Thursday, April 11, 2024

Dr Alfred Charles Hunter (1891-1973)

 Dr. Alfred Charles Hunter (1891 - 1973) was born in Cherokee County, Georgia, the son of Charles Jefferson and Paraline Victoria Dobbs. Charles Jefferson Hunter is Frank Hunter's oldest brother. Charles owned Hunter's Store and was Postmaster and gossip columnist of the community.

Alfred went to Atlanta Dental College, before it was part of Emory. After he got his degree in dentistry he moved to Texas and hung his shingle in Kerrsville, Texas, which is just north of San Antonio
Alfred married Mamie Mae Akridge (1892-1933). They had one son, Dr. Akridge Charles Hunter (1917-1997). Akridge marred Helen Crain. Akridge became a dentist also. He also had the same initials as his father. If they were partners, they could save on stationary.
Dr. Akridge Hunter married Helen Crain (1920-2003) in 1946, and they had three daughers.
As far as I know Alfred never returned to his homeland but his son Akridge made up for it. In the mid 1980s he and his wife vested several times the same times as the Hunter Reunions in Marietta and Blairsville.

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