Friday, September 22, 2017

Whizzing Through Marietta

A dog park friend, who doesn't know Marietta very well, the other day asked  for directions to Glover Street.  I gave him street by street directions and even told him to look or see little landmarks that I played at as a kid and even one place I pointed out that I was almost choked to death by a deranged playmate (a loose floor of the loft of a barn gave in and we fell, which changed the subject).
I was rather proud I was able to give directions through Marietta without using the Big Chicken as a compass.
The next day I asked him did he find his destination without any trouble.
He said he went by his GPS/Garmin instead and it didn't take him the same exact way.
I said, "What do you expect when you ask a native directions?  You get the scenic and historical route!!"

Anyway, here are some pictures of downtown Marietta I took yesterday at the Thursday lunch-time Brown Bag Concert.


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