Monday, May 30, 2016


Remember those who sacrificed their lives for your Freedoms.

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Sunday, May 29, 2016

Charles and Paul

This is Anna's uncles, her mother Marie's  two brothers, the youngest is Charles Jones Foster (1925-2012) and  saluting Paul Everett Foster, Jr (1922-1995).

In school Paul worked part time as a projector operator at the Strand Theater in Marietta.  He joined the Marines and fought in the Pacific.  After the war he reenlisted in the Air Force.  After that tour he joined the Marietta Post Office where he retired.  He married Barbara Shea, no  children.

Charles also worked for the Strand Theater while he was in school.  He was in charge of getting the weekly programs printed and delivered.  During WWII he enlisted in the Army, went to Pilots school and flew supplies in Europe during the war.  Afterwards, he continued being a pilot for TWA until he retired.  He married Florence Rogers and they moved to Kansas City.  After he retired they moved back to Marietta.  After Florence died he married Jane Johnson. 

Charles an Florence had three daughters.


SUNDAY FUNNIES!! TRUMP magazine's lampoons National Georgraphic

TRUMP Magazine lasted two issues.  It was a satire magazine published by PLAYBOY Magazine in the 50s.  It had no connections what-so-ever with Donald Trump.  It was edited by MAD's ex-editor Harvey Kurtzman and this article was illustrated by one of MAD's original artist Will Elder.

This story takes on NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC.

Be sure to click on each image to know what is going on.

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Saturday, May 28, 2016

Tuba Skinny's Shaye Cohn

James is a Certified Reader of Chicken-Fat

James Caudell.  Of my average of about 300 to 500 readers a day James is the only one that I know reads Chicken-fat daily.  At times he calls for details on something in Chicken-fat or might even disagree with me on something.

He and just a handful of others read it word for word every day.  I think most of the people that go to chicken-fat  googled a word that led them there, saw there was nothing to it, and moved on.

James has been ill off and on lately.

Hang in there James, Chicken-fat needs you.

Friday, May 27, 2016

Sorry About That

Jane Whitlock, Small World

Jane Whitlock, c 2015.  Jane and I worked together at the Cobb County's 2000 Census.  We were part of the office help.  She kept some of us out out of mischief, including our boss.

Since our six month job together we have ran into her and her husband several times. We probably did before then, but didn't know we did.

About a year or two ago I went to the Cobb County Landmarks Society to hear a Kennesaw University history professor  Dr. Thomas Scott speak on his book Cobb County, Georgia, and the Origins of the Suburban South: A Twentieth Century History speak, which is about the history of Cobb County and ran into Jane again.  I learned something I did not know:  She is the mother-in-law of Dr. Thomas Scott.  Small world.

The book Cobb County, Georgia, and the Origins of the Suburban South: A Twentieth Century History is an excellent book and we bought several of them and gave them as gifts.

A year or two before the we on the annual Christmas time Marietta Pilgrimage, a tour of  five or six Marietta Homes the volunteer shuttle bus driver between long distances introduced  herself as Thomas Scott's wife.  I did not know Jane at the time or I could have said, "I know your mama!"

Thursday, May 26, 2016

Tuba Skinny: Fingering With Your Fingers

Throwback Thursday

Frances and I as free range kids in the Clay Homes.   The Clay Homes was a low-income project.  Look what I found in someone's garbage can? Wait!  I'm joking!

High at the High

The High Museum up near the top floor looking down to the main floor.  On the left you can see the slanted spiral walkway leading down.  As you walk down you see the art displayed. I bet they copied that from the Guggenheim Museum in New York, they have the same system.  The tables on the first floor are for guests when a light jazz concert is given.

What should we call this picture?  "High at the High Museum"?

I bet that is an over-used quip.

Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Taste Test

I was talking to my son Adam, who has become something of a food expert, about red wine.

I told him I heard that a sip of red wine before retiring for the evening would help keep diabetes away and also help in other bodily functions such as the heart in tuned.

I told him I have been taking a sip of red wine at bed time for a few months now and suddenly the novelty wore off and I quit doing it, leaving about a half bottle  corked for some time now.  I wondered how it would taste.

Adam said it might be on the border of turning to vinegar.  It might have an acidic test.
I told him that the upcoming evening, I would taste it and therefore, test the taste.

But I forgot that night.

But the next night, which was last night, I sipped about an ounce and happy to report that it tastes like it suppose to, like red wine.

I feel like I just did a report for America's Test Kitchen on NPR.

Uncle Fester in the Postal Line

I had some business with the post office yesterday.  Afterwards, leaving I left the room with the counter clerks through the outer room that has the PO Boxes and a computer-postal clerk that can sell stamps, weigh your packages and mail them (using your credit card of course).  There is always two or three people in line at the computer-Postal Clerk.  Yesterday was no exception. 

There was scantily clad lady weighing her packages, bending over, and lifting other packages up to deal with the computer.  It looked like she might have had five to fifteen minutes of work to do.  The old man behind her, with his eyes glued on her,  appeared to have not minded at all for the wait.

Then he looked my way as I walked out the door and gave me a wicked smile.  He reminded me of Charles Addams' Uncle Fester. He made my day.

Dan Cox Retirement Party May 27, 2015

Dan Cox.  Dan was a Marietta City Counsel Person, then he founded and headed the Marietta Museum of History.  His last day at the museum will be Friday, May the 27th.

Also on Friday, his last day, he will be getting a proper send-off by the City of Marietta.  They are showing their appreciation for Dan at the Marietta City Hall at 10:30 a.m.

Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Jackie Thinking

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A Bell Reunion in the parking lot of the American Legion Jackie Gaskin's old jalopy which he does not own anymore.  In the front seat I think that is the late Jerry McGee in the white shirt.  In the back seat is the jalopy's owner Jackie Gaskin.

I think it is a good picture of Jackie because you can tell he is thinking.  You can almost see the little cogs and wheels in his brain spinning and turning.  Jackie is always thinking.  He also always planing and plotting; maybe conniving is a better word.  

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