Tuesday, December 31, 2019

Charles Dawson (c1933-2018) R.I.P.

I just learned an old friend died  5 days ago.  Charles Dawson, age 86, died on December 27. 2019.

I think I got to know Charles when I was in my preteen years and he was a lifeguard at Larry Bell Swimming Pool.  In  more recent years, he regularly attended the annual Bell Gang and Varner annual reunions.

About 1985 I was talking to a new employee at the Marietta Post Office.  Her name was Judy Dawson and she was born in Marietta and grew up on West Dixie Avenue.  I said I have a friend that also lived on West Dixie and his last name is Dawson.  She said, "Charles?  that's my brother."  It is a mall world. Not long after that the Marietta Post Office was downsizing and a bunch of new people, including Judy, got transferred  to a mail processing point in Duluth, Ga.

At the Horace Orr Post American Legion, about six years ago, Charles was having a few drunks celebrating his 80th birthday.  As always, he remembered me by name.  We had a long one on one talk and he told me some things I did not know about him.  The only thing I remember off hand he was the manager of the Market Basket.  I learned today in O.M.'s post he was also a pilot and owned his own plane.

R.I.P. Charles!

I Know What To Do

Yesterday in PT I learned a few more exercises to do to ease my sciatic nerve pain. This morning on-line I learned of a couple of more exercises to do with strips of rubber, color coded. And now, that I have shown some improvement I hope to start back walking again. Of course, not today, the last day of the year, it will be more fitting to start on it the first day of the year (but which year?)


I wish I had 2020 vision.

Anyway,  have a good time tonight and drink responsibly!


* art Will Elder (in MAD comics)

Monday, December 30, 2019

Pearl Prance Die Young

Ava Pearl Prance (1890-1915). She lived only about 25 years. She is the daughter of James Marion Prance.

Sunday, December 29, 2019


Another one ripped from the pages of MAD.

Story by Harvey Kurtzman and art by Wally Wood

click on page to make it larger and hopefully, understandable.

Thursday, December 26, 2019

Christmas Day with the Hunters

Anna's great grandfather James Marion Prance (1857-1935). The first picture is Anna's father Paul, and his siblings and cousins
eating watermelon. They are: Paul, Mary, Clyde, Clifford, Runnell, Byrum, James, and Earl Prance.

Mary Jane Pannell on her back porch working.

James and Mary Pannell Prance eating watermelon.

James Marion Prance's house near the on Ebenezer near Canton Road, what would become the Strother house.  Now the property is a park.

Lastly is James Marion Prance selling cotton, if you look closely you can see it is going for the rate of 10 cents a pound, I think.

Wednesday, December 25, 2019

Saint Patrick's Cathedral

This Christmas morning on THE TODAY SHOW Cardinal Dolan hung out for a while.  Which reminded me of Saint Patrick's Cathedral across the street (5th Ave) and our visit there about a year and a week ago. 

See pictures below:

Tuesday, December 24, 2019

Christmas Balls in Marietta

Around Maple Avenue and Downttown.  Take it away by clicking below:

Crows Communicating

This morning while inside I heard a horrific noise.  It sounded like a bunch of crows screaming at one another.

I went outside to check it out and in the big tree in our front yard, now seasonally bare of leaves a lot of crows, or blackbirds,  were up near the top squawking loudly.

And down the hill,  three yards down n another big tree was another group of crows or blackbirds, or magpies squawking and looking up this way.

The group our front were clearly looking down at the other group.

It appeared each group of birds were angry with the other group.  Was it a territorial kind of thing?  Or was it a Romeo and Juliette kind of thing?

Or a bullying issue?


Benjamin Being Benjamin

Monday, December 23, 2019

Green Book the Movie

We saw the movie GREENBOOK this past weekend.   The GREENBOOK was a travel guide through the southern states before their was a such thing as Civil Rights.  Blacks just were not allow in most motels, amusement parks, theaters, and most other places of enjoyment and dining.  Victor Hugo Green, a New York City Postal employee is the one that created it and updated it regularly.

In the movie GREENBOOK the GREENBOOK Is mention or mentioned only a few times.

The movie is about a tough Italian bouncer of a popular nightclub being a chauffeur and body guard to a sophisticated frail classical black pianist. 

It starred Veggio Mortensen who played Tony Lip and Marershela Ali playing Dr. Donald Shirley.  Tony was a thug but had no fear.  The good doctor thought Tony was repulsive, but just who he needed for a body guard, and he was right.

The movie was depressing that blacks just did not have the freedom white people had then , but the movie also had its comic reliefs ..

It is true story and after their "Road Trip" they kept up each other ther rest of their lives and died months of each other. 

Sunday, December 22, 2019


This was ripped from HUMBUG magazine which went down swinging after its 11th issue.  The staff, all exiled from MAD is shown on the last page of this story, which was sort of traditional at EC Comics to show the staff illustrated from time to time.  Cover by Jack Davis.  Story art by Arnold Roth; and Charles Dickens' story butchered by Editor Harvey Kurtzman.

Be sure and click on each page to make larger, readable, and might make sense to you, hopefully.