Monday, April 01, 2024

Sam Left Us On April Fool's Day


My life-long friend Sam Carsley died 11 years ago this date (April Fool’s).  Sam was a Tech graduate and a timid genius.  We met as toddlers when we lived in the Clay Homes.  His very guarded mother and grandmother Mrs. Baldwin guarded over him like parental hawks.  I’m sure when we met he was being pushed in a stroller and I was crawling on the grounded looking for a discarded smoking cigarette butt.

Sam was the best man in our wedding.

We sold him our house and he got married to Lita and she still lives there.  We drove by the house this past weekend and I don’t think Lita has changed a thing except the flowers.  The same Buick that Sam owned sat in the carport.  Sam would have wanted it that way.

He hated change.

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