Wednesday, August 20, 2014

The Day I Made Franklin Garrett Earn His Pay

Yesterday  I reviewed my Oakland Cemetery photographs.  I came across the above tombstone of Franklin Miller Garrett (1906 - 2000) and I thought of the time I talked to Mr. Garrett on the telephone.

Between 1975 and 1990 I found out  what CSA unit  one of my ancestors was in during the Civil War.  I had no idea what action or where  at  this Confederate Unit my ancestor  belonged to.  This was before Google and on-line research.      I did the next easiest  thing, I called  The Atlanta History Center.  I told the lady that answered  the phone that  I wanted to know the movements of a certain Confederate unit in the War.

She connected me to Franklin Garrett, the official historian of The Atlanta History Center.  I told Franklin what I was looking for and he took notes and told me just a moment, it might take a few minutes to find it.  Then I heard him put down the phone and steps, like walking up bare wooden steps.

In a few minutes I heard footsteps again, like coming down the stairs the phone making a noise, and he told me the information  I had asked him for.

But!  The information he gave me opened the door for more questions, which I promptly asked.

Franklin said, "Just a minute"  And I could here the phone being put down, steps, then heavier steps stepping up the wood steps.

Because this time  he probably  knew where to look, he was back quicker and gave the information.   I wrote it down and thanked him and said something like, "Since I have you on the phone, I want to ask about another ancestor's unit..."

I told him what else I would like to know and in a polite gentle way he asked me did I have any more questions,  that he could get while he was up there... gently he  said walking up and down the stairs was wearing him out.

Later I found out Mr. Franklin Garrett was not born in Atlanta but grew up in Atlanta, and was an expert on the history of Atlanta and had written several books on Atlanta.  I see by his cemetery stone that he was born in 1906.  He was probably between 69 and 75 or 76 when I gave him a good stairs workout.

Whew!  It wears me out just thinking of it.

Franklin Miller Garrett

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Tuba Skinny - SHORT DRESS

TUBA SKINNY plays "SHORT DRESS".   SHORT DRESS was recorded in the French Quarters in March, 2014. Speaking of SHORT DRESS, where's Erika Lewis?

Monday, August 18, 2014

Sheryl, The Friendly Ghost

This weekend on  Garrison Keillor 's  PRAIRIE HOME COMPANION radio  show on the GUY NOIR, PRIVATE EYE segment I was reminded of our late neighbor Sheryl.    In the segment Guy's client, a female  public relations director, was swept off her feet by the ghost of Elvis.  And poof!  she disappeared - Elvis took her away.

The  lonely lady Sheryl that lived in behind us was, one might think, taken away with the Ghost of Elvis.  Sheryl was married to an ambitious husband who stayed gone all the time tending to his businesses.  She drunk a lot and took a lot of prescribed  drugs.

Sheryl claimed that one time at Eckard's in the pharmacy department she was waiting on her prescription and Elvis walked in and leaned over and said something like, "Baby, where have you been all my life?  I am going to come back and  take you away in my Cadillac."  Then, I don't know if he left or she left or what. 

A few days later  she died of an overdose and a new Cadillac was  spotted slowly cruising the neighborhood. 

    She was dead in the house for several days before her husband or one of her two children.  She kept the house's temperature so low it slowed down her body's  decaying.

Wait!  That is not all.

Her husband sold the house.  Three owners later one night the husband was  having trouble sleeping.  He opened his eyes and a blond*  headed woman was over him rubbing his head.  It scared him and she vanished.  It happened a several other times.  She was always friendly towards the husband and avoid the wife.

The wife decided to have an Exorcist come.   She invited me and other neighbors to come over for exorcism.    The wife had healthy snacks, fruit, and tea.   It looked more like a Yuppie's tea party.   The Exorcist Priest was a Episcopalian Priestess.

The priestess had a little metallic ball on a chain that gave out some kind of holy incense.   After the social.  We listened to her pray we then followed her around the house swinging the incense ball and chanting or singing.   That is about it.

The wife told me that the night after the exorcism a dead rat was dropped on her husband face while sleeping.

And after that, no more ghostly problems.

*Sheryl was blond and was always in the same color gown the mystery spirit wore.

Sunday, August 17, 2014


This  past week CANDID CAMERA was on every night.  The host is Peter Funt, the son of the original creator Allen Funt.   Interesting, Friday,  Peter ran a "Talking Mailbox" scene that was  very popular when his father did the show.

I remember the "Talking Mailbox", not from  watching CANDID CAMERA but from reading TRUMP Magazine, edited by Harvey Kurtzman, so here is Harvey's lampoon of CANDID CAMERA  illustrated by Wallace Wood.

click on image to enlarge to read it.

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Saturday, August 16, 2014

Eddie Hunter and His Magical Saturday

My son Rocky asked what I wanted for my birthday.  When he asked, it just so happened that I saw a sign advertising helicopter rides over Marietta for $40.  So that is what we told him, a helicopter ride.  And  that is what I received - today.

The plan this morning was to  ride in the helicopter over Marietta.  It is between a 5 and 10 minute ride.  They were to be there between 10am and 3pm.  We are always early.  It is in our DNA.   When we pulled up we saw three men sitting at a table under a umbrella.  I got out and walked over to the table to ask them about the details, and so on.   They asked me my name and I told them and paid them.  One young man stood and said, "Let's go!"  I had to run back to the car to get my camera.

I learned a few things for my next trip, if there is one.  Number one is that as soon as you are in the air you are looking down on things you should be photographing, like the courthouse, The Square, and Glover Park.

After the flight we went to the Farmer's Market on the Square and bought some things such as local honey, big fresh tomatoes, and a chicken pot pie.

I saw former Mayor Bill Dunaway handing out pamphlets and other information at a Visitors Information table.  I told him I just flew over Marietta in a helicopter.  He said,
"Helicopter rides today?"
I told him it was and reach down and pulled out another poster, "HELICOPTER RIDES TODAY."  and it gave directions.

There were several street musicians making their homemade music  (for dollar bills in their hat on the ground) for homegrown produce.


Happy Birthday PR!

Today at 1:54 pm the Earth will become still.  Don't worry, it will be only be momentarily.  Then, it will start back in its usual spinning and rotating.    It will do so in honor of Paul Roper, who will turn 72 at that minute.

If you want to you can email your heartfelt thanks to Paul for being Paul at

Friday, August 15, 2014

A Slice of History

The cobble stoned  or brick street is Depot Street.  It leads to what used to be the Depot but is now the Visitors Information Center,  Kennesaw House, and the railroad tracks. - but those places were behind me when I took this picture.  In front of the camera is the park with the statue of Senator Alexander Stephens Clay in the center of the picture.

On the right of Root Street facing West Park Square and Glover park is Hemingway's Bar and Grill.  Depot Street is part of their establishment (see the tables?).
We have eaten at Hemingway's at least once.  I remember having to use the restroom and was directed down a flight of stairs.

 I went down the stairs I came into a pool room lounge.   There were some people playing pool.  There was also a window looking out at sidewalk level.  You could see people's lower part of people's  legs walk by.

The window was a tall window, but it went down.  You get to see a cutaway of the City's progress..  It had a level of small rocks, a layer or red dirt, a level of cement, maybe a brick layer, bigger rocks, and so on.   Interesting.   I did not have my camera.  I am going have to revisit that basement for a picture of the cutaway, just like an ant farm.


Thursday, August 14, 2014

Blind Charlie Saw All

Bus, Daddy, and W.C Hunter

Dick and Stanley Hunter

My daddy would have  turned 103 years old yesterday, if he was still around.

When I was growing up from age 7 to age 15 I lived in the same house that he lived in with his family as a boy.  It was on Manget Street, on the edge what is now Larry Bell Park.  Then, I think it was the country work farm .

There was an old blind man named Charley who lived around the corner on Glover Street, right behind Glover Machine  Works.  He and his elderly sister lived in the old rackety unpainted  shack, I think, until they died. There was a clothes line that led from the back porch to their outhouse.  Not only did clothes hang on the line but it was also a hand guide to get Charlie to the outhouse.

Charley knew the Hunter boys well, Daddy and his seven brothers.  Whenever I could  I would drop by and visit Charley and his sister.  He always had a funny story to tell of Daddy and his brothers mischievous antics and pranks.   
I remember one time Charlie got a job as a taxi company dispatcher.  I think he was meant for that job, he knew the Marietta streets like the palm of his hand and had excellent diction.  However, he didn't last in it long, he died.

Charlie was buried in what is called a Potters Field, A.K.A.  paupers' cemetery, which was off of Barnes Mill Road.  I think the I-75 came over the area  of the graves, and well, bye bye remains.   ...Probably.

I wish I had taken notes on the things  Charley told me about the Hunter Boys.  Now, I don't remember a damn thing. 

c1918, Daddy, aka, Ed Hunter and his brother Jack

c1921 Daddy and older brother W.C., Unknown, and the Hunter family Cow

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