Wednesday, April 17, 2024

Red On The Head


In high school I was in some classes with a girl named Janet.  Janet had very red hair.  Stark red hair..  Some other male class mates of mine, that I ran around with would go up to Janer with their arms outstretched and their fingers moving as to grab something would say, “Janet red on the head like the head of Janet’s  XXXX (or) my XXXX. “  The X’s were not filled in

Janet politely ignored it all.

Today, I was reminded of years ago the mechanic that used to work on our cars.   He was also a mechanic for a large church.  He kept their buses running.  In fact, he used the church’s garage and tools to work on our vehicles.  I suppose that was OK, the church probably did not pay much.

One day I was talking to him in the garage and the church’s secretary came out with a phone message.

The secretary was Red Headed Janet. 

I don’t know who squirmed more she or me

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