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FRITZ THE CAT by Robert Crumb

 Posted 3 years ago on Facebook:

Troy Street, Chicago

Posted on Facebook years ago: 

On Chicago PD a couple weeks ago while looking over a Chicago map doing police work Troy Street was pronounced.

Hey! I know Troy Street! My Navy buddy Don lived on Troy Street in Chicago. I visited two or three times there. He lived with his siblings and his parents. His father, Bruno, worked on the railroads. He and a competing crew were have bb guns fights across the railroad yards, from train car to train car. He got his eye put out by a bb shot, all in clean fun, of course.
I had a Triumph on one of my Chicago trips. Don’s brother Mike, a Chicago Cop gave me an official Chicago Parking ticket for being double parked on Troy Street, all in clean fun, of course.
Don’s mother’s name was Helen. Helen and her next door neighbor once tried to kill each other with their gardening tools. All in clean fun, of course.
All rea

4 Generations of Hunters

 From left to right. My great grandfather William A. Hunter (1842 - 1928). William was born in Macon County, North Carolina, and died in Cherokee County, Georgia. He fought in the Civil War and was shot in the knee during the Battle of Kennesaw Mountain in 1864. He recuperated in a private home near Woodstock, Georgia. After he tried being in a cowboy in Texas, he returned to Woodstock, Georgia, with his family to live. He knew he had friends there. He grew up with the name William A. Trammell, married with that name and fought in the Civil War with that name, but because he was involved in a murder he changed his name to William A. Hunter - but that is a long story.

Harold Herbert Hunter (1901-1976). My uncle, and grandson of William A. Hunter. Herbert was born in Cherokee County, Georgia, and died in Marietta, Cobb County, Georgia. He owned Hunter's Barber Shop and one time an airfield on Austell and Hurt Roads in Cobb County. He loved to fish.
Harold Ray Hunter (1923 - 1991). Ray being held by his father Herbert, is my first cousin. Ray was in WWII. He settled in New Jersey where he worked or a utility company. He retired in Marietta.
Frank Paris Hunter (1879-1950). My grandfather, Herbert's father, and son of William A. Hunter. Frank was born in Paris, Texas, grew up Cherokee County, Georgia, and spent most his adult years in Marietta, Georgia, as a machinist. He worked for Glover Machinery. We lived with him his last couple of years and got to know him well. He taught me to ride a bike. He once saved my life when my pajamas caught on fire in front of the fireplace.
The is a good example how historical events are just a jump and a leap in the past. In the picture, all but William was alive in my lifetime.
William, my great grandfather fought in the Civil War.
William's great grandfather, also named William Trammell, fought in the Revolutionary War.

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Boston in-laws

 Marietta. Atlanta Street. John Boston House (Mrs. Boston on right). Built in the late 1840s by Bostwick Brothers.

The Boston family are Trammell's in-laws.

Fleta Barclay Trammell (1870-1956), daughter of Leander Newton and Zenobia Barclay Trammell, married Frank Mackey Boston, 5 Oct 1893, Marietta, Ga.  Frank Mackey Boston was the son of John Hoouse, Jr and Sallie Mellisa Brown Boston.  Leander Newton Trammell was the president of Georgia Railway Sysrem and he and his family had the Trammell House on Trammell Stree in Marietta built.

Frank was nephew of Georgia Govenror  Joseph E. Brown.


Gene & Parks, 2014


Brothers Gene and Parks Groover.  Parks died not long ago.  Gene is a retired Geogia State Patrolman.  Parks was a part owner of Marietta Lightening Company, which was in the old Sears Store on Atlanta Street. 

Gene settled with his family in Dalton, Georgia. 

Several years ago Gene  built a houseboat.  He and a fiend took a voyage in the houseboat up or down one of the rivers in North Georgia that lasted days.

Parks settled in Waleska, Geogia, and ran a horse farm.

I took this picture at the Bell Reunion 2014.

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Reminds me of


These picture of Dusty Hoffman and Laurence reminds me of the time in a hospital waiting room talking to a lady that just asked me who was I waiting on and behind her was a young man making faces at her back without her aware of it.

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Rocky, Jimmy Carter, and Sabrina

 Rocky and Jimmy Carter have October the 1st in common.

Rocky, Jimmy, and Sabrina

How Frank Paris Hunter got his middle name

 According to Uncle John's Bathroom Page-A-Day Calendar, 2018, Tuesday, Feb 20, 2018: Paris, Texas, was founded in 1844, when a farmer, storekeeper, and postmaster, donated 50 acres of land to establish the town. The town was named after the general store, the busiest store in town. Why the owner named the store Paris, no one knows.

There is a 70 foot Eiffel Tower replica wearing a cowboy hat in town.
Also, that is believed to be where our grandfather Frank Paris Hunter was born in 1879. Also, 1879 is the year Frank's family left Texas to move back East. I think they had plans of moving back to Franklin, North Carolina, Frank's father William A. Hunter's hometown, but had second thought, maybe because he was wanted for murder in Franklin, and instead moved to the Woodstock, Georgia, area, where William recuperated from a knee wound where he was shot during the Battle of Kennesaw Mountain. Frank was probably named after where they were leaving and where they thought they were going.

2 Tower Roads, Never More


This picture is one I took of Atherton Place,  an assistant living behind Wellstar Hospital on Tower Road.  I took this picture on about ten years ago.  I heard one of the bennies of being a resident  there was getting membership in all the exercise programs at Wellstar physical next door.  But please make sure, don’t use this hearsay paragraph as proof.

Interesting  and tragically about 40 or 50 years ago someone called 911, for someone having a heat-attack on Tower Road.  The ambulance drove quickly to Tower Road and could not find the address given.  The person having the heart attack died.


Because there were two Tower Roads in Marietta.  One was behind the hospital, a block away from the hospital and the other Tower Road was about 4 or 5 miles away, off of Pete Shaw Road.  The heart attack occurred  at Atherton Place on the Tower Road, next door to the ER.

The problem has been solved.  The Tower Road miles away, off Pete Shaw Road,  name has been renamed to Indian Town Road. 

That is like closing the barn door after the milk cow had done ran away. 

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My Hero!


R.I.P. Mrs Clare Foster Nesmith



I just read in the obituaries my high school science teacher Mrs. Nesmith had died.  Clare Foster Nesmith was born July 31, 1928, 3rd of four siblings, in Dallas, Georgia, to Elizabeth Cordelia Watson Foster and Clarence Stead Foster.   She was married to Edgar Arlo Nesmith, Jr., and survived by her daughter Rev. E. Clare Nesmith. 

Mrs. Nesmith was a very gentle person that always had a kind smiling positive attitude  when communicating with someone face to face.  With one exception, that I know of:

The time she saw my bare left arm and hand was covered with ballpoint pen cartoons.  She sent me to the restroom to wash off my art.  I deserved her wrath.

Her husband was also a high school teacher.  When they were teachers, they lived in Pine Forest Apartments. 

Olympic Flame, Holding

 Our daughter in law Sabrina (dark coat right) and her husband Rocky (our son) held the Olympic Torch.

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 All over the South back in the day:

And Away We Went!


Today, while watching Georgia’ s Public TV FORK IN THE ROAD, a Georgia town was mentioned where there is a lot of peanut farming.  I heard of the town and felt I had been there.  I went online to look at a Geogia map.

Looking at various town names I was reminded one town that a bunch of us had a memorable moment in the middle of the night:

That was before expressways. 

We were headed to Daytona after graduation in May `1969..  We got lost someplace in mid to south Georgia.  Some of us  had a few beers on the way down.

We drove through a little town and the kid that had a few beers had to pee.  He asked the driver to pull over.  The driver pulled over on main street in front of a little park.  The drinker could use a tree.

When he was getting back into the car a policeman with a dog on a leash walked by and said something like “Good Morning.”  Then we asked the policeman how to get back on the right road  to take us to Daytona.  He leaned his head in the window and was giving us directions and he suddenly interrupted himself and said, ”Are those beer cans in the floor board?”

We were all under the legal age so the driver started the car and we sped off.  I reminded the driver the  guy peeing was left behind.  We drove around the block and came up behind the policeman and his dog chasing our friend.  We pulled up behind the friend, opened the door and told him to dive in, which he did.

And we fled into the night.


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SUNDAY FUNNIES!! MAD Comic #22 continued


MAD Artist Will Elder's success Coninued

Paul & Myrtle's Proofs

 Proofs. Anna's grandparents, her mother's parents Paul Everett Foster (1895-1936) and Myrtle Irene Jones (1895-1991).

They are dated 1919. They were married May 21, 1919. The pictures, I'm sure the pictures had something to do with that, either before or after.

Be sure and click on the picture to see the images better.