Monday, January 31, 2011


My friend Paul called this morning and said when he clicked onto Chicken-Fat this morning and clicked on a picture to enlarge it the screen turned red and a warning came up saying the blog contained something to spy on his finances.

I apprecaite that he told me.

I looked at Chicken-Fat on my computer and on Anna's computer and got no such warning. So, I can not say if Paul's virus detector is off its rocker or it really sensed something.

Actually, it is Phase One of my plan for World Domination.

Read this blog at your own risk.

A Suggestion

I think what the old ex-MHS over-the-hill students need is a blog devoted exclusively to what is new with them.

At our age among all of us something new will pop up almost daily to announce: deaths, funerals, sicknesses, reunions, claim-to-fames, class-reunions, social reunions, missing people for reunions, and on and on.

The running of the blog should be handled by two, three, or four people, so you can get a wider spectrum of what is going on.

I also suggest to keep publishing pages of the OLYMPIA yearbook. I am almost finished with the 1959 OLYMPIAN and the 1960 is as far as I can go. Other people have older annuals and many more have later ones.

I think it would a very noble project for a group of friends to do.

I am not that noble of a person, so count me out. Chicken-Fat is more self-centered, like cartoonist James Thurber’s “My World and Welcome to It”.
But I enjoy giving a plug to reunions and events I have something to with or plan to attend.

1959 OLYMPIAN, Ads, 242 & 243

Sunday, January 30, 2011

My Tyson Genealogy part 38

270. MARY ELIZABETH9 RINER (RITTY8 MEEKS, SUSANNAH7 TYSON, FREDERICK6, JOHN5, THOMAS4, MATHIAS3, JOHN2, UNKNOWN1)109 was born 27 Oct 1830 in , Emanuel Co, Ga, and died 10 Dec 1910. She married WILLIAM BEASLEY 07 Mar 1850 in , Emanuel Co, Ga. He was born Abt. 1823 in , , Ga, and died 1883.

428. i. ANNIE M.10 BEASLEY, b. 12 Oct 1871; d. 11 Nov 1952.

271. TEMPY9 RINER (RITTY8 MEEKS, SUSANNAH7 TYSON, FREDERICK6, JOHN5, THOMAS4, MATHIAS3, JOHN2, UNKNOWN1)110 was born 11 Sep 1849 in , Emanuel Co, Ga, and died 1929 in , Johnson Co, Ga. She married JAMES ANDERSON RADFORD111 13 Feb 1870 in , Emanuel Co, Ga. He was born 11 Apr 1849 in , , SC, and died 08 Nov 1922 in , Emanuel Co, Ga.

Children of TEMPY RINER and JAMES RADFORD are:
429. i. JULIA ANN E.10 RADFORD, b. 29 Jun 1877, , Emanuel Co, Ga; d. 05 May 1959, Swainsboro, Emanuel Co, Ga.
430. ii. MARY SHELLIE RADFORD, b. 29 Nov 1870, Swainsboro, Emanuel Co, Ga; d. 09 May 1951, Savannah, Chatham Co, Ga.
431. iii. BENJAMIN ZACHARIAS RADFORD, b. 21 Mar 1884, , Emanuel Co., Ga; d. Oct 1956, , Emanuel Co., Ga.

272. AMOS JASPER9 RINER (RITTY8 MEEKS, SUSANNAH7 TYSON, FREDERICK6, JOHN5, THOMAS4, MATHIAS3, JOHN2, UNKNOWN1)112 was born 30 Aug 1834 in , Johnson Co, Ga, and died 10 Nov 1914 in , Emanuel Co, Ga. He married REBECCA JOHNSON 05 Dec 1886 in , Johnson Co, Ga. She was born 05 Jun 1857 in , , Ga, and died 26 Aug 1933.

Burial: Swainsboro, Emanuel Co, Ga

432. i. DENNIS ELY10 RINER, b. 19 Feb 1892, Scott, Laurens Co, Ga; d. 31 Oct 1971, Swainsboro, Emanuel Co, Ga.
433. ii. JOHN MATTHEW RINER, b. 04 May 1890, Meeks, , Ga; d. 17 Jun 1975, Swainsboro, Emanuel , Ga.

273. SARA ANN T.9 RHYNER (TEMPERANCE8 MEEKS, SUSANNAH7 TYSON, FREDERICK6, JOHN5, THOMAS4, MATHIAS3, JOHN2, UNKNOWN1)113 was born 1834 in , , Ga, and died 31 Jan 1908 in , Johnson Co, Ga. She married ASA BEASLEY 23 Jun 1853 in , Emanuel Co, Ga. He was born Abt. 1835 in , , Ga, and died 14 Apr 1863 in Petersburg, , Va.

Notes for ASA BEASLEY:
By date and locality of his death - probably a Civil War casualty.

434. i. BERRY ASA10 BEASLEY, b. 09 Dec 1859, , , Ga; d. 1936.

274. NOAH DANIEL9 TYSON (DANIEL P.8, JOHN7, FREDERICK6, JOHN5, THOMAS4, MATHIAS3, JOHN2, UNKNOWN1) was born 25 May 1858 in , Washington Co, Ga, and died 26 Oct 1935 in , Emanuel Co., Ga. He married MOURNING MOODY 23 May 1880 in , Washington Co, Ga. She was born 12 Jul 1858, and died 10 Jan 1902.

435. i. GEORGE JEFFERSON10 TYSON, b. 25 Jan 1885, , Emanuel Co., Ga; d. 26 Jan 1970, Macon, , Ga.

275. WILLIAM ROSS9 TYSON (WILLIAM THEODORE8, EUGENE HARGRAVES JOB7, JOB6, JOHN5, THOMAS4, MATHIAS3, JOHN2, UNKNOWN1) was born 1847 in Fashion, Murray, Ga, and died 1917. He married (1) MRS FRANCES EIRESS. She was born 1837114, and died 1914. He married (2) FRANCES UNKNOWN. She was born 1840, and died Unknown.

He was postmaster of Enoch, Murray County, Ga., from the time it was established until the office was discontinued in 1909 as rural free service began. They lived the Old Federal Highway, Red's Crossing, and some mineral springs. - MURRAY COUNTY HERITAGE, pp 245 & 246.

Burial: Mt Zion Cemetery, Murray Co., Ga114
Military service: CSA (grave marker)

Burial: Mt Zion Cemetery, Murray Co., Ga

i. THOMAS J.10 TYSON115, b. Abt. 1869, , Murray, Ga; d. Unknown.
ii. MIRAH Z. TYSON, b. Abt. 1872, , Murray, Ga; d. Unknown.
iii. MEDICUS T. TYSON, b. Abt. 1877, , Murray, Ga; d. Unknown.

276. JOSEPHINE PARTNESS9 TYSON (WILLIAM THEODORE8, EUGENE HARGRAVES JOB7, JOB6, JOHN5, THOMAS4, MATHIAS3, JOHN2, UNKNOWN1) was born 1854 in Fashion, Murray, Ga116, and died 1918. She married WEBSTER RILEY COFFEE 29 Dec 1870 in , Murray, Ga117. He was born 1851, and died 1924.

Burial: Center Valley Cemetery, Murray Co., Ga

Burial: Center Valley Cemetery, Murray Co., Ga

i. ROSA N.10 COFFEE118, b. Abt. 1872, , Murray, Ga; d. Unknown.
ii. WEBSTER M. COFFEE118, b. Abt. 1876, , Murray, Ga; d. Unknown.
iii. JOHN A. COFFEE118, b. Abt. 1879, , Murray, Ga; d. Unknown.
iv. INFANT SON COFFEE, b. 1911; d. 1911.

Burial: Center Valley Cemetery, Murray Co., Ga

v. TYSON COFFEE, b. 1918; d. 1922.

Burial: Center Valley Cemetery, Murray Co., Ga

277. REV JOHN FORREST9 TYSON (WILLIAM THEODORE8, EUGENE HARGRAVES JOB7, JOB6, JOHN5, THOMAS4, MATHIAS3, JOHN2, UNKNOWN1) was born 1863 in Fashion, Murray, Ga, and died 1936 in Fort Worth, Terrant, Tx. He married (1) MRS MAGGIE STONE. She was born Abt. 1865, and died Unknown. He married (2) MARY MAGNOLIA GRIFFIN. She was born 1885, and died 1962. He married (3) IDA JUDSON GILBREATH 1888 in , Bartow, Ga. She was born 1863 in Cassville, Bartow Co, Ga, and died 1907 in Troy, Bell Co, Tx.

Occupation: Minister
Residence: 1902, Throckmorton, Tx119

Children of JOHN TYSON and MARY GRIFFIN are:
i. JEWELL ELIZABETH10 TYSON, b. 1910, Hamilton, Hamilton, Tx; d. 1962.
ii. WILMA GRACE TYSON, b. 1912, Indian Creek, Brown, Tx; m. EARL MAYFIELD; b. Abt. 1910.
iii. RANKIN MCCOY TYSON, b. 1915, Brandon, Hill, Tx.
iv. WOODROW OLIN TYSON, b. 1917, Oglesby, Croyell, Tx; m. VIVIAN; b. Abt. 1920.

Children of JOHN TYSON and IDA GILBREATH are:
436. v. MARSHALL WILLIAM10 TYSON, b. 1889, Best Mills, Cherokee, Ga; d. 1967, Kennedale, Tarrant, Tx.
437. vi. JOHN HEIDT TYSON, b. 1891, , Cherokee, Ga; d. Unknown.
438. vii. PAUL EUGENE TYSON, b. 1893, Everette Springs, , Ga; d. 1949.
viii. ROSE MARY TYSON, b. 1895, Middleton, , Ga; d. 1895.
439. ix. JESSE FORREST TYSON, b. 1898, Blairsville, Union, Ga; d. 1981.
440. x. LILLIAN RUTH TYSON, b. 1900, Dumus, Desha, Ar; d. 1979.
441. xi. RUBY LAURA TYSON, b. 1904, Gordon, Palo Pinto, Tx.

278. ELIZA FRANCES "FANNIE"9 TYSON (ROBERT CABELL8, EUGENE HARGRAVES JOB7, JOB6, JOHN5, THOMAS4, MATHIAS3, JOHN2, UNKNOWN1) was born 30 Aug 1844, and died 1927 in , Cherokee, Ga. She married JAMES EPHRAH KUYKENDALL, son of JOHN KUYKENDALL and MARTHA TATE. He was born 27 Sep 1848, and died 02 Dec 1915 in , Cherokee, Ga.

Burial: Carmel Baptist Church Cem., Cherokee Co., Ga

Mr. Moody
My dear uncle I will write you a few lines, in answer to your kind letter which I read with much pleasure I have much to write only we are all well hoping these few lines will find you all well. Uncle I am about dun picking cotton I will make about 8 bales of cotton corn enuff to dow me. We have had heaps of sickness in the settlement of 2 tyfoid fever and heming of the bowels from all the tuck it died. Tell Johnson I wood like to see him. So, I had better close fo the old lady has wrote a right smart letter so write soon.
J.E. Kuykendall to Willam Moody
========================================================================== ==========
Mr. William Moody
I will drop you a few lines. We are all at presant hoping it will find you all well. The boys got home yesterday morning. The boys is very loansom sence they got home. I would like to sea you all agane but I don't no when I will. So good by
by J.E. Kuykdendall
========================================================================== ==========
Cherokee County, Ga Sept 13 1881
Mr. William Moody,
My dear uncle. I this evening will write you a few lines to inform you that I got home safe and found the family all well. I hope thes few lines will find you all well unchel. I han got much of importance to write to you only I wood like to see you all agane. I got to Woodstock at won Oclock that day. I came back faster than I went up. Your sister Sarah is well at this tyme. I saw O.H. Tyson the other day. He sead that he was coming up before long. When you write what becameof our friend Lowry and what he is adoing. Tell the girls to write. Tell Alfred the boys want to see him the worst kind. Tell Aunt Lowesy that Frances wan her to come and fetcch all her girls for she wants to see hern sisters for she has never saw that sight yeat. Ubcgek senece I got home they has been a sad accident with won of my friends Marin Preast of Woodstock. He shot a dog at nine O'clock the other night and cared the dog about too hundred yards from the house and lad the dog down and they found him dead closest too the do and he was dead and thedog was a lived. I was mity well quainted with him. I never heard of such a accident before.
So I will come to a close for this tyme. By saying writ. I remain your nephew until death.
J.E. Kuykendall to William Moody

Burial: Carmel Baptist Church, Woostock, Cherokee Co, Ga.

442. i. LOUISA "LULA"10 KUYKENDALL, b. 13 May 1868, , Cherokee, Ga; d. 08 Jan 1923, , Cobb, Ga.
ii. WILLIAM OBEDIAH KUYKENDALL, b. 02 Oct 1870; d. Unknown.
iii. LEVI A. KUYKENDALL, b. 20 Sep 1872; d. Unknown.
iv. SARAH AVL ADELINE KUYKENDALL, b. 02 Jan 1875; d. 14 Oct 1899.
443. v. ROBERT A. KUYKENDALL, b. Abt. 1877; d. Unknown.
vi. A. A. KUYKENDALL, b. 08 Dec 1877; d. Unknown.
444. vii. OLA E. "OLLIE" KUYKENDALL, b. 24 Jan 1879; d. Unknown.
445. viii. GEORGE EPHRAM KUYKENDALL, b. 20 Mar 1880; d. 07 Jul 1960.
ix. ARCH F. KUYKENDALL, b. 18 Nov 1883; d. Unknown.
x. AVIS E. KUYKENDALL, b. 12 Apr 1890; d. 1974; m. TALMADGE GUNNIN; b. 1889; d. 1943.

Burial: Carmel Baptist Church, Woostock, Ga

Burial: Carmel Baptist Church, Woostock, Ga

279. ROBERT HENRY LEE9 TYSON (ROBERT CABELL8, EUGENE HARGRAVES JOB7, JOB6, JOHN5, THOMAS4, MATHIAS3, JOHN2, UNKNOWN1) was born 29 Jun 1848, and died Unknown in Cave Springs, , Ga. He married SARAH E. BRUCE 01 Dec 1867 in , Cherokee, Ga120, daughter of GEORGE BRUCE and PHOEBE KUYKENDALL. She was born Abt. 1847 in Woodstock Cherokee, Ga, and died Unknown.

newspaper clipping:
Funeral of the Rev. R. H. Tyson, 84, retired Baptist minister, who died Thursday night at the residence of his son Patroman Oscar Tyson, of 669 Berne Street, was to be held Saturday afternoon at 1 o'clock. at the Swanee Baptist Church, of which he was formerly pastor, with interment in the churchyard. He is also survived by another son, W.V. Tyson; daughter Mrs. R.H. Youngblood, and two brothers, Eugene and A.M. Tyson of Atlanta.

Burial: Swanee Baptist Church, Cave Springs, Polk Co., Ga

Children of ROBERT TYSON and SARAH BRUCE are:
i. JANIE10 TYSON, b. Aft. 1867; d. Unknown; m. JUDGE A HAMBY; b. Abt. 1865; d. Unknown.
ii. DELLA TYSON, b. Aft. 1867; d. Unknown; m. ROBERT H. 'BOB' YOUNGBLOOD; b. Abt. 1865; d. Unknown.
iii. WILLIAM V. TYSON, b. Aft. 1867; d. Unknown; m. (1) FLORIE; b. Aft. 1867; m. (2) LUCILE VANCE; b. Aft. 1867; d. Unknown.
iv. GEORGE TYSON, b. Aft. 1867; d. Unknown; m. LILLIE; b. Aft. 1867; d. Unknown.
v. VINA TYSON, b. Aft. 1867; d. Unknown.
vi. ROBERT "BOB" TYSON, b. Aft. 1867; d. Unknown.
446. vii. OSCAR TYSON, b. 31 Mar 1882; d. Unknown.

W T F Sarah?

Things like "W T F" is causing some old time reserved Republicans wanting to cut ties with you, but don't worry, you still have Fox News.

By the way, isn't saying something like "W T F" like spelling F-U-C-K?


This a lampoon on the old TV show with Ralph Edwards, "THIS IS YOUR LIFE". It is out MAD's sister comic, PANIC comicbook, the first issue. The writers were probably the editor Albert Feltein and publisher William Gaines. The artist was Joe Orlando. After PANIC sizzled out Orlando went to MAD, and in my opinion lowered the artisttic standards of MAD. But that is one man's opinion, apparently he got along fine. Near the end of his life he was the highest ranking person with MAD.

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Dining at Heirloom Market BBQ

We read about a barbecue restaurant on Akers Mill Road that enticed us. The name is Heirloom Market BBQ. The article said the restaurant was very small with only one long table and higher stools with a long bar – not a drinking type bar.

The reviewer said the place generally has a line going out the door. It only sits about a dozen people. Everybody claimed how delicious the food is – and it's worth the wait. The reviewer went one time as late at 2:30, and there was still a long line. We went at 3pm and walked right in. It is in a very small building shared by a little grocery store with a very small parking lot. I wonder where all those people parked? Two middle age women were leaving with take-out bags as we went in. We ask them what they recommended and one said, “Everything!"
Inside we found the long table we read about where a couple was eating. They were sharing a sampler platter that provided both with plenty to eat. There was one lady on a high stool eating at the bar facing the window. The outside and inside both are very unpretentious. It's kinda like the old Winston Cigarette commercial that says, “Do you want good grammar or good taste?” In this case, “Do you want fancy surrounding or good food?”

The restaurant is owned and operated by a couple. The lady is South Korean and serves as hostess/waitress. The chef, by his own description, is a hillbilly from eastern Tennessee. He and an assistant were cooking while the hostess was mothering over the diners, to make sure we were content. The three of them appeared to be the whole staff. According to the article, they met when they both worked for Repast Restaurant and are both seasoned culinary professionals.

Their spicy pork sandwich was a daily special, so I ordered that and a quarter rib rack. Anna ordered a pulled pork sandwich. They also have smoked turkey, smoke sausages, briskets, collard greens, a spicy coleslaw, Brunswick stew, bbq beans with chucks of pork and sausages, and probably much more.

The sample platter the other couple had cost about $23.00. The one I ordered was $13.50. When I asked the lady, Jiyeon, could I use their spicy bbq sandwich as a coice of one of the two meats, she went over to the counter that overlooked the kitchen and asked her husband, Cody. He thought for a brief minute and said OK. I thought that was interesting that she asked him to call the shot. And when she asked him, he stopped completely what he was doing to focus on her. He wanted to make sure he got it right.

I thought the spicy pork was delicious. She told me it is specially marinated with Korean hot sauce. As far as the barbecue culinary ranking of it all, I think they rank up there with David Poe’s and Sam Huff’s in Marietta. And that's not a bad place to be!

The location is hard to find as we drove by it once without seeing it. The address is 2243 Akers Mill Road. We started looking for it at the beginning of Akers Mills Road near Cumberland, and drove until Akers Mill turned into Powers Ferry at the River and under I-285. We turned around and saw it sitting back from the road.

We'll be back.

For their website telling about them and their menu:

click here

1959 OLYPIAN, Ads pp 240 & 241

Friday, January 28, 2011

Pigging Out at the Marietta History Museum

Above – we almost called 911 to report a man disrobing to expose himself; then we saw it was only Superman changing in a telephone booth. I didn’t know he changed heads too. This phonebooth is on the ground floor as you come into the Kennesaw House. These pictures are taken inside the Marietta Museum of History.

Click on any picture to make them bigger.

Last evening (Thursday) the Marietta Museum of History had a preview party for their newst exhibit, "Y'all Come Eat." They had a good sampling of southern finger food with either coffee or blackberry tea.

We bought a new camera not long ago, and I am still learning to use it. Since the museum was in an “open house” mode, I took advantage of the situation and clicked away.

Normally I have a mind-set that taking photographs in a museum is a no-no. If one took pictures and many people see the pictures, it weakens the demand of people wanting to see things for themselves. So, normally, I sneak my pictures without a flash.

The food was delicious, and as usual, the history artifacts were expertly displayed.
The people that work at the museum that I know, such as Christa, Amy, and Dan were there with other staff members I also recognized but have not retained their names. I’m terrible remembering names. Some had nametags that I have not seen before. I could see they knew what they were doing but suppose they normally work out of the public view.

Mary is a friend that we usually have the pleasure of running into at these museum events. She is an ex-Marine with a Phd that is probably paid to keep an eye on us. My illusions of grandure are never ending.

There was a big turnout of museum members..... Did I hear someone mention food?

Remember Hunt's Ice Cream? Only two counters in Marietta dished up Hunt's Ice Cream that I know of. Both were owned by the Hunt family: The Economy on Church Street and Hunt's Ice Cream on West Atlanta Street. The Hunt family lived on Butler Street, which is now an extension of Atlanta Street. The house where they lived was previously owneed by Mary Phagan’s Grandfather. Also my mother-in-law lived there for a short time as a child. The house is gone, like so many other landmarks.

The lady on the left is Johnnie Gabriel, propritor of Gabriel's Desserts and author in her own right of several cookbooks. Johnnie is a pleasant icon for prepared food in Marietta. We have picked up cakes and stuff we ordered from her old place before she moved into a larger store, and she always seemed very relaxed with a pleasant smile. Johnnie is also Paula Dean’s cousin. They are both from Albany, Georgia. The museum now has a video of Johnnie Gabriel talking about cooking. I overheard Johnnie tell someone that she just sent it to them earlier that day.

This picture is of Judge Manning. The gavel and other judicial items are probablt from his office. I have had jury duty several times but never had him. Once I remember being on Jury Duty with Judge Luther Hames presiding. He nodded asleep and jerked himself awake in a skilled sort of way.

This room is believed to be the same room James Andrews of Andrews’ Raiders stayed in before he and his 23 men overtook THE GENERAL in Kennesaw in front of the Lacy Hotel. Look! There James is now, looking out the window at THE GENERAL!

Back to those 23 Raiders: They were probably young in their late teens or early 20s,
still young at heart and mind, not yet grown into the serious phase of their lives. I cannot help but picture all 23 men raceing down the stairs to THE GENERAL saying, “The last one there is a rotten egg!”

This is General Lucas D. Clay whose family home was on Atlanta Street. A bush in their front yard was where my friend Tony preferred to relieve himself on our walk home from school. General Clay is given credit for changing Cobb County from a one-horse rural town to what it is today. He used his position and influence to get the airstrip that eventually became Dobbins Air Force Base and the Bell Bomber plant, which eventually became Lockheed, put in Cobb County. Of course those two progressive steps caused a domino effect which in the long run made us natives a minority. Wait! Tell me again what was so great about General Clay....

Well, at least we got some very good restaurants out of it all.

1959 OLYMPIAN, Adsm pp 238 & 239

Thursday, January 27, 2011

The Wreck That Never Was

The Invisible Man has a wreck.

January the 5th of this year we were involved in a wreck. While in a stopped position in traffic when a truck hit us with speed and we were knocked into the car in front of us. Our car had the most damage, it was totaled.

Anna called the Cobb County Police and they sent an officer out, a swat team member. He wrote up the accident, got statements, and gave the guy that hit us from behind the ticket.

He told us the case number and told us in five working days to go to any Cobb County Police Precinct and pick up a copy of the accident report.

It has been three weeks and I have been to the precinct the officer worked out of once and they told me they did not have anything yet, why don’t I just call to save myself a trip. Now, I call almost daily and still nothing. They also told me the officer who wrote off the report has not been to work since two days after our wreck, he is in training, they said.

Yesterday when I called the lady connected me up with the desk sergeant's voice mail so I could leave him a message of my concern.

Being me, I am used to being ignored or just lost in the cracks of the system, so I almost want to say, “I understand.”

1959 OLYMPIAN, Ads pp 236 & 237

I spent a bunch of Saturday and Sundays working at Minute Car Wash, wiping them down as they came off the line with Pete walking around barking orders and squirting amonia on bug spots and the owner inside his glass office counting his money and flirting with the cashier. If I remember correctly we got paid $5 for Saturday (9 hors) and $3 Sundays (6 hours). No social security numbers were asked for - and we got a free lunch of a Coke and one Krystal like hambuger from Carters' Restaurant next door.

I remember I accidentally broke a hood ordanment while drying a car. The owner paid for another one. At the end of the day he didn't pay me and told me I would have to work two more weekends without pay to pay off my accident. That's what he thought, that was my last day.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Will Elder, Founder of Chicken-Fat

People often ask me why did I name my blog “chicken-fat”.

Before I answer I size up the person asking. Most of the time it is the person that asked looks like they would prefer a quick one sentence answer, after all, they have things to do.

And my answer is: “Why Not?”

But if the person looks sincere and looks like they have they time and would really like to hear, I tell them quickly before they doze off.

I tell them it is my way of praising the late MAD comicbook original artist Will Elder. In Will’s mini-tiny detailed side jokes in a cartoon he used the thought of chicken fat a lot. Who ever thought that someone could make a part of a chicken funny?

Which brings up this video of Will Elder, which is a tribute to him, sort of:

Click here to check it out.

The Right to Bear BB Guns

A 9-year-old Atlanta boy has been suspended for bringing a gun to school in his backpack.
Third-grade students at Sarah Smith Intermediate School told their teacher about the weapon, Keith Bromery, spokesman for Atlanta Public Schools, told the AJC. The teacher then confronted the boy and searched his backpack, where the gun was located.
The weapon, believed to be a BB gun or air pistol, was not loaded, Bromery said.
- Atlanta Journal-Constitutions, (, Jan, 25, 2011

What is the minimum age requirement to qualify for the freedoms mentioned in the 2nd Amendment or any other Amendment of our Constitution?

If certifiable nuts are allowed to exercised their 2nd amendment rights surely a 9 old boy should be allowed the same privilege.

1959 OLYPIAN 1959, Ads pp 234 & 235

My old friend the late Jenky Latimer, going into Owenby Mfg. Co, in the bottom picture, only had about a little over of year life left when this picture was taken.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Tuesday is the most productive day of the wk week

Tuesday is the most productive day of the work week.
- Uncle John’s Page-a-Day Calendar, January 4, 2011.

Monday is the day normal work work forces return from the weekend. You feel the need to share with your co-workers what your weekend actvivites were. Or you may have called in sick, extending your weekend. Or you may have a hangover.

Wednesday is the middle of the week. It is time to stretch and pop your knuckles. Many retail stores in small towns used to take off this day, or maybe take a half day off.

Thursday probably comes in 2nd as being the most productive day of the work week. But this may the day you sneakingly put your work aside, catch up on your email and make plans for the weekend. Of course, probbly checking our email and forwarding jokes is a every work day activity.

Friday - who can work on Friday? Afterall, they have to clean off their deskks to make it neat looking for the weekend and leave early to get a jump on Friday traffic, and not to mention makeing the weekend longer.

Working 8 and getting paid for 40 - not bad, not bad.

1959 OLYMPIAN, Ads pp 232 & 233

Monday, January 24, 2011

Helen's Sendoff

Above – Frances on left, Helen Steele on the right, back of Pete Steele’s Store and home.

We went to a funeral Sunday of an old childhood friend Helen Steele Hopper Fowler. Her father Pete Steele owned Steele’s store just across the street from our apartment in the Clay Homes.

The funeral was a Baptist two preacher Funeral. One was Helen's ex-pastor. One was her first cousin. He talked as if she had plenty of spunk still left in her. He told how they fussed at each other in a humorous way. He kept us laughing. We were celebrating Helen’s life.

At the funeral I got to talk to Helen’s nephew, a lifelong friend of mine, Tommy and his sister, Carolyn, who is a facebook buddy and Helen's sister Jean.

Also I got to talk to the Clayton siblings who lived next door to us in the Clay Homes. There are five of seven Clayton siblings still alive. They were all there. We talked how, as kids we didn’t know about knocking on doors, we just opened the door and went in.

Which reminds me of a story I heard on me during that period: I don’t remember it, I was only 3 or 4 years old. I walked in the apartment of the family that lived above the Clayton Family. The lady was lying on the couch with a headache and didn’t feel like messing with me. She heard me walk up to her and sa a few words she couldn’t understand. She continue to lie on the couch with her eyes shut like she was asleep.

Then suddenly she felt something strange on her face. I had laid a stinking stray cat down on her.

The funeral brought back plenty of memories of my earliest childhood.

The below pictures: one is my sister’s birthday party and the other, that includes me, is the first day of school. Helen is very identifiable in both.

1959 OLYMPIAN, Ads pp 230 & 231

Sunday, January 23, 2011

My Tyson Genealogy part 37

260. BERTHA MAE9 TYSON (ANDREW JACKSON8, JOEL7, JEHU6, JOHN5, THOMAS4, MATHIAS3, JOHN2, UNKNOWN1)103 was born 1898, and died 1975. She married HIRAM SHANNON CARTER 08 Dec 1915 in Arkabutla, Tate Co, Ms. He was born 1893, and died Unknown.

Children of BERTHA TYSON and HIRAM CARTER are:
i. MATTIE LORAINE10 CARTER104, b. 16 Feb 1918.
ii. SHANNON WORTHY CARTER, b. 27 Oct 1918; d. 1976.
414. iii. ALMA GENEVA CARTER, b. 21 Jul 1921.


i. RAYMOND ERNEST10 TYSON, b. 1928; d. 1929.

Burial: Surrette Cemtetery, Arkabutia, Tate Co, Ms

262. JOEL HERBERD9 TYSON (ANDREW JACKSON8, JOEL7, JEHU6, JOHN5, THOMAS4, MATHIAS3, JOHN2, UNKNOWN1) was born 1904 in , Tate Co, Ms, and died 1981. He married VERONA MAE CUNNINGHAM. She was born 03 Sep 1913, and died 1988.

Burial: Elmwood Cemetery, Memphis, Shelby Co, Tn

Burial: Elmwood Cemetery, Memphis, Shelby Co, Tn

415. i. DOROTHY JO10 TYSON, b. 16 Jan 1935.
ii. BETTY JEAN TYSON, b. 08 Feb 1936; m. JAMES HALEY WELCH; b. 08 Nov 1936; d. 25 Jan 1981.
416. iii. MARTHA JANE TYSON, b. 23 Nov 1955.

263. WILLIAM ANDREW9 WHELESS (EMMA8 TYSON, JOEL7, JEHU6, JOHN5, THOMAS4, MATHIAS3, JOHN2, UNKNOWN1) was born 12 Aug 1874 in Ansonville, Anson Co, NC, and died 03 Nov 1962 in Ansonville, Anson Co, NC. He married ADDIE VIOLET CAGLE. She was born 24 May 1889 in , , NC, and died 28 Oct 1926 in Ansonville, Anson Co, NC.

i. MARTHA EMMA10 WHELESS, b. 02 Dec 1916, Ansonville, Anson Co, NC; d. 23 Oct 2004, Ansonville, Anson Co, NC.

Education: Anson Sanatorium School of Nursing
Hobby: Genealogy and history
Occupation: Nurse
Religion: Ansonville Baptist Church

417. ii. OLLIVE W. WHELESS, b. Aft. 1915, Ansonville, Anson Co, NC.

264. ELMIRA9 TYSON (MATHIAS8, FREDERICK7, FREDERICK6, JOHN5, THOMAS4, MATHIAS3, JOHN2, UNKNOWN1)105 was born 1861 in , Washington Co, Ga, and died Abt. 1916 in , , Ga. She married JAMES W. LORD 1878 in , Washington Co, Ga. He was born Nov 1849 in , Washington Co, Ga, and died Abt. 1916 in , Washington Co, Ga.

Children of ELMIRA TYSON and JAMES LORD are:
418. i. DONIE BELL10 LORD, b. 21 Apr 1897, , Washington Co, Ga; d. 22 Jan 1984, Dublin, , Ga.
419. ii. THOMAS WATSON LORD, b. 26 Sep 1894, , , Ga; d. 31 Jul 1968, , Jasper Co, Ga.
420. iii. C.J. LORD, b. Aft. 1878; d. 31 Jul 1968, , Jasper Co, Ga.
421. iv. MAMIE LORD, b. Jul 1888, , Washington Co, Ga; d. 25 Aug 1923, , Washington Co, Ga.
422. v. GEORGE RAYMOND LORD, b. 03 Sep 1903; d. 12 Jan 1975.

265. JOHN MELTON9 TYSON (MATHIAS8, FREDERICK7, FREDERICK6, JOHN5, THOMAS4, MATHIAS3, JOHN2, UNKNOWN1) was born 23 Apr 1863 in , Washington Co, Ga, and died 02 Feb 1946 in , Washington Co, Ga. He married NANCY N. JORDAN 19 Dec 1892 in , Washington Co, Ga, daughter of MATHEW JORDAN and MARTHA SUMNER. She was born 1864 in , Washington Co, Ga, and died Mar 1946 in , Washington Co, Ga.

Children of JOHN TYSON and NANCY JORDAN are:
423. i. ROBERT MOSES10 TYSON, b. 13 Apr 1894, , Washington Co, Ga; d. 02 Jun 1969, , Washington Co, Ga.
424. ii. ROSA LEE TYSON, b. 18 Aug 1897, , Washington Co, Ga; d. 15 Apr 1993, , Washington Co, Ga.

266. BENJAMIN A.9 TYSON (MATHIAS8, FREDERICK7, FREDERICK6, JOHN5, THOMAS4, MATHIAS3, JOHN2, UNKNOWN1)106 was born 24 Jan 1867 in , Washington Co, Ga, and died 29 Oct 1947. He married ELIZA ISABELLE SMITH.

i. ZEMMIE NITHA10 TYSON106, b. 05 Jan 1909, , Bulloch Co, Ga; d. 10 Jan 2002, Wrightsville, , Ga; m. ROBERT E. SUMNER.

Burial: Bethany Baptist Church Cemetery

267. MATHIAS "MACK"9 TYSON, JR (MATHIAS8, FREDERICK7, FREDERICK6, JOHN5, THOMAS4, MATHIAS3, JOHN2, UNKNOWN1)107 was born 14 Mar 1865 in , Washington Co, Ga, and died 12 Apr 1939. He married VINA ALLEN107 05 Jul 1895 in , Bullock Co, Ga107. She was born 15 Aug 1868 in , Bullock Co, Ga, and died 21 Aug 1942 in , Bullock Co, Ga.

425. i. HOKE SMITH10 TYSON, b. 16 Sep 1904, , Bullock Co, Ga; d. 05 Jan 2005, Statesboro, Bullock Co, Ga.

268. MOSES WHITAKER9 TYSON (MATHIAS8, FREDERICK7, FREDERICK6, JOHN5, THOMAS4, MATHIAS3, JOHN2, UNKNOWN1) was born 12 Sep 1859 in , Washington Co, Ga, and died 25 Jul 1925 in , Washington Co, Ga. He married LOLA ELIZABETH SMITH 16 Jan 1889 in , Washington Co, Ga, daughter of WILLIAM SMITH and SARA CASON. She was born 25 Nov 1870 in , Washington Co, Ga, and died 26 Aug 1956 in , Washington Co, Ga.

426. i. ZOUDIE ORETA10 TYSON, b. 27 May 1897, , Washington Co, Ga; d. 03 May 1976, , Washington Co, Ga.

269. JOHN MARTIN9 TYSON (MOSES8, FREDERICK7, FREDERICK6, JOHN5, THOMAS4, MATHIAS3, JOHN2, UNKNOWN1)108 was born 24 Jul 1859 in , , Ga, and died 02 May 1927 in , , Ga. He married LUCY BRANTLEY 17 Apr 1892 in , , Ga, daughter of WILLIAM BRANTLEY and ANNA BRIDGES. She was born 28 Jan 1874 in , , Ga, and died 06 Feb 1963 in , , Ga.

Children of JOHN TYSON and LUCY BRANTLEY are:
427. i. NORA10 TYSON, b. 1897, , Washington Co, Ga; d. Dec 1966, , Baldwin Co, Ga.
ii. DAUGHTER TYSON, b. Aft. 1892; d. Unknown; m. J.E. TRAWICK.

Residence: 1966, Tennille, Ga

iii. J.W. TYSON, b. Aft. 1892; d. Unknown.

Notes for J.W. TYSON:
Tennille will have another modern grocery emporium on Saturday, Apr 2nd, when Mr. J.W. Tyson throws open his doors to the public. The new place of business will occupy the building next door to United Department Store, formely occupied by Sims Grocery. Mr. Tyson state that he will carry a complete line of grocerie specializing of fancy groceries, vegetables and fruits. Watch for his opending advertisement in the Progress next week.- from THE SANDERSVILLE PROGRESS, Thursday, March 24, 1932.

More About J.W. TYSON:
Residence: 1966, Macon, Ga

iv. J.F. TYSON, b. Aft. 1892; d. Unknown.

More About J.F. TYSON:
Residence: 1966, Tennille, Ga

v. T.H. TYSON, b. Aft. 1892; d. Unknown.

More About T.H. TYSON:
Residence: 1966, Shreveport, La

vi. T.L TYSON, b. Aft. 1892; d. Unknown.

More About T.L TYSON:
Residence: 1966, McCall, SC


Here is another THE SPIRIT which created by Will Eisner. Will had a creative staff that did the story boarding and illustrating. That left Will to sign the art and the payroll checks.

However, I think it was all done with his guidance, suggestions, and approval. And Will definitely set the art style of a kind of out of tourists view of a big city.

This story was originally published October 5, 1952, when the publication was dabbing in outer space plots.

Take it away, Will’s employees!