Thursday, April 30, 2009

The Invisible Woman Goes to the Doctor

My sister told me on the phone she went to the doctor yesterday and very probable got overlooked by the staff.

First they called her first name and when she stood up they said they meant someone else with a different last name and didn’t have the same first name as she did at all.

Then she saw people in the waiting room come in after she was there and called back before they called her. After 30 minutes she asked the lady behind the counter, telling her people have been coming in and being called back. The lady told her there were four doctors there and there different doctors for different patients, yada yada yada. She assured my sister everything was running smoothly with no mix-ups.

Then shortly after that the lady told her she was next.

And she was next. As she was walked back to an examination room the nurse said something to the effect “due to a mix-up she was left behind.” When the doctor came in he said something similar about being lost in the shuffle.

I welcomed her to the club of invisible people. I think being transparent and to-be-ignored is in our genes – something we have to live with.

King Tut's Stuff

Above – the word CHICKEN FAT in Ancient Egypt Hieroglyphic – or at least that is what we were told. A computerized machine did it for a $1.

Yesterday we went to see the Tutankamun (aka King Tut) exhibit at the Atlanta Civic Center. It was very interesting.

Can I tell you something academic about the little 5’6” shriveled up 19 year old king? Not much. As my age increases my retention ability decreases. The kid had an abscessed tooth when he died, plus some broken ribs, a cracked bone above a knee, and a blow to his head. They think he may have died of an infection.

He was king for over ten years. He was King and ruler before his voice even changed. I don’t know if that would fall under “having paid your dues” or not.

He wasn’t entombed in a huge pyramid as you might think, but hidden far out. It appears that after he died they leaders that came to power tried to erase his name from the history books. And it may have worked if his chambers were not discovered by an American named Carter. Well, actually, a young teenager stumbled over the stairs going down - but since Carter was the head person there and just about pin-pointed where it should be he should get credit.

But erased or not whoever buried Tut gave him a royal burial with play things, a small boat that any fools know all you have to do is come alive, add water and the boat becomes a big boat – which you would surely need in the middle of the Sahara Desert.

One of the things I found interesting was one a little carving of a man that lived then. He was either an official or royal - a little statuette - he had an long oblong head that went backwards. He wasn't wearing a hat or a crown or any other head-dress but just a long bare head - there were a couple other of people wearing things over their heads that were head-dresses that were the same shape as the bald guy. It sort of reminded me of the Cone-Heads and also made me wonder if they were maybe from another planet... after all, the Egyptians were highly technical - how they built giant pyramids with huge building blocks weighing tons - how they got them in place and even how they were transported a long distance is still a mystery. In other words, did aliens with superior intelligence from another planet help them out? Hmmmm.

There were many King Tut things to see at the Civic Center. Many objects were on displayed and a little sign explaining more about the tradition or logic behind each little item.

We rented the little electronic audio things that you hold up to your ear and listen. We rented two… we could have easily done with one between us – we just didn’t know how it was going to be. We thought they would be much like the ear phones at the High Museum, Wrong! They were very hard to listen to. I think they were a rip off.

Speaking of rip-offs I thought their post cards in the gift shop were much too high when I can probably do a google and find some decent photographs – a penny saved is a penny earned.

The little king himself was not there. I sort of expected him in the last room before the gift shop – maybe he was on break or something. This is a picture of him that was in National Geographic…. Notice the royal “I’m-better-than-you sneer?"

Now, with the exhibit about over in a couple of weeks they will soon pack up, do a final sweep and move on, the prices are coming down now. it wasn’t very crowded. maybe if they tell the TV news people a mummy has escaped and already strangled several people it might draw the crowds.

I want to want to rush out and buy Steve Martin’s song “King Tut”.

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

That Was No Lady - That Was His Wife

Yesterday we went to a doctors’ office. While Anna was inside seeing the doctor I watched an elderly couple bitch and quibble over filling out paper work on a clipboard the lady behind the desk gave the lady to fill out.

I can not imagine how complex it could be or what huge crisis would explode if she didn’t fill out the papers correctly. Several times the lady threw down the pen and shoved the clipboard at her man and shout “you do it!!”

And the old fart would start filling it out and he would have to ask her how to spell something and then she would grab the clipboard and start filling out again, until she panicked over something and shoved it back at him… shouting something angry.

The old gray fart always tried to smooth over his wife’s frustration and high strung anger by making an attempt to be funny…. I heard more clich├ęs in that 20 or 25 minutes than I heard in a long time.

One time the old crone marched up to the desk and asked the lady something and as she walked back she said to her husband, “That woman said she was the same age as I am!” for all of to hear, and she continued – “that means you and her are the same age!”

The old fart said, “I’m 39 and have been many years!”

The woman said, “Are you trying to be like Jack Hope or somebody?”

I wanted to jump up and say, “Don’t you mean Jack Benny or Bob Hope?”

It seemed they were putting on a show for the whole half dozen of us onlookers. It was like they were trying to do stand-up one-liners with a straight man and kept messing up – like Vaudeville. Several times I was a little confused just what they meant or were referring to, so I wanted to hollow over and ask them what she meant when he said the car was still in the creek or something like that.

But I didn’t.

When the nurse from the inner office opened the door smiling and called out the old woman’s name the lady screamed she didn’t have enough time to fill the paper work out the nurse’s smile froze and sternly told her to come with her anyway.

When Anna came out we went to get on the elevator. She did not want to tell the other two people (a middle age daughter and her mother) getting on the elevator what the doctor said, so tried to tell me in a quiet way…. But she was interrupted by the middle age daughter, saying she had the same thing was wrong with her. We strangers discussed the private matter going down.

My Hunter Genealogy part 5

This segment is mostly about my great grandfather William Trammell/Hunter who more or less eventually brought his genes to this area in 1879 and we have been here ever since. He was my inspiration to do genealogy research. After opening his can of worms made me realize there were many other cans of worms out there waiting to be re-discovered.

25. JOSEPHINE "BABS"5 HUNTER (WILLIAM JOHNSON4, JOHN3, WILLIAM2, SAMUEL1) was born 15 Jul 1858 in , Union, Ga, and died 30 May 1907. She married ISSAC A. COLLINS 03 Feb 1876 in , Union, Ga. He was born 01 Jan 1855, and died 20 Jan 1923.

Burial: Old Choestoe Cem., Union Co., Ga

Burial: Old Choestoe Cem., Union Co., Ga

i. NANCY E.6 COLLINS, b. 18 Sep 1876; d. Unknown; m. GILLIAM JASPER SOUTHER, 13 Nov 1898, , Union, Ga; b. 1881; d. Unknown.
ii. WILLIAM COLLINS24, b. Aft. 1876; d. Unknown; m. JANE COKER, 25 Aug 1907; b. Aft. 1876; d. Unknown.
iii. MARY COLLINS, b. Aft. 1876; d. Unknown.
iv. DORA COLLINS, b. Aft. 1876; d. Unknown; m. DANIEL LORANSEY SOUTHER, 22 Mar 1922, , Union, Ga; b. 29 Nov 1883, , , Ga; d. Unknown, , , Co.
92. v. ARLEY A. COLLINS, b. 1880; d. 1967.
vi. F. NEWTON COLLINS, b. 10 Jul 1883; d. Unknown; m. CATHERINE SOUTHER, 23 Feb 1905, , Union, Ga; b. 04 Aug 1886; d. Unknown.
93. vii. EDWARD S. COLLINS, b. 16 Mar 1886; d. 09 Sep 1973, , Union, Ga.
94. viii. JAMES VESTER COLLINS, b. 01 Jul 1892; d. 20 Jun 1971.
ix. ALICE MARGARET COLLINS, b. 11 Feb 1894; d. 07 Jan 1968; m. FRANK MARTIN; b. 08 Jun 1892; d. 27 Dec 1968.

26. JASPER FRANCIS "TODD"5 HUNTER (WILLIAM JOHNSON4, JOHN3, WILLIAM2, SAMUEL1) was born 06 Jul 1863 in , Union, Ga, and died 27 May 1897 in , Union, Ga. He married MARTHA LUCINDA SOUTHER 03 Jan 1883 in , Union, Ga, daughter of JOHN SOUTHER and NANCY COLLINS. She was born 17 Dec 1866, and died 11 Dec 1937.

Burial: Old Salem Cem., Union Co., Ga.

Burial: New Liberty Cemetery, Union Co., Ga

95. i. JOHN ESTER6 HUNTER, b. 05 Nov 1884, , Union, Ga; d. Jan 1972, , Union, Ga.
96. ii. WILLIAM JESS HUNTER, b. 14 Aug 1886, , Union, Ga; d. 26 Sep 1982, , Union, Ga.
iii. NANCY HUNTER, b. 17 May 1888; d. 1897.

Burial: Old Salem Church Cemetery, Union Co., Ga.
Lived: Lived about 9 years.
Occupation: Old Salem Church, Union Co., Ga

97. iv. JAMES HAYES HUNTER, b. 19 Aug 1890; d. 20 Jun 1958.
v. HOMER FRANCIS HUNTER, b. 1892; d. Unknown; m. MABEL PANTHER; b. Aft. 1892; d. Unknown.
98. vi. HATTIE HUNTER, b. 19 Dec 1894; d. 27 Jan 1930.
vii. GRADY JASPER HUNTER, b. 1896, , , Ga; d. Unknown; m. JEANETTE WILLIAMSON; b. Aft. 1896, , , Ga; d. Unknown.

27. WILLIAM A.5 TRAMMELL/HUNTER (JASON HENDERSON4 HUNTER, JOHN3, WILLIAM2, SAMUEL1) was born 09 Nov 1842 in , Macon, N.C., and died 20 Sep 1928 in Woodstock, Cherokee, Ga.. He married EMALINE RAY 19 Apr 1864 in Franklin, Macon, N.C., daughter of JOHN RAY and NANCY SUMNER. She was born 12 Apr 1846 in , Macon, N.C., and died 11 May 1925 in Woodstock, Cherokee, Ga..

Being born out of wedlock and raised by his maternal family he used as his last name his mother's last name - TRAMMELL. For the first twenty five years of his life he went by the name William A. TRAMMELL. About 1867, about the same time a murder charge was against him he and his family left North Carolina and he changed his name to his paternal name (which most Americans take for granted) William A. HUNTER.

The man who William and his uncle Van Trammell killed was named Rufus Lambert. - Surname TRAMMELL from information submitted by Darlene Lackey. June 18, 2004, posting no. 1405.

After William changed his last name to HUNTER he and a half brother had the same name.
It is believed that the "A." was either the initial for Alan or Alanarine.
Before William was eight years old his mother had died. On the 1850 Census he was living with his grandfather Jacob B. TRAMMELL, grandmother Polly (a Cherokee Indian) and an assortment of aunts, uncles, and cousins.
His grandmother Polly was a full-blooded Cherokee Indian. That would mean Rebecca was half
Indian, and William was one-quarter. Some believe that Jacob was a Indian, since we have a record of his paternal heritage the most he could be is one half, which would make Rebecca 3/4 and William .375 Indian.

Grandmother Polly drowned in the Little Tennessee River in Macon
County, south of Franklin, while working with her fish traps between 1850 and 1860, when William was between eight and seventeen.
In September of 1860, when William was seventeen, his grandfather Jacob B. TRAMMELL died. Evidently, at the time of his death he owned more than he owned, therefore, his property had to be auctioned off.
Apparently, this broke the family up. They scattered their separate ways.
It is unknown where William stayed for two years. I believe that he stayed in the area and courted his wife to be Emaline RAY (Apr 19 1846 - May 11 1925), daughter of John REA/RAY, wagon maker, and Nancy Sumner RAY. One oral story is that her parents disapproved of William and would lock her in a room to prevent this courtship but Emaline would slip out the window and see him anyway.
William joined the Confederacy. On, 1 May 1862, he enlisted in Macon County, North Carolina, into the 39th North Carolina Infantry, Company I. He was nineteen years old. He enlisted with the name he had used since birth - William A. TRAMMELL.
The first year of his war efforts has yet been uncovered. On 19 May 1863, he was admitted to the First Mississippi C. S. A. Hospital in Jackson, Mississippi, for Febris Intermiten Quotidian. In layman terms he was having a reoccurring fever daily. He returned to duty 25 June 1863 after spending a month and six days in the hospital.
While on furlough, 19 April 1864, William A. TRAMMELL and Emaline RAY married. William was twenty-one and Emaline was eighteen just one week.
Shortly after they were married William returned to his Unit. The Unit went to be part of the "Battle of Kennesaw Mountain", near Marietta, Georgia.
Note- About one hundred to one hundred and twenty-five years later over a hundred of William and Emaline's descendants would be living within a few miles of Kennesaw Mountain.
William's unit, the 39th Regiment, Company I, was fixed on the crest between Big Kennesaw Mountain and Little Kennesaw Mountain.
His bosses:
Corps - Loring
Division - French
Brigade - Ector
William and two of his friends were at a spring kneeling down drinking water. Shots. One of his friends dropped with a bullet hole in his head. He and his remaining living friend got up to run. More shots. William was shot in the leg. He fell while his friend fled. The boys in blue ran by him in pursuit of his friend, evidently assuming he was dead.
According to the records William was shot in the knee July 18, 1864. That, incidentally, was the same day that the President of the Confederacy fired General Joseph E. Johnston of that campaign and replaced him with General Hood.
On his questionnaire for a pension a question was what date he was wounded and William replied "July 18, 1864". Another question asked where was his unit at the time he was shot and he replied "Peachtree Creek" (Atlanta) which is historically accurate. Unfortunately, the questionnaire did not ask the applicant where he was when he shot, only where his unit was, which could be two different places.
A note: There are eight active springs on Kennesaw Mountain and several dried up ones.
Peachtree Creek or Kennesaw Mountain? Or Chickamauga, Georgia?
Ms Thelma Swanson, a TRAMMELL/RAY descendent/researcher, found that the North Carolina Troops Roster, page 108, shows that he was wounded at the Battle of Chickamauga, Georgia.
The Chickamauga Battle was held in the Northwest corner of Georgia, September 19th and 20th, 1863. I personally think this
could be another William TRAMMELL listed (Mrs. Swanson later stated that it could have been William K. TRAMMELL wounded at Chicamauga).
On August 6, 1864, William appeared on a receipt roll at Marshall Hospital in Columbus, Georgia.
He was put on wounded furlough. He told his grandchildren that he recuperated in a private home in Andersonville, Georgia.
Andersonville was not far from the Marshall Hospital in Columbus (about 20 to 30 miles). The Andersonville Confederate Center had the facilities for a hospital and a prison. The cruel conditions at Andersonville Prison still shock people. Men were forced to suffer and die in painful and cruel ways just for fighting in a cause they believed in or had to fight. Some of the prisons in the North were just as bad - one that comes to mind is Camp Chase, Ohio.
Andersonville Community is in Cherokee County, Georgia, only a few miles north of Woodstock, where he eventually settled.
He said that in that private home where he recuperated the lady that nursed him was named Amanda Jane. A few years later he would honor that lady by naming his only daughter after her.
After he got well enough he somehow gained possession of a mule and walked (or limped) back home to Macon County, North Carolina, which if the Andersonville was in Cobb-Cherokee County it would be slightly over a hundred miles away, if the Andersonville was in Southwest Georgia it would be close to three hundred miles away.
Apparently, he arrived home before November 1864 (based on the incubation period and birth date of their first born Charles). He was about twenty-two when he returned from the War.
For the next couple of years William and Emaline lived just south of Franklin, North Carolina and had two children.
Posey C. Wild was a close friend. He was the close friend who was with William at the time he was shot by Union Soldiers by the spring, and was lucky to flee with his life. After that event,
10 August 1864, Posey was promoted to Second Lieutenant.
Another close person to William was his uncle Jacob Van Buren "Van" TRAMMELL. Van was only a few years older than William and they lived in the same household during their childhood lives. With William and Van living in the same house; with the same last name; and close to the same age - some thought they were brothers.
With that, this story has been handed down through the generations in the RAY Family:

April 25, 1866
William Trammell and Jacob Bateman are brought to the Bar of the Court here in custody of Joab L. Moore, Sheriff of Macon County, and forthwith it being demanded of them how they will acquit themselves of the premises in the above indictment specified and charged upon them, they say they are not guilty thereof, and threof for good and evil they put themselves upon the county and David Colmena, who prosecutes for the state, doth like.
Therefore, let a jury come of good and lawful men by whom the truth of the matter may be known. It is ordered by the Court in this case that a Special Writ of Venire Facia shall be issued to the Sheriff of this county, commanding him to summons seventy five (75) good and lawful men, freeholders, of this County of Macon, to appear on Thursday at 9 o'clock at the present term of court to serve as jurors in this case.
This case is set for hearing Thursday of this term at 9 o'clock. The prisoners at the bar are remanded to the common jail of this county.

Thursday A.M. 9 o'clock

Continued for the defendants for the want of Jacob Fouts, N.C. Phillips, Mary Trammel, and John Bateman, witnesses.
*I could never find records of the outcome of this case.
N.C. Phillips was probably Calvin Phillips, husband of Violet P. Trammel. John Batemean was probably the son of Mahala Trammell and Archilbald Bateman, and it is grandson that I want to see if he knows anything. The Jacob Batemean, who is being tried with W.A. Trammel, is probably the son of Mahala, too. The 1860 Census shows her having a son Jacob V. Bateman, born 1848.
*from a letter from Thelma Welch Swanson.

March 30, 1869 - State Vs Van, William Trammel, & Jacob Bateman murder/Nol Pros - Cause to Be Placed in Retired Docket (Nol Pros - Be unwilling to pursue, do not prosecute.)

September 1871 - State Vs Van and William Trammel and Jacob Bateman.
This case is ordered to be placed on the Docket and that an Alias Capiasissue for defendant Batmean. Let subpoena issue for the State witnesses.
(Capias - A writ commanding an officer to take a specified person into custody.)

April 1872 - Jacob Bateman was tried for Felony and Murder and found Not Guilty.

"Van TRAMMELL and his brother William were trying to collect pay for a horse that had been stolen from William. The man refused to pay. William hit the man with a gun and killed him. Van left for Arkansas and William for Georgia."
Actually, Van went to Round Prairie Township, Benton County, Arkansas.
The William A. HUNTER family went to Texas. In Texas, William acquired "twelve or fifteen" tracts of land and tried being a cattle rancher. He had problems supplying water and had to give it up.
It is unknown where or when they ranched in Texas. We do know that one of their children, Frank Paris Hunter (my grandfather), was born in Granbury, Hood County, Texas, in 1879.
A little puzzle: Based on a Family Bible Frank Paris Hunter was born in Granbury, Texas. It has been handed down orally that Frank Paris was named after Paris, Texas. Paris, Texas, is about one hundred and fifty miles east of Granbury. Not close enough for namesakes - but apparently so.
1879 was also the year William and his family came back east and settled in Cherokee County, Georgia, less than ten miles away from Kennesaw Mountain, where he fought in the Civil War fifteen years earlier.
They first settled in the Kelp Community, which was in the area of what is presently the vicinity of the intersection of State Highway 92 and Bells Ferry Road.
William joined the Masonic Lodge which was located just a few miles east of Woodstock, which was the community of Anderson- ville. This "Andersonville" was discussed earlier the possible "Andersonville" William recuperated from his Civil War wounds.
When their oldest son Charlie grew up he opened a store appropriately called "Hunter's Store". He was also the Postmaster of Kelp. The Kelp Post Office was in a section of Hunter's Store.
Charlie also wrote a newspaper column of local news. The name of the column was also "Hunter's Store".
William A. HUNTER's son William Jason HUNTER was killed in June of 1896, at the age of twenty-one, in a hunting accident. William Jason when killed, had a pregnant wife (Fannie) and a daughter. William A. and Emaline had their daughter-in-law and granddaughter move in with them. They took up their late son's responsibility of providing food and shelter. The child that Fanny was pregnant with was named Lois. They lived with them until their death.
William A. HUNTER was also raised by his grandparents because of a parent dying. Which may be why William did this deed, because he knew the feeling. Again, history repeats itself.
Although it appears that William fled Macon County, North Carolina, in the 1860s, around the turn of the century he would return each year during apple season to see old friends and relatives, and of course to get a load of apples.
About 1908, William and his oldest son Charlie bought land in Woodstock, on Main Street, just a couple of blocks south of the center of town. They both built houses on the property.
Now (1998), the house is a store for rental company.
An act of Congress was passed in 1910 authorizing a soldier's pension for men who fought in the Civil War, for the North as well as the South. That same year, going on sixty-eight, William applied for his pension. On his application he stated that he was in Company I of the 39th Regiment (Infantry) of North Carolina. The application was turned down because no one by the name of William A. HUNTER was on the roster.
The roster did show a William A. TRAMMELL who enlisted on 1 May 1862. He and Posey C. Wild enlisted the same day. And at the Kennesaw Mountain Park, on the list of all those who fought, his name as TRAMMELL is listed.
He had a slight dilemma. He could admit he changed his name after the war. But what would be the consequences?
His solution worked. He gathered up three witnesses to swear to a questionnaire affidavit that he had not only fought but also was wounded in the War.

The witnesses:

1. Posey C. WILD on the questionnaire said he had known William all his life "and have seen him occasionally since he left this county in 1867". Posey also wrote that William lived in Woodstock, Georgia, since 1879, and still occasionally saw him "through my relation living there".

2. Doctor T. W. MCCLOUD said he witnessed William wounded in the knee on or near Kennesaw Mountain during what is known as the
Georgia Campaign.

3. George A. CAMPBELL said he saw William wounded in the knee or near the knee, the bullet tearing away much of the muscle and going through the leaders of the upper part of the leg about the knee.

In his latter years his grandchildren remembered him walking stooped over, carrying a cane, and speaking in a deep whispery voice.


39th Regiment, North Carolina Infantry

39th Infantry Regiment was organized at Camp Patton, Asheville, North Carolina, in July, 1861, as a five company battalion. In November the unit moved to "Camp Hill" near Gooch Mountain where it was increased to eight companies. In February, 1862, it was ordered to Knoxville, Tennessee, where two more companies were added. Its members were from the counties of Cherokee, Macon, Jackson, Buncombe, and Clay. The 39th took part in the Cumberland Gap operations, then saw action in the Battle of Perryville. Assigned to Walthall's, McNair's, and Reynold's Brigade, it fought with the Army of Tennessee from Murfreesboro to Atlanta, then endured Hood's winter campaign in Tennessee. In 1865 it shared in the defense of Mobile. This regiment lost 2 killed, 36 wounded, and 6 missing at Murfreesboro and had 10 killed, 90 wounded, and 3 missing at Chickamauga. During the Atlanta Campaign, May 18 to September 5, it reported 16 killed, 57 wounded, and 10 missing. On May 4, 1865, it surrendered. The field officers were Colonel David Coleman, Lieutenant Colonels Hugh H. Davidson and Francis A. Reynolds, and Major T.W. Peirce.

Burial: Carmel Baptist Church, Cherokee, Ga

Burial: Carmel Baptist Church, Cherokee, Ga

99. i. CHARLES JEFFERSON6 HUNTER, b. 03 Sep 1865, , Macon, N.C.; d. 15 Feb 1954, Woodstock, Cherokee, Ga.
100. ii. ARMINDA JANE "NIN" HUNTER, b. 22 Dec 1866, Franklin, Macon, N.C.; d. 31 Dec 1955, , Cherokee, Ga.
101. iii. JOHN RAFAS HUNTER, b. 28 Jun 1870; d. 21 Nov 1940, , Cherokee Co, Ga.
102. iv. WILLIAM JASON HUNTER, b. 06 Mar 1875; d. 25 Jun 1896, , , Ga.
103. v. FRANK PARIS HUNTER, b. 06 Apr 1879, Granbury, Hood, Texas; d. 20 Mar 1950, Marietta, Cobb, Georgia.
104. vi. OSCAR RAY HUNTER, b. 02 Aug 1884, , Cherokee Co, Ga; d. 18 Jun 1963, St. Petersburg, , Fl.
105. vii. ARTHUR RILEY HUNTER, b. 02 Aug 1884, , Cherokee Co, Ga; d. 23 Oct 1967, Sanford, , Fl.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

I Was Mostest of the Mosts & Better than the Best

This past week presented a flux of old high school friends that some I haven’t seen in a grandparent’s lifetime was very enjoyable. Unfortunately, there were also some things not so pleasant with some of my high school friends during the same time. Two of them died and one’s sister died.

My high school friend Bobby Cole was one of the three that died. He was a teacher’s dream of the ideal student, a coach’s dream of the ideal athletic, and I’m sure later in life he was the idea employee, husband, and father. Needless to say, his senior year he was elected Mr. MHS (Marietta High School).

That reminded me of our senior years when it was time to vote for things like Mr. MHS, Miss MHS, Best Looking, Most Scholarly, Most Friendliest, and so on our little bunch decided to play a little practical joke.

We stuffed the ballot boxes with ballots voting me for me for every thing. We stuffed more ballots with my name on them than there were students. I remember a couple of friends and I filling out the ballots in a class room one day after most of the students had went home. The teacher at the desk, who seemed to be aware of most of our pranks and shenanigans, just smiled and shoot her head.

If the vote-counting-committee counted the votes correctly I should have been the Best Looking, the Most Intellectual, the Most Scholarly, the Most Friendliest, Mister MHS, and even Miss MHS.

Evidently the vote-count was fixed.

Carefully Synchronizing a Mark II Transmission

The Accident Continued -

I signed a released after it appeared the body work of my little red Triumph Spitfire was taken care of. Shortly after that I had transmission problems.

I had four in the floor. The gears no longer seemed synchronized. They would clank and bang when I tried to change gears – sometimes I could change them and sometimes I couldn’t.

I carried the car to a Triumph dealership and another time to a transmission shop. Neither could repair it.

Then one day after work I was stopped at a red light on Bolton Road in Atlanta, in front of a Sinclair Station and I could not get the car out of neutral to go on. Luckily, the car was light. I pushed it in the Sinclair Station parking lot.

There were two men working there, co-owners. They were both drunk. They said they would look at it. I spent the next several hours standing over them watching them mumble, curse, when something didn’t fit like it was suppose to, and then slip off to have another drink.

Finally the oldest man, probably in his late 50s told the other one what he needed was a coat hangar. They went inside to the coat rack and got one and by cutting it and bending it into an odd-shape and inserting it down a certain way they corrected the problem.

They didn’t want much money – whatever ever the price was I gladly paid. I think it was about the price of a pint of Southern Comfort.

I had no more transmission problems after that.

Hunter Genealogy Part 4

20. JOHN A.5 HUNTER (WILLIAM JOHNSON4, JOHN3, WILLIAM2, SAMUEL1) was born 08 Nov 1844 in , Union, Ga, and died 15 Nov 1913 in , Union, Ga. He married ELIZABETH COLLINS 02 Feb 1866 in , Union, Ga. She was born 30 Apr 1844 in , , Ga, and died 29 Apr 1924 in , Union, Ga.

More About JOHN A. HUNTER:
Burial: Old Choestoe Cem., Union Co., Ga

Burial: Old Choestoe Cem., Union Co., Ga

i. MARY J.6 HUNTER, b. 15 Jan 1867; d. Unknown; m. (1) JOHN HICKS; b. Abt. 1867; d. Unknown; m. (2) CROCKET TOWNSEND; b. Abt. 1867; d. Unknown; m. (3) JOHN THURMOND; b. Abt. 1867; d. Unknown; m. (4) JOHN DYER, 13 Apr 1884, , Union, Ga; b. Abt. 1867; d. Unknown.
ii. RUTH MARGARET HUNTER, b. 20 Apr 1869; d. 30 Jan 1949; m. JAMES T. NIX, 24 Nov 1890, , Union, Ga; b. 14 Jun 1869; d. 01 Jun 1950.

Burial: Pinetop Cemetary, Union Co., Ga

More About JAMES T. NIX:
Burial: Pinetop Cemetary, Union Co., Ga
Census: 1880, Choestoe Dist, Union Co., Ga., age 10

76. iii. WILLIAM FRANCIS HUNTER, b. 13 Sep 1871; d. 09 Sep 1894.
iv. MARGARET R. HUNTER, b. 20 Jan 1879, , , Ga; d. 09 Sep 1918.

Burial: Choestoe Cemetary Old, Union Co., Ga

77. v. MARTHA L. HUNTER, b. 02 Nov 1886; d. 18 Jan 1966.

21. JAMES ANDREW5 HUNTER (WILLIAM JOHNSON4, JOHN3, WILLIAM2, SAMUEL1) was born 19 Mar 1847 in , Union, Ga, and died 03 Apr 1912. He married (1) MARTHA LUCINDA SOUTHER, daughter of JOHN SOUTHER and NANCY COLLINS. She was born 17 Dec 1866, and died 11 Dec 1937. He married (2) LOUISE MATILDA DUCKWORTH 02 Dec 1866 in , Union, Ga20, daughter of DAVID DUCKWORTH and MARY WILLIAMSON. She was born 1839, and died Unknown. He married (3) CHARLOTTA 'LOTTIE' DUCKWORTH 08 Feb 1872 in , Union, Ga. She was born Aft. 1842 in , , NC, and died Unknown.

Burial: Old Salem Ch, Union Co., Ga

Burial: New Liberty Cemetery, Union Co., Ga


i. DORA ANNE6 HUNTER, b. 10 Feb 1905; d. 24 Feb 2009, Blairsville, Union Co., Ga.; m. (1) FRANK ALLISON; b. 01 Feb 1891; d. 23 Feb 1969, , Union, Ga; m. (2) DANIEL G. SPIVA; b. 19 May 1900; d. 08 Jan 1985.

She has a cemetery marker at Choestoe #2 Cemetery, Union Co., Ga.
The Union County Garden Club honored her for length of service. Seems she has over 60 years there. - Betty Knight

Mrs. Dora Allison Spiva, age 104 of Blairsville, Ga., passed away on Tuesday, February 24, 2009 at Union General Hospital.

Mrs. Spiva was born on Friday, February 10, 1905 in Union County, Ga. to the late Jim Hunter and the late Martha Souther Hunter. She graduated from the Blairsville Academy, Young Harris College and University of Georgia. She was the oldest living member of Choestoe Baptist Church and had been very active in the church all of her life and was a founding member of the WMU at Choestoe. Mrs. Spiva was retired from the Union County School System and was a member of the Ga. Retired Teachers Association, Blairsville Garden Club, American Legion Aux. and Union County Historical Society.
She was preceded in death by first husband, Frank Allison and second husband, Dan Spiva.

Survivors include special nephew, Charles "Buddy" and Bobbie Hunter of Blairsville, Ga., many other nieces and nephews and a host of friends.

Funeral services will be held on Friday, February 27, 2009 at 11:00 am from the Choestoe Baptist Church with Rev. Stacy Dyer and Rev. Ken Zollinger officiating. Music will be provided by Stacy Dyer and Bill Collins and Linda Thornton. Interment will follow in the Choestoe Baptist Church Cemetery.

The family will receive friends at the funeral home from 6 to 9 pm, Thursday, February 26, 2009.

In lieu of flowers, the family suggests that donations may be made to Choestoe Baptist Church Building Fund, 4455 Choestoe Church Road, Blairsville, GA., 30512.

The Cochran Funeral Home of Blairsville is in charge of the arrangements. You may send condolences to the family and sign the guest register at

Dora Hunter Spiva on her 104th birthday, February 10, 2009. She died two weeks later.

Aunt Dora will live on—in memory and legend
With love from Ethelene Dyer Jones One of her students

All of us who have known and loved Aunt Dora Hunter Allison Spiva for so long were saddened at her passing on Tuesday, February 24, at the marvelous age of 104 and 14 days. She was able to live at her home until Friday, February, 20, when her final illness required hospitalization. We mourn, not for her, but for ourselves at her departure from our midst. We can but rejoice that she is now enjoying the joys of heaven which she anticipated after a life well-lived and entrusted to the Lord Christ.

She leaves behind the influence of her forty years of teaching on students too numerous to number, and the example of a life lived with joy, purpose and service. For her influence on so many, we are eternally grateful. She said to me, a motherless girl of fourteen, "You can do anything you set your mind to do." I found her advice worthy of following. Many could give a similar testimony to mine on the influence she had upon them in school and beyond as she "kept up with her own" and loved and encouraged us.

Memories flood our minds as we think of the happy occasions we have spent with her. I have set on her porch at her home in Choestoe and admired her flower gardens, as lush and bountiful as any horticulturist could produce. I have thought often of how her life was like an unfolding flower, lifting thoughts like petals to sunshine in the early morning as she sought the Lord's guidance for the day. She was a mainstay at our wonderful Class of 1947 Reunions, and this could be said of any class she nourished at Union County High School. She was the eldest present at our Dyer- Souther Reunions each year after Cousin Watson Dyer died, himself reaching nearly 104, until this past July when she was not able to attend. She loved family and encouraged me to record and publish the history of our noble ancestors. "Salt of the earth," she would often say of them, being hesitant to own up to the fact that she, too, was of that salt that had not lost its savor, even to the ripe age of 104.

Now she is a legend in our time. Each time we think of her it will be with gratitude. As recently as October, she was part of a documentary film which will open the Byron Herbert Reece Center. Our poet/novelist was one of her students and she spoke lovingly about his time in her classes. Aunt Dora was honored by Truett McConnell College through having the four-year School of Education named in her honor. The first graduates from the school finished in May, 2008, and are now somewhere in schools beginning careers that will honor the name of this master teacher. It is one of my aims to continue raising funds to complete the endowment and scholarships for the Dora Hunter Allison Spiva School of Education. It is one way I can say "thank you" to Aunt Dora for inspiring me to become a teacher. Anyone wishing to donate in her memory may send contributions to Truett McConnell College, 100 Alumni Drive, Cleveland, GA 30529.

My prediction is that she will remain alive in the hearts and minds of those who loved and admired her, continuing to wield her positive influence, eliciting sweet memories of many associations with her; indeed, a legend in our time.

Dora Allison Spiva

Mrs. Dora Allison Spiva, 104, native and lifelong resident of Blairsville, Ga., died Tuesday, February 24, 2009 at Union General Hospital in Blairsville.

Mrs. Spiva was born Friday, February 10, 1905 in Union County, Ga., to the late Jim Hunter and the late Martha Souther Hunter. She graduated from the Blairsville Academy, Young Harris College and The University of Georgia. She was the oldest living member of Choestoe Baptist Church and had been very active in the church all her life, and was a founding member of the WMU at Choestoe.

Mrs. Dora was retired from the Union County School System and was a member of the Georgia Retired Teachers Association, a charter member of The Blairsville Garden Club, The American Legion Auxiliary, and Union County Historical Society. The Dora Spiva Educational Program is a scholarship program at Truett-McConnell College in Cleveland, Ga., named in honor of Mrs. Spiva. She was preceded in death by first husband, Frank Allison and second husband, Dan Spiva. She was an inspiration to many.

Surviving family members include special nephew, Charles "Buddy" and Bobbie Hunter of Blairsville; many other nieces and nephews, and

a host of friends. Funeral services were held Friday, February 27, 2009 at 11 a.m. from the Choestoe Baptist Church with Rev. Stacy Dyer and Rev. Ken Zollinger officiating. Music was provided by Rev. Stacy Dyer and Bill Collins and Linda Thornton. Pallbearers were Daniel Hunter, Chris Souther, Josh Lewis, Eddy Alexander, Barry Collins, Phil Hunter, Ken Hunter and Lesly Hunter. Interment followed in Choestoe Baptist Church

If you wish, the family has suggested memorial contributions be made to Choestoe Baptist Church Building Fund, 4455 Choestoe Church Road, Blairsville, Georgia 30512.

Arrangements entrusted to Cochran Funeral Home - Blairsville Chapel. You are invited to view Mrs. Dora's Life Tribute, send condolences to the family and sign the guest register at www.

Burial: Choestoe Baptist Church, Union Co., Ga
Lived: 2002, Living.
Occupation: Teacher - retired.

Left to right: Marynell T (possibly), Frank Hunter, Dora Hunter Spiva, and Eddie Hunter (this compiler).

Burial: Choestoe Cem #2, Union Co., Ga

78. ii. JOSEPH DANIEL HUNTER, b. 13 Nov 1906; d. May 1990.
79. iii. DAN D. "DANDY" HUNTER, b. 26 Nov 1907, Blairsville, Union, Ga; d. 21 Apr 1973, Winchester, , SC.

iv. WILLIAM MARION6 HUNTER, b. 01 Sep 1867, Choestoe, Union Co, Ga; d. 13 Jul 1964, Gainesville, Hall, Ga; m. MARY LUCINDA COLLINS, 13 Aug 1891, , Union, Ga; b. 05 Sep 1871, , Union, Ga; d. 30 Apr 1974, Gainesville, Hall, Ga.

Burial: Choestoe Cem #2, Union Co., Ga

Burial: Choestoe Cem #2, Union Co., Ga

v. LOUISE HUNTER, b. Abt. 1868; d. Unknown; m. A DUCKWORTH; b. Abt. 1868; d. Unknown.
vi. VIRGE HUNTER, b. Abt. 1869; d. Unknown.
vii. FRANK HUNTER, b. Aft. 1870; d. Unknown.

viii. WILLIAM M.6 HUNTER21, b. Abt. 1867, , , Ga; d. Unknown.
ix. LOTTIE HUNTER22, b. Abt. 1873; d. Unknown; m. A DUCKWORTH; b. Abt. 1873; d. Unknown.
x. RANDY HUNTER, b. Abt. 1874; d. Unknown.
xi. JAMES V (?) HUNTER, b. Abt. 1875, , , Ga; d. Unknown.
xii. MARY M. HUNTER, b. Abt. 1876, , , Ga; d. Unknown.
xiii. JASON H. (?) HUNTER, b. Abt. 1879, , , Ga; d. Unknown.

22. AMANDA REBECCA5 HUNTER (WILLIAM JOHNSON4, JOHN3, WILLIAM2, SAMUEL1) was born 05 Sep 1849 in , Union, Ga, and died 15 Jun 1923. She married JAMES BENJAMIN REID 19 Apr 1874 in , Union, Ga. He was born 18 Feb 1849, and died 19 Nov 1926.

Burial: Dewberry Bap Ch., Cem, #1, Hall Co., Ga

Burial: Dewberry Bap Ch., Cem, #1, Hall Co., Ga

Children of AMANDA HUNTER and JAMES REID are:
80. i. VIRGIL ALLEN6 REID, b. 14 Jun 1875, , Union, Ga; d. 15 Feb 1909, , Coffee, Ga.
81. ii. MARGARET JOSEPHINE REID, b. 28 Jul 1877, , Union, Ga; d. 09 Sep 1960, , Fulton, Ga.
82. iii. JUDGE GRIMPEY REID, b. 12 Mar 1880, , Union, Ga; d. 30 Mar 1947, , Elbert, Ga.
83. iv. JAMES CALVESTER REID, b. 05 Oct 1882, , Union, Ga; d. 1948, , Sumter, Ga.
v. BERTHA LOUISE REID, b. 14 May 1885, , Union, Ga; d. 27 Oct 1960, , Gwinett, Ga; m. AARON NEWTON SKELTON, 10 Mar 1913, , Hall, Ga; b. 10 Mar 1882, , , Ga; d. 29 Nov 1977, , Gwinett, Ga.

Burial: Dewberry Bap Ch., Cem, #1, Hall Co., Ga

Burial: Dewberry Bap Ch., Cem, #1, Hall Co., Ga

84. vi. JOSEPH FRANCIS REID, b. 25 Dec 1887, , White, Ga; d. 20 Mar 1975, , Hall, Ga.
vii. MARTHA MARY CORDELE REID, b. 15 Nov 1893, , Hall, Ga; d. 26 Apr 1935, , Hall, Ga.

Never married.

Burial: Dewberry Bap Ch., Cem, #1, Hall Co., Ga

23. MARGARET ELIZA5 HUNTER (WILLIAM JOHNSON4, JOHN3, WILLIAM2, SAMUEL1) was born 20 Jan 1852 in , Union, Ga, and died 09 Jan 1929 in , Union, Ga. She married WILLIAM L. SULLIVAN 16 Jan 1876 in , Union, Ga. He was born 16 May 1856, and died 03 Sep 1897.

Burial: Old Choestoe Cem., Union Co., Ga

Burial: Old Choestoe Cem., Union Co., Ga

i. JOHN A.6 SULLIVAN, b. Abt. 1877, , , Ga; d. Unknown.
85. ii. SARAH ROSETTA SULLIVAN, b. 20 Nov 1882; d. 27 Feb 1920.

24. GEORGIA ANN5 HUNTER (WILLIAM JOHNSON4, JOHN3, WILLIAM2, SAMUEL1) was born 05 Apr 1855 in , Union, Ga, and died 03 Oct 1924 in , Union, Ga. She married FRANCIS JASPER "BUD" COLLINS 03 Jan 1873 in , Union, Ga, son of FRANCIS COLLINS and RUTH NIX. He was born 30 Jan 1855, and died 17 Dec 1941 in , Union, Ga.

Burial: New Choestoe cem., Union Co., Ga

Lived on a farm on Town Creek near Notla River. He owned and farmed about 400 acres. He owned a Delco plant and generated his own electricity.
He produced about 5000 gallons of sorghum syrup annually.

The Atlanta Historical Museum near Paces Ferry Road in Atlanta displays he and his wife Georgia Hunter and their daughters in several pictures beside some home made suites his female family members made for him.

Burial: New Choestoe cem., Union Co., Ga
Occupation: farmer & Storeowner
Religion: Choestoe Baptist Church member
Residence: Republican; represenative 1 term, Prison Pardon & Parole Board

86. i. IDA6 COLLINS, b. 18 Nov 1873; d. 29 Mar 1962.
ii. EDDIE COLLINS, b. Aft. 1873; d. Unknown.
87. iii. ANDREW "ANDY" D. COLLINS, b. 22 Nov 1875, , Union, Ga; d. 21 Feb 1962.
88. iv. OLZA ALBERT "OZZIE" COLLINS, b. 26 Sep 1878, , Union, Ga; d. 02 Oct 1965.
v. INDIA COLLINS, b. 09 Mar 1882, , Union, Ga; d. 02 Apr 1939.

Never married.

Burial: Choestoe Cem #2, Union Co., Ga

vi. ESLEY L. COLLINS, b. 28 Dec 1886, , Union, Ga; d. 08 Feb 1957.

Never married.

89. vii. LILLIE V. COLLINS, b. 22 Dec 1888, , Union, Ga; d. 26 Feb 1975.
viii. SARAH COLLINS, b. 21 Dec 1891, , Union, Ga; d. 10 Jan 1893, , Union, Ga.

Burial: Choestoe, Old, Cemetery, Union Co, Ga23

ix. FRANCIS "FRANK" COLLINS, b. 05 Jan 1893, , Union, Ga; d. 28 Jan 1912.

Lived: 19 years.

90. x. FANNIE AZIE COLLINS, b. 07 Mar 1895, , Union, Ga; d. 14 Feb 1945.
91. xi. WILLIAM HARV COLLINS, b. 04 Jun 1897, , Union, Ga; d. 24 Jul 1979.
xii. AVERY COLLINS, b. 25 Mar 1900; d. 15 Mar 1969.

Never married

Burial: Choestoe Cem #2, Union Co., Ga

xiii. ETHEL GEORGIANN COLLINS, b. 06 Jun 1902; d. 10 Mar 1979; m. JOHN MELVIN CLEMENTS; b. Aft. 1873; d. Unknown.

Burial: Choestoe Cem #2, Union Co., Ga

Monday, April 27, 2009

Beep!! Beep!!! Eeekk!!!!

Uncle John’s Bathroom Readers and his page-a-day calendars always have interesting facts, statistics, or a clip about a bizarre incident.

Today’s calendar is no exception. It told of a truck driver in the United Kingdom that hit a small compact car and drove with it for two miles. The tiny car was wedged in of his semi and did not know it was there. No one was hurt or killed.

The story reminded me of an incident I was in back in 1967.

I worked at Sinclair Refining Company in Atlanta. Sometimes at lunch I would drive about two or three miles to a hamburger joint and sit in my car eat and listen to the radio – which is what I was doing in this event.

My car was a red Spits two-seater Triumph – I think it had Mark II on it. It was a nice day – I had the top down. I was sitting there eating my hamburger and listening to the music when I noticed a big dump truck was backing up – I haven’t noticed it before – and it got closer and closer… I started blowing my horn when suddenly WHUMP!!!
The truck’s big metal bed crashed over my car and was completely in my view with nothing else.

I was inches from big steel metal thing looking at me. The dump truck driver did not hear me beep the horn and begin to go forward and dragging my car and me with him. I blew and blew but the roar of the engine, I suppose, drowned out my little naked high pitched sounding “beep beep”.

A man, also sitting in his car in the parking lot saw the accident and ran out waving his arms at the driver. The driver stopped to see what he wanted. Saved.

My hood was warped and peeled upward. My windshield was broken. But the engine seemed fine. The driver just didn’t see me and admitted it. He called his boss and the boss told me he preferred to not make it official with the police and all…..(I wonder why).

It was many years ago and I am not sure if they furnished me some type of rented car or not. He had me take the car to a place he suggested and they had it back running looking new in about a week.

Although, I didn’t realize then, but not long after that the car had transmission problems which I think was probably caused by being pulled with the car in “park”.

To be continued.


I am always pleasantly surprised when some says they like my blog or say they read it everyday. I do CHICKEN FAT for me as a mind exercise and when someone else complements me to my face, well it is a fuzzy warm feeling – which is ego inflating.

We went to three events this past weekend, a wedding rehearsal, my son’s wedding/reception, and the Varner’s Reunion. At the wedding reception and the Varner’s thing several people complemented me on my blog.

However, I was knocked a loop when one lady at the wedding reception said something like, “I like your blog CHICKEN SHIT! “ then “Ooooopps!”

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Today is Confederate Memorial Day

Today is Confederate Memorial Day in Georgia. The date is not universal. Each state has its own date to recognize the CSA… some in May, one in January, one in June and strange as it may sound, some northern states do not recognize it all.

The year before last we were at the annual Taste of Marietta when the Confederate Memorial Day parade marched down the Marietta Loop on its way to the Confederate Cemetery. I think there were about four or five things in the parade, like maybe a horse pulling a wagon, a couple of marching units, and I forgot what else – but it wasn’t very much. Beside Anna and I on the sidewalk watching it, only a handful of people showed up to view the parade. We had just left The Taste of Marietta, which was so crowded you could hardly walk.

Above is a picture of a Confederate Memorial Day parade near the turn of the century when some CSA soldiers were still alive. It was taken more seriously then.

There are more northern transplants and second and third generation northern transplants in Cobb County than there are natives. That may explain the small turnout. … either that, or overall the people don’t have the same opinion about issues such as state rights and slavery as they once did.

The moral of this is that good eating is more popular than the old Dixie cause.

Varner's First Ever Reunion

Above, Debbie Varner Rawls, daughter of Paul Varner speaks to the roaring-hard-to-shut-up crowd about how pleased her father would be to know so many people have good-time memories of his restaurant.

Mrs. Varner, Paul’s wife.

Fred the Varner's evening carhop and his wife.

Saturday evening was the first Varner’s Drive-In Restaurant Reunion.

And no, this has no relationship to the Varner’s Restaurant on Concord Road in Smyrna.

I think it was a huge success. There were hundreds of people there… in fact, it was so big people could hardly move and navigate themselves around to see someone they thought they recognized and in my case, take pictures.

I think the first one was such a success they may have already outgrown its venue on the first try.

Monty Calhoun did an excellent job bringing it all together and so did people like Horace Armfield, Paul Roper, Arnold Guest, Rupert Raines, Jackie Gaskin, Mark McGee, and more who helped him. But Monty is a hands-on type of person and had a hand in all of it.

I always enjoy seeing old friends that were around in my formative years. And it is always interesting to see what they metamorphosed themselves into. Some you can’t believe how much they have physically change but when they start running their mouth you discover it is the same old friend hidden in those sagging jaws and wrinkles, and as they talk more, the sagging jaws, mustaches, gray hair, nose & ear hair, and wrinkles magically disappear and you and them are back conversing as you would have fifty years ago.

I think this and Bell Boys Annual Reunion if better than the class reunions held every ten years. When in school we had a wider range of friends than the class we were in... we mixed with the younger and older students. It is for sure now, we have grown up.

Please excuse the blurriness of some the pictures – my dumb little digital camera automatically focuses on the closest object to it, which was sometimes my finger - or it could be because of my quivering hands.

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Sabrina and Rocky Got Married Today

Our son Rocky married Sabrina today. The wedding was great!

Sabrina gave him a pair of cuff-links with the Scrabble letters R on one and H on the other. The inside joke on that is that is how Rocky proposed to her. They were playing Scrabble and he cleverly put up the letters that said, "WILL YOU MARRY ME" and looped the engagement ring over one of the letters. Today was an answer to his question.

Tomorrow they are flying to Paris. You have time to tie some tin-cans to the back tail and wings and write "Just Married" all over the plane, but you have to hurry.

Our son Rocky married Sabrina today. The wedding was great! I only cried once!

Friday, April 24, 2009

Busy as a Bee

I might be gone (from this blog) for the next couple of days. A lot of things are going on.

My Hunter Genealogy part 3

Generation No. 3

8. JOHN ANDREW "DARB"5 LANCE (ELIZABETH4 HUNTER, JOHN3, WILLIAM2, SAMUEL1) was born 13 Aug 1837, and died 11 Dec 1905. He married MARY EMALINE SUMNER 28 Aug 1841, daughter of JESSIE SUMNER and ELIZABETH SORRELLS. She was born 28 Aug 1841, and died 13 Nov 1910.

Burial: New Salem, Skyland, Limestone Township, Tn

Burial: New Salem Cem. Skyland, Limestone Township, Tn

Children of JOHN LANCE and MARY SUMNER are:
42. i. JANE6 LANCE, b. 21 Jun 1861; d. 01 Jan 1927, Asheville, Buncombe, NC.
43. ii. JULIA ANN LANCE, b. 07 Nov 1864; d. 06 Apr 1925.
44. iii. JAMES "JIM HENRY" LANCE, b. 10 Dec 1866; d. 29 Jul 1932.
45. iv. WILLIAM PINKNEY LANCE, b. 1869; d. 1944.
46. v. JOSEPHINE "JOSSIE" LANCE, b. 1871; d. 23 Jul 1939, Jackson, , La.
47. vi. MARY LANCE, b. 1873; d. Unknown.
48. vii. JOHN ANDREW "ANDY" LANCE, JR, b. 24 Oct 1875; d. 25 Jul 1939.
49. viii. MELVIN H. LANCE, b. 29 Nov 1877; d. Aug 1954.
ix. FIDELIA A. LANCE, b. 06 Apr 1880; d. Unknown.

Residence: Long Beach, Ca

x. INFANT LANCE, b. 06 Apr 1880; d. 06 Apr 1880.
xi. J.H. LANCE, b. Aft. 1880; d. 1963, St. Louis, , Mo.

9. THOMAS R.5 LANCE (ELIZABETH4 HUNTER, JOHN3, WILLIAM2, SAMUEL1)5 was born in , Knox Co, Tn, and died 28 Jun 1901 in Howard Ridge, Ozark Co, Mo5. He married (1) JANE SMOTHERS5 1832 in , , Tn5. She was born in , , NC, and died 1855 in , Marion Co, Ak5. He married (2) RACHEL ELLEN CRAWFORD5 08 Jul 1866 in , Douglas Co, Mo5. She was born 05 Apr 1844 in Knoxville, Knox Co, Tn5, and died 04 Dec 1928 in Howard Ridge, Ozark Co, Mo5.

i. FLORA ANN6 LANCE5, b. 1842, , Knox Co, Tn5; d. 17 Aug 1891, Howard Ridge, Ozark Co, Mo5.
ii. SAMUEL HENRY LANCE5, b. 1846, , , Tn5; d. Unknown, , Ozark Co, Mo5.

iii. TEXAS ARKANSAS6 LANCE5, b. 07 Nov 1859, , Baxter Co, Ar5; d. 06 Nov 1935, ,,Ak5.

10. REV JOHN HENRY5 LANCE, REV (REBECCA4 HUNTER, JOHN3, WILLIAM2, SAMUEL1)5 was born Abt. 1834 in , Buncombe , NC, and died 16 Feb 1890 in , Union, Ga5. He married SARAH CAROLINE TURNER5 27 Aug 1857 in , Union, Ga, daughter of JARRETT TURNER and SARAH COLLINS. She was born 1842 in , Union Co., Ga5, and died 1916 in , Union Co., Ga.

John Henry Lance moved to Union County, Georgia, when he was six years old.
John grew to adulthood in Union County, and was always ready participant in the rough and tumble games of the mountain boys. He earned a reputation of being one of the toughest individuals in Choestoe and seldom lost a fight. The tenacity of his fighting spirit would accept defeat and in the end he prevailed. He was fearless and it is reputed that he would "look a wild cat in the eye and then spit in its face". John readily took to drinking mountain 'shine but it only drove him into committing more boisterous acts, which further added to his reputation.
But something good happened to John when he married Caroline Turner, the daughter of Jarrett Turner in 1857. He settled down, laid the old ways aside and started rearing a family.
He farmed and they lived in a small cabin alongside Lance Creek at the foot of Lance Mountain. John taught himself to read, write, and sometimes later became a Methodist minister. John remembered how he acted when he was drinking, so regardless of his text he always got around to condemning the practice and he always spiced his sermons with a multitude of "amen, amen, amen."
Rev. John was preaching at Hoods Chapel, a church some five miles from his house. On the trail leading from his house to the church, Tom Swain and Fred Cannup had set up a "wildcat still" in plain view of all who traveled the trail. They were openly flaunting the law and corrupting the good name of Choestoe, so Rev. John called on them at their illicit place of business and demanded that they cease their operation. Threats were tossed about as to what would happen if anyone or anything interfered in their business.
A short time later on February 17th 1889, Rev. John Lance preached at Hoods Chapel. He chose as a text, Matthew 25, verses' 1-13, the parable about the virgins. It has been passed down that he preached with a fury like he might have some sort of premonition about the death and he was afraid that he might have much more time to speak out on this evil. He closed with "watch therefore, for ye know neither the day nor the hour when the Son of Man cometh".
On the way home, he passed the home of Tom Swain where a crowd had gathered and were having a drinking party. The crowd started taunting Rev. Lance by saying mockingly "amen, amen, amen". Rev. Lance wasn't intimidated by this drunken crowd and he kept on walking. They became so enraged that some of them took a near cut, went straight over the ridge and hid behind a big fir tree that was adjacent to Wolf Creek. When Rev. Lance came by they brutally assaulted him. His neck was cut almost entirely around and was held on by only small strip of flesh. The wind pipe was completely severed and the rest of his body was covered with a multitude of deep cuts and stabs. He was so mutilated that T.J. Butt, a member of the coroner's jury remarked that he "had never seen such a fiendish attack."
Jim Lance, the second oldest son, lead the posse that hunted down the murderers. Tom Swain's sons, Frank and Newt were arrested for this brutal murder but only Frank was found guilty and he was given a sentence of Life imprisonment. He served thirteen years before he was paroled. Frank Swain went directly to Tolar, Texas, and never dared come back to Union Co., for the rage that consumed Jim Lance had not abated one iota.
This murder indirectly touched every citizen of Union Co., and directly changed the life of the Lance family.
- Charles Hill, Blairsville, Ga. (in THE HERITAGE OF UNION COUNTY, GEORGIA, 1832-1994).

Burial: Old Salem Cemetary, Union Co., Ga
Cause of Death: Beheaded
Occupation: Preacher

Burial: Old Salem Cemetary, Union Co., Ga

Children of JOHN LANCE and SARAH TURNER are:
50. i. FRANCIS LAFAYETTE "FATE"6 LANCE, b. 09 May 1860, , Union Co., Ga; d. 07 Dec 1938, , Union Co., Ga.
ii. NAOMI CAROLINE LANCE, b. Aft. 1857; d. Unknown; m. FRANK B. ALLEN; b. Aft. 1857; d. Unknown.
iii. IDA LEE LANCE, b. Aft. 1857; d. Unknown; m. ELIA ALLEN; b. Aft. 1857; d. Unknown.
iv. LAURA BELLE LANCE, b. Aft. 1857; d. Unknown.
v. NAN ALMEDA LANCE, b. Aft. 1857; d. Unknown; m. WILL COGBURN; b. Aft. 1857; d. Unknown.
vi. KATIE CHLOE LANCE, b. Aft. 1857; d. Unknown; m. JACK PARTIN; b. Aft. 1857; d. Unknown.
vii. EULA MAE LANCE, b. Aft. 1857; d. Unknown; m. BIG JIM BRYAN; b. Aft. 1857; d. Unknown.
viii. HOWARD LANCE, b. Aft. 1857; d. Unknown; m. (1) NANIE ROSE THOMAS; b. Aft. 1857; d. Unknown; m. (2) DESSIE REECE.
51. ix. JAMES WASHINGTON LANCE, b. 31 Jan 1861, , , Ga; d. 02 Sep 1940.
x. JOSEPH LUMPKIN LANCE5, b. 04 Mar 1862, , Union Co., Ga5; d. 18 May 1933, Greeley, Weld Co, Co5; m. LAURA SOUTHER.
xi. MARY C. LANCE5, b. 1859, , Union Co., Ga5; d. Unknown.
xii. ANNIE LEE LANCE5, b. Oct 1886, , Union Co., Ga5; d. , Union Co., Ga; m. (1) ALBERT REECE, 1896; b. 1860, , Union Co., Ga; d. 1900, , Union Co., Ga; m. (2) JOHN COOK5, 19065; b. 18865; d. Unknown.

11. JAMES5 LANCE (REBECCA4 HUNTER, JOHN3, WILLIAM2, SAMUEL1) was born 17 Nov 1836 in , , NC, and died 06 Sep 1905. He married PHOEBE TURNER 15 Jul 1860 in , Union, Ga6. She was born Aft. 1836, and died Unknown.

Burial: N.C. Methodist Cem., Hayesville, NC
Military service: a James LANCE in the Ga. 6th Calvary Volun. "The Blood Mountain Tigers"

Burial: N.C. Methodist Cem., Hayesville, NC

Children of JAMES LANCE and PHOEBE TURNER are:
52. i. SARA ROSE6 LANCE, b. 1862, Blairsville, Union Co., Ga.; d. 1917, Hayesville, Clay Co, NC.
ii. WILLIAM A. LANCE, b. Aft. 1860; d. Unknown.
iii. THOMAS VAN LANCE, b. Aft. 1860; d. Unknown.
iv. CALLIE LANCE, b. Aft. 1860; d. Unknown; m. A LEDFORD.
v. ALONZA LANCE, b. Aft. 1860; d. Unknown.
vi. IVIE LANCE, b. Aft. 1860; d. Unknown; m. A SMITH.

12. SARAH SAPHRONIA5 LANCE (REBECCA4 HUNTER, JOHN3, WILLIAM2, SAMUEL1) was born 27 May 1837 in , , NC, and died 13 May 1901 in , Union, Ga. She married CARLTON JUDSON DUCKWORTH 15 Jun 1862 in , Union, Ga6. He was born 12 Dec 1834, and died 26 Jun 1921 in , Union, Ga.

Burial: Old Salem Cemetary, Union Co., Ga

Burial: Old Salem Cemetary, Union Co., Ga

i. JOHN6 DUCKWORTH, b. Aft. 1862.
53. ii. MARGERET REBECCA DUCKWORTH, b. 16 Oct 1863, , Union Co., Ga; d. 12 Jan 1939, , Union Co., Ga.
iii. LOU DUCKWORTH, b. Aft. 1862; d. Unknown.
iv. JIM DUCKWORTH, b. Aft. 1862.
v. SAM DUCKWORTH, b. Aft. 1862; d. Unknown.
vi. TOM DUCKWORTH, b. Aft. 1862; d. Unknown.
vii. VAN DUCKWORTH, b. Aft. 1862; d. Unknown.
viii. EMORY DUCKWORTH, b. Aft. 1862.

13. HARRIETT5 LANCE (REBECCA4 HUNTER, JOHN3, WILLIAM2, SAMUEL1) was born May 1838 in , , Ga, and died Unknown. She married JOHN FRADY 12 Mar 1857 in , Union, Ga6, son of JAMES FRADY and NANCY MARSHALL. He was born Aug 1833 in , , NC, and died Jul 1906 in , Union, Ga.

Burial: Old Salem Cemetary, Union Co., Ga
Medical Information: Had a stroke - remained paralyzed
Widow: 27 May 1907, Applied for Confederate Widow's pension

Notes for JOHN FRADY:
Served in the Confederate Army Co. G, 6th Calvary

More About JOHN FRADY:
Burial: Old Salem Cemetary, Union Co., Ga
Fact 6: 10 Dec 1897, Applied for CW pension stating multiple medical ailments
Prisoner: Dec 1863, Taken prisoner in Tenn - in prison in Chicago
Residence: Family lived in a small cabin at the foot of Blood Mountain

Children of HARRIETT LANCE and JOHN FRADY are:
54. i. JAMES W.6 FRADY, b. Dec 1857; d. Unknown.
ii. JOHN FRADY, b. Aft. 1857.
55. iii. JOSEPH N. FRADY, b. Aft. 1857.
56. iv. STANHOPE FRADY, b. Aft. 1857.
57. v. MARGARET TALITHA FRADY, b. 1860, , Union, Ga.
58. vi. ANDREW D. FRADY, b. Apr 1864.
59. vii. SALLY L. FRADY, b. Sep 1876.
60. viii. ILA JANE FRADY, b. 26 Jun 1877; d. 18 Sep 1968.
61. ix. CARLTON FRADY, b. 30 Apr 1882; d. 29 Nov 1969.

14. MARGARET5 LANCE (REBECCA4 HUNTER, JOHN3, WILLIAM2, SAMUEL1) was born Abt. 1843 in , , Ga, and died Unknown. She married JONATHAN C. "COOL" HENSON 20 Feb 1870 in , Union, Ga. He was born Bef. 1843, and died Unknown.

Burial: Sweetwater Methodist Cemetary

Burial: Sweetwater Methodist Cemetary

i. THOMAS6 HENSON, b. Aft. 1860; d. Unknown; m. LOUISA LANCE, 16 Dec 1883, , Union, Ga; b. Abt. 1861, , , Ga; d. Unknown.

Census: 1880, Ivy Log Dist., Union Co., Ga. age 19

ii. MARY HENSON, b. Aft. 1860; d. Unknown; m. THOMAS P. OWENBY, 07 Feb 1876, , Union, Ga7.
iii. JAMES M. HENSON, b. Aft. 1860; m. MARY LANCE, 15 Jul 1888, , Union, Ga.
iv. LAURIE HENSON, b. Aft. 1860; m. A CRANE.
v. IDA HENSON, b. Aft. 1860.
vi. DONNIE H. HENSON, b. Aft. 1860; m. A NICHOLS.
vii. LILLIE HENSON, b. Aft. 1860.
viii. WILLIAM HENSON, b. Aft. 1860.

15. EMALINE ELIZA5 LANCE (REBECCA4 HUNTER, JOHN3, WILLIAM2, SAMUEL1) was born 30 Jul 1843 in , , NC, and died 09 Jan 1915. She married JOSEPH WASHINGTON DYER8 15 Nov 1865, son of MICAGER DYER and MONION OWENBY. He was born 09 Mar 1843, and died 15 Aug 1913.

Burial: Pinetop Baptist Church Cem., Union Co., Ga

2/2/1912 - Appointed Postmaster of the Choestoe District, Union County, Ga.
Another source gives his name as Jasper Washingtonl Dyer.

Burial: Pinetop Baptist Church Cem., Union Co., Ga

Children of EMALINE LANCE and JOSEPH DYER are:
62. i. VIRGIL C.6 DYER, b. 1867, , , Ga; d. Unknown.
ii. RUFUS ALEXANDER DYER, b. Aft. 1865; d. Unknown.
63. iii. MCCAGER "BUCK" DYER, b. 09 Apr 1877; d. Unknown.
iv. GEORGE WASHINGTON DYER, b. Aft. 1865; m. CALLIE REID, 08 Aug 1895, , Union, Ga.
v. JOHN FRANKLIN DYER, b. Aft. 1865; d. Unknown; m. DULCENA CRAIG.
vi. THOMAS JEFFERSON DYER, b. Aft. 1865, , , NC; d. 28 Aug 1960; m. FRANKIE TOWNSEND; b. Aft. 1865; d. Unknown.
vii. LAFAYETTE DYER, b. Aft. 1865; d. Unknown.
viii. ANDREW J. DYER, b. 04 Dec 1867; d. 27 Jan 1949, , Union, Ga; m. MARGARET CRAIG, 08 Jan 1893, , Union, Ga; b. 09 Nov 1872; d. 28 Mar 1944, , Union, Ga.

More About ANDREW J. DYER:
Burial: Pinetop Baptist Church Cem., Union Co., Ga

Burial: Pinetop Baptist Church Cem., Union Co., Ga

64. ix. SAMUEL RILEY DYER, b. 04 May 1876; d. 03 Jan 1959, , Union, Ga.

16. WILLIAM ANDREW5 LANCE (REBECCA4 HUNTER, JOHN3, WILLIAM2, SAMUEL1) was born 1848 in , , Ga, and died Unknown. He married ADELINE HENSON 21 Dec 1871 in , Union, Ga9. She was born Abt. 1848, and died Unknown.

Burial: Moss Cemetery, Marble, NC

Burial: Hayesville Methodist Cem, NC

i. ERNEST M.6 LANCE, b. Aft. 1871; d. Unknown.
ii. JOHN LANCE, b. Aft. 1871; d. Unknown.
iii. BILL LANCE, b. Aft. 1871; d. Unknown.
iv. SAM LANCE, b. Aft. 1871; d. Unknown.
v. LEE LANCE, b. Aft. 1871; d. Unknown.
vi. IDA LANCE, b. Aft. 1871; d. Unknown; m. A MOSS; b. Aft. 1863; d. Unknown.
vii. LILLIE LANCE, b. Aft. 1871; d. Unknown; m. A MCTAGGART; b. Aft. 1863; d. Unknown.
viii. FRANK LANCE, b. Aft. 1871; d. Unknown.
ix. HENRY LANCE, b. Aft. 1871; d. Unknown; m. HARRIETT ALLEN, 18 Oct 1896, , Gilmer, Ga10; b. Aft. 1863; d. Unknown.

17. SAMUEL DEBARRIS5 LANCE (REBECCA4 HUNTER, JOHN3, WILLIAM2, SAMUEL1) was born 1851 in , Union Co., Ga, and died 1929 in , , NC. He married (1) TENNESSEE ELIZABETH ANDERSON11, daughter of MORTON ANDERSON. She was born 1852 in , Union Co., Ga11, and died 1890 in Hayesville, Clay Co, NC11. He married (2) MALINDA ELIZABETH DAVENPORT 29 Jan 1891, daughter of DANIEL DAVENPORT and MARY PATTON. She was born 04 Dec 1874 in , , Ga, and died 26 Apr 1959 in Lance Cove, Clay Co, NC.

Samuel had naturally curly hair.
In the Civil War he was wounded in the line of duty. He was holding a stallion during drill and was kicked in the right leg. The wound never entirely healed.
As a young man he traveled to Missouri with his friend and companion, Sid Wright. He staked out a claim for many acres of land, which he never returned to farm.

Samuel Debarris was called "Debarris" by family and friends probably to differentiate him from his father Samuel Riley which was mostly called "Riley.

Debarris was a very young Confederate soldier. He was serving under General Lee at Ringgold Ga. He was holding the horses and was struck in the leg by a large stallion with a wound that never fully healed. He has a confederate gravestone at his grave in Hayesville, NC at the Hayesville United Methodist Cemetery. There is a record that he applied for and got a disability pension in 1925 before he died in 1929 for his service in the Confederate military. His wife Malinda Davenport Lance continued to draw the pension of about twenty-five dollars a month after his death.

In spite of his injury,Debarris lived a very colorful and productive life. He was a tall impressive figure with brown curly hair.

His first marriage was to Tennessee Elizabeth Anderson and they produced a large family of eight to ten children. They began their marriage in Union County, Ga. but moved to Clay County, Hayesville,NC, when it may have still been called Fort Hembree for the fort that was built there to gather up the peaceful local Indians and send them on the tragic "Trail of tears". Debarris and his brother, "Andy" Lance helped built the original courthouse at what is now Hayesville, NC. They did the brick and mortor work on it and liked to tell how they walked the comb of the peak of the roof to celebrate it's completion. "Cap" Anderson had won the bid to build the courthouse and they were working with him.

Sadly, his wife Tennessee died in childbirth, giving life to her son, Charlie.

After Debarris lost his first wife, He married the very young Malinda Elizabeth Davenport. Malinda was staying with a mother that had given birth and needed assistance near Fort Hembree. Debarris then started another family of ten children. Their names in the order of birth were Myrtle, Mimi, Hattie, Walter, Earl, Harve, Glen, Garland, Neal, and Lura.

Burial: N.C. Methodist Cem., Hayesville, NC
Military service: Co. A, a 6th Regiment CSA under Robert E. Lee

Burial: N.C. Methodist Cem., Hayesville, NC

Burial: N.C. Methodist Cem., Hayesville, NC

65. i. CAROLINE DORA6 LANCE, b. Oct 1856; d. Unknown.
ii. WILLIAM ANDREW LANCE11, b. Abt. 1877, , Union Co., Ga; d. 26 Apr 1951, Hayesville, Clay Co, NC11; m. ROSA BELLE11.
iii. SAMUEL HENRY "DOCK" LANCE11, b. 16 Oct 1881, , Union Co., Ga11; d. 15 Sep 1974, Hayesville, Clay Co, NC11.
iv. NORA JOSEPHINE LANCE11, b. 1885, , Union Co., Ga11; d. 11 Oct 1969, Hayesville, Clay Co, NC11; m. EZELL CHANCE11; b. Abt. 1884, , , NC; d. Unknown.

Received: 1930, Brasstown, Clay Co, NC
Residence: 1900, Hayesville, Clay Co, NC

v. EDGAR LEE LANCE, b. Aft. 1865; d. Unknown.
vi. DOANIE LANCE, b. Aft. 1865; d. Unknown.
vii. CHARLES WESLEY LANCE, d. Unknown; m. (1) MAGGIE BELLE CRANE; m. (2) AUGUSTA LEWIS, 09 Nov 1890, , Union, Ga12.
viii. VIRGIL GARLAND LANCE, b. Aft. 1865; d. Unknown.
66. ix. ORA ADELINE LANCE, b. Abt. 1887, , Union Co., Ga; d. 24 May 1965, Sweetwater Community, Clay Co, NC.

x. MYRTLE IVIE LOU6 LANCE13, b. Abt. 1893, Lance Cove, Clay Co, NC13; d. Unknown, , Clay Co, NC13; m. DAVID FRANK WILLIS13; b. 1884, Flag Pond, Unicoi Co, Tn13; d. Unknown, , Clay Co, NC.
67. xi. HATTIE MAE BELLE LANCE, b. 09 Jan 1898, Hayesville, Clay Co, NC; d. 09 May 1988, , Cherokee Co, NC.
68. xii. EARLIE COLEMAN LANCE, b. 14 Aug 1901, , , NC; d. 30 Apr 1994, , Cherokee Co, NC.
69. xiii. HARVEY DILLARD LANCE, b. 21 Mar 1904, Lance Cove, Clay Co, NC; d. 02 Dec 1982, Lance Cove, Clay Co, NC.
70. xiv. ROBERT GLEN LANCE, b. 08 Sep 1906, Sweetwater Community, Clay Co, NC; d. 25 Aug 1969, , Cherokee Co, NC.
xv. WOODROW NEAL LANCE, b. 28 Aug 1912, Hayesville, Clay Co, NC; d. 11 Jan 1990, , Cherokee Co, NC.
xvi. LURA GENEVA LANCE, b. 14 Apr 1915; d. 21 Feb 1997, Dahlonega, Lumpkin Co, Ga; m. FRANK MCCRAY.
xvii. MIMI GEORGE ANN LANCE13, b. 1896, , Clay Co, NC13; d. 1897, , Clay Co, NC13.
xviii. WALTER BRYAN LANCE13, b. Aft. 1891, Sweet Water Community, Clay Co, NC13; d. Unknown, Hayesville, Clay Co, NC13.

18. MARY V.5 LANCE (REBECCA4 HUNTER, JOHN3, WILLIAM2, SAMUEL1) was born 1854 in , Union Co., Ga, and died Unknown. She married THOMAS M. LOGAN 21 Aug 1870 in , Union, Ga14, son of DRURY LOGAN and MARY ADDINGTON. He was born 13 May 1848 in , Union Co., Ga, and died 13 Nov 1912.

More About MARY V. LANCE:
Burial: Sweetwater Methodist Cemetary

Burial: Sweetwater Methodist Cemetary

Children of MARY LANCE and THOMAS LOGAN are:
i. CHARLES W.6 LOGAN15, b. 04 Jul 1874, , , Ga15; d. 10 Apr 1933, Hayesville, Clay Co, NC; m. DORA15; b. Abt. 1882, , Clay Co, NC; d. Unknown.
ii. POLLY LOGAN, b. Aft. 1866; d. Unknown; m. A MEASE; b. Aft. 1866; d. Unknown.
71. iii. MARY RACHIAL "POLLY ANN" LOGAN, b. 1877, Hayesville, Clay Co, NC; d. 20 Jun 1960, Hayesville, Clay Co, NC.

19. MARTHA JANE5 HUNTER (WILLIAM JOHNSON4, JOHN3, WILLIAM2, SAMUEL1) was born 28 Sep 1840 in , , Ga, and died 18 Mar 1920 in , Union, Ga. She married IVAN KENSISEY COLLINS 22 Sep 1856 in , Union, Ga, son of THOMPSON COLLINS and CELIA SELF. He was born 19 Apr 1835 in , Union, Ga, and died 15 Nov 1901.

as a child shucked corn for father's still.

Burial: Old Choestoe Cem., Union Co., Ga

Burial: Old Choestoe Cem., Union Co., Ga
Medical Information: Deaf due to chilhood fever

i. MARY GEORGIANNE6 COLLINS16, b. 05 Sep 1857; d. Unknown; m. JOHN C. SULLIVAN, 09 Jan 1876; b. Abt. 1857; d. Unknown.
72. ii. WILLIAM THOMPSON "BILL" COLLINS, b. 19 Dec 1859, , Union, Ga; d. 08 Nov 1939, , Union, Ga.
iii. SUSAN ELIZABETH COLLINS, b. 06 Jan 1862; d. 22 Aug 1949; m. WILLIAM WASHINGTON SPIVA16, 29 Jan 1885, , Union, Ga; b. 28 Apr 1857; d. 29 May 1931, , Union, Ga.

Burial: Choestoe Cem #2, Union Co., Ga

Burial: Choestoe Cem #2, Union Co., Ga

iv. CLARRISSA C. COLLINS, b. 04 Apr 1864; d. Unknown; m. JAMES SWAIN; b. Abt. 1864; d. Unknown.
v. JOHN F. COLLINS, b. 24 Feb 1866, , , Ga; d. Unknown.
73. vi. JAMES JOHNSON "JIM" COLLINS, b. 10 May 1868, Choestoe Dist., Union, Ga; d. 07 Jan 1967, , Union, Ga.
vii. JOSEPH NEWTON COLLINS16, b. 17 Apr 1869; d. 13 Jul 1961; m. SARAH MELISSA HIX, 01 Jun 1890, , Union, Ga; b. 16 Sep 1875; d. Oct 1960.
viii. VIRGIL JEP COLLINS, b. 23 Mar 1873, , , Ga; d. Aft. 1909.
ix. NANCY MARGARET COLLINS, b. 11 Sep 1873; d. Unknown.
x. JUAN CARLTON COLLINS17, b. 01 Aug 1878; d. 28 Oct 1979, , Union, Ga; m. (1) NANCY L. TURNER18; b. 1878; d. 1904; m. (2) CALLIE DYER18, 14 Sep 1908; b. 1882; d. 1946.

Burial: Choestoe Old Cem., Union Co., Ga
Lived: 100 years.

Burial: Choestoe Cemetary Old, Union Co., Ga
Lived: about 26 years.
Occupation: 19

Burial: Choestoe Cemetary Old, Union Co., Ga

74. xi. CALLIE COLLINS, b. 05 Jun 1882, , Union, Ga; d. 18 May 1946, , Union, Ga.
75. xii. ALLEN CANDLER COLLINS, b. 17 Jun 1882; d. Sep 1968.
xiii. C. SARAH 'SALLIE' COLLINS, b. 08 Oct 1884; d. 1972; m. JOHN M. TWIGGS, 01 Mar 1908; b. 1881; d. 1917.

Burial: Choestoe Cemetary Old, Union Co., Ga

More About JOHN M. TWIGGS:
Burial: Choestoe Cemetary Old, Union Co., Ga