Wednesday, December 17, 2014

The first picture is Anna's father's mother side of the family, the Wrights. 

The second picture is Anna's mother's father side of the family, the Moons. 

They are on Umbrella Rock on  Lookout Mountain, which part is in Tennessee and part is in Georgia.  They are in the Tennessee part in Point Park, a Civil war sight.  The black and white pictures do not show it but they also had a great view of the Cobra Bend of the Tennessee River (below).

The Wrights and Moons may or may not known each other.  But it is ironic that one of the Wrights, Lilla owned a neighborhood store on Canton Road at Kurtz Road in Marietta and the Moons on a neighborhood store on Roswell Street, across from Victory Drive in Marietta.... not that stores ownership  have anything to do with Umbrella Rock or the Tennessee River.

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Monday, December 15, 2014

Disneys' Timely Deaths

Recently on Facebook I saw a cartoon of a man on a block of ice.  A man standing with his young children complaining about "this wasn't what I had in mind,  when I bought tickets to see Disney on Ice."

Of course the joke was referring to the long lived rumor that Disney did not really die, he is frozen until they find a cure of whatever he was  about to die of.

Now, having said that today's date in history, December, 15, 1966, Walk Disney died.
Now, get this:

On this same date in history, December 15, 1997, Lillian Disney, Walt's wife, died.

Sally, 1960 Leap to 2010

This is Sally, a former high school classmate of mine.  Her last name starts with a G and my last name starts with a H, so we sat near each other in some classes we had together.  This picture was taken at our 50 Year High School Reunion, Part i, in 2010.

Although we sat near each other in many classes through high school we have never spoke.  It seemed she ignored me.   I don't blame her.  She was definitely there to learn and my friends and I were there to have a good time.   While she was taking notes we were giggling, pulling pranks on each other, and generally causing some kind of ruckus.

She grew up to be a school teacher.

When I took this picture was the first time I spoke to her.  I more or less apologized for being such a disturbance near her in school.   She more or less said, "Apologized for what?"   She said she loved watching us, every moment of it - but she wasn't the type to cut up like that, but did enjoy watching  our antics.

As we talk, I wonder, was she silently correcting my grammar with a red pencil?

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Sunday, December 14, 2014

Randy Newman Sings KING FISH

On my walk this morning I listened to Randy Newman.  One of the songs was King Fish, which is about Louisiana Governor Huey Long.   I paid attention to the words Huey Long is a distant Tyson relative.  I remember reading something about the Long family of Louisiana.  Interesting, Huey Long was tried to help out the little man when doing such a thing was frowned upon by the elite- well, it still is.     He even tried to give blacks equal rights and because of  that his wife tried to have him declared  insane.  True!  

Take it away Randy!



click on each image to make it bigger and makes sense

My old Friend Skip Williamson and his one and only SAMMY SMOOT.


Saturday, December 13, 2014

Atherton Park

This is Atherton Park in Marietta by the Visitors Center, which was the Train Depot.  It is named after Howard "Red" Atherton, who was Mayor of Marietta.  I haven't ever talked to Red, but I have talked to his father several times when he told me to either buy something or get  - He didn't want his drug store to be a hangout, but it was anyway. 

This picture was taken in the fall years ago, on one of my morning walks.  This picture doesn't show it, but in the evening it is alive with a bohemian touch.  Students at tables studying, playing guitars, having deep discussions, having not so deep discussions, and of course there is usually b motor cycle or two.

Friday, December 12, 2014

Moose Heaven

In Moose Heaven two Moose approach one another
"Hello Father"

"Hello son, where have you been, I haven't seen you in, well, what seemed to be an eternity.... pardon the pun!"

"Father, I went to Earth to look for our remains."

"Our remains?  Did you find anything."

"Yes Father, I found my head , it is mounted on the wall at the Canton Moose  Club, in Canton, Georgia".
And I found your antlers hanging in the den at a house owned by a  couple by the name of Eddie and Anna Hunter in Marietta, Georgia.  I did some mystical research and found that Tommy Prance shot and killed you and his friend Bill Chesser killed me - remember we were killed two days apart in the area of Besa River, B.C."

"Why do they want to mount our body parts on their walls anyway?"

"I think it is a trophy; a proud accomplishment kind of thing"

"If Eddie and Anna Hunter didn't kill me how why are my antlers mounted on their wall and the Moose club didn't shoot you so how come your head is on their wall?"

Son:  Shrugs his invisible spirit shoulders,  "Got me!  Humans are a confusing  kind of creatures.  I think Eddie Hunter is using your antlers as a trophy for having adventurous kind of in-laws, if that makes any sense."

A paragraph  in an earlier Chicken-fat post:

My late brother-in-law Tommy Prance (1935-1988) killed it in 1977 and it made the records books.  We got it up on the wall and wanted to show it again, being up high, big and bold.  Tommy shot two moose that day.  The record of this one is in the book RECORDS OF NORTH AMERICAN BIG GAME, 8thEDITION, 1981.  It said the animal was shot in 1977; Rank 236; Score 198 2/8; Greatest Spread 60-3/8; Number of Normal Points R 11, L, 12; and Location Killed Besa River, B.C.

Thursday, December 11, 2014

Marietta's Maple Ave Christmas Balls & the Square

We read in the paper about the Christmas Balls on Maple Avenue near downtown Marietta.  After we left the nursing home tonight we went to see for ourselves. 
They are beautiful  and magical, high up in the trees.....scary too!

I could not do them justice with still pictures so I took a movie and after we drove off Maple Avenue we kept the camera running and drove around the Square.

Chic-Fil-a Goes Postal

Our Chic-Fi-a  makes the drive thru experience  a little more troublesome.  For several. months now, the Chic-Fi-a near us has a human to take your order instead of a squawk box.  I know the person that did take your order through the squawk box was doing other  things while taking orders... pour drinks or whatever.  They still need a human in the position of pouring drinks, so cost-wise they have to pay an for an extra wage earner. 
It  reminds once at the Sprayberry Post Office a new upper manager decided it would be more efficient and speedier t sort the mail in several stages.  It was that the clerk  picks up the mail, and sorts it to the route it goes to.  Under this new system, the first guy picks up the mail and sorts it to the street.  Since Marietta has over 4000 streets, the system has to back up a step to first sort  the piece of mail  alphabetically streets.  Then some a person would pick his letter and sort it to the streets.  Then another person would sort the streets to the route.  Long streets like Roswell Road would take several more separations.   The average piece of mail sorted was handled 6 or 8 times to get to the carrier instead of one time under the out-of-date system.
The new system lasted a little over a week.  The mail was backed out the door, it took more employees and the backed up mail took up a lot of space.  And a lot of overtime was paid.

Then the LSM and the scantronic machines came in and made mail hands sorting almost obsolete.  But that was years later.

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Remnant of Saul's

Remember  Saul's Department Store on South Park Square in Marietta.  I think all us  OM's over 60 have dealt with Saul'.  Here is part of Saul's still around, the front door sidewalk, or it was a few years ago when I took this picture.  The last time I noticed the same area it was covered by a rubber mat.

When I think of Saul's I think of the nervous ballheaded and young easy going  red headed salesmen.  

I consider it a remnant of the past.

Imagine, centuries from now a group of archaeologist studying this stone wondering what it signifies.  One of them said, "I think it was an entrance to their temple where they sacrificed virgins and goats."


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