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click on any page and be able to read the balloons.

Here is MAD comicbook number 6. This issue pretty much set the pace or standards for the satirical comic book industry. The competitors tried to duplicate the look and the snafu but just didn’t get the inside humor, so to speak.

And another thing you just can’t duplicate and that is innovation.

By issue number six Harvey Kurtzman’s MAD that he had written almost every word had got the nod from the public. They wanted more of the uniqueness that only Kurtzman and his three artists could create.

The above cover was drawn by Harvey Kurtzman. The colors are dark and bold with a well lit center. He knew how to get your attention. Like most of his covers, it is slight reference to a story inside, this time the one drawn by Will Elder lampooning KING KONG.

The subscription page was drawn by Jack Davis. As usual it was detailed with snafu that you could study for hours and still miss something.

TEDDY AND THE PIRATES was drawn by Wallace Wood. Only the opening splash page is shown because I think on a previous blog posting I used it to talk about the rebirth of pirates.

MELVIN OF THE APES. I think John Severin did an excellent job portraying Tarzan, I mean Melvin, of the Apes to have animalistic habits, being raised by them and all. John’s MAD time would soon be over. I think he mostly went unappreciative by MAD lovers.

CASEY AT BAT is an old poem that Kurtzman and Jack Davis got their hands on. Davis is an expert artist at showing athletics in action. And to save money with a limited budget Kurtzman was an expert finding old public domain kind of things to publish.

PING PONG. Well, Kurtzman made a great lampoon of the movie KING KONG and Will Elder illustrated it and put his special trademark of many little details bits of chicken fat….our inspiration.

Sunday Morning Inspiration

Proof there is a God:

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Chop Chop and Airplanes

Look! Here comes a plane pulling off the runway now. See Big and Little Kennesaw Mountains in the background?

When I think of Chop and airplanes I normally think of the Chinese character in BLACKHAWK comicbooks. The Blackhawk Squad was sort of a vigilante air-squad that had members from different countries who fought for justice and world peace. One of their members a Chinese was the only member did not conform to the blue uniform with the upside down L row of buttons across the chest. He wore his native Chinese clothes on missions. I think his name was Chop.

Below is MAD Comicbook's version of Black Hawk, the splash page, which was illustrated by Wallace Wood.

But the Chop we visited tonight had nothing to do with international peace keeping. The full name is Elevation Chop House. It is a restaurant by the runway of McCollum Airport in nearby Kennesaw with an upstairs and downstairs. We ate upstairs with a better view of the runway.

The food was pretty good. It was our son Adam's belated birthday dinner.

Touring Nursing Homes

Nursing homes are sad. It is a collection of people from all walks of life at the end of their road.

This past week we have toured four or five local nursing homes looking for a place for my mother-in-law for physical rehabilitation for her to regain her strength. She has been in the hospital for weeks.

In every one of the nursing homes we visited we saw scores of individuals in corridors propped up in their wheelchairs. Some were lifeless and rarely did we see one of them smile.

In every one we went the admissions officer fitted a certain profile: Female, pleasant looking, and dressed very stylish professional- and probably most importantly: a very warm sincere smile…. I think at one point or another each one tilted her head and warmly said, “Oooohhhhh”

The nursing staff mostly seemed like they were very caring people. As a rule they were friendly and seemed to go out of their way to make a resident comfortable. And they mostly spoke Tahitian accents.

I noticed some of the homes had big cages that covered a whole wall with live birds. I think if I there as a resident, that is where I would station myself, there in front of the birds to watch their interactions.

All the nursing homes had a big wall calendar with a schedule of events for the month. The last one had “Nail Time” every Friday. I wonder if that was to get a manicure or to hammer on a nail to take out your frustration? Old movies that were one time biggies were on the calendar almost daily. I looked in the room of the theater and was surprised there were only two or three chairs – wait! They would all be in wheelchairs, never mind.

They had trivia time, Name That Tune, religious or inspirational times more than once during the week.

About every other week one on one calendar had a dog time. It was called “Tail Wagging Day” or something near that. I think dogs were brought on for the elderly people to pet if they wanted. I hope none ever got snapped or growled at.

Sadly, the only ones that spoke were the ones that were confused. One handsome elderly man, who looked like he was a retired high ranking military officer, asked me, “How come you get to come and go as you please and I don’t?”

Friday, May 29, 2009

You Fools!

“You can fool some of the people all of the time, and all of the people some of the time, but you can’t fool all of the people all of the time.”

Bob Dylan said that on this date 1966.

No, I was fooling you. Actually Abraham Lincoln said it on this date in 1849.

That explains why presidential terms are four years. It also explains why the visiting attendance number on my blog goes up and down like a yoyo.

Thursday, May 28, 2009

My Hunter Genealogy Part 21

Hunter siblings, left to right: Dick, Stanley, Doug, Jack, Ed, Bus, Bee, and Herbert.

This section is about my grandfather's children, which are my uncles, aunt, and father. Because of a thing about the genealogy program Family Tree Maker will only list you with a number if you have off-springs my uncle W.C. Hunter was not listed but I manually listed him in order. His entry will look a little different than the rest. Also, W.C. is the only sibling not in the above photo, but there is nothing I can do about that.

242. HAROLD HERBERT7 HUNTER (FRANK PARIS6, WILLIAM A.5 TRAMMELL/HUNTER, JASON HENDERSON4 HUNTER, JOHN3, WILLIAM2, SAMUEL1) was born 12 Feb 1901 in , Cherokee Co, Georgia, and died 14 Feb 1976 in Marietta, Cobb, Georgia. He married WILLIE C. COLLINS. She was born 14 Aug 1901, and died 13 Sep 1973 in Marietta, Cobb, Ga.

Herbert was born in Cherokee County, Georgia. When he was a toddler his family moved to Hunt County, Texas, for a brief time. Before he was five they were back in Cherokee County, Georgia.

As a teenager he was his brother Robert "Bus" boxing manager. They were considering professional boxing Bus was getting beaten too many times.

As a young man in Marietta, Georgia, where he spent almost all of his adult life, he became interested in airplanes and is considered one of Cobb County's first aviators. He owned several planes and owned his own air field near the corners of Austell, Floyd, and Hurt Roads. When he was just getting started he and some of his brothers would go to a neighboring city (ex: Rome, Carrollton, ...) and find a friendly farmer that they could use his land for a temporary air strip and sell brief airplane rides.

He married Willie COLLINS (Aug 14 1901
Oct 13 1973). Theylived most of their adult married life (if not all) on Delk Street in Marietta. For the first years the back of their yard's corner touched his parents back corner. Their neighbor was the Delk Family, which the street was probably named after. Ironically, his neighbor the Delks were his biggest competitor in the downtown barber shop business.

Herbert owned a barber shop on Church Street named "Hunter's Barber Shop" It had a crackerbarrell atmosphere where men would discuss politics and sports (mostly fishing). The barber shop was closed on Wednesdays. That was the day that Herbert went to lake Alatoona and fished. His boat was docked at Alatoona Landing.

Burial: Kennesaw Mountain Memorial Park, Marietta, Cobb Co., Ga
Occupation: Barber - owned Hunter's Barber Shop

Burial: Kennesaw Mountain Memorial Park, Marietta, Cobb Co., Ga

393. i. HAROLD RAY8 HUNTER, b. 1923, Marietta, Cobb, Ga; d. 18 Apr 1991.
394. ii. PROFESSOR FAYE HUNTER, b. 24 May 1926, Marietta, Cobb Co, Ga.
395. iii. ELIZABETH "JO" HUNTER, b. Abt. 1928.

243. BEATRICE ELIZABETH "BEE"7 HUNTER (FRANK PARIS6, WILLIAM A.5 TRAMMELL/HUNTER, JASON HENDERSON4 HUNTER, JOHN3, WILLIAM2, SAMUEL1) was born 23 Nov 1903 in , Hunt, Texas, and died 20 Jun 1971 in Marietta, Cobb, Georgia. She married ROBERT SPENCER CRAIN 26 Nov 1931 in , Cobb, Georgia103. He was born 03 Sep 1903 in , Heard, Ga, and died 04 Sep 1991 in Marietta, Cobb, Ga.

Most of their married life was spent in a big one level white house on top of a hill on Garrison Road overlooking Powder Springs Street. In the late 1940s and 1950s most of the Hunter Family gatherings (including funerals) were held there. Near the end of her life they moved a few miles out Powder Springs Street.

Burial: Kennesaw Memorial Park, Marietta, Ga
Occupation: As a young lady she worked for Southern Bell Company in Marietta.

Spencer CRAIN was a local businessman, or entrepreneu, who had dabbled in several financial adventures such as real estate, auto sales, wrecker service, auto repair, and bonding.

Burial: Kennesaw Memorial Park, Marietta, Cobb Co, Ga
Occupation: Local businessman

i. JAMES8 HOUSTON, b. Bef. 1935; Adopted child.

Occupation: Owner of Crain's Garage (he bought from his stepfather)

396. ii. ROBERT HUNTER "BOBBY" CRAIN, b. 21 Feb 1933, Marietta, Cobb, Ga.
iii. JAMES ALLEN "JIMMY" CRAIN, b. Abt. 1937; d. 03 Jun 2001.

James “Jimmy” Allen Crain, 65, of Smyrna died Sunday, June 3, 2001.
Funeral arrangements to be announced later by West Cobb Funeral Home in Marietta
Marietta Daily Journal 6/5/2001:
CRAIN — Mr. James "Jimmy" Allen Crain, age 65, of Smyrna died Sunday, June 3, 2001. No services are planned. A native of Cobb County, Mr. Crain had lived in the Marietta area all of his life. Mr. Crain was employed with the Crain Bonding Company. He is survived by best friend, Betty Kight of Smyrna and her son Seve Kight of Marietta; one brother, Bobby Crain of Marietta; four sisters, Gloria Edwards and Elizabeth McMahen of Marietta, Victoria Crain of White, Georgia and Sue Crain of Smyrna. Contributions can be made to Odyssey Health Care Inc., 1140 Hammond Drive, Suite B-2270, Atlanta, GA 30328. West Cobb Funeral Home Inc., 2480 Macland Road, Marietta, Georgia is in charge of arrangements.

iv. GLORIA HOUSTON, b. Bef. 1939; Adopted child; m. (1) A SPENCE; m. (2) CHARLES "SCRAPPY" EDWARDS.

Occupation: Dental Assistant (retired)

397. v. EMMA VICTORIA "VICKIE" CRAIN, b. 31 Dec 1943, Marietta, Cobb, Ga.
398. vi. ELIZABETH "LIZ" CRAIN, b. 19 Jan 1945.
vii. SUE CRAIN, b. 05 Feb 1947.

244. RAY ROBERT "BUS"7 HUNTER (FRANK PARIS6, WILLIAM A.5 TRAMMELL/HUNTER, JASON HENDERSON4 HUNTER, JOHN3, WILLIAM2, SAMUEL1) was born 31 May 1906 in , Cherokee, Georgia, and died 01 Apr 2005. He married ZELMA OGLE. She was born 19 Nov 1909, and died 11 Oct 1999 in Atlanta, Fulton, Ga.

As a teenager his brother Herbert was going to train him to box and be his manager. After several defeats they changed their minds.
He had a stroke May 14, 1989, but is still active (2001). At every family gathering he showed a quick sharp wit.

Occupation: REMC Power Co.
Residence: Residence: Douglasville, Ga

Notes for ZELMA OGLE:
Zelma grew up in Douglasville, Ga. Her father was a barber and her mother was a cook at a local cookery.

More About ZELMA OGLE:
Burial: Douglasville City Cemetery, Douglas Co, Ga
Occupation: Beautician

Child of RAY HUNTER and ZELMA OGLE is:

i. ROBERT GERALD "JERRY"8 HUNTER, b. 26 Apr 1941, Douglasville, Douglas Co, Ga; d. 25 May 1966, , , , Viet Nam; m. LAURA ANN MIILBY, 1965.

From the magazine LOOKING GOOD DOUGLAS COUNTY, Vol 1, Number 3, March/April 1988. Article JERRY HUNTER: he gave his life. By Vicki Harsbarger.
Jerry Hunter, 25, was about to complete his 34th mission of the Vietnam War.
The two months he had spent in Vietnam had been filled with missions such as this one. Supply lines were sought, supply lines were bombed.
The F-105 was a one-man jet requiring much expertise of the pilot. He delivered his bombs directly on the targeted bridge. The enemy fire hit the plane, he bailed out. The pilots watched as the parachute disappeared from sight in the trees.
From the ground, a beeper signal was heard by the pilots. They attempted a rescue, but enemy fire struck from the area of the area where the parachute had landed. A second plane was hit, and the pilots were forced to return to base.
Two months later, American soldiers were able to search the place where Robert Gerald Hunter went down. Laos natives took the men to the place where his body was buried.
Jerry began his final journey home to be buried in the town where he was voted most talented of Douglas County High School; where he dreamed of one day attending the Citadel; and where of dream of becoming a pilot began with an essay written on how Lindbergh's flight across the Atlantic would affect the future of aviation.
Awards came early for Jerry Hunter. He was honored with other superlatives at Douglas County High School, with his claim to fame the title of Most Talented. He was well known for his artistic talents, and worked as editor of the school yearbook. He starred in the senior play.
"If anything happens to him, he's doing what he wants to do", his wife of one year, Laura Ann Milby, had said of Hunter. His parents, Robert and Zelma, had suggested that he choose a line of work in keeping with his Citadel degree in business administration, but he would not settle for less than his dreams.
"He wanted to be the best." Zelma Hunter reminisces. "He always wanted to be a good pilot. He said if he made a good place for himself in the Air Force he would make a career of it or he would be become a commercial pilot," she said.
The handsome flyer passed all manner of physical tests toprove his fitness of pilot training, which he received at Moody Air Force Base in Valdosta following his graduation from the Citadel with honors. Minor surgery was suffered twice by Hunter in order to fly the F-105, Mrs. Hunter said.
"He didn't want us to worry," Mrs. Hunter says lovingly of her son. "I'd ask him on the telephone if he'd been shot at, wanting him to say no. He'd say, "Yes, but they missed. Don't worry about it, Mom, sometimes it's fun."
During the week while the Hunters awaited the return of Jerry's body, the Chamber of Commerce acting on a motion by Church of Christ Minister Richard Waggoner, passed a resolution recommending that the park be memorably named Hunter Park.
On July 18, 1966, the Hunters' hopes died with the news of their son's death and his returning body. On July 22, funeral services were held at the Church where Jerry became a Christian, First Baptist Church of Douglasville. The church was overflowing as the first Douglas County military and 11th Citadel victim of the Vietnam war was laid to rest.
Over 100 flags flew at Douglasville businesses, painstakingly placed there by the remembering hands of the Jaycees. The town was subdued as businesses closed for the afternoon.
As faces were in unison at Rose Memorial Gardens Cemetery toward the casket containing the remains of Robert Gerald Hunter, the sound of planes roared overhead, urging the mourners to gaze upward.
Four planes flew across the horizon in unison, three planes returned.

Military service: F-105 Pilot

Walter Clarence "W.C." or "Peanut" Hunter was born Oct 14 1908 and died Nov 7, 1998. W.C. was married briefly after WWII.

Once as a boy W.C. climbed to the top of a small tree and the top broke off, W.C. fell to the ground and was knocked out. He was unconscious for a day or so..

W.C. was wounded during the Sicily Campaign, a metal plate was put in his head.

In Africa, while recuperating from his operation W.C. was talking to a Red Cross worker and told the worker, "See that Sailor? He looks exactly like my little brother Dick." And it was.

He never fully recuperated from injuries he received in WWII.
Walter C. Hunter, 89,
Former Marietta resident

Walter Clarence Hunter, 89, of Milledgeville, formerly of Marietta, died Saturday, Nov. 7
Services will be 2 p.m. Wednesday at Mayes Ward-Dobbins Funeral Home in Marietta with the Rev. Marcy Hardy officiating.
A native of Cobb County, Mr. Hunter had lived in the War Veterans' Home in Milledgeville for 30 years. He was a World War II Army veteran.
Survivors include one brother, Robert P. Hunter of Douglasville; and nieces and nephews.
-Marietta Daily Journal, Tuesday, November 10 1998

245. EDWIN TYSON "ED"7 HUNTER, SR (FRANK PARIS6, WILLIAM A.5 TRAMMELL/HUNTER, JASON HENDERSON4 HUNTER, JOHN3, WILLIAM2, SAMUEL1) was born 13 Aug 1911 in Marietta, Cobb, Georgia, and died 14 Jul 1988 in Marietta, Cobb, Georgia. He married ETHEL AMERICA "JANIE" PETTY 27 Feb 1937 in Marietta, Cobb, Georgia104, daughter of WILLIAM PETTY and FRANCES RIDLEY. She was born 06 Jun 1918 in Gillette, Campbell, Wyo, and died 24 Feb 1996 in Marietta, Cobb, Ga.

Ed first worked at Glover Machine Works in Marietta where his father worked.
Ed first worked at Glover Machine Works in Marietta where his father worked.
He was in the National Guard. He had two memorable experiences in the guard: (1) He was guarding Calloway Mills against strikers - he was one of the guards guarding the residence of the Calloway Family. A man tried to break into their house. Ed and the man begin to scuffle and they fell off the porch. Ed fell on top of him and it killed the man. He had to appear in front of Governor Eugene Talmadge for him to officially pardon him for the murder. And (2) another time he was guarding the Governor's Mansion in Atlanta. He had orders not to let anyone in unless they had proof of business or an official pass. Eugene's son Herman Talmadge strolled up to enter and Ed refused to let him enter. After that they replaced him with someone who "could recognize the family".
He became a patrolman for the City of Marietta, and worked his way up to be the Chief of the Marietta Police (1949-1952). For a year or so he was a guard at Lockheed. Then he was the Chief of the Cobb County Police. Because of politics he left the county force and worked various jobs as a guard or law enforcer, which included the Kennesaw Police and a deputy of the Cobb County Sheriff's Department. In 1960, he ran with Buna Walker for the Sheriff's office, with Buna to be the Sheriff and Ed to be the chief deputy. They lost to Kermit Sanders (the incumbent). He was a armed truck guard for Wells Fargo when he retired.

Throughout his career as a policeman I have only heard of danger twice. Once he chased a suspect into an alley and the suspect turned around and pointed a gun at him and pulled the trigger - by some miracle it only clicked. Another time an angry arrestee slammed the barred jail door on his hand breaking it.

Little known fact: He had the talents of an artist. He could have been an illustrator or a cartoonist with a little training.

He was a great story teller to little children. He loved to sit a niece or nephew down close to him and tell him a long involved adventure story involving someone of their gender and age. The child would be completely absorbed in the tale that Ed weaved as he told it. Also, shortly before Christmas he would call his young nieces and nephews and tell them he was Santa with a hearty 'Ho Ho' and go over their list with them. He always looked very delighted when he hung up the phone.

He was a very gentle soft spoken man. I only heard him raise his voice once - and that was to our dog that would chase behind us in the car to town. That irritated him.

He didn't give religion a serous thought until he was in his fifties. Then he joined the Crestview Baptist Church and was saved. Then, a couple years later when they moved to west of Marietta he was a charter and active member of Due West Methodist Church.

He always wore plain dark dress pants and either a white dress shirt or a pale blue dress shirt. He never wore anything sporty like a shirt with a design, polo styled shirt or any kind of sport pants or shorts. It just wasn't him.

They lived in various parts of Marietta: Whitlock Avenue, East Dixie Avenue, Atlanta Street, Wayland Street, Manget Street, Richard Street, and Old Hickory Drive.

While we're writing about police, let's pay tribute to Ed Hunter a dedicated, honest officer of 50 years of service who died this week at 76.
Hunter was Cobb County Police chief under Commission Chairman Rholie Ward. When Ward went out of office, Hunter became Marietta police chief.
As county chief, Hunter was involved in an unforgettable incident. Thirty-five years ago, Cobb County was a dry county. If John Q. Citizen wanted a snort he had to "go to the river" to liquor stores in Fulton County along the Chattahoochee River.
But most private clubs in Cobb like the Elks, Legion, Moose, Marietta Country Club and at least two fashionable restaurants served liquor by the drink.
Hunter thought it hypocritical that his officers would arrest someone for having a scant of moonshine while liquor sales continued at private clubs.
So it wasn't surprising when Harvey Hester, the former Congressional Medal of Honor owner of Smyrna's Aunt Fanny's Cabin, rang up Hunter to ask him to arrest an employee who stole booze from the bar and stashed it away in the nearby woods.
Instead, Hunter sent a raiding party to Aunt Fanny's, booked Hester and confiscated a truck load of whiskey. Hunter didn't have a list of who not to arrest. If you violated the law, he arrested you.
By Bill Kinney is associate editor of The Marietta Daily Journal, Sunday, July 24, 1988.

Burial: Kennesaw Memorial Park, Marietta, Ga
Military service: Georgia National Guard
Occupation: Police; Law enforcement

MONDAY, February 26, 1996, Marietta Daily Journal:
Ethel A. Hunter, 77, Marietta resident.
Ethel A. Hunter, 77, of Marietta died Saturday.
Services will be 2 p.m. Tuesday at Due West United Methodist Church in Marietta, with the Rev. Richard Hunter officiating. Burial will be in Kennesaw Memorial Park Cemetery in Marietta.
The body will be at the church at 1 p.m.
A Wyoming native, Mrs. Hunter lived in Cobb County 60 years. She attended schools in Cohutta. Mrs. Hunter was a member of Due West United Methodist Church in Marietta.
Survivors include two daughters, Frances Janie Hunter of Marietta and Sheliah Bonnie Hunter of Marietta; son, Edwin Hunter of Marietta; sister, Sara McLemore of Marietta; three brothers, Wallace Petty of Milledgevile, Roy (William L.) Petty of Carmel, N.Y., and Leonard Petty of Powder Springs; two grandchildren and several nieces and nephews.
Contributions may be made to Due West United Methodist Church, 3956 Due West Road, Marietta, Ga. 30064.
The family will receive friends from 7 to 9 p.m. today at Mayes Ward-Dobbins Funeral Home in Marietta.

Burial: Kennesaw Memorial Park, Marietta, Ga
Cause of Death: Ulcer stomach - bled to death
Occupation: Housewife - worked for Holeproof Hosery before marrying

Children of EDWIN HUNTER and ETHEL PETTY are:
i. FRANCES JANIE8 HUNTER, b. 16 Nov 1937, Marietta, Cobb, Ga.

Frances was born in what is now the parking lot of the First Methodist Church in Marietta, which she is a member. She graduated from Georgia State University. She worked for the same bank most of her working life (thirty + years) then, in 1990, she changed careers, going to work for Kennesaw State College in the accounting department.

Being a work-aholic, Frances has never married. But she has put her effort towards many volunteer organizations which helps the needy.
June 21, 1984 - Frances was elected officer of the Marietta-Cobb Alturas Club for Business Women.

She was treasurer of The First Methodist Church of Marietta but changed her membership and is presently the bookkeeper at Due West Methodist Church.

Marietta Daily Journal, Wednesday, June 21, 1989
Today’s Highlights
Five years ago:
Newly elected officers of the Marietta-Cobb Alturas Club for business women included Zetta Ward, Ruth Williams, Helen Scott, Yvonne Sandman, Betty James, and Frances Hunter.

Marietta Daily Journal, Saturday, August 25, 1990.
PEOPLE: Frances Hunter, a vice president and 35-year veteran with Marietta's First National Bank, bought by Barnett Bank, has resigned as chief loan accounting officer. She joins a long list of other top officers, such as former president Wyman Pilcher, Ron King, Bill Alexander, and Billy Ray Burkett, who have been given the shaft by management of the bank's Florida-based owners.

Education: Graduated BA-Business, George State University
Occupation: Over 30 yrs w/Bank controller dept at Kennesaw College
Residence: She and her sister Bonnie share the house their parents owned.

399. ii. EDWIN TYSON 'EDDIE' HUNTER, JR., b. 16 Jul 1941, Marietta, Cobb, Georgia.
iii. SHEILA BONITA "BONNIE" HUNTER, b. 06 Jan 1955, Marietta, Cobb, Georgia.

Occupation: Maintenance Dept at Kennesaw College
Residence: She and her sister Frances share the house their parents had.

246. FRANK JACK7 HUNTER (FRANK PARIS6, WILLIAM A.5 TRAMMELL/HUNTER, JASON HENDERSON4 HUNTER, JOHN3, WILLIAM2, SAMUEL1) was born 21 Oct 1914 in Marietta, Cobb, Georgia, and died 03 Aug 1990 in , Cobb, Georgia. He married (1) SARA NELL COLLINS 03 Aug 1941 in New Rocheele, , NY. She was born Abt. 1915. He married (2) RUBY LANGLEY 03 Apr 1952 in Smyrna, Cobb, Ga, daughter of THOMAS LANGLEY and MARY FRASER. She was born 20 Sep 1927 in Smyrna, Cobb Co, Ga.


Jack was born on Clay Street in Marietta. The Marietta Loop, or Parkway paves over where the house was that Jack was born.
He graduated from Marietta High School in 1934 where he was a captain of the football team.
Jack first joined the National Guards with along with his brothers, but later joined the Navy that was his first career. He was at Pearl Harbor on December 7, 1941. In the Pacific during World War II he was stationed on a P-T boat. On the P-T boat he is recognized for saving Eddie Rickenbacker's life.
"On a World War II inspection trip for Secretary of War Henry Stimson in 1942, Rickenbacker and seven others were forced down in the Pacific about 600 miles north of Samoa. They were rescued after drifting 24 days on rubber rafts."

He married in the Navy the first time, but soon divorced.
Jack retired as Chief Petty Officer. After he returned to civilian life he worked at Lockheed and retired there also in 1977 as a hydrated operator.
Jack married Ruby LANGLEY. They lived near Austell Road in Marietta.
He was a member of the Pearl Harbor Survivors Association, Fleet Reserve Association and VFW Post 2681 in Marietta. He was also a past president of the Cobb County Association for Retarded Children and was responsible for naming Happiness Hills School. He was a Methodist.
I knew him as a jovial sort, always with a smile, who had his own personal nicknames for people.
Jack lived seventy-five years. He died at Cobb General Hospital in Austell. He had been ill for a couple of years.
He was buried with full military honors at Mountain View Cemetery in Marietta, the same cemetery as his mother and father.
Frank J. Hunter, Sr. Marietta resident
Retired U.S. Navy Chief Petty Officer Frank J. "Jack" Hunter, 75, of Marietta died Friday at Cobb Hospital and Medical Center in , Austell. I
Funeral services will be held 2 p.m. Monday at Mayes Ward-Dobbins Funeral Home chapel, Marietta, with Dr. Marion Beaver and Rev. Freddie Knox officiating. Burial with military honors will be at 2 p.m. Mountain View Cemetery.
A lifelong resident of Marietta, Mr. Hunter entered the U.S. Navy and retired in 1954 as a Chief Petty Officer, ENC. He also was a member of EMI National Guard.
He was employed with Lockheed Aeronautical Systems Company from 1955 until he retired in 1977.
Survivors include his wife, Ruby Langley Hunter of Marietta; son, Jack Hunter, Jr.; three brothers, Robert R. Hunter of Douglasville;
Walter C. Hunter of Milledgeville;
and J. Stanley Hunter of Marietta;
and several nieces and nephews.
Contributions may be made to Cobb County Unit, American Heart Association, 732 Cherokee Street, N.E., Marietta 30060.
The family will receive friends from 2 p.m. until 4 p.m. and 6 p.m. until 9 p.m. Sunday at Mayes Ward-Dobbins Funeral Home, Marietta.
Sunday, August 5, 1990 Marietta Daily Journal
F.J. 'Jack' Hunter, 75, Pearl Harbor veteran
Retired Chief Petty Officer Frank J. "Jack" Hunter, 75, of Marietta died Friday at Cobb Hospital and Medical Center in Austell.
Funeral services will be 2 p.m. today, at the chapel of Mayes Ward-Dobbins Funeral Home, Marietta, with Dr. Marion Beaver and the Rev. Freddie Knox officiating. Burial will be in Mountain View Cemetery with military honors.
A lifelong resident of Marietta, Mr. Hunter graduated from Marietta High School in 1934, and was captain of the football team.
He entered the U.S. Navy and retired in 1954 as a chief petty officer ENC. He was also a member of EMI National Guard.
He was employed with Lockheed Aeronautical Systems Company from 1955 until he retired in 1977 as a hydratel operator.
Mr. Hunter was a member of Pearl Harbor Survivors Association, Fleet Reserve Association and VFW Post
2681 in Marietta. He was past president of the Cobb County-As-sociation for Retarded Children and was responsible for naming Happiness Hills School. He was a Methodist.
Survivors include his wife, Ruby Langley Hunter of Marietta; son, Jack Hunter, Jr.; three brothers, Robert R. Hunter of Douglasville, Walter C. Hunter of Milledgeville and J. Stanley Hunter of Marietta; and several nieces and nephews.
Contributions may be made to Cobb County Unit, American Heart Association, 732 Cherokee Street, N. E., Marietta 30060.
Marietta Daily Journal
Monday, August 6,1990

Burial: Mountain View Cemetary, Marietta, Cobb Co., Ga
Education: Captain of Marietta High school football team
Military service: Retired as Chief Petty Officer in Navy
Occupation: Lockheed

Occupation: 1972, Retired from First National Bank of Cobb County after 27 years.

Marriage Notes for FRANK HUNTER and RUBY LANGLEY:
1981 - Jack and Ruby were extras in the movie 'HONKY TONK".

Twelfth House.
Estelle and Bud Fortner resided in the next house on Powder Springs Street. Set back from the street facing Powder Springs, the house was on the northeast corner of Powder Springs and Grady Streets. Later on Ruby and Jack Hunter bought this house for her parents, Alton and Ethel Langley, who ran a neighborhood grocery store there for a short time. Due to the Langley’s declining health, Ruby and Jack sold to the store to Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Myers, who operated the neighborhood grocery store for the next twenty-five years.
- From THE PAPER BOY, A Collection Of memories From The Middle of the Twentieth Century In Smyrna, Georgia, p297, by Charles “Pete” Wood.

i. FRANK JACKSON8 HUNTER, JR., b. 16 Mar 1953, Marietta, Cobb, Georgia.

At age 5, Frank was crippled from measles encephalitis.

247. PARIS DOUGLAS "DOUG"7 HUNTER (FRANK PARIS6, WILLIAM A.5 TRAMMELL/HUNTER, JASON HENDERSON4 HUNTER, JOHN3, WILLIAM2, SAMUEL1) was born 22 Sep 1916 in Marietta, Cobb, Georgia, and died 02 Jan 1986 in Marietta, Cobb, Georgia. He married LOLAGENE TURNER, daughter of HENRY F. TURNER. She was born 11 Aug 1918, and died 05 Oct 1996 in Marietta, Cobb, Ga.

Doug HUNTER was born on a farm outside of Marietta, on what is now part of Lockheed Georgia Corporation. As a young man he was considered one of the best baseball players in the area. He was considered or offered for professional baseball. He married Lola Jene TURNER (Aug 11 1918 - Oct 5, 1996 ). They lived most of their married life in the Fair Oaks Community of Marietta between Atlanta Road and South Cobb Drive.
Doug had a very quick wit and was funny person. At family get togethers he would keep all his nieces and nephews giggling.
About August of 1983 he and I went together to the John Hunter Descendent Reunion in Blairsville, Georgia he seemed to have a delightful time, seeing distant cousins that he did not even know existed, and a few he ran in that he worked at Lockheed with that he didn't know he and they were related.
Doug died with heart failure at the age of fifty-nine. He is buried near his Turner in-laws at Midway Presbyterian Church on Dallas Highway just outside of Marietta.
He was a Marietta Fireman in 1948.
P. Douglas "Doug" Hunter, 69, of Marietta died Thursday.
Services will be at 2:30 p.m. Saturday in Olive Springs Baptist Church. The body may be viewed at 1:30. Dr. Marion Beaver will officiate. Burial will be in Midway Presbytrian Church Cemetery.
A lifelong resident of Cobb County, Mr. Hunter was employed by Lockheed-Georgia Co., as a maintenance electrician and retired in 1979. He was a member of I.A.&M. Old National Guard Unit in Marietta, and the 709 Retirement Club. He played baseball for the Old Marietta City Baseball League and coached Little League baseball teams in and aroudn Mareitta. He was a member of Fair Oaks Community Club, Merry Makers Club and Wagon Wheel Sunday Scjool Class at Olive Springs Baptist Church.
Survivors include his wife, Lola Jean Hunter of Marietta; two duaghters, Cassandrea Gaskin of Fort Monmouth, N.J., and Jacie Davis of Woodstock; one son, Donald D. Hunter of Powder Springs; five brothers, Robert Hunter of Doutlasville, W.C. Hunter of Milledgevile, Jack Hunter, Edwin Hunter, and Stanley Hunter, all of Marietta; six grandchildren; several nieces and nephews.
Contributions may be may to Olive Springs Baptist Church of Smyrna.
J. Randy Carmichael Funeral Home of Smyrna is in charge of arrangements.

Burial: Midway Presbyterian west of Marietta, Ga
Occupation: Lockheed
Religion: Baptist- Holly Springs Baptist Church
Residence: Resided in Fair Oaks Commnity of Marietta

The Marietta Daily Journal on 23 December 1990 had an article about Lolagene by Jerry Huff. He recalled over twenty years ago when he was a reservist on active duty at Dobbins Air Force Base during the Christmas season. Being lonely and out of town the Hunters invited them to spend Christmas with them, which he did, and it became a tradition for several years. He returned in 1990, to find things some what the same, house full of kids (now grandchildren instead of children), chicken and dumplings, and the holiday spirit with decorations. What did change, of course, Doug was no longer there. He also mentioned that she taught the Joy Sunday School Class of Olive Springs Baptist Church where she was a forty-year member and an active member in the Eastern Star and that she work for the Cobb County Library System for many years.
Lola Jean died at age seventy-eight, October 5, 1996. The obituary, in the Marietta Daily Journal, the following day:
Lola Jean Hunter, 78, of Marietta died Saturday.
Services will be 2 p.m. Monday at Olive Springs Baptist Church, with Drs. Stan Annadale and Marion Beaver officiating. Burial will be in Midway Presbyterian Church Cemetery.
A native of Marietta, Mrs. Hunter was one of 13 children and was raised in the Due West community, where she attended Macklin High School.
Mrs. Hunter was employed by the Cobb County Library System for 15 years and she was involved with the children's reading program.
"She loved people, she put people first", Jackie Temples, her daughter said, "Her house was always open."
Mrs. Hunter attended Olive Springs Baptist Church for 46 years and taught Sunday School there for 45 years.
"Her Load and savior was the first and foremost," Temples said of her mother. "She was ill, ... but she never lost faith. She loved her Lord and wanted to serve."
Mrs. Hunter worked for Sears & Roebuck Inc. in Marietta and was a homemaker before becoming a librarian.
She was a past matron of the Oakland City No 260 O.E.S. and a member of the Fair Oaks Community Club and the Merry Makers Club.
Survivors include her son, Don D. Hunter of Ellijay, two daughters, Cassandra Gaskin of Beachwood, N.J., and Jackie Temples of Helena, Ala.; a brother, Cecil Turner of Powder Springs; seven sisters, Mable Compton of Jonesboro, Mary Ruth Waters of Monticello, Jeanette Hembree of Smyrna; Kathleen McConnell and Myra Petty, both of Marietta, Madge Quaries of Kennesaw, and Ellen Hutcheson of East Point; six grandchildren; and nieces and nephews.
Contributions may be made to Olive Springs Baptist Church, 1528 Austell Road, Marietta, 30060.
The family will receive friends from 2 to 4 p.m. and from 6 to 9 p.m. today at Carmichael Funeral Home

Burial: Midway Presbyterian west of Marietta, Ga
Occupation: Librarian

Marietta Journal news clipping - Minnie Tyson Hunter's scrapbook
Miss Jeanne Turner, daughter of Mr and Mrs. H.F. Turner, of Acworth, and Douglas Hunter were married at a quiet ceremony on September 4, at the home of Rev. J.L. Varner, who read the marriage service in the presence of close friends and relatives.
Miss Madge Turner, sister of the bride, was the bride's only attendant while William Quarles served as the groom's best man. Miss Turner chose for her sister's wedding, a navy sheer dress with navy accessories and a corsage of gardenia.
The bride was becomingly dressed in a suit of aqua blue with white blouse and black gaberdine accessories. Her corsage consisted of sweetheart roses.
Mr. and Mrs. Hunter are at home to their friends on Manget Street.

400. i. KASANDRA8 HUNTER, b. Abt. 1945.
ii. JEANNE HUNTER, b. 1946; d. 1946.


Burial: Midway Presbyterian west of Marietta, Ga.

401. iii. JAQUELIN PARIS "JACKIE" HUNTER, b. Abt. 1947.
402. iv. DON D. HUNTER, b. Abt. 1955.

248. JOHN STANLEY7 HUNTER (FRANK PARIS6, WILLIAM A.5 TRAMMELL/HUNTER, JASON HENDERSON4 HUNTER, JOHN3, WILLIAM2, SAMUEL1) was born 04 Jul 1920 in Marietta, Cobb, Georgia, and died 16 Mar 1997 in Marietta, Cobb, Georgia. He married SARAH ALICE FRASURE, daughter of HENRY FRASURE and LILY ELROD. She was born 16 Apr 1925 in Marietta, Cobb Co, Ga, and died 06 Jan 2004 in Marietta, Cobb Co, Ga.

Stanley was born in Marietta, Georgia, on Manget Street. In high school he was considered one of the top athletes of the time. He was captain of Marietta High School's football team in 1938.
Stanley was in the National Guards with his older brothers and went into the Army during World War II. He was in the D-Day invasion of Normandy.

Patrolman Ed Hunter, of the Marietta Police Department, has received from his brother, S/Sgt. John Stanley Hunter, a copy of orders that were read citing the 35th Division Inf., part in the Normandy Invasion.
The unit, according to the orders, attacked on 35 of the first 45 days of the invasion. It played a decisive part in the St. Lo Battle, overrunning key defense positions of the enemy.
The 35th spearheaded hand-to-hand fighting throughout the peninsula. Then it rushed through France often proceeding 100 miles a day in advance fighting, taking Cloyes, Chateaudun, and Orleans all in one day. Within a few days it captured 3,500 prisoners.
Sgt. Hunter, who attended Marietta High School, entered the service soon after graduation, and was assigned to the 35th in 1943, when it was training at Camp Rucker, Ala. The division entered Normandy June 5-6.

He was at one time a plain cloths detective for the City of Marietta Police Department. After that, he worked in the City's Electric Department. At one time he owned half of a service station of Powder Springs Street with his brother-in-law Jim Frasure. And then he worked for Lockheed in management until he retired. Now, he is a bailiff for the Courts.
They were very active members of the Maple Avenue Church in Marietta. Stanley's recipe for his famed peanut brittle is in the Cooking with Good Cooks from the Maple Avenue United Methodist Church (published 1988).
During their married life they have lived in various places in Marietta, mostly on the Westside, but have strayed twice north near Canton Road. Sarah now lives on Stewart Avenue in an older house that she and Stanley completely restored and remodeled.

From the article "Deaths and funerals" in the Marietta Dailey Journal March 18, 1997:

John S. Hunter, 76

John Stanley Hunter, 76, of Marietta died Sunday.
Services will be held today at Maple Avenue United Methodist Church in Marietta with Dr. Dan Rice and the Rev. Tom McElroy officiating. Burial will be in Mountain View Cemetary in Marietta. The body will be at the church at 10 am.
A Marietta native, Mr. Hunter attended Marietta city schools. He was a World War II veteran with the 35th Infantry Division and recipient of a Bronze Star. He was an electrician for the city of Marietta and a Marietta city policeman. He was later employed by Lockheed for 21 years before retiring andwas a baliff with Cobb County for six years. He was a member of Maple Avenue United Methodist Church in Marietta, the Marietta Men's Garden Club, the Meyerhardt Masonic Lodge F&AM in Kennesaw, and a past member of the 8 O'clock Civitan Club.
Survivors include his wife, Sarah F. Hunter; two sons, John S. Hunter, Jr. and David F. Hunter, both of Marietta; two brothers, Robert "Bus" Hunter of Douglasville and W. C. Hunter of Milledgeville; six grandchildren; and nieces and nephews.
Contributions can be made to Promina Northwest Hospice, P.O. Box 1208, Marietta, Ga. 30061 or to Maple Avenue United Methodist Church, 63 Maple Avenue N.W., Marietta, Ga. 30064.
Mayes Ward-Dobbins Funeral Home is in charge of arrangements

Burial: Mountain View Cem., Marietta, Ga.
Member: Mason, Civitan, Marietta Men's Garden Club
Military service: WWII - 35th Infantry, Bronze Star. D-Day
Occupation: Electrician; policeman (Marietta); Lockheed, baliff
Religion: Methodist - He was very active in Maple Avenue Methodist Church

As a teenager Sarah had the privilege of roller skating on Canton Highway freshly after it was paved, before it was opened to the Public. She worked for the Cobb County Library System for many years.

HUNTER - Sarah Alice Frasure Hunter, 78, passed away on Tuesday, January 6, 2004. She was born on April 16, 1925 in Marietta and lived in the area all her life. Sarah was a member of the Maple Avenue United Methodist Church and a member of the Fellowship Sunday School Class for over 50 years. She was a loving wife and mother and an adoring grandmother and great grandmother. She was preceded in death by her husband Stanley Hunter, and sister and brothers, Barbara Frasure, Ben Frasure, J.D. Frasure, and Jim Frasure. She will be greatly missed by her sons and daughters-in-law, Johnny and Jeanie Hunter and David and Nancy Hunter, all of Marietta. But the lights of her life were her grandchildren - Haley Hunter Meaders of Marietta, John Hunter of Brunswick, Frasure Hunter of Marietta, Holly Hunter of Marietta, Mitch Hunter of Washington, D.C. and Missy Hunter of Marietta - and her great-grandchildren - Brenna and Jess Hunter of Brunswick and Trey and Hunter Meaders of Marietta. Sarah is survived by her sisters, Lois White of Marietta, Lola Ellers of Woodstock, Dorothy Sutton of Savannah, Margaret Johnson of Marietta, and Pat Gatlin of Marietta. She is also survived by her sisters-in-law Barbara Frasure, Ruby Hunter, and Jeannette Hunter, all of Marietta; her brother-in-law, Robert "Bus" Hunter of Douglasville; and many, may nieces and nephews and other loving family members. Visitation will be Thursday at Mayes Ward-Dobbins Funeral Home from 5pm-8pm and the funeral will be Friday at 11:00am at Maple Avenue Methodist Church. Burial will be at Mountain View Memorial Cemetery. Donations can be made to the Fellowship Class at Maple Avenue United Methodist Church.
-Marietta Daly Journal, Thursday, January 8, 2004

Burial: Mountain View Cem., Marietta, Ga.
Occupation: Librarian

Marriage Notes for JOHN HUNTER and SARAH FRASURE:
Marietta Daily Journal:
Miss Sarah Frasure Wed Stanley Hunter Oct. 13 19??
Miss Sarah Frasure, daughter of Mrs. Henry Fasure and the late Mr. Frasure, of Marietta, and John Stanley Hunter, son of Mr. and Mrs. F.P. Hunter of Marietta, were married in Dallas, Ga., on Oct 13. H.S. Bullock read the marriage vows, using the double-ring ceremony.
The bride is a graduate of Acworth High School and is employed in the city engineer's office. Her mother was formerly Miss Lily Elrod. Her sisters are Mesdames Howard White and Billy Ellers and Misses Dorothy, Barbara, Margaret, and Patricia Frasure. Her brothers are J.D., U.S. Army, and Jimmy and Benny Frasure.
The bridegroom attended Marietta High School and was an outstanding athlete. He served as a technical sergeant in the Army, and now has his discharge and has joined the city police force. While overseas Hunter served in England and France.
His sister is Mrs. R.S. Crain of Marietta, his brothers are Herbert, E.T., and R.D. Hunter, of Marietta, R.R. of Douglasville, F.J. and J.R. of the U.S. Navy, and W.C. Hunter, of Jackson, Ga.
At present Mr. and Mrs. Hunter are with Mrs. Crain on Garrison Road.

Children of JOHN HUNTER and SARAH FRASURE are:
403. i. JOHN STANLEY "JOHNNY"8 HUNTER, JR., b. 26 May 1947, Marietta, Cobb, Ga.
404. ii. DAVID FRASURE HUNTER, SR, b. 1949, Marietta, Cobb, Ga.

249. JAMES RICHARD "DICK"7 HUNTER (FRANK PARIS6, WILLIAM A.5 TRAMMELL/HUNTER, JASON HENDERSON4 HUNTER, JOHN3, WILLIAM2, SAMUEL1) was born 17 Jan 1923 in Marietta, Cobb Co, Ga, and died 15 Feb 1982 in Marietta, Cobb Co, Ga. He married JEANNETTE QUINTAL 18 Aug 1946, daughter of UNKNOWN QUINTAL and ALICE L.. She was born Abt. 1923 in , , Mass.

By chance, he ran into his brother W.C. Hunter at a Red Cross in Africa during WWII.
Dick was born in Marietta, Georgia, on Manget Street. He spent a couple of tours in the Navy. While stationed in Boston, Mass., he met his wife Jeanette.

When he first moved with his family back to Marietta, they lived on Roosevelt Circle. After that they moved to Ebenenezer Road and had quite a bit of land. North Chestnut Grove Subdivision now is there. Next, they moved to Nancy Street, behind St Joseph's Catholic School, which was convenient since the family is Catholic, and went to the school. After that, they moved to Lee's Crossing.

He worked at Lockheed as a planner. He became a city council member for Marietta and later in the early 1960's became Mayor of Marietta. After that was an inspector for the State of Georgia, and lastly, a house builder.
They also owned a cabin on a river in the North Georgia Mountains, near the community of Suches.

Marietta Daily Journal, Sunday, August 23, 1981.
Former Marietta Mayor Dick Hunter, victim of a stroke is out of intensive care and on way to recovery. - Bill Kenny.
Dick lived fifty-nine years. He is buried at Kennesaw Mountain Memorial Park along with several of his brothers and sister.
In 1990, the Marietta City Council voted to name the bridge crossing the Marietta Parkway after him.

Mr. Hunter
James Richard "Dick" ^Hunter Sr., 59, of 895 ', Trailside Lane, Marietta., died Monday.
Rosary will be held at 7:30 ^ p.m. today in the chapel of Mayes Ward Funeral Home. ^Funeral will be at 10 a.m. ^Thursday at St. Joseph's '1 Catholic Church with the ;'Rev. Lawrence R. Schmuhl officiating. Burial will be in Kennesaw Memorial Park.
He is survived by his wife, Jeannette Quintal Hunter of Marietta; four daughters, Alice Hunter Shore, Patricia Bagley, Jeanne Wall, Sharon ^Hunter, all of Marietta;
eight sons, James R. Hunter Jr., Donald P. Hunter, Thomas J. Hunter, Charles ,J. Hunter, Richard C. Hunter, Robert Q. Hunter, Tyson A. Hunter, all of Marietta, Frank E. Hunter, of Simons Island; six brothers, Robert Hunter of Douglasville, Jack Hunter, Duuglas P. Hunter, Stanley 1. Hunter, Edwin Hunter, all of Marietta. Walter Hunter of Milledgeville; 11 grandchildren; nieces and nephews.
The family requests that flowers be omitted. Contributions may be made to the James R. Hunter Memorial Fund for the Rehabilation Center of Kennestone Hospital to the Commerical Bank of Cobb County.

The Marietta Daily Journal, Tuesday, February 16, 1982
Ex-Marietta Mayor Dick Hunter Dies
Former Marietta Mayor James Richard "Dick" Hunter Sr. died Mon-day night. He was 59.
Funeral arrangements for Hunter, of 895 Trailside Lane, will be an-nounced later by Mayes Ward Funeral Home.
Hunter, a Marietta native, won the mayor's office in 1969, narrowly de-feating Dana Eastham in a runoff. Eastham, who served with Hunter on the city council, had been the front runner in the general election.
Eastham came back to defeat Hunter in the 1973 mayoral contest.
Hunter had been elected to the city council in 1964, scoring a narrow 13-vote victory over G.W. "Romeo" Hudgins to represent Ward 4 in west Marietta.
He was a planner with the Lockheed-Georgia Co. for 18 years and later worked as an occupational safety inspector with the state of Georgia. In recent years, he had been self-em-ployed in realty and development.
Hunter served in the United States Navy from 1941 until 1949. He attended Marietta public schools and John Marshall University.
A member of St. Joseph's Catholic Church, Hunter served as president of the church's Holy Name society.
As mayor, Hunter was proudest of his work to extend street lighting throughout the city. He also worked to extend the coverage of the Board of Lights and Water's sewer and electrical systems. The Powder Springs Connector west of downtown Marietta was finished during Hunter's administration.
Hunter also was an ardent supporter of the Sister Cities program, of which Marietta is a member. He was instrumental in the development of the Atlanta Regional Commission.
Hunter was said to be recovering satisfactorily from a stroke suffered last year when he was hit by another stroke two weeks ago.
In lieu of flowers, contributions may be made to the James Richard Hunter Memorial Park Fund at Commercial Bank of Cobb County. Funds will be used to build a patio at the lung rehabilitation unit at Kennestone Hos-pital.
He is survived by his wife, Jeannette, 12 children, and several grandchilden.

Burial: Kennesaw Memorial Park, Marietta, Cobb Co., Ga
Elected: Mayor of Marietta, Ga
Occupation: Planner at Lockheed

Hope everyone was watching NBC News Friday night - It featured Mariettan Jeanette Hunter and her own softball team - her 12 children and their families.
-Maggie Willis'c column Wednesday, Aug 24, 1994.

In The Marietta Daily Journal, Wednesday, January 13, 1999, columnist Maggie Willis tells who's who's in Marietta that went to Governor Roy Barnes' Inaugaral Ball: Jeannette Hunter and her four daughters, Rusty Sternagle, Patty, Bagley, Sherry Kaskie, and Jeanne Hunter, and son son-in-law Jim Sternagle attended, without Jeannette's eight sons.

Marietta Daily Journal, Sunday, Oct 22, 2000, Maggie Willis's column:
Since marrying Mariettan Dick Hunter in 1945 and rearing their 12 children, Jeannette Quintal Hunter has been quiet busy here, but she has kept in touch with three chums she went all the way through school with in Haverhill, Mass.
Recently the four had a five-day reunion at the Pork Arabsas, Pardre Island, Texas, home of Dot and Bill Kelley.

Occupation: Owner of HUNTER Real Estate

Hunter-Quintal Wedding Held
Miss Jeannette Therese Quintal, daughter of Mr and Mrs. Emile Quintal, Lowell ave., became the bride of M.M. (1/c) James Richard Hunter, U.S. Navy, son of Mr and Mrs. Frank P. Hunter, Marietta, Ga., Aug. 18, at St. Joseph's rectory. The Rev. Joseph Bedard, S.M., performed the double ring ceremony. Miss A. Lorraine Barbeau and the bride's brother, Donald Quintal, attended the couple.
The bride wore a white taffeta with fitted bodice, bouffant skirk of net over white taffeta, floor length, and a veil of chapel lengh held with orange blossoms. She carried white gladiolas and asters and wore wrist length mitts.
Miss Barbeau wore a gown of taffeta brocade rose pink with a head band of mixed flowers matching her bouquet. She received a string of pearls from the bride who gave the bridegroom a black onyx ring.
The bride received and alligator hand bang from the bridegroom. He gave his best man a leather wallet.
A reception was held at the home of the bride's parents for 150 guests. The bride's mother wore crepe in powder blue with black hat and accessories and a corsage of pink rose buds.
Refreshments included the bride's cake cut and served by the couple.
The gift display and guest book were in charge of Cadet Nurse Claire Pulin.
The travel costume of the bride for their wedding trip through the White mountains was a tailleur in tan with brown accessories. On their return the bridegroom will return to his ship and the bride will remain with her parents - news clipping from Minnie Tyson Hunter's scrapbook.

i. JAMES RICHARD "JAY"8 HUNTER, JR., b. 29 Jun 1946; d. 23 Mar 2009; m. BEVERLY LOPEZ, 30 Apr 2006, Marietta, Cobb Co., Ga.

Marietta Daily Jounral obituary March 26, 2009:
Jay Hunter (James Richard Hunter, Jr.), beloved husband, son, brother, uncle and friend, passed away unexpectedly on Monday, March 23, 2009.

Services will be held at 2:00 p.m. on Saturday, March 28, 2009 at Mayes Ward-Dobbins Funeral Home in Marietta, Georgia.

Jay was born in Haverhill, Massachusetts on June 29, 1946. After his father's retirement from the Navy in 1951, his mother and father moved the family back to his father's hometown of Marietta. Jay attended St. Joseph Parochial School, graduated from Marietta High School in 1964, studied at Middle Georgia College, graduated from Georgia State University and earned his Masters Degree from Georgia State University in History and Political Science. During his college years, he traveled across North Georgia with his professor and fellow students, gathering songs and stories that had been handed down for generations. This collection is archived in the Library of Congress.

Jay worked as a Special Education teacher in the Atlanta school system for several years before pursuing a professional career in music. Singer, song writer, and performer. Jay's love of music began as a child and in high school he hosted a "Top 40" radio show on WFOM. Jay was blessed with a rich baritone voice and accompanied himself with acoustic guitar. His wonderful wit and wry sense of humor were evident in the clever lyrics of his songs. During his career, he played at Underground Atlanta, Rockport Music Festival, Newport Music Festival, The King and Prince on St. Simons Island, Cloisters Resort in Sea Island and Piedmont Art Festival. Most recently, to the delight of family, friends and following, he entertained at various Atlanta music venues.

Jay had many hobbies and interests. He enjoyed renovating cars and motorcycles and loved to fly, earning his private pilot's license in the 1980s. Jay also had a natural talent for painting, sketching and wood-working.

Jay was proud of his ancestry, including his mother's French-Canadian heritage and particularly embraced the culture of his Native American ancestry.

In his later years. Jay found the love of his life, Beverly Hunter (formerly Beverly Lopez), and they married in April 2006 in Helen, Georgia. Jay lived the last years of his life enjoying the company of his beloved wife and relishing his role of step-father and grandfather to Beverly's daughter, Laura Crawford, her husband Mark and their daughter Madison and to her son, Richard Lopez, his wife Jamie and their sons Eathan and Sean.

Jay was preceded in death by his father, Dick Hunter (James Richard Hunter, Sr.) former Mayor of Marietta and younger brother Frank.

He is survived by his wife, Beverly; her two children, Laura Crawford (Mark) and Richard Lopez (Jamie) and three grandchildren; Madison Crawford and Eathan and Sean Lopez; his mother, Jeannette Quintal Hunter; brothers, Don, Tom, Chuck (Nancy), Rick, Rob (Jeanne) and Ty; sisters, Rusty Stemagle (Jim), Pattie Bagley (Mark), Jeanne Hunter, and Sherry Kaskie (Ken), as well as his aunt, Ruby Hunter, 18 nieces, 16 nephews, and 19 grand-nieces and grand-nephews.

Mayes Ward-Dobbins Funeral Home & Crematory in Marietta in charge of arrangements.

Occupation: Folk Singer & Builder

405. ii. ALICE HUNTER, b. 13 Sep 1948.
406. iii. FRANK E. HUNTER, b. 29 Jul 1949, Haven Hill,, Mass; d. 07 Nov 2003, Marietta, Cobb Co, Ga.
407. iv. DONALD P. HUNTER, b. 1951.
408. v. PATRICIA J. HUNTER, b. Abt. 1953.
vi. THOMAS J. HUNTER, b. Abt. 1955.

Occupation: Real estate & portraits

409. vii. CHARLES J. "CHUCK" HUNTER, b. Abt. 1956.
410. viii. JEANNE HUNTER, b. 24 Feb 1957, Marietta, Cobb, Ga.
411. ix. SHARON "SHERRY" HUNTER, b. Abt. 1960.
412. x. RICHARD CARTIER "RICKY" HUNTER, b. Abt. 1961.
413. xi. ROBERT Q. "ROBBE" HUNTER, b. Abt. 1962.
414. xii. TYSON A. "TYE" HUNTER, b. Abt. 1963.

A Dip in the 1954 Marietta Yellow Pages

Click on each set of pages to make them bigger and readable.

Here are some more 1954 Yellow Pages from the Marietta phone book.

The people that were in their formative years in the 1950s might find this very interesting… or boring.

On the above set of pages the 2nd category down is a category you will no longer see in the Yellow Pages: Adding Machines.

On the far right lower corner is an ad for Parkaire Field. Parkaire Field has been Parkaire Mall for at 35 years, probably more. Parkaire Field was an aviation field for small planes.

I remember a bunch of us teenagers visited Parkaire Field one time to see a certain pilot. The pilot very secretive took from each of us $5. He said if he got caught giving plane rides he would lose his pilot’s license. We all got into his plane, I think it was a piper cub, and we went flying over Marietta. It was a thrill to see the little cars moving on the little roads and the little houses.

It was my second time to fly in a plane. My uncle Herbert Hunter, about 10 years earlier owned a piper cub and jointly owned an airfield on Austell Road near Hurt Road. He had a near death plane wreck which almost crippled him which is probably the reason he gave it all up and took up boats and fishing.

A couple items of historical interest are on this page.

The top of the second column is an ad for Marietta Funeral Home that offered 24 hour ambulance service “for COLORED”; Then we lived in a segregated society, but there is little proof of that today.

Albert Dobbins Funeral Home and Mayes Ward Funeral Home were two separate businesses – that was before they consolidated..

In 1954 there was only one store listed in the Yellow Pages as an antique dealer. Antiquing presently is a big money turnover business in Cobb County. I would almost bet now there are more antique stores than restaurants. Also there are several big buildings that were once something else and now have booths or stalls with individuals hawking their antiques.

Only two apartment rental businesses are listed. Now, of course, with all the here-today, gone-tomorrow nomadic citizens there are much more apartments rental businesses.

On the right are a list of attorneys. Howell Ravan is listed. Howell Ravan went on to become a judge and also owned Marble Inn BBQ on the old Church Street Extension and Ravan’s BBQ on the 4-Lane.

Also Marietta’s own Boss Hog is listed: Harold Willingham.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Deep Waters

Today I received my GEORGIA BACKROADS magazine in the mail. I flipped through it planning what I wanted to read first. There is an article about Georgia Child Labor about 1920 which looks like it will be good. By the way, Mary Phagan, was a child laborer at age 13 when she was raped and kill; there is an article how the Titanic disaster effected the small Georgian town Adrian; an article about Georgia reptiles – I think I’ll skip that one; Flannery O’Connor’s Andalusia Farm; Georgia’s Goodwill Ambassadors – an article about the Monroe Girl & Bugle Corps back in the ‘60s; a story about Pulitzer Prize-Winning Novelist Caroline Miller; WSB Radio in the old days; and an article about the Odyssey of Andre Steiner: Unsung Hero of Jekyll Island, which looks good too.

While I was flipping through the magazine I came across the above advertising waterfront lots at Juliette, Georgia. I had a sad feeling looking at the picture.

Juliette, Georgia, is just north of Macon.

My brother-in-law Tommy Prance help construct* Lake Juliette, which I think is probably the lake in the ad.

Later, while spending some recreation time at the lake he was swimming beside a friend that was rowing a boat. Their conversation was interrupted by Tommy making no response. The friend looked in the direction Tommy was at and he wasn’t there. That was July 2nd, 1988.

Tommy’s body surfaced about fifteen months later.

Life can completely alter itself and all those concerned in the middle of a sentence with no warning.

*Did you know there are no natural lakes in Georgia? They are all man-made.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

We Were Young Once

click on any picture to enlarge it.

No one said we were young once. We didn’t have to. We all knew it. Because we all witnessed each other being in our formative years.

Now, we are old but we still have our memories of our youth, which we are willing to share and remind each other at our Tuesday late afternoon Good Old Boys meeting.

It is official now. We are something, I'm not sure what. We are on a roll with our addresses and email addresses, and we also tossed money into the kitty. But I do know we all grew up in Marietta at the same time.

Monty did an excellent job orchestrating the happening and making delicious chili, hotdogs, coleslaw, and homemade ice cream chilled with hot ice.*

Now, it time go be back being an old man with heart and cholesterol problems again.

*By the way, did you know you have to be of legal age to buy hot ice?

My Hunter Genealogy Part 20

227. DR ALFRED CHARLES7 HUNTER (CHARLES JEFFERSON6, WILLIAM A.5 TRAMMELL/HUNTER, JASON HENDERSON4 HUNTER, JOHN3, WILLIAM2, SAMUEL1) was born 15 May 1891 in , Cherokee, Ga, and died 03 Nov 1973 in Kerrville, Tex. He married MAMIE "MAY" AKRIDGE Bef. 1917. She was born 18 Oct 1892 in Summerville, , Ga, and died 18 Apr 1933 in San Antonio, , Tex.

Occupation: Dentist

361. i. DR AKRIDGE CHARLES8 HUNTER, b. 26 Jul 1917, Pleasanton, , Tex; d. 14 Jan 1997, Houston, , Tx.

228. EVA BELL7 HUNTER (CHARLES JEFFERSON6, WILLIAM A.5 TRAMMELL/HUNTER, JASON HENDERSON4 HUNTER, JOHN3, WILLIAM2, SAMUEL1)98 was born 21 Aug 189598, and died 30 Jul 1973 in Beaver. . Pa98. She married J. HARVEY POOR98 25 Jun 1920 in , Fulton Co., Ga98, son of JAMES POOR and MARGIA MCCOLLUM. He was born 25 Mar 1896 in Holly Springs, , Ga98, and died 30 Jul 1969 in Aliquippa, , Pa98.

I'm starting to do some research into my grandmother's family. Sadly many details are missing from the oral history that she was left with.
Her mother was Eva Bell Hunter (born 8/21/1895), who was the daughter of Charles Jefferson Hunter and Paralee Dobbs (who died when Eva was 2, so 1897/1898). My grandmother says that Eva had a brother that moved to Texas and was a dentist. I belive this person is the A.C. Hunter you mentioned in your blog last October.
Any information you could share with me regarding Charles Jefferson Hunter and his family, so that I can confirm or rule out this relation, would be most appreciated!

Christie Sullivan

Burial: Sylvania Hills Cemetery, Rochester, Pa
Occupation: Homemaker

Notes for J. HARVEY POOR:
Harvey served as an airplane mechanic in France during WWI.
n 1922/23 (between births of 2 daughters) moved family to Aliquipa, Pa in serach of work. He was a machinist for J & L Steel Ccmpany.
- Christie Sullivan

More About J. HARVEY POOR:
Burial: Sylvania Hills Cemetery, Rochester, Pa
Occupation: Machinist

Marriage Notes for EVA HUNTER and J. POOR:
Rumor is that Eva's father Charles did not approve of Harvey - he thought Eva was marrying beneath her.
- Christie Sullivan, 2008

Children of EVA HUNTER and J. POOR are:
362. i. MARJORIE LEE8 POORE, b. 18 Feb 1922, Atlanta, Fulton Co, Ga.
363. ii. ELIZABETH RAE POORE, b. 23 Aug 1923, Aliquippa, , Pa.
364. iii. HARVEY EUGENE POORE, b. 29 Nov 1928, Aliquippa, , Pa; d. 04 Apr 1973, Aliquippa, , Pa.


Note – Katherine and child moved to Californi


230. RUTH H.7 HUNTER (CHARLES JEFFERSON6, WILLIAM A.5 TRAMMELL/HUNTER, JASON HENDERSON4 HUNTER, JOHN3, WILLIAM2, SAMUEL1) was born 31 Jul 1917 in Woodstock, Cherokee, Ga, and died 24 Mar 1965 in , Cherokee, Ga. She married PETE MAUDIN. He was born Abt. 1915.

More About RUTH H. HUNTER:
Burial: Carmel Bapt. Church, Cherokee Co., Ga
Medical Information: M.S.

i. L.8 MAUDIN.

Notes for L. MAUDIN:
Note – Ruth’s daughter was born before she developed MS – possibly in the early 1950s (my aunt remembers meeting Ruth and daughter once, and that the girl was younger than herself). Once she got sick her husband left her. An article was run in the paper before Ruth’s death about how the daughter helped around the house, and included a picture of her standing on a chair **

231. ALBERT FRANKLIN7 POOR (ARMINDA JANE "NIN"6 HUNTER, WILLIAM A.5 TRAMMELL/HUNTER, JASON HENDERSON4 HUNTER, JOHN3, WILLIAM2, SAMUEL1) was born 15 May 1885 in , Cherokee, Ga, and died 28 Apr 1956 in Woodstock, Cherokee, Ga. He married (1) RUBY LEE BURTON Abt. 1917 in Louisville, , Ky, daughter of WILLIAM BURTON and LAURA BRANNON. She was born 02 Apr 1895 in Cartersville, , Ga, and died 06 Dec 1936 in Woodstock, Cherokee, Ga. He married (2) ETHEL BRANNON Abt. 1938 in Woodstock, Cherokee, Ga. She was born 01 Sep 1890 in San Angelo, Tex, and died 14 Mar 1977 in Woodstock, Cherokee, Ga.

Burial: Enon Cem, Woostock, Cherokee Co., Ga

Burial: Enon Cem, Woostock, Cherokee Co., Ga

Burial: Enon Cem, Woostock, Cherokee Co., Ga

Children of ALBERT POOR and RUBY BURTON are:
365. i. ALBERT FRANKLIN8 POOR, JR, b. 08 Apr 1918, Lexington, , Ky; d. Sep 1951, Atlanta, Fulton, Ga..
366. ii. LEWIS WILLIAM POOR, b. 17 Jun 1920, Cartersville, , Ga; d. 08 Jul 2007.
367. iii. JAMES HENRY POOR, b. 07 Apr 1923, Woodstock, Cherokee, Ga; d. 07 Apr 1990, Woodstock, Cherokee, Ga.
368. iv. LEROY BURTON POOR, b. 28 Mar 1925, Woodstock, Cherokee, Ga.
369. v. WILLIAM TURNER POOR, b. 01 Aug 1931, Woodstock, Cherokee, Ga.

232. LASSIE IRENE7 POOR (ARMINDA JANE "NIN"6 HUNTER, WILLIAM A.5 TRAMMELL/HUNTER, JASON HENDERSON4 HUNTER, JOHN3, WILLIAM2, SAMUEL1) was born 18 Sep 1886 in , Cherokee, Ga, and died 09 Mar 1974 in , Meigs, Ga. She married JOHN JEFFERSON TURNER 09 Sep 1906 in , Cherokee, Ga. He was born 23 Mar 1880 in , Cobb, Ga, and died 19 Sep 1963 in , Meigs, Ga.

Burial: Sunset Cemetery, Meigs, Mitchell Co., Ga

Burial: Sunset Cemetery, Meigs, Mitchell Co., Ga

Children of LASSIE POOR and JOHN TURNER are:
370. i. EDNA IRENE8 TURNER, b. 26 Nov 1907; d. Unknown, , Michell, Ga.
ii. RUTH ELIZABETH TURNER, b. 08 Apr 1909, , Cherokee, Ga; d. 12 May 1910, , Cherokee, Ga.

Lived: 13 months.

371. iii. WARREN FRANKLIN TURNER, b. 13 Nov 1911, Marietta, Cobb, Ga; d. 23 Aug 1976, Cairo, , Ga.
372. iv. FRANCES JANE TURNER, b. 01 Mar 1918, Marietta, Cobb, Ga; d. 01 Jul 1970, Pelham, , Ga.
373. v. MARY LOUISE TURNER, b. 30 Sep 1919, , Cherokee, Ga.
vi. JACK STOKES TURNER, b. 18 Apr 1922; d. 03 May 1945, , , ,Okinawa.

Military service: WWII - Pacific

374. vii. JOHN LEWIS TURNER, SR., b. 08 Jul 1924, , Colquitt, Ga.

233. WARREN WESLEY7 POOR (ARMINDA JANE "NIN"6 HUNTER, WILLIAM A.5 TRAMMELL/HUNTER, JASON HENDERSON4 HUNTER, JOHN3, WILLIAM2, SAMUEL1) was born 06 Jul 1890 in , Cherokee Co, Ga, and died 02 Jul 1955 in Bensenville, , IL. He married DONNA RALPH 16 Dec 1923 in Mishawaka, , Ind. She was born 05 Sep 1895 in , Ohio, Ky, and died 11 Nov 1982 in Bensenville, , IL.

Burial: Elmurst, IL

Burial: Elmurst, IL

Children of WARREN POOR and DONNA RALPH are:
375. i. RALPH WARREN8 POOR, b. 02 Sep 1924, Bensenville, , IL.
376. ii. WESLEY LEWIS POOR, b. 15 Apr 1936, Bensenville, , IL.

234. HARVEY WILLIAM7 POOR (ARMINDA JANE "NIN"6 HUNTER, WILLIAM A.5 TRAMMELL/HUNTER, JASON HENDERSON4 HUNTER, JOHN3, WILLIAM2, SAMUEL1) was born 25 Jul 1893 in Atlanta, Fulton, Ga, and died 28 Sep 1959 in Lexington, , Ky. He married EMMA FRANCES MOORE 25 Jun 1921 in Lexington, , Ky. She was born 05 Dec 1892 in , Clark, Ky, and died Jul 1972 in Lexington, , Ky.

Burial: Hillcrest Cemetery, Lexington, Clark Co , Ky

Burial: Hillcrest Cemetery, Lexington, Clark Co , Ky

Children of HARVEY POOR and EMMA MOORE are:
377. i. KATHLEEN LENORE8 POOR, b. 13 May 1926, Lexington, , Ky.
378. ii. GERADINE MOORE POOR, b. 19 Dec 1928, Lexington, , Ky.

235. LILLIAN LOUISE7 POOR (ARMINDA JANE "NIN"6 HUNTER, WILLIAM A.5 TRAMMELL/HUNTER, JASON HENDERSON4 HUNTER, JOHN3, WILLIAM2, SAMUEL1) was born 06 Oct 1895 in Atlanta, Fulton, Ga, and died 15 Sep 1970 in Canton, Cherokee, Ga. She married CHARLES CLIFFORD KILLIAN 26 Dec 1916 in , Cherokee Co, Ga, son of THOMAS KILLIAN and ANNA MCCOLLUM. He was born 10 Oct 1890 in Blue Ridge, Fannin Co, Ga, and died 05 Apr 1983 in , Cherokee Co, Ga.

Burial: Cherokee Memorial Gardens, Univeter, Ga

Charles worked for the Cherokee County Public Works Department. Then they would camp at the work site areas. Both mules and human muscle were required to keep the roads maintained. While in the area he went to a box super at Bascomb Church near Woodstock. There he met his future wife (Louise) . He bought her box supper for her and dined with her and that was the beginning of their romance. - Jean Killian Pinyan

Burial: Cherokee Memorial Gardens, Univeter, Ga
Occupation: Road Commissioner of Cherokee Co.

379. i. MURRAY WALTON8 KILLIAN, b. 21 Sep 1918, , Cherokee, Ga; d. 14 Sep 1992, , Cherokee, Ga.
380. ii. BARBARA ESTA KILLIAN, b. 09 Feb 1921, , Cherokee, Ga.
381. iii. WILLIAM HUNTER KILLIAN, b. 27 Oct 1922, , Cherokee, Ga.
iv. PAUL CLIFFORD KILLIAN, b. 28 Feb 1925, , Cherokee, Ga; d. 17 Mar 1975, Univeter, , Ga.
382. v. JEAN LOUISE KILLIAN, b. 03 Jul 1927, , Cherokee, Ga.

236. CECIL GEORGE7 POOR (ARMINDA JANE "NIN"6 HUNTER, WILLIAM A.5 TRAMMELL/HUNTER, JASON HENDERSON4 HUNTER, JOHN3, WILLIAM2, SAMUEL1) was born 05 Jul 1897 in , Cherokee Co, Ga, and died 18 Sep 1982 in Sun City, , Az. He married ALVINA KATHERINE GEIER 30 Nov 1929 in Dubuque, L.A., Ca99. She was born 01 Sep 1898 in Chicago, Cook, IL, and died Unknown.

383. i. DOROTHY8 POOR, b. 04 Jan 1931, Melrose Park, , IL.

Eva Poor Lanier and Jean Louise Killian Pinyan Hunter Reunion Marietta, Ga c1985
237. EVA OCTAVIA7 POOR (ARMINDA JANE "NIN"6 HUNTER, WILLIAM A.5 TRAMMELL/HUNTER, JASON HENDERSON4 HUNTER, JOHN3, WILLIAM2, SAMUEL1) was born 08 Aug 1904 in , Cherokee Co, Ga, and died 1999. She married JOHN ALDEN LANIER 24 Dec 1931 in Atlanta, Fulton, Ga. He was born 22 Mar 1905 in Metter, Candler Co, Ga, and died 13 May 1992 in Atlanta, Fulton, Ga..

Miss Eva Poor of Woodstock, spent Saturday with Miss Irene Turner.

Burial: West View Cem., Atlanta, Fulton Co, Ga.

Child of EVA POOR and JOHN LANIER is:
384. i. JOHN ALDEN8 LANIER, JR., b. 20 Jun 1937, Atlanta, Fulton, Ga.

238. ELAINE7 HUNTER (JOHN RAFAS6, WILLIAM A.5 TRAMMELL/HUNTER, JASON HENDERSON4 HUNTER, JOHN3, WILLIAM2, SAMUEL1)100 was born 06 Dec 1896 in , Cherokee, Ga, and died Unknown in Lorain, , OH. She married PAUL WILLIAM POOR, son of JOHN POOR and LULA GENTRY. He was born 03 Nov 1890 in , Cherokee Co., Ga101, and died 04 Sep 1986.

Burial: Ridgehill Cemetery, Lorain, , Oh
Elected: Sherfield Village, , Oh, elected sheriff.101
Occupation: Manager of a steel mill.101

Children of ELAINE HUNTER and PAUL POOR are:
i. GENE HUNTER8 POOR101, b. 27 Jan 1922, Elyria, , Oh; d. 30 Nov 1963; m. (1) MARY KATHERINE SMITH101; b. Private; m. (2) JOVINE FINOCHI101; b. Private.

Occupation: Soft-drink distribution

385. ii. ELAINE DEAN POOR, b. Private.
iii. PAUL WILLIAM POOR, JR101, b. Private; m. MYFANWAY ELIZABETH "BETTY" HUGHES102; b. 09 Dec 1914, Treherbert, , , Wales; d. 31 Jul 1991, Ridgehill Cemetery, Lorain, , Oh.
v. LULA BELLE "LIL" POOR102, b. Private; m. LAWRENCE KENNETH "LARRY" LEONARD102; b. 23 Oct 1911, Avon, , Oh; d. 11 Dec 1972.

Occupation: Plumber

239. EMMA VIOLA7 HUNTER (JOHN RAFAS6, WILLIAM A.5 TRAMMELL/HUNTER, JASON HENDERSON4 HUNTER, JOHN3, WILLIAM2, SAMUEL1) was born 13 Oct 1891 in , Cherokee, Ga, and died Unknown in Birmingham, , Ala. She married ANDREW JOSEPH ABRECROMBRE 13 Dec 1913 in Canton, Cherokee Co., Ga. He was born 13 Oct 1891, and died 11 Dec 1924 in Birmingham, , Ala.

Burial: Carmel Baptist Church, Woodstock, Cherokee Co., Ga

Burial: Carmel Baptist Church, Woodstock, Cherokee Co., Ga

386. i. JOHN JOSEPH "JOHN J"8 ABRECOMBRE, b. 02 Nov 1914, , Cherokee Co., Ga; d. Unknown, Scottsboro, Jackson Co, AL.
388. iii. ALBERT HUNTER ABRECOMBRE, b. Private.
389. iv. ANNABELL ABRECOMBRE, b. Private.

240. WALTER CLARENCE "BROTHER"7 HUNTER (JOHN RAFAS6, WILLIAM A.5 TRAMMELL/HUNTER, JASON HENDERSON4 HUNTER, JOHN3, WILLIAM2, SAMUEL1) was born 28 Sep 1903 in , Cherokee Co, Ga, and died 10 Dec 1934 in East Chicago, , In. He married ELSIE ELISABETH MOEHL. She was born 10 Dec 1905, and died Unknown.

Moved "up north" when he became working age.

Occupation: a steel company.

Children of WALTER HUNTER and ELSIE MOEHL are:

241. JACIE7 HUNTER (WILLIAM JASON6, WILLIAM A.5 TRAMMELL/HUNTER, JASON HENDERSON4 HUNTER, JOHN3, WILLIAM2, SAMUEL1) was born 13 Feb 1898 in , Cherokee Co, Ga, and died 06 May 1974 in , Cherokee Co, Ga. She married VERNON TIP INGRAM. He was born 01 Jan 1901 in , Cherokee Co, Ga, and died 10 Feb 1955 in , Cherokee Co, Ga.

Burial: Enon Cem., Woodstock, Cherokee Co., Ga

Burial: Enon Cem., Woodstock, Cherokee Co., Ga

391. i. MARY LOIS8 INGRAM, b. 16 Jun 1924, , Cherokee, Ga.
ii. VERNON TIP INGRAM, JR, b. 01 Jun 1931, , Cherokee, Ga; d. 25 Aug 1976, , Cherokee, Ga.

Burial: Enon Cem., Woodstock, Cherokee Co., Ga

392. iii. HUNTER DAVENPORT INGRAM, b. 18 Dec 1932; d. 21 Nov 2002.