Friday, October 21, 2016

Fire Chief Jim

At the doctor's office the other day in the waiting room I did not notice the people already sitting. One man mentioned he used to be a carrier and said he delivered part of Canton Road. I perked up and looked at him. I remember him. I could not recall his name but I remembered his nickname "Fire Chief". He was called Fire Chief because he was a Marietta Fireman before coming to work for the Marietta Post Office. Finally I remember his name is Jim.
He is the only carrier I know who was shot at by a patron and later another patron held a shotgun up to his head and ordered off his property when Jim attempted to have the man sign for a certified piece of mail.

Thursday, October 20, 2016

ThrowbackThursday. Paul Prance

C1914, Proofs.  Click to enlarge

Throwback Thursday.  Henry Paul Prance (1910-2000) c1914.  Anna's father.  Paul lived all his life in the Blackwell/Noonday area of north Cobb County.  He was the oldest of his siblings; three brothers and one sister.
As a young man one of his first jobs was with Franklin D. Roosevelt's work program the CCC.
After that he worked at Veach Wholesale Grocery as the manager for the rest of his work career.  When he retired Veach Grocery stopped being a business. 
He also loved farming.  He had a cow, pigs, one free range chicken,  and a large garden that produced edibles and beautiful flowers.  He grew up on a farm and I think wanted to continue that way of life.
Paul was married twice, first to Alzia Evelyn Kemp, and secondly to Marie Foster.
He and Alzia had three sons, which unfortunately, they died before he did.  The lived to be middle age men, but Paul outlived them.   They are Jimmy, Tommy, and Julian.

He and Marie had one daughter, Anna.

c 1925. Teenager Paul slipping up behind his aunt Lilla Wright

c1943.  Paul as a young man

1993.  Paul & Marie

Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Survey Says!

Of 3000 Americans surveyed 41% had a fear of speaking in front of a large group of people and 32% had a fear of heights.
I would fall in the group that had a fear of speaking in front of a large group of people.
Which is not entirely true.  If it is planned then I am a goner.  I will mispronounce words, make jerky movements, quiver my lip, and maybe click a clicking toy in my pocket to have something to do with my hands.
However, if I blurt about a bit of wit or wisecrack  that just came to me.  It seems sometimes I have perfect timing. 

I  have had many teachers glare at me as the classroom students roared.

Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Watch Your Mouth!

It looks like:

At a Varner's Reunion Henry Garmon said, "Ooh Ssshhhoooot!!"


Mark McGee said, "I thought you were about to say a bad word!"

Monday, October 17, 2016

Scarecrows Lurking in Glover Park

click to enlarge.

We took Willow to the Square in downtown Marietta yesterday.  It was a nice day.   Glover Park had a lot of scare crows lurking around.

And Willow enjoyed it too.  Although she did threaten to whip a Great Pyrenees' ass.  I been with her at the dog park enough to know when I hear her let out that low rumbling growl.  I had a decision to make.  Should I pull her away with the leash or make a run for it so I won't get eaten in the crossfire? 

Also, I checked on how the Gentrification of the Clay Homes is coming along.  The below is the corner of Wayland and Waddell Streets.  I lived on that very corner.  Yep, the Gentrification is about complete.  No more running through  the maintenance office's sprinkler on hot summer nights. 

Sunday, October 16, 2016

SUNDAY FUNNIES!! MAD #27 College Football

Well, college football is here, and there, and there.
Illustrated by Jack Davis.

Click on page to make it bigger and maybe making sense.

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Saturday, October 15, 2016

Belated Happy Birthday Navy (including me!)

I missed a birthday two days ago.  The U.S. Navy was born October 13, 1775.  The United States birthday is July 4, 1776.  That means the Navy is one year, three months, and 9 days older than the country that created it.

Anyway, I was part of the living organism of that Navy for a brief time of its life, about six years (two years active).   

Happy Birthday to us!

click on picture to make it bigger and maybe understandable.

Duty Driver once a Week

We went to Carmel, NY, a lot to visit my uncle Roy and his two boys Billy and Rodney

A music hall in Greenwich Village 

Me in a Bell Hellicopter

Me aboard the U.S.S. Newport News

Snow woman holding a Bud in front of our barracks

me in front of Hangar

Me,, at Seaside Heights, NJ, looking our for the enemy in 1963.

Me and Dick Day exorcising evil spirits from a spittoom can in  front of an antique shop in New Hope, Pa.

Me and Don Lash in front of the Philadelphia Art Museum

Me swinging on a rope like Tarzan at Clear Pool Camp, at Carmel, NY.

Hangars at Lakeurst, NJ.  Our Squadron was the hangar on the right.  By the way, the biggest one, on the left was the hangar present at the Hindenburg Explosion in 1937.

Cube mate Mark Shuler plays his guitar as I strip.

Left to right:  Dick Day, Nancy Day, Sam's date, Sam Kasuske, Don Lash, Don's date, my date, and me. At the EM Club at our Squadron HU-4 Banquet.

Don Lash showing off his blackeye.  We were at the EM Club the night before snowed in and everybody was getting antsy and cabin fever.  A Marine hit Don in the face.

Two other Hangars on the base across from our's

Reuben Collier and his white fluffy thing he found and had a lot of fun with.  Reuben is the only one of us that reenlisted.  He made Warrant Officer and now is retired and living in Thailand. .

Larry and Popeye Laughing

Larry Bradford at a GOBAG (Good Old Boys and Girl) meeting.  Larry is laughing.  It reminds me in high school of Larry's imitation of Popeye's laughter, it went something like: "KA - KA - KA - KA!" (rapidly)

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