Friday, September 22, 2017

Whizzing Through Marietta

A dog park friend, who doesn't know Marietta very well, the other day asked  for directions to Glover Street.  I gave him street by street directions and even told him to look or see little landmarks that I played at as a kid and even one place I pointed out that I was almost choked to death by a deranged playmate (a loose floor of the loft of a barn gave in and we fell, which changed the subject).
I was rather proud I was able to give directions through Marietta without using the Big Chicken as a compass.
The next day I asked him did he find his destination without any trouble.
He said he went by his GPS/Garmin instead and it didn't take him the same exact way.
I said, "What do you expect when you ask a native directions?  You get the scenic and historical route!!"

Anyway, here are some pictures of downtown Marietta I took yesterday at the Thursday lunch-time Brown Bag Concert.

Thursday, September 21, 2017

Tom Price Being Scrutinized For Wasting Flying Money

Tom Price has been using private chartered flights spending thousands of dollars more than he had to.  He has always preached against wasteful spending.  Tch tch

For the story click below:


Throwback Thursday, The Jones Boys

Throw-Back Thursday.  This is the Jones men-folks on Anna's mother's mother's side.  Walter Jones is Anna's great grandfather Walter Vernon Jones (1873-1940).  Oscar, Claude, and Henry are Walter's brothers.  And Liman James is Lyman James their Jones first cousin. 

They lived in the Milton area near the Forsyth and Fulton County, Georgia, county line.

Wednesday, September 20, 2017

The Uglier the More the Punishment

Here is something that bugs me.  I read in one of the UNLE JOHN'S BATHROOM READER books that the uglier you are the harsher your punishment will be.   It is a matter of statistics. That is what a research group in England found.

It  scares me.  I'm not the best looking apple in the barrel.

Tuesday, September 19, 2017

It IsTalk Like A Pirate Day! AARRGGG!

Captain Hook, Captain "Teach" Blackbeard, or your just your regular run-of-the-mill CD, Music, and video Pirates.

Talk like a pirate today

Grrrrrr!  AARRGGG!


Monday, September 18, 2017

Wasilla, Alaska, Childhood Home of Sarah Palin (so we were told)

Wasilla Alaska:  The  train conductor/tour guide on our way to Denali told us this house was the childhood home of Sarah Palin.  When she grew up she was elected a councilperson of Wasilla.  Then higher offices followed.

No log cabin, no cherry tree, sorry folks. 

Sunday, September 17, 2017


Yesterday in Downtown Marietta was Streetfest.  I don't know if it is still on today or not.
I think Streetfest is/was controlled by the Marietta Museum of History.  The biggest draw-point was the antique and souped up cars.   If the Museum wanted to draw a crowd, it worked.  Sometime we barely had wiggle room.

These cars reminds of one time our Maple Avenue Methodist Church Explorer Troop camped out in our scout master's extended back yard on Polk Street Extension. During the day time we took a hike to Kennesaw Mountain. On our way, we came upon about a dozen new 1956 Chevrolets The public had not yet seen them.. We realized we were in James T. Anderson, owner of Anderson Motors, back pasture.

By the way, I was given a big hug by one of my blog's readers.  It is nice to be reminded that someone actually reads  She even brought up some fresh topics in the blog.  That proves she actually reads this shit!

Saturday, September 16, 2017

The top picture is (left to right) Merle Clark and Ruth Rainwater.  They were my mother-in-law Marie's Sunday school classmates. 
Merle died Tuesday at age 90.

The second picture is Darlene Zech and me at Anna's retirement party.  Anna and Darlene were co-workers.
Darlene died today.
Merle and I had a good rapport.  I think it is because we both were smokers that quit.  I think ex-smokers have a good rapport because they understand each other beyond words.

On the other hand, Darlene could not stand my smoking.  In the evenings she and I carpooled together to Kennesaw Jr. College.  We also had a good rapport, of course not because of my smoking, but because my drinking.  We played hooky and went to her apartment complex's beer parties.   One night an ex-nun drunk us under the table.  We liked to remind each other of that.

Friday, September 15, 2017

Whale Watching In Alaska

Imagine  me standing on a whaling ship rocking in dangerous waters.  See me limp on the deck with  a peg leg concentrating on the waves, waiting for the great white whale to jump up out of the sea, breach, in a mocking sneering away. and dives back into the water. See me with a hard grip on my harpoon ready... me, Captain Ahab.

Wait!  I am not in the Moby Dick novel.   I was in Alaska, just off the shore  of Juneau in a whale watching tourist boat.  They guaranteed we would see a whale.  They also had free cupcakes they just baked.

Here are pictures of the whales we saw:

It looks like a miniature  Nemo's Nautilus doesn't it?

Take a break to look at the Sea Lions socializing and sunning.

click on the picture to make it larger.  Then squint.

Same as above, look hard.

Later on another excursion  (train to the Yukon) a young lady showed us the pictures on her smart phone she had taken from the boat she was on while whale watching.  There was a very close up picture of a huge whale tail about to take a deep dive; another one, also close-up,  of a whale breaching about 10 to 20 feet up in mid-air; and another, also close-up, of a whale near the edge of the boat that it looked the back of huge serpent.

She used her smart phone.  I used an expensive Nikon camera.

While I was so close to the smart phone in her hand I could have easily grabbed that retched phone and toss it out the train car's window and watch it bounce on the rocks on the cliff below breaking into pieces and I say "Opps!"

But I didn't.

Thursday, September 14, 2017

Throwback Thursday: Daddy With The Tilted Hat

This was probably taken 1935 or 36 in Glover Park in Marietta when Daddy was fancy-free and on the prowl.  He is on the far right with the tilted hat.

The  tilted hat gives him a sporty look.  Sporty look?  My dad?  

Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Goose and Moose!

During our 14 Day stay in Alaska, the travel guides had two messages to tell us,  it was repeated to us many several times:

1.  If you see a black bear don't run, just stay away from it and go about doing what you were doing.  They don't want to be near humans as much as we don't want to be near them.  It is a mutual respect, so to speak.

2.  Don't get near moose.  They are offended that you are in their territory, they will do their best to do you in.  Especially female moose, they are territorial.  Seriously, don't go near one, period.

So, we were sitting, waiting at a bus stop in Denali National Park, in front of the Rangers' Visitors' Center when Anna looked up and saw a statue of a moose, standing there, that we haven't noticed before.  It blinked and took a step towards us.
A female moose!  The most dangerous!
We scattered.  Except me.  I credit this picture to stupidity  instead of bravery.

I should have known, I am invisible to most living beings.  The moose strolled right pass me like I wasn't there.  I think I was close enough to pull her ear as a joke.  But wisely, I did not.

Tuesday, September 12, 2017

A Way To Feel Better

We recently had a french drain system installed to prevent our basement getting flooded, which it usually did,  during a hard rain.  It wasn't cheap.
Someone asked me at the dog park how was the French drain working.  I said I won't know until it rains.
Yesterday a "watered down" version of Hurricane Irma came.  Our basement flooded, the worse ever.
With our shop-vac we vacuumed up about 40 gallons of water.  In minutes it was quickly replaced with 40 gallons and more.
I felt upset.  I felt robbed.  I felt violated.  That was good money "down the drain".
Then I remembered Texas and Florida and the news weather coverage on TV.
It made me feel thankful, it could be much worse.
It also reminded me of a saying that went something ike this:
"I felt bad because I had no shoes until I saw a man that had no feet."
I'm not sure feeling better over someone else's worse misery is the right thing to do either.

Monday, September 11, 2017

A Dose or Reality

Then we realized:  Some don't like us.

Saturday, September 09, 2017

Another Publication About the White Pass and the Yukon

Anna and I have both read some books about Alaska as I have mentioned.
And now, I just remembered another series of the "Great North" that I read about such as the Yukon and Skagway type of a gold mining town that had such as can -can dancing, gaudy dressed women waving "Y'all come up now!"  out of 2nd floor windows, etc.

It is  the  Walt Disney's comicbook series  on how Scrooge McDuck made his first million, which was mining for gold in the Yukon (which me were briefly there for about 5 minutes).  Don't let the Walt Disney name make you think it is by Walt Disney.  But he did own the creator.  Chances are it was created, written and drawn by Carl Barks, a Disney employee.  Below are some scenes from the  Scrooge McDuck Yukon series:  It sort of gives you the feel and  atmosphere of the Yukon and the nearby town Skagway doesn't it back then doesn't it (if your mind can accept a duck swinging a pick-ax).

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