Saturday, August 19, 2017

Totem Poles in Alaska, part 4

We requested  eagles and totem poles on our tour.  Our tour guide David Freeman took us to the below property full of totem poles.

David told us that the Alaskan Indians believed the Raven was superior to the eagle because they were smarter.  (see part 3) and they put the Raven on top of the Totem Pole.  But here I saw more eagles on top of totem  poles than I did ravens.  Eagles sale.

As usual click on pictures to make them fascinating.

Above is a shop where the totem pole maker works, apparently in assembly line fashion.

Above 2 pictures are the totem pole maker's garage.  Yes, Eagles sell better.

Ketchikan, Alaska

Ketchikan is a small town at the foot of steep hill.  David said most of the people are blue-collar.  They are either fishermen, work in the cannery factories, or fleece the tourists (my words, not his). Just about all the houses are on a hill in no organized way.  For some, maybe layers and layers of homes from the street.  And some of the stores are on a dock-like setting.  The whole scene reminded me of the POPEYE movie set.

When in Rome...

Buying pot is perfectly legal for pleasure in Alaska.  And costly too!  $40 for two cookies??  Robbers!  Thieves! 

Dolly's Place

Dolly was a madam of a "social club".  She lived next door to a preacher or a doctor and they were at odds.  A good movie plot?  Yep, and it probably was.

David Freeman 
A very good tour guide

Coming up next:  Mendenhall Glacier

Friday, August 18, 2017

Alaska Cruise Part 3, - The Eagles

I was on sick leave for the past few days. But now I'm back.  TMI:   I still have a cough and my legs are wobbly.  

And of course you know to click on the picture to make it bigger and prettier.

Our shipboard  neighbor.  He gave his mama  a cruise. 

The two above pictures our our boat, externally.

A young eagle who has not yet shed his baby feathers for the regal white feathers.

This is Ketchikan, Alaska.  Anna made arrangements with David Freeman to meet us at the dock and show us around to what we wanted to see.  Which were eagles and totem Poles.  

As far as Eagles go David carried mostly to creek that led into salmon canneries.  That is where the eagles lurk.

Also, just around the corner from one cannery was a laid back family with wood carvings, souvenirs, and homemade jellies. 

What is Alaska without waterfalls?

David told us the Native Americans consider the Raven smarter and superior over the Eagle.  They are crafty, using tools (sticks), and can stand back to figure out how to get what they want.  Here is a short video of a raven enjoying a salmon.  Never More.

Wednesday, August 16, 2017

One Amigo

After surviving a seven hour airplane ride Monday, Anna woke up Tuesday morning with a terrible cold..  We went to our doctor and the salty middle age PA prescribed several medicines and added what she really needs is Mexican Chicken Soup.
We lit up.  Why didn't we think of that?  We have used Mexican Chicken Soup before and it worked wonders.
For lunch we had Mexican Chicken Soup from Laraldo's and for dinner  Anna called Casadores and ordered two more orders of chicken soup.
I went to pick it up.
When I walked in the man who usually mans the cash registered said, "Amigo!"
I picked up the chicken soup and left.
He just made me an honorary Amigo.
Since the movie "THREE AMIGOS" I have always pictured an Amigo as one nearly dressed in tight clothes, a lot of little studs on his clothes, and not afraid of danger and adventure.
That hardly describes me.   My clothes are usually sloppy; my shirt is not tucked in; and dirty running shoes with its strings going every which way.    And yes, I am afraid of dangerous adventures.
But I'll take it.

I'm sure the Mexican Chicken Soup helped,  but Anna is a worse than yesterday, and now I have the cold also. 

Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Ship of Nuts

Note:  Click on any picture (except the videos) to see it better.

Check out the Video below:

The second day of our vacation in the north,  again we walked and walked and jumped through all kinds of hoops.  Again I have to say the Canadians herding thousands of us were very polite and gentle.   I have had much ruder treatment going through U.S. Navy's check-ins and also Six-flags, for that matter.

The final stop was the ship ISLAND PRINCESS.

Our suite

In the Navy the people carried away with themselves call this the "The Head"

We found our room with a balcony.  It was roomy and decorated nicely.  Then, happy with our accommodations we explored the ship with eating as a priority.  We heard you could go to the chow hall, aka dinning as many times as you wanted.  But the food wasn't home cooked, which is a good thing.  We didn't stuff ourselves.

This is the Atrim.  If it was your home it would be the living room.  If it was a Navy ship it would be the Quarter Deck.  It is where all the niceties are, the finer restaurants, the expensive stores, nice lounges; just like 5th Avenue after the glaciers melt: surrounded by water.

Speaking of the finer restaurants, Tuesday night was Formal Night.  I don't dress up very often and didn't.  The hostess was aghast.  She hinted we were not appropriately dressed and seemed put out.
The next night she almost went through the same thing.  Either that night or the following night we asked her her name.  She seemed shocked but told us her name.  She was butter melt kind to us since then.
I won't tell you her name but it was very similar to PoPo Porn.   Really.  I almost said, "I don't want your stage name, just your real name!"
Also in the area of the Atrim is the theater.  The ship's singers put on three or four lively shows full of rock and roll. they all sounded  great!

So long Vancouver! 

This boat is probably delivering the area's pilot.  I did not know it, but by law, in each area they  have to hire a local pilot to steer through the waters.  They know it well. 
It also reminded me that Mark Twain was a river pilot on the Mississippi River, which Samuel probably did the same thing as above.

It you are not bored yet check again in a day or two and hopefully I'll have another installment up.

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