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Proofs that Claudius Linton Foster lived

 These proofs are of Anna's mother's father's brother (or Anna's great Uncle) Claudius Linton Foster (1888-1965):

Hat on; hat off; and maybe "Do something with your hands."

Claudius was a young man in the pictures. They might have been taken about 1910.

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My Tyson Ancesters Pranking the Brits, Soldering Trail of Tears, Ga.'s Gold Rush,

 and possibly witnesses the Invention of the Cotton Gin.

I  am reading a book about American history.  Now I am in a section about  the Revolutionary War, Eli Whitney, and the Cotton Gin.  Which brings me to my Tyson ancestors.

My ancestor Job Tuspm (1760—1803) lived in South Carolina during the Revolutionary War.

As a young Job played a practical joke against the British soldiers and was caught, a hangable offence.

It appears the head British General Lord Cornelius pardoned Job, saying something like “Boys will be boys.”

A pardon from the enemy was a fate worse than death.  His friends shunned him.  Job had to get a signed petition among his bothers and close friends stating that Job Tyson was a loyal American. 

Job Tyson married Deltha Stanton.  They had 5 children.

The oldest was Delitha Winson Tyson (be 1778-abt 1865)  Winston professionally was a school teacher.  She never married.  She died in a home for retired schoolteachers in Augusta, Geogia.

Job and Delitha Tyson’s youngest was also named Job Tyson. 

I don’t know why or how come  but Winston Tyson, the unmarried school teacher, adopted her youngest brother Job Tyson and changed his name to Eugne Hargraves Tyson.  I suspect she wanted for young Job not to be connected by name to the one Lord Cornelius pardoned.  I wondered why she chose “Hargraves” for a middle name but after studying  their relatives and others close by the only Hargraves I found was in the nearby militia her father was a member of.

General Nathan Greene , who fought gallantry for America, in the Revolutionary War, was from another country.  The United States gave him Cumberland Island a Thank You.

It has been handed down that she applied for got a job as a teacher on General Nathan Greene's plantation on Cumberland Island, near Savannah.  It has been handed down that she had the job of teaching on the plantation when Eli Whitney came and applied for the same job.

While there, he invented the Cotton Gin with the help of Mrs. Greene and her comb.


Back to our ancestor Eugene Hargraves (Job) Tyson.  His stepmother (sister) saw that he was well educated.  Here is more notes on my g-g- grandfather:

Eugene's name was possibly changed from Job because the name Job TYSON had a reputation of being a Tory.


E.H. Tyson is on the Matriculates list for 1815 UGA Class,(A

Catalogue of the Alumni of UGA),  listed residence as Augusta Ga in married to Elizabeth Herring.

(note - his guardian D. Winston Tyson lived in Augusta - her address was probably his last known address, as for UGA was concerned).


Eugene was a tax collector in Clarke County, Georgia.  A Mrs. Fleming has possession of his tax collector's book.  I have held his tax collector's book. It was a small red book, inside ledger style columns of numbers with a beautiful penmanship (Edwin 'Eddie' Tyson Hunter).


Prior to 1832, a strongly enforced treaty with the Cherokee Indian Nation restricted the white man from the Cherokee Lands which included most of North Georgia, north of the Chattahoochee River.  Then, gold was discovered near Dahlonega, Ga., and the treaty was quickly voided.  The Cherokee Nation carried the treaty to the Supreme Court and the Court put out a ruling in favor of the Indians but President Andrew Jackson said in essence: "Let the Supreme Court enforce their ruling".  The white moved in.  The Cherokee Indians were rounded up and sent to Oklahoma in the infamous "Trail of Tears".


Georgia Military records 1808-1809, list E. H. TYSON as a lieutenant . He also served April 8 1820 to January 22 1821 and Dec 22 1821 to Jul 25 1822.  W. G., son of William Theodore Tyson stated that Eugene County and that he helped gather up the Cherokee Indians and delivered them to "Old Smoke Ferry" to be deported.


Eugene received a grant to Land Lottery number 210 of the 20th District of Early County, Ga., 16 Feb 1829 and to Land Lottery 899 of 3rd District, 2d Section of Cherokee County, Georgia, 15 Jun 1835.  It is doubtful if he ever claimed his land in Early County.


In library search  from Records of Clarke, County, Ga. 1801-1892 In the

Georgia Dept of Archives & History...compiled by:  Robert Scott Davis pub. by

Southern Historical Press Inc.

I found that: Eugene H. Tyson was listed:

Lt. in Clarke Co. regiment 6 Oct.

1818, 1819,

Ensign in  "                      "

 Apr 16, 1823, 1820

Militia Fines 1814-1833

Eugene (S) Tyson


several "Court Case Files of the Inferior and County Courts, 1805-1895

(Record Group 129-2-2)....This series contains original, unbound papers which

formed portions of civil case files including but not limited to: Debts,

summonses, Fi Fas, Complaints, Distress Warrants, Bail Bonds, Attachments,

Promissory Notes, Affidavits, & Assumsits"

"Billiups, Robert R. vs Tyson, Eugene H. 1819...(also Billups vs. a

Capt. 1813) Robert Cabell 1812, Cyril Herring 1814,


Tyson, Eugene H.; Deane, John vs Billups, Robert R. 1820  (no date "A List of

men of 217th Dist., John Deane Capt.  #8.  Wm. B. Herring and #46 Eugene H.



"E. H.  Tyson is on the Matriculates list for 1815 UGA Class, (A

Catalogue of the Alumni of UGA), listed resident as Augusta Ga and married to

Elizabeth Herring."


His gold mining claim in Cherokee County, Georgia, was located along the banks of Kellog Creek.   Kellog Creek now runs from Alatoona Lake (Alattona Lake did not exist then) to what was once TYSON property near Highway 92.  Some beleive he mined did not redeem all his gold and it was/is hidden on his farm.


The TYSON Family Cemetary is located about 200 feet off Highway 92 (Old Alabama Road), near the intersection of Bells Ferry Road in the Northwest corner (behind Downey's Auto Parts - 1999).  The plot contains four marked graves and two unnamed stones.


1850 Cherokee County, Ga. Census, 15th Division, Oct 23 1850:

Tyson, Eugene H.               53M miner           $500  Ga.

            Eliza                        51F Va

            Richard P.               22M miner                      Ga

            Thomas S.              20M                                 Ga

            Mary Ann                18F Ga

            John G.                   16M Ga

            Howard                   14M Ga

            Olin V.                     11M Ga

            Texas                      10F Ga

            Crawford                    8M Ga

            Frelinghuysen           4M                                Ga



1860 Cherokee County, Ga., Census, 15th Division:

Tyson, Eugene H.                 62                                  Ga

            Eliza                          61 Va

            C. Texas Clifford       20                                  Ga

            Free                           15 Ga


ATHENS GAZETTE, VOL. i, No. XXIII, Thursday, July 21, 1814

Communicated.  The Athens Academy, superintended by the Pres. of the

University, is now under the immediate direction and tuition of Mr. John N.

Scott, late of Fayetteville, NC.  This young gentleman was for several years

a pupil of the Rev. W. L. Turner, and does great honor to that excellent

instructor.  A semi-annual examination of the Students of this Seminary

closed this day.  The Examiners were the President, and Professor of

Languages of Franklin College, the Rev. John Hodge, and Dr. Wm. Wright. The

first class, consisting of H. H. Tigner, Jesse Paulett, Leroy Holt and

Thacker Howard, ere examined ... The second class consisting of Robert

Carney, Crosby Dawson, Milton Holt, Homer Howard, Benjamin Rutherford, Eugene

Tyson, were examined on Virgil's Georgies ... The third class, consisting of

Thomas Baldwin, Robert Full wood, Robert Jones, George King, Lucius Lamar,

Joseph and James Loving and John Stuart were examined on ... The fourth

class, consisting of John Billups, Pulaskie Holt, Samuel Oliver, John Park,

Thomas and Alfred Scott and James Scott, were examined on Caesar's

Commentaries & Selected Profanis...  The fifth class, consisting of (9 men)

were examined on three books of Caesar's Commentaries...The sixth class,

consisting of Thomas Baldwin, Charles Betton, Crosby Dawson, Milton Holt,

Leroy Holt, Thacker Howard, Homer Howard, Samuel Oliver, John Park, Jesse

Paulett, James Scott, Hope Tigner, Eug. Tyson, Turner Willhite, and Robert

Wallice were examined on English Grammar ...


>show Thomas Moore was the Tax Collector - from a newspaper on Sept. 7,

1815"Athens Gazette"



Athens Gazette, Apr. 6, 1815 - List of letters remaining in the Post Office

at Athens the last day of March 1815  ... Job Tyson , Robt. J. Cabell, & Dr.



Athens Gazette, Apr. 11, 1816 - List of letters remaining in the Post Office

at Athens, first Apr. 1816 ... E. Job Tyson ...


Athens, Thursday, July 27. (1815).  Order of Commencement (Univ. of Ga). On

Tues. evening, was presented the Tragedy of "Abra-Mule, or Love and Empire".

Dramatis Personae - Briscoe, J. Lamar, Wm. H. Flournoy, Watkins, Cooper,

Baxter, Langston, R. Flournoy, L. Brown, Goode.


On Wed., A Salutator Address in Latin ... by Henry Hull.  On the Peace - by

Miles C. Nesbit.  Phillip's Eulogy on Washington - by R. H. Randolph.  An

Extract from an Oration delivered 4th July, 1812 - by E. Langston.  On

Eloquence - by O. H. Appling.  On Patriotism - by Joseph W. Jackson.  A

Comedy, called "Abroad and At Home" - L. Q. C. Lamar, John King, James Lamar,

Dawson, Briscoe, Appling, Paulett, Newton, Charles Mathews, Thomas Scott, R.

Banks.  Women:  Goode, Roberts, Tyson, Col. Elliott's Oration on the benefits

of Science - by W. Briscoe.  On the Character and Privileges of the Female

Sex by Jabez P. Marshall.  Degrees conferred by the Pres.  A Valedictory

Oration - by John M. Erwin.


Athens Gazette, Apr. 6, 1815 - List of letters remaining in the Post Office

at Athens the last day of March 1815  ... Job Tyson ...


Athens Gazette, Apr. 11, 1816 - List of letters remaining in the Post Office.


Edwin “Eddie” Tyson Hunter, Jr


High Museum After Dark

 Proof that the fantastic art you see on the walls of the High Art Museum don't just get there magically for you to Oooo and Ahhh over. They need human assistance.

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Bee Keeping Us Alive


Kissing Kin (G Washington)

 George Washington might have been born on this date. Again, maybe not. He was born February 22, 1732, which is OS February 11, 1732. If I have this straight, he was born according to the calendar then on 11th, however that was the old calendar. After the new calendar dates was set into place days before the date it was shifted 11 days. Do you get it? Good for you! Now, explain it to me.

Speaking of George Washington, for those who know me will not be surprised that George is a relative. Actually, an in-law. My Petty family is related to George's wife Martha Dandridge Custis.

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Red On The Head


In high school I was in some classes with a girl named Janet.  Janet had very red hair.  Stark red hair..  Some other male class mates of mine, that I ran around with would go up to Janer with their arms outstretched and their fingers moving as to grab something would say, “Janet red on the head like the head of Janet’s  XXXX (or) my XXXX. “  The X’s were not filled in

Janet politely ignored it all.

Today, I was reminded of years ago the mechanic that used to work on our cars.   He was also a mechanic for a large church.  He kept their buses running.  In fact, he used the church’s garage and tools to work on our vehicles.  I suppose that was OK, the church probably did not pay much.

One day I was talking to him in the garage and the church’s secretary came out with a phone message.

The secretary was Red Headed Janet. 

I don’t know who squirmed more she or me

Charles Brooks Foster Family

 Charles Books Foster, Anna's great grandfather on her mother's father side, going through some chemical changes, thanx to Joe Jenkins.

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Doug Hunter


My uncle Paris Douglas "Doug" Hunter (1916-1986). Like most of his brothers he worked at Lockheed and loved sports. One time he was seriously considered for playing professional baseball.
When I was a kid I looked forward to see him because he knew how to get my giggle box going. He had a sharp wit with a quick response. I think he had a nickname for all his nieces and nephews. I was "Tedo", who I think was a wrestler in the 1940s. My sister Bonnie was "Bonami". Well, actually it is "Bonami 2". Someone had already claimed just plain "Bonami".
He married Lola Jean Turner (1918-1996. I thought Lola Jean was a 100% family person until I went to the Marietta Public Library, branch upstairs in a metal building at Larry Bell Park and accidentally saw her with a group of kids around her telling a story with enthusiasm..
Doug and Lola Jean had four kids, which three grew into adulthood. The fourth one, Jeanne in 1946, apparently died at birth or shortly Afterwards.

What's New?

 The other day I heard a commercial for a certain pharmacy. They vaguely said they could deliver your prescribed (for an additional price). It reminded me of the drugstores in Marietta like Atherton’s, Dunaway’s, Hodges, Jones, Williams’s, and more that delivered. And not only would they deliver prescriptions but also whatever your heart desired from the soda fountain.

When we lived on Manget Street in south Marietta one time Atherton came to the door with some over the counter medicine the man said we ordered. We didn’t. As he was backing out Dunaway’s deliverer was waiting, and more came. They tried to deliver Ex-Lax, banana splits, Sundaes, milk shakes, cherry Cokes, French Fries, and more.
And then Victory Cab Company came to pick up somebody at our address. Then two or three move taxi came.
My mother was having a fit. Somebody was playing a joke.
Then my mischievous friend Jimmy Pat called. He happily said to my mother when she answered the phone, “Hi Mrs. Hunter, this is Jimmy Pat. What’s new?”
My mother did not use fowl language much, but with Jimmy Pat this time, it was an exception. She more or less said, “Jimmy Pat you know damn well “what’s new”!” And I think he probably sat and held the phone to his ear and giggle as she chewed him out.
Jimmy played a lot of practical jokes that I am surprised somebody didn’t shoot him. He died as a young man stooping over picking up his miniature dog. Heart attack.

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Book Report on PLANET FUNNY by Ken Jennings (yep, JEOPARDY host)


I just finished the Kindle book PLANET FUNNY by Ken Jennings (Yep, the Jeopardy host).

Before getting into what I read I would first like to explain that as I age I am getting a short attention span.  It is very hard for me to read a whole page without a paragraph indent to give me a pause or break.  Ken’s PLANET FUNNY goes pages after pages of not having a paragraph break.  I drove me nuts.

As we know from JEOPARDY Ken Jennings is very easy going and knowledgeable.  Have you ever heard that if you have to explain a joke it is not funny anymore?  Ken proved that over and over.  He did in-depth detail of his research on all kinds of jokesters from Late Night TV Talk Show, Stand up comedians.  Pairs of funny people such as Dean Martin and Jerry Lewis, Bud Abbott and Lou Costello, etc.  Groups too like the Marx Brothers; Stand up comedians such as Lenny Bruce, Trends, sitcoms, and so on.  It is all a very well researched report.  He really liked the MYSTERY SCIENCE THEATER and WEIRD AL YANKOVIC.

I enjoyed the book.  It was well written, even if it did have paragraphs pages long.

What I did not like was mostly excluding MAD and MAD-like comics books and magazines and their creators, such as editor Harvey Kurtzman (MAD).  They thrive on humor, even if it is anti-establishment humor.

Charles Brooks Foster (ca1885)


c1885 - Charles Brooks Foster (1856-1928). He married Ardella Catherine Vinson (1857-1933). They lived in the Milton/Alpharetta/Roswell, Georgia , area.

He is Anna's great grandfather on her mother's side.

Better Late than Never

 Posted on Facebook a few years ago"

Apparently Queen Elizabeth now has COVID They said she will continue to carry on with her duties and they added, “lightly”

I think when the doctor says you can work “lightly” means if you are a Postal employee they call that “Light Duty”. You should not lift over 10 or 20 pounds. That goes for Queens too.

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Pop Tarts


On CBS Sunday Morning News this morning we learned that Jerry Seinfeld mad a movie about Pop Tarts.

That reminded me that we used to traditionally on the day before Halloween give the kids across the street a sack of candy.  We did that so they would not Trick or Treat us that evening.

A couple years ago on Halloween Eve Day I carried the customary sack of candy across the street.

I  rung the doorbell.  The grandson answered the door, he was the only one there.  He hasn’t been living there long, so I explained to him why I was giving them a sack of candy.

He told me I looked like someone who like professional car racing.

I said I did not.  It is not that I dislike car racing, it is just my mind can just hold so many interests.

Later in the day our door rang.  It was the boy across the street.  He had a box of Pop Tarts he handed to me.  I thanked him.

Days later I told his grandmother what her grandson did.  She said he is now locked by the authorities.  He tried to burn their house down.

Waterman Street School Sex Education

 Sex Education. This is the east side of Waterman Street School. See the front entrance to the right? Actually, there were two twin front entrances. This one is the one nearer to the eastern side. On those steps leading up to the front doors I remember discussing the life's mysteries, Sex, and such as how to make an egg's shell soften to feel like a thin membrane and to make it look like a hog's ball (soak it overnight in vinegar). I was fooled. Larry Southern showed me the soft-shell egg and told me it was a hog's ball.

On those same steps one time Larry pulled out a condom and showed me, and I was impressed with the little white O-ring around the opening of it. Which I had a very scientific observation that went something like this: "so that is a rubber? Where do you buy them at?"
About 12 or 13 years later again Larry would take a condom out of his pocket. This time it was on the back row of the Hill Street Baptist Church. I wasn’t along with Larry and my other friends that Sunday night but I got several first hand accounts. They heard that on Sunday nights at Hill Street Baptist Church some loose teenage girls went there and they were easy to pick up. So, the boys went to check it out. During the sermon Larry got bored and pulled out a condom and started playing with it. It wasn’t long until he blew it up and tied a little knot in the O-ring thing. His cousin Jesse, also one of us, reached over and flipped the balloon shape rubber. Larry wasn’t expecting it and it got loose from him and landed in the aisle. There was a big fan at the near the back pews that kept the air circulating and brought in air from the outside. The white balloon was yanked into action by the fan’s wind current. It floated and gently bounced down the aisle like it had a soul of its own and wanted it saved by coming down to the preacher’s inspiring sermon. Larry and the others quickly left.
Many years later, Larry's younger brother became the preacher of Hill Street Baptist Church.
In the picture see the fire escape ladder coming from the two class rooms on the second floor? One time a boy named Van rammed my head into the fire escape at ground level and it took about 8 stitches to sew me up. It was right in the center of my head, I looked kind of like Frankenstein's Monster for several years until the scar finally went away. If I look closely, I can still see a hint of it.
Van died about twenty years ago. He was a diabetic. He died because he went to the hospital to have a leg amputated and they removed the wrong leg which caused complications.

Piranha Club Uncle Sid as a Real estate salesman by Bud Grace


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This is Underground Cartoonist Gilbert Shelton's WONDER WART HOG MEETS THE MEPANSTERS that was in HELP! Magazine issue # 22, in 1965.  The editor of HELP  was  Harvey Kurtzman, who created MAD Comicbook and MAD Magazine.  Gilbert Shelton also created the FABULOUS FURY FREAK BROTHERS.

Atlanta Crackers Stadium


I went to the Atlanta Crackers Stadium at least 3 times. Twice with my Little League team Southern Discount and once with my Scout Troop of Maple Avenue Methodist Church.  With the scouts I think several of us sfrayed off and did not keep up with the game.  I remember Jimmy Pat Pressly and I was more concerned of making jingles commercials for TV.  The only one I remember was:  “Smoke
Tampa Nugget Cigars – Llllaaaahhh”.  On going with my Little League team Southern Discount with coaches Romeo Huggins and Pepper Martin* was we were there to play.  We were in the Playoffs.  We were losing.  It was the last inning the score was something like 20 to 0 with only one batter left.  Romeo told me to go in and bat.  It was the first time I had ever officially played in a game.  I was struck out without even swinging the bat.

*Pepper Martin had an evening radio show on WFOM “DINNER MUSIC WITH PEPPER.”  A collection of smooth easy listening music.  Years later Pepper Martin’s son was my son’s music teacher and band leader at Sprayberry High School.

Donald Tyson & Sons

 Donald Tyson, my first cousin, once removed, and his two sons, I don't have their names. This was taken on the second of February at Bascomb Methodist Church, near Woodstock, Ga. at our cousin Billy Tyson's funeral. (1927-2015).

Donald is the son of Ed Tyson. Ed Tyson is my grandmother Minnie Tyson Hunter's brother.

Donald grew up on the same property my grandmother Minnie Tyson was born and grew up on. Donald became a developer, builder, and real estate agent. He was also a race car driver. I doubt if he is still racing, he is in his 80s now.

Edgar Bell, Sophie Lackie, and Charles Loy Foster

 The kid in both pictures is Anna's mother Marie's first cousin Charles Loy Foster (1909-1964). By kid, I don't mean the goat. His parents are Edgar Bell Foster (1884-1932) (Marie's father 's brother) and Sophie Lackie (1886-1965). They lived in the Roswell - Crabapple area.

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Chicken-fat Stock Holder's Meeting


Stock Holders' Report: Hello. Here is my stockholders report for the blog
Ahem! (me clearing my throat).
I started in 2006. Radio personality Jean Shepherd inspired me. On his radio show he could talk on and on about nothing and I said, “Hey I can do that!” Only thing, when Jean ran out of things to talk about he played a kazoo. So, I am looking for a good second handed kazoo, or a violin.
As of today I have produced 9930 posts
As of today chicken-fat has had 1,879,490 visits.
Yesterday it had 116 visits. Daily visits usually arrange between 100 and 500. If it is over 500 I think they are looking for a false prophet and if it is under 90, then I feel they finally got my number.
There has been 9570 comments. After about 5 years or so I disabled my comment receiver. They got to be a pain the ass taking up all my time
The reason for this report. The report is a daily thing, every day, free for the taking. I might as well get my money’s worth. If something is free I’m there with my hands out.
Why do I do it? Brain pushups, brain pushups.

Art by Wallace Wood, torn from a MAD Magazine.