Friday, August 28, 2009

Speaking of Martin Drive-In

G wrote a reply to the previous post:

Depends on the appetizer :)

Folks, back in the 50's, I think the only "real" restaurant in town was a place called the Trio on 41.
I remember what a treat it was when my dad took the family there on special occasions.

More fun than that was pigging out at Athertons after school, then Varners on weekends of course, and let's not forget the Strand Drive in where I was NOT allowed to go, but ....

G has not lived in Marietta for many years. Instead of Strand Drive-In Theater it was Martin Drive-In Theater. But they were both owned by the Martin family. I can see how that could easily be confused.

When Jackie and I looked at the above picture of Martin Drive-In Jackie said something like , "Just think of the number of the beginnings of the next generation that were conceived there."

Martin Drive-In was about where New London Square Shopping Center and Williamson Brothers Barbecue are now.

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Anonymous Melanie said...

Thank you for posting this picture! This was in my neck of the woods. It was the only theater my father would take us. My parents would put us in pajamas, hoping we'd be asleep long before we got home. This is where I saw "Old Yeller" and "Song of the South" and "Gone with the Wind." And it had a 'fragrance' all its own. It wasn't torn down until sometime in the 70s. I actually got to go there on a date with my future husband shortly before they destroyed it. And we actually watched the movies..."Billy Jack" and some awful thing about Blackbeard or Bluebeard or somesuch (shudder).

8:43 PM  
Blogger Eddie said...

I'm glad you have memories of an ex-Marietta landmark.
I do too.

3:24 AM  

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