Tuesday, April 16, 2024

Doug Hunter


My uncle Paris Douglas "Doug" Hunter (1916-1986). Like most of his brothers he worked at Lockheed and loved sports. One time he was seriously considered for playing professional baseball.
When I was a kid I looked forward to see him because he knew how to get my giggle box going. He had a sharp wit with a quick response. I think he had a nickname for all his nieces and nephews. I was "Tedo", who I think was a wrestler in the 1940s. My sister Bonnie was "Bonami". Well, actually it is "Bonami 2". Someone had already claimed just plain "Bonami".
He married Lola Jean Turner (1918-1996. I thought Lola Jean was a 100% family person until I went to the Marietta Public Library, branch upstairs in a metal building at Larry Bell Park and accidentally saw her with a group of kids around her telling a story with enthusiasm..
Doug and Lola Jean had four kids, which three grew into adulthood. The fourth one, Jeanne in 1946, apparently died at birth or shortly Afterwards.

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