Wednesday, June 29, 2016


This is our long time friend Pat.  Here she is at a wedding of her neighbor's daughter she asked me to take pictures of.  

Anna and Pat met on Anna's first job and then I met her.  We helped her get over two marriages and guzzled beer and sipped Southern Comfort the whole time (it seemed that way anyway),  about five or six years of fun and adventures.  Anna and I both were fascinated over the hippy scene in Atlanta in the Peachtree and 14th Streets area.  Pat's life was right in the middle of it all.  She hung out at the Stein Club.

She took us to meet Ernie Marrs in his garage apartment in Little Five Points.  Ernie was a song writer, editor of The Great Speckled Bird, and a roofer.  Being the idealist Ernie, basic humble character he was, I quickly saw he had something else in mind with Pat other than discussing issues of the day or song writing, or poetry:  making Whoopee! 

Did I tell you the time I went to pick up Pat for a party back at our house and under the hood of my car caught on fire and we had to zig zag all over Atlanta with a smoking engine looking for Sinclair Station to put it out?  I didn't have money but I had a Sinclair credit card.

Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Attn:  Hunter Cousins that are considering going to the Hunter Reunion at Trackrock Campgrounds near Blairsville, Georgia, this year (August 6).

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Go West Young Pettys!

John Franklin and Adeline Woody Petty.  John is the son of Elijah Petty and Sarah Parker.  Adeline is the daughter of Conrad Raburn and Elizabeth Hunt Woody.  Adeline was born in Fannin Counry, Georgia,  1859 and John was born in the same county in 1856.
They were married 1881 in Fannin County.  They had ten children. 
Here is the only note I have about John:
John received the bulk of his father's estate.

In the book "PROGESSIVE MEN OF WYOMING"  They  moved to Sand Creek, Laromie County, Wyoming in 1887.  Later owning a farm on the Wheatland Flats.
- Gary Griswold

Here is a far fetched thought:  John Petty is the brother Daniel Webster Petty.  Daniel Webster Petty is the father of William Elijah Joseph Petty (my mother's father).   William Elijah Joseph was also born in Fannin County.  William Elijah Joseph Petty moved his family to Gillette, Wyoming for a few years.  I wonder if Wm Elijah Joseph  was aware his uncle John lived in the same state?  And if so, is that why he moved there?


Monday, June 27, 2016

Woody Allen's Box Office Report

I am currently reading the biography of Woody Allen in e-book format.

Interesting, on my UNCLE JOHN'S BATHROOM READER, page-a-day calendar, for today said that Woody Allen movies to better box office in France than they do in the U.S.  Interesting, no?

Chia Hair

We started eating chia seeds in our salads.   Chia seeds are not new.  We knew about them ever since I read their ads on the back covers of comic books.
You can sent off for "Chia Pets" which comes with seeds a little clay figurine of some type or another.  You follow the instructions and soon you have a little clay pottery type of being with green hair.
You can pick from  wide assortment of clay animals, monsters, dogs, cats, thug looking human heads and so on.
It has been stated on several TV medical shows that chia seeds are good for you and go good with salads.
I try to drink over 8 cups of water a day.  What if the chia seeds start growing little green plants through my pores?
Maybe if I put my thumb, like a cork, and blow real hard it would push up the greenery from the roots up.
Those that know me know that I am bald headed.  Bald as an onion.  Yep, except for ear level.
Then I will need to train the plants to go to the top of my head.  Then figure how to change the color from green to brunette.

Haircuts?  I might have to buy  goat.

Omar and Joyce or Clarence and Joyce

Omar Clarence and Joyce Owens at a Bell Reunion.  Or is it Clarence Omar?  They are our neighbors and around here we call him Omar but he was in my sister Frances' high school class and she calls Clarence.
He is retired from Dobbins Air Force Base and Joyce is retired from Allstate.
I see his front yard often on my and Willow's walks.  It is the neatest yard in the subdivision, maybe he world.  Not a blade of grass is too long or too short. 

One time Willow was about to hunker over to take a dump in their yard and I quickly told her to move on, and asked her, "Do you want to be shot?"

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Sunday, June 26, 2016

Tuba Skinny, Shayne on Piano

8th Of January Bluegrass At Red Top Mountain


Yesterday afternoon Anna read on facebook that Danny Bermel and Bob Putnam are now with the bluegrass group 8th of January.  Yep, that is right the bluegrass group name is 8th of January.
for about two years we went weekly to the hear them in the group Jot'Em Down Boys at the Woodstock Bluegrass Jamboree.
Anna went on to read they would be playing at Red Top Mountain, which was about four hours from then. 
We instantly decided to go.
As we drove up a deer galloped by us.  Several years ago we went to eat at the Red Top Mountain Lodge Restaurant and deer were lounging all over the area.  Now, only one.
We parked and walked down a trail about a quarter mile away.  We walked by the back of the lodge's restaurant, now closed because of weather and probably humans the patio was in shambles.  When Sonny Perdue became governor he had it closed down. Thanks Sonny (I say rolling my eyes).

Also a park ranger told us that on Father's Day the building had a serious fire.

Their stage was a porch of a log cabin.
Danny is working for his doctorates degree at UGA and just recently finished playing his fiddle through China. 

They made great music last night.  Although I am not much at jumping up and doing a jig or high stepping it.  But I have been know to tap my foot if something musically moves me.  Neither do I clap my hands with everybody else, I always get out of step. 

The bluegrass series will be every Saturday evening through July.

Nancy, 2nd Cousin None Removed

Nancy Ann Brown Garner.  Nancy is my 2nd cousin.  This picture was taken in 2015 at her uncle Billy Tyson's funeral.
Ann married Gary Garner and they had eight children.  Ann is the daughter of Jim Milton Brown and Regina Ann Tyson.
Regina Ann and Billy Tyson are siblings.  Their father is William Obediah "Will" Tyson.  Uncle Will and my grandmother Minnie Tyson are siblings (I know they are dead, and it seems "were" would be more appropriate, but since they will always have the same relation throughout eternity I use present tense.
I have been asked several times what is the difference in 2nd cousins and first cousin once removed is -maybe this real-life illustration will help.
Ann Tyson Brown is the daughter of Will Tyson and my father is the son of Minnie Tyson Hunter, so Ann and Daddy are first cousins.
I am first cousin, once removed cousins to Ann Tyson Brown.

Ann's daughter Nancy Ann Brown and I are the same levels down the tree, so, we are second cousins.

SUNDAY FUNNIES!! Weird Science, Old Story

Art by Al Williamson.

Weird Science was a money losing project, but it was publisher Bill Gaines' pet.  He made up a lot of the stories himself.  Bill also published MAD which is the only one of his publications that survived.

Saturday, June 25, 2016

Dog Meat Festival in Yulin, China, this summwe

I heard of a dog meat festival held annually in China.  As a hard working nose to the grindstone researcher I went where no other investigated reporter dared to go:  Wickipedia. 
This is what I found:

"The Lychee and Dog Meat Festival, commonly referred to as Yulin Dog Meat Festival, is an annual celebration held in Yulin, Guangxi, China, during the summer solstice in which festival goers eat dog meat and lychees. The festival spans about ten days during which it is estimated that 10,000–15,000 dogs are consumed. The festival has been criticized by animal welfare supporters."

I wonder if in Yulin, China, they have a restaurant similar restaurant to Col Pool's BBQ in north Georgia with a steep hill behind the building with doggie tombstones?   Would the names on the marker have names such as Fido, Willow, Fifi, Snoopy?

Friday, June 24, 2016

Crowded Concert in Glover Park (Marietta, Ga) Friday Night.

How crowded was it at the concert at Glover Park Friday night?  Too darn crowded!

But don't take my word for it, Look!

And all these people in these pictuees are on the outer fringes of the park taken about one hour before concert time.  

Larry and Joe

Larry Bradford and Joe Jenkings, April 2015, at Mayes Ward Funeral Home, during visitation of Anna's mother Marie.

Larry and Joe know each other from childhood living in the same neighborhood.  

I have known Larry since we the 9th grade and for the next three years it was one anarchist-style- Marx Brothers-laugh, one after another for the rest of high school.

Although I and Joe did not formerly introduced ourselves to each other until just  a few years ago we had the same friends in the same small town of Marietta.  It is strange,  we just didn't.  I suppose we went through our years zigging and zagging avoiding each other and not realizing it.

We met at the dog park after our hair turned gray.

Thursday, June 23, 2016

Throwback Thursday, Ed and Jack Hunter c1918

Throwback Thursday:  Brothers Ed and Jack Hunter.  Ed (my father) and Jack are two of nine children of Frank Paris and Minnie Tyson Hunter.  Here they are probably free-ranging kids style in the Butler Town area of Marietta.  In years to come Jack would be survival of Pearl Harbor and also from a PT boat saved Eddie Rickenbacker's life in the Pacific.  Ed, as far as I know, is the only person that served as Chief of Police of the Marietta Police and after that the Cobb County Police.


The Skateboarder in a Parking Deck

I took my sister to a doctor yesterday morning in one of the big buildings in the Cumberland area. I let Anna and my sister Frances Hunter off on the street level and drove the car up a parking deck to the top, which was the 5th level.
Then I took the parking deck elevator back to the street level. When I was entering the elevator up top I held the door open for a man running towards me. He nodded "Thanks!" I noticed he was wearing ankle high tan boots. I thought of expensive Italian shoes. When the elevator door opened he galloped off. He was tall and long-legged.
I walked across the drive, through the lobby and saw their elevator door closing. I picked up speed and the door stopped closing. Somebody was holding the door for me. It was the young tall man with ankle high boots. I nodded a thanks to him.
He got off on the 4th floor, he must work for the Race Trac corporate office. I think they take up most of the building.
We were in the doctor's office about 30 minutes. Afterwards I went ahead to get the car. 
On the first floor of the parking deck I was waiting on the elevator door to open and I heard a noise that got louder.
It was a skateboard rider and it was the same guy with the ankle high boots. I looked down to verify that but he was wearing running shoes.
He said, "you are the dude that was in the elevator with?"
I said I was and asked if he changed shoes. He said he had.
We rode the elevator back up to the top. He told me he loves to ride his skateboard down paved mountain roads. He has been going to Clayton. I suggested BrasstownBald, the highest point in Georgia. Then we talked about family research and genealogy.
I think today he slipped out of work and is riding his skateboard down the 5 level to the ground floor, then take the elevator back up and do it again and again.

Marvin, Jerry, and Melvyn

Marvin Shaw, the Late Jerry McBee, and Melvyn Denard at a Varner's Reunion.
Marvin and his parents lived on Shallowford Road.   Next to where they lived is Dawson Cemetery, which they control.  Over a cemetery means you have to see that the grass is cut.  Marvin cut the grass.
In time they sold the land and now Nicolson Elementary School is on their property.
Marvin and his family now live in Gordon County.  His property touches a Confederate Cemetery.  It did not take long for Marvin to realize that cutting the grass just wasn't anybody's job.  It is now:  Marvin's, free.
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