Sunday, July 22, 2018

SUNDAY FUNNIES!! MAD #5, Kane Private Eue

Story by Harvey Kurtzman, cover by Will Elder, story art by Jack Davis

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Saturday, July 21, 2018

Hunter first cousins – Our second cousin: Leroy Burton Poor (1925-2018) has died on July the 19th.  Our grandfather Frank Paris Hunter and his grandmother Arminta Jane Hunter Poor are siblings.

Mayes Ward Obituary:

Leroy Burton Poor, Kennesaw, passed away peacefully on July 19, 2018. Visitation will be held from 1:00 – 2:00 pm, at Mayes Ward Dobbins Funeral Home, Marietta, on Sunday, July 22. The service will follow in the Chapel with the Rev. Phillip Young officiating. Interment will be immediately after at Cheatham Hill Memorial Park in Marietta.

Leroy was born on March 28, 1925, in his parents’ home on Mill Street in Woodstock, Georgia, the fourth of five boys born to Albert and Ruby Lee Poor. Leroy grew up loving the outdoors, fishing, hunting and exploring with a keen sense of adventure and curiosity. In 1942, at the age of seventeen, Leroy convinced his father to sign for him to follow two of his older brothers, Albert Jr. and James by joining the United States Navy to defend his country. Never one to talk much about his wartime experiences, questioning from his sons and grandchildren revealed both peaceful and harrowing times as a Sailor. On June 8, 1944, Leroy’s first ship, The USS Rich, sank off the coast of Normandy after making contact with three German mines. Leroy was the only one of his 7-man gun crew to survive the explosion and sinking of his ship. After recovering, Leroy was assigned to the USS Lacerta where he served in the Pacific Theater experiencing several major actions including the Invasion of Okinawa. After the war in 1946, Leroy married the love of his life, Annette Hicks, who he had known as a child but with whom he reconnected after the war. Leroy and Annette were happily married for over 70 years before her passing. They raised four boys and spent their retirement years pulling travel trailers all over the country. Leroy was retired from Lockheed after 32 years as a Tool and Die Maker.

He was predeceased by his parents, Albert Sr. and Ruby Lee, his step mother, Ethel Brannen Poor, his brothers, Albert Jr., Lewis and James, his wife Annette and his daughter-in-law, Wonda.
Surviving are his brother, Col. (Ret.) William T. Poor, his sons, Terry (Cynthia), Albert, Danny (Sue) and Charles Poor. Additional survivors are 7 grandchildren and 14 loving great grandchildren

Friday, July 20, 2018

Summer Reading List for Our President

first video on new editor!

On this Day In History

Neal Armstrong Moonwalking

This Day in HistoryJuly 20. In 1969, astronauts Neil Armstrong and Edwin "Buzz" Aldrin became the first men to walk on the moon after reaching the surface in their Apollo 11 lunar module. 

On the following morning my boss at the time, Horace Browning, head of maintenance, of the Atlanta Post Office, came to work very hyped-up and happy over the moon walk.

I told him I consider the moon walk personally to me a birthday present, even though it was 4 days late.

Michael Jackson Moon walking.

Thursday, July 19, 2018


THROWBACK THURSDAY: A friend saw this picture and accused me of plagiarizing a picture in the book FAMILY OF MAN. Curses! Caught again!

Therapeutic Horses Stables

For a while, weeks and maybe months, I have been watching the gradual materialization of a horse stable one plank at a time while driving up and down Blackwell Road.  

First there were horses with horse fences and guide fences.  Then a building began to form.

Last week when it looked like it might be finished I pulled into the church parking lot across the street and walked over and took some pictures.  

A sign plainly said “No Trespassing” and I don’t won’t to try to outrun buckshot again, therefore, I stayed on the sidewalk while I took pictures.

I was standing there clicking away, a motorcycle pulled up on the sidewalk and a young man got off and walked over.  He introduced himself at Jeremy. 

Jeremy and two others built the stable for someone else.  They are finishing up now.  He owns a company that builds stables all over Georgia.  He told me after they finish this up they have two stables to build in Lafayette, Georgia.  We talked about how Georgians pronounce Lafayette, different said other people.  Jeremy is 41. 

He invited me down to look inside but I had someplace to be already.  

 He is  easy going and intelligent, and apparently a good builder.
He said the horses there are trained therapy horses.   He said for a lot of people riding a horse is good therapy.
So is petting a dog.

Wednesday, July 18, 2018

HAPPY 3rd Birthday Benjamin!

The New Puppet and Straight Man Act

She Said She Didn't Do It

Sunday, the FBI arrested Russian Muria Butima on spy charges.  It had something to do with trying to get close to the top Republicans in the hierarchy of the NRA. 

Although the FBI has all the evidence to prove her spying crime Ms Butima denied it.  It appears that Trump’s rule of justice, if you deny what you are charged with, that overrules  evidence…. Right?

Monday, July 16, 2018

Carving the Eagle

Hiding - Is He Gone Yet?

Is he gone yet?


OK, I'm starting over and getting it right this time!

Benjamin's 3rd Birthday Party!

Sunday, July 15, 2018

SUNDAY FUNNIES!! MAD Comic #5 Poke at the Black Hawks

Story by Harvey Kurtzman (editor) and illustrated by Wally Wood.
Click to enlarge to make the balloons and action understandable

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