Sunday, September 23, 2018


Today is National Checkers Day.  Nixon’s dog Checkers came to mind.  September 23, 1952, Nixon gave his famous “Checkers speech”.  Nixon was then a candidate for vice-president and found himself in hot water because he was accused of improprieties of campaign funds.  His approval ratings were losing points.

He called a press conference and said some people were critical of him accepting  the dog Checkers as a gift.  He said they named it Checkers.  He went on to say how cute Checkers was, and Pat and the girls loved it.  And regardless of criticism he gets, They were going to keep it.

It was a stroke of genius of feeling the public’s pulse.  Checkers had nothing to do with the campaign funds.  The public fell for the heart-warming story.  The public loves dogs.  His approval ratings went up and he was elected vice president.  I think his running mate Ike probably privately shook his head.

I think Trump needs to get a dog.

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SUNDAY FUNNLIES!! Old Photos Out of HELP Magazine

I think HELP Magazine had very little money to pay for artists, photographers, etc.  So, they got a lot of their material from Public Domain sources, like the below.

Saturday, September 22, 2018

Tournament of Smart People

The quiz show JEOPARDY will have a tournament, kind of, with the players being the big winners of previous JEOPARDY games.  Today on their web site live they had selections for the teams.  I don’t know how it will run, but I think it will something on the order of  a high school quiz bowl of the smart kids representing their high school.

There will be six teams with 3 members on each team, just like a nightly panel on JEOPARDY.

The six team leaders:

Colby Burnett.
Buzzy Cohen
Julia Collins
Ken Jennings
Austin Rogers
Brad Rutter

When Brad Rutter was introduced they said he had never been beaten on JEOPARDY by a human.  Well, how come he is not still playing?

Of course, the five team leaders had to pick members of their team.  Just like phys ed  in high school when the jocks got to pick the best for their team, somebody would have to be last picked.  A position I found myself in many times.  But of course, only the top winders were there,

Classy Art

Not only is the art impressive, check out those hands.  They look like they could tie knots in metal pipes.

Friday, September 21, 2018

Photo Bomb

Today I in the drive-thru at a restaurant waiting in line.  The drive-thru drive went by a patio with people out eating lunch.

One table was a young business lady talking to her laptop, opened up.  She was having a business conference, Skype - like, very efficient. 

I couldn't help but wondering what if a few mischievous youths got behind her and made a photo bomb.  I have had people make photo-bombs of what I was trying to do, so .  It might give whoever she was communicating s nice change.

For a funny photo bomb click below:

Thursday, September 20, 2018

You Will Not Interrupt Me

I think the new ploy to get telephone solicitor’s foot in the door, or voice to be heard, is to first when they answer say something personal like one just did and another yesterday, said, “I’m sorry, my ears are still ringing from my son’s music practice … ha ha.”  I interrupted to tell her we don’t… and she talked right over my interruption.   I was talking to a recording.  She went on with her sales spill as I hung up.

Spelunking or Plunking at Salt Peter Cave, Throwback Thursday

Throwback Thursday. Copied and pasted from my previous blog (2007).
Not long ago, I suggested to a fellow blogger who lives in the area that she should visit Saltpeter Cave just outside of Cartersville, Georgia.

I have been there several times and had adventures each time that I will remember the rest of life. After I told her about the never-ending cave I did a Google search to maybe give her some good directions and found out that just about every southern state has a cave named Salt Peter. However, when I made Salt Peter one word: SaltPeter Google narrowed the possibilities down and I found it.

Unfortunately, the Saltpeter website said it was on private property and visitors were not welcome. I thought it was just outside of Cartersville – well it is, but it is in Kingston, Georgia. I should have thought of that.

Back as teenager, probably about 14 years of age, I was in the Explorer Scouts. Our troop (or whatever the group calls themselves) went to Saltpeter Cave on a weekend and camped out outside the main entrance.

It had two entrances. The big entrance is huge, King Kong could have tossed huge new houses through the opening with plenty of room to spare. The other entrance is around the hill’s corner and high up.

The cave had never ending rooms, one after another. I was surprised at the pitched black of absolutely nothing when we all turned out our flashlights.

There seemed to be big rooms at first and got a little smaller as you went back. In one of the first big rooms was either two or three rectangle holes in the earth, about six feet deep. Were these graves? Another scout troop there were from nearby, one of the boys said he heard they were Indian graves.

Also, somewhere we heard they mined salt peter in these caves in the Civil War. I heard salt peter was an ingredient the military gave its enlisted men to keep down their sex drive. I doubt if that is true. It seemed that the fighting men would need all the raging hormones they could pull up. I also heart that salt peter was used in gun power, that seems plausible.

This cave had plenty of stalactites and stalagmites. In one room there one of each, one on top of the other, almost like a mirror image. Another one, which ever is the one that is on the floor was the size of a teepee and had a crawl entrance. I entered it and climbed down and down, maybe 20 to 25 feet, and it stopped, so did I and climbed back out.

One crawl tunnel emptied out in the first room of the big opening. It opened up with maybe 8 feet below you into the room. Before you had a chance to figure out how to maneuver yourself out and down the steep wall the oozing bat shit solved the problem for you and gave you no choice. You could only side one way, down – sliding.

As the rooms got smaller one time we were wading and heard running water ahead. We were not brave enough to move more in that direction.

In little small tunnel that I had to squeeze through and opened into a larger room, I clung on to edge, because darkness was below me I came across something smooth and round. Had I found an egg of a mysterious extinct cave dwelling animal? I put it in my coat pocket for closer examination when I got into the day light.

It was a used flash bulb.

We went back there in just a few weeks but this time it was a day trip. We didn’t camp out.

In a couple of years when my friends and I became old enough to drive and enjoyed rambling on the old country roads in Georgia we went back a few times and went in the cave.

The last time I went I think I was about 17 or 18 on a Sunday. It was with Larry S., cousin Jesse, and a friend or two more. They were fascinated by the cave.

After we went into the innards of it and came back out Larry took a rope out of his trunk and went over the big mouth of the cave and tied the rope to a tree there and it dangled down over the opening.

As I type this I am wonder if this was the same rope that I hung on and vomited while lowering down the cliff above Dahlonega, Georgia (remember that blog?). Roughly same time period and same car that held the rope, same friends.

It is possible, but if so, it would have to be after the Dahlonega event because the rope was much shorter.

One at a time us boys took times grabbing the rope and swinging out into the mouth of the cave and swinging back.

The mouth of the cave, once you enter it on foot you have to be careful descending down a steep loose rock incline. The incline went so far then there is a drop off of about 15 feet. On foot, you would need to go near the outer end of the cliff where the incline continues.

Of course if you are swinging out on a rope your primary concern is not to fall.

I fell off the rope. Once airborne, swinging out in the huge mouth of the cave my hands started sliding at a rapid rate. I held harder, which burned the flesh off my hands.

I slid right off the rope and fell on the steep inclined and rolled and tumbled at a fast rate of speed towards the drop off. A out-jutting big stone stopped me.

I wished I was dead to get rid of the pain. Both hands on the inside were burning like hell, no skin, just raw red hands that blisters were forming. My bones were in pain also.

But, again, I slipped by death by a hair. I could not walk well. My friends and a couple of strangers helped me out of the mouth.

We went home, me completely absorbed in my pain and burns.

I knew the moment I realized I was in pain, that would be my last visit to Saltpeter Cave.

Wednesday, September 19, 2018

Talk Like a Nut-Case Day

Talk like a Parrot day:

Arrk!  Polly want a cracker!

Huh?  Pirate?  OK

Talk like a Pirate Day:

Oh Dear, the  mean old Croc ate at my hand!

Tuesday, September 18, 2018


The Invisible Eavesdropper

Sometimes when I am in the right mood I am glad I am invisible. 
Today in a department store I had “watch-the-pocketbook in the shopping cart duty” I found a comfortable chair and was seated hard at work doing my duty watching.  Two young female store clerks got near straightening out clothes on hangars.  One was proud of the other one that just got a promotion and put on as a regular.  They were laughing, giggling, and gossiping like teenage girls do.  One of the things I heard said, “Greg is going to be sooo pissed when he finds out you got promoted and he didn’t.”
Also the same girl asked her promoted friend what was the floor manager talking to them about as she walked.  I noticed that too, some of the short females had a hard time keeping up.   The promoted one said, “Just a bunch of B.S….   she likes to hear herself talk.”
“Well, what was she talking about?”
“Who knows?  I was thinking about me and Danny.”  She said.

And sometimes I wish I was more visible.

This is not the first time I was like a bump on a log and was right in the middle of two teenage girls talking and being themselves.
It reminded of the time I walked into McDonald’s in the middle of the day to get a Coke.  I walked up to the counter where two female counter clerks were standing talking.  Although I was the only one in the front and standing on the customer-side of the counter and they were only the width of counter away from me.  They were talking about their boyfriends.

I patiently waited, hopping soon one would glance up and see me.
One of their conversation was about to tell her co-worker and me about the technique she did when her boyfriend asked her oral sex.
I hate to be rude and interrupt people when they are talking, but I felt it was time to clear my throat.

They looked and there I stood, probably two feet from them.  They looked horrified, like a deer in headlights.  Both of them ran off into the innards of McDonald’s.

I don’t remember if I got a Coke or not.

Today is National Hamburger Day! Gorge!

Monday, September 17, 2018

The Hummingbird Free from the Spider's Trap!

We have a nephew who takes sort of a blunt view on social issues.   He can lay out in a logical intellectual  format why he feels how he does about any issue or person he feels negative towards.  He is sort of a Rebel James Dean type.  Yes, he has a Hawg.

On Facebook this morning he told that he saw a hummingbird on his hummingbird feeder struggling and could not break away.  He rushed out and found that the little fellow was tangled up in a spiderweb, almost like the spider threw a net on it.  

The nephew broke it away from the main web cable and hurriedly carried it inside, Googled what do you use to dissolve spider webs off hummingbirds.  

He soon got his answer and he began applying the homemade solution that was suggested.  While he had a hold of the bird he also fed it sugar water, which it gladly accepted.  Once, feeling better and free of spider webbing he took off and flew around the room.  The nephew caught him and carried him outside and away he flew.

I bet at this very moment, he is up perched on a high branch preaching to other little birds “Yes, there is a God!  He saved me!’


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