Wednesday, November 14, 2018

Rockettes. Young and Old

This morning on THE TODAY SHOW the ROCKETTES made an appearance, plugging the Rockefeller Center new Christmas Tree that will be lit tonight.

It reminded me of the bunch of times, while in the Navy, and once with Anna, seeing the ROCKETTS perform at Radio City at Rockefeller Center.  They put on quiet a well synchronized coordinated long leggy show.

It also reminded me of an Irish bar on the shore named Murphy’s or O’Hara’s, in New Jersey that had a frequent visitor of a aged retired  ROCKETT.  I have never been there, but my Navy buddy Don Lash has a few timers.

Don said the retired ROCKETT was proud of her career as a dancer and loved to sing in sing-a-longs at the bar.  She and Barney the drunken aged paperboy, also a frequent visitor,  knew how to carry a tune.

Tweedle Dee and Twiddle Dum Brothers

Tuesday, November 13, 2018

R.I.P. Stan Lee, Died at 95

Some pictures of my cousin Patti Hunter Bagley and her husband Mark rubbing elbows with Stan Lee.  Actually, Stan was Mark’s boss.  Mark is one of the artists of the comicbook SPIDERMAN.

When I think of Stan Lee I think of many years ago he gave a starving artist (cartoonist), my hero,  Harvey Kurtzman a job writing the HEY LOOK! Series fillers for MARVEL Comics.  Harvey went on to create MAD Comicbooks and MAD Magazine.

Once I saw Stan Lee interview Harvey Kurtzman and Georgia artist Jack Davis.  He is a very positive person.   He got his job with Marvel Comics because his uncle owned the company.  I think Marvel would have been water over the damn if it wasn’t for Stan Lee’s leadership.

Monday, November 12, 2018

What is Fake News?

CNN is one of the news networks Trump calls Fake News.
Trump was offended by a question CNN’s report Jim Acosta.
A lady tried to take the mike away from Acosta.
Acosta’s Whitehouse press credentials was take away from him.
The Whitehouse altered the video of the lady trying to get the mike from Acosta, making  him look more aggressive than he was.
Experts said the video was doctored.  Trump said it wasn't doctored.
Kellyanne Conway, counselor to the president said it was.
Wouldn’t the altering of the tape fall under the heading of “Fake News”?

Robert "Bobby's" Darnell Memorial

Robert "Bobby" Darnell

Widow Linda

Sunday, November 11, 2018

National Cemetery, Near Canton, Ga

Doonesbury, Veterans' Day

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The Battle of Chickamauga had the second amount of deaths in the Civil War.  It is just about in our back yard, near Dalton and Lookout Mountain.  Interesting fact, President Lincoln's brother-in-law, general for the North was mortally wounded there.

Art by Georgia's own Jack Davis.  I would say story written by Front Line Combat Comicbook editor Harvey Kurtzman, but it wrote itself, didn't it?

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Saturday, November 10, 2018

Dee Gibson Roles, R.I.P.

This was taken last month at the annual Ray Researchers' Reunion.
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My friend Dee Gibson Roles died yesterday.  We both are/were genealogical hounds.  We have in common the Ray family of Macon County, North Carolina.  Not only was she a great researcher but because of her and a few like her, Ray family researchers had an annual reunion of their own in the Iolta/Burningtown Community every year.

On Facebok she was quick to share ironic cartoons and interesting items.  She was a giver and sharer, not a taker.

Health-wise, the past several years has not been easy for her, she has had one serious aliment after another.  I think a couple years ago, if I remember correctly, she had a transplant. 

Maybe now she is pain- free and is getting to meet some of her folks she has been researching.

Friday, November 09, 2018

The Homeless Man At Krogers

We have been shopping weekly at the same Kroger’s Grocery Store for years.

We are retired, so we are not on a routine to buy groceries a certain day.  For the past half year or so, almost every time we go, no matter what day it is, we see a certain man walking the aisles.

He always wears the same denims,  He appears to be in his late 30s.  The aimless way he walks around the store with out picking anything up makes me think he is homeless.

On the walk in front of Krogers there is swing set for sale.  A couple of times I have seen him sitting in the wring reading a very thick and bad-shape paperback book.

Another time I saw him running down a hill on a sidewalk headed in the direction of Krogers.  Was he late?  Late for what?

I wonder why he finds comfort in Kroger’s?  I think I would at least pick a store that had plenty of free samples.

Today, after loading the groceries in he car I retune the shopping cart to the walk in front of the store.  He was sitting in the swing reading a Bible.

I spoke to him for the first time.  I said, “Howdy!” or something like that.

He said, “God Bless you and be careful out there.”
I wish I had slipped him some money.

Thursday, November 08, 2018

Throwback Thursday: Butterball and the Chicken Farmer

Throwback Thursday.  Butterball and the Chicken Farmer.

Most evenings my little circle of friends met at the E.M Club about 5 pm, that is when Happy Hour started  But because of rotating duty and other commitments not everybody came every night.  One evening when everybody had something to do me, instead of drinking alone I decided to go to the nearby town or township or Lakewood and see a movie. 

At that time there were no four-lanes to Lakewood, it was all country roads with many farms, including large chicken farms.

At the city limits sign of the township of Lakewood there was  an interesting sign under the city limits sign.  It said, “All criminals must register”.
If a criminal who believes in going by rules  registered, I wonder if there is a special “Criminal Registration” form they would fill out.  Like what crime do  you  specialize in.  They could put in street-mugging; robbing banks; embezzlement; raping, and any other unlawful  activity.

Back to my Throwback Thursday:  Out on New Jersey country roads between Lakehurst and Lakewood I decided to drop in a little roadside bar and grill and have a drink.  I sat at the bar.
Back in the mid-1960s many bars had video jukeboxes.  The video jukeboxes provided the music, you did not to pay for a band and you got the quarters at the end of the night,.

At the bar sitting next to me was a woman who looked like she had lived a hard life and her rough-looking husband who did not smile – he glared.

I, being neighborly, said “Hi” to the couple.  She warmly said “Hi” back.  I asked them did they live around there, she said they did.  Her husband was a chicken farmer.  He nodded his head.  Enough said, he thought.

After a drink she became more talkative.  She said they were there celebrating being married 30 years.  I congratulated them.  She smiled and cried, saying she has been trying to get her husband to dance with her but he wouldn’t.

By then, I felt we were drinking buddies, I jokingly told her husband, “Common Jack, get out and dance with your wife for your anniversary!”

He glared at me and said, “You dance with her Butterball!”

I gave a nervous laugh."Na, I got two left feed."

He said, “I mean it, dance Butterrball!  Dance!  You better!”

I told them to excuse me, nature was calling.  I chuckled as I got off my stool.

I walked towards the restrooms door and then walked past it, out the front door and broke into a run to my car.

And Butterball sped away.


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