Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Mime Your Own Business

The other day in downtown Marietta at a street corner   waiting on the light to change at a pedestrian walk across the street we overheard an interesting conversation between a man and woman, both covered with tattoos.
It went something like this:
“We will have to guarantee the waitress ten bucks per hour.”
“Does that include her tips?”
“Good question.  Also, the mime said he needs a flat $100.  I said that seems high and he insisted.”
At this point I wanted to ask them how did the mime say he had to have a flat$100?  Did he hold out the palm of his hand and scratch it with his other hand’s fingers?
When you questioned the $100 did he play an invisible violin and wipe invisible tears from his eyes?

Crooked Who?

Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Medical Study

CBS’s Sunday Morning News Show last Sunday a man gave his opinion on meditation.  He did not think too much of it.  He said there is no medical evidence that shows meditation helps you or harms you.  But surprisingly watching TV does help.

If you lose yourself or engrossed in a TV story you lower your heart rate.  He said just don’t channel surf, that has the opposite effect.

I also heard that looking at a woman’s cleverage lowers a man’s heart rate, or does it also have the opposite effect?

Monday, March 19, 2018

Downtown Marietta on a Sunday Afternoon

March 18, 2017
End of Winter


Sunday, March 18, 2018

Not for the Weak Stomachs

above: fart x-rays

Not long our dog Willow was releasing terrible smelling gas often.  We changed dog food, and  the nose-hair burning hair gases stopped.  So, maybe we did the right thing (knock on wood).
But yesterday I released a "silent but deadly" fart.  Anna was gagging for fresh air.

Maybe I should change to Willow's dog food too.

SUNDAY FUNNIES11 MAD.s Melvin of the Apes

This from MAD's second issue.  Story by editor Harvey Kurtzman and art by John Severin.  It is the first MAD story to lampoon a certain character or whatever.  This time the target is Tarzan.

Saturday, March 17, 2018

Corn Beef and Cabbage and Troop 132

In our preteen years we were in Boy Scout Troop 132, which was sponsered by Saint Joseph's Catholic Church.

Most of the time the church officials such as priests and nuns rarely made  appearances at  our meetings.  In fact, I can only think of two occasions we knew we were sponsored by Saint Joseph's Catholic Church.

One was when they had a party at the new church on Campbell Hill Street.  I was amused because I actually saw the priest smoking a cigarette, something you just didn't see "men of God" do,

Secondly, as a money raiser the scout troop had a corn beef and cabbage dinner and bingo night at the basketball auditorium in Marietta Place homes.  We sold tickets.

We boys served as waiters and "go-fors".  The grownup scout leaders did the cooking and I think they had the church's regular Bingo M.C. handled the Bingo end of it.

Again, I was amused to see the priest and nuns partake in gambling.  I don't recall any nuns smoking.  I am trying to remember if it was a "dry" time in Cobb County then or not.  It seemed like beer flowed freely, but if it was a dry time, I doubt it.

it was the first time I had a corn beef plate and cabbage and I loved it.  Still do.




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Friday, March 16, 2018

Today we were at Costco.   I went to the restroom.  As I was almost at the Men’s Restroom door a man was walking out.  I noticed he had toilet paper stuck to the bottom of one of his shoes.  He was dragging about 10 or 12 inches of toilet paper behind him..  I said, “Sir, you have paper stuck on your shoe.”

He stopped and looked.  He walked back into the restroom to pull it off.  He was a big man and I thought he might have a problem squatting to pull the  toilet off so I decided to help him.  I stepped on the paper and without even knowing it, he was detached.  I told him it was detached.  He turned around and saw it and what said what might have been a bitter, “Thank you sir!”

As I walked away the big man was trying to squat to pick it up. 

I bet he wished I would not have stepped on it, he probably planned to return to a stall and sit down and pull it off without trying to squat.

Oh well, no good deed goes unpunished.

"10 Cents Bill" Yopp

As far as I know Bill Yopp is the only black and ex-slave buried in the Confederate Soldier Cemetery in Marietta, Georgia.  He entered the Civil War as a manservant for his “Master”.  While there he leaned how to play he drum and became the unit’s Drummer.  When his master was wounded and sent home he stayed as the drummer, CSA uniform and all.

After the war he became a doorman at the Georgia House of Representatives and became speaking terms with many of the legislators.  He convinced them to create a retirement home for old Confederate Soldiers.

I keep asking myself why would anybody devote themselves to the comfort of a group of people who fought to have the right to own his race like livestock?   He must have been a nut-job.


Thursday, March 15, 2018

Stephen Hawkin's Repladement

Yesterday on this blog I asked what are we going to do for knowledge of the Universe and its contents with Stephen Hawkin gone.

The answer was right before me, right under my nose, so to speak.  This person is a self-proclaimed "Cool Genius" that normally is very talkative.

Beware of the Ides of March!


Throwback Thursday: Parents 50th

Mama and Daddy's 50th Anniversary 1987 and their off-springs.
first row: Ed and Janie
2nd row: Adam
3rd row: Frances, me, Bonnie, and Rocky

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