Thursday, April 11, 2024

Eric England Died

 I     posted this on Facebook 6 years ago:

My old ship-mate distant cousin Eric England died yesterday. I only met him one time at a Hunter Reunion. I took his picture because I thought our meeting was unique because at our only meeting we discovered we were both on the ship USS NEWPORT NEWS at the same time.. Later I learned he was one of the top, if not the top, sniper(s) in the Vietnam War. From what I know, I think he was a very humbled and shy person.
I heard a few days ago they were about to amputate his leg. Maybe that did him in.
I remember at our own meeting we talked about the NEWPORT NEWS. I told him what I hated the most about shipboard life for enlisted men was that no matter when you go to the "head" for a bowel movement, the toiets are lined up facing one another, and it is always crowded, even in the middle of night, so when you take a shit you will be touching knees with someone you don't know very well. He got a kick out of that.
Google Eric England and you will meet an interesting person.

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