Saturday, October 23, 2021

A Pat on the Head from the Mayor a couple years ago

Today At the Marietta Museum of History the Mayor thundered "Thank you for writing about Marietta's history." "And thank you for making the history." I replied.

Fun Fact

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Friday, October 22, 2021

Booster Shot Blues

got my booster shop today. I got it in the pharmacist department of a grocery store. I think there were about 3 or 4 people ahead of me. I watched the lady pharmacist’s procedure. On each customer or patient she repeated the same set up procedure. When each person left she cleaned up where that person was sitting. And on each case she had to make a new hypodermic shot. I think she would have saved a lot of time if she had a row of chairs and divide people into the type booster they needed, and have all that with he, so she would no have to run and back and forth behind the counter. She asked me if I wanted it on left upper arm or my might. I said it did not matter. Well, it did to her. She asked which side did I sleep on and I said my right. She said it would probably be better on my left arm. She asked me did I take blood thinner and I said she I do. She bought with her extra tape and gauze, never know when you might strike a leak. When it came my time I told her how she could make it more efficient and she seemed to have appreciated it. Always ask a retired postal employee how the make it less work.

There It Is, or was

I took a picture of it Because It Was There. My late father-in-law grew these gourds. There is something about the natural curviness of the gourds that are relaxing . Very relaxing, very zzzzzzzz.


It seems tonight on the news all I am hearing is about the Braves and how they will do tonight. It remind me back in the 1980s when Rocky and Adam were in the scouts and ball teams and we, as groups, carried them some of the live games in Atlanta. I remember it was the 9th Inning and whoever the Braves were losing 10 to 8. The crowd was going wild stomping, blowing horns, screaming, and I don’t know what all. Dale Murphy was at bat. Amongst everybody hollowing I screamed, “KNOCK A HOMERUN DALE!” What I did not now, nor anyone else, is that everybody’s shut-up just as the demand to Murphy left my mouth. The whole stadium heard my scream. Dale Murphy looked up in my direction and then looked center at me. Embarrassed I faintly wave. Dale nodded without smiling, He called time out and the catcher and Manager Bobby Cox had a conference up on the mound. As they talked they all looked at me.. Embarrassed, I looked the other way. Then I I heard foot steps coming up the aisle. I looked towards the sound and Bobby Cox was making his way towards me with a serious look on his face. He came up to me and said, “You think knocking a home run will work??” With so much pressure I couldn’t answer without studying. Bobby said, “We’ll try it, but its on you.” Dale knocked it out of the park. The score was 12 to 10 Braves. The crowd roared and a bunch of people lift me up on their shoulders and danced around. Then I woke up.

Thursday, October 21, 2021


We just watched a special about Robin Williams from beginning to end, his end. I think he was genius in acting. Anyway, it reminded me of the time I was on the USS NEWPORT NEWS’s Helicopter Crew from about Dec 29, 964, to about the first week of February 1965, slightly over a month. We left a Naval Base in Virgina, stopped at a Naval Base near Jacksonville, Florida, Mayport I think the name of it, and we got to in Jacksonville that New Years Eve, then on through the Gulf and up the Mississippi River to New Orleans where we met the Brit sailors and reacted the Battle of New Orleans – or day did. I had fun playing in the streets of the Crescent City. As a member of the Helo crew my co-workers and I spent a lot of time on the main deck of the ship. The Executive Office (assistant captain) spent a lot of time on the main deck too, I don’t think he had much to do. Another fellow, short, blondish hair and big round glasses also spent a lot of time there with nothing to do. One day I saw the Executive Officer talking for a long time to the little guy with the big round glasses. They talked into detail. Then they left and went below deck. Later that day the little guy could not wait to tell us what hey were talking about. Since the kid did not have anything to do, the Executive Office gave him the duty as the ship’s DJ. It took him a while to go over the details. He was to play popular music that most every body would like, news (non-controversial), ships announcements and anything else he could comeup with to take ship life less boring.. I think it took him about a week to come up with a doozy: People to call in to complain. They complain about the food, regulations, bully NCO’s and everything else they could think of. I don’t remember if the XO put an end to that or not. I know by his expressions he did not like it. I looked up GOOD MORNING VIETNAM! To see if it might have been an inspiration to the little guy with big glasses but no, GOOD MORNING VIETNAME was started in 1965 in Saigon by Airman 2ndclass Adrian Cronamer. GOOD MORNING VIETNAM was in a later part of 1955, so Airman 2nd Class Adrian Whazhizname couldn’t have inspired the little guy with big glasses, but the little guy with glasses may have spired Adrian. USS NEWPOT NEWS probably carried troops too.

Is Banksky a State-of- Mind


Have you ever heard of the underground graffiti artiist Banksy? This is partly what Wikipedia said about him: Banksy is a pseudonymous England-based graffiti artist, political activist, film director, and painter.
His satirical street art and subversive epigrams combine dark humour with graffiti done in a distinctive stencilling technique. Such artistic works of political and social commentary have been featured on streets, walls, and bridges of cities throughout the world.
I heard on the news fairly recently in England at an art auction somebody wealthy bided and won one of Banksky original canvases for a very high price. He paid the auctioneer and as soon as he took possession it uploaded in hundreds of bits.


Wednesday, October 20, 2021

Bettis Kids


These are Bob and Ida Lavonia Prance Bettis's four sons. Bob and Ida had ten children, 6 boys and 4 girls. The four oldest children were boys, and I think these were probably the only kids at the time of the picture was taken, which I estimate to be 1906. The first daughter was born in 1907, after when I believe this picture was taken. Based on that, from left to right: James Toliver Cecil Bettis (1900-1969), Reuel Andrew Bettis (1901-1968), Herschel Raymond Bettis (1903-1987), and Isaac Landrum Bettis (1898-1975).
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Tuesday, October 19, 2021



As we were walking around the Chalkober Fest in Downtown Marietta today we ran into our long time subdivision friend Roy. He was sitting alone, enjoying watching people. We introduced him to Rocky our oldest son. Then it occurred to me they met before. Rocky is in his early 40s. I said, “Roy, one time Rocky sat in your lap.”
“He and his brother sat in your lap and told you what they wanted for Christmas.”
Then Roy got it. Roy had a Santa suit and that was one of the many things he did. He also has a motivational book out titled, NEVER BEAT YOUR BOSS AT HORSE SHOES by Roy Lantz and he is also a motivational speaker.
Roy's wife died not long ago. Just before she died a group of women came to their house to pray for her. She told the ladies if any of them are looking for a husband, Roy would be available in a day or two.
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No Swan Lake for Me

I have fell twice recently. Once in a parking lot, which I fell flat on my face, or head, as the scabs proved. How that happened was my foot was asleep, as it has happened many times before in a car (also movie theaters) and when I got out of the car and took a step it was like falling into nothingness, the WHAM! I have tried walking many times before with a foot asleep after getting out of a car and no problem, the movement woke itself up. The second time I fell was in our own house. I normally wake up before anybody else and with the house dark feel by touch and memory feel my way to the kitchen to start myself a nice cup of coffee. But this time I was feeling with my memory guiding me and thought a door to another room was yet a few feet away and I was feeling for the wall that should have been there and it wasn’t the door was there, which I fell into, bashing my head and body anito furniture. Here we go again! I thought. We got an appointment with a physical therapist (PT). for him to rate my balance. He had me fill out a two page questionnaire, then walk around, turn around, stand on one foot then the other foot, and so on. One thing I cannot do for sure is stand on one foot balanced and also stand on one foot with my eyes closed. So now, at least we know I cannot keep my balance on one leg, so no need trying to audition as a ballet dancer. Pilloretting is out of the question.

Party of Two


We hired a man to help us do some various chores that needed to be done. This morning he mentioned he worked for Lockheed as a buyer. Anna told him she worked at Lockheed for Department of Defense as a contract administrator.
The more they talked they realized they worked in the same building at Lockheed, and probably the same floor about twenty years ago.
Small world.
That reminds me of the time in a restaurant in downtown Marietta we went to a restaurant and there was about a 15 minute wait. We put our names in and sat down and had a friendly conversation with another couple. We made small talk talking about Marietta and how it had changed and so on.
Then the hostess said, “Hunter, party of two.”
Anna and I stood up and so did the couple we were talking to.
The guy and I are first cousins and just did not recognized each other.

Monday, October 18, 2021

Broken Arms


My facebook friend Judy broke her arm while vacuuming. Of course, I had to tell her about my broken arm: Judy, I’m so sorry. It is never pleasant to have to deal with a broken limb. I broke my arm in my preteens at a wresting match. I think there were to be 3 bouts and the 3rd one of the contenders was either a gorilla or a bear. I wanted to see it so Daddy took me to Larry Bell Park, where they hold such events in Marietta. . Daddy hung out at the concession counter talking to someone he knew. A found a friend and we sat together and near a cute little girl sitting with her parents. The little girl kept her eyes on us and giggled as we showed off. I thought I would really impress her when I did a spectacular leap from the top of the bleachers to about 4 rows down. My plan did not work, I tumbled and broke my left arm.
My arm was bent. I was in pain. My covered my arm with my light jacket and found daddy hanging out at the concession stand talking to Elizabeth Sullivan, a family friend. I told him I didn;t feel good, I wanted to go home. Being a cop he said what's wrong wih your arm? You have it covered? He yanked the jacked off my arm, which make me grunt painfully and saw what I hiding. Daddy took me to the new Kennestone Hospital. The medical people gave me ether, I think, and set my arm with a cast. I had to stay overnight and they were not organized yet. I wasn’t a toddler or an adult. They put me in a very young kids ward. Kids crying. I deserved that for showing off like a fool.

I'm All Mess Up, ummmhmm

I was trying to imitate Elvis in the above title. Did you feel like dancing. Wait! Now, that I think about it, it was "I'm All Shook up!" Well, with a whole series of of trial and errors it appears that the stuff already here has been compromised. Even the pictures are nothing but numebrs, letters, and symbol.. but when I publish the very post it comes out clear and precise as you might expect my post to do....or not.So, S So, with luck, it looks like I can still post. It is just the ones I have previoulsly posted look idiot-whack in here, the blog mind, but when published they look like the charming (ahem) struff you have grown to expect on chicken-fa. Shall I say "YaHoo!" and hit the sign with a bat?

Mama and Grandson


We are still straightening out the basement. Today I came across a bunch of forgotten pictures. This is my late mother Janie Ethel America Petty Hunter and my son Rocky. Rocky looks about 3 or 4 years old.
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