Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Play It Again Sam, Bluegrass on the Square 2011

Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Redeux, July 3rd Parade, 1910

Just to remind you there are other warmer times of celebration.

Moving Day

Today Benjamin and his parents Rocky and  Sabrina are hurdling a new milestone.  They are moving into their new home, which is Ben's second residence in his four months.

A nice big kitchen!

I think there is a fireplace mantel in every room.   I hope that doesn't confuse Santa Clause.

An apparition or a light reflection on a polished floor?

Also, there are plenty of stained glass windows.  I think we counted six.

Their house was built in the early 1920s.  It is almost 100 years old.  It was remodeled not long ago.

Benjamin said, "We will take it!"

Did you know in Atlanta if you are a homeowner you are responsible for the upkeep sidewalk in front of your house?  Interesting.  I think if it was me I would put up a toll.


Monday, November 23, 2015

Tuba Skinny - Chloe

Sorry Excuse for An Excuse

I tell you, I am a sorry excuse for an excuse.  I tried to ease the tension between Gentiles and Muslims today.  I just left the Cajun meat market and beside my truck were 4 females:  a mother, two teenage daughters and one preteen daughter.  By their garb they were wearing I think they were Muslims.  The girls were happy giggling Muslims.  

The mother scolded her daughters, saying,  "Hurry up and get into the car this nice gentleman (meaning me) was waiting on them so that he can get into his."

I gently told them in my good old boy accent  to take their time, no rush.

The mother, in her heavy thick accent said to me, "Please sir, I was using you an excuse to hurry them up, please do not take that away from me."

Well, shoot, I can't do anything right, not even be a good excuse.

Repeat, Nalahala National Forest 2011

This could be shown with "Thunder Road" as background music.

Sunday, November 22, 2015

Rerun: Moonshine Festival in Dawsonville

I have the song "THUNDER ROAD" playing in my head.

SUNDAY FUNNIES!! Hansel & Greta!

From TRUMP satire magazine in the 1950s.   The HANSEL & GRETAL story as you have never known.  Art by Wally Wood

Remember to click on each page to make them readable and prettier!

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Saturday, November 21, 2015

What About That Dawg!?!

I have an idea!

This evening while I was cooking steaks on the grill  on the deck Willow  walked, almost dancing, on her tip toes, or tip-paws, with her nose aimed upward to get the best whiff of the meat sizzling.

I am thinking of videoing her next time and setting it to a ballet music, such as Swan Lake.

It might work!  Again, it might not.

Repeat MHS 1960 Renion

Another mileage thing I am getting out of youtube.  With videos like this us old farts will never die!

Thursday, November 19, 2015

Rockwell, Sabrina, and Benjamin Hunter's New/Old House

The new residence of the family Rockwell Tyson , Sabrina Sexton, and Benjamin Rockwell Hunter,.  

It was built in the early 1920s, almost 100 years ago. It was remolded recently.  It is one block west of Grant's Park in Atlanta.  The claim to fame of Grants Park is the Atlanta Zoo is there, and the Atlanta Cyclorama was there, but I think I read it is closed for repairs.

The  two pictures above are the ones Rocky and Sabrina furnished with the announcement of the purchase.  The pictures below are the ones I took when I snooped around a few weeks ago.


Rerun, Cathy Blanco and Renee Winchester, Book Exchange

Getting more mileage on youtube:  This was taken at Book Exchange in Marietta with owner Cathy Blanco, author Cathy Winchester, and others.... hey, and that is me behind the camera!

Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Happy 4th Birth Month Benjamin

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