Tuesday, May 03, 2016

Gail Russell,

Gail Russell.  We saw her at her sister Kim's funeral February 2015 .  Gail is a real estate agent.    Gail and her sister Jo were in our classes in school.  They lived on Coryell Street, near Chester Street, behind the Coke Company Building.  Their late father owned Russell Dry Cleaners.

I think one time their parents had a Halloween party for their teenage kids to keep them home and have their friends over.

Jimmy Pat Presley was invited.  That was a mistake. 

Monday, May 02, 2016

Brothers Bynon and Clyde Prance

These two brothers are Warren Clyde   Prance (1915-1945) and Bynon Mayes Prance (1914-  ?  ).  Clyde and Bynon are the sons of Homer Jackson and Cora Louise Smith Prance.  Bynon and Clyde are first cousins to Anna's father Henry Paul Prance.
Warren and Clylde were both born in Americus, Sumter County, Georgia. 
Bynon married Henrietta McDonald in Savannah and they had three children.

Clyde married Dores Agnes Flanagan in Washington, DC, and had one son.

Benjamin's Visit April 30, 2016

Sunday, May 01, 2016

Forget George?

At one of my first Bell Reunions I attended, about 2006 or 2007 I said to this guy, "I remember you!  You are George Prince, we were in Mechanical Drawing together in the 8th grade!"

And in the background I heard Rex Knight, say, "How could you not remember George?"

He is one to talk.


SUNDAY FUNNIES!! Will Elder's Bad Little Towns

These three pages are from the pages of HELP Magazine in the 1960s.  I cannot tell you which HELP Magazine because the pages first two pages, which would contain the publisher's statement, are ripped out and also the cover.
I take good care of my collections don't I?
The art is by Will Elder.  Will Elder made his biggest splash as being one of the original four artists of MAD Comicbook and the first five issues of MAD Magazine.  And later he was the main artist behind ANNIE FANNY in PLAYBOY Magazine and many trials and tribulations from the first until the end.
The pages are the Elder's take of little misguided towns that are the background of many movies and TV shows.
Be sure and study the details, that is what is so good about Will Elders, tiny little details all over his splash on each page.
And also be sure and click on each page to make it larger and understandable.

Take it away Will!


Saturday, April 30, 2016

Those Protective Elephants

The Groover Brothers

Brothers Gene and Parks Groover at a Bell or Varner Reunion.   Gene retired as a Georgia State Patrolman and lives in Dalton.  Parks retired as part of owner of Marietta Lighting and lives in Waleska.

They are the descendants  of the owner of the historical Groover Hardware on the Square in downtown Marietta.  I think I read that the rope that hanged Leo Frank was bought in their ancestor's store.

Gene had an interesting adventure a few years ago.  He and a friend navigated a houseboat miles up a river in north Georgia and lived to tell some interesting stories about it.  

Friday, April 29, 2016

Tuba Skinny: Weeping Willow Blues

G C BBQ with C?

This lady is the wife of one of the owners of GC (Grand Champion) BBQ at the Publix Shopping Center near the corners of Shallowford and Johnson Ferry Roads.  I think she is over the front counter.

Her husband and other owner (s?) went to chef schools and worked with or for local barbecue guru Sam Huff, of BBQ#1, as did other quality barbecue houses in Cobb County such as David Poe's and Righteous Q.

She always greets Anna and me with our  first names.  I hate to admit it but I cannot remember her name.  I have been told it several times but it is not an everyday name, she is from Peru I think.  

But I do remember it starts with C... Cerice?  Carjack?

And she always remember what was on or minds the last time we ate there.  Like she might ask how is the bathroom remodeling going or did we get the lights on the deck, or how did they solve the counter problem in the kitchen.  I told Anna when she sees parking she probably goes to her computer and pull up our names to see what was the last topic of conversation we had.

They also have a GC BBQ  at the Krog Market in Atlanta.  There they have smoked chicken salad but they don't have it here.
But, their barbecue pork and beef briskets are delicious.

By the way, we read they are the winner in this year's A TASTE OF MARIETTA.

Thursday, April 28, 2016

But Don't Tell Anyone

True Story:  We had an appointment to see an officer at a bank today.  The bank officer was late seeing us because she was dealing with a highly emotional woman crying and her time flowed over into our appointment time.

The lady was distraught and needed consoling.  That was fine.

After the officer and her got up and she walked the sobbing lady to the door, kind of semi-hugging her she invited us in.
After we were seated in front of her desk she apologized for not keeping with the appointed time but she said the lady that just left had a lot on her plate.  Her son stole her money.


And we were the first ones she told, of course we were the first ones she saw.

So much for the bank keeping their customers' personal business confidential. 

Looking Back Thursday, Ed Hunter

Looking Back Thursday.  My father Ed Hunter (1913-1988).  Apparently these were taken during his courting days, a wild and crazy playboy by night and a Glover Machine Works apprentice by day.  He is the one on the right in both pictures.

He went on to be a policemen.


Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Tales from the Shade

This morning I had plans, like most mornings, to go to the Sweat Mountain Dog Park.  However, someone had conflicting plans:  The drive into the park was blocked off for maintenance.
Then I went to the Woof Park Dog Park in Woodstock.
After Willow had her dog interaction/mingle time we headed back home.  Every time we go there we pass American Tool in an old house on Main Street. 
My great grandparents William A. and Emaline Ray Hunter lived in that house.  I heard they built it.
Next to the house is Ingram Drive.  Coincidentally William and Emaline's grandson-in-law was Vernon Tip Ingram.
I bet they lived on Ingram Drive.  Today, I investigated.
I pulled into Ingram Drive and drove beside the HunterHouse/American Tool Rental.  Ingram Drive went into a shady area.  I followed the road.   There were about four houses which have seen their better days.  They all are among big old tall trees, the whole neighborhood was shady.   At the dead-end I turned around.  The driveway I used to turn around in stood a man watching me intently.  He was gray headed and smoking a cigarillo.
I thought, "Heck!  Why not?"
I got out of the truck and  told the man that my great grandparents lived in what now is American Tool Rental and their son-in-law was an Ingram (later I realized it was their grand-son-in-law).  I told him a condensed history of how William found his way to Woodstock, and the name change, bla bla bla.  He listened with interest. taking a puff of his cigarillo from time to time.
He pointed at the large house behind him.  He said they used to be nursing home taking care of the elderly, and a 100 year old woman was a resident there that used to live in that Hunter/American Tool Rental house.
I said it had to be Lois Hunter Carroway.  She lived to be 103.  Her sister Jacie Hunter was the one who married Tip Ingram.
He said, "That's right!  We called her Miss Lois!"

Now, we know another chapter of the Hunter Saga.


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