Thursday, June 30, 2022

Moving Art, High Museum, Atlanta

Proof that the fantastic art you see on the walls of the High Art Museum don't just get there magically for you to Oooo and Ahhh over. They need human assistance.

Wednesday, June 29, 2022

2nd Cousin Nancy

Nancy Ann Brown Garner. Nancy is my 2nd cousin. This picture was taken in 2015 at her uncle Billy Tyson's funeral. Ann married Gary Garner and they had eight children. Ann is the daughter of Jim Milton Brown and Regina Ann Tyson. Regina Ann and Billy Tyson are siblings. Their father is William Obediah "Will" Tyson. Uncle Will and my grandmother Minnie Tyson are siblings (I know they are dead, and it seems "were" would be more appropriate, but since they will always have the same relation throughout eternity I use present tense. I have been asked several times what is the difference in 2nd cousins and first cousin once removed is -maybe this real-life illustration will help. Ann Tyson Brown is the daughter of Will Tyson and my father is the son of Minnie Tyson Hunter, so Ann and Daddy are first cousins. I am first cousin, once removed cousins to Ann Tyson Brown. Ann's daughter Nancy Ann Brown and I are the same levels down the tree, so, we are second cousins.

Seeing Cousins, 7 Years Ago

I went to the funeral of my first cousin, once removed, Billy Tyson yesterday. Many people knew Billy and his garage and body shop on Hwy 92 at the Wade Green Road intersection. Billy's father, Will Tyson is a brother to my grandmother Minnie Tyson Hunter. Also, when I mention I am a Tyson relative (my middle name) a lot of people ask me if I am related to Donald Tyson. Yes, also first cousin, once removed. His father Ed, is my grandmother Minnie's other brother. Donald is still into car racing and restoring cars. He was a house builder and then became a real estate salesman... but he told me he gave that up because he lost his hearing. I guess you need to talk and listen a lot to sale real estate. He is in some kind of hall of fame for restoring a certain type car. Here is a picture of Donald Tyson and his two sons.

Tuesday, June 28, 2022

Elijah W. Petty

Elijah W. Petty (1858-1927). Elijah is first cousin, twice removed, to me and my Petty first cousins. He is the son of William D. Petty (1834-1917) and Jane "Lizzie" Harris Petty(1841-1899). William is brother to our great grandfather Daniel Webster Petty (1843-1913). Brothers William and Daniel Petty were born in North Carolina, spent their formative years and married in Fannin County, Georgia. They both fought for the CSA in the Civil War. Years after the war they both moved on the other side of Fort Mountain, in Murray County, Georgia. Back to Elijah W. Petty: Elijah secondly married Annie E. (1872-1927). and they had one daughter, Lee Petty . He first married Eliza Jane "Lizzie" Lackey (1858-1899). They apparently had one son: Edward Harlan Petty. Interesting Elijah's first wife was nicknamed "Lizzie" and his mother was also nicknamed "Lizzie". There were two Lizzie Pettys in the hills of Murray County, Georgia.

Monday, June 27, 2022

Interesting Happening on Blackjack Mountain

Note: This picture of Blackjack Mountain was taken from the roof of Kennesrtone Hospital Parking Deck Black Jack Mountain is no more than two miles east of Marietta. When I was about 13 our family moved from Manget Street to Richard Street. Our new house on Richard Street was one block from the US 41 Highway, a.k.a. Dixie Highway. Across the highway was a big patch of woods. This was before the I-75 came through Marietta. . Where Richard Street intersected the 4-Lane was almost at the bottom of a hill, both ways. About 1959 or 60 Larry Holcomb bought a black 1955 Chevrolet from Bobby McEntyre.. After Larry bought it, he drove by to give me a ride in it. Afterwards we went to Varner’s Drive-In. Then Larry carried me home. He was on the 4-Lane, stopped to wait for a southbound vehicle to go by then he was to turn left onto Richard Street. The vehicle hurried by and he turned his steering wheel left… the Chevvy was dead. Ir would not start. We put it in nutural but it was slightly uphill, we could not bulge it. Then behind us, up at the top of the hill coming towards us was a 18 wheeler big truck. We put extra strength intro our muscle to move the Chevvy and it still would not move. The truck was getting closer, making a loud noise and almost on us. Larry jumped away. Me, the idiot, jumped inside the driver’s seat and put my foot on the brake petal. The driver of the 18 wheeler saw the tail lights and slammed on his brakes making a terrible screeching noises and metal clanging noises.. He missed us and almost swerving which almost caused him to turn over. But he kept on going leaving a cloud of burned rubber and middle lane dust. That is all I remember about that time. Speaking of wrecks on the 4 Lane that cost lives. About 1958 or 59 on Christmas Eve a car full of MHS students had a wreck at Barnes Mill Road and the 4 Lane. All but one or two were killed. I knew most of them. Speaking of death on Barnes Mill Road. Marietta’s Potters Grave yard was on Barnes Mill Road. My blind old friend Charlie that lived behind Glover Machinery was buried there. But to make room for the new I-75 the Potters Cemetery had to go. I don’t know what happened to Old Blind Charlie’s body. On the other side of the woods from where Richard Street was a rock quarry and a lake with houses around. The woods were where WHITE WATER AMUSEMENT PARK would be built many years later But in the meantime we used the acreage of woods as our own private amusement park. We had rabbit traps, which caught mostly opposums. I remember my friend Sam Carsley walked over to our hose one day. He had a can of compressed shaving cream. I forgot if he brought his gun or used my .22, but we went to the woods (future Whiewater) and made a target of the shaving cream. When one of it hit and penetrated the can the sudden release of pressure made the can go airborne and spinned like crazy, Just what Sam thought. Sam was a Georgia Tech student. A block away from us on Richard Street was the Boston Home. School friends that lived in the Boston Homes, Gene Brown, Milton, Martin, me, and a guy with the last name Lawson dragged some lumber to those woods where Whitewater would be and built a little shabby cabin. Mind you, we were preteens. One of us brought girly magazines. They were not totally nude, but near. Skimpy would best described their attair. One kid that came along one time was totally taken back with the girly magazines. We all noticed he tilted each picture in the magazine sideways to see if he could see down the models’ bras. We cracked up and it embarrassed him. Another time, James from my old neighborhood on Manget Street came with camping gear. He wanted to camp out at the Rock Quarry on the edge of a cliff. We did. It wasn’t nearly as adventurous as he had hoped for. Down by the lake years later the city built a small park for kids. Maybe with swings, see-saws, sandbox and whatever else for young kids to play. Years later after I had grown up and in the work force I remember hearing on the news that a man was hung high up in a tree overlooking the little park. He was lynched. The man was from another country. Wallace Road separated the park, lake, and the woods on one side and on the other was the incline steepness of Blackjack Mountain which Barns Mill Road went straight up without curving around. Almost at the top of Blackjack Mountain was a huge water tank that served Marietta. On the road, after you past the water tank and go over the hill there was a little dirt driveway that led to a farm. In front of the farm was a lake with a dock. We took our clothes off and went swimming. The first time we did that the owner materialized to talk to us. He told us he did not mind us swimming in his lake, but he wanted us to ask permission each time. He had a Lockheed badge on his belt, which of course, meant he worked at Lockheed. We did asked for permission for a while. As one enters his driveway off Barnes Mill Road on the right there was a pig pen with several pigs in it. Sometimes we would pet the pigs with a stick and talk to them. I remember one time jokingly asking the pigs for permission to swim in the lake. Our lime visiting the lake I forgot if it was Buddy Sharp or Jimmy Pat. When we stopped to talk to the pigs either Buddy or Jimmy Pat poked a pig with a stick. I think they poked the pig in her uterus. She started squealing, either in pain or ecstasy . Then she sat on the stick and it broke off inside her. She squealed louder and maybe happier. We thought we might get into trouble if we stayed. We did not go back. Years later I read that female pigs have many climaxes on in rapid sequence. Maybe that was it. Years later, going down Barnes Mill Road on the other side, about the distance of a city block an apartment complex my youngest son lived at for a while.

Sunday, June 26, 2022


Remember PLASIC MAN Comics? Art by Russ Heath and story by editor Harvey Kurtzman.

Saturday, June 25, 2022

Don, the Sailor Man! Toot Toot!

In the Navy, as I have mentioned before, I worked in the I & E Office, which was the Information and Education Office. It was a smally staffed office. Me, my friend Don, a higher enlisted man, usually a 1st or 2nd class, and the division officer. The Squadron Commanding Officer was an outgoing friendly, positive guy. I think his first name was Andew, we called him Andy (behind his back). Andy liked to regularly visit all the divisions and make small talk. Whenever Andy entered a work area who ever saw him first should shout “Attention on Deck!” and everybody snap-to. But Andy would quickly say something meaning “Lets not be so formal!” After making small talk with us underlings Andy would toss his hat on the Navy gray metallic hat rack and go in the division officer’s office and shoot the shit with him, making sure he would bellow out a good ole’boy horse laugh from time to time, for our benefit. Unbeknownst to Andy or anybody else but me, Don would slip over to the hat rack and put on Andy’s gold braided officer’s hat. He was daring sometimes. I guess he had good timing or maybe good hearing, when he heard a pause and the sound of the men scooting their chairs to get up, Don would quickly put the hat back and jump to his desk typing. It was not the only time Don played Naval Officer. We were close to Seaside Heights Beach. One time we met a group of New York schoolteacher ladies who just bought a close to the ocean cabin. Don introduced himself as a Navy Officer helicopter pilot. Which was pretty impressive to them. And as time went on one time they introduce us to a man they invited over who said he was also a helicopter. He came and he really was.. In our squadron at that. He had a good sense of humor and went along with Don’s scam. Anyway, going through some old pictures I came across this picture. After the Navy Don went back to work at his old job at the Chicago Tribune. He told people he was a writer and he was, he just did not tell them what department he was a writer in. It was the Want Ad Department. He also returned to college and in the long run became a professor. Also, he went back to the Naval Reserves, and now being a professor, he easily got commissioned as an Naval Officer. So, he got to be what he pretended to be many times. I wonder as a real Naval Officer when he put his hat down some young swabby snatched his hat and put it on and did a dance behind his back?

Friday, June 24, 2022

Dr Alfred Charles Hunter

Alfred Charles Hunter (1891-1973) is the son of Charles Jefferson and Letha Victoria Dobbs Hunter. Alfred was the only son of seven children of both Charles' marriages. This is a picture of him at Atlanta Medical School, which became Emory. He studied to be a dentist. After he got his degree he moved to Texas where he practiced dentistry in the Kerrville, Texas area, where he died. He married Mamie "May"Akridge (1892-1933). Mary died in Antonio , Texas. They had one son, he also became a dentist: Dr. Akridge Charles Hunter (1917-1997). He married Helen Crane (1920-2003). For several years they attended the Hunter Reunion in Marietta. He died in Houston and she died in Richmond, Virginia. They had three daughters.

Thursday, June 23, 2022


I am unsure which name suits the picture. My father-in-law's chicken coop. I took this photo about 1976.

Wednesday, June 22, 2022

What Bomb?

Yesterday or today on Facebook (I have a short memory span) somebody had a picture of a scene in the 1964 DOCTOR STRANGELOVE OR HOW I LEARNED RO SROP WORRYING ABOUT THE BOMB. Reuben, a Navy friend shot me a note saying remember this? Reuben also wondered if we saw it at the base theater at NAS LAKEURST, NJ, or in the theater in Lakewood, NJ? I think we saw at the base theater and I was surprised it was shown there because the movie was so critical of the military. It was good. It was written and directed by Stanley Kubrick. It Peter Sellers, George C. Scott, Sterling Hayden, and Slim Pickens.. Peter Sellers plays sever characters in the movie. One of the characters he played is Dr. Strangelove. Dr. Strangelove had a mechanical hand that had its own mind. If it got mad at Dr. Strangelove he might squeeze his balls or grab his neck and choke him. And you cannot find a better general with a perfect southern accent and a hatred of “commies” better than Slim Pickens In our office on the base we imitated the characters in that movie for weeks, maybe months. Doctor Strangelove was the character mostly copied by us.


I told Anna, my wife, this morning that I had a hard time getting to sleep last night. It seemed that I itched wherever I had body hair. She found some medicated powder in our medical supplies and suggested for me to try it. I will. And if that doesn’t work I might get a flea collar.

Rags to Rags

In doing a little family research this morning I came across an article about a near relative Richard England who owned a gold mine in Helen. Two of his children married my ancestor John Hunter's children. He owned the property that became the England Gold Mining site which is now in Helen, Ga. Richard sold the in 1831 making a huge sum of money. He bought more land and farmed. He died in 1835 and was buried in the England Cemetery in Helen,. from the book THE HERITAGE OF UNION COUNTY GEORGIA, 1832-1994.p 144, by Lillian Gibson, Hayesville, NC.

Monday, June 20, 2022


HAPPY FATHERS' DAY to Male Sea Horses!

If you happen to see a male seahorse while out gallivanting today or tomorrow, pause for a moment and wish him a Happy Father's Day. As we know, most male animals once they give birth they got what they were after so they are "outta there!" some better or get eaten by their copulation mate. But the male seahorse stays around. As a matter of fact, the male seahorse is the one that gets pregnant. He carries his young until they are born. Scientists have no idea why.

MY OCTOPUS TEACHER, Praise for the Octopus

We watched on cable MY OCTOPUS TEACHER. We were very impressed with the intelligence of octopuses or is it “octopi”? They might be even more intelligent than us humans. Or is it “we humans”. The movie is a documentary. It studies on solitary octopus. It seems that that sea creature prefers being alone. They can hunt better that way. You know, survival. But when a suitor comes along and after a little romance she is impregnate with thousands upon thousands of eggs. Only a handful are expected to survive. What impressed me, sometimes the octopus being studied, probably out of boredom would jump in the middle of a school of fish and watch them uniformly “scat” in order. She wasn’t Hungary or anything, just wanted a little fun, like bullying. And she was well aware of the human filming her and would sometimes want to hold hands with him, or be petted. I was hoping the film would tell about an Octopus’s Garden but it didn’t. Copied and pasted from Wikipedia: My Octopus Teacher is a 2020 Netflix Original documentary film directed by Pippa Ehrlich and James Reed, which documents a year spent by filmmaker Craig ... Production company: Netflix Cinematography: Roger Horrocks Country: South Africa

Elijah Petty's Daughters

Elijah Petty (1806-1881) These are the daughters of Elijah Petty (1806-1881). Elijah is my g-g- grandfather. He was born in Surry County, North Carolina, his parents were the early pioneers there. His first wife Letty Lewis had five kids: three sons and two daughters. They moved to Fannin County, Georgia, and Letty died. After Letty died Elijah married Sarah Parker. They had seven children, one son and six daughters. The women in the picture are probably sisters and half-sisters. I found the Elijah Petty Family Cemetery about half-way between Morganton and Suches, Georgia. It is in the woods about a hundred feet from the road, I would have never found it, but by coincidence I was talking to man in Morganton retired from the Air Force who was a school bus driver. His last name was Petty. But if we are related it is not close, he is from the north. Somebody told him of the Petty Cemetery on his school bus route. He took me there. The solitary grave stone is Elijah Petty's

Sunday, June 19, 2022

"We Have All Been There!" or "Idiot!"

I was driving north on Bryant Lane when I saw a car, about three driveways up, backed out of a driveway. Something looked odd, or different. Then I realized he turned too sharply into the street, running over his mailbox. Then he straightened out and begin to drive forward. I saw he was dragging the flattened mailbox and its stand, leaving a trail of dirt clods, a metal rod, and whatever else. The box lost it holt on the underneath the car and fell to the pavement. The driver probably saw his mailbox on the street and turned around in someone’s diveway. A car coming towards me had to go around some parts and clods, so I had to stop until he got by. Then the car that backed over the mailbox came towards me. It was sunny and a heavy dark shade was in the car that I could not see his or her facial expression as we passed. But I think he could see mine. Should I look at him like I was disgusted with him? Or look at him like I was trying to hold back a giggle? I decided to look in his direction and politely nodded, like “We have all been there.”

SUNDAY FUNNIES!! PANIC Comicbook, (sister to MAD) House Hunting

House hunting seems to be be everybody's mind thses day, or House sellling. Art by Jack Davis.


Saturday, June 18, 2022

Edgar Bell Foster & Goat

The kid in both pictures is Anna's mother Marie's first cousin Charles Loy Foster (1909-1964). By kid, I don't mean the goat. His parents are Edgar Bell Foster (1884-1932) (Marie's father 's brother) and Sophie Lackie (1886-1965). They lived in the Roswell - Crabapple area.

Friday, June 17, 2022


SPEAKING OF "FLY OVERS": In the Navy I was in HU-4 (Helicopter Utility Squadron 4). The squadron had about 300 men. It supplied air service to non-aviation ships. The pilots of the squadron, when not detailed to a cruise had to practice their flying skills almost daily. I think each had to log in something like 50 hours flight of flight training a month. HU-4 was at NAS Lakehurst, NJ. Lakehurst was about 14 miles from the Atlantic and I think about 40 miles from Atlantic City. Also, Cape May was close enough. Cape May had then a nudist colony, I do not know if it is still there or not. Our division officer told us he often flew over the nudist colony on his logging.... "Fly Overs". The picture is me in one of he Squadron's Bell Helicopters pretending I'm having a "fly Over'.

Thursday, June 16, 2022

Marietta, Ga 1959, Street Level and below Street Level

Well, almost "Street Level" It was probably taken from the top side of The Strand Theater Marquee. Which reminds me, halfway around the Square, there was a bar and restaurant called Hemingway's. They changed their name. Before they changed their name the rest rooms were downstair, off the pool tables room. The pool room had a window to the outside. You are looking out a window at basemenr height. On the side, you can see the different levels of the history of Marietta. Different levels of dirt, bricks, gravel, red mud, and so on.

Roanoke, NC, The Missing Colony. We found It!

few years ago we went to North Carolina, among things we were looking for was Roanoke, the Lost Colony. Roanoke was settled in 1587 by 115 English settlers. A few months later some returned to England for supplies. When they got to England the mother country was at war and needed every ship it could get. Which delayed them returning to Roanoke for a few years. When they finally returned there were no colonists. To put it plainly, who knows what happen to them, there are only theories. But, we found the Roanoke Colony, with the help of maps and signs, in Dare County, just like the map says - Who said it is "lost"?

Wednesday, June 15, 2022

The Return of Wild Man

Left to right: Dent “Wildman” Myers, “Bluto” Peck, an the late Underground Cartoonist Skip Williamson. I took this picture in November 2001, about a week or two after 9/11 It is fairly well known that Dent Mayer’s Wildman Store specialized and delt in “Old South” Lore, which had a lot of racial material. Months ago Dent Myers died and the community thought so did Wildman’s store in Kennesaw. On the news tonight thy announced it was back in operation. The lady that has a shop next door to Wildman’s is not happy at all, she is moving. I remember Dent took his Civil War relics very seriously. He was also considered very well educated on the Civil War, troop movements, and so on.

Did Vince Pull a Fast One?

The other day while filing I came across this newspaper clipping in the Marietta Daily Journal. The obituary does not tell the interesting story involved - here is a copy of a blog I put on Chicken-fat June the 27, 2006: Oh Vince, Where Art Thou? Vince Desantes was born July 16, 1941. I don’t know if he was born in Boston, but that is where he said he was from. Why would I remember the date he was born? Because I was born on that date also. Vince came to work for the Postal Service in about 1985 or 1986. He was a Marine retiree – although the you don’t really retire from the Marines, the Marines is a state of mind, so they say. He was a slim person appearing not to have an ounce of fat on him, dark tanned looking skin, and naturally bald as a pealed onion. You might think he had an inflated ego until you realized he spent a career in the Marines. Vince came off as the type of person not to take shit off anyone. But if you studied him closely you will see he would not take shit off peons the same entry level he was. He was forever striking up conversations with people of authority and trying to get on their level. Vince tried buying a new house. He was turned down. That made we wonder just what kind of past did he have, -during an economic blow-up that just about anybody who wanted to buy a house was approved. Sometime during our work time in the same building I remember he was wooing his aunt in Boston. Somehow he managed to get her in a nursing home and got to be power of attorney which he had her locked away with the keys thrown away and he bought him a new big red sports car with money he suddenly came into. Joe, a deaf co-worker, claimed Vince was gay. Maybe Joe wasn’t persuaded by Vince’s gruff voice, he may have had an extra sense perception to see things nobody else could, not that it should matter anyway. After work Vince hung out at Rocco's Pub and was on their chili-cook-off team every year. They were considered very good, they won several first prizes at various cook-offs in Texas and Stone Mountain, Ga. The first chance Vince bid on a window clerk’s job and got it. A few years later I decided to give the window service a try, I have just about done everything else, so I too went to work on the window. I didn’t like it at all. It was too much kiss-ass to the customers. Which is the way it probably should be, to be very courteous – but just not my style. Vince was very good at kissing the customers’ asses. And after watching him I figured out he knew which asses to kiss. He loved to rub elbows with the elite. If a county commissioner or any elected official came in he would manipulate the line so they would end up at his station. He was a master of it. If the VIP was close to the head of the line he would slap up his little sign that said he “This Window Is Closed” for a few moments and fiddle with his stamp stock or something. Then when the VIP made it to the head of the line he would quickly jerk away the sign and tell them jokingly (by first name) to “come on down”, as in The Price Is Right. Then he would encourage them to get into buddy – buddy talks. The reason I know Vince’s birth date is one time before the window opened one window clerk was busy putting out balloons, birthday looking decorations, and a birthday cake around the corner, just outside of the customer’s view. She said it was Vince’s birthday. This is a woman who prides herself on how efficient she is. When she told her it was my birthday too. The smile didn’t leave her face, but it did freeze. Even though my birthday was ignored I enjoyed the cake with “HAPPY BIRTHDAY VINCE!” as much as anybody, and went back for seconds. After a couple of years I got fed work with window work and went back to the distribution area where I could lose myself in my music with my ear phones on. Joe the deaf clerk asked me in his own way did Vince flirt with the men customers. I told him not that I noticed, only the affluent ones. Sometime during this time Vince grabbed a male co-workers ass and the guy threatened to flatten him, then the word was out. Also during this time Vince’s aunt died and he bought a new house. One of the first thing he did after the estate was settled was go out and get him a nice young boy. He adopted a 14 year old boy orphan. The boy was a street wise kid that was always in trouble with the law and school. Do you know those business reply envelopes? I think in the postage area are some bars, a permit number imprinted and a statement that says “no postage necessary”. Well, somebody has to pay the postage. A quick 101 course on business reply envelopes. The company that would make those available to mostly potential customers would have to come in the post office and set up an account and put down a sizable deposit in the account. Then, as the envelopes come in a postal clerk would total the amount of postage each day and deduct it from the running total of the deposit the company ran in. When the company’s deposit started running low they would be notified and they would put more money in it – or not. This has nothing Vince, but something that happened once that I thought was funny. Marietta is the home office of a famous fast food company. This fast food company in their restaurants had comment cards, so you could complement them or complain about your service. Many restaurants have that. A group of people, probably knew each other, in Florida, started sending in these business reply comment cards with cartoons on them. While they had their meal they would doodle on the comment cards and drop it in a mailbox. For a while it shifted from doodles to nude anatomy then it graduated to fornicating and sodomy cartoons. The restaurant chain had to pay postage on each of those – which they were coming in by the shovels full at its peak. Maybe it was/were a disgruntled employee or employees – with a warped sense of humor. Back to my story: Normally, at where I worked Tony handled the business replies on weekdays. Tony was off on weekends, so Vince was Tony’s relief – he did his job on Saturdays. What I didn’t know until it was over was that Vince was stealing money out of the various business reply accounts. He stole thousands. The Postal Inspectors came to Tony and they had a plan to set up a trap for Vince. I don’t know the details, but it worked. Vince bit the bait. The following Saturday it was secretly known that Vince was going to be arrested and Tony would come on his off-day and do the job as they carry Vince away in handcuffs. Saturday morning came and Vince did not show up. He didn’t call in. Tony was there so he did fill in on his own job. Later that morning it was the Acworth Police found Vince’s car in a lakeside park. Inside was a man holding Rosary beads with one hand and a handgun with the other hand. His brains were blown out. His adoped step-son insisted on seeing the body and identified him. The body was cremated quickly with no services. The boy wanted to know when could he get his hands on the sports car and how old did he have to be before he could sell the house. We talked about this at work – some things did not add up. Tony had an old friend that had authority in the City Government of Acworth and he checked around. It even raised more questions: According to the autopsy Vince’s body weighed about 250 pounds. Vince was skinny as a rail, probably weighing under 150. According to the autopsy Vince’s body had tattoos on the arm and neck. The real Vince had not visible tattoos with his shirt on. According to the autopsy there were several needle marks on the arms – Vince wore short sleeves and no one recalls seeing needle marks. But his loving adopted son identified the body as Vince Desantes. About the same time Vince was suppose to be at work that day, 6am, he withdrew the maximum he could from an ATM machine. Why would someone withdraw money and kill themselves the same hour? And if so, what did he spend it on? He only had a few dollars in his wallet – along with his drivers license. We think it is possible that Vince picked up a wayward type of man, and blew him away, maybe in more ways than one. To make things more interesting, to put a little spice in the pot, so to speak, Vince had a will leaving everything to his adopted son, but as executor he named the person he coped a “feel” from the guy threatened to flatten him. I often think I see Vince in a crowd, but each time after getting closer I see it is not him. If he is still alive I think he is probably far far away.

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Monday, June 13, 2022

Mail Bounced Around

We just voted by absenteeism, by mail. I shutter to think about another time I voted by mail 30 or years ago I worked at the Sprayberry Post Office in Marietta. About a week before the election I mail my ballot in. About two weeks after the deadline I received my ballot back, “Return to Sender – Received After Deadline.” Well shoot! Its destination was downtown Marietta. About 7 miles from where I mailed it. I’m sure it was in the manual processing. The mail coming from other branches in Marietta are sometimes a pain and the butt to work. It is usually “Nixie” type mail, hard to comprehend the address, so a letter is passed around to various branches, like “Any guesses??” I think my ballot ended up in in the tray that was worded without saying, “Any Guesses? So, it and its peers were put off and put off.

Tower Road and Tower Road

If I remember my Postal stuff of over 20 years ago this is Atherton Place, 111 Tower Road, Marietta., Ga., one block from the hospital. It is a retirement home for the elderly. About 30 or so years ago a resident of Atherton Place was having a heart attack. 911 was called. An ambulance was sent to Tower Road, the wrong Tower. There was another Tower Road off Pete Shaw Road. The resident having that had the heart attack died. The Tower Road near Pete Shaw Road name was changed to Indian Town Road. Speaking of Pete Shaw Road at Tower/Indian Town Road within 200 feet is a creek at the bottom of two hills on Pete Shaw Road. One morning, Sunday, I think, a man was walking his dog, when he saw the body of a young lady. The late young lady is/was a close relative of a coworker.

Saturday, June 11, 2022

SUNDAY FUNNIES!! EC Comics'' ACES HIGH's The Flying Tigers. Hey! One is my distant cousin

The first section tells how a Flying Tiger pilot is related to us Tysons of Cobb and Cheokee County, Georgia, so here is a reprint out of
This s the Year of the Year of the Tiger, according to Chinese beliefs. I was just toying with the this is the Year of the Tiger when I thought of the Flying Tigers in WWII. I always thought of the independent flying force THE BLACKHAWKS in the comicbooks. They were eccentric and comical bunch until they were needed to whip some asses at some International crisis then they get orderly and systematically. I thought of the Flying Tigers were like that. Heroes of the sky. One of my distant Tyson relatives Orlando W. Wood was a Flying Tiger pilot. We and my Hunter first cousins are descended from Eugene F. Tyson. In my quick mini Google research I saw that the Flying Tigers caused havoc in China. The second part is copied and pasted from originally an EC comic ACES HIGH, which I copied and pasted and already published on, so here we go again: Just a week or so ago I said one of my Tyson relatives, Col Orlando Waller Wood was in the famous FLYING TIGERS. flying unit in World War II. Then, while flipping through EC Comics ACES HIGH I came across a story about the FLYING TIGERS illustrated by Wally Wood. It was published in the 1950s. Here it is: Cover by George Evans Story Art by Wallace Wood click on each page to enlarge it to read the balloons and see what is going on.

Odella Wrigfh

Odella "Della" Wright (aft 1876 - ? ). She is the daughter of Isaac Wright (1834-1920) and Loveuia Adeline St. John (1835-1895). All three, among many others in the Wright Family are buried in Enon Cemetery, in Woodstock. The Wrights are on Anna's father's mother of the family. Isaac and Loveuia are Anna's great great grandparents. Della never married and died in her early 20s with cancer.