Wednesday, February 19, 2020

Leave the Driving to you know who

This is/was the old Greyhound Bus Station before and after.  I remember when he ground was bulldozed to make the station. Before a two story home was on the grounds.  After they bulldozed it we would play war... after all, this was at the climax of WWII and it was on our minds, playing war.  I remember throwing a rock over a bank into a bunch of kids and it hit Tommy Hadaway in the head.  He had to have stitches.

After it was completed, it had two waiting rooms:  segregation.  And behind the waiting room was a diner that smell like burnt bacon and grease.  It had a jukebox and a pinball machine, which one of them was usually at work making noises.

It was one of our stops walking home from Scout meeting.  On the dock, where passengers loaded onto buses was several vending machines.  One of the machines you could make your own metal sheriff badge with a big star in the center.  There was also a photo booth where I suppose was the original "selfie" machine.  4 photos for a quarter.  Once Jimmy  stood in the booth's chair and made several quarters worth of pictures of his genitals.  He had nothing to show off or brag about but did it anyway.  Then, knowing how "small" he was he pinned the pictures to various bulletin boards around Marietta High School taped or stapled to a sheet of paper saying,
"Girls, how would you like this?"

After the demand for a big bus station the building was sold and became a lawyers' building (below).

The latest bus station is on the edge of Kennesaw University, South Campus, near South Marietta Parkway (a.k.a. Clay Street.   From the outside it looks no bigger than a single-wide trailer.

Tuesday, February 18, 2020

Benjamin Hanging out

Benjamin hanging out at our house.

He is using Anna's old school desk that she has had since she was a kid.

Monday, February 17, 2020


Sunday, February 16, 2020

SUNDAY FUNNIES!! Kurtzman Getting More Mileage or Self-Plagiarism?

In E.C. Publishing Company's WEIRD FANTASY's ATOM BOMB THIEF!  Harvey Kurtzman did a story of a man stole the Atom Bomb and against all odds took to a deserted island in the South Pacific and there it blew up on him, Opps!

E.C. analyzer and critic John Benson gave Kurtzman credit for the story, although I cannot find his name on it, besides I recognize his art style.

The above are the last two pages.  

I came across these just the other day while reviewing my E.C. hardbound library.  It very much reminded me of another E.C. story in  the first issue of MAD, this time the art is by Will Elder but the story is by Harvey Kurtzman, as editor of MAD he wrote all the stories.  Is it Harvey Kurtzman "Getting More Milelage" or Self-Plagiarism?   

The last page of GANEFS in MAD #1 below:

Click on images to make larger and understandable

Saturday, February 15, 2020

Jack's Book Release Party

Movie Report: Parasite

Movie check list.

The picture above shows how the South Korea family in PARASITE uses their cell phone, feeding off the airwaves of the people that live above them.

PARASITE won the Best Picture award at he Academy Awards Sunday night. Because of that we just had to see it to see what all the fuss is about.

It has been accurately described as a black comedy. It really gets black (bloody red too). The movie shows the class/privileged differences in South Korea of those who have and those who have-nots.

At least one time the caste system of "crossing the line" was mentioned when the head of the household said he enjoyed talking one on one with his chauffeur but added one time he almost "cross the line". That is about the same as "not knowing their place" in the Old South.

The movie has the poor feeding off the wealthy. The poor seems to have no scruples with cheating the rich. The movie, as a whole, reminds me of a line in MY FAIR LADY when My Fair Lady’s father (who was also poor) was asked, “Don’t you have any scruples?”
And the father replied, “Scruples? What’s that? Never mind! I can’t afford them!”

It was written by Bong Joon-ho. It was produced by Bong Joon-ho and Knja si-ie.
The music was excellent and mostly in classic form, by Jeong-il.

The movie’s theme is not unique (Haves vs Have-nots), think of GRAPES OF WRATH., but the situations are very unique. Good movie.

Friday, February 14, 2020

This is my Heart - really! My real heart

Seriously, this is my heart, before and after my heart attack, the day after Feb 14, 2002.  We went to Outback Valentine's night.  The next morning I was running on Sandy Plains Road and I had a heart attack.  In 2002 Kennestone Wellstar did not have approval to do heart surgery so they took me to Piedmont Hospital in Atlanta and put in 3 stents.

I blame the onion loaf.

On Christmas Eve 2006 at a Christmas Dinner I had a stroke, boy, was that embarrassing.

About 2007 or so I had a routine heart nuclear stress test and they saw that I had a blockage in my heart.  They went in and then they went out.

The doctor told me after I woke up the blockage fixed itself by making little vessels to leap over the artery dam.  Then, before he left, he added, "Nice doing business with you."

Thursday, February 13, 2020

Rest in Peace Sam

Sam as my best man in 1967.

Today, February 13, 2020, my friend Sam  would have turned 79, if he had lived.  He took his own life in 2013.

Sam and I grew up together, starting in the Clay Homes Project in the early 1940s.  His father, in the Navy, was killed in the Pacific in WWII.

When  his mother Hazel invited me to visit them and play with Sam, I was impressed how neat their apartment was and Sam was allowed to wear socks inside instead of shoes.

We had many adventures and many conversations.  He gave every subject deep thought.  We got along great as long as we kept politics out of it.

He introduced EC Horror comics to me and the appreciation of comicbook art which I still keep up with today, over 70 years later.

He took his own life because he knew he had Alzheimer’s .  He saw his mothers suffer from Alzheimer’s and did not want to see his wife go through the same hell he had to.

Rest Peacefully Sam.



Movie Review on ONCE UPON. A TIME IN HOLLYWOOD. What if the Charles Manson Family made a mistake and broke into the wrong house where an action hero star lived and his stunt double was visiting. And Sharon Tate slept peacefully through the night? 

Oh My!  What would they write about?
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