Sunday, September 25, 2022


Remember Ally Oop in the comic strips? It is still around. Here is PANIC'a (MAD's sister) mock of it. Illustrated by my artist hero the late Will Elder.

Saturday, September 24, 2022

Someplace vs No Place

I bought a new tarp several months ago. I haven't used it yet, it is still in the plastic. Today I was wondering where to put it and I decided to but it in the storage space behind the seats in the truck. Why in the storage space behind the truck's seats? I answered, "Because everything has to be someplace." True! Have you heard of something that was no place? Everything has to be someplace! It is simple physics. But, I haven't heard anybody actually say that. I think I made a new discovery that no one else has thought of. Remember the time we talked Einstein's Theory of Relativity? In the whole theory, someplace it is says "Matter or energy cannot be created or destroyed." And I think we should add an amendment that says "matter has to be someplace." We will call it the Edwin T. Hunter, Jr. Amendment. And also, do I get some kind of royalty checks for this new insightful discovery?

Friday, September 23, 2022

Funeral Years Ago

We went to Mayes Ward Funeral Home in downtown Marietta to pay our respects to the departed and the departed husband and daughters. The departed had a fair amount of blood relatives and fellow church members there. Because they are my in-laws I knew all the relatives but the church members I wasn't sure about some, but I think I knew most of them too. But did the ones that I knew know me? No. That is because I am invisible. One of the church members I have seen many times in different social surroundings knows my in-laws well, but I know he has never really focused on me. The little devil sitting on my shoulder dared me to speak to him by his first name and watch his expression. I did. The man looked at me puzzled, first like, "I heard my name, where did it come from? Him?" He looked at me and I smiled. He smiled and said, "How ya doing?" And gave me an eye-twinkling smile. I said, "Same ol, same ol" And walked on. Arnold Parish, a life-long family friend came in. He spoke to me by name and haven't seen me in a couple of years. That always surprises me. He used to live with his family in the Clay Homes. He is about the same age as Frances. He told me he was a volunteer in the Cancer Unit and knew the deceased's husband there, where he was also a volunteer. David Green, another life-long friend came in. He and the deceased's husband are both in the Masons. Poor David is having back problems. A horse threw him and did a number on his back which he looks to be suffering terribly with, he even now stands in a warp position. I hope he gets relief for his back soon. By random chance two life-long friends showed up at my aunt-in-law's visitation. I wonder if I went to any visitation of any Marietta native if I visited long enough would somebody I know come in to pay their respects? What about two people showing up? What do you think the chances are? I think the chances are pretty high. Once the widower was sitting alone. I sat down beside him. It didn't seem right that he should sit along when everybody were socializing. He told me earlier he had to sit, his back was hurting him. He asked me how I was doing. "Fine, and you?" "She is better off now." "No more pain." "And in a better place." I nodded. It is good that people can come to a place that is all about their relative or friend's death and socialize and keep everything light hearted for closure. It is like the old expression, "I'm laughing to keep from crying."

Wednesday, September 21, 2022

The Safe Thing To Do

This is something you don't see often. The first block of Atanta Street vacant of cars. I probably took this picture on a Sunday morning. Years ago I used to walk in downtown on Sunday mornings. One time in the spot the lens is aimed, about where all the newspaper boxes are, a guy ran around the corner, and flattened himself against the wall. I was walking towards him. As I got closer, I saw why he did what he did. A Marietta police car cruised slowly from Roswell Street going west. I gulped, because in just a second we would be face to face. What did we do? The safest thing, as far I was concerned, we ignored each other.

Tuesday, September 20, 2022

Family Twists, Turns, and Returns

Researching my family tree has had some interesting curves thrown at me. While following a tree up (or is it down?) tonight on one of my ancestors is Thomas Alexander, born in 1548, in Ayrshire, Scotland. His parents are listed as Thomas Caldwell and Alice Tomlinson . He married Elise Muir, born 1558 in Lanarkshire, Scotland. her parent s were Robert Muir and Alice Tomlinson. Alice Tomlinson? That is the name of her husband Thomas Alexander Caldwell's mother? So, going a notch higher I found that Alice Tomlinson was married to Thomas Caldwell and later married to Robert Muir. Thomas Alexander Caldwell married his half sister! I thought Ray Stephens made all that stuff up!

Monday, September 19, 2022

Queen Elizabeth's Funeral, from my view

We watched Queen Elizabeth’s Funeral this morning. These are just some mental notes from I came away with: Strangely, of the thousands of people I saw through BBC and NBC lens I only saw one person with an unnatural color hair or long hair. I think this young lady’s hair was artificially too bright red. I thought in Great Britan that was the style, more so than here. Many of the news commentators mentioned how humble and deep thinking the Queen was, full of insightful quotable quotes. A Dali lama in a skirt and crown? They said that then turned around and said the best quotes we will never known because it was private between her and leaders of the world. The funeral horses did not like the loud cannon bangs. The horses would start kicking and uprearing on each bang. There were many elite armed service officers and others with medals pinned to their coat or jacket. Are the medals something like Boy Scout Merritt Badges? Like Stamp Collecting or Building a Safe Fire? I doubt it, I think the medals are bragging rights to certain battles or exploring a new continent or something like that. Which brings up the military pallbearers who carried the coffin. Upstairs, down stairs, up nd down hills. I watched them it look like they had a method and everything went smoothly. I think there should be a medal for pallbearing heads of state bodies here and there. Two men in a hearse carried Queen Elizabeth’s body. Occasional, from a drone, bridge, or whatever would zoom in on the two men. I don’t think they spoke to each other at all. It seemed they would make small talk about the crowds, the weather, or whatever. Maybe being on duty they felt that talking would be rude, maybe it would be.

Old South BBQ in Smyrna

As I already posted, we had lunch at Old South BBQ in Smyrna today. I think about 51 years ago when we were first married we wanted black-eyed peas for New Years Day and finding a restaurant serving those was not easy. Old South came through. I like their non-pretentious down to earth mannerisms. And the fact that the waitress addresses all the men folk Sweetheart, My-love, or Sugar is nice too. I remember also years ago when they were first starting out the neighborhood kids often came in and helped themselves to a Coke at the dispenser. Maybe their kids were part Our Gang bunch too. I don’t think they do that now. I also noticed often that police cars and ambulances parked outside, not for emergencies but for the grub. Today I saw the waitress point to the pictures of the owners and tell someone they were her parents. Also while being friendly with the customers, she learned the white headed dignified man she was talking to was his birthday. She seemed hurt that she wasn’t notified it was his birthday today.She volunteered to go get the Big Birthday Hat for the dignified man to wear. In body language I think he said, “Over my dead body.” Also, as finale’ today we saw I had spilled some homemade chili on my shirt. My suave plan was to get my glass of water and dip my napkin into the water and then scrub my shirt with the wet cloth. I never got past step one. I spilled the glass of water all over the table. Time to go anyway.