Saturday, November 30, 2013

The Hunter Clan of Marietta, C1945

The Hunter Clan of Marietta, c 1945 before they multiplied and multiplied:  all left to right: 

Kids up front:  Probably Jerry Hunter and Jimmy Crain in front of W.C. Hunter;  Bobby Crain in front of Jack Hunter; Me (Eddie Hunter) in front of Ed Hunter; Frances Hunter in front  of Frank Hunter. 

1st row:  Tom Crowder,  W.C. Hunter,  Jack Hunter, Ed Hunter, and  Frank Paris Hunter.

2nd row:  Minnie Tyson Hunter (behind Frank Paris Hunter),  Janie Petty Hunter.

3rd row:  Sarah Frasure Hunter,  Bee Hunter Crain, ? , ?, Doug Hunter holding probably Sandra Hunter,  Octavia "Tade" Tyson, Carr, probably Elizabeth "Jo" Hunter Stewart.  ?

4th row:?, ?, Lolagene Turner Hunter,

Last row:  Stanley Hunter, Bus Hunter, Herbert Hunter, and ? .  This last person looks like Jimmy Crain but appears to be older than Jimmy would be in about 1944.

Ones that are probably in the picture but I can't pick them out:  Zelma Ogle Hunter, Fay Hunter Rogers, Anne Tyson Crowder, Evelyn Crowder, Ed Tyson, Ann Tyson Brown, Will Tyson, Dalton Tyson, Lacy Powers Tyson, and  Belle Kuykendall Tyson.  If you can help, please do.

Friday, November 29, 2013

Lula Kuykendall Wright

Louisana "Lula" Kuykendall Wright (1868 -1923)

Lula was the first of ten children to James E. and Eliza "Fannie" Frances Tyson Kuykendall.  Fannie's father was Robert C. Tyson, my g-g-g grandfather and Fannie was Anna's g-g-g- grandmother, is why my wife and are distant cousins.

Fannie married Henry Gable Wright (1857-1936) Jan 13, 1880.

Wednesday, November 27, 2013


MY THANKSGIVING STORIES.  We are invited to kin-folks Thanksgiving dinner later this week.  The hosts suggested that each person to come armed with their favorite Thanksgiving story or memory.  I do not speak well in front of a group of  people.  I do OK in one on one conversations, but more than two or three people I don't.   I thought about what I want to say, which is a Thanksgiving memory.  I thought maybe I should  corner each person there, one on one and tell them my story.  But better still, put it on Facebook and my blog and let them read it for themselves, if they want to.  If they don't, that is OK too, I won't know the difference.

First I want to briefly tell you my second Thanksgiving Story:  It happened Thanksgiving 1963.  That was just several days after Kennedy was killed.  At the Naval Mess Hall in Lakehurst, New Jersey, our Thanksgiving dinner was a solemn occasion - nobody felt like being thankful  or happy.  Who knew what would happen next?  What did happen was the Navy just rescue the men from a sinking foreign transport off our coast.  Our Naval base was the nearest to bring them for food.  I think it was a ship from one of the northern countries of Europe., like Norway.  They all were given orange flight suits to wear.  They were happy and THANKFUL to be alive.   Although we could hardly understand a word they said, after dinning with the happy to be alive crew it rubbed off on us.  Another good reason to go to the E.M. Club to get plastered.

My 2nd Thanksgiving Story, which is more memorable:  Back in the early late 1950s or early 1960s a group of friends and I decided to go hunting early on Thanksgiving morning.  Larry Southern knew of a place in White, Georgia, near Cartersville of endless dirt roads.  Our plan was to take turns with two of us riding on the fenders and when we saw a rabbit shoot it.  We have been out on dirt country roads countless times and rabbits would run out in front of us.    Maybe we arrived at the destination about 2am, and proceeded to ride the dirt roads, taking turns at fender duty.  We did not see any rabbits.   We gave up and came upon an abandoned  country unpainted shack.  We built a fire in the fireplace and sat around and talked about life and gossiped.   We were not getting much accomplished , we decided to drive back to Marietta.  Out on the highway going to Cartersville we had a flat tire.  We were driving one of Larry's father's old  junk car somebody traded him for a better car (hopefully).  The old heap had  no spare.  We sat in the car and talked and gossiped some more.   Daylight began to slowly shift in.  When it got light enough that we could see some things around us we saw we were parked across  the road from a house.  Beside the house was a pasture and behind the house was a little hill.  Near the top of the hill was an outhouse, maybe 50 feet from the house.

Larry said he was going to use that outhouse.   We knew he meant it.  He loved to use outhouses.   Monty and Johnny tried to talk him out of it.  He wouldn't want to listen their reasoning.  He got out of the car and walked beside the house and up the hill.

Something you need to know about Larry:  He was then a shy person.  He would do sneaky things but hoped he would never get caught, it was too embarrassing.   When he did get caught he scratched his forehead  so his hand would cover his face.  We have seen him scratch his forehead more than once.

Larry went into the outhouse and shut the door.  The rest of us  sat there and talked and speculated what would happen if he got caught.

Then I saw a little grey headed matron looking lady walking up hill with some newspapers in her hands.  I told my friends and we were having laughing fits watching each step the lady took.

She opened the door and  dropped her papers..  Out bounded Larry trying to pull up his pants with one hand and scratching his forehead with the other.

He ran down the hill, jumped in the car , started the engine and  we rode off, flat or no flat.

We got down the road a very shot distance but around a bend and out of sight and we gave out of gas.  This time we were in front of a service station that sold tires  and gas.  We started to pool our money  to discovered that every one of us was broke.
Somehow I got elected to go to Larry's house, or his parents' house, get his car and his money was hidden in his car, and drive back to White, Georgia.

I hitchhiked back to Marietta.  I lived with my family close to the 41 Hwy, or 4-Lane, as we called it locally.  My last ride carried me as close as two blocks for our house.  I walked into our house.  My family was having Thanksgiving dinner.  Invited  down from Chattanooga was my mother's brother Tom Petty and his wife Mary Jo.  I hurriedly ate, standing up - I was on a mission.  I took my car and drove over to Larry's house and got his car.  Luckily, his parents were not there - I would look awful guilty trying to explain everything to them.  I left my car at Larry's parents and took Larry's car and drove back up the 4-Lane to Cartersville.  That was before the I-75 was built. 

Right after the first street turning off into Cartersville, I gave out of gas.

Back then we ran out of gas a lot.  We did that a lot and just dealt with it as it happen.  It was also a way of life to park on hills with the front aiming down in case we had to push our car off.
I was out of gas with the mission incomplete.   The only thing I knew to do was to start hitchhiking towards White and worry about Larry's car later.  After all, they need the money to get gas and a tire for the heap.   As I was walking backwards on the northbound lane of the US41 with my thumb out I looked over to the southbound lane and there was my four friends walking backwards with their thumbs out.  I hollered and we joined up.

I do not remember the details of what happened next.  We got Larry's car, put gas in it and went back to white and had to walk to the owner of the service station's house to get him to open on Thanksgiving to sell us a tire and some gas.  I think he sold us a used tire for $5 and sold us gas. 

It was something I think I will remember until I can't remember no more.

Glover Park An't What It Used to Be

click on image to make it larger and more understandable

This is a picture of the old Glover Park and the old Courthouse when they  were the Mecca of Cobb County residents, or the sight of them, anyway.  This picture was shared on Facebook by Davis McCollum's" Cobb County Grown" .  

I don't remember seeing this picture before, it is a good one.    It brings back memories of the way the park used to be.  

I walked across that park plenty of times getting to the Strand Theater.  It usually had more than a few drunks drinking from brown paper bags and a soap box preacher who was personally delivering the word of God - who he said he had  personally spoken to.  Sometimes, you might see some one behind a bush with both hands down to the front of his thigh area - care to guess what he was doing?   

You would see no Afro-Americans sitting in the park.  That was the stipulation when the park was deeded by the Glover family to be a public park, no blacks could sit in it.  How is that for "public"?  Later on when racial laws like that were stricken, a member of that family added an amendment or stipulation to unstipulate the racial stipulation to go with the times. 

Also, a taxi company's office was in the park.  True.  It had one employee, I think his name was Howard.  His office was a telephone hooked to a pole right across from the courthouse.  Howard was also known to make moonshine runs  for a  certain few.  Now, there is no need for moonshine or brown paper bags.  Yuppies sip wine and beer openly at summer concerts. 

Time changes.  Stick around and it will change again.  

Hey!  They had big goldfish with white spots in the pool at the base of the fountain too!

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Myrtle Beach's Ring A Ding

Knowing me, I probably made our exploits or adventures at Myrtle Beach boring.  You might say, "Myrtle Beach again?  BOR-RING!"

Wait!  This is one about Christmas things at Myrtle Beach and North Myrtle Beach.  You like Christmas things don't you?

This video above was taken as we drove through a Christmas Lights and music at the Penguins  Stadium show at the local high school in Myrtle Beach.   The name of it is SHADRACK CHRISTMAS LIGHTS.   The admission was $25 per car, which goes to charity.  You pay the man $25 and he tells you what number to put your car radio and turn out your lights and follow the lighted path.  As you can see   on the video  the Christmas lights were synchronized with the music on the radio.  I think they did an excellent job.  After I spliced all the videos  it added up to 35 minutes.  I chiseled it down to 2 minutes and 30 seconds.... so imagine what you missed..... but you get the idea anyway.

Also on our trip we got reservations to the ALABAMA THEATER who also had a Christmas show going on.  The ALABAMA THEATER was originally built for the singing group ALABAMA .  I don't know why that relationship ended, but now it has entertaining performances and concerts of various artists year around.  I saw on a poster that 3 DOG NIGHT will be there in March. 
The show we saw was very colorful with many traditional Christmas songs with very talented singers and musicians plus a g-rated  comedian.
The comedian was a young man not over 35 and was pretty funny.  He asked people to stand that were from various church groups, religious organizations, or bus tours;  huge groups of people stood each time he named a group.  I was beginning to think if he had said, "Now, if you haven't stood up yet, stand now."   Anna and I would have been the only ones available to stand.....maybe.
At the ALABAMA there were plenty of announcements that photography was not allowed.  I knew that would be the case so I didn't bring my camera.    Near the end, they invited the kids up from the audience to pose for a special Christmas song and they told people to forgetter about the rule, you could take pictures.  And I left my camera in the car.  Those SHIT-HEADS!

But I did have my i-phone.

Which isn't all that good.  We were in the balcony.

Monday, November 25, 2013

Brumby Gym - Memories

The first glance at this picture brought back a rush of memories.  One memory was one day in the basement of this building Coach Lundy was in his office sitting at his desk doing paper work.   We had a firecracker we wanted to light in the hall that ran from one side to the other.  But Coach Lundy's would know it was us.  Finally,  I suggested to a friend that if he stuck the fuse up in a cigarette and lit the cigarette would slowly burn and light the fuse. He followed my suggestion and after the cigarette was lit we ran inside and started to change clothes for Phys Ed.  We were standing in our underwear when the firecracker exploded, just outside his office.  Within 15 seconds he rushed into the boys locker room and there we were in our skivvies pulling up our shorts.  He looked at us and stormed out.

Later  he had me cornered for something else and he brought up the firecracker.  He said he knew I did it and he knew that I knew  I did it, and I knew that he knew that I did it, and why don't I just admit it.

I didn't confess, I think I was confused over "I know you know that I know, bla bla. bla..."

Also, behind this building, and on the other side of the swimming pool was a small park where a parking lot is now.  It was a good place for after school fist fights.  I remember one fight, which started because Jimmy Pat Presley was picking on a frail little kid and the kid had more spunk that Jimmy realized, the kid hit Jimmy over the head with his music instrument case.  I think the fight was ended almost as soon as it stared.

Sunday, November 24, 2013


Tis the season that you feel in your heart to help the needy.  Good for you!   It Tis the Season that a lot of charitable organizations will take advantage of your soft spot.  Here is an cartoon article in HUMBUG magazine in the 1950s with a timeless article.  It was probably written by Harvey Kurtzman and the drawing style looks to be Arnold Roth or Al Jaffee.

Remember to click on each image for it to make sense.

Saturday, November 23, 2013

Tuba Skinny ONE MORE THING: 4-15-2013

The Tuba Skinny Band is back on Royal Street in the French Quarters doing their musical thing.  It seems the audience is more rambunctious than usual.

Friday, November 22, 2013

Lillie Henry Petty (1886 - 1983)


Lillie married my great uncle James "Jim" M.. Petty (1882-1983),  21 May, 1903, in Murray County, Georgia.  They had nine children.  I took these pictures a year or two before she died.  She loved talking about the early Petty family that she was exposed to, and was pretty witty telling about it.

Thursday, November 21, 2013

Morely Avenue, Nogales, Az

Wow!  So this is Morely Avenue in Nogales, Az!  Nice.  I wonder how many of this postcard was sold? 

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Every Thing Happens at Glover Park

They are graceful,
they are orderly.

Emelis M. Ray and Harriet Ida Roper

Ray kin from Macon County, North Carolina

Emelis M. Ray (1867-1941)
Harriet Ida Roper (1870-1947)
They are both buried in the Fouts Family Cemetery in Macon County, North Carolina

Sunday, November 17, 2013

Tuba Skinny Belts Out ONE OF THESE DAYS!

The Tuba Skinny Band came out of the sun on 4-10-12 and played at the Spotted Cat.  It is pretty lively performance.

Saturday, November 16, 2013

Friday, November 15, 2013

Hunter First Cousin Rug Rats

C1947.  The two tallest are siblings, my sister Frances and I.  The three girls are Elizavbeth "Tissie" Crain, Sandra Hunter, and Vickie Crain.  We are all still living.  The picture was taken in our grandparents' yard at 809 Manget Street, Marietta, Georgia.  Now the property is under chain-link fence lock and key, a storage for impounded cars.  We look like a jolly bunch, don't we? 

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Mystery Solved!

Yesterday on this blog I said somebody in Palo Alto, Ca., was watching my blog and apparently downloading the whole post every day.

A fellow blogger friend Joe of the blog Talley Ho! knew exactly what I was talking about and who was doing it.  He had already investigated it.  It is Google.  They suck in my blog post daily and digest the words and in case anybody somebody Googles  any key word I used in   my post will be available for them to read.

For instance, if I have the words Funny dog videos, bare tits, or fuck on my blog they will be digested by Goodle and if someone is curious about funny dog videos, bare tits, or fuck they can Google the word and end up looking at my blog plus many others.  For those who are actually did that and are now disappointed reading this, I'm sorry I sent you on a wild goose chase but thank you for raising my statistics.

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Somebody Out There Is Watching Me

Hmmmm.  What gives?  I have an on-line stat counter.  I click on it almost every day out of curiosity . 

It tells me the number of visitors, which I don't  pay a whole lot of attention to, and a break-down list of where the people who read my stuff are from, the time they read it, and if they looked at something specific what they looked at.

For instance, I  know my Sunday Funnies have a following in Spain. 

Here is something I am puzzled about:  Somebody in Palo Alto, California, clicks on me daily and apparently downloads what is there for the day.  I think it is downloaded because normally when they just click on the blog stat counter will just show they asked  for my blog address  But theirs'  shows the name of the title of my post, such as yesterday it read  That means they sort of double focused; double clicked on it.  I see that a lot for people going to my archives, but a current posting I think can only mean they are downloading its contents daily.

I wonder why?  Frankly, it is not that good.

Monday, November 11, 2013

Happy Veteran's Day

October or November 1962, just after Kennedy's Cuban Missile Crisis television speech.

Sunday, November 10, 2013


IMPORTANT.  Click on each page in order to make it bigger so you can read the words so you will understand what is going on.

There is nothing funny about today's Funnies.  It is about vigilante punishment.  Art by Wally Wood.

Saturday, November 09, 2013

It Is All About Me

UNCLE JOHN'S UNSINKABLE BATHROOM READER on page 162 has an article  that said in the  2008 SALOON Magazine asked its readers to sum of their lives in six words or less.  They published about 15 of the best responses.  Most of them were profound and/or humorous.

One stood out to me.  One person said, "Frankly, it is all about me."

That is right!   Everybody sees and hears things through their own organs which the brain filters and interprets them.   Everybody can rightfully say, "It is all about me."

Which that is exactly what this blog is about.  Mind stuff that seeped out of me that I want to share. It is stuff  either I experienced,  saw, read, or heard, and went through my selective "hear what I want to hear" and "see what I want to see"; pictures I have taken, or stole;  then it was generated out of my own mind and it is  something I want to share. 

So each time you read a post from my blog, think of the first invisible line will be, "HERE!  ENJOY!!"
(or NOT).

Friday, November 08, 2013

Hawk or Buzzard?

We were eating lunch at Wendy's by the window and I saw a hawk or a buzzard circling high up in the air.    

I don't know how to tell the difference between a  hawk and buzzard high up in the sky gliding around and around, staying in the same area.  If it was a hawk, it would have been watching his prey, probably a small animal like a chipmunk, waiting for the right moment to dive and snatch it up.

And of course, if it was a buzzard it might have smell the rancid older of  meat decaying directly below.  What was directly below?  A storage facility! 

I wondered if a body might be hidden in one of the units.  But I didn't wonder too long, the gliding bird glided away.  It was probably a hawk, and the hawk saw his little buddy crawl down a hole and it  moved on to hunt some more small innocent playing animal.

BUT!   I wondered if what if the bird stayed and circled and circled and it was a buzzard?  Would that give the police a reasonable reason to think there was a dead body in one of the units?  And if so, can they start snapping the locks to find it?   Just wandering. 

Thursday, November 07, 2013

Uneducated and Dangerous

A couple of weeks ago we took my mother-in-law a doctor on the 8th floor of a building in the Cumberland area in Smyrna.  After she had seen the doctor Anna signaled me to go get the car.  I rode down the elevator with a couple probably in their 70s.  The man noticed the cap I was wearing and said his great grandfather fought on Kennesaw Mountain in the Civil War.  I said mine did too.  He said he had been  to the museum at the mountain.  I told him my great grandfather was in 39th North Carolina Regiment, Company I.  He told me his great grandfather was in a Indiana or Ohio unit.  I said maybe his great grandfather was the Yankee that shot my great grandfather in the knee.  We laughed.

By this time we were out of the elevator and walking towards the parking lot.  I told them that my great grandfather, after being shot recuperated at a private residence near Woodstock - and while recuperating made friends in the area and moved back to Woodstock after the war, and that is why  I and my many cousins live hear now.

They found out all that was very interesting and was even double interested when they realized I was a Marietta native. 

Then he asked what college did I attend.  I told him I attended Kennesaw Junior College and that is about it.  Their smiles turned into frozen smiles.  They separated from me very quickly, falsely smiling.

"Imagine!"  They probably thought, "We were in the elevator alone with that man and then in a lone parking lot with nobody near us!  We are lucky he didn't kill us!  He had no education to speak of".
I should have added I was on the Dean's List most of the time at Kennesaw Junior College.


Wednesday, November 06, 2013

Paul E. Foster, Sr (1895-1936)

Paul as a tike
on his bike

Anna's grandfather, her mother's father, Paul Everett Foster, Sr.  (1895 - 1936).  He was a teacher and a Singer Sewing Machine man.  He sold the sewing machines and serviced them.  He died at a relatively young age of 41, leaving his wife Irene to raise four kids in the middle of the Depression.

Tuesday, November 05, 2013

On This Date, November 5,in History...

On this date,  November 5, 1969 Al Capp (1909-1979) died.  He was the cartoonist who created LI'L ABNER, FEARLESS FOSTICK, and the many characters that surrounded them.  For a while he was a hero of liberalism then things shifted and became a hero of conservatism.   In his cartoons he called things as he saw them, which I think sometimes he saw them threw tainted lenses.  

 He had some interesting messages in his cartoon stories, which incidentally, he was a fantastic story teller - if one would take the time to transcribe his comic stories into words  I think each story would stand the test of time and be  a classic on its own.

In his later years he was on the college speaking circuit, which he defended his beliefs.  During this time he had a reputation of luring young coeds to his room.  I think he may have been falsely accused.

Also on this date in 1911 Roy Rogers  was born and in 1942 Art Garfunkel was born. 

Happy Trails to you.

Monday, November 04, 2013

The Flow of Piss

Prelog 1

Back in the late 1940s and early 50s I went to grammar school at Waterman Street School.   The students' restrooms were  in the basement.  On one side of the building was the girls' and on the other side was the boys'.

Of course all the teachers were women.  They had to trust us boys to behave during our bathroom trips.  
My friend Archie Richardson, normally a quiet kid, could arch his back hold his penis and shoot a straight stream of piss all the way up the wall where it meets the ceiling.  The rest of us tried but we just didn't have the bladder pushing power Archie had.

Prolog 2
Like many men my age I had an enlarged prostate.  The enlarged prostate virtually blocked the urine passage, or urethra.  My urine flow was reduced to a dribble.   And my bladder was always full and uncomfortable.  It was time to see a urologist.

My urologist and his P.A. s gave me a series of test and  decided my prostate had to be shaved to reduce its  size.  When he was telling us about what they needed to go he warned me that the human body works like a computer.  The bladder figured out there was an enlarged prostate in its way so it pumped harder to move the fluid on out.  He said once the prostate has been shaved the bladder will not know it.  It will think  it still has a heavy job to do pushing the urine out, and pump hard to shove it out (I'm using layman's language, of course).  He said it may or may not do that.  And it will eventually figure out that the prostate is no longer a problem, then quit pumping so hard.

Page Two:

Friday morning the doctor's P.A. and nurses removed the catheter.  And now, I found out each time I pee it shoots out with the force blast, similar to a pressure washer.   So, where is Archie Richardson?  I think I can beat him!

Sunday, November 03, 2013

Tuba Skinny Playing CC Rider

I noticed Shaye Cohn, the accomplished musician she is, put down her coronet and played the fiddle.  She plays the piano too.

Also I noticed plenty of Tuba Skinny Tuba's session has a sleeping dog.  This time the dog did a little ground wallowing on its back, something my dog Willow loves to do.


click on image to read and make sense of them

These scans are from parts of a comic book that its creator,   Skip Williamson gave me.  The comic book was named  SMOOT, or SNAPPY SAMMY SMOOT.  Skip, like I, in his adolescent years, a  big fan of MAD  Comic book and Harvey Kurtzman and his regular band of nuts such as Bill Elder.    He and his family moved to Marietta and we became friends.   Skip was one of the original several that started  Underground Comix.  After that he was art director of PLAYBOY for ten years.  That would be only some of his claim to fame if he claimed fame, which he doesn't. I have been putting off putting this on SUNDAY FUNNIES because I was waiting to figure out the right words to describe just how good of a person I think Skip is.  Then, while lying in the hospital I thought the waiting for the right words for things like this may outlive me.

Skip Williamson at Dragon Con

Skip and Jon Benet Ramsey's grave

Wildman Dent Myers, Bluto, and Skip

Me and Skip

Saturday, November 02, 2013

Fall Backwards!

Remember, before you go to bed tonight Fall backwards!  It is the Fall of the year so you FALL BACKWARDS!  Got it?