bobby Buccellato It’s the same book it’s just a different promotional still for it
And yes of course your photos are still very much in them
It would be Jimmy Carter in Plains with your images


Sunday, June 17, 2018

John Hunter's Cabin Resurrected

My ancestor John Hunter (c1776-1850) and his family  built this cabin in Union County in the 1830s.  He and his wife Polly Edwards are buried in Old Salem Church Cemetery, which he deed the land for.  After John died his daughter Harriet and her husband Daniel England and their family took possession of it.
On postcards it was described as the oldest man made dwelling in Union County, Georgia.

In the latter part of the 20th century it was vacant.  The Twigg family owned the land it was on.  They sold their land in the early 2000s and the new owner said the cabin would have to go to make way for new mountain homes that was to be built.

To save the cabin Charlie Hunter bought it and had professions to disassemble it, number the boards, for a future resurrection of the structure.

It now has been rebuilt and is standing near the Blairsville’s Farmer Market on Old Smokey Road.

We visited it today.  I have been in it before, when it was in Choestoe area and my memory was confirmed that the whole house inside is smaller than our den.

As a detail they even have a rabbit trap, just like kind I used to have when I was a kid.  That is old!