Saturday, July 31, 2010

Party Time!!

It was a Friday night in Georgia. It was sweltering hot. Sweat was rolling off everybody. A lot of people are drinking. It sounds like a Tennessee Williams play or an Erskine Caldwell book doesn't it?

Nope, none of the above. It was concert night again in downtown Marietta.

1958 OLYMPIAN - Who's Who

Friday, July 30, 2010

I'm In The Wrong Grave?

News item from AJC.COM:

Washington - Estimates of the number of graves that might be affected by mix-ups at Arlington National Cemetery grew from hundreds to as many as 6,600 on Thursday, as the cemetery's former superintendent blamed his staff and a lack of resources for the scandal that forced his ouster.

1958 OLYMPIAN - The Finale' of Only the Best

I heard Sue Redfern mentioned three different times at recent GOBAG meetings. Her legency lives.

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Jewel of Cohutta

On this date in history, July the 29th, 1928, Walt Disney’s STEAMBOAT WILLIE, an animated cartoon, was released.

That date is according to the “Any Day In History” website, was released. However, Wikipedia said it was released November 18, 1928. Take your pick.

Steamboat Willy starred Mickey Mouse as a happy whistling steamboat pilot. Do you know who the voice was for Mickey Mouse? That’s right! Walt Disney.

Old happy whistling “whistle while you work” Walt was known for firing employees on the spot if they rubbed him wrong.

Speaking of ruthless employers (You're Fired!), Donald Trump, on this date, 1991, gave Marla Maples a 7+ carat engagement ring.

I wonder what Marla did with that 7+ carat diamond ring. I doubt if she gave it back to Donald. Would you?

I have read more than once that Marla Maples is from Dalton, Georgia. WRONG! Marla is from Cohutta, a small town near Dalton.

My mother grew up in and around Cohutta. In the late 40s my sister and I spent a week with our grandmother in Cohutta. Across the street was a big pasture with railroad tracks going across it. At the end of the pasture facing another road was a big white house. That is where the Maples lived. My grandmother and my aunt rented the house they lived in from the Maples, which were Marla’s grandparents.

Actually, Marla has not had the pleasure of meeting me yet. She was born in 1963, which is fifteen or sixteen years after I spent the week in Cohutta.

Now you know my family connections to Marla Maples – well, I think we are practically family; one big loving family. With my smooth talking and charming ways what do you think my chances are getting my hands on that ring?

Below is a picture of my favorite loving family friend (sort of). (I hope she doesn't lose that ring in the sand, standing upside down like that).

1958 OLYMPIAN - The Mostest & Bestest - part 1

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

GOBAG Summer Quarters

General George Washington had his Winter Quarters at Valley Forge. But where did he have his Summer Quarters? The beaches of New Jersey?

The GOBAG have their Summer Quarters the same place they have their Winter Quarters: In the bar at the American Legion. It's too hot out there!

In case you are wondering the opening conversation on the video is about Perry Parham who was killed on a bicycle back in the early 50s. He was an outstanding Little League baseball player and a friend to us all. It was the first death of a friend that most of experienced. It was a terrible learning lesson, that young boys can die too. The Marietta Little League Field is named Perry Parham Little League Field in his memory.

One of our friends there has certain eccentricities about him that sometimes people wonder about him – People sometimes wonder just how drunk is he? He is a sipper. He is always like that, socially. However, one of us ran into him and his wife at Publix Grocery Store and he was a in his quiet reserved mode.

It was funny when the waitress refused to take an order for beer from him. She said he appeared intoxicated and by Georgia law she could not serve someone that appeared intoxicated.

The interesting part is that she did not talk to him but to a friend across the table from him. It was like she was talking as if he wasn’t there. And the person that was being talked about and accused of being intoxicated said nothing in his defense.

People are strange, except thee and thou. (a quote).

1958 OLYMPIAN - Mr & Miss MHS

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Do More!

Marietta has a very interesting history timeline.

Marietta materialized about 1833.

The inhabitants of Marietta witnessed and could not escape the terrible harms of the Civil War. The North and South had a major battle just about two miles away on Kennesaw Mountain, and other spots in or near Marietta such as Cheatham Hill and Kolb’s Farm.

Marietta also had a role in the well known Great Locomotive Chase. James Andrews’ Raiders stole The General Train engine and it was an inspiration for books and movies for years to come.

Marietta citizens built trains at Glover Machine Works that served the war effort and also airplanes at the Bell Bomber Plant (later to be named Lockheed).

We had a dark side too. The men folk, in 1913, thought they were doing the right thing by hanging, unlawfully, Leo Frank, who was in prison for the murder of Mary Phagan.

The above and much more are on display at The Marietta Museum of History. It all has been studied, research, and analyzed by Dan Cox and his very able staff members and volunteers. It is all there waiting to educate you about your city.

Speaking of education I have been there several times when a hoard of school kids and their teachers came in. I think, if it was me, I would grab everything breakable and valuable and move them out of sight quickly. But not them. I have noticed the delighted expressions of the staff members when they heard the roar of the kids coming up the elevator. Good for them.

I think the Marietta City Council member(s) who grumbled about the museum’s expense said they thought the museum personnel were not doing enough should drag their expertise ass(es) to the museum and volunteer to show them how to do it.

1958 OLYMPIAN - Chapel

Monday, July 26, 2010

Going Postal Again

Yesteray at the Bulk Mail Facility in Atlanta, on Jackson Parkway, another postal employee has gone “postal” by stabbing his supervisor.

The alleged stabber is a law student. So far, he has refused to talk to the authorities about the crime. The supervisor is in the hospital and is expected to survive.

I remember one time it happened at the building I worked at in Atlanta. Morgan Bailey, a supervisor and friend of mine was shot dead along with several other postal employees.

Morgan was red headed and an easy going guy. He was electronics minded before the world was. In fact, usually he was so absorbed by the upcoming electronic world he let his job run itself. He sold electronic gadgets through his catalog he carried in his brief case. He introduced me to music via headphones. I thought that was heaven.

Morgan did some crazy things as a citizen and a supervisor. One time he wrote a letter to the post master complaining about a certain red-headed supervisor, which was he. That is a long story, I’ll have to devote a post to sometime.

Morgan was not very tolerant of people sometimes. That may have been the reason he was shot and killed.

A few years afterwards, I saw his wife and their red-headed kids selling puppies in front of K-Mart.

One employee who was shot was deaf. He did not hear the gun shots to run. He walked around the corner to face the gunman face to face and BLAM! He wasn’t killed. He was wounded and took about a year recuperate, but the last I heard he was back at work. He refused to return to the Atlanta Postal facility so they gave him a job closer to his home in north Cobb County.

After I transferred to Marietta and was there a few months a employee, in his second week reported to work with a machete. He chase our supervisor Nate around swinging his blade at Nate. The employee was arrested and fired. Nate got promoted.

One time at either the North Atlanta Station or the Northside Station there was flair up and a couple of supervisors were killed.

And as a violence comic-relief was the female postal employee who was parked in her car near the Federal Annex’s loading docks and a police officer thought she looked suspicious and ordered her of her car. She got out and beat him to a pulp but not before he called for help. Help arrived and she beat them up too, and more help arrived. She ended up almost killing with her bare hands five Atlanta Policemen before she was brought under control.

Ever since I joined the Postal Service violence there ran high. Although, the three incidents I mentioned I knew the assaulters and the victims, I never saw the violence myself.

There is an excellent book, which I think is out of print, titled GOING POSTAL by Don Lasseter, which deals in about 25 deadly postal instances. My old friend Morgan Bailey’s case is one of the chapters.

The main reason, I think, is the clock pressure. All the mail has to be in the carrier’s hands by a certain time. Any delay is inexcusable. I have seen people suspended and fired because they could not regulate themselves to the “urgency of the mail flow” as their disciplinary papers read.

Around 4:30 to 6:99 in the morning just about everybody gets wild-eyes, like they are panic-stricken to get the mail to the carriers to sort it, so they can be out of the streets delivering it at a reasonable time.

Just think, all those firings, suspension, killings, and bloodshed was because you might complain because your mail was delivered late.

1958 OLYMPIAN - Valentine Ball

Sunday, July 25, 2010

My Tyson Genealogy Part 27

165. JOAB THOMAS8 TYSON (JOHN JOYNER7, JOAB6, MOSES5, CORNELIUS4, MATHIAS3, JOHN2, UNKNOWN1) was born Aug 1837 in , Pitt, NC, and died 13 Sep 1912 in , Pitt Co, NC. He married (1) MARY JANE PARKER 1863 in , Pitt, NC. She was born 1836, and died 20 May 1867 in , Pitt Co, NC. He married (2) SUSAN SMITH 30 Sep 1869 in , Pitt, NC. She was born Abt. 1840, and died Unknown.

Military service: Civil War

316. i. CHARLES LEE9 TYSON, b. Oct 1864; d. 14 Oct 1931, Ayden, Pitt Co, NC.

317. ii. JOAB THOMAS9 TYSON, JR., b. 16 Sep 1879, , Pitt Co, NC; d. 03 Feb 1958.

166. WILEY8 TISON (CORNELIUS7, CORNELIUS6 TYSON, MOSES5, CORNELIUS4, MATHIAS3, JOHN2, UNKNOWN1) was born 13 Feb 1812 in , Bryan, Ga, and died 27 Feb 1883. He married (1) MARIAH ROBERTS 22 Nov 1839. She was born 16 Jul 1816 in , Montgomery, Ga, and died 13 Mar 1862 in , Berrien, Ga. He married (2) RACHEL HERRIN Aft. 1862. She was born Aft. 1812, and died Unknown.

Occupation: Alapaha, Berrian, Ga

Burial: McMillan Cemetery, Berrien, Ga

i. JOHN L.9 TISON, b. 06 Oct 1840; d. Unknown; m. MARTHA RICKETSON, 10 Jul 1864; b. Aft. 1840; d. Unknown.

More About JOHN L. TISON:
Military service: Civil War

ii. BARBARA TISON, b. 01 Jan 1842; d. Unknown; m. ISAAC FORT, 24 Jan 1872, , Barrien, Ga; b. Abt. 1840; d. Unknown.
iii. NANCY TISON, b. 22 Aug 1843; d. Bef. 1850.
iv. WILLIAM A. TISON, b. 16 Jan 1845; d. Unknown; m. TABITHA MCDONALD, Wellborn, , Fl; b. Aft. 1845; d. Unknown.

Military service: Civil War

v. MARY ANN TISON, b. 01 Aug 1849; d. Unknown; m. FRED FLANDERS, 25 Dec 1871; b. Bef. 1849; d. Unknown.
vi. MARIAH TISON, b. 18 Feb 1850; d. Unknown; m. JOHN HOLMES; b. Abt. 1850, , , Fl; d. Unknown.
vii. WILEY TISON, b. 25 Jan 1852; d. Unknown.

Notes for WILEY TISON:
Never married, died young.

viii. MARTHA A. TISON, b. 06 May 1854; d. Unknown; m. HENRY HOLMES; b. Bef. 1854; d. Unknown.
ix. GEORGE W. TISON, b. 01 Jan 1855; d. Unknown.

Notes for GEORGE W. TISON:
Never married.

x. ELIZABETH TISON, b. 23 Jan 1859; d. Unknown.

She probably died young.

xi. JACOB RANDAL9 TISON, b. 06 Mar 1865, Alapaha, Berrien, Ga; d. Unknown; m. MINNIE HOWARD; b. Aft. 1863, , , Fl; d. Unknown.

Residence: 1942, Ocilla, Irwin, Ga

167. PLEASANT8 TISON (CORNELIUS7, CORNELIUS6 TYSON, MOSES5, CORNELIUS4, MATHIAS3, JOHN2, UNKNOWN1) was born 1817 in , , Ga, and died Unknown. He married MARY M. PATTERSON, daughter of ALEX W. PATTERSON. She was born 1827, and died Unknown.

Occupation: Wilkes Graveyard
Residence: Southwest of Adel, Ga.

i. CATHERINE9 TISON, b. 1847; d. Unknown; m. UNKNOWN CUNNINGHAM; b. Bef. 1847; d. Unknown.
ii. JAMES A. TISON, b. 1849; d. Unknown; m. (1) NANCY JORDON; b. Abt. 1850; d. Unknown; m. (2) DELILAH ANN HUTCHINSON; b. Abt. 1850; d. Unknown.
iii. HENRIETTA TISON, b. 1851; d. Unknown; m. THOMAS HIGHTOWER, 16 Mar 1872; b. Abt. 1850; d. Unknown.
iv. BARBARA ANN TISON, b. 1853; d. Unknown; m. WILLIAM W. HEWITT, 01 Mar 1875; b. Abt. 1850; d. Unknown.
v. MELVINA E. TISON, b. 1855; d. Unknown; m. JOHN J. MORRISON; b. Abt. 1850; d. Unknown.
vi. ANGUS P. TISON, b. 1857; d. Unknown; m. ANGELINE B., 04 Jan 1887; b. Aft. 1857; d. Unknown.
vii. NANCY TISON, b. 1860; d. 04 Feb 1935; m. LUKE H. HUTTO; b. Abt. 1860; d. Unknown.
viii. SARAH TISON, b. 1862; d. Unknown; m. DICK ROACH; b. Abt. 1860; d. Unknown.
ix. JOHN TISON, b. 1865; d. Unknown; m. MINNIE GODWIN; b. Aft. 1865; d. Unknown.
x. PLEASANT TISON, b. 1867; d. Unknown; m. LIZZIE BENNETT; b. Abt. 1870; d. Unknown.
xi. WILLIAM TISON, b. 1869; d. Unknown; m. SALLIE BRYAN; b. Abt. 1870; d. Unknown.

168. WILLIAM8 TISON (CORNELIUS7, CORNELIUS6 TYSON, MOSES5, CORNELIUS4, MATHIAS3, JOHN2, UNKNOWN1) was born 1820 in , , Ga, and died Unknown. He married ELIZABETH TAYLOR, daughter of JACOB TAYLOR. She was born 1823 in , , Ga, and died Unknown.

i. JAMES9 TISON, b. 1838; d. Unknown.

Notes for JAMES TISON:
At home in 1860.
Missing at Boonsboro in the Civil War.

ii. AARON TISON, b. 1839; d. Unknown; m. ELIZABETH HOLLAND, 04 Jan 1866; b. Abt. 1840; d. Unknown.

Notes for AARON TISON:
Aaron was accused of killing his father-in-law, B. HOLLAND. Indicted 1867, Mistrial 1868. He did not kill his father-in-law, but hired someone to do it.

iii. JANE TISON, b. 1842; d. Unknown; m. THOMAS J. GRINER, 14 Jan 1861; b. Abt. 1840; d. Unknown.
iv. SARAH ANN TISON, b. 1844; d. Unknown; m. ISAAC FORT; b. Bef. 1844; d. Unknown.
v. BARBARA TISON, b. 1847; d. Unknown.
vi. MARY TISON, b. 1849; d. Unknown.

Notes for MARY TISON:
At home in 1860.

vii. UNKNOWN ANN TISON, b. 1855; d. Unknown.
viii. PEYTON TISON, b. 1857; d. Unknown.
ix. NANCY TISON, b. 1859; d. Unknown; m. HENRY MCNABB; b. Bef. 1859; d. Unknown.
x. WILLIAM P. TISON, b. Aft. 1860; d. Unknown; m. L.A.J. 'DINK' SMITH; b. Aft. 1860; d. Unknown.
xi. ELIJAH TISON, b. Aft. 1860; d. Unknown.

Elijah killed Henry MATHIS, 28 Jan 1881. He was indicted for murder Nov 1881.

xii. LINNIE TISON, b. Aft. 1860; d. Unknown.

169. MATTHEW8 TISON (CORNELIUS7, CORNELIUS6 TYSON, MOSES5, CORNELIUS4, MATHIAS3, JOHN2, UNKNOWN1) was born 1824 in , , Ga, and died Oct 1900 in Adel, , Ga. He married ELIZA CROSBY, daughter of PETER CROSBY. She was born 1831 in , , SC, and died Unknown.

Burial: Crossroads Cemetery

i. CORNELIUS9 TISON, b. 1849; d. Unknown.

He probably died young.

ii. PAUL CROSBY TISON, b. 1852; d. Unknown; m. ALICE IRELAND, 23 Dec 1879; b. Aft. 1852; d. Unknown.
iii. SEABORN B. TISON, b. 1854; d. Unknown; m. MARY ANN RAY; b. Aft. 1854; d. Unknown.
iv. MEHALA TISON, b. 1856; d. Unknown; m. COLEMAN LINDSEY; b. Abt. 1855; d. Unknown.
v. ELIZABETH TISON, b. 1857; d. Unknown; m. JOHN LAFAYETTE LINDSEY; b. Abt. 1855; d. Unknown.
vi. JAMES TISON, b. 1859; d. Unknown; m. GERTRIDE PITTMAN; b. Abt. 1860; d. Unknown.
vii. DAVID HUTCHINSON TISON, b. 1862; d. Unknown; m. MARTHA BAKER, 22 Mar 1885; b. Aft. 1862; d. Unknown.
viii. MARTIN J. TISON, b. 1864; d. Unknown; m. JULIA HAYES; b. Abt. 1865; d. Unknown.
ix. MATTHEW S. TISON, b. 1866; d. Unknown; m. LIZZIE FENDER; b. Aft. 1866; d. Unknown.
x. BARBARA TISON, b. 1867; d. Unknown; m. TALLY WALKER, 15 Dec 1889; b. Abt. 1865; d. Unknown.
xi. HENRY C. TISON, b. 1869; d. Unknown.

SUNDAY FUNNIES - W. Woods Triple Feature!

Or this post could be titled, One Thing Leads to Another.

Or this post cold be titled Man! Could Wallace Wood draw women and Future Machines or what?

The first story is the cover and a story pulled out of an EC WEIRD SCIENCE comicbook illustrated by Wally Wood. Normally publisher William Gaines and editor Albert Felstein would collaborate and come up with a story. But sometimes they were not above stealing a story and redoing it. Writer Bray Bradbury caught them stealing one of his which triggered off a great professional relationship – they continue to take the stories, but gave Bradbury credit, which helped them sell comic books also. Getting back to this story, I do not know if Bradbury wrote it or not. On the cover it says in this issue is a EC adaptation of a Ray Bradbury story, but it doesn’t tell which one. Notice how Wood draw futuristic machinery and women with pointed legs. Both is sort of a signature I think.

The story is about modernization of man’s automation gadgets and how things have went too far.

The second story BLOBS is also drawn by Wallace Wood in the first issue of MAD comic book. It is also about modernization taking over the routine chores of man… which leaves man with no need to do anything but let his muscles go soft and useless. I think it is making fun of the top story. Both stories were published by EC Publishing Company. I suppose it is a little light-hearted jostling between publications. Again, notice the pointed knees and the futuristic machinery.

This last story, SALLY FORTH, is after Wally Wood had left MAD and was on his own self-publishing and writing and drawing his own stuff. With all the nude women you might say he got down and dirty. By the way, I did not copy the whole story, just what I thought were pages of examples of his work at that time. On the last page FLESH GORDON makes an cameo appearance. Wood did a FLASH GORDON lampoon for MAD with these came characters. What did I say about one thing leads to another?

As for as the knees go, who is looking at knees?

Remember - for a better look click on the picture.

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Bitter Humor - This Day in History

On this date, July 24th, 1965 Bob Dylan released "Like a Rolling Stone".

It is coincidental that I listened to Bob Dylan sing “Like a Rolling Stone” on Willow’s and my walk this morning.

One of the lines brought back a quick flashback of a brief memory snippet. The line went something like, “You see a juggler clown frowning when he thought no one is looking….”.

About twenty-five years ago we took our sons to a circus in Atlanta. I remember one of the clowns was a tiny little man. In one of the clown skits a tiny little car came zig-zagging out and stopped in front of the bulk of the crowd. An unbelievable number of clowns and pets climbed out, and doing funny childish things. They were doing childish, or non-grownup, things, like yo-yoing, swinging baseball bats at butterflies, attached to the bat by a springy wire, and things like that. One clown hit the tiny little clown in the head or face. It knocked him off his feet – ooofff! The little clown said. It had to hurt. For a brief second. The other clown realized he hit him hard – and for a brief moment there were a rage and scowl in the little fellow’s eyes. Pain and a temper flare-up at the same moment. Then he realized hundred of eyes on him and his face turned into a dumb-carefree funny face and he bounced off doing his thing.

That brief moment he was very pissed off his fellow clown, the job he had, the crowd’s laughter, and probably other things only he things only he has thought about.

1958 OLYMPIAN - Activities, 1st part

Friday, July 23, 2010

Chip & Dale Working on the Roads

The above cartoon is by Al Jaffee. It was published in PLAYBOY magazine. He was/is a cartoonist for MAD magazine. He also worked with Harvey Kurtzman on HELP and HUMBUG magazines. One time he had a daily cartoon in the papers NAMED TALL TALES BY JAFFEE.

There is an intersection near here that had a lot of construction work recently.

There are several helmeted men working on that corner that look as if they were cut from the same cookie cutter. Well, “working” may not be the right word. They look as if they are posing. They are probably straw-bosses. It is obvious they have a certain look they are trying to look like. They wear tight-ass jeans, shades, and body shirts. They have spiked hair. They even have their stance and body language down pat.

Are they trying to impress the babes or each other?

1958 OLYMPIAN - Golf & Tennis

Fore! Tennis anyone?

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Chicken Fat or Chicken Shit?

Two of my friends received this email:



There is no need to shout.

With the risk of looking like I am jumping into someone else’s conversation, I have a few words to say about the way Chicken Fat is excluding the GOBAG now:

The GOBAG meeting is still every Tuesday evening. The summer months are busy months. Not as many people attend, for various reasons. I didn’t attend this past Tuesday but I think I attended last week or the week before. Only nine or ten people came that time.

During the hot months we are meeting inside at the bar downstairs at the American Legion. It is just too hot outside to cook or anything else. We commandeer about two to four round tables and talk, drink beer, and order some frozen pizzas.

With such a small crowd in with a limited span of space someone clicking and flashing a camera in your eyes all the time would get old in a hurry. Or if someone rammed their camcorder in your face all the time in such a limited space would soon do away with the “candid be-yourself” videos. In other words, in a small group when taking a picture, I sensed, I was intruding on their privacy.

The annual Bell Reunion will probably be the last weekend of September and probably some videos and close-u[ people shots will be born on that day and will find themselves on various blogs, and probably earlier than that the weather will be nice enough for GOBAG to return to the barbecue pit outside which will mean a bigger crowd and more elbow room – and more photographs.

For what it is worth, I love taking pictures, stills and video, of people that I knew much when they were much younger. I enjoy sharing them. That is a big reason I have a blog.

Did you know there are at least three such groups of aging life-long friends in the Marietta/Cobb area that meet weekly?

I feel rude butting in on a conversation. Excuse me.