Monday, August 31, 2009

GOP Eating Meeting & Greeting

This Tuesday at the Good Old People (GOP) Eating Meeting the guest of honor scheduled is Boyd McKeown, the Marietta High School Band Director for many years.

Although I don’t think we have ever spoken, I do observe people and he appeared to be a very nice guy.

I never had a teacher/student confrontation or run-in with Mr. McKeown but I know of one incident he would probably love to have wrung some of our necks. Parks, some others that I forgot who, and I carried a bunch of rolls of toilet paper to the football game on Friday night. Parks was very talented in throwing rolls of toilet paper just right onto the field. Just for starters to get people warmed up he threw a roll up so it unraveled as it traveled. It looped over a line that connected overhead field lights. It looked like festive crate paper. Mastro!!!

More rolls were thrown. Lines of toilet paper wrapped around players in motion, some leaving long tails as they ran.

Then it was half-time. I forgot if it was the visiting band or the Marietta High School band that several rolls of toilet paper got tangled up in their marching - but they didn't miss a beat. They deserve a big hoorah!

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Another Name Added

Yesterday after I added another name to my genealogy program data base the program flashed up a message saying I now have 34,100 entries and it went suggested I share with the Family Tree Maker company the names. Select Yes or No.

I selected No as I do every time I progress to the next hundred mark. As you may can tell, I don’t mind sharing.. On this blog I am sharing the information on my data on the Petty family now. And already I have shared the information of the Hunters, Ridleys, and Pullens.

I rather do it my way than for Family Tree Maker to put it on a CD and sell it and make money on my compiling. . This way I usually get a few emails from the family name I am showing and they generally share more with me It is never ending cycle.

Of the 34,100 names probably over 60 percent are blood kin. The rest are in-laws or in-law’s parents.

Hmmm. My shoulder is hurting from trying to pat myself on the back too hard.


You may recall two weeks ago I had a MAD comic book story about Frankenstein written by Harvey Kurtzman and illustrated by Will Elder. Click here to refresh your memory.

Now, I have a HUMBUG magazine story about Frankenstein written by Harvey Kurtzman and illustrated by Will Elder.

The story was in HUMBUG #7, February 1958.

My apologies to Hairy Green because he has already carried HUMBUG's FRANKENSTEIN many months ago. Well, this is doubling the fun I suppose.

Click on each individual page to be able to read the balloons and see Elder’s incredible detailed little side-background jokes that he called Chicken-Fat. Hey! That is a great name for a blog!

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Another Outside Concert

We went to a The Johnson Ferry Baptist Church concert this evening in the East Cobb Park

They played patriotic songs and movie themes that they tied in with scriptures from the Bible. They would explain how Jack Sparrow’s Pirates of the Caribbean was very much like a scripture about accepting Jesus and not suffer in Hell for all eternity. They had about 6 other parables in their bag.

The music was good. And watching the audience was interesting.

Johnson Ferry Baptist Church sits in the middle of the very affluent area of East Cobb. You could tell by watching some of the pretentious dress codes that they felt very affluent.

Take note of the top picture. See all the white and gray haired people in front of us? At the time I thought that was mostly the audience but after I stood up at the end I saw that there were many younger yuppies behind us with tables and neat center arrangement and picnic blankets.

I would speculate that 85 to 95% of Johnson Ferry Baptist Church congregation are transplants, mostly from the north. The yankee accent is a dead give away.

A portion of East Cobb Park belonged to a late co-worker Norris Tritt. Norris was the scheme examiner. By the time he retired the Marietta delivery system had grown so big, from one post office building to three and now five, there had to be more scheme examiners to insure quality. I became a scheme examiner.

Norris was a man of small frame and very easy going, gentle, and polite. He seemed to always have a smile on his face.

Norris called in sick one time when he as near retirement. That same day he chopped off a finger while chopping wood.

Then after he retired he fell down his basement steps. He died from the trauma of the fall.

In time his wife donated a good piece of land to help complete the link from East Cobb Park to Fullers Park on another road. I think Mrs. Tritt donated the land with the stipulation they would name a bridge over the big creek in the memory of her husband, Norris Tritt.

By the way, Norris’s claim to fame was he is/was an uncle to Travis Tritt.

View from the Window

Remember yesterday I grumbled because we were enticed to sit and eat in the window at a restaurant in Acworth? We were tempted but declined.

Well yesterday evening we were not given a choice. We went to Ephraim’s on the Square and the hostess took us directly to the table in the window for people walking by on the sidewalk could see us dine. Boy, we must be pretty!

But it is a give and take situation. We could look at them also. And look at beautiful Glover Park (above) on the other side of the street… and the speculate if the lady UPS driving picking up around the Square and loading up her truck was Indian or Asian.

Remember the scene above; it will play in this post again.

After we had barbecue salads and was finishing up the hostess brought back two women for the table across from us, also in the window. I told Anna, “Our replacements have arrived.”

We went across the street to stake out a spot to watch the concert for the evening. Billed was The Mustangs. I don’t know if we were to think of a bunch of wild horses or a bunch of Shriner Mustang convertibles or what.

It was a good music making group. They had plenty of beat…. I think they had some age on them, so all that time paid off, they were good, or at least we thought so.

We ran into a bunch of Good old boys, such as Monty, Paul, Arnold, Melvin, and Tillman. We sat fairly close to them.

A man preaching to no one listening. He had a sandwich board sign that you used to see in cartoons in a lot and as a matter of fact, you can still see that kind of one on one advertising on Barrett Parkway.

The preacher found his soap box in small Life College Gazebo and preached loudly and clearly to no one. No one was paying him any attention – but me who took his picture.

Now, remember the top picture of us looking out the window. In the background of the second preacher picture you can see the window we were looking out at.

One of his messages was this: “Love thy neighbor but that don’t mean you can fornicate with your neighbor!” I guess that is plain and direct enough.

Later he told the non listening audience as he was exiting that he was going to the Farmer’s Market in the morning to give the people the message.

He reminded me of the same park 60 years ago. We used to cut through the park to go to the Strand Theater and there was almost always a preacher preaching to no one or to a several drunks sitting on a bench passing the brown paper sack around. That was back in Cobb County dry days.

Also, the guest of honor of the last Good Old People Eating Meeting, Mrs. Howell at the concert. I asked her did she she her picture on Chicken Fat. She said the hadn't got around to it yet. Well, not everybody is attached to their computer like I am. I have to accept that.

I noticed the Cobb Theater lit up again. The last time the Cobb Theater was lit up it was the 3 Bears CafĂ©. Now it is the North Park Bistro. I heard it was haunted. Sho ‘nuff.

Friday, August 28, 2009

Speaking of Martin Drive-In

G wrote a reply to the previous post:

Depends on the appetizer :)

Folks, back in the 50's, I think the only "real" restaurant in town was a place called the Trio on 41.
I remember what a treat it was when my dad took the family there on special occasions.

More fun than that was pigging out at Athertons after school, then Varners on weekends of course, and let's not forget the Strand Drive in where I was NOT allowed to go, but ....

G has not lived in Marietta for many years. Instead of Strand Drive-In Theater it was Martin Drive-In Theater. But they were both owned by the Martin family. I can see how that could easily be confused.

When Jackie and I looked at the above picture of Martin Drive-In Jackie said something like , "Just think of the number of the beginnings of the next generation that were conceived there."

Martin Drive-In was about where New London Square Shopping Center and Williamson Brothers Barbecue are now.

Dining in a Winow for Advertisment

Yesterday evening we drove to nearby Acworth and dined at a place we have wanted to try. The restaurant is on Main Street in downtown Acworth in their downtown business section. It runs parallel to the railroad tracks and is one of the many restaurants and antique shops along the three or four block downtown area.

We have been to others in the same neighborhood and each is very gourmet type of eats and I think designed to attract the yuppies – they are the ones with money.

Which is fine, we like gourmet cooking – so, although these places are meant to attract the spending type we jump on the wagon for the ride.

We arrived about 6pm. The place had a very nice interior. It had dark wood, and fine looking privacy booths. A bar was over against the side.

When we walked in a man sitting at the bar looked up and studied us. There was no one behind the bar. I think he was the bartender. And there were three waitresses dressed very uniformly alike. I think we were the only customers there. It is a small place.

A waitress materialized and asked us if we wanted to sit in front of the window. If we sat there we got a free appetizer she said.

They want us in front of the window to show people that they do have customers too!

That was a tempting offer. We can be bought.

But the table in front of the window was small. We declined.

Their specials for the evening were blackened tilapia and spicy chicken. I gravitate to spicy foods. – I ordered the spicy chicken. Anna asked just how blackened is the tilapia – she did not want it heavily blackened… the waitress assured her it would only be lightly peppered

When the food came my spicy chicken was not spicy at all and the “lightly” blackened Tilapia was very spicy.

We swapped plates and we were both happy.

Then, another couple came in. They looked better to advertise the place. The shapely lady had on short shorts… her male companion was a nice looking young man with gray hair. They looked perfect for the window show. They took the offer of the free appetizers.

They did a better job representing the kind of people the restaurant wanted it to be known they catered too much more than we would have.

We were giving two types of bread as a pre-meal thing and two things to smear on the bread. One was butter and one was some kind of chopped black olives in an oil. I had little black olives pieces all around my little bread plate. That mess would not look good as a front window showpiece.

Then several people came in and several more came in. We quickly figured out they were gathering for a birthday dinner. I was wondering wouldn’t it be nice to arrange to have the whole birthday party sit in front of the window, then they could say without actually saying, “See? We have lots of people that eat here!”

Speaking of Prison Again

When I first got out of the Navy I went to work for the Atlanta News Agency. The Atlanta News kept most of north Georgia supplied in magazine.

I was a route man. I went into a convenience store, a drug store, or some other store that sold magazines and took a quick inventory of the magazines that had on hand. When I turned in my inventories an office staff would quickly go over it and determine what to send the each store on their next delivery.

Sometimes they would supply us with books to unload on the stores. They usually were not magazines but books to push off on the people that sold our magazines.

Once they gave me several boxes of coloring books. I think there were almost a thousand coloring books I had to try to sell to some poor store. I quickly found no one wanted the coloring books..

After talking to other route men I think the idea was to sell them the books knowing full well they would return them for credit in a week or two. In the meantime, in house inventory was performed… and guess what? You don’t have to pay taxes on books and magazine that are not in the building.

So where was I going to unload almost 1,000 coloring books? Nobody wanted them.

The Federal Pen at the end of the Boulevard in Atlanta was on my route. That was my next stop.

Ahah! I wrote out a bill for the number of coloring books and backed up to their loading dock and took them out of the truck. I had the guard sign for it, I gave him his copy of the bill and went on my way, smirking on the long driveway to get the heck out of there.

As far as I know the coloring books were a hit, not one was returned.

A couple of years later Anna and I went to an art show at the Federal Pen. Some of the art was fantastic. They didn’t sign their names, they signed their number. The prices were reasonable so we bought three canvases.

Who knows, I may have had a hand inspiring them.

Thursday, August 27, 2009

My Petty Genealogy Part 28

Generation No. 9

255. MARY ELIZABETH9 CHAPMAN (WESLEY8, EDMUND7, ELIZABETH6 MORRIS, FRANCES5 SIMMS, THOMAS4, REBECCA3 PETTY, THOMAS2, HUBERT1 PATEY) was born Aft. 1845, and died Unknown. She married JAMES BOYD. He was born Aft. 1845, and died Unknown.

343. i. ADA GRACE10 BOYD, b. Aft. 1865.

256. MINNIE BELLE9 PETTY (JOSEPH8, STEPHEN7, WILLIAM6, JOHN5, THOMAS4, JOHN3, THOMAS2, HUBERT1 PATEY) was born Abt. 1870, and died Unknown. She married ROBERT L. BALLARD 29 Sep 1888.

i. CLIFTON10 BALLARD, b. Aft. 1888; d. Unknown.

257. FRED BENTON9 PETTY (JOSEPH8, STEPHEN7, WILLIAM6, JOHN5, THOMAS4, JOHN3, THOMAS2, HUBERT1 PATEY) was born 24 Oct 1882 in Chestnut Mound, Smith Co, Tx, and died 29 Sep 1965 in Oklahoma City, , Ok114. He married ADA LORENE BLACKBURN. She was born Bet. 1880 - 1889 in , , Tx, and died 29 Sep 1965 in Oklahoma City, , Ok114.

Strangely, it was reported that Fred died the same day as his wife Ada.

Strangely, it was reported that Ada died the same day as her husband Fred.

Children of FRED PETTY and ADA BLACKBURN are:
i. REGINALD M.10 PETTY, b. Aft. 1902; d. Unknown.
ii. MAVIN V. PETTY, b. Aft. 1902; d. Unknown.
iii. VELMA VONNIE PETTY, b. Aft. 1902; d. Unknown.
iv. MAJORIE LORENE PETTY, b. Aft. 1902; d. Unknown.
v. ORA EMMA PETTY, b. Aft. 1902; d. Unknown.

258. NEWTON THOMAS9 PETTY (NEWTON JASPER8, WILLIAM7, THOMAS6, JOHN5, THOMAS4, JOHN3, THOMAS2, HUBERT1 PATEY)114 was born 23 Dec 1863 in , Smith, Tn, and died Jun 1946. He married (1) LILLIAN HINES. He married (2) HELMETIA PATTERSON Nov 1882 in , Smith, Tn.

i. CLAUD10 PETTY, b. Bet. 1885 - 1890; d. Unknown; m. EVIE OLDHAM.
ii. FANNIE PETTY, b. Bet. 1885 - 1890; d. Unknown.
iii. NANNIE A. PETTY, b. Bet. 1885 - 1890; d. Unknown.
iv. LUCY PETTY, b. Bet. 1885 - 1890; d. Unknown.

v. JAMES ALEX10 PETTY, b. Aft. 1882; d. Unknown.
vi. ROBERT PETTY, b. Aft. 1882; d. Unknown.
vii. ESMER PETTY, b. Abt. 1884; d. Unknown; m. WILBER VADEN.
viii. LILLIE PETTY, b. Abt. 1886; d. Unknown.
ix. VERA PETTY, b. Abt. 1888.
x. MAGGIE PETTY, b. Abt. 1890; d. Unknown.

259. WILLIAM EDWARD9 PETTY (NEWTON JASPER8, WILLIAM7, THOMAS6, JOHN5, THOMAS4, JOHN3, THOMAS2, HUBERT1 PATEY) was born 30 May 1866 in , Smith, Tn, and died 05 Jun 1937 in , Smith, Tn. He married HETTY LAW Abt. 1897.

Children of WILLIAM PETTY and HETTY LAW are:
i. CASSIE EULA10 PETTY114, b. Aft. 1897; d. Unknown; m. GROVER ANDREWS.
ii. ERNEST H. PETTY, b. Aft. 1897; d. Unknown.
iii. WALTER W. PETTY, b. Aft. 1897; d. Unknown.
iv. WILLIE MAI PETTY, b. Aft. 1897; d. Unknown.
v. LELA PETTY, b. 18 May 1906; d. 09 Dec 1918.

More About LELA PETTY:
Lived: 12 years.

vi. HUBERT E. PETTY, b. 09 Jan 1909; d. 10 Nov 1911.

Lived: Almost 3 years.

vii. FRED L. PETTY, b. Aft. 1909; d. Unknown.
viii. MATTIE FRANCES PETTY, b. Aft. 1910.
ix. EMMA G. PETTY, b. 23 Nov 1917; d. 15 Nov 1918.

More About EMMA G. PETTY:
Lived: Almost 1 year.

xi. JULIA ALINE PETTY, b. Aft. 1919.
xii. MARY ELIZABETH PETTY, b. Aft. 1920.

Synchronicity 2

The other day while digging through my old 35mm slides I came across a slide of the logo of the Naval helicopter squadron I was in, Helicopter Utility Squadron Four (HU-4), which is above.

That same day my old Navy friend Reuben sent me a picture of himself in our HU-4 enlisted barracks, at NAS Lakehurt, N.J., in the recreation room playing pool. The picture is in black and white which makes me think it was taken by our friend Don Lash who was experimenting developing b&w pictures then. Below:

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Hold the Mayo!

Mrs. Clara Howell is sandwiched between, in all probability, the future Marietta mayor Steve “Thunder” Tumlin. and the present Marietta mayor Bill Dunaway. They were the VIPs who attended the Good Old Boys and Girls Meeting Eating.

Mrs. Howell, our biology teacher in high school, was invited as a guest of honor at last night’s Good Old People’s Meeting. She was invited because she treated us students as fellow humans. We respected her and she respected us back.

Thunder Tumlin is the only person that has signed up for the Marietta Mayor’s Race - with those odds he will probably win. I found him very easily to talk to. He iistens when you speak. That is something.

Bill Dunaway also came. He is not running for reelection but probably still likes a good party.

We had DJ quality music, good food, beer, table cloths, and flowers. All we needed was a sack race.

"What Me Worry?"

Ivanell Burger.

How to Survive in Prison Manual

(art by Terry LaBan, cover of CUD Comic #2)

I heard on the news that the biggest swindler in U.S. history, Bernard Madoff, has sought the advice of a jail-bird-expert on what to expect when he gets in prison and how to survive. I did not catch the jail-bird-expert’s name.

The story went on to say Leona Helmsley and Martha Stewart sought the advice of the same expert.

So, what is there to know that one is to pay big bucks to find out?

Advice to future inmates on how to survive might be a nice profitable racket to get into. I think I will go into the Mandatory Confinement Survival Consultant business.

If people are willing to pay out big bucks for this kind of advice who is to say my advice would be worse than the schemer that advised Stewart, Madoff, and Helmsley?

I think instead of wasting my valuable time consulting one to one, I will put out a printout and sell them for thousands each. I’ll be rich!!! The fools!

Eddie “Rock” Hunter Mandatory Confinement Survivor Consultant.

Qualifications – Made an A one time in high school…and also 2 Bs. Also, I sat through, without going to the restroom, the following movies: JAILHOUSE ROCK, COOL HAND LUKE, and O BROTHER WHERE ART THOU?

Reading beyond this point is accepting my terms and conditions. You must send me a check before you are incarcerated. Remember I have friends on the inside.

Rules for Survival:

1. The Warden is your friend. He is there to protect you and see that you are rehabilitated and pay your debt to society. Do as he orders and you won’t have any problems.

2. Since you probably have more hidden away than the warden will earn in a life time you might request that your assistant on the outside see that the warden gets well awarded for his fairness. And remember; treat him fairly, just like you do others on your payroll.

3. If he is one of those wardens that is holier than thou that won’t take tips, then you must find another way to get on his side. When he comes in the room and makes announcements be sure you nod your head in agreement with everything he says and if he gives an inspirational message always raise your right hand like you are pulling a cord for a train steam whistle and let out hoots at the end of every sentence; like “Wooo Wooo!!!” Clap wildly, also.

4. You may be known as “Fresh Fish” when you enter the prison. In the showers do not bend over to retrieve soap.

5. Have a tattoo artist cover you with wild tattoos from the top of your head to the bottom of your feet. That is the smiley face way of saying, “Do Not Touch, I am criminally insane!”

6. Get yourself a bitch. I’m sure if you were smart enough to jilt the smartest out of millions it will not be hard for your assistant on the outside find a way to get money to the families of a chosen inmate. If remember the bigger the bitch the better, nobody will bother you…no sir!

7. Some of your peers may frown on bringing in your own staff of butlers, cooks, and doctors. Let your giant 7 ft bitch explain to them your side of it.

8. If you do get the Warden on your payroll it is wise not to humiliate him to have him moonwalk or break dance across the out side exercise yard. Remember to respect others as you insist they respect you.... well, maybe that is carrying it too far… but at least smile to them.

9. If you get caught misbehaving you might be sent to solitary. That would be if you and warden have not “communicated” yet. If you do have to go to solitary confinement be sure and have “your people” to check it out: make sure your cell-phone works, some times they don’t in concrete buildings… and probably no TV – insist on having a coaxial cable installed. After all! Hmmffff!

10. Do not go duck hunting with the warden. I seen read too many incidents that the warden and his hunting party had inmates act as retrievers. They had to swim in cold marshes and lakes to get the game shot. You got the money. Make the warden and his gang retrieve what you shot! Of course, that is after you and the warden get a few things straight.

1954 Marietta Yellow Pages N - P

click above to read.

I see The Book Store has an advertisement. The owner Dempsey Medford is a distant cousin through my Huey family line.

The Book Store ad said they carried office supplies, ledgers, ribbons, cards. You know what The Book Store did not carry much of? Books, that's what!

They had a rotating book rack up front and that is about it.

Dempsey Medford was always there standing and watching. I bet some people mistaken him for cigar store indian with a red plaid jacket-shirt on.

Monday, August 24, 2009

My Petty Genealogy Part 27

This segment takes up through the end of generation 8. Sometime in the near future we will jump into generation 9 of Hubert Patey's descendants.

250. THOMAS B.8 PETTY (HENRY7, WILLIAM6, FRANCIS5, WILLIAM4, THOMAS3, THOMAS2, HUBERT1 PATEY)112 was born 1860, and died Unknown. He married AUGUSTA. She was born Abt. 1860, and died Unknown.

338. i. JOHN W.9 PETTY, b. 1891; d. Unknown.

251. GEORGE WASHINGTON8 PETTY (HINSON ISON WILSON7, GAYTON6, WILLIAM5, THEOPHILUS4, WILLIAM3, THOMAS2, HUBERT1 PATEY) was born 31 May 1848 in Darlington, , SC, and died 30 Nov 1938 in Darlington, , SC. He married MARY ANNA LEE DIXON 04 Feb 1886 in Darlington, , SC. She was born 10 Sep 1868 in Darlington, , SC, and died 21 Jan 1954.

Burial: Society Hill Cem., Chesterfield, SC

Children of GEORGE PETTY and MARY DIXON are:
ii. MARY CAROLINE PETTY, b. 23 Jul 1889, Chesterfield, , SC; d. 15 Feb 1978.
iii. GEORGE EDWARD PETTY, b. 09 Jul 1890, Chesterfield, , SC; d. 28 Sep 1962.
iv. DAVID LEE ANDREW PETTY, b. 01 Jun 1892, Chesterfield, , SC; d. 30 Mar 1969.
339. v. WILLIAM DOSS PETTY, b. Aft. 1893; d. Unknown.
vi. ANNIE ELIZABETH PETTY, b. Aft. 1894; d. Unknown; m. GEORGE HENRY KEITH.
vii. GEORGE SAMUEL PETTY, b. 01 Nov 1900, Chesterfield, , SC; d. 20 Mar 1904.
viii. PERRY MCIVER PETTY, b. 19 Mar 1905, Chesterfield, , SC; d. 11 Sep 1973.

252. WILLIAM GREEN8 PETTY (WYATT FRANKLIN7, GUIFORD6, ISAAC5, WILLIAM4, WILLIAM3, THOMAS2, HUBERT1 PATEY) was born 15 Oct 1841 in , Henry, Tn, and died 21 May 1921 in Hector, Pope Co, Ar. He married (1) ELIZABETH CAUDLE Jul 1865 in , Pope, Ar. She was born 12 Feb 1839 in Russellville, , Ar, and died Unknown. He married (2) MARY ANNE CURTIS Aft. 1877. She was born Nov 1865, and died Bef. 1965 in Hector, Pope, Ar.

2nd marriage to his daughter-in-law's sister

Burial: Walnut Grove Cem., Hector Co, Ar

Burial: Walnut Grove Cem., Hector, Ar
Military service: sister to husband's daughter-in-law

i. SARAH ELLEN9 PETTY, b. Aft. 1865; d. Unknown.
ii. JOSEPH HARRISON PETTY, b. Aft. 1865; d. Unknown; m. A CURTIS; b. Aft. 1865; d. Unknown.
iii. MARY DOSHIA PETTY, b. Aft. 1865; d. Unknown.
340. iv. WILLIAM CEPHAS PETTY, b. 13 Dec 1877, Hector, Pope Co, Ar; d. 14 Jun 1946, Biscoe, , Ar.

Children of WILLIAM PETTY and MARY CURTIS are:
v. MARTHA JANE9 PETTY, b. Aft. 1878; d. Unknown.
vi. DODIE PETTY, b. Aft. 1878; d. Unknown.
vii. JOHN T. PETTY, b. Aft. 1878; d. Unknown.
viii. LUCINDA PETTY, b. Aft. 1878; d. Unknown.
ix. DORA PETTY, b. Aft. 1878; d. Unknown.
x. JAMES M. PETTY, b. Aft. 1878; d. Unknown.


341. i. DENNIS PAUL9 PETTY, b. 1880.


342. i. JEROME9 PETTY, b. 1904; d. 1993.

People Come and People Go

A few months ago my mother-in-law was put into a nursing home for physical rehabilitation after her long hospital bout She had a roommate.

The roommate was a little old quiet lady that didn’t have much to say. She could talk but most the time she was very quiet. She had a special recliner next to her bed that she sat in a reclining position most the day and watched TV.

When we were bringing my mother-in-law’s stuff in I noticed on her roommate’s side someone was there working on a laptop. That was the only time I saw that she had a visitor that was probably a relative.

Her side of the room was covered with framed pictures of grandchildren and pictures of Mary and Jesus, little statues of Jesus on the Cross hanging here and there. Also, on a shelf was a miniature version of Michelangelo’s Pieta Statue.
There was also a stereo system and a TV. The TV was loud.

I felt like an intruder to the lady’s private living quarters. I felt she has claimed that room to be her room.

After a couple of days of a blaring loud TV Anna asked the lady was it ok for us to turn the TV down. She said gently OK.

After several days I noticed the lady was either in her recliner or in bed… never moving a muscle. Then I noticed that at every meal one of the nurse helpers hand feed her, spoon by spoon, or fork, as the case may be.

Then I begin to feel sorry for her. She had to wait to eat until all the patients were served. The same people that fed her were the same ones that handed out the trays… and many times when they brought food to a room it called for another action. The poor old lady had to wait sometimes over an hour until somebody could hand feed her. By then, I’m sure some of the food lost their heat…. Cold coffee…. Ecccchh!

After a few days she talked to Anna and Marie.

I always made a point to speak to her when I came in but she never spoke back. She just looked at me and studied me in a studious way.

One of the nurses’ aids told us that she has been there many years. I think she said 12 years, and also she was now in the Hospice plan now. They didn’t expect her to live more than 6 more months. I think why she was not in a hospice room was that she made herself a home in that room and didn’t want to leave it.

Twelve years! I wonder how many people she saw come and go… some just for the 30 day rehab stay and others dying… which must be a terrible feeling, waking up and notice the person in the bed next to you is not making any kind of sound, breathing or anything. And from past experience you are pretty sure you are lying next to a corpse.

A couple of times on Sundays while we were there the same two women came to visit her. They had a bible and held her hand and prayed. I recognized one of the women; she is a free sample hand-outer at Costco. I think they visited other patients there too… they probably had a Hospice list and as volunteers eased the condemned into a better religious frame of mind as not to fear the unknown of the Hereafter.

After I found out she had been there about 12 years and had 6 months or less to live I didn’t mind the religious statues and the personal pictures, or the TV – the whole room was slanted to her needs – that was fine… if I had been there 12 years and had less than 6 months of life left I think I would feel I have certain seniority rights.

At the end of 30 days we checked Marie out. As we were leaving the lady told Marie she hoped she would get her health back soon. It was sad, knowing the same wasn’t in her future.

Yesterday her name was on the obituary page. She was 85. She belonged to St. Joseph Catholic Church in Marietta, which is only one block away from the nursing home.

Sunday, August 23, 2009

BBQ Chicken with Bones

Eating chicken with bones is a rarity these days. Boneless chicken is less troublesome. I have eaten so much boneless chicken I forgot how good chicken is with the bone. The bones, I think, hold more flavor in.

I wonder if someplace an enterprising chicken-breeder is trying to figure out how to get chickens to reproduce whole filet’ chickens? It should be fun watching the final products in the chicken yard flipping and flopping around.

Yesterday I thawed out a chicken with bones and I then I let it marinate in buttermilk overnight.

Today I dried the chicken and gave it a dry rub of salt, pepper, and spices. At noon I heated up one side of the grill and put the chicken parts on it for two minutes on each side to sear the meat.

Then I moved them to other side where the flame was not on. I let it cook with indirect heat for 40 minutes.

After 40 minutes I opened the lid and painted the chicken flesh with Big Arn’s Sho ‘Nuff BBQ Sauce. I closed the lid again for a minute. And then picked up the pieces and let them sit for about 10 minutes.

Man!!! It was fingernail licking good!

The Big Arn’s Sho ‘Nuff BBQ Sauce pictured above is a left over from my short-lived campaign for Mayor of Marietta. Zoom in on the label.


This is a story from EC’s FRONTLINE COMBAT #14.

The story was written by Harvey Kurtzman, as all the other war stories. Kurtzman wrote and thumbnail sketched 132 war stories for EC.

It was illustrated by Wally Wood, who was very good at illustrating war episodes. Even though he was excellent at illustrating MAD.

This story, to me, comes off almost like a military training film. It is educational, explaining how some rescues are carried about.

And strangely, for a war story in a war comic nobody gets killed.

As usual, click on each page to be able to read the balloons and you know what is going on.

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Steve McQueen, Terry Southern, and Me

A friend of mine, Joe S., told me he was an extra in the movie THE CINCINNATI KID. He said he was in the funeral scene. He was the only white person in the crowd. The movie was filmed on location in New Orleans.

We have never seen the movie but heard it was pretty good. So, out of curiosity and wanting to see a good movie we rented it and watched it last night.

The scene opens with a funeral procession dancing wildly in the streets. It was the New Orleans Jazzy Funeral scene. Joe’s image must have shot right by me, the camera view moved so fast and only stayed still when it was Steve McQueen. I couldn’t tell who was black or white.

The movie had a bunch of big movie big names, such as Steve McQueen, Ann-Margaret, Tuesday Weld, Karl Malden, Edward G. Robinson and more. They all did a superb job convincing you they really were the people they portrayed..

It was about the New Orleans gambling community and the strange local unwritten laws governing card games, holding notes on each other and so on. They had or maybe still have their own ethical by-laws. The movie took us into a rooster fighting arena and one rooster was mauled while the blood splattered spectators cheered.

I didn’t see a notice at the end that stated that “No rooster was harmed during the filming of this movie.” It must have been an oversight – right?

It was filmed on location in New Orleans and it did a great job of showing the French Quarters and its eccentricities. Throw in two good looking women and you have a good plot for a movie.

It was filmed in 1965, Hey! I was there in 1965! About the 2nd week of January of 1965 our ship the USS NEWPORT NEWS pulled up to do a reenactment of THE BATTLE OF NEW ORLEANS with a British ship. I wouldn’t know much about that; I left the ship almost as soon as the gang plank was plopped down. I had to find a bathroom and I did not return to the ship until 2 or 3 days later.

Back to the movie: I noticed on opening credits that the screenplay was written by Terry Southern.(1924 – 1995) I read several books by Terry Southern. I didn’t know he wrote this movie. The first book I read by Southern was THE MAGIC CHRISTIAN which was hilarious… in a black humor sort of way, the second book of his I read was CANDY, which proved that sex in books sells. I don’t remember reading the book, but I saw another movie written by him, THE LOVED ONES, which was another black humor thing making fun of the funeral business. The last books I attempted to read by Terry Southern were BLUE MOVIE and RED- DIRT MARIJUANA … but I couldn’t quiet get in tune with the rhythm beat of the words in those two – maybe I was getting mature before my time.

Hmmm. After googling Terry Southern I see there are two more movies that I enjoyed that he wrote: DOCTOR STRANGELOVE and EASY RIDER.

Interesting – EASY RIDER and THE CINCINNATI KID took place in New Orleans.

And I was there too!

Wait! It just occurred to me about 18 months after that time in New Orleans I was in Hollywood Hills*, visiting a technical artist with Disney Studios and his wife took me out in their back yard to show me around and next door behind w tall chain-link fence was two big dogs growling at me. Those were Steve McQueen’s dogs. That was Steve McQueen’s yard I was inches from.

So, I was in New Orleans in 1965 and I was inches from Steve McQueen’s back yard in 1966. Do you suppose Steve was watching me taking mental notes on how to improve on his “cool” look?

Then suddenly, it all made sense.

* I was on a weekend pass from the Marine Base at Yuma, Arizona, on my two week annual active duty obligation…. Long story.

Friday, August 21, 2009

My Petty Genealogy Part 26


Residence: Lived in Detroit a good portion of his life.

Children of ERVIN PETTY are:

Stanley & cousin Osmo Petty

i. STANLEY W.9 PETTY, b. 12 Jun 1916; d. 27 Sep 1995; m. FRANCES L.; b. 21 Dec 1915; d. 14 May 1958.

Stanley visited his cousins in Marietta and Murray County, Georgia, several times. One time he visit his cousin Carlton Petty who operated a huge productive farm. Stanley left insulted because he said Carlton did not even get off his tractor while he was there.
On one of his visits to Marietta he had just returned from tourning the Holy Lands. He wanted to tell his cousins what all he saw and each time he started they got into a fuss among themselves (typical). Finally, giving up he got up to go and they saw him to the car and Janie asked him when would he be back and he said he didn't think he would be back.

Burial: Calvary Baptist Church, Crandall, Murray, Ga
Residence: Detroit, Mich

More About FRANCES L.:
Burial: Calvary Baptist Church, Crandall, Murray, Ga

ii. INEZ PETTY, b. Abt. 1926; m. A MCMICHAEL; b. Abt. 1925.

241. JAMES M. "JIM"8 PETTY (DANIEL WEBSTER7, ELIJAH6, ZACHARIAH5, WILLIAM4, THOMAS3, THOMAS2, HUBERT1 PATEY) was born 07 Mar 1882, and died 07 Dec 1956 in , Murray, Ga. He married LILLIE HENRY 21 May 1903 in , Murray, Ga109. She was born 22 Sep 1886, and died 16 Nov 1983 in , Murray, Ga.

Notes for JAMES M. "JIM" PETTY:
Raised Collie dogs

More About JAMES M. "JIM" PETTY:
Burial: Sumac Presb Church, Crandal, Murray Co., Ga
Occupation: Farmer

Burial: Sumac Presb Church, Crandal, Murray Co., Ga

Children of JAMES PETTY and LILLIE HENRY are:
i. WILLIAM I.9 PETTY, b. 10 Mar 1904; d. 10 Aug 1974; m. MARY L.; b. 16 Mar 1904; d. 01 Dec 1994.

Burial: Sumac Church, Murray Co., Ga

More About MARY L.:
Burial: Sumac Church, Murray Co., Ga

ii. J. CECIL PETTY, b. 30 Oct 1913, , Murray, Ga; m. MILDRED BAXTER; b. 12 May 1916, , Murray, Ga; d. 24 May 2005.

Notes for J. CECIL PETTY:
Cecil has a marker at Sumac Cemetery in Murray Co., Ga.

Mildred has a marker at Sumac Church Cemetery in Murray Co., Ga.
A Bookout descendant.

Mildred Mae Petty

Tuesday, May 24, 2005 10:07 PM EDT

Mildred Mae Petty, 89, of Crandall, died Tuesday, May 24, 2005, in Erlanger Medical Center.

She was retired from the Murray County school system after teaching for 38 dedicated years.

She was preceded in death by her parents, D.O. and Florence Bookout Baxter; sister, Lorene Headrick; brother, George Baxter; and sister-in-law, Helen Baxter.

She is survived by her loving husband of 57 years, Cecil Petty of Crandall; sisters, Will Dee Baxter and Stella Baxter of Crandall; brothers, Olen Baxter and Arthur Baxter of Crandall.

Funeral services will be conducted on Thursday at 2 p.m. from the chapel of Jones Funeral Home of Chatsworth with Revs. Larry Chastain, Itsel Headrick and Dale Watson officiating. Burial will be in Sumach Cumberland Presbyterian Cemetery.

The family will receive friends from 4 to 8 p.m. today.

Burial: Sumac Presbyterian Cemetery - Murray Co., Ga

322. iii. CARLTON PETTY, b. Abt. 1925, , Murray, Ga; d. 2004.
323. iv. DR GLEN PETTY, DR, b. Abt. 1927; d. Bef. Jun 2007.
v. ELIZABETH PETTY, b. 02 Apr 1926; m. JAMES D. SEXTON; b. 25 Mar 1923.

Residence: 2007, Bradenton, , Fl

vi. LUCILLE PETTY, b. 27 Feb 1911, , Murray Co., Ga; d. 07 Jun 2007; m. JAMES W. RAULSTON; d. Bef. Jun 2007.

Lucille Petty Raulston
Dalton Daily News, June 9, 2007

Lucille Petty Raulston

Lucille Petty Raulston, 96, of Dalton and formerly of Knoxville, Tenn., died Thursday, June 7, 2007, at Regency Park.

She was born Feb. 27, 1911.

She was preceded in death by her husband, James W. Raulston; parents, Jim and Lilly Henry Petty; sisters, Nena Clark and Lois Edgemon; brothers, Bill, Carlton and Dr. Glenn Petty.

Mrs. Raulston was employed for many years at Oak Ridge, Tenn. from which she retired. She was a lab technician in a chemical lab during the development of the atomic bomb, though she nor most other employees knew what they were trying to accomplish until after the bombing took place.

Mrs. Raulston enjoyed traveling and visited multiple countries and cities throughout the world on her journeys. She was a longtime member of Central Baptist Church of Fountain City, Tenn. She was a faithful servant who loved her savior and served in many capacities in the church. She lived her life by example, caring for others. In turn, she was loved and cherished by her 22 nieces and nephews, 33 great-nieces and great-nephews and 20 great-great nieces and nephews.

She is survived by brother, Cecil Petty of Crandall; sisters, Elizabeth Sexton of Bradenton, Fla. and formerly of Dayton, Ohio and Chatsworth; and Jean Runge of Hutchinson, Kan.

Services are today at 11 a.m. in the chapel of Jones Funeral Home of Chatsworth with the Rev. Larry Chastain officiating.

The family will receive friends today from 10 to 11 a.m.

Jones Funeral Home of Chatsworth is in charge of arrangements.

vii. NENA PETTY, d. Bef. Jun 2007; m. A CLARK.
viii. LOIS PETTY, d. Bef. Jun 2007; m. A EDGEMON.

More About JEAN PETTY:
Residence: 2007, Hutchinson, , Ka

242. CANNIE CYNTHIA ROSE ANN8 WALKER (MARTHA "MARY"7 PETTY, ELIJAH6, ZACHARIAH5, WILLIAM4, THOMAS3, THOMAS2, HUBERT1 PATEY) was born 26 Jan 1872, and died 24 Nov 1947. She married JAMES BIRCH RICKETTS 30 Mar 1902 in , Fannin, Ga, son of ELISHA RICKETTS and HANNA E.. He was born 1867, and died 1957.

i. INFANT SON9 RICKETTS, b. 1903; d. 1903.

Burial: Friendship Baptist Church, Fannin Co., Ga

324. ii. VERDIE LUELLA HESTER RICKETTS, b. 26 Jun 1903, , Fannin, Ga; d. 15 Jan 1978.
325. iii. LAURA ELIZABETH RICKETTS, b. 02 Apr 1905, , Fannin, Ga; d. 25 Jul 1991.
326. iv. JOHN ERVIN RICKETTS, b. 14 Feb 1907, , Fannin, Ga.
327. v. LEE ROY RICKETTS, b. 24 Aug 1909, , Fannin, Ga; d. 01 Jan 1963.
328. vi. LLOYD HERMAN RICKETTS, b. 26 Dec 1911, , Fannin, Ga.
329. vii. CLYDE MONROE RICKETTS, b. 27 Aug 1914, , Fannin, Ga; d. 15 Jun 1985.
330. viii. RENO RICKETTS, b. 24 Sep 1917, , Fannin, Ga.

243. JOHN WESLEY8 WALKER (MARTHA "MARY"7 PETTY, ELIJAH6, ZACHARIAH5, WILLIAM4, THOMAS3, THOMAS2, HUBERT1 PATEY) was born 02 Feb 1875 in Dial, Fannin Co, Ga, and died 09 Dec 1953. He married SOPHIA ' SOPHIE' COOK110 06 May 1906. She was born Abt. 1875, and died Unknown.

Burial: Sugar Hill Baptist Church, Fannin Co., Ga

Burial: Sugar Hill Baptist Church, Fannin Co., Ga

Children of JOHN WALKER and SOPHIA COOK are:
i. REN9 WALKER, b. 1908.
ii. BESSIE WALKER, b. Aft. 1908.
iii. BIRDIE WALKER, b. Aft. 1908.

244. WILLIAM RICHARD8 WALKER (MARTHA "MARY"7 PETTY, ELIJAH6, ZACHARIAH5, WILLIAM4, THOMAS3, THOMAS2, HUBERT1 PATEY) was born 08 Mar 1877 in Dial, Fannin, Ga, and died 06 Oct 1958. He married (1) MARY SPURLIN. She was born 26 Sep 1904, and died 06 Jun 1997. He married (2) ALICE MATILDA TIFFAR 21 Jun 1900 in , Union, Ar. She was born 1884, and died 1946.

William was married three times.

Burial: Sugar Hill Baptist Chuch, Fannin Co., Ga

Mary was affectionately known to all her step-family as "Grand-Mary". She was a special person. She took care of William as he was sick for quiet sometime. She also treated her step-family as they were her own.
We will alway remember that Grand-Mary had ginneas and cows wondering around her yard. And her feather bed, Dr. Peppers in the refrig and cornbread on the table.
Mary was lving with Bryant and Deller Pierce in Cleveland or Burchwood, Tennessee, when Ora Walker introduced her to William Richard Walker. Mary could have been related to Dellar. She may also had a son killed in a car wreck.
- excerted from Wayne and Danna Tippens

i. ORA9 WALKER110, b. 25 Aug 1902, Dial, Fannin, Ga; d. 16 Mar 1954, , Fannin, Ga; m. WILL JENKINS; b. Abt. 1900.

More About ORA WALKER:
Burial: Sugar Hill Baptist Church, Fannin Co., Ga

331. ii. NELLIE ARDELL WALKER, b. 22 Feb 1905, Dial, Fannin, Ga; d. 19 Jun 1983, Atlanta, Fulton, Ga.
332. iii. LESTER WILLIAM WALKER, b. 09 Jul 1909, Dial, Fannin, Ga; d. 18 Sep 1987.
iv. OMA ' OMIE' WALKER, b. 25 Dec 1912, Dial, Fannin, Ga; d. 02 Oct 1996; m. (1) DAVID GLAZE; b. Abt. 1912; m. (2) A MOORE; b. Abt. 1910.

More About OMA ' OMIE' WALKER:
Burial: Sugar Hill Baptist Church, Fannin Co., Ga

v. HOBERT WALKER, b. 24 Jul 1915, Dial, Fannin, Ga; d. 23 Mar 1937, , Fannin, Ga.

Hobert and another boy were carrying Leston on a rail during what was called a (Sereande) to celebrate the marriage of Lester and Dean Tanner. Some accident happened to Hobert that caused him to lose his life.

Burial: Sugar Hill Baptist Church, Fannin Co., Ga
Lived: almost 22 years.

vi. WOODROW WALKER, b. 03 Feb 1918, Dial, Fannin, Ga; d. 30 Nov 1958.

Burial: Sugar Hill Baptist Church, Fannin Co., Ga

vii. GARNIE CECIL WALKER, b. 02 Jan 1919, Dial, Fannin, Ga; d. 03 Dec 1969; m. (1) HELEN RUTH WALDEN; b. Abt. 1919; m. (2) FRANKIE; b. Abt. 1920.

Burial: Sugar Hill Baptist Church, Fannin Co., Ga

333. viii. LUCILLE WALKER, b. 28 Jan 1924, Dial, Fannin, Ga.

245. NOAH ERVIN L.8 WALKER (MARTHA "MARY"7 PETTY, ELIJAH6, ZACHARIAH5, WILLIAM4, THOMAS3, THOMAS2, HUBERT1 PATEY) was born 26 Feb 1880 in Dial, Fannin, Ga, and died Unknown. He married CAROLYN MAY. She was born Aft. 1880, and died Unknown.

Notes for CAROLYN MAY:
Her name may have been Mary SHELTON, married Aug 2, 1902, in Fannin County, by B.C. Chastain, MG

Children of NOAH WALKER and CAROLYN MAY are:
i. AVERY S.9 WALKER110, b. 1904; d. Unknown.
ii. DOROTHY E. WALKER, b. 1907; d. Unknown.
iii. GRIFFIN WALKER, b. May 1909; d. Unknown.

246. DELLA ARMANDA BELLE ZURA8 WALKER (MARTHA "MARY"7 PETTY, ELIJAH6, ZACHARIAH5, WILLIAM4, THOMAS3, THOMAS2, HUBERT1 PATEY) was born 28 Mar 1886 in , Fannin, Ga, and died 14 Jul 1972 in , Fannin, Ga. She married ALLEN GOLEMAN 'GOLIE' EDMONDSON 02 Nov 1919 in , Fannin, Ga, son of WILLIAM EDMONDSON and GEORGIA WOODY. He was born 1894, and died 1991.

Burial: Coopers Creek Baptist Church, Fannin Co., Ga

334. i. HAZEL MARIE9 EDMONDSON, b. 30 Sep 1920, , Fannin, Ga; d. 20 Mar 2004, Cincinnati, , Oh.
335. ii. HUBERT WILLIAM EDMONDSON, b. 19 Oct 1923, , Fannin, Ga.
336. iii. DOROTHY GROVIE LEE EDMONDSON, b. 05 Sep 1925, , Fannin, Ga.
iv. BESSIE GERALD EDMONDSON, b. 28 Mar 1928, , Fannin, Ga; m. THOMAS BENJAMIN JOHNSON; b. 1926.

247. PEARLIE LOUELLA ARLENE8 WALKER (MARTHA "MARY"7 PETTY, ELIJAH6, ZACHARIAH5, WILLIAM4, THOMAS3, THOMAS2, HUBERT1 PATEY) was born 20 Feb 1892 in , Fannin, Ga, and died 14 Dec 1991. She married WILLIAM B. 'WILLIE' BRAMBLET. He was born Abt. 1890, and died Unknown.

i. D. B.9 BRAMBLET, b. Aft. 1908.
ii. LOIS NELL BRAMBLET, b. Aft. 1908.
iii. RUNETTE BRAMBLET, b. Aft. 1908.
iv. RAYMOND BRAMBLET, b. Aft. 1908.
v. RAYFORD BRAMBLET, b. Aft. 1908.

248. MARTHA 'MATTIE'8 LEOPARD (MARGARET7 PETTY, WILLIAM THORNTON6, WILLIAM ELI5, WILLIAM4, THOMAS3, THOMAS2, HUBERT1 PATEY) was born 1858 in , , Tx, and died Abt. 1881. She married WASHINGTON 'WASH' CASS TACKETT 20 Feb 1873 in , Hunt, Tx, son of JOHN TACKETT and LOUISA RICHARDSON. He was born 29 Jul 1848 in Bonham, Fannin Co, Tx, and died 05 Mar 1900.

i. LENA BELL9 TACKETT, b. 23 Nov 1876; d. 07 Mar 1893.

She was only about age 5 when her mother died.

Lived: About 16 years.

337. ii. FRANCES ORADELL TACKETT, b. 27 Dec 1879, Floyd, Hunt, Tx; d. 27 Jul 1962, Tyler, Smith, Tx.

249. WILLIAM NEWTON8 PETTY (WILLIAM MATHIAL7, WILLIAM THORNTON6, WILLIAM ELI5, WILLIAM4, THOMAS3, THOMAS2, HUBERT1 PATEY)111 was born Aft. 1840, and died Unknown. He married MARY ETTA WHITSETT. She was born Aft. 1840, and died Unknown.

i. HATTON9 PETTY111, b. Aft. 1860; d. Unknown; m. BESSIE LEE TROOP; b. Aft. 1860; d. Unknown.

Vanishing Cobb Picture Project Presented

Yesterday we took my mother-in-law to the Vanishing Cobb Picture presentation at the Marietta History Museum. I didn't count heads as I sometimes do, but it looked like twenty to thirty people showed up.

We took her because number one it is interesting and you get to know about your county.

And number two because she lent the museum over 100 pictures to be scanned and I lent them about 80. Between both of us we contributed over 200 pictures to the Vanishing Cobb Project.

The Curator Amy Reed said so far they have received over 1,000 pictures. On a computer slide-show format she showed to the audience probably sixty or so. Amy did an excellent job explaining details of certain pictures, how to figure out the time frame, digital pictures vs the old fashion Kodak kind. She knew all about preserving photographs and how to get the most information out of them.

Four of the pictures are some we lent them:

Top photo: The Ferry is Roger’s Ferry with Buck Jones with his mule taking a ride over the Chattahoochee River.

The funeral of the baby with the siblings standing around – the oldest girl is my mother-in-law, now 89 years old

The mother holding a kid with her daughter beside her… I’m the one being held by my Mama and my sister is on the ground. The yard is in the Clay Homes in about 1944. The building in the background is a vocational training building to teach home coming soldiers a trade. I don’t know who the little boy is standing. I thought about taking a bow.

The kid with the goat is my mother-in-law’s first cousin, Charles Loy Foster.

The museum has four or five big volumes of these pictures in Thumbnail size that you are welcome to look at. If you want one I’m sure they will be happy to print it off for you – for a fee.