Thursday, October 23, 2014

Laughing AT, Not WITH

The other day I thought of two little shack houses that used to be on Ebenezer Road in Marietta, down from the chicken houses that  was taking up the land that would eventually be Addison School.   The two shacks  each had an outhouse in back.

When I used to run a lot there  in front of their house there was a no shoulder area beside the road.  If you ran or drove off the pavement there you would have a sudden jar and possibly car or human injury.  Once I was running after it rained and a car coming towards me made me hop off the payment and I fell.  I expected  that my feet would hit the surface of soil, I didn't know it was on the edge of a small bank.  I fell, got muddy and skinned up. 

I was good entertainment for the group sitting on the front porch of one of the shacks.  They all let out a sudden whooping HEE HAW as I took a tumble and when I slid in the mud  it brought more hoots and HEES HAWS. 

They probably didn't have a television. 

Tuesday, October 21, 2014


Get on your Blues Dancing Shoes.

Monday, October 20, 2014

Mark Bagley, HULK artist, Interview

Here is a Youtube interview with Mark Bagley, comicbook artist of THE HULK; previously, one of the artists for SPIDERMAN, both of Marvel Publishing Company.  In my own way I am proud of Mark because he is the husband of my cousin Pattie Hunter. I think that would be called family pride.   Mark is a good artist, go to your local comicbook shop and buy one of his comicbooks and see for yourself.

This interview was made last week at the Comic Con in NYC..

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Visiting Cartersville, Georgia

Saturday we went to Bluegrass Festival in Cartersville, Georgia.   These are just some random pictures I took here and there in the town.

Cartersville First Baptist Church

My ancestors Greenville and Mary Polly Taylor Pullen were one of the first settlers in Cass County, which eventually became Bartow County, which Cartersville is county seat.   I read that Greenville donated some of his land for the First Baptist Church which eventually became The First Baptist Church of Cartersville.   Mary (Polly) died and Greenville moved on to Dalton, Georgia, where he remarried.   I thought it is reasonable to believe The First Baptist Church of Cartersville might have its own cemetery.  We arrived in the area early for the concerts - we had our Smart Phone GPS lead us to the First Baptist Church of Cartersville.   The church building is huge and is surrounded by acres of  well-sculptured beautiful green grass .  I think some of the church members might think an old cemetery with old weathered  markers and tombstones  an eyesore.  There was no cemetery.  I'll look for the  Cemetery another day.

The formerly depot, now Visotor's Center reminds me of the building in Marietta with the same past and present  reason for being.

I have eaten here once.  I was impress with their "putting on no airs" atmosphere.  I  always thought it is some kind of landmark, sort of like the Big Chicken in Marietta - but inside the customers are much like Brandy's Hotdogs in Marietta.... natives. 

I got carried away with the red  building side Coca Cola sign.   On the inside I think at least 1//3 of the store is antique like Coke promotional items.  We went in to buy a candy bar.  We were having a difficult time finding the shelf they sell candy and I asked a lady at the cash register.  She said by the Coke machine.  We bought some candy and returned to the lady at the cash register, I said, "If you had told me the candy was by the Coke display I would have been confused."  She didn't smile.  She took my money and gave me my change and snappily told me to have a nice day.  I suppose she is tired of hearing Coke display jokes.

The concert was right in the middle of the downtown area, by the railroad tracks.  The buildings definitely have a "downtown Cartersville" personality.

We try to catch the singing group SCARLET WOOL whenever it is close and feasible.    They were one of the 4 to 6 groups we watched. 

SCARLET WOOL consists of three sisters: Tabby, Erin, and Hannah Fleeney.  We think at least one is still a teenager and the two oldest are probably in their early 20s.  They are good.  Their father and brother are always close by when they perform - at least the times we saw them they were.  They are above, I don't know their first names.  They are good.


I'm told that the man dancing is 90 years old.

I have heard in the past few years about Scott's Walk Up Barbecue in Cartersville.  The have catered the Varners Reunion and a local magazie, ATLANTA MAGAZINE I think, rated them one of the top BBQ eateries in Georgia.  I had that on my bucket list, to try one of the times we were in Cartersville..  We did and it was very good.  It is so  downt-to-earth and non pretentious I only saw one pig statuette - it was a bowl with a pig's face by the cash register for tips.   

Sunday, October 19, 2014


HAPPY BIRTHDAY to our beautiful daughter in law, Sabrina!

Saturday, October 18, 2014

SUNDAY FUNNIES!! World Series on TV

The World Series is upon us.  So to get you riled up for it here is a one page cartoon by Bleachman  in HUMBUG Magazine.

click to enlarge to understand (maybe).


The Bettis Children

click on image to enlarge.

These are  Bob and Ida Lavonia Prance Bettis's four sons.  Bob and Ida had  ten children,  6 boys and 4 girls.  The four oldest children were boys, and I think these were probably the only kids at the time of the picture was taken, which I estimate to be 1906.  The first daughter was born in 1907, after when I believe this picture was taken.   Based on that,  from left to right:  James Toliver Cecil Bettis (1900-1969), Reuel Andrew Bettis (1901-1968), Herschel Raymond Bettis (1903-1987), and Isaac Landrum Bettis (1898-1975).


Thursday, October 16, 2014

A Night At the Museum, Inside and Outside

As you know we have been approached expectatively  twice recently.  One time in the dark in our driveway of somebody wanting to know what street he was walking down and another time at out front door a lawman wanting to know about one of our neighbors.   We might as well go for three times.  This evening   In the public parking lot, across the tracks from the Marietta History Museum a young decent looking man approached us and asked if we knew anything about Marietta.  I answered, we did know a little, what did he need to know.

He asked us if there is  any place other than MUST MINISTRIES a person can stay.  He said he had a place to stay at Tuirner's Chapel but had some kind of lame excuse why not there.   I said MUST MINISTRIES would be his best bet.  He told us their rules which he would have to be out by a certain time, and on and on - his reasons and words just blended - I have no idea what he said the reason he didn't like Turner Chapel or MUST Ministries.
Then he started telling us he was no bum.  He understood  what we must think of him.  Not really, I just thought he might have hit a bad luck period.  He asked or hinted that we give him a few bucks to get something to eat.
In the middle of his spill up drove a car and Christa, a museum officer, rolled down her window and  said hi and talked a minute or two, which she did not know it but she was interrupting  the guy's bad - luck story.  
She drove off and he picked up where he left off.
I told him I was sorry, but told him we just didn't have money to give him.  He looked intimidated and also looked as he wished he never bother us.

After he was a good distance away we decided to give him some.  I chased him down and gave it to him.  It was enough to get a warm meal at Wendy's and suggested Wendy's.  He said he would go there now.

We wondered if we did the right thing or not.
Then we saw him walking the opposite direction of Wendy's. 

Or maybe he has a dealer named Wendy.

On the plus side we heard a nice talk by a guy who grew up in Kennesaw and wrote an Acadia Press Book about Kennesaw.  He was down to earth and candid. 

And we learned something we didn't know.  Did you know at the depot in Kennesaw is the highest point between Atlanta and the Etowah River?  He told this to make a point.  In THE GREAT LOCOMOTIVE CHASE the conductor, I think his name was Fuller or Fulton,  chased the stolen engine by one of those hand pump carts was not nearly as hard you might think, because most his journey down the tracks in pursuit he was on a slight incline going down.


the "Do You Know Who I Am?" card

When in a squeeze some celebrities have made the news by playing their "Do you know who I am ?" card.   Sarah Palin, Reese Witherspoon, and George Zimmerman to name a few.  Also you might could add me to the list.

Back in the  late 1950s I hung out with a bunch that was always looking for a party or sometimes we carried the party with us.  On one weekend night we went to Acworth Lake, across the water from Acworth Beach.  We had a bottle of gin.  It was the first time I drank gin.    After we sat around  talking sipping gin we decided to pa the beach pavilion a visit.  We drove around and to the beach parking lot.  We thought we would drink one last beer before going in.  Our car facing a grassy bank with not to sharp of an incline.  Just when we opened our beer cans I heard a jingle of keys and looked up - down the hill came a flashlight bouncing in the darkness as it came down the little hill.  The jingle were keys, gun,  handcuffs, and whatever else police wore around their belts. 

An elderly policeman asked if "You boys drinking?"

Billy Joe Royal* said, "No sir."

The policeman said, "Don't lie to me boy, I saw you!"

He pulled out a pad and began writing our names down.   When he got to me, I gave him my name.  He stopped writing and said, "Are you kin to Ed Hunter?"*

"Yessir.  He is my daddy."

He put his notepad back into his pocket and said, "Listen here!  We don't allow drinking here!  Not for adults, teenagers, especially not teenagers,!"  I am letting you go with a warning this time.  I want y'all to leave and not come back.  Which we did.

*That is right, "Down in the Boondocks" Rockabilly Billy Joe Royal.  In about 2 to 3 years from then he could have played his "Do you know who I am card?"

** Ed Hunter was Chief of the Cobb County Police at the time.

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Pontoon Ride on Allatoona video

Don't ask me why I named this video LAKE ALLATOONA RIDE SEPT 2014 when our son Adam took us on the ride on October the 8th.  I am still trying to figure out what was I thinking.
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