Thursday, March 21, 2019

Trump, Rep

Daddyk's Birth Place

This is the house my father was born in. It was on Waterman Street at Waddell Street. I got to take a picture of it before it was bulldozed a couple years ago to make way for progress....(?)
the next picture is the Hunters out front of the house on Waterman Street.
Left to right: 1st Row, Ed (Daddy) and W.C. Hunter
2nd Row: Bus, Bee, Herbert, and their father Frank Paris Hunter
Back: Minnie Victoria Tyson Hunter.

Notice the way Minnie is looking at Frank: it looks to me like pure admiration.
Ed was born in 1911. He looks about 2 years old. The pictures was probably taken made about 1913.

The house was bulldiozed away about 2010 to make way for progress.

Angel, Marie, and Drew

My late mother-in-law Marie Foster Prance and two of her g-g-grand kids Angel and Drew.

I like the composure.

Wednesday, March 20, 2019

June Bugs Making June Bugs

The First Day of Spring!

Tuesday, March 19, 2019

J. N. Petty's Family

ame goes. Here her name is Mrs. John N. Petty, look, see for yourself.
I found this picture funny because of the expression on Mrs. Petty's face and the young man standing beside her. By body language and facial expressions I think just before this picture was taken Mrs. J.N. gave Jim (the young man) a painful ear pinch for misbehaving.
By the way, Ethel Petty in this picture is the second Petty I know of named Ethel. The first I knew about was is my mother. I wonder if my mother was named after this Ethel? She was her great aunt, but I suspect they were unaware of each other's existence.
Not that it matters in the grand course of things but Ethel shares a cemetery plot with her mother Mrs. J. N. Petty. If these mother and daughter ghosts ever have a mother-daughter heated argument Ethel Petty could do a slam-dunk on the argument by saying, "At least I have my name on my tombstone!" Then lie there with a smirk on her embalmed face for eternity.


Monday, March 18, 2019

McCain and Trump's War Medals

Benjamin Enters a New School Phase

Liar, Pants on Fire!

Elizabeth Warren, Democrat, said she was part Native American and later a DNA test proved she wasn’t.   The president, the bully he is, called her Pocahontas.

Kamala Harris said she smoke pot and inhaled while listening to Snoop Dogg in college.  A skilled Republican discovered that Snoop Doggf had yet started making music professionally when she was in college. 

Apparently both ladies told an untruth  while trying to look good for their audiences.

While we are on the subject of politicians lying  when Trump gives unwritten speech the number of lies he tells are much higher than the one each the ladies told.,  His lies are up in hundreds.  Bets are made beforehand, on how many, and fact checkers give the official number.

He seems to tell on truths based on working his audience, telling them things he feels they want to hear.

And it seems OK, acceptable. 

Sunday, March 17, 2019


MAD artist Al Jaffee turned 98 this year and is still producing comic art.

In celebration of him and his art Chicken-fat, on or SUNDAY FUNNIES page has to of Al Jaffee's art of years ago.

TRUMP Magazine:

HUMBUG Magazine


Saturday, March 16, 2019

Benjamin and Parents at Saint Patrick's Day (before) Parade

Sprayberry Crossing Begone!

On this cold Saturday morning a group of us protesters met and picketed Sprayberry Shopping Center. We demanded the owners need to do something about this big abandoned shopping center. It is an eyesore. 

The first background is the closed bowling alley which has been lately a hangout for teenagers dabbing in drugs (alleged).


The second backdrop was Brunos Grocery Store and Quality Meats, which looks now like it might collapse at any moment.

Ida Mae Julian

This is Ida Mae Julian (1876- ? ). She is the daughter of John George Julian and Elizabeth Glorenia Hunter Julian. Elizabeth is the daughter of my great great grandfather Jason Henderson Hunter and Elizabeth Sherrill.
According to family stories, Elizabeth's brother John Andrew Hunter disapproved of their marriage because John Julian was Jewish. I don't know the how or any other details but John and Elizabeth Hunter Julian met an untimely death. Ida Mae and her sister Margaret was orphaned. Their uncle, John Andrew Hunter adopted them and raised them in a strict Baptist household. It was also handed down that he controlled their parents' money, Julians owned a big ranch in Idaho.
One determined researcher, Sherrill found a descendent of Ida Mae. She and her husband ran into the male descendent at a Dentists' Convention. Small world.
I am going through the notes Sherrill gave me and came up with this so far:
She found Ida Mae Julian on a 1900 Census living in Memphis, Shelby County, Tennessee, in a boardinghouse owned by Widowed Margaret Wessburg. Margaret Wessbug was Mrs. Margaret Hunter Wessbug. She was sisters with Ida Mae's mother Elizaabeth. Margaret's husband died in Memphis before 1896.
Next door to the boardinghouse was Thomas Jones and his wife. Thomas was a Memphis policeman.
On the 1910 Census, Ida Mae and Margaret was living in Oregon. Also they have a 6 year old David Jones., no relationship filled in.
On the 1920 Census they are in Santa Cruz, California. David is still with them, 16 years old and now his last name as been changed to Julienne.
It seemed David's father, so they said, was a man of mystery, no one knew him, they just knew his name: Rozelle Julienne. It was a quick marriage, married and then he left never to return.
David's full name was David Hunter Julienne.
Sherrill hinted something is fishy. I wonder that too. The last name Julienne is too similar to his mother's last name of Julian.
It is like history repeating itself. Ida Mae's grandfather, Jason Henderson Hunter, who is my great-great grandfather was the town constable of Franklin, North Carolina, when he knocked up my great great grandmother Rebecca Trammell.
Anyway, David Hunter Julienne married Alice Johanne Emile Schougaard. She was born in Copenhagen. Their son is Charles "Chuck" Hunter Julienne (1933-1910) who Sherrill and her husband happened to run into a dentists' convention, talked about genealogy and discovered they were researching the same family. Small world.



Friday, March 15, 2019

Beware of the Ides of March !

and the wind too!

Petty Kin and a Wedding Party Death

tPetty Cousins: 
Did I ever tell you about my half 2nd cousin, once removed, Hobert Walker went to a party for his brother getting married and got killed?
My great-great grandfather, Elijah Petty (1803-1881), and his second wife Sarah Parker (1818-1897) had seven children.
The oldest is Martha "Mary" Petty (1851-1945) married William Peyton Walker (1850-1936) and they had eight children.
Their third oldest William Richard Walker (1877-1958) married Alice Matilda Tiffar (1884-1946). They had eight children also.
One of their sons, Lester William Walker (1909-1987) married Odean Tanner (1919-1992), on 23 March 1937.
Another of their sons, Hobert Walker(1915-1937) died on 23 March 1937, the day Lester and Odean were married,
Here is the only explanation I found:
Hobert and another boy were carrying Lester on a rail during what was called a (Serenade) to celebrate the marriage of Lester and Dean Tanner. Some accident happened to Hobert that caused him to lose his life.
First picture: Mary Petty Walker. Second picture: Walker-Petty Family


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