Saturday, May 15, 2021

Today is Natioal Doo Dah Day!


In case you feel the need to celebrate today but don’t know why to celebrate, I did some research and today is:

  • Do Dah Day (Salute to Silliness) - May 15, 2021  (Third Saturday in May).

Odella "Della" Wright


Odella "Della" Wright (aft 1876 - ? ). She is the daughter of Isaac Wright (1834-1920) and Loveuia Adeline St. John (1835-1895). All three, among many others in the Wright Family are buried in Enon Cemetery, in Woodstock.
The Wrights are on Anna's father's mother of the family.
Isaac and Loveuia are Anna's great great grandparents.
Della never married and died in her early 20s with cancer.
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Friday, May 14, 2021

Resaca, Georgia, CSA Cemetery


The Battle of Resaca

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On this date, May 14, 1864, 150 years ago, was the Civil War Battle of Resaca, Georgia.   In about a month they would be at Kennesaw Mountain, near here in Marietta, continuing the floating battle of Sherman's Atlanta Campaign vs CSA General Joseph Johnston.

On July 16, 2012, Anna and I drove up to Dixie Highway to Chattanooga.   We stopped at the Resaca Confederate  Cemetery :

Sister Grace

 This is the Georgian Terrace. It is across Peachtree Street from the Fox Theater. I took this picture in July 2005 just before we took a tour of the Fox Theater.

The Georgian Terrace looks like a nice joint of dignity. It looks like a place the upper crust of Atlanta would recommend friends to stay or have receptions, chamber concerts and whatever else those folks do instead of using their own homes.
When I think of the Georgian Terrace I think of the BUG. The lottery numbers before the lottery was legal in Georgia.
Back when I was a Postal employee and worked all night I heard a lot of night-time radio. I remember one local radio show whose primary sponsor was Sister Grace*.
After listening to Sister Grace* it was easily to know she preached the gospel She loved Jesus and all his disciples and she could quote them all to fit any occasion. Listening to her more and you know she and God and Jesus communicated. They had regular talking sessions and they shared things with Sister Grace*. Like thee number up the upcoming illegal lottery numbers.
And being the Christian she was she was willing to share those numbers with you. She was wise enough to not to mention the BUG by name, but after so many innuendos you would get the idea what she is trying to tell you.
All you had to do was go to a certain room at THE GEORGIAN TERRACE and have an audience with the good sister and she would share a number with you. She would share with you if you would share with her, a small tithe donation, of cash was preferred. She said it will be a number to bring you happiness and fulfill your dreams. She also said, in so many vague words that it is not just a number, it is script number from the Bible.
*actually, I forgot her name, it may or may not have been Grace. But the first part was “Sister”, I remember that!
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Thursday, May 13, 2021

Jones Family Reunion 1929

 This is the Jones family of the Alpharetta, Cumming, and Milton area at their 1929 Reunion. Notice the males are on the left and females on the right. That may be the same protocol of country churches back then: There were two doors, one for the men and the other for women. My mother-in-law, Marie, age 9 at the time, was on the right and her two younger brothers were on the left.

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Wednesday, May 12, 2021

Drucilla Wilson


Drusilla Wilson Huey was born in 1825, in South Carolina, and died in Cherokee County, Georgia, 1905 at age 79. She married John T. Huey, also, born in South Carolina (near Abbeville) and died in 1891 in Cherokee County, Georgia, at age 64. They are my g-g-grandparents. They are both buried in Bascomb Methodist Church Cemetery, in South Cherokee County. which is land he donated in deed form to the church for a cemetery.
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Tuesday, May 11, 2021

PR is in the Slammer

 Paul Roper is in Facebook Jail again.  This time in Solitary Confinement.  He had this note in a bottle smuggled out for people to see:

Our friend, Larry Miller, fell on May 2nd and broke his hip. In the hospital in Tampa. Not doing too good. Remember, he had the double lung transplant in May of 2012. He also contacted covid and made it through that. Please post on Facebook so some of our elderly friends will know. 




art by Will Elder/MAD Comics

Today on THE TODAY SHOW it was announced Today is EAT WHAT YOU WANT DAY!  Enjoy!

Groover Brothers


rothers Gene and Parks Groover at a Bell or Varner Reunion. Gene retired as a Georgia State Patrolman and lives in Dalton. Parks retired as part of owner of Marietta Lighting and lives in Waleska.
They are the descendants of the owner of the historical Groover Hardware on the Square in downtown Marietta. In fact, I think I read that the rope that hanged Leo Frank was bought in their ancestor's store.
Gene had an interesting adventure a few years ago. He and a friend navigated a houseboat miles up a river in north Georgia and lived to tell some interesting stories about it.
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Monday, May 10, 2021

What Is Chicken-Fat?


A couple years ago I bought the 2020 version of   page- a-day JEOPARDY calendar.  Each day it asked a trivia question and on the back was the correct answer.  Opps!  I meant on the first page is the trivia answer and on the back is the question, just like the TV JEOPARDY.

I kept a running total of all 366 days (Leap Year) of my score.  All year I averaged  close to 75%.  Some times it would be 73% and some days as high as 78%.  If I remember correctly my average the year was 77%.  That was for the 2020 JEOPARDY Calendar.

For this year I have the JEOPARDY 2021 page a day calendar.  I am not doing nearly as good as I did last year.  I am averaging between 51% and 54%.

Either I have become dumber in a year’s time or JEOPARDY Calendar has hired a smarter, more well-read writer.

And in the process, lost a customer (me – I have a fragile ego)

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