Tuesday, June 30, 2020

Sarah Moody Tyson (1815-1895)

About a year ago we were at Conn's Creek Baptist Church Cemetery, in Ball Ground, Ga., Sarah Moody's old stomping grounds, pull it up out of the archives, just for breath of fresh air. And to spruce up the editing of it:
This tin-type is my great-great grandmother Sarah C. Moody Tyson (1815-1895). She was born in South Carolina and died in Cherokee County, Georgia. She was the second of ten children of Allen Nancy Murphy Moody. I think she spent her formative years in Ball Ground, Cherokee County, Ga.
She married Robert Cabel Tyson (1821-1864) on September 3, 1843, and they had eight children.
She looks like she may have been Indian.
Ball Ground was named Ball Ground because it was where the Indians met to played ball. Now it is a place to go unique restaurants and go antiquing.

Monday, June 29, 2020

Taylor Phillips, Me, and Howard Hughes

A couple weeks ago in the Marietta Journal’s COBB LIFE Magazine the last section are photos of people that attended the VININGS BANK barbecue for its customers.
One of the pictures was an old postal co-worker Taylor Philips. Taylor was identified as saying he played for the Milwaukee Braves when they won he Series in 1957.
That is him! I have not seen Taylor since about 1981. He transferred to the Power Springs Post Office and I transferred to the Marietta Post Office about then.

Taylor, the late Chuck Watson, probably the late Dilworth, and I worked on the midnight shift in the time keeper’s office, a.k.a. PSDS office at the Post Office, in the Federal Annex on Spring and Forsyth Streets. In the center of Atlanta.

Taylor did not talk much about his time with the Braves, except that he had to go the Braves Spring Training every year to pitch to batters (it was in his retirement contract).
I think what stands out in my memory of my time with Taylor Phillips was the time he gave us a piece of furniture he and his wife wrtr throwing away. I took it off their hands. I think they lived in Hiram then. Also that we had an ongoing plot to get some of Howard Hughes money by writing him a very touching letter. We planned, but we were all talk. 

Sunday, June 28, 2020


Not to be confused with Donald Trump.  Trump Magazine was trying to make a go of it long before Donald decided to rule.

Written by TRUMP's editor Harvey Kurtzaman and illustrated by Jack Davis.

click on image to make it bigger and maybe understandable.

Saturday, June 27, 2020

2 Wabbits!

About 8pm this evening our power was out. I was just standing looking out a window over our back yard and I saw a big rabbit casually grazing the greens our yard had to offer. It was as big as a big cat, just gnawing away without a care in the world. Willow would not have allowed that. Then I saw a smaller rabbit hopping around looking for a good hunk of green stuff to eat. The two seemed to be unaware of each other. TWO WABBITS!

Jean Sephard and Me

Years ago, 1963 to 1965, my Navy time, I spent many nights listening to late nigh radio, in particular Jean Shepherd.    Jean talked and talked about his childhood and other adventures of “what fine messes” he got himself into.  When he couldn’t think of anything else to say, he pulled out his kazoo and played it.

I admired the way he reached for down in his memory and told an exciting adventure.

“I could do that!” I mused. 

But I reminded myself, “But I don’t know how to play a kazoos when I run out of things to talk about”.

I like MAD and its creators and other things.

So, MAD, its creators, and other things can be my kazoo.

However, I also like family research, so genealogy is a good way to toot my kazoo too.

You might be saying, "Look, a rookie  blogger trying to find his style."  Well, actually I have  been blogging daily since 2006.  I have about 9000 posts already posted.  My visitors have been as high as 1400 a day to what it is now, between 35 and 140 a day.  Well, this is better in a way, it is more interment.  Not so, I am an impersonal kind of person, the more the better the ego.  So, watch me change, slowly.

By the way, we are beginning to remodel, so this blog, as mentioned before, will be irregular - just like the marked down clothes I buy. 

By the way, you may know or not know Jean Sepherd  wrote the movie A CHRISTMAS STORY.

Friday, June 26, 2020


Maybe it is just me, but every time I walk on the pedestrian cross-walk at the hospital area and cars have to stop and wait on me I have the strong urge to tap dance and sing “HELLO MY HONEY, HELLO MY BABY, HELLO MY GOOD TIME GAL!”

Tuesday, June 23, 2020

Brothers Ed & Jack Hunter

Brothers Ed and Jack Hunter. Ed (my father) and Jack are two of nine children of Frank Paris and Minnie Tyson Hunter. Here they are probably free-ranging kids style in the Butler Town area of Marietta. In years to come Jack would be survival of Pearl Harbor and also from a PT boat saved Eddie Rickenbacker's life in the Pacific. Ed, as far as I know, is the only person that served as Chief of Police of the Marietta Police and after that the Cobb County Police. Chief.

Monday, June 22, 2020

Chicken-fat may be irregular for the next few months, or year, or ever.

Too much is going on.  Many medical appointments and procedures.

But the main culprit is our house.  We are having our house remodeled in a big way. Knocking down walls, replacing the floors, and and and….. it seems to never end.

All this means moving most of our stuff will be stored, leaving us to live out of suitcases.

Hold on, if we are absent we might return.

Saturday, June 20, 2020

Bell Reunion 2008

Larry Bell Park hosted a lot of activities.  Baseball, number one, also wrestling, boxing, swimming, tennis, and even pool & billiards.  From all these activities life long friendships were created.  And for a while, maybe a dozen years or so, we had annual reunions to well, reunite memories.

The late Bill Rampey had a pilot TV show on called SOUTHERN COMFORT.  It was articles celebrating the south.  The one I remember was hand catching giant catfish in he muddy banks of the Tennessee River..  His untimely death ended all that.

Charles Dawson was the life guard at the bll swimming pool.  I was a preteen when I hung out at the pool.  He recognized me and called me by name. 

C.W. Connors.  C.W. moved to a mountain in north Georgia and because a well known folk artist.

David Green

Dan Wallace.  We were in the same Boy Scout Troop (132)

The late Don Rhymer

on the very bottom right, my sister Frances

Frank Owenby.  Frank's is part of the Owenby Mfg Co.  I'm sure he is wealthy.  Once I saw him at K-Mark pushing speeding recklessly a shopping cart to be one of the first for a Blue Light Special. 

Gene Groover, retired Georgia State Patrol

Right, Heath Armfield

Heath's brother Horace Armfield.

Ivanell, Paul Roper, and the late Arnold Guest

The late James Caudell

Larry and Betty White.  Larry and I are not related cousins, although we have some of the same first cousins.

Omar and Joyce Owens.  They were our neighbors until about a few years ago thy moved to another Georgia town about 60 miles away to be closed to their grandchildren.

The late Arnold Parish.

Pat Frasure.  Pat and I are not related the same way Larry White and I are not related, sort of, except Pat is Larry's aunt.

Sandy Ramsey.  Sandy taught me how to do the twist.

Sheila Wester Tucker and David Green.  I saw Sheila and her husband Hugh in a doctors' waiting room recently.  Although, we had on masks, I knew it was them because Sheila told the receptionist their names.

The late Terry Townsend.

Tom Stokes.  We were in the same Boy Scout Troop