Sunday, January 31, 2010

What If?

Watching the Grammy Award Show on tonight brought back memories of Waterman Street School and our music lessons. Mrs. Ogdon traveled from school to school tying to teach us little ingrates about the music beat.

At Waterman Street Grammar School she combined several classes. The only room for all us in one room was down in the basement.

She handed out little round dowel looking sticks about a foot long and about an inch in diameter. She gave each person two sticks. If I remember correctly, one was red and one was green. She would get on the piano and teach us to hit the sticks against each other and sing. She taught us such songs as “Oh My Darling Clementine”, “She’ll Be Coming Around the Mountain When She Comes”, and “Going To Alabama With a Banjo on My knee”.

Us boys would poke each other with our sticks, use the sticks for phallic symbols and things like that, all behind Mrs. Ogdon’s back.

I was thinking during the Grammy Awards what if I paid attention and because really got the hang of beating sticks together and became a famous stick soloist?

What if I got a contract with Columbia Records and came out on stage with a glittering sports jacket and everybody cheered and I would play my sticks and for kicks throw them up in the air and catch them between beats. Then after I finish bow and everybody would go wild applauding? I would leave. Then they would rise and stomp their feet until I return to the stage and give them one more stick beating tune?

And on Grammy Night I might raise my Grammy and say, “Thank you Mrs. Ogdon, wherever you are?”

We Were Held Captive 15 ft Above 6 ft Under!

About noon today we carried our son Adam to the Hartsfield – Jackson Airport south of Atlanta. On our way back to Marietta we planned to eat somewhere interesting on the other side of the River – out of our comfort zone.

Six Feet Under met the criteria and was on our list to visit soon. We have read several write-ups about the restaurant and it is always making the news. This past week they were on the news about their simplistic menu designed more for the customer’s need rather than to get them to spend more money. Our son Rocky and daughter-in-law Sabrina have eaten there often and said only good things about the eatery.

Six Feet Under is appropriately named, as it is on Memorial Drive just across the street from historical Oakland Cemetery.
Six Feet is a pub and fish house. I ordered seafood stew and Anna ordered shrimp and grits. We tried each other and I liked both bowls. Anna thought both were a bit too spicy for her.

Picture from our table looking out.


A bit of Atlanta and Civil War history: About where Six Feet Under is standing is very near the spot James Andrew of Andrews’ Raiders (GREAT LOCOMOTIVE CHASE) was hung during the Civil War.

Anna wrote the below description to a friend and niece. Why should I do the work that has already been done? Here it is again, copied and pasted.
A funny story: Today we took Adam to the airport for a work related trip and on the way back we went to a restaurant near Oakland Cemetery for lunch. The name is Six Feet Under (since it's across from the cemetery.) We’d heard they have a rooftop balcony with a great view, so decided to ask if we could go up and see. Our server said it should be open but was cold up there. We went up and the view was indeed sensational! When we got ready to leave, the door was locked! Thank God for cell phones. I called Rocky, who called the restaurant to say his parents were locked on their roof top. Someone came and let us out. It was kinda fun escapade, but we were glad to get back down on ground level. It takes so little to amuse us old folk.

Pictures from the roof top. You can see the skyline of Atlanta. General Hood, CSA, was known to sit on his horse on a hill in Oakland Cemetery - or what would be in due time Oakland, and watch the Battle of Atlanta - otherwise known as The Burning of Atlanta.

Saturday, January 30, 2010


If you will recall, back weeks ago when I showing things in MAD #9 I mentioned that I thought the Beatnik Pop Jokes section was the last time John Severin illustrated for MAD.

Here in MAD #10 you can plainly see John Severin illustrated this story, SANE, a take-off on SHANE starring Alan Ladd.

You might laugh and say, well, you are wrong again!

No no no. When I threw in the two words "I think" it makes everything in that statement not wrong, because, it is true, that is what I thought. As long as I throw in "I think" or "I believe" I can make any kind of rash false statements I want and claim what I said is true.

How is that for side-stepping?

After the SANE story is a little one page story then the letter page of MAD #10.

Sister, Can You Spare a Bowl of Soup?

On Church Street Extension in Marietta, after you go by Brandi’s World Famous Hotdogs, you will go cross over railroad tracks, then on the left you will see Run Around Sue’s which is a watering hole.*. Then on the left is a little brick building..** Stop! We have reached our destination. Turn left in their parking lot.

The little brick building has been home to many businesses through the years. It is now home for RED EYE MULE BISCUITS & BURGERS. I hope it sticks around a long time.

I met Paul there yesterday for him to give me the tour. He was there the day before also***.

There isn’t much sitting room at the present: two tables with four chairs each and a counter with maybe five or six stools. I said “at the present” because there is a sunroom-like room on the back. The sunroom is not opened yet, it needs some work.

We sat at the counter and order the deluxe quarter pound hamburgers with all the trimmings. Mine was delicious and juicy. It is served on sliced sandwich toast bread and is just oozing with good stuff hanging from it. Of course I can’t speak for Paul but I think he liked his too; he had the same thing the day before.

The eatery is owned by Joe and Saybra.**** Joe has been around Marietta since 1977..

We arrived at 11:00, between the breakfast people and the lunch people so Saybra had time to talk to us. We met Joe too, before he went to his “office”.
“Why the logo is a red-eyed mule?” Paul asked.

Saybra said, “The red-eye mule is a symbol of the depression when every family that had a mule didn’t go hungry. The red-eye means the mule was worn out (paraphrased).” She seemed to take the depression at heart. She is not nearly old enough to had been part of the depression but maybe her grandparents told her some sad stories.*****

She said she wants some old pictures of Marietta to put on the walls. That will draw the natives – I know.

She was a little distraught over some Marietta ordinances, rules, and regulations. For instance she cannot put a sign on the side of building facing her neighbor Runaround Sue’s. Why? Because it must be facing a street. Well, I think it would be facing a street but not within a few feet. The slight curve with the road, you would be able to see the side of the building easily when you cross the tracks beside Brandi’s.

Speaking of Brandi’s: She said she is not competing with Brandi’s. She is not selling hotdogs. She said she liks Brandi's hotdogs. She also had good things to say about her biscuit competitor up road, the Mountain Biscuit Company.

She told us every food the Red-Eyed Mule prepare is market fresh and the highest quality. It sure tasted high quality, I thought, as burger juice seeped out of the corner of my mouth.

Also,the white bean soup was great.. more morsels than just white beans were in it. The other little things added taste and texture.

*Every time I ride by Runaround Sue’s I wince, thinking of a tragic event that happened several years ago: One evening two buddies, intoxicated, got into a car belonging to one of them and left RS’s. A few miles away on Canton Highway, the guy riding shotgun got sick. He had to throw up. His friend, the driver pulled over to the side, which was in front of a little small barber shop for him to hang his head out the window and throw up. Then, when he was quiet the driver assumed he was OK and drove home, forgetting about his friend. The next morning it horrified a neighbor to see a headless body hanging out the car window. The head was back in front of the barber shop. A telephone support line evidently decapitated the man while he had his head out the window. There is still a cross and flowers that mark the spot.

** The same building in the 50s was a package store. The only alcoholic beverage it sold was beer. Stronger alcohol was outlawed in Cobb County. Then, I don’t remember the building being brick and I think the top had a curve like an airplane hangar. We called it “The Bomb Shelter”. The Bomb Shelter was very rigid on the age of their clientele. They were very strict. They didn’t have to look at your driver’s license. You had to be big enough to push your money across the counter (that was our common joke back then).

*** Is Paul the compulsive type?

**** What do you think of when you hear the word Saybra? I think of a young woman with belly dancing attire (silk veils) on, doing all kinds of twisting and weaving with her body and swinging a saber. Of course, that’s just me – You might have another thought when you hear the word Saybra, but I don’t see why.

*****Sadly, the Must Ministries that take care of the homeless in the area, is just about a block away. I have often seen homeless people walking down that street with their worldly belongings in a back pack or a garbage bag. They have no red-eye mule.

1956 OLYMPIAN - 8th Grade 2nd Page

I think the picture shown as Larry Buford is really Frank Mckenzie.

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Only the Facts Count

There are some very methodical minds out in the world. Generally, they have no sense of humor and seem to have no whimsy imagination. If you started a joke off by saying, "A man and a duck walked into a bar..." one with such a mind probably interrupt to say a duck would not be allowed in a bar. I bet those same people go bananas watching a Disney or Warner Brothers cartoon.

Anyway, according to Uncle John’s Bathroom Reader 2009 page-a-day calendar Orville Wright numbered the eggs his chickens would lay in order, so he could eat them in order. That makes sense. It makes sense for a compulsive methodical mind.

I, on the other hand, hardly have enough methodical sense about me to set a clock. The only method I claim is that there "is a method to my madness."

1956 Freshmen - Last Page

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

GOBAGs Bullshitting

GOBAGs Bullshitting? That is not anything new.

We spent yesterday evening inside the Horace Orr American Legion Post captured what I could and put it on You Tube.

I am in the process of learning how to capture the whole video on Chicken-Fat - stay tuned.

Click here if you want to see the Good Old Boys in action, doing what they do best.

This was added afterwards. I just learned how to transposed it. So, if you rather stay here and spend a $1 admission instead of going to You Tube, just look below. And I was joking about the $1.

Composers Galore Started & Ended Life Today!

Happy Birthday Mozart!

I don’t know if this is a record or not, but I have never seen so many of one profession born on the same date (excluding the year), as composers born on this date. They were plenty other types of musicians also born this date, but composers outnumber them all.

And a big number of composers died on this date too.

How come?

On this date, January the 26th.
1592 Pierre de La Barre composer
1715 Vaclav Kalous composer
1756 Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart Austria, musical prodigy/composer
1784 Martin-Joseph Mengal composer
1828 Louis Schubert composer
1830 Georg Hellmesberger composer
1867 Claude Antoine Terrasse composer
1869 Will Marion Cook composer
1885 Jerome Kern New York City NY, Broadway composer (Showboat, Roberta)
1885 Eduard Künneke German composer (Vetter aus Dingsda)
1892 Mitya Stillman composer
1895 Claudio Carneyro composer
1899 Granville English composer
19-- Marc Ferrari rocker (
1906 Radames Gnattali composer
1913 Milton Adolphus composer
1913 Valery Viktorovich Zhelobinsky composer
1924 Alexander Georgiyevich Chugayev composer
1936 Troy Donahue New York City NY, actor (Surfside Six, Cockfighter, Hawaiian Eye)*
1939 Tigran Yegiayi Mansuryan composer
1942 Petr Kotik composer
1952 Peter Garland composer
1957 Frank Miller US, comicbook writer (Batman-The Dark Knight Returns)
1629 Hieronymus Praetorius composer, dies at 68
1802 Johann Rudolf Zumsteeg composer, dies at 42
1850 Philipp Roth composer, dies at 70
1851 Karl Moser composer, dies at 77
1857 Dorothea von Benckendorff Baltic
1901 Giuseppe Verdi Italian composer (Rigoletto/Traviata/Aïda), dies in Milano at 87
1904 Adam Minchejmer composer, dies at 73
1930 Jean Hure composer, dies at 52
1941 Iver Paul Fredrik Holter composer, dies at 90
1949 Boris Asafiev composer, dies at 64
1964 Lieb Glantz composer, dies at 65
1969 Hanns Jelinek composer, dies at 67
1978 Marguerite Canal composer, dies at 87

*Also Troy Donahue briefly lived in Marietta in the 70s. Not that Troy was a composer, but he did live in Marietta. That should mean something.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

1956 OLYMPIAN - Freshman continued

I think we are back on the right path again.

The Lone Conversationist

According to Uncle John’s Bathroom Reader 2009 page-a-day calendar 80% of the talking you do today will be to yourself.

Just a word of advice, just don’t tell yourself any jokes. Any jokes you know to tell, you have already heard them. Trust me, I know.

1956 OLYMPIAN - Freshman, Missing Parts

These two pages should have been on Chicken Fat before yesterday's page. Luckily enough, the error was caught by my cousin Johnny. Yep, it took somebody with the same genes as I have to catch such a serious mistake. See how sharp we are in my family?

Wait! Just who's mistake did Johnny find anyway?

The 2nd page has a picture of my buddy Geri Bundesman and of my late friend Gene Latimer

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Billy Joe Royal Reherses His Future

While scanning the 1957 OLYMPIAN yesterday I came across the above picture. I'm sorry it is crooked but that is the way it was on the page...wait, you'll see.

As you can see the picture is of Billy Joe Royal apparently at a high school even entertaining on stage. That was before it was his job.

SUNDAY FUNNIES with Gloria Steinem

Above: Publisher Warren, editor Kurtzman, assistant editor Gloria Steinem, and controller Harry Chester, the executive staff of HELP! Magazine.

Before Gloria Steinem was a household word and feminist icon she was an assistant editor at HELP magazine. In 1961 editor Harvey Kurtzman sent Gloria and artist Susan Perl to do an undercover story on the runner up of spas; Turkish baths. The story is below.

I think it is worth mentioning that in 1963 Gloria Steinem dressed as Bunny and did an undercover story of the PLAYBOY CLUB in New York City for the Huntington Hartford* magazine.. Did her experience with HELP help with that article?

Interesting, in the very near future her boss, Kurtzman went to work for Hugh Hefner at PLAYBOY magazine co-creating ANNIE FANNY with Will Elder.

And in 1972 Gloria Steinem co-founded MS. Magazine.

See how all the magazine publishing industry editors seem to be interrelated associates?

*Not that it has anything what so ever to do with article, Huntington Harford was the heir of the Atlantic and Pacific Tea Company (A&P). I just thought it would be nice to know.

Saturday, January 23, 2010


This is my first movie. I would not exactly call it an epic that will change your life or anything like.

But again, it might.

This is three short videos edited together. I had to cut some off each one. I did not realize it, but on each video I started off and ended off filming peoples shoes. I guess that is my way of saying, "Cut!"

I haven't yet learned how to transposed the video to the blog but it was easy to launch it to YOU-TUBE.

To see the movie:
click here.

This is a late addition (added Jan 27:

There Are Kin Folks in Those Hills

The other day I made an interesting discovery while looking at that some genealogy data that I compiled. It was right under my nose for several years.

But first, I have to introduce you to two of my cousins:
(1) My 4th cousin, 3 times removed, James McDaniel Stinson. James was born in Chatham County, North Carolina, 26 April 1851 and died there 29 June 1919. He is a Tyson descendant. I am also a Tyson descendant, on my father’s side of the family.

(2) My 5th cousin, 2 times removed, Mary Stacy Petty. Mary was born 2 April 1852, in Lee County, North Carolina, and died 29 June 1919, in Chatham County, North Carolina. She is a Petty descendant from the same Petty stock I am descended from on my mother’s side of the family.

James McDaniel Stinson and Mary Stacy Petty were husband and wife. They married 6 February 1873. Two very distant cousins that were unrelated married and instantly also became my distant cousin in-laws before even my grandparents were born. I just thought it was interesting and slightly amusing, that’s all.

1956 OLYMPIAN - Freshman, 3rd page.

Friday, January 22, 2010

Teaching the Chain of Command Rules

In this morning’s Atlanta Journal Constitution:

As punishment for bad grades, a Georgia mother forced her 12-year-old son to kill his pet hamster with a hammer, police said.

On Friday, 38-year-old Lynn Middlebrooks Geter was arrested, Whitlock said. Geter faces one charge each of animal cruelty, child cruelty and battery.

Wait! I think I have an excellent defense plan for Ms Geter, which of course, I am willing to talk consulting fees with her lawyer.

Basically, Ms Geter was just teaching her son the nitty-gritty of survival; of the chain of command which he will surely find in life.

How many times have you seen an executive decision that really made a mess of things and somebody at the bottom of the food chain gets punished for it?

It is fact of life.

Marietta Scene

1956 OLYMPIAN - Freshman, 2nd page.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

My Tyson Genealogy - Part 8

31. AARON6 TYSON (CORNELIUS5, THOMAS4, MATHIAS3, JOHN2, UNKNOWN1) was born 15 Feb 1760 in , Cumberland, NC, and died 24 Mar 1805 in , Moore, NC. He married LYDIA BEALS 02 Nov 1786 in , Guilford, NC. She was born 10 Apr 1770 in , , NC, and died 21 Mar 1812 in , Moore, NC.

Burial: Denmark Methodist Church, Denmark, Madison Co., NC

Children of AARON TYSON and LYDIA BEALS are:
59. i. JOHN "JR"7 TYSON, b. Abt. 1787, , , NC; d. 16 Jul 1827, , Moore, NC.
ii. WILLIAM TYSON, b. Abt. 1790, , , NC; d. 28 Apr 1820, , Chatham, NC.
iii. JANE TYSON, b. Abt. 1792, , Moore, NC; d. Bef. 20 May 1822, , Cumberland, NC; m. JOHN SMITH, 07 Jun 1810, , Moore, NC; d. Bef. 20 May 1822.
iv. JACOB TYSON, b. Abt. 1797; d. Unknown; m. MARY NALL, 20 Jun 1819, , Moore, NC; b. 31 May 1798, , Nash, NC; d. Unknown.
60. v. AARON TYSON, b. 30 Dec 1799, , , NC; d. 21 Dec 1852, , Randolph, NC.

32. JEHU6 TYSON (JOHN5, THOMAS4, MATHIAS3, JOHN2, UNKNOWN1) was born 1750 in , Pitt, NC13, and died 04 Mar 1800 in , Anson Co, NC. He married MILDRED MOYE 1773 in , Pitt, NC, daughter of GEORGE MOYE. She was born 1752 in , Pitt, NC, and died 1819 in , Anson, NC.

Notes for JEHU TYSON:
After the war, Jehu and some other family members moved to Anson County, NC.
Jehu and his wife are buried at the Tyson Cemetery, seven and one-half miles north of Wadesboro on Hwy 52 in Anson County, NC. Probate records from 1800 indicate that Jehu had ten children. - Elesa Hembree

More About JEHU TYSON:
Military service: NC Militia

Children of JEHU TYSON and MILDRED MOYE are:
i. MASON7 TYSON, b. Aft. 1773, , , NC; d. Unknown.

Notes for MASON TYSON:
In Will.
Moved to Mississippi.

Will: In Will

ii. JEHU TYSON, JR., b. Aft. 1773, , , NC; d. Unknown.

Notes for JEHU TYSON, JR.:
Killed by Indians - Elesa Hembree
Ty Ashlock states that Jehu Tyson, Jr., did not exist.

61. iii. JESSE TYSON, b. Aft. 1773, ,Anson , NC; d. 23 Aug 1841, , Copiah, Ms.
iv. LUCRETIA TYSON, b. Aft. 1773, , , NC; d. Unknown.

In Will.

Will: In Will

v. BETSY "SUKEY" TYSON, b. Aft. 1773, , , NC; d. Unknown; m. AZEL/ASEL MYRICK; b. Unknown; d. Nov 1813.

In Will.

Will: In Will

Military service: War of 1812, Private. 10th Reg Inf. Chatham Co., NC (killed)

vi. WRIGHT C. TYSON, b. Aft. 1773; d. Unknown, , Richland Dist, SC; m. MARGARET M. HOWELL, , Richland Dist, SC; b. Aft. 1773; d. Unknown.

Notes for WRIGHT C. TYSON:
He was sheriff of the Richland District, SC.

62. vii. SAMUEL TYSON, b. 22 Apr 1774, Ansonville, , NC; d. 21 Dec 1850, , , NC.
63. viii. URIAH TYSON, SR., b. 29 Mar 1777, , Anson, NC; d. Dec 1849, , Mongomery, Tn.
64. ix. WILLIAM TYSON, b. Abt. 1778, , Anson, NC; d. 01 Oct 1835, , Anson, NC.
65. x. JOEL TYSON, b. 1783, , Anson, NC; d. 1864, , Anson, NC.
xi. JOHN TYSON, b. Abt. 1787, , Anson, NC; d. 187514; m. SALLIE ALLEN; b. Abt. 1790; d. Unknown.

Notes for JOHN TYSON:
In Will.

33. FREDERICK6 TYSON (JOHN5, THOMAS4, MATHIAS3, JOHN2, UNKNOWN1) was born Abt. 1754 in , Pitt, NC, and died 1833 in , Washington, Ga. He married BRIDGET. She was born Abt. 1754, and died Unknown.

Fredrick's kids are listed in several poor school fund records, all in Washington Co., Ga.
- Judith Tyson Raymond

Signed a petition for Job TYSON, classified as a Tory.

Military service: Rev. War?

Children of FREDERICK TYSON and BRIDGET are:
66. i. FREDERICK7 TYSON, JR., b. Abt. 1790, , Pitt Co, NC; d. 13 Jul 1853, , Washington Co, Ga.
67. ii. SUSANNAH TYSON, b. Abt. 1778, , Pitt Co, NC; d. Bet. 1860 - 1870, , Johnson Co, Ga.
68. iii. JOHN TYSON, b. Abt. 1782, , Pitt Co., NC; d. Bet. 1850 - 1860, , Johnson Co., Ga.

Pigging Out at Sam's BBQ #1

Recently we read that Sam’s BBQ#1 had opened a dining room. We have been there several times before. The old dining area was cramped. Yes indeed. They had one long table that would sit about six and over to the side a small table that would seat 2. And maybe 3 could stand and eat.

It was mostly designed as a takeout BBQ place. But now they have a dining room. Hot dog!

We had to try out the new dining room. It is in the same location, on Lower Roswell Road, near Johnson Ferry Road, sort of behind Krogers. The dining room is a good size. The food is just as delicious as it always has been. I think Sam is an expert at picking the right meat. All his pork is very tender and chunky.

Sam is Sam Huff. He is a lawyer also. His father was a judge. I remember once when I was on jury duty Sam was an tender young assistant DA on the case I was a jury member. It was one of his first cases. I think he was as nervous as the defendant.

Sam grew out of being nervous. Now he seems laid back and relaxed. He and David Poe, and maybe another Dave, owned Sam & Dave’s BBQ, which is the one in the same location as we went yesterday was #1 and #2 was on Whitlock Avenue.

Both are delicious.

Sam and Dave have been known in BBQ cook-offs for many years before they went into business together.

For reasons unknown, Sam and the Daves went their separate ways. They split the business. David Poe kept the one on Whitlock Avenue and Sam Huff’s half was the one on Roswell Road.

Sam is on the east side of Marietta and Sam is on the west side. I would guess they are 7 to 9 mines apart. So, they are almost not in competition with one another, in case they want to remain friends.

As I said the pork is very tasty and we were given so much we carried half of it home and had it for dinner. You have a choice of North Carolina or Kansas City BBQ sauce.

The coleslaw and bake beans were good too.

1956 OLYMPIAN - Freshman, 1st page.

I am downsizing in my own way. Because of my scanner problems I am showing the OLYMPIAN pictures at a slower pace until I can get way ahead of myself.

That is sort of a strange thought: What if I was posting the OLYMPIAN pictures on Chicken-Fat quicker than I could copy them and then catch up with myself, then, what would happen if I passed myself? Would it cause a time warp and it would be the end of time?

And that is why there is only one page today.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010


Sunday night we watched the Golden Globe Awards. Before that, I watched AFT, or American’s Funniest Videos.

During the Golden Globe Awards I was thinking of all the different awards for entertainment. There are, as I said the Golden Glove Awards, the Oscars, the Emmys, awards for daytime TV, the Harvey Award for best comicbooks, best blog awards*, sports awards, and even porno star awards.

I was thinking of one venue that has been overlooked: The most dangerous or stupidest action shots on American’s funniest Videos.

Some of those video clips where some old lady tries roller skating for the first time, or maybe trying her great grandson’s skateboard and she goes rolling uncontrolled into a pile of garbage cans – which could have broken her brittle bones -… she should have received the stupidest and the most dangerous award. And last Sunday night an old man with big male boobs was trying to squeeze himself into a skin divers wet suit and each time before he got it completely zipped up one of his boobs popped out. Again and again. Booby award?

And I noticed several dangerous falls or crashes that surely caused serious injury and the person behind the camera was cackling herself/himself hysterically silly. Such gratitude for such great shots should not go unrewarded.

In my opinion, one line-up of entertainment awards has been overlooked: American’s Funniest Videos.

*you dear reader, might wonder why I haven’t received a Best Blog Award. The word “best” disqualifies me every time. If they ever have an award for “worse” or the poorest grammar, then, you might see my name at least nominated.

1956 OLYMPIAN - Sophomores 4th & Final Part