Friday, April 05, 2024

Corn on Turkey

 My g-g-g grandmother Polly Hogshsead , wife of Jacob Trammell was a full blooded Cherokee Indian. That makes me 1/32nd Indian. There is a possibility, Polly's mother-in-law, Zyphh Rhodes was a full blooded Indian also. And there may have an Indian on in my Ridley ancestors, which are on my mother's side. I might can say I am at least 1/32nd and maybe more Indian.

About twenty years ago my first cousin, a girl, married a childhood friend. At the wedding the groom's brother looked like a typical college student. which I suppose he was. The next time I saw the groom's brother was at a family funeral about ten years later. He wore leather, and so much silver and turquoise jewelry he jingled when he walked. To top things off, literally, he had a head band with a feather. Somebody saw me studying him and told me the guy was researching his family tree and discovered he was part Indian, Wow.

I am too (see above). One pair of my ancestors were on The Mayflower. Should I wear a Pilgrim's hat with a feather on top?
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