Friday, April 12, 2024

Chicken-fat Stock Holder's Meeting


Stock Holders' Report: Hello. Here is my stockholders report for the blog
Ahem! (me clearing my throat).
I started in 2006. Radio personality Jean Shepherd inspired me. On his radio show he could talk on and on about nothing and I said, “Hey I can do that!” Only thing, when Jean ran out of things to talk about he played a kazoo. So, I am looking for a good second handed kazoo, or a violin.
As of today I have produced 9930 posts
As of today chicken-fat has had 1,879,490 visits.
Yesterday it had 116 visits. Daily visits usually arrange between 100 and 500. If it is over 500 I think they are looking for a false prophet and if it is under 90, then I feel they finally got my number.
There has been 9570 comments. After about 5 years or so I disabled my comment receiver. They got to be a pain the ass taking up all my time
The reason for this report. The report is a daily thing, every day, free for the taking. I might as well get my money’s worth. If something is free I’m there with my hands out.
Why do I do it? Brain pushups, brain pushups.

Art by Wallace Wood, torn from a MAD Magazine.

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