Monday, April 20, 2015

Hero Stance

Late this afternoon in a shopping center Anna went into a store and I stayed out in the truck with Willow.   Two stores down from where we were  parked is a judo and or a karate  training clinic for young  people.   A young lady walked up to the door and three kids came out.  their judo instructor followed them.  He stood talking to the young mother  He was probably telling her how good they were doing and what specific ally each child should be working on.

He was standing a certain stance.  Hands on his hips and elbows slightly folding, pointing  outward.

It reminded of a stance I have seen before.  Hmmm. 

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Bill Spinks at the Varner Reunion

This is Bill Spinks.  He was a special Honor Guest at the 2013 Varner Reunion, also pictured below is his daughter Patsy and her husband Hylton Dupre.  

  Bill Spinks knows just about everybody my age or older of my father's side of the family and the same on Anna's mother side of the family.  They grew in the same neighborhood on Powder Springs and Reynolds Streets .  He surprised me at the funeral home a few years ago when he walked up to me and said, "Hello Rock!"  He recognized me after over 50 years.

I was good friends with his daughter Patsy and in high school went over to their hose a lot. 

Visiting them at their house was always an interesting experience.  They had a horny little dog that every time  would spend the entire time I was there humping my leg.   I think we all chose to ignore the horny  panting little rascal.

Which reminds me, The Varner Reunion this year will be this coming Saturday,  April 25th, at noon. 
Who said you can't go back?

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Sunday, April 19, 2015

Paul and Pete Meet

Varner's and Bell Reunions are great for seeing old friends that you have forgotten about.  Here at the 2011 Varner Reunion Paul Roper is shaking Peter Benbow's hand.   I felt like I was invading their privacy, so I moved on to take some more pictures.  Peter owns a small engine  repair company in Doraville or Chamblee. 

Speaking of which, you too can see old friends (and enemies) at the upcoming Varner Reunion, next Saturday, April the 25th, at noon at the Horace Orr American Legion on Gresham Avenue in Marietta.

Paul and Pete

I like that bounce!

If I could only found a Mary to be in the picture too, I could label the picture:
Peter, Paul, and Mary.

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Art by Jack Kamen.  Click on image to enlarge to be able to read the balloons and see what is going on (It is much better than way).

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Saturday, April 18, 2015

This house, I think was the Abercrombie house near Woodstock.  A  note said  it was built in the 1860s.  My great uncle John Rafas Hunter (1870-1940)'s daughter Emma Viola Hunter married  Andrew Joseph Abercrombie and this is the house they lived in for a while before they moved to Birmingham for Andrew to work in the steel mills.

I found the picture of the back porch interesting.  When I was growing up south Marietta this type of porch was not unusual.  Also, not unusual to see the lady of the house to come out on the porch with a dishpan full of water and heave it out in the back yard. 


More Piano Red

Paul Roper called me today talking about Piano Red.   Paul was talking mostly about Red's  song "YOU GOT THE RIGHT STRING BUT THE WRONG YO-YO".
That made me think of his song that he mentions  CALADONIA a lot.  I don't  know if that is the name of it or not.  I got out my Piano Red CD  and I could not find a title that I could related to CALADONIA.  Oh well.
I dug up the Right String, wrong Yo-Yo on YouTube and here it is.

Piano Red was a DJ and piano playing  fun-to-listen-to on WAOK Radio in Atlanta in the 1950s.    As far as the white WASP parents of Metro Atlanta  were concerned, he was public enemy number one.

Piano Red (Willie Perryman) died in 1984 at the age of 73.

Varner Reunion Only One Week Away!

Here is Monty Calhoun talking to Clarence  Robinson at the 2013 Varner Reunion.  Clarence used to work with my father at the Marietta Police; Clarence was a plains clothes detective.  He probably patted down more people at that Varner Reunion than anyone else there.  Maybe Mickey Carlile could come in a close second.

Remember!  The Varner Reunion will be one week from today:  Saturday, April 25th, noon at Horace Orr American Legion.   

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Friday, April 17, 2015

Close Up Picture of Uranus

It has been a top secret but now with a successful mission it can be told:  NASA has created a special  flying machine that can fly close to planets and take pictures of them, which is not new, they have equipment that can do that, but that type is so expensive.  This one does a sketch of what it sees, it is much cheaper.   Recently it made a trip to Uranus.  Above is the picture it sent back


Mayor at Varner's Reunion

Here is a picture of the current Marietta  mayor Steve "Thunder" Tumlin  when he attended the 2013 Varner Reunion.  Today is his birthday.  How do you wish a high social  ranking person as a mayor Happy Birthday?  I watched enough Downton Abby to know that:  HAPPY BIRTHDAY M'LADY!

Remember, This year's Varner Reunion will be Saturday, April the 25th, noon, at the Horace Orr American Legion in Marietta.

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Thursday, April 16, 2015

Corporate Meetings

Remember the Seinfeld  episode that Kramer somehow found himself  aimlessly in a big corporation.  I forgot why Roscoe Kramer was at the big corporation, that is not important anyway.  While there,  he was mistakenly included in a meeting of young executives.   While the young men were sharing their ideas Kramer threw in his profound thoughts.  They liked what he said.  He like the warm feeling of belonging so much he returned the next day to find more meetings to go to.

Remember that episode? 

It reminded me a true story  of a real large organization , as I remember it.  A young man in a department of a large organization was a pain in the ass   He was not productive, all he did was socialize and talked..  Once the organization was having some kind of meeting and they required a person from each department to attend.  They sent the young guy  that wasn't very productive at his job.

He liked it and asked to represent their department at future meetings.   They thought it was a great way to get him out of their hair for one or two hours at any future meetings.

He did not bring back any new information from the meetings he attended.  But he did go and socialized a lot.  I think I heard one time he even called a meeting for no apparent reason. 
I figure that each department had at least one person not very productive and might even be counter -productive, so send them to meetings.

OK - are you with me so far?  First Kramer did the fictitious meetings with a company he didn't even work for.  Then, a real person found happiness at meetings, sitting around talking  in an authoritarian  manner.

About once a month I take my mother-in-law to her eye doctor to the 9th floor in a building in the Cumberland area of  Smyrna.  The first seven floors are filled with the RaceTrak Corporation.    Once or twice a year RaceTrak offer free coffee  for about a week.  I suppose it draws more customers in to buy gas and eats.  I know it has drawn me in a bunch of times.  Nothing tastes better than free coffee, or it seems to at the moment, anyway.

One time in the elevator riding  up in the RaceTrak building a few young executives got in and rode a floor or two and got out.  Before they exited I asked when were they going to give out free coffee again.  One of the young man looked in space and said, "Maybe in about two months!"

Maybe that gave them something to talk about at the meeting they were going to. 

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Boston Market's Pulled Pork

Yesterday several fast food places used the Federal Income Tax Due Date as an excuse to run special deals.  Boston Market was one.  They had buy one meal and get the second (equal or cheaper value) meal free.  We jump at deals like that. 
It just so happened that I wanted to try their new BBQ pulled pork selection anyway.
I think Boston Market's biggest seller is their rotisserie chicken.  It is very good and not as bad for you.  From time to time they introduce a new dish, such as turkey, ham,  K.C. ribs, and now barbecue pulled pork.
Their pulled pork was OK, and in a non-barbecue area it would probably be very good.  But in Marietta we have pit masters David Poe and Sam Huff, who have helped and  inspired at least two other restaurants  in the love of cooking barbecue pork.

Boston Market's, barbecue pulled pork in Marietta, Georgia, would be like a Domino's Pizza in Little Italy in New York City.


Mayor Bill Dunaway at the 2011 Varner Reunion

Bill Dunaway at the 2011 Varner Reunion.  I think he was at the end of his second term  as Mayor of Marietta .  You might wonder why his arm is in a sling in this picture.  Shaking a lot of hands?  Well,  most people shake with their right hand.  Slapping a lot of backs?  That too, would be a right hand job.  Maybe the sling is a conversational piece.   This year's Varner Reunion will be at the Horace Orr American Legion, or Gresham Avenue, in Marietta,  April  25th.  It starts at noon, outside.  See old friends.  Hot dogs and hamburgers cooked on a grill will be available.  Rolling drunks will start at sundown.

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Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Fred, the White Wino, Has Body Guards

As I left  Krogers today after grocery shopping I heard on NPR radio about a white wino named Fred.  He has four body guards around him at all times to protect his life.  The officials are trying to find him a girl friend to have a "relationship" with.

"What the F...?" I almost said and almost hitting a car in the next lane the same time.

Why are they guarding Fred's  life with body guards?  I thought to myself, "I bet Fred is witness to a murder by a gangster !"  Fred was probably witting and leaning on wall in a alley drinking his wine when witnessed it and the murderer saw him and started chasing him but the cops drove by about that time and saw him running and asked him what was the problem and the gangster hid back in shadows.  He saw the police open for him to get into the squad car and he told them about the murder he just witnessed and then  they found the murderer and Fred picked them out of a line up.

But why are they looking for him a girlfriend to have a relationship with?

Then I heard the same news report on the radio, but I got to hear  and focus on the whole thing:

""Fed-Exed",  a male  White Rhino , has four body guards.  He is the last of his line unless he reproduces.  The officials are looking for him a female companion now to reproduce with so his genes will be carried on"

White Rhino and not White Wino.  Fed-Exed and not Fred , huh?

Never mind.

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Sherman was in the Men's Restroom

Not long ago I mentioned  a picture above the urinal in the Men's Restroom of  Smoke Jack BBQ  restaurant  in Alpharetta.   I think it was Janice Grant Jennings Barker said retorted that women's restroom did not have pictures above their... wait!  That might be the problem!  There are no urinals in the women's restrooms are they?

Anyway, I said back to her that it isn't rare to see something to look at while a man is standing in front of the urinal .  I have seen sports pages, Wall Street Journal pages, The New York Times... or maybe I did not say all I just mentioned, but I meant to.

I capped it off by saying the Men's restroom at the Marietta Museum of History did have a picture of Sherman above the  urinal, but it wasn't still there, somebody must have complained.

In order to preserve history even disappearing pictures in the restrooms, luckily enough, I took a picture of it.    

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The Tolberts at the First Varner Reunion

Judy Hicks and Steve Tolbert at the first Varner Reunion in 2009.  You may remember Judy's father's and her Aunt Regina's Hicks Grocery at the end Atlanta Street and the corner of East Dixie Avenue.    You might remember Steve too because he was the one staring at you when you were staring at Judy.  Remember, this year (2015), Reunion will start at noon Saturday, April the 25th, outside, at the American Legion on Gresham Avenue, here in Marietta.

  Think on the positive side:  It might not rain.

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Tuesday, April 14, 2015

c1885 - Charles Brooks Foster (1856-1928).  He married Ardella Catherine Vinson (1857-1933).  They lived in the Milton/Alpharetta/Roswell, Georgia , area.  

He is Anna's great grandfather on her mother's side.


Gossiping at the Varner Reunion

In this picture we see Bobby McEntyre and Arnold Guest, listening to  David Clackum at a Varner Reunion.  It looks like David is telling some surprising gossip.  Come to the Varner Reunion, Saturday, April 25, at noon, at the American Legion, so if the current gossip is about you,  you will be there to  defend your good name.

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