Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Holy Poo Poo!

A middle age man lives down the street.   He is known for compulsively going all out decorating his house and yard for special days throughout the year. 
Halloween is always interesting.  
Most recently he spent a couple of days building a Manger scene in his front yard.
Tonight I carried my dog Willow for a last bathroom call for the evening.  We walked by the Manger with all its wise-men, Mary, Joseph,  and barn livestock looking admiring an lovingly at the baby Jesus.
Willow within feet  in front of the Manger hunkered over and took her evening dump.
That would be realistic  like real barnyard animals do, take dumps whenever they want to.

I wished I had my camera.

Monday, December 11, 2017

An Act of Kindness

An Act of Kindness.   My late friend Sam Carsley, one time gave me a book gift titled something like "SIMPLE ACTS OF KINDESS".  It was all about kindness acts in the Civil War, enemies, mostly one on one situations.  I thought of this book yesterday:
 As I said our power went off at 6pm Friday.   Surrounded by snow it was very cold.  Sunday morning it was 25.  We were wrapped up in layers when we heard a bang on the door.  It was our neighbor Chris.    He is a young energetic bachelor.  He is also an electrician.   He said, "Do you want heat?"
I instantly replied, "Yes!"
He said, "I'll be right back!"
I went outside to see what was next.

Chris and his girlfriend emerged from his garage.  Chris was pulling a huge bomb looking thing on wheels and his girlfriend was pulling a generator, also on wheels. They were hooked together by a thick cable.  The bomb looking thing opening was blasting heat.  It heated up the house is less than 30 minutes.  They said they were just being neighborly and us elderly, we might sick easily.  They said they did or are going to do the elderly couple on the other side of them.  Bless them.

Sunday, December 10, 2017

$100. Easy Come, Easy Go

Anna's late father Paul was the manager of Veach's Wholesale Grocery.  Grady Veach was the owner.
Anna and I were married fifty years ago yesterday, December 9th, 1967.  For a honeymoon we rented a cabin at Unicoi State Park near Helen for a week.

As a wedding present Grady Veach gave us $100 for groceries for our honeymoon.

We were to go to the Helen for a 50th Wedding Anniversary weekend but the snowy weather had other plans.  Not only did it make driving difficult but it knocked out the power in our house. 

Today in the afternoon the power was restored.  We went through our freezer to determine what could be saved and what had to be thrown away.

We threw away about $100 worth of food no good.

50 years ago Mr. Veach gave us $100.  This weekend the weather took it back.

Easy come, easy go.

Saturday, December 09, 2017


I Love You, Anna!


Thursday, December 07, 2017

A Quick Story

On a whim, We wanted Mexican chicken soup tonight.  I went to the closest Mexican restaurant to pick up two to-go orders.
I had my Kennesaw Mountain ball cap on.  The waitress that waited on me said she was glad to see somebody away from the Mountain that likes it enough to have a cap with its name.  She said she walks to the top every morning.  I told her good for her, I haven't walked to the top in two years.
Then I told her the real reason I had the cap:  In 1864 my great grandfather William Hunter was shot in the knee while getting water at a spring.  His friend, by him, was shot in the forehead, being killed instantly.  Another friend started running and the Yankee ran by him chasing the other guy.  He recuperated in a private residence in Woodstock.  After the war was over in about a year was about the time he healed, he walked home back to his home in Franklin, North Carolina.  Then he and his uncle killed a man arguing about politics.  The man they killed fought for the north.  They fled, they were wanted for murder.  My great grandfather first went to Texas then he decided to return to Woodstock because he made friends there while recuperating.  He changed his last name to Hunter, which is probably OK, because court records show is mother sued Jason Henderson Hunter in 1842 (the year William was born) for Bastardy and won.
The waitress was spellbound.
Not only did I give her a tip, but also a high adventure story, and about $1.00 worth of a history lesson.

I gathered my to-go bags and she looked down at my charge ticket and "Thank you, er-Mr. HUNTER."

If she learned anything, maybe it will be never complement a stranger about his hat.

Throwback Thursday: Jack Hunter

The kid on the left is my father Ed Hunter (1911-1988) and on the right is one of his little brothers, Jack Hunter (1914-1990).  I think the picture was taken about 1918.

About 23 years later, on this date in 1941,  Jack survived Pearl Harbor.
He spent a career in the Navy.  One time from a PT Boat he pulled Eddie Rickenbacker out of the sea is credited with saving his life.  At time I think what would become Dobbins Air Force Base in Marietta was then called The Eddie Rickenbacker Air Strip.  I wonder if Jack and Eddie discussed that.

After he retired from the Navy he moved back to Marietta and worked his second career at Lockheed.
He and his wife Ruby was known as a driving force of helping handicapped children.

Jack first married Sarah Nell Collins, 3 August 1941, (less than a month after the Invasion of Pearl Harbor).  

He secondly he married Ruby Ruby Langely, 3 April 1952. 

Ruby died 3 September of this year.  She and Jack had one son, also named Jack.

Wednesday, December 06, 2017

I just read it on Facebook so it is official:

It is OK to lie when you are helping Jesus.

Honey Pot and Honey Pot

I saw on Facebook a long time friend and co-worker is retiring, Sybil "Honey Pot" Bonner.  Actually it was on Anna's facebook news, not mine.  One of Anna's friends was congratulating Sybil for retiring.  Her picture was included in the post.

I have not seen her in many years and wondered several times was she still with the Postal Service.  She is also closely related to another long time friend and Postal co-worker Herman Wigley.

Back when Sybil, aka "Honey Pot" came to work at the Sprayberry Branch Post Office, after I got to know her, and friends enough to kid her, I called her "Honey Pot" and she felt complemented.

And to further tease her I told her of the joke I saw one time a Virgil Partch (?) 's cartoon of one lady telling another woman that her husband, retired from the Army, loved her so much he was always calling her Honey Pot.  In Army-talk Honey Pot means toilet, aka latrine.

So, then she started calling me "Honey Pot".  Our pet nick names for each other were Honey Pots.

Tuesday, December 05, 2017

December 5th History, Einstein Accepted

On today's date, December 5, 1932, Albert Einstein was granted a visa to enter America.

Our nation's history might have been completely different if this immigrant was not granted that visa.

It makes one think just how much our history wasn't or won't be altered by vistas denied.
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