Saturday, July 23, 2016

Rambling Saturday

This morning I went to a large hardware store to buy some down-spout items that I thought would be in their roofless section.  I told a young lady with an orange apron what I wanted.  She said smiling, "Let's get it!"

She reminded of the look of a villainess in a James Bond movie I watched last night (GOLDENEYE).

We walked inside.   I said, "oh-oh this is taking your away from your work area..."

She said, "No problem, it is hot out there!  I look for reasons to carry customers inside where it is air conditioned."

She showed me her pedometer on her watched.  She had already walked 2.6 miles this morning taking people inside to help them with their home improvement needs.

We talked about how walking is good for health.  During this talk she mentioned she will be 53 next week.

I truthfully said I thought she was under 30.  She glowed and thanked me.

I asked her if she had any children.  She said she has a son 29.  I said, I bet he is proud  of her.

She said, "He better be!  After all I did for him!"

Hillary Chooses Tim Kaine As Running Mate


Friday, July 22, 2016

Tammy's birthday one time

This is Anna's niece Tammy's birthday get- together  about ten years ago.  I'm the one that doesn't look quite right.

Thursday, July 21, 2016

Throwback Thursday, The Jones Boys

click to enlarge

Throwback Thursday.  Here are the Jones brothers and cousins:  Oscar Jones, Walter Jones, Claude Jones, Homer Jones, Henry Jones, and Leiman James of the Alpharetta- Milton - Forsyth Co., Ga. area c1900.  Walter is Anna's great grandfather

Wednesday, July 20, 2016

7000th Blog Post of Chicken Fat

On this blog this is my 7000th Post.  You don't believe me?  There, the column on the right side of the page  which is the archives.  Count them if you wish.

 I created Chicken-fat 10.5 years ago.   That is roughly 3830 days ago.
Which averages 1.83 posts a day.
I mostly shared photos, some history, a lot of genealogy, and some comics. 
And a few whims tacked on.
All and all, it has been a heap of Bullshit.

Some people liked it for a while, figured out there is nothing to it and wandered off to keep up with a better blog and did not return.

Others have stuck around... I have no idea why.

Maybe it is my looks.


Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Tuba Skinny Visited Atlanta Last Sunday

This is the Tuba Skinny show we saw in Little Five Points of Atlanta Sunday night.

We sat right of front of where this video view is - it is almost like our eyes did the recording.

Great show and video!

Big Fight, so to speak, at the Dog Park

(click on picture to read the words on bottom) 

When I hear of a fight at the dog park I first think of two dogs that didn't see eye to eye on something.

Today, I saw two grown men have a loud disagreement over politics.  One was screaming at the top of his lungs, so loud his eyes went cross-eyed. He repeatedly called the other person a "Dumb Fucker" and a "Stupid Fucker".

I learned long time ago that a shouting name calling person has no reasoning about him.

I don't think I even know how to shout and scream in a pissed-off mode. 
I don't think it is wise to fan or throw water on a fire.
Surprisingly,  at the end, the one not screaming told the screamer something like "they are still friends"  and the screamer jumped politely into talking about the new Braves Stadium, he accidentally came upon it the other day and was impressed.
But, getting back to the political tension:  People are going to believe what they choose to believe and no amount of arguing or reasoning will change that.

I am looking forward to November the 9th, the day after the election.

Monday, July 18, 2016

Down for Repairs

Down for repairs.
(repairs of the brain).

Sunday, July 17, 2016

SUNDAY FUNNIES!! Trump Magazine (1957)'s POLITICIANS

Now that it is the Eve of the Political Parties Convention season I thought I would get on the bandwagon a have a page that came from TRUMP magazine.

Don't let the magazine's name fool you.  It was named TRUMP long before Donald Trump was widely know.  In fact, TRUMP magazine was published in 1957 when Donald was only 11 years old.
It was published by Hugh Hefner of PLAYBOY and lasted only two issues.  It was edited and illustrated by the satirical force that created MAD publication, Harvey  Kurtzman, Will Elder, Jack Davis, and so on.  It was a money loser so PLAYBOY Publishing dropped it like a hot potato.  I think the reason it was a money loser, it did not have ads.  Duh!

This page, illustrated by Russ Heath, is about politicians, unlike real politicians is non- partisan. 

Click on image to make it larger and readable.

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