Thursday, August 06, 2009

New Fast Food Market

Several years ago Burger King came out with Angus Hamburger. I suppose their marketeers did their research, and figured people thought Angus Beef meant quality and tasty and were willing to pay for it.

They must have been right because now on the McDonalds’ signs they are advertising Angus Burgers. It is never too late to jump on the band wagon.

Every time I see the word Angus on either Burger King’s or McDonald’s signs I think of Anus; Ass-holes.

That is the immature kid in me…every time I hear of the planet Uranus I want to burst into giggles.

Now, I would like to get in on the bandwagon too, sort of. I think I would like to form a fast food company dealing with anuses. I am depending on the market of the people that don’t know how to read very well. They will see the sign saying Anus and think it is another Angus joint.

One good thing is that the anus generally is not the most desirable cut of a cow, so the price may be within reasonable.

I gave some thought about how to prepare Anuses to they will be more acceptable to the consuming public. I think I got it. They are a beefy O-Ring, right? Deep fry them to resemble onion rings! The batter will cover up any hemorrhoids scars and the ass-hole.

We could offer Cajun Anuses, Crispy Anuses, Barbecue flavored Anuses, grilled Anuses, Cheese Anuses, Anus soup, Anuses on a stick; The ideas are endless.

I think this is going to make me rich!

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