Sunday, April 05, 2020


I thought to myself:  :You cannot go wrong with Sherlock Holmes, everybody loves a good detective story like the Bobtsy Twins, The Hardy Boys, or Sherlock Holmes.  Or do they?  There is very sex or sexual innuendos... it is just "who did it?"  When I was thinking of what to write about Sherlock Holmes, it occurred to me, in modern literature Dr. Watson was the fist straight man.

The art for the comicbook cover was done by the MAD editor who also wrote the story.  And Will Elder did the rest of the art.  Click on images to make them bigger and maybe understandable.

Saturday, April 04, 2020

Toms River

Toms River, New Jersey, was/is a few miles east of the Navy base.  It is about half way the base and the ocean.  What attracted our little bunch to Toms River was the library.  There was a library on base which was just a big room on the floor above the movie theater, but Toms River had a nice big library.  We were a literate bunch of snobs and/or slobs.

Also, only about two blocks from the library was the above scene I took.  To me, it is peaceful scene; an eye-pleaser.  .But it was not an ear-pleaser the day I took it.  These are seagoing vessels.  The water the boats were floating on was a pathway to the ocean.  As I was walking around aiming my camera, trying to get the best shot a man bounded out of one of the boats and told me to "get the fuck out of here!"  Which I immediately did.  I didn't think putting up an argument would be very healthy.

Also what is not shown right behind me is a deep fried crab sandwich stand, not that it matters.

Friday, April 03, 2020

Lakewood, NJ, Criminals, and Chicken Farming

This is near the entrance of the Laurel of the Pines Country Club, Lakewood, New Jersey, under five or six miles to our Naval Base.  This place intrigued us because we could not get in.  Was it a Mafia hangout or what?  We will never know (not that it is any of our business).

There is one movie theater in Lakewood.  It is on the Main Street.  We went there often.  And of course we were drawn to the two bars on the small side street that came up beside the theater.  Unsavory characters hung out at both bars.  One bar we named BAR X and the other we named BAR Z.  In BAR X was a motherly looking lady who looked a lot like Aunt Jamami had a favorite song she sung to patrons, preferably close face to face whispering, I don't know the name of it but the words went something like this:
Play with my Box,
And I'll suck your Cock.

I know, I know, Box an Cock do not rhyme exactly, but the poetic thought was there anyway.

Speaking of bars in and around Lakewood.  Between Lakewood and Lakehurst was a roadside bar. It was non pretentious that working people went to.  I was on the way to see a movie in Lakewood, alone, and decided to stop for a drink.  Then, most bars had had video juke boxes.  You put in coins and select what music you want to see and here.  You will see mostly bands playing.  This bar had a video juke box and some couples were out on the floor dancing.  I sat at the bar next to a woman and her husband.  During small talk I learned it was their wedding anniversary.  Her husband was a chicken farmer.  She was crying, she wanted to dance.  Her husband was quiet, tall, wearing a ball cap and not attentive to her wants at all.  With a smile I asked him why didn't he dance with his wife.  He ignored me, no comment.  Thinking because of the loud music he may not have heard me, I asked him again.  He suddenly, on his bar stool spinned around and face me and said, "You dance with her Butterball!"
I laughed.  He repeated his demand and added: "NOW!"
I told told them I had to go to the restroom, and left them, with me smiling.
Instead of turning for the restrooms I went straight, hit the parking lot running and got in my car and drove away. 

Back then, mid 1960s. there were plenty of chicken farms between NAS Lakehurst and Lakewood, NJ.  Maybe too many.  I know of one that apparently went under.  They had a chicken house for rent.  Some friends in the squadron decided to put up the money and move in.  I think they probably bought used furniture and signed up for "Conrats" and moved in.  One night Donald Lash paid them a visit.  And another friend who did not live there visited the same time with his date.  I don't know the details but I think the visitors became too drunk to drive so the visitors spend the night on the floor.  In the middle of the night Don heard a noise that woke him up and by the moon light she saw  one of his friends over the passed out girl rubbing his penis all over her and she did not know a thing.  I think more than one guy anticipated.   

Which reminds me beside the city limits sign of lakewood was a sign that said all criminals must register.  Interesting, is it that the only law you are breaking is not admitting you were a criminal, which makes you a criminal.  I wonder if they count childhood pranks or dry humping a sleeping beauty?

Thursday, April 02, 2020

Rocky & Adam visit the haunts of John Ray

I took this picture of my sons Rocky and Adam in 1990. They are standing beside the weathered out-building on what was their great-g-g-grandfather John's Ray property in the Burningtown Community of Macon County, NC..

Lakehurst, New Jersey 08733

This is Main Street downtown Lakehursr, New Jersey.  The Zip code used to be 08733.  I suppose it still is, they did not like changes.

As I remember there were about 5 bars, a few houses, and a laundry.  Instead of doing our own laundry we mostly had the is laundry  do it.  It was a middle age couple and their two flirty early 20s daughters.  In the evenings the two girls kept there wheels rolling up and down the street, in case some poor Navy person needed a ride or something.

Their parents had an accent and they had tattooed numbers on their wrists.  That meant they were concentration camp survivors. 

Wednesday, April 01, 2020

April Fool, Fool!


Tuesday, March 31, 2020

Son and Pop Age 4

The above picture is our grandson Benjamin, age 4.

The below three pictures are his father Rocky when he was age 4.

Dunk, Anyone?


Don Lash

Joe Rexroad

One weekend in the summer time  in about 1963 we visited my Uncle Roy at the Clearpool Boys Camp in Carmel, New York, about 60 miles north of NYC.  Clearpool is/was a camp for troubled youth in the city.

While everybody was in the chow hall, my two Navy buddies and I found a rope hanging from a tree at the side of a lake.  We shed all our cloths but our skivvies (Navy talk) and swung on he rope our over the water and let go and splashed.

How come Joe had dark color skivvies?  Skid marks?

Monday, March 30, 2020

incredible Shrinking Candidate

I know at least two people who are counting the number of times Trump used the word "Incredible', "fantastic" and "Terrific" at press conferences.   He used those words many times.

Tonight I heard part of his press conference.  They have fantastic insight.

Overuse of those words are Superhero comicbook stuff.

I wonder if he ever thinks about THE INCREDIBLE SHRINKING MAN?

Beware of False Profits

art by Jack Davis, MAD Comics

This one lump sum they have elected to send all taxable   making under a certain amount, something like $90,000.  Of course they are giving it to you so you will do your patriotic duty to up the economy  and spend it.  Drinks on the house!

Do you think they are just giving it to you?  Be careful.  I heard hints they will ask for their money back next year when you pay your income tax.

If that is true, and they demand their money back next year from the working class do you think they will demand money back from the  corporations that also got a helping hand so they wouldn't go bankrupt?  BIG FAT BONUSES FOR ALL EXECUTIVES!!

Navy Times - Me in Greenwich VCillage.

Here I stand, as casually, laid back, care-free, about 1963, in Greenwich Village, ready to make witty and/or comments of wisdom to people that pass by.  I know they will think I'm a neighborhood beatnik. 

Hmm, It seemed like they all cross the street to the other side just before they got to me.  That's a shame, I had to gems ready.

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