Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Explaining Myself


I read once that every action, no matter how big or small, causes a chain or reactions, such as:

A couple of people have  emailed me wanting to know if I was OK because no chicken-fat blog in past couple of days.
The bottom line is that life keeps getting in the way:
Sunday both of us had an interview with Global IS (whatever)  which I think is U.S. Customs.   I think this is what some travelers elect to do, it prevents being in a long lines at the airport;  it boils down to you have already proven you are not a flight risk so you get to avoid the long lines of being scrutinized at the airport  by the authorities.
Our appointment was at a Global office in an office park near the Atlanta Airport at 11:00.  In looking over the fine print it said do not be early and do not be late, or your interview may be delayed. 
Well shoot!  I arrive at appointments early.  That is what I do.  I do that in case of traffic problems,  car problems, or any other unpreventable problem.  We don't know how to be late.
Sunday we learned how to be late.
We gave ourselves one hour and fifteen minutes to get there.  When a mile from home I felt in my pockets did not feel my cell-phone.   I turned the car around and went back home to get it.  When home I felt it in my pocket.  I just didn't feel around good enough. 
Back on the road again, now we had one hour to get to our appointment.
The last few times we were going south on the i-75 the traffic was backed up in a stop and go mode.  This time we were lucky, traffic was speeding along rather nicely.
We got to our destination, in the office park at 10:45. 
There was a note on the door.  It said the computer was down and come to their office at the International Airport and gave us the address.
We hopped into our car and fled to the mentioned airport.  Went to an hourly parking, went into the huge building and found their office at 11:15.
The interview went fine.  They took our pictures and finger prints and the finger prints passed.
The only snarl was that they do not mail to PO Boxes.  Our little approval package will be sent to our street address, which then, would not be delivered because there is no mailbox.  Duh.
Then,  we dropped by to visit Sabrina,  Benjamin, and Rocky and had lunch with them.  Very enjoyable to see our grandson and his parents.
The first thing after the dog park Monday morning I went to the post office and told them my dilemma and wanted to know if they could tell my route carrier to be on the lookout and hand it off to the box section.
There were a bunch of "Ahs" and "Errs" but the bottom line was no.  My name and street number wasn't even on the carriers' case.
By the way, the reason we do not have a mailbox, because my drunk/high neighbor knocked it down four or five time while backing out of this driveway.  Each time he fixed or replaced it but it was a hassle I did not want to deal with.
But he is dead now.
I decided we needed a mailbox in our yard.
I went to Home Depot and bought a mailbox.
Then I went back to the post office and gave them my address on a sheet of paper and requested they add my name to the carrier's case, I said I was going home and put it up now.
It wasn't that easy to "put it up now".  The problem was it has to be 30 inches in the ground.  I could not dig any deeper than 12 inches then I ran into rock.  I tried digging and pounding it just couldn't go any deeper.  I was getting very sweaty, dizzy, and nauseas.  The last time I had that combination I had a stroke.
Therefore, I dropped the shovel and sat in the shade wishing for it to be finished.
Wishing doesn't work.
Anna looked up  a handy man company, on line, locally, and found a company with good reviews.
Today, I was on lookout for the mail person to drive by.  I planned to rush out, flag her down, and explain I had planned for someone to put up a mailbox today so please be on the lookout for letters for me.
Then, I took my mind and eyes off the street and the mail lady went by.  I ran out but before I could get into my truck she was turning on another road.  I  road down our street and turn on the street the mail vehicle  turned.  There it was three or four houses down.  She got out of her postal vehicle and ran up the street to the next mail box.  I parked behind her mail vehicle and watch her take the mail out of another box and carry it to the next box, and looking at what she put in.  Apparently she caught herself  being one address off, all the way down the street.  I don't know if she figured it out but I think I know what happened:  After I turned in my request to add my address to the carrier's case I think they did, without notifying the carrier.  Then, when she lined up the mail in order of delivery she placed mail as her memory remembered how it went.  So after my address she was one off  until she caught herself.
I introduced myself to her and told her I was her new addition, even though we have lived in the same house for over 40 years.  She looked puzzled.  I probably did not explain myself well.
And also  Two men came from the handy man service  and did an excellent  job and kept me entertained as they did so.   They were full of down-to-earth wit. 

I can find a silver lining in any thing.

Saturday, June 24, 2017

BBQ and Jesus

Last night we visited Willie Jewell's Old School BBQ for the 4th time.  It was packed again:  people waiting on a table to be available. 

Lately BBQ joints having been popping up here and there.  We read that there is a new one on the corner of Glover and Atlanta (was Butler) Streets, replacing another one that did not make it.

It seems that the South should be noted for their barbecue.  But until recently there just wasn't that many.  I think until recently there were more of either  Mexican or  Asian restaurants  than barbecue restaurants. 

I noticed the crowd at Willie Jewell's last night.  I was wondering if they transferred professionals that recently moved to the area and decided to check out the local cuisine or they were natives just checking the new restaurant in town.  I informal survey of just studying the people, I think it was  a mixture of both.

I have always liked to pop in bbq roadside stands or a bbq restaurant on some lonely road.  It seems there is always something interesting.

What comes to mind is one time my son Adam and I went to a junk yard in White, Georgia, looking for a certain truck part (I think a rockaarm, whatever that is).  About a half mile down the road from the junk yard was a bbq joint with homemade signs. It was lunch time so we decided to try them out.

The food was good enough.  Their decorations were Jesus hanging on the cross hanging here and there.  When we sat down I noticed behind my son was almost a full size Jesus hanging on a cross, and the cross was leaning forward, hanging directly over my son's head.  Red plastic blood realistically seemed to be oozing from Christ's wounds.  Adam had not noticed the big crucifixion hanging above his plate and I said, "Watch out! and motioned for him to look up behind his head.

He looked up and it took him by surprised.  He did a double take.  

Friday, June 23, 2017


We saw the movie WISHIN AND HOPIN yesterday.  It was pretty good.

It was written by Wally Lamb.  I have read two, maybe three books by Wally Lamb and he has the ability of making ordinary people's lives interesting and funny.

He also has a thing about twin boys. In one book the protagonist  had a insane twin and in this movie there were twin students in the class that lived on a farm, but not so much in-your-face types.

I would have probably liked WISHIN AND HOPIN more  if in some cases it seemed to be copying Jean Sheperd's CHRISTMAS  STORY.

I liked it because it took me back.  I almost had the chilling feeling that Wally Lamb has been getting ideas from this blog Chicken-fat:

I had a similar incident that happened in the movie that the teacher took up a poo-poo (or Whoopie) cushion that the boys were having fun with, and then slipping it out of Mr. Cox's office; student demanding being the center of attention; hanging around the Bus Station's cafe;  causing a bat to get loose in school which cause the Nun-teacher to have a nervous breakdown; butting heads with the class's top brown-noser;  having to write on the blackboard the offense I vowed not to do a number of times;  and others that all blend in now, but they sparked me into remembering the moment I saw them and forgot them just as quickly.

We saw it on a pay-per-movie channel.  Good movie!  We got our money's worth.

Thursday, June 22, 2017

Coca Color Wall Sign at Young Brothers Pharmay

This is a Coca Cola wall advertisement in downtown Cartersville, Georgia.  I read that it is the very first Coca Cola wall advertisement.  And it still looks bright and bold!

I wonder what kind of paint they used?

I am not sure you could get a prescription filled at Young Brothers Pharmacy or not.  But if you wanted an ideal Coke or UGA Dawg icon gift they probably have it.

Wednesday, June 21, 2017


The X-Ray Guy Did It!

While at the vet's office yesterday afternoon I heard  the two ladies behind the counter having to explain a lot to customers  that their computer system was down, they would have to hand write receipts and whatever else.

When all customers, but me (the invisible one), were out of the room one lady said, "You know who messed up the system don't you?"

The other lady said, "The x-ray guy!"

The other lady said, "Yeah!  He was typing something and then said, "Your computer needs updating!"   And proceeded to update it and everything went wrong".

I have experienced  that myself.

I would have butted in and told them that has happened to me too, where someone or something starts updating my computer when I am happy the way it is and everything goes wrong.  But I might have scared them, they didn't know I was eavesdropping.   

Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Jeannette's 90th Redoux

Last July (2016), my aunt Jeannette Quintal Hunter's children threw her a 90th Birthday Bash.
We went and I took pictures, and the same pictures here, and I put them on Facebook.
Also in July 2016 MS forced fed my computer the upgrade Windows 10, which knocked my Movie Maker program out of whack.  I went eleven months without publishing a video through Youtube.  But, I finally figured out how to sidestep the problems Windows 10.  During this time I didn't stop recording videos.
So, to make the visit of Jeanette Hunter's 90th Birthday, here the pictures again, this time with videos

Monday, June 19, 2017

Roadside Wood Products

Having  a household of company to soon to arrive?   It may be too late to have your bathroom enlarged but maybe just a plain simple outhouse in your backyard is all you need.
Sudden death and need a coffin quickly?
At the same roadside shop* near Cleveland, Georgia, you could buy both, coffin and outhouse.  All you need is a pickup truck.

*at least they were there several years ago.

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