Wednesday, September 17, 2014

On this Date in history in 1787 the US Constitution was adopted by the Philadelphia Convention.  It is very well written and when it was written had great foresight of possible upheavals or challenges  of the law.

However, parts of it apparently is general or vague.  It is said the  conservative and liberal scholars can sometimes use the same sentences to back up opposing views.  The same can be said about the Bible.

Saint James Episcopalian Church in Marietta will ring its bell 13 times at special times throughout today.  It will be sort of like singing out "Cheers!"


Horace Armfield  and the girl with the green shirt have accusing fingers.    Duck!  The 25th Bell Reunion, Saturday, September the 27th, at the American Legion on Gresham Avenue, around noon.   Come as you are.

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Thyself Be True - or at least, Try

There is a country cooking buffet all-you-can eat type of restaurant in Marietta, well, actually several of them, ran by Korean families.   They have learned how to duplicate the down home country southern cuisine. My mother-in-law loves to go to a certain one.  We try to take her about once a week.

Sometimes her grandchildren and nephews give her a gift certificate  for that restaurant because they know that is where she prefers to eat.

When I pay at the register the Korean cashier always try to say something personal.  Last week my mother-in-law had a gift certificate that she relayed over to me to pay at the register.  I didn't look much like a gift certificate , it looked more like a cheap birthday day card with the value amount written on it with some initials.  I wasn't sure they would take it or not.  The cashier took it and said it was purchased from their Cartersville Store.

This week when paying the cashier smiled and asked me did I have another  gift certificate - she was joking.  It was the way she pronounced "certificate" that took me off guard.  I had to refocus and zoom in to know what she was saying.  It was like the "cert" was almost silent, the "tifi" was building up, and the "cate" came out long and plane.  you would have to have been there to fully understand - or not understand.
Then I said, her nephews and grandchildren know she loves their restaurant.  She said, "They live in Cartersville?"

I said, "No, her nephew works in Cartersville."

She nodded that she understood.

About an hour later it occurred to me that I did not tell the truth, but didn't realize it.  My mother-in-law has a daughter-in-law and a granddaughter that live in Cartersville.  
Not that made any difference in the cashier and my business transaction, I felt the urge  to correct myself - she would think I was a complete nut if I stopped by and ran in and told her that actually she has a daughter-in-law and granddaughter that lives in Cartersville.... I could call her  and admit I was wrong and correct myself, but she would think I am even a bigger nutjob.

Things get complicated when you try to live a truthful life and try to correct your accidental non-truths.

Monday, September 15, 2014

Bell Reunion tick tot, tick tot..

The Late Bill Rampley.  Bill one time made a TV pilot show of sort of a National Geographic's, southern style, I think the proposed name was to be SOUTHERN COMFORT. 

25 Annual Bell Center Reunion, Saturday, September the 27th at the Horace Orr American Legion Post at noon. 

The Rogers of Roger's Ferry

This is a copy we have of Anna's ancestor on her mother's mother's side, William C. "Buck" Jones (1846-1944) and his mule crossing the Chattahoochee River on Rogers Ferry.  Buck was a successful farmer and large land owner in the Alpharetta - Milton area. 

I did not know until this past week where Roger's Ferry was.  I am reading the book  A NORTH GEORGIA JOURNAL OF HISTORY, Volume I, compiled by Olin Jackson, off and on of short history essays of families in north Georgia.

Many people have contributed articles to the books but the one this is about was written by the compiler Olin Jackson, The Cherokee Homes of John & William Rogers.  The jest of the article is that John and William Rogers were high ranking Cherokee Indians and operated Rogers Ferry.  They lived in what was known as the "Shakerag"  Community, which was across the Chattahoochee River from present day Suwanee, Georgia.   Nearer to town was McGinnis Ferry.  John and William endured the "Trail of Tears" and returned and somehow got their land back, which members of the family still live on it today (published in 1991).

Now I know.

I remember that another Cherokee Indian of high rank, John Ross owned Ross's Ferry in Rossville/Chattanooga area that was a step in the Cherokees' Trail of Tears.

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Sunday, September 14, 2014

Bell Reunion count down

Ivanell & Paul Roper and Arnold Guest at a Bell Reunion.  The next Bell Reunion is almost here.  It is Saturday, September the 27th, at the Horace Orr American Legion, starts at noon and eats will be about 2pm.  And the drunken brawls will be later in the afternoon.


I am reading TARZAN by Edgar Rice Boroughs.  I am about 1/3 thorough it  and, well have TARZAN on my mind, living like a wild animal most of his formative years...... walk like a duck, quack like a duck... but in this case walk like an ape, grunt like an might be human.
I pulled this out of my HELP! collection.   It was written by editor Harvey Kurtzman and drawn by Will Elder.  Interesting, Harvey Kurtzman named his African tribe the OOKABOLLANs - the same as he named wild tribes of Indians and African natives in MAD.  Also, I noticed one of the apes is named Tantor - which proves he read the book TARZAN. While you read/look  it, study the details.... the details are Will Elder's doors to his zany Marx Brothers frame  of mind.

Click on each page to make it readable, thus understandable. 

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Saturday, September 13, 2014

Bell Center Reunion, 2 Weeks Away!

Bell Reunion Saturday, September 27th, Noon, eats at 2pm, at the Horace Orr American Legion Post.  Bring your high school strut or you might not be recognized.  The cooks/chefs/pit masters  Rupert Raines and Ken Chaney.  The  pictures were taken two separate years.

Friday, September 12, 2014

National Electronic Game Day!

Happy National Electronic Game Day

Although  the day  is about to call it a day, there is still time to celebrate National Electronic Game Day - in fact, I suspect most electronic games are played very late at night and in the wee hours of the morning.

I started off play Pac-Man, then Frogger, and Donkey Kong.  The excitement got too much for me so now I  play on the computer Solitaire, Dirty Bird, and Pool - and occasionally a game of Scrabble on the i-pad. - and also my JEOPARDY game!  I keep forgetting about the JEOPARDY game, and it is the best trivia game I have.  

As a matter of fact, I still have my Pac-Man's wrist pain.  True!

I wonder if they have a National manual game board day?    

Manual?  What's that?

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Free Flatulence X-Rays!

Yesterday, riding down Roswell Road, east of Marietta, I saw a new chiropractor's clinic had popped up since the last time I rode by that area.  They had a sign out front with their specials.  One of the statements said, "FREE X-RAYS!"

To myself I wondered if I went in and told them I would like to take advantage of the free x-ray offer to x-ray a fart, I wondered if they would do it or chase me off?  There is a such thing as x-raying farts.  Here are some fart x-rays I Googled.  

Come to the Bell Reunion

The late Charles "Chicken" Cruise and George Wallace.   The Bell Reunion  is just around the corner, Saturday, September the 27th, noon, at the Horace Orr American Legion Post, in Marietta.... come and see your old friends.

Thursday, September 11, 2014

Bell Reunion, Sept 27th

The Bell Reunion will be held Saturday, Sept 27th, at the Horace Orr American Legion Post, about noon. Y'all come!

Do Unto Others...

It is amazing how somebody can warm up when they find out you have something in common.   This morning  I had business to do with a lady that I think was a Muslim.  She had on black heard garb.  She was unsmiling and curt and to the point.  I don't condemn anybody for what they believe and I feel  other people should do likewise.  The Golden Rule.  I think this lady, although it was still early in the day, had already received enough flak, for something that happened on this date that was beyond her control.  I told her I had the same job as she and I retired almost 15 years ago.  She melted like butter and gave me a big smile. 

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