Sunday, February 26, 2017

SUNDAY FUNNIES!! England's Queen

We are fascinated by England's queens.  On one series we are trying to catch up on the Queen Victoria installments.  

Another series is about the present queen, Queen Elizabeth, which has been sitting on the throne longer than any other.
Here is HUMBUG Magazine's  take on Queen Elizabeth on her anticipated visit in the 1950s.

Cover art by Will Elder.  Story art by Arnold Roth.

click on each page to make it larger, readable, and understandable.

Saturday, February 25, 2017

Watching People's Habits

The other day we had one of our credit cards compromised twice.   One success and one unsuccessful.  Both happened at the Walmart in Holly Springs, Georgia, only a couple minutes apart.  First the credit card bought $408 worth and the second time $330 worth, but the last one was denied.

The computerize data system knows about our spending habits more than we do ourselves.  The system probably knows I have never bought anything at that Wallmart in Holly Springs and probably it bought something that is not in my mindset.  I wonder what I could be?  Maxwell House Coffee not on sale?  Name-brand clothing?  clothing for a person half my size?

But what did they buy on the first purchase that did not raise red flags?  I need to find out, it might be something I would have bought if I knew it was available. 

It is a scary feeling knowing those who run the show know more about you than thyself.  There is a book I read in the 1950s or 60s called "HIDDEN PERSUADERS" that tell how the advertising industry has studied us and know our every wants and not-wants.  They know what color to make the box to temp you to buy and what kind of picture to have of their product.  

It is like the book 1984  by George Orwell:   "Big Brother is watching you!"

However, in case of clamping down on whoever was using our credit card, that is a good thing to know when a person spends outside of the character the victim has painted of himself.

I try to remember to take a sip of red wine before going to bed every night.  I heard it is good for you.  Maybe the person bought a bottle of red wine that cost over $6 and the system knew it couldn't be Eddie Hunter!

Friday, February 24, 2017

Bob's Bob Halliday's Garage

A few years ago Bob Halliday contacted me because he knew I was a nostalgia nut, sort of.

Bob owns Bob's Garage, a shop/museum that restores old stuff to look   like like new.  He restores old cars,  gasoline pumps, Coke machines, signs, you name it is located off Shallowford Road, near Horsetown.

Although I was intrigued, I wasn't sure I could do much for him.  I passed the buck the Marietta Museum of History.

I once read that when Bob was a kid his folks ran the Georgian Oaks Motel across from Dobbins on the 4-Lane.  That is where he learned to repair vending machines and signs, which was his calling.
Speaking of the Georgian Oaks Motel I have another facebook friend who had a girlfriend, or co-worker, I forgot which, that intentionally set the Georgian Oaks Motel on fire and destroyed it.  Small World.

I see there is an article in te latest GEM GEORGIA MAGAZINE  (March 2017).  For a link to the article


Thursday, February 23, 2017

Throwback Thursday: Claudius Linton Foster (1888-1965).

click on proof to see it better.

Throwback Thursday:  These proofs are of Anna's mother's father's brother Claudius Linton Foster (1888-1965):

Hat on; hat off;  and maybe  "Do something with your hands."

Claudius was a young man in the pictures.  They might have been taken about 1910.

Wednesday, February 22, 2017

I'm With Stupid

According to UNCLE JOHN'S BATHROOM READER Page-a-Day Calendar today comedian Kurt Braunohler  was born this date in 1974.

UNCLE JOHN goes on to say in 2014 on the website Kickstarter,  Braunohler  posted a plea for &4000 for a sky writer plane pilot to write something stupid in the sky.  He did.  The pilot wrote in the sky:  HOW DO I LAND"

He collected $6820, which is $2820 over than he asked for.

I suspect if you said you plan to help the needy with the money you would probably not reach your goal.  Let that be a lesson to you:  If you want money than you ask for, publicly announce that you will do something stupid with it."

Because It's There

Glover Park
Marietta, Georgia

Monday, February 20, 2017



David Clackum Moved On

Another old friend has left us.  Dave Clackum, age 76.  I have known Dave since Waterman Street Grammar School.  Also, he and his family lived next door to my grandmother.

As preteens, bicycle age, we both had paper routes over roughly the same neighborhood.  Dave delivered the Marietta Journal and I the Atlanta Journal.  Many days we walked together as we distributed our papers, sharing with each other our woes and crushes.  Those were the days.

The Alvin Ridley Mystery

Attn Petty First Cousins:  Ready for some interesting Ridley genealogy information?

Our grandmother Frances Viola Ridley (1885-1968) married William Elijah Joseph Petty.
Viola's parents were Thomas Jefferson Ridley (1859-1938) and Maryetta Ludarken Pullen (1856-1914).
Thomas Jefferson Ridley's parents were Henry Ridley, Sr (1833-1901) and Nellie Malinda Killian (1824-1898).
Henry's parents were William Ridley (1803-1903) and Mary Polly Giles (1801-1875).
William's parents were Matthew Ridley (abt 1782-bef 1830) and Mary Feagans (abt 1785-  ?   ).
Matthews parents were William Ridley (1739-abt 1825 -  ?   ) and  Jane Purlsey (abt 1750 -   ?  ).

William was born in England and Jane was born in Ireland.  William was a shoe cobbler and teacher in Boston when he enlisted into the America Army and fought in the Revolutionary War, where he met Jane in the Kings Mountain town, near Kings Mountain, near the border of North and South Carolinas.
William and Jane had six children:  one daughter and five boys.  One son was named William Ridley, Jr (1783 -     ? ).  William married  Mary Ann Smith and they also had five sons and one daughter.  Then, Mary Ann died and William married Margaret Maxwell.  They had one son.  Then William died.
Now, get this:  Margaret sold three of her five stepsons into servitude.
HOWEVER!!  They ran away or escaped.  Ales, Charles, and Asa Ridley went to Tennessee, just above the Alabama state line, Eastern Alabama, in the Sands Mountain area, and as far south as Heard County, Georgia.  Of course the three brothers off-springs multiplied, and some of the extended families ended up in Chattanooga and Ringgold, Georgia.
Now back to our Grandma Petty: Frances Viola Ridley.  Her closer Ridley kin have also multiplied and extended the extended families.  They are in Chattanooga, Ringgold,  and so on. 
My point is both sets of Ridleys have detailed listings of all their family members, but somehow Alvin Ridley, TV retired TV repairman in Ringgold, Georgia, is not listed in at all.
Who is Alvin Ridley?
Alvin Ridley is a very eccentric man who was accused of keeping his wife locked up in their house and starving her to death.  He had to go to trial and the jury found him not guilty.  The reason was, being a recluse he refused to let anybody in their house.  When his lawyer tricked him into getting into the house, the lawyer found the alibi proof he needed:  Walls covered with paper with crammed notes on each sheet of paper written by his wife Virginia.   She wrote her opinion on everything and when she ran out of opinions she would write poetry.  She wrote she quit taking her medicine and she autopsy showed she had the same symptoms of somebody with her disease, if they had quit taking their medicines.

I saw two TV specials on Alvin Ridley through the last dozen years and this weekend I heard a NPR program with his lawyer, the last elected Democrat in office, in Ringgold, talking and recounting it all.
With a little mini-research I found Alvin was born in 1943 and with further research I cannot find him listed in any Ridley family papers.  Apparently, neither Ridley group one wants to claim him


Benjamin & Rocky Visit 2-18-17


Benjamin and Willow


Sunday, February 19, 2017

SUNDAY FUNNIES!! HELP's Gallery of Cartoons.

Click on each cartoon to see and read it better.

HELP Magazine, edited by Harvey Kurtzman and published by Jim Warren of Warren Publishing  operated on a shoestring budget in the 1960s.  It never made much profit and finally folded.

It paid $5 for each free-lance cartoon it used.  Some famous cartoonists got their start in HELP'S Gallery such as Skip Williamson, Gilbert Shelton, and Robert Crumb.

These were in HELP #9.  I left a few out because I felt they were in bad taste.  If I thought they were in bad case, well...

In error this was published about 12 hours before it should have.

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