Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Tannery Boondocks

This is the ruins of the old Glover Tannery on Kennesaw Avenue, probably less than a mile north from downtown Marietta. Glover also had another tannery about a mile south of downtown.

The bridge over Kennesaw Avenue that runs by the tannery is being replaced and is the street is to open back up for thru traffic if they haven’t done so already.

One little interesting tidbit of information is that Hangman’s Hill is only one block north. True. Back in the mid 1800s the officials executed people there and also buried them on the same hill, in unmarked graves. Now, it is a pretty front yard.

I hated to see them replace that bridge. It had an unique walking section along beside it. It was almost a narrow separate bridge for pedestrians. It was fun to ride over when I rode my bike for exercise in the area.

And here is Glover’s Tannery in an advertisement in the Marietta High School yearbook The Olympian back in 1958. It looks like it might be the same window. And look! There is Billy Joe Royal about to walk out in mid-air but Mickey held him back.

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