Sunday, December 08, 2019


Yesterday was the 78th anniversary of the Invasion of Pearl Harbor whee thousands of U.S. Sailors were killed.  This is also a sea story based on facts of events that actually happened.

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Art by Jack Davis.
Story by editor Harvey Kurtzman and History.

Saturday, December 07, 2019

78 Years Ago Today, PEARL HARBOR

Friday, December 06, 2019


A lot of people at one time in their lives feel they look like a movie star or someone else of fame. 

Me too!

In my case my look-alike is THE YELLOW KID, known to be the first newspaper comic strip.  He was created by Richard Outcault in 1898. 

Not only did we dress alike but we had similar environments.  We were both street kids too.



Thursday, December 05, 2019

Marietta Pilgrimage 2010

This weekend will be Marietta's Tour of Homes, a.k.a. Marietta Pilgrimage.

Here is one back in 2010, 9 years ago.

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Wednesday, December 04, 2019

Employees Have a Life

If you want to go good restaurant for breakfast at a reasonable price in and around Marietta, Georgia (and Jimmy Carter Blvd) I suggest Martin’s.  The employees are well organized like a fine oiled machinery. 

However, if you like to see pleasantry and politeness of a restaurant employees in the afternoon just before closing time at Martins, well, I would not go to Martin’s.

I have been to the Martin’s on Jimmy Carter Blvd, Austell Road, and another one near closing time and faced blunt rudeness.  At one, an employee mopped very close to us with that wet mop in two of the restaurants.  In one near closing time the manager sent one lady to start putting up chairs and to mop.  While she was doing that they had an unpredicted bunch of customers to come and all hands that were cleaning up had to report back to help serve.  One young lady refused to come and kept mopping and picking up chairs and turning them upside down.  The manager had to get rude with her.  I thought he was going to have to pry that mop out of her hands.  She wanted to leave.  And so did the other employees that could not go home until they left the place sparkling clean, which is hard to do if customers are hanging out leaving gravy spots and crumbs of food all over the place.

I know, I been there.   When I was a teenager and worked at the Big Apple we could not leave on Saturday night until we mopped.  We used to get on an aisle away of slow poking customers and throw boxes of goods over the high shelves and hopefully lightly hit them – maybe they would get the hint.

Monday, December 02, 2019

Some McLemores of Marietta

This coming weekend is the Marietta's annual Tour of Homes, a.k.a. Marietta Pilgrimage.   It is a money earner for the Cobb County Landmarks Society.

One of the homes that will be opened is the first home owned by my mother's sister, and her husband John W. McLemore.

We knew him as Bill McLemore.  He was the parts manager at Anderson Motor Company.  Bill and his youngest brother Adrian were Little League Umpires.  Bill had twin sisters, at least one is still living and she is 90 this year.  There is an older brother B.F. McLemore.  There father worked at the Big Star Grocery Store one block from the Strand on Church Street.  They lived on Durham Street at the edge of Whitlock Heights and overlooking Brookwood Drive.  A member of the family, I forgot who, liked across the street from them.  That is how close they were.

Big brother B.F. was in the Air Force and stationed at Dobbins Air Force Base, here in Marietta.  He and his new family (wife and son) lived next to us in the Clay Homes.  During WWII, whenever a large plane flew over B.F. ran out and studied the plane.

After the war in my preteen years Allatoona Lake was created.  B.F. was very active in he E.M. Club on the base.  To raise money, on. I think, the first Labor Day on Allatoona Lake, there were to be sailboat races near the Red Top Mountain Bridge.  B.F. was in charge of putting people with these coolers cooled by "hot ice" carts on wheels to sell ice cream treats.  He talked me into being one of his ice cream hawks.  He put me on a little peninsula near the bridge with the ice cream cart on wheels.
I got very little business and out of boredom thew a chunk of hot ice into the lake.  It bubbled like a witches brew.  I was fascinated by that and threw more... more bubbles.

I don't remember if the "honkeys" and Popsicles melted or not.

Bill and Sarah Petty McLemore had two daughters.  Becky and Nancy.  The last I heard they owned a furniture company that specialized in motel and hotel near Gatlenburg..

Sunday, December 01, 2019


Remember when you read THE BLACK HAWKS comics, which was sort of a free lance vigilante international Air Force that took the law in their own hands?  This is a mockery of them.

Art by Wallace Wood and story by editor Harvey Kurrtzman 

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