Monday, January 15, 2018

My Claim to Fame (Its all about me)

My claim to fame:

These pictures are of my first cousin Patti Hunter Bagley, and her husband Mark Bagley rubbing elbows with Stan Lee.
Mark, my cousin-in-law,  is one of the key SPIDERMAN artists. 
Stan Lee is head, or was head of Marvel Comics.  If you have seen any Marvel Super Hero movies you have seen Stan.  He makes a cameo in them all.
I have known of Stan Lee a long time.  When he first became an associate editor with Marvel Comics his uncle was the CEO. 
In the late 1940s my hero Harvey Kurtzman was a struggling young freelance comicbook artist.  Stan gave him some jobs as putting "fillers" in the comics he managed.  The name of Kurtzman's fillers were "HEY LOOK!" 
Harvey Kurtzman went on to create MAD Comicbook.
Years ago I saw Stan Lee do an interview with Harvey Kurtzman and MAD and UGA artist Jack Davis and he appeared to be hyper.

Stan Lee will turn 96 on his next birthday in December 2018 and he is spry and active.  Being hyper must help longevity.  

Martin Luther King Day


Looking at THE MARVELOUS MRS. MAISEL.  I was introduced to the series Amazon's THE MARVELOUS MRS. MAISEL.  I was so amazed by the details we watched the first four series (with bathroom breaks of course).
The series starts off as watching the very well organized skillful housewife Midge Maisel prepares in her Pyrex container a brisket fresh from the oven.  They  used the meat as payola, or bribe, to pay off the owner or maybe manager of The Gas Light in Greenwich Village,  for a prime spot in the line of entertainers, who have five minutes or so of entertaining the audience for her husband, a standup comedian wannabe.
By the way, the husband was a sorry comedian.  He stole his skits from Bob Newhart and his delivery and timing was wrong.  Luckily for him he did not quit his day job, which is a vice president of a large corporation  which his uncle is the president.

Did I mention that her and her husband are jewfish?   Their families are very typical stereotyped Jews, which is whole new set of continued laughs.

The husband leaves Midge for his secretary and she gets drunk and pops up at the Gas Light and stumbles up on stage just to whine about how things are not going her way and lights up the house in laughter, then the owner or manager of the establishment wants to be her manager.  But she is not fully persuaded she is good at it.

So far, she has spent two, maybe three nights in jail for lewd language and exposing her breasts on stage. In jail she  gets to know comedian Lenny Bruce and they become running buddies, sort of.
That is what I like about it, the parade of real characters that she crosses in the story.  Almost like a hipped Forrest Gump. 
From my several times in the village I remember the Gas Light and was a Lenny Bruce  fan.
The series has its cackling out loud moments and a lot historical correct moments.
It is very enjoyable.

PS - It has a jazzy type music like "HE DONE HER WRONG" (Meany the Moocher?) which adds to it all.

Sunday, January 14, 2018


From the pages of HELP Magazine in 1962.  The story is by editor Harvey Kurtzman and the art is by his sidekick Will Elder.
As always, click on each page to be able to read it and see what is going on.

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Saturday, January 13, 2018

Smart Ass

Once, years ago, I asked a friend that I considered very intelligent, why smart people did not brag about being smart.

He jokingly said he wouldn't know (of course he would say that). 

He went on to say the smarter a person is the more he or she realizes how much he or she doesn't know, therefore is humbled.

Friday, January 12, 2018

I read an article in UNCLE JOHN'S BATHROOM READER  this morning about a guy in the United States, curious if anybody had his same name, Googled that name and found a person in Australia.    He emailed the person with his name and they struck up a relationship and was surprised they had similar history:  Born the same year,  both had three children and so on.

That inspired me to do the same.  I Googled my name and only found my daddy and me.  Then while there on Google  in my name I clicked Images and saw myself and Daddy in various Chicken-fat pictures that I put there.  However, also there was on picture I don't remember seeing in a long time.  I comb through my picture file often looking for certain things, and this picture is not in my picture files.

I like to come across pictures I have taken but haven't seen them in so long I forgot they exist.  This one is labeled   1977 of Daddy and Rocky.

He Died. He Was Lucky

It is too late now, but the previous postmaster of Marietta, Garth,  could have been the postal child for inappropriate sexual behavior of the opposite sex.
I have heard of him showing sexual explicit photos in magazines in the mail system to female employees and more.
He believed he was a good photographer and more than once he has asked shapely young ladies to be photographed in a bikini.  I know of one case that his model quickly shot up the management ladder and the last I heard she was  a postmaster in north Georgia.  
One  young lady, a clerk took some time off for a boob job.  When he found out he made a special visit to the branch she worked at to check her out.  It was only a short time she was a manager.

Garth died a couple years ago before the current social climate.  He was lucky.

Thursday, January 11, 2018

Throwback Thursday, Paul Foster in the South Pacdific

Throwback Thursday.  This is Anna's uncle Paul Everett Foster Jr, (1922-1995) about 1943, in the Marines in the South Pacific.  I think Paul is the guy stooping, front row, far right.  See the guy with the bra?  That reminds me of the movie SOUTH PACIFIC.

After the Marines Paul joined the Air Force for another tour of duty.

Wednesday, January 10, 2018


Alvin Ridley

Virginia and Alvin Ridley

When Georgia and Alabama played Monday night I heard the name RIDLEY mentioned over and over.  There was a Ridley on each side.  They are brothers.
Whenever I hear the name Ridley my ears pop up and my attention span zooms in to learn more.
My Grandma Petty's  maiden name is Ridley, so I have a natural yearn to learn more about the Ridleys.
They have an interesting story the cover centuries.
William Ridley (1739-abt 1825) was born in England and died in Burke County, North Carolina).  When William first moved to America he settled in Boston where he was a school teacher and shoe cobbler).  He fought in the Revolutionary War, on the side of the Americans.  He fought at Kings Mountain, near the border of North and South Carolina.  The Kings Mountain Battle, although only about two hours long, is believed to be the deciding point of the war.
He married Jane Pursley, who I believe lived near Kings Mountain at the time they met.  They married in Burke County, North Carolina.
They had five sons and one daughter.
William's son Matthew Ridley (abt 1782 - bef 1830) is my ancestor.
William's son William Ridley (1783-?  ) married  Mary Ann Smith and they also had five sons and one daughter.
Mary  Ann died and William married secondly to Margaret Maxwell and they had one son.  Then William died.
Researchers believe that Margaret sold William's three youngest boys in indenture servitude.
And the three young men escaped and went to north Alabama and in time their extended families reached into west Georgia, as far south as Heard County and as north as Ringgold, Georgia.
Now here is irony:  Matthews descendants mostly settled in Murray County, Georgia, and Cleveland, Tennessee, and as for west as Ringgold.
In Ringgold you have Ridleys with two different ancestry trails back to the original William Ridley, Revolutionary War soldier.
Below is a blog I made about the eccentric Alvin Ridley:
To get out of work, of retyping everything, I just copied and pasted.

Now, get this:  Margaret sold three of her five stepsons into servitude.
HOWEVER!!  They ran away or escaped.  Ales, Charles, and Asa Ridley went to Tennessee, just above the Alabama state line, Eastern Alabama, in the Sands Mountain area, and as far south as Heard County, Georgia.  Of course the three brothers off-springs multiplied, and some of the extended families ended up in Chattanooga and Ringgold, Georgia.
Now back to our Grandma Petty: Frances Viola Ridley.  Her closer Ridley kin have also multiplied and extended the extended families.  They are in Chattanooga, Ringgold,  and so on. 
My point is both sets of Ridleys have detailed listings of all their family members, but somehow Alvin Ridley, TV retired TV repairman in Ringgold, Georgia, is not listed in at all.
Who is Alvin Ridley?
Alvin Ridley is a very eccentric man who was accused of keeping his wife locked up in their house and starving her to death.  He had to go to trial and the jury found him not guilty.  The reason was, being a recluse he refused to let anybody in their house.  When his lawyer tricked him into getting into the house, the lawyer found the alibi proof he needed:  Walls covered with paper with crammed notes on each sheet of paper written by his wife Virginia.   She wrote her opinion on everything and when she ran out of opinions she would write poetry.  She wrote she quit taking her medicine and she autopsy showed she had the same symptoms of somebody with her disease, if they had quit taking their medicines.

I saw two TV specials on Alvin Ridley through the last dozen years and this weekend I heard a NPR program with his lawyer, the last elected Democrat in office, in Ringgold, talking and recounting it all.

With a little mini-research I found Alvin was born in 1943 and with further research I cannot find him listed in any Ridley family papers.  Apparently, neither Ridley group one wants to claim him

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Tuesday, January 09, 2018

Grandpa Hunter, Life Saver

click on picture to see better

Frank Paris  "Grandpa" Hunter (1879-1950)

The new heater/artificial fireplace with a mantel we bought the other day is relaxing to watch or just have in the background.  It has the illusion of fire leaping on  logs.  You can turn up and down or you can turn it up to a roaring fireplace.  That is just the illusion, which puts out no heat at all.  On another switch on the remote ou can  adjust  the heat high or low.
On Facebook or my blog I jokingly said the good part is you don't have to chop firewood.
And I am adding, not jokingly, another good part is the  little red hot cinders that sometime pop out a fireplace are non existent .
True story:  When my Grandma Hunter died we moved in with my Grandpa Hunter on Manget Street.
There was a fireplace in the living room.  On cold mornings in the winter Granpa woke up before of the rest of the family and start a fire in the fireplace.  I I remember correctly, that was the only heat source in the house. 
We did not have kindling or any kind of wood logs.  We had a good supply of coal under the front porch.
After Grandpa got the fire started he would go to the kitchen and start making toast putting butter on slices of loaf bread, ready to put in the oven when the family started stirring around.
I was usually the second one to get up.  I would stand by the fireplace and get warm by the heat.
One morning I was backed up to the fireplace when a cinder popped out of the fireplace and landed on my pajamas.  My pajamas instantly flamed up.  Grandpa grabbed me and threw me down and rolled me.
And saved my life.

I don't remember being taken to the doctor about my burned legs.    They were covered with blisters and I was miserable in pain for a week or so.  We didn't seek medical help often, Daddy was our doctor.
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