Wednesday, November 22, 2017


November 22, 1963

One of those days that the earth stood still.  If you were alive you will remember what you were doing when you heard the news that John F. Kennedy had been shot in Dallas.

Monday, November 20, 2017

You Are Me?

Not long ago my 2.5 year-old grandson asked me, "Are you taking a picture of me?"

After thinking about it I think that question is a complicated sentence which took Tarzan years to understand.  In that one sentence he knows I am "YOU" and YOU are "ME".  I said, "Yes, I am taking a picture of YOU."  He would know in that sentence he is YOU not ME.  Also knowing the complexities of photography, that if you have the little machine, you can aim it at someone and have a likeness  of them.

I used Tarzan as an example because there is a dialog in a Tarzan movie where Jane is trying to teach Tarzan the YOU-ME concept, when he is ME and when he is YOU and when he is TARZAN.  It is as funny as the Abbott and Costello's "Who's On First."  By the way I don't think Tarzan (played by Johnny Weissmuller) ever did get the hang of it.  If I remember correctly  Tarzan called himself third-place TARZAN until the end of the old Tarzan movies..

Sunday, November 19, 2017


CLICK on image to make it bigger and readable

This is from the pages of HELP Magazine  of May 1961.  My old MAD founder hero Harvey Kurtzman was the editor.  The story was written by Ed Fisher, PLAYBOY and THE NEW YORKER cartoonist, and drawn by Will Elder (also MAD founder).

You might have to be gray and feeble to appreciate this, because otherwise the LI'L ABNER daily comic strip might be lost on you.

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Saturday, November 18, 2017

Watch Our! He's Keeping a List!

One Act Play

One Act Play

Person Number One:  She is guilty!  Throw the Book at her!

Person Number two:  What evidence  do you have that she is guilty?

Person Number one:  I do not like her!  That is all the evidence we need!

Friday, November 17, 2017

My Telephone Conversation With Franklin Garrett

This is Franklin Garrett (1906-2000).  He was the official historian of Atlanta. 

About 1990 I called the Atlanta Historian Society and told the operator that I would like to talk to somebody about  Troop movements in the Civil War.

My call was given to Franklin Garrett.  I did not expect to be talking to the Official Atlanta Historian.  I asked him a question about a certain CSA Unit, that a relative was in, like where were they before the Battle of Atlanta and where did they go afterwards  He told me just a moment and I could hear him walk away.

Maybe 5 minutes or more he returned and told me.  What he told me led to another question.  He said, "Hold on." and I heard his footsteps walk away and returning footsteps, and he told me what I asked.

While I had him on the line and he was good quickly finding information about my relatives I asked him a question about another relative.  He left and returned with the answered.  This time he was breathing heavy.

After he told me the answer he said for me if I had any more questions please asked them all at the same time, he was having to walk up a flight of stairs each time.

I think Mr. Garrett and I both learned something that day.

Thursday, November 16, 2017

Throwback Thursday, Frances & Larry Bell Pak

Throwback Thursday.  This is my sister Frances Hunter in our front yard on Manget Street about 1954.  

Behind Frances you can see Larry Bell Auditorium and some of Larry Bell Park's ball fields.

Happy Birthday Frances!

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Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Aim to Please

I think I told you about three or four weeks ago I saw an ad for a fast food chain a new item.  It was a deep fried Cajun turkey sandwich.  It looked tempting,  I went to the closest one of that franchise and ordered one.  The only thing is the three women ahead of me were a whirlwind of total confusion, changing their orders and all.  The young man behind the counter got doubled confused I think.  To make a long story short he gave them my Deep fried Cajun turkey sandwich I ordered after them.   They left with what they ordered and what I ordered before they realized their mistake.  They had to make me another order.
I thought it typical of my invisibleness, funny.   I thought I would share my funny episode with the corporate office.  On the printed off receipt they encourage comments.  In about a day someone from the corporate office called and apologized and told me he would send me some free dinner coupons.
I received two coupons for free meals.  The coupons did not look like coupons, more like business cards.  I think also it is a dead giveaway that you COMPLAINED.
Yesterday we used them.
The same kid took our order.  When we presented the coupon/business cards he did not know how to ring it up; he called his boss over.  His boss looked at the cards and his personality changed instantly.  Suddenly he became nervous.
As we ate there, several people that work in the back came out and the kid behind the counter whispered to them which ones were us and then they looked our way and study us.
I wonder if we got some additional stuff on our food we didn't order?
I went back and asked for something else and the kid bent over backwards saying he hoped we like our meal.

When we left I clanged  the bell by the door and a few employees cheered.
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