Sunday, August 16, 2009

SUNDAY FUNNIES - MAD #8 - Frank N Stein

This is the beginning of MAD number 8. The cover introduces the first story, a takeoff on Frankenstein, was done by Harvey Kurtzman – the cover, not the story. The story was drawn by Will Elder.

The inside cover is a subscription advertisement for themselves, was drawn by Jack Dave.

Back to the Frank N. Stein story. I think this story and maybe a couple of others inspired MAD copycat artists… Elder more or less draws in a way anything goes, much like a Marx Brothers movie….. and MAD’s competitors followed.

Also in this story Elder uses the same characters used in the story GANEFS! Whatz-his-name and Bumbles… and the last line is almost last the line of the first story stating that Bumbles fumbled.

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