Monday, October 23, 2017

Years Ago

This picture was taken in 1947,  Left to right:  Jeane Steel, Billy somebody who moved to Gramling Street, Eddie Hunter (me), Frances Hunter, and Helen Steel. 
I think the picture's purpose we were to look sad, which wasn't hard to do,  because it was the day of going back to school, after the summer break.  Except for me, it was my first crack at it.

As sad as it looks, here is something else to think about.  The picture was taken early September 1947.  It is less than 29 years and 11 months of being a 100 years old.

Now, that is sad!

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Saturday, October 21, 2017

SUNDAY FUNNIES!! 3 Mystifying Bad Towns by Will Elder

I think I have seen a lot of movies and TV stories that our hero is stranded in an isolated town that has a big secret that the people get rude when they are asked about it, or the head of the town is evil person, or something else mystifying. 
Will Elder, one of the original artists of MAD Comicbooks did his take in the April 1961 issue of HELP Magazine.

click on each to make them big and understandable.


I just came across this picture.  It was taken in a shop in  Helen, Georgia, ten or so years ago. 

What should the caption be?

"This is not what it looks like!"

"I can explain!"

Actually she was a drunk northern tourist who wanted her picture taken with a Georgia native.

Friday, October 20, 2017

George the Postmaster

When I worked for the Atlanta Post Office many years ago I got to see many characters "be themselves".    One of them was the postmaster, let's call him George.
George had many legends about him but this takes the cake:
Maybe two or three times a year George would show up at the Atlanta Federal Annex, where at that time most the mail was distributed, at an odd hour, in the middle of the night.  He would be wearing his golf outfit and carrying a golf club treating it as wand, pointing out things he wanted changed.
Yes, George had a drinking problem.
When he showed up at odd hours quickly several high ranking management would materialize and became his entourage. 
Not only did George point out things to be immediately changed but also pointing out people he thought were slackers to be fired on the spot. 
His assistants knew what to do:  When George "fired" someone a manager would go tell that person to go sit in the break room until they come and get them to go back to work.
It worked out fine, everybody was happy over the arrangement.
Or, at least until one day, when something went wrong.
George "fired" a new employee.  She overheard him and before one of the assistants came over and told her go to the break room she rushed up to George and defended herself.
They had words.  George staggered off.
Apparently, George asked what was the name of the young lady that gave him a hard time.
She was summoned to George's office, which was in another building on Forsyth Streeet.
By that time in was after 8:00am, his secretary was in the front office.   The new employee told the secretary that she had just been paged by the postmaster and she told him to go right in, he was there.
She went in.
He was not there, or that was her first reaction.  Then she heard a sound behind the desk, downward.  She leaned over the desk and there was the Postmaster with vomit all over him agonizing over himself.
He tried to rise to tell her how dare her to challenged him and fell back down, this time out cold.
She went back out into the outer office and told his secretary that he was very sick lying in the floor, she should call the nurse up or something. 

And the postmaster, as far as I know, never bothered her again.   She was still there after he left a couple years later.

Thursday, October 19, 2017

Throwback Thursday, William Elijah Joseph Petty (1875-1935)

Throwback Thursday.  You may recall last Throwback was a photograph of five of the six children of Daniel Webster and Sarah Jane Garrett Petty.  The one that is missing in the photo is our grandfather William Elijah Joseph Petty (1875-1935).  He was born in Fannin County, Georgia.

Was William Elijah a child abuser or a loving father?  It is according which child you ask if they were still living.  Some of his children claimed he was loving and caring and the others claimed he would blame everything on a certain few and beat them without mercy.
William Elijah had a breathing problem which could have been TB.  He moved his family out west to a homestead in Gillette, Wyoming.  After a couple of years of near starvation he moved his family back east.  First to Appomattox, Virginia, then back to the Murray & Whitfield Countries area of Georgia.
He put Viola and the girls and younger kids on a train to return east.  He and his two oldest sons returned by covered wagon, which I'm sure they got quality father-son time in.

Once while homesteading in Gillette, Wyoming, an outlaw gang paid them a visit.  They said they did not want any trouble; just food and the barn to sleep in.  William Elijah Joseph obliged, but through the night as the outlaw rode their horses hooting and hollering, Elijah sat at the house's front door holding a shotgun.

Back in Georgia, Elijah died with his lung disease. When his son Roy was told of his father's death the following morning, Roy said, "Good!" and turned over and went back to sleep.

He married Frances Viola Petty 2 December 1904, in Murray County, Georgia.  They had twelve children, three died as infants.

Notes - You may have heard of Appomattox Courthouse, Virginia.  It is where General Lee surrendered the Confederate Army to General Grand in 1865.

The picture.  As I mentioned, about half of Elijah's children thought he was hateful and cruel, He is holding a bouquet.  How nice.

Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Lois Frasure White RSP

Lois Frasure White RIP.

Pictured: Lois and her daughter Linda in a doctors' waiting room about a year ago.  I have known Lois for most of my life.  We are almost related, we have the same kin-folks.  I highly respected her and her charming  children she molded.   She died Friday at age 99.  Visitation will be Wednesday (tomorrow) at Mayes Ward.  Graveside Services at Mountain View Cemetery will follow.

Monday, October 16, 2017

My Kazoo

When I was in the Navy, stationed not far from New York City, late at night,  or in the wee hours  commentator had the mike on a radio show, nightly.  He mostly would ramble about his formative years in the Midwest.  Yes, he is the same Jean Sheperd that wrote A CHRISTMAS STORY which also became a popular movie that is played a lot on Christmas Day.
Like us all sometimes he ran out of thoughts.  His mind would run dry so to speak.  In those times he would pull out his kazoo and play.

Youtube is my kazoo.

Sunday, October 15, 2017

Farmer Benjamin

Photos by Sabrina Sexton

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