Saturday, August 19, 2017

Totem Poles in Alaska, part 4

We requested  eagles and totem poles on our tour.  Our tour guide David Freeman took us to the below property full of totem poles.

David told us that the Alaskan Indians believed the Raven was superior to the eagle because they were smarter.  (see part 3) and they put the Raven on top of the Totem Pole.  But here I saw more eagles on top of totem  poles than I did ravens.  Eagles sale.

As usual click on pictures to make them fascinating.

Above is a shop where the totem pole maker works, apparently in assembly line fashion.

Above 2 pictures are the totem pole maker's garage.  Yes, Eagles sell better.

Ketchikan, Alaska

Ketchikan is a small town at the foot of steep hill.  David said most of the people are blue-collar.  They are either fishermen, work in the cannery factories, or fleece the tourists (my words, not his). Just about all the houses are on a hill in no organized way.  For some, maybe layers and layers of homes from the street.  And some of the stores are on a dock-like setting.  The whole scene reminded me of the POPEYE movie set.

When in Rome...

Buying pot is perfectly legal for pleasure in Alaska.  And costly too!  $40 for two cookies??  Robbers!  Thieves! 

What, Me Worry?

Dolly's Place

Dolly was a madam of a "social club".  She lived next door to a preacher or a doctor and they were at odds.  A good movie plot?  Yep, and it probably was.

David Freeman 
A very good tour guide

Coming up next:  Mendenhall Glacier


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