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Speaking of Billy Joe Royal

Joy Lewis Royal and her husband Jack Royal (brother of Billy Joe)

In the Billy Joe Royal concert at the Strand post one or two back I mentioned that Billy Joe brought up the fact, that while in his teenage years in Marietta, or I think he said, “in the 50s” he mostly remembered all us laughing all the time.

That is true. Although, some of it were horse laughs, some were laughing at someone (not with), and some were muffled giggles we were trying to hold back.

I thought he gave a very good concert. I think he felt very comfortable knowing the all the good old boys he ran around with were in the audience – well, the ones that are still living, anyway.

Billy Joe also mentioned living in the Clay Homes. I did too. But I moved from there before the Royal family moved in, but still had friendship ties there and returned frequently.

Back then when I went to the Clay Homes (either by bike or foot) to run around with my friends I got to know Billy Joe and his brother Jack. Outside of their apartment was a grass court… lack of a better word. Across the grassy court was another row of apartments.

Late at night after dark many times we sat out front of the Royal’s apartment on the grassy court. We soon found out that if we laughed or hollered too loud an elderly man across the court by the name of Mr. Caudell would walk over and tell us to keep it quiet. First he was nice, then, each night he would get ruder and ruder threatening to call the law on us and so on. Mr. Caudell smoked all the time. In the dark, it got where we got a kick of seeing the red end of his cigarette seem to float through the dark in our direction to demand we hold it down. And he would turn around and be walking back to his house and somebody would hollow like a cow mooing or something and the glowing red little light would materialized and walks towards us again for another chewing out. That is a time we muffled our giggles.

It got to be an almost every night ritual.

Mr. Caudell* was the father of a cashier at the Big Apple where I later worked – small world.

*James Caudell said he has not heard of this Caudell, and thinks it may have been a name similar to Caudell.  Who knows?

After a while the Royal family moved to East Dixie Avenue, which so happened to be the same house my mother and father moved to when they were freshly married. My mother believed she saw a red headed ghost in the house one time. I asked Jack and Billy Joe if they ever had a ghostly encounter. Nope.

I will have to skip over most of our fun times… laughing in the fast-lane …. And tell of one road trip that lasted about two weeks:

About 1958 several of us boys went to Panama City Beach, Florida. We went in Billy Joe’s 1950 black Ford. It took us about 12 hours to make the six to seven hour trip. We got lost a bunch of times on little dirt roads in Alabama.

In Panama City Beach area we the cheapest motel we found was The Key of Rest Motel. They advertised only $8 a night for two people. Between all five of us we had about $40. I had $30 of that and Jack had about $15. We decided The Key of Rest Motel was about the best we could do.

Jack and I had most the money so we both registered and each paid $8. The room had twin beds and a bathroom that we shared with the connecting room.

We brought our stuff in, which wasn’t much and then bought some Straight 8 Beer which sold for $1 a six pack.

This was the first week of June. High school students from all over Alabama and Georgia and converged on Panama city. Most of the Marietta people had rooms at two motels just down the street. A few of our friends found out where we were staying and dropped by for a visit and bringing more beer.

After a while we decided to walk across the road to the public beach and go hang out on the beach and maybe get some sun.

I remember they had sun-tan lotion tents. You step in a tent, deposit a quarter and you are sprayed with lotion. We were too poor to do that, but I thought it was interesting anyway.

Also was a sign with a local ordinance number at the bottom. The sign said, “No Colored Maids allowed in bathing suits on the beach.” This was a public, government owned beach. I thought that was terrible.

I noticed the lady who owned our motel come from down on the beach someplace carrying a very big fishing rod and a basket which I suppose had fish in it. I was glad to see that… I thought she wasn’t swept up in running a motel so much that she couldn’t enjoy the Florida amenities too.

When you are feeling the effects of alcohol you can tolerate the hot sun more than usual. We all took a nap on the beach baking in the sun. We woke up a few hours later baked. We were red as lobsters.

That night we went to a pavilion by the beach called “The Hangout.” There was a jukebox playing rock and roll music and hundreds of teenagers… some were dancing, most were standing around looking at the dancers, and some more was out on the beach beyond the lights fighting. We wisely stayed in the lights.

When we returned to our room that night and we all stripped down to our underwear we were blistery sore. I think a few friends came in that had no money or a place to stay so we told them they could stay with us.

It was so crowded if anyone moved someone else screamed in pain. One of us checked out the joining room. It was not being used. We divided up, half of us went into the next room. Then there were probably between 4 and 6 per room. We all went to sleep peacefully.

In the middle of the night the outside door opened up in the unpaid-for room and there stood the woman who ran the motel with a newly married couple. The bride screamed, the woman proprietor hollered, and some of the half-naked red-baked boys screamed.

She kicked us out. We asked for a refund and she laughed bitterly.

When we were putting stuff in the car she marched over from the office and wisely demanded to go through our suitcases. She retrieved her towels.

With no place to go we headed to Valdosta, Georgia. Billy Joe was born in Valdosta and had family there. I am not sure if Jack was born in Valdosta or not. Doc Holliday was.

Again it took us longer than it should have. Again we got lost and went through Tallahassee, Florida, which I think was way out of the way.

Billy Joe and Jack’s uncle and aunt welcomed us. The aunt cooked some delicious breakfasts. For almost we week we just lounged around and went to a local teen hangout at Twin Lakes Park a couple of times.

Their aunt and uncle were very much into music. They had a piano and guitars. Billy Joe would practice singing with playing different instruments. I think he could duplicate anybody’s voice and style while singing… if you had your eyes closed you were think the Coasters or maybe Ray Charles was singing, and the next song you would think it was Hank Williams…. Then you would hear, Jerry Lee Lewis grabbing the bull by the horns.

After the first week Tommy, Charlie, and I went with their other uncle and aunt who lived in Tifton to spend a few days. Jack and Billy Joe stayed with the ones in Valdosta… they were singing together over the piano and guitar, harmonizing like.

In a few days we returned to Valdosta to hear the latest. A furniture warehouse had a dance a certain night every week. BJ and Jack’s uncle played in the band… and BJ was going to get to play with them.

For the occasion BJ and Jack’s mother and their two sisters came from Marietta to Valdosta to hear him on stage. They knew he could do it, and do it well - and they were right.

After the dance was over, Mrs. Royal and her daughters, Tommy, Charlie, me, and Jack crammed into a car and drove back to Marietta. Billy Joe stayed back in order to perform.

As far as I know that was Billy Joe Royal’s first singing gig.

Tribute to Billy Joe Royal at the Strand Theater Jan 30, 2016

James Kirk

Ivanell Roper

Rick Kendricks

Monty Calhoun, Chip Newport, and Kay Calhoun

Buddy Black and Ivanell

Center in black: Lillian (Mrs Buddy) Darden

Paradocs (actually 5 pairs of doctors)

Rupert Raines and Rhubarb Jones

Mickey Carlile and Rhubarb Jones

Joy Lewis Royal and Jack Royal (Billy Joe's Brother)

Click Below, bits of the concert and remembrances.

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Postal Elevator Saga Continues

Elevator Saga continues.

One morning I was waiting on the elevator, not in the basement but on the first floor, and the Postmaster and one of his right hand "yes" men walked in from outside.   The Postmaster just glanced at me and the right hand man shook my hand and patted me on the back.  They stood waiting on the elevator with me. 

A few seconds later a handful of employees came in from the outside and past us horridly to get back to work.  The Postmaster looked mortified.  He told his right hand man they shouldn't have been allowed outside the building.

The right hand man, I will call him B, smiled and said, they were either on break  or lunch and they can go where they want on their own time.

I  appreciated B for standing up to our boss and not necessary being the "yes" right hand man.  He politely and smilingly  told the Postmaster he was wrong.  I have had dealings with B ever since he transferred in.  He was young, short, smooth talking and nice.  He treated everybody with respect and looked you in the eyes when he talked to you and smiled when he spoke, every time.

We rode up the elevator.  I got off on 2M and they were talking about business.  I thought I would be ignored when I stepped off  but B spoke to me by name, telling me "Not to work too hard."... which is a bad statement for upper management to say to a clerk.  He said it in front of the Postmaster. 

B.  got promoted to the postmaster of Kennesaw, Georgia.   Good for him.

GOBAG 3-12-13 Forum

Benjamin & Mama Selfing

Laurel and Hardy Dancing

Man this is good!  Award winning film editor Amy Linton had it on her facebook page yesterday, so naturally, I stole it.

The name of it is Laurel and Hardy Dances to the Jean Genie by David Bowie.

Take it way Stan and Oliver! click below:

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Waiting on the Elevator part 4.

I was not the only one who had to routinely and timely take the elevator  at a certain time.  An elderly clerk who worked in operations office had to have his mail volume report on the Operations Manager's desk at 6am.  He was a talker once you got him talking and I think that caused him to run late many mornings.  If he was running late when he got into the elevator he would press the close-doors button so it would not wait any longer.

Sometimes when I was running to the elevator to catch it I could see him reaching  for the button and by the time I got 10 more feet the door was closing in my face. 

The office clerk was a tall slim bald-headed guy and very self-centered.  He cared for nobody's job but his.
Finally he retired. 

Like me, I would find out later, he could not to sleep at night, he was so used to staying up all night.  He would start drinking, bored, in the middle of the night and call me at work and kept asking me about people he knew.  He missed his job.   Then I told him I was the one he would shut the elevator door in my face.

Then he felt bad about that.  He never thought  about it until I told him.   He called several times to apologized and then I guess, feeling guilty about it all he quit calling.

Old Petty Pictures

My Petty side of the family, back when things were black and white.

Waiting on the Elevator Adventure, Part 3

Waiting on the Elevator for #3

There was another clerk who threw parcels in the basement near the elevator that got promoted overnight.

I suppose it is good he did, it saved him a lot of changing.

One time one of the clerk threw a parcel and it started hissing and smoking.  Everybody but one clerk ran for cover.  It was evidently a bomb.

The one guy that did not run from the bomb ran towards it, grabbed it up and ran out of the building with it and they called the Atlanta Police he took it from there.

The clerk was a hero.

For a few years he has been coming to work dressed in a suit carrying a briefcase.  At work, in the locker room he would remove the suit and put on dingy work clothes and an apron and get to work.  At lunch time he would take his sandwich out of his brief case and eat.

At the end of the shift he would change back into his suit and go home.

His neighbors thought he was an executive like everybody else in the neighborhood.  The lady he married inherited the house they moved into, which was only a couple of blocks from the Governor's Mansion on West Paces Ferry Road.

After that, not only was he an executive, sort of, but also a hero, sort of.

Somehow, when one is a loud talker and brag to people and tell them one's business it takes the heroism our of hero.

Rerun: GOBAG 9-11-2012

Here we go again with another Good Old Boys and Girls sitting around talking.

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By the Elevator Part 2: Veteran's Funeral

Yesterday I talked about a guy I named Goofy that I got to talk to sometimes while waiting on the elevator in the Post Office at the Federal Annex Building in Atlanta.

Also while waiting on the elevator I got to know the whole crew of parcel throwing and their supervisor.
Their supervisor was a short little man beyond retirement age who did not mix with his workers very much, or at least I didn't see him talking to his employees.  I think his last name was something like Crumbley.

Crumbley had a 30 minute radio show on Saturday Mornings at 11:00.  It was all public service announcements and items of interest for the American Legion Post he belonged to.  I listened to it a couple of times - it was very straight forward, no carrying on or joking.

Under the types of paid administrative leave is Funeral for Veterans.   I think Veteran's Funeral Leave in intended for high ranking veterans for other high ranking people to attend.  As a timekeeper for over a dozen years I have only seen it used one day.

And that time was all the clerks that worked throwing parcels for Mr. Crumbley.   One of their co-workers died, who was a veteran, so he let everybody take off four hours on Veterans Funeral Leave the day of the late co-workers' funeral.

The Atlanta Post Office did not not work like that.  24x7 the incoming mail, including parcels must be worked or they would pile up overwhelming uncontrollable.

After it was taken and upper Postal Management found out about it, it I heard from the Director of Operations secretary "they were so pissed off they could shit a brick."

PS:  I wonder if Goofy took pictures?

Old Hunter Pictures

These are my relatives on the Hunter side of the family, in living Black and White.

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By the Elevator Part 1: Harold Wannabe and Death

Yesterday We just watched the 1971 movie HAROLD AND MAUDE.   Harold is an eccentric young person, probably under age 20 and Maude an eccentric lady that will turn 75 before the movie is over.   Harold is obsessed with death and Maude is obsessed with life.  They were made for each other; a love made in heaven.

Maude is played by Ruth Gordon and Harold is played by  Bud Cort.  HAROLD AND MAUDE is a great movie full of quotable quotes.

As I watched Harold AND MAUDE it reminded me of someone obsessed with death: an Atlanta Postal employee.
I don't remember his name, it has been about 35 years since I have seen him.  He mannerisms and speech reminded me of Disney's Goofy.  So, for this we will call him Goofy.
Goofy's job was in the basement throwing parcels into tubs.

 The elevator was right by the parcel sorting section.  Doing my timely rounds as a timekeeper part of my route was take the elevator where Goofy was throwing parcels.  We talked often.  I found out he was an expert on western novels.  He had every western writer, their stories, and characters memorized.  He was compulsive. 

Goofy  was also compulsive about looking at dead people.  And so was his mother.  He told me he and his mother went through the obituaries regularly looking for wakes and funerals to go to.   They each had a small camera to sneak a picture of the honoree corpse.  They had picture albums full of dead people they did not know.

It was nice that a mother and her son had a hobby together.

Play It Again, Marietta's Elderly Little Rascals


When Dr. Wertman and the politicians demanded that EC comics immediately cease publishing of horror comics they switched to other kinds of comics.  ACES HIGH was one of them.  It lasted  five issues.

click on each page to make it readable and understandable. 

The art is by Georgia born Jack Davis.

Rerun, Some Marietta Cemeteries

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Thoughts About Chicken-fat attendees

Every day I check stats on visitors to my blog on the Stat Report.  It tells me how many visitors went to chicken-fat the previous day, and recently what they looked at, how long they stayed and where they are from.  About 10 to 20% are local visitors.  The rest are living  all over the world.  Spain, France, and Australia viewers  big SUNDAY FUNNIES fans.   About 20 to 30% are digging into my genealogy reports.  People from Russia seem to like American life off from the mainstream.

The attendance number that constant repeats itself is 244.  I think there are 244 people  the same 244 day after day visit chicken-fat and the rest come and go.  So, if  the attendance on any given day is say 243 I wonder if that person, who ever  out in cyber-land  might be ill or his computer is broke.
These are just random thoughts about  chicken-fat's viewers.
Last Wednesday the number of visitors that day were shocking:  1162!  I studied what people looked at, no one thing in particular.    The next day it was just over half that amount, and now it has settled back to what it is normally, in the 400s.  Within the 400s is the 244 core.

When a person approaches me and tells me they read chicken-fat daily I am always overjoyed.  Maybe foolish for them wasting their valuable time on my blog but being self-centered: HOORAH for me!

When it hit 1162 and then in the 600s I  wished it would sink back, I was getting stage fright.

I think I might have been mentioned in a complementary way in something read nationally and people in droves came to see what was so good about chicken-fat.

It did take long for the 600 plus visitors realize there is nothing to me and moved on.


GOBAG Paul Roper Birthday Party

The Good Old Boys and Girl (GOBAG) celebrated Paul Roper's birthday.  I would hold this and rerun this on his actual birthday, but I forgot when it is.

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Goodbye Dumbo's Mom

The young lady on the elephant's head with her arms opened up will have to figure out another way of presenting herself. 

Ringling Brothers announced they are getting rid of their elephants.  Hoorah for them.  Elephants have been abused in circuses long enough.  That is if "getting rid of" is not "getting rid of" the old Mafia style way.

Maybe the lady can sit on a bicycle and do the same thing.  Or maybe a high seat unicycle would be more show business presentable. 

Repeat: Driving Through Marietta Dec 2010

I might have had this on recently.  If so, it is repeat of a repeat.

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John Marshall appointed Chief Justice this day

This day in history, January 20, 1801, John Marshall was appointed U.S. Supreme Court Chief Justice.
John Marshall had a sister named  Hannah Elizabeth Marshall .

Hannah married Zachariah Petty.  They are my ancestors.

So, John Marshall, Supreme Court Justice is an in-law of mine.  How do you think I got my job at the Post Office?

Rerun GOBAG 3-21-2010

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Monday, January 18, 2016

Coretta Scott King at the High Museum

This is Rodin's statue THE SHADE.  It was donated to the High Museum by the French government in memory of the 122 Atlanta Art Patrons and plane crew killed on Air France Flight 007 that crashed when it attempted to leave Paris's airport.

When I took this picture a couple years ago it was in front of the High Museum near the sidewalk on Peachtree Street.  I think it is still there.

It was inside the building, outside the concert auditorium.  Once about 1973, when it was inside we went to a concert.  Don Lash, a visiting Navy friend was with us. We were early of course, and I had a chance to study the statue  I noticed moment in peripheral   vision, fairly close.  I turned to look and was awed that was Coretta Scott King.. 

I couldn't keep my eyes off her.  We stood there looking.  She at the statue and I at her.  She was so close I could have shake her hand; even goose her. She was a very graceful lady.  I didn't speak to her because I didn't know what to say... I knew from experience what I would have said would sound too eager to impress her and come out awkward  or say something wrongly put.

When she gracefully glided away I kicked myself for not speaking.

About a fifteen years later I got to know her niece Debbie, (Coretta's brother's daughter) a co-worker at the Post Office.  It wasn't hard to talk to her at all, she was very much down to earth and witty.

Happy Martin Luther King Day!

Rerun: Night in the Marietta History Museum

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Tuba Skinny at Whitefield, Me

They get around don't they?

What, Me Cute?

On my Family Tree genealogy program and Ancestry.Com I have picture of family members and this picture is the one I put up of me. By the dates it was when I was in the first grade.   This evening  I called the help desk at for technical help.  The lady tecky went to my family tree to get a better idea what I was talking about.  She came across this picture.  She exclaimed , "Oh!  How Cute!"

Aww Shucks!  


By Gilbert Shelton, the same artist and story teller who brought you the FABULOUS FREAK BROTHERS

Click on picture to be able to read it.

Varner Reunion Rerun, 2012

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Benjamin Rockwell Hunter, Jan 16, 2016.

Comfort in Southern Comfort

The Late Janis Joplin and her friend

New Orleans-based Sazerac buys Southern Comfort for $543.5 million
New Orleans' reputation for all things drinking got a boost when its signature liquor company made a major acquisition Thursday (Jan. 14). 
The family-owned Sazerac Co. has acquired Southern Comfort from Brown-Forman Corp. as part of a $543.5 million deal that also includes the Tuaca liqueur brands, according to a statement from Brown-Forman. 
Sazerac president and CEO Mark Brown told The Associated Press his family-owned company was excited to acquire the two brands and looks forward to "years of successful brand building."
Southern Comfort has been in Brown-Forman's hands since 1979. The original recipe is credited to bartender Martin Wilkes Heron, who came up with the bourbon-based concoction in 1874 at McCauley's Tavern in the French Quarter.

Above was the news I found. on-line.   On the radio I heard that Southern Comfort was having a decline in sales for the past several years.

See what happens when I quit drinking?   Actually, I still drink.  I drink an ounce or so of red wine at bed time for health reasons..

I remember Southern Comfort well.   It had a special sweet liqueur taste and had a special effect on me.  I enjoyed life to the utmost  with Southern Comfort for about three to five years.

 I'm lucky to be alive.

My Birthday Song at BayBreeze

This waitress birthday song for me was 5.5 years ago when I was younger.

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Capman's Country Store in Etowah, Alabama

click on picture to see some details and old brand names

Brad Martin had an interesting photo of his poor ancestor's county store in Sprott Alabama.  That reminds me of a distant relative of ours.  Elizabeth  Betsy Kuykendall Chapman (1844 - 1914)who, with her husband John D. Chapman "Dock" owned a dirt-poor store in Etowah, Alabama.  Betsy 's brother is James Ephrah Kuykendall (1848-1915) who is Anna's ancestor.  By the way, James' wife is Frances "Fannie" Tyson  (1844- 1930), also her ancestor, - that is where I come in .  Fannie"s father was Robert Cabel Tyson (1821-1864), my ancestor (and Anna"s).

Back to the picture.  It looks like Betsy and "Dock" are honoring the box on a little table  between them.  

I give up, what's in the box?

Repeat:GOBAG Nov 30, 2010

My old friend-in-humor Larry Bradford is in this one.

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On This Date 1930 Mickey Mouse

The first Mickey Mouse comic strip made it's debut on this date 1930.

click above t make bigger to read the balloons.

Rerun, Pizza and Ice Cream at GOBAGS

Looking at these videos one would think all we did was eat.  That is not true.  We drank too.

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Elijah Petty's Daughers

These are the daughters of Elijah Petty (1806-1881).  Elijah is my  g-g- grandfather.  He was born in Surry County, North Carolina, his parents were the early pioneers there.  His first wife Letty Lewis had  five kids:  three sons and two daughters.   They moved to Fannin County, Georgia, and Letty died.  After Letty died Elijah married  Sarah Parker.  They had  seven children, one son and six daughters.
The women in the picture are probably sisters and half-sisters.

I found the Elijah Petty Family Cemetery about half-way between Morganton and Suches, Georgia.  It is in the woods about a hundred feet from the road, I would have never found it, but by coincidence I was talking to man in Morganton retired from the Air Force who was a school bus driver.  His last name was Petty.  But if we are related it is not close, he is from the north.  Somebody told him of the Petty Cemetery on his school bus route. He took me there.
The solitary grave stone is Elijah Petty's

Sometimes I think I was ordained to do family research, things hard to find just fall in my lap. 

Elijah Petty Family Cemetery

Elijah Petty's Grave