Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Bluegrass in Woodstock

Just a tad of bluegrass music the smokey's farmland band played in Woodstock, Georgia, last Thursday night.

Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Banking Business

Today we had bank business.  While I was standing with Anna at the teller's window I spotted over on a counter a complementary coffee machine.
I love free coffee at places like this!  (1)Banks and doctors' receptionists areas like to put their best foot forward and have the very best top quality coffee.
(2) and it is free.
I casually went over to it and selected a medium roasted premium name I never heard of before.  The coffee pack was in strong plastic wrap.  I could not figure out how to open it.
I went back and stood by Anna but was studying the machine.   I remember a machine similar to that in a doctor's office but you did not open the pack up, you just put the whole thing in it and slap the mechanism together and brewed quickly.
I went over and studied the machine again but could not figure out exactly how to slap it in there or tear the wrapper off or what.
I gave up and was walking away.
A professional well-dressed lady saw my dilemma and asked if I needed any help.
I said yes.
She showed me how to do get the coffee  step by step.

I got my coffee and as we were walking out I saw the lady that helped me talk to another professional lady and they broke up laughing.

Monday, July 24, 2017

MAGINON 4k Ultra 4K Camera. Latest Toy Report.

MAGINON 4k Ultra 4K Camera. Latest Toy Report.

This picture of the camera is with the bicycle adapter.  It is a small camera, about the size of a ring box.    However it comes with many adapters and attachments, it comes in a box about the size of a cigar box. 

I bought it the other day.

As already noted it comes with bike adapter;  a flat stand,  as to sit upright on your car dash: and a helmet adapter, and maybe more I have not figured out yet:  It has a lot of little plastic extras.

It was complicated (to me) to figure out what parts I needed to assemble the bike adapter.  Interesting, the first time I assembled it and attached it to my bike's handlebars I did not notice until I was about to pedal away that the camera was mounted upside down.  That would not do, so I unassembled and  assembled it again, right side up, and then saw the camera lens were facing me, the driver, not forward,  but backwards.  AARRRGGggg!

That would be something,  a 1.5 maiden voyage with my new camera with nothing but my facial expressions the entire time.  A video selfie!

Back to the drawing board.

I finally got it all connected (with Anna's with the instructions ), rode my bike with the camera looking ahead for about 1.5 miles. 

When I got back and looked at the video it only recorded the last two blocks.

About the area it started recording I remember about that time the camera was pointing forward and down.  I thought it might be recording the street pavement.  So I pushed she pulled to get the camera to start pointing more level.  I must have accidentally pressed the "record" button which should have been on anyway.

More later when I learn more about this $59.99 camera.

Sunday, July 23, 2017

Leverage or Blackmail?

What if you were officially sworn in to investigate an organization that appears to have made some illegal actions,  then the organization you are investigating hires investigators to investigate you   for "Leverage"?

Is that legal?

Saturday, July 22, 2017

Hello Dali (again)

Artist Savadore Dali's body was exhumed two days ago  because of a court order.  A professional tarot card reader claims her mother had an affair with Dali and she is the love child result.  The purpose is to check the artist's DNA and compare it to the tarot card reader's DNA.  If her claim is proven true she would be the only known descendant of Salvadore Dali and could be worth a half billion dollars.

I thought about Dali's art.  He was a master of surrealism art.  And I thought of one of his paintings, titled Ballerina-in-a-Death's Head: 

Thursday, July 20, 2017

Harvey Kurtzman Cip-Art


This is mostly about the art selections of Harvey Kurtzman (1924-1993), editor and creator of MAD Comic book and the art of his artists and how the stuff they produced is natural raw clip art.
My old friend Archie Richardson introduced MAD Comicbook to me when we were in the 7th grade.  It literally sent my mind in directions I never dreamed of.  I became an instant fan and I still go over old MADs and Kurtzman's other satirical magazines.
At first I was completely amazed and transfixed by the bold art with human body language expression.
I soon swooped up the three back issues of MAD and subscribed.  I was  at the age of making friends and seeing a lot of them move away with their parents.
I took it upon myself to keep my friends that moved updated on the latest news in Marietta that I thought they would be interested in.  My friend Sam Carsley was also doing the same thing and pasted clip art that was cut from the funny papers, mostly LI'L ABNER.
I thought I could do better with clip art clipped from MAD, which I thought was more expressive.
In time MAD metamorphosed itself into MAD Magazine and Harvey Kurtzman got fired and had a history of three other magazine before he and his same original  MAD artists started Annie Fanny in        PLAYBOY.
When I approached middle age I had a want to review the old MADs and the other magazine only to remember most of my satirical magazine was cut in shreds for the sake of having funny expressive envelope s.
I, just like the officer in River Kwi, said, "What have I done?"
It just so happened in a timely manner, about the same year,  the first 300 or so issues of MAD were digitized on 5 CDs, named TOTALLY MAD.
Not only did I get to re-study the stories and art, I could copy and paste old home made clip art like old times.
I took the old idea of putting clip art on correspondence to putting clip art on much of my blogs and facebook posts.
Harvey Kurtzman was the editor for E.C. Comics MAD, FRONTLINE COMBAT, and TWO-FISTED TALES.  He wrote every story except some war stories that historically wrote themselves.  After he wrote a story he would meet with the artist he assigned to it and with body language explain just what he wanted to see.  I would have loved to have been invisible watching Kurtzman demonstrated what he wanted by swelling up like a bully, or waving his arms and legs like a ballet dancer, to holding his arm out to catch an invisible baseball.  Kurtzman was a bald short person.  He probably put on an amazing show.  It's a shame Youtube wasn't around then.
I sorted out the artists works so you can see their personal styles better.

Not all the artists here worked for MAD.  Robert Crumb was his assistant editor  at HELP Magazine.  Don Martin was and artist for MAD after Kurtzman fired, but he had the Kurtzman visual  spirit and excellent clip art creator. 

Harvey Kurtzman

Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Throwback Thursday: The Hunt House

Picture by Marie Prance (I think)

This house was on Butler Street in South Marietta.  Then, the city engineers did some street flip-flopping and now the house was on Atlanta Street.  Then there was no house.  It burned up.

The house had a long history.  In the Civil War it was a Union soldiers hospital.  In the early 20th century it belonged to Mary Phagan's grandfather.   About 20 years later Anna's mother's family lived there when she was young.

It is what I always thought of as the Hunt House.  When I was a preteen the Hunt  Family, owners of Hunt Ice Cream on West Atlanta Street and the Economy Hot Dogs and Ice Cream on Church Street.

As a kid we played football on the huge side-lawn on Sundays sometime.

Time stands still for no man (or house).

Which reminds me the other day we were riding down Powder Springs Street and I looking down Hedges Street and West Dixie Avenue I saw that all the houses have been bulldozed away.

I think that is step one of gentrification .  It seems  to me that should be unconstitutional.  It pushes out low income families and make way for the wealthy.

Doctor's Appointment

True Conversation:

Doctor:  You are doing great.  See you in six months.

Me:  Which brings up this question:  Do you go to any of the other offices?

Doctor:  I'm over all the offices.

Me:  Yeah, I know.  But do you see your patients at the other offices?

Doctor:  No, just here.

Me:  Well, I was wondering, if you came to East Marietta or the Woodstock office.

Doctor:  Why, do you live near Woodstock or East Marietta?

Me:  I kind of live between them.

Doctor:  Why do you want to go to one of those then?

Me:  The parking is free there.  You have to pay here.

I think I saw the doctor's eyes rolled.
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